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Pure Pretty: Song Seung Hun


While I started this blog mainly to write reviews, every so often, I get inspired to try something new. A fair amount of the time, it’s conversations on the blog itself that serve as the impetus. And that is totally the case today.

Not long ago, I posted my Master’s Sun review, and wrote this throwaway line about consuming the drama together with the fanfic:

“When the drama’s consumed together with the fanfic, though, they go together like strawberries and cream, or peanut butter and jelly, or Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk, or Song Seung Hun and abs, or.. (you get the idea). You could have one without the other, but having them together just takes everything to a whole new level. Amiright?”

And then today, I woke up to this comment from blog regular Asotss:

“You are soooooooo right ! Ah Song Seung Hun… Too bad his talent doesn’t measure up [to] his bodyliciousness. Could we still hope for a KLove Confession post, just for the photoshoots that only you can dig up ?”

That’s when inspiration struck. Besides Asotss, a couple of other readers and blogging friends have also commented appreciatively on my Googling skills. I guess Google and I get along particularly well; Google’s shown me more than a few particularly lovely photos of my k-loves, after all.

Still, because Song Seung Hun doesn’t quite fall into k-love territory for me, I’m creating a whole new series.

Introducing… Pure Pretty! Y’know. Where it’s all about The Pretty. 😉

Urban Zakapa – Let It Rain

To be honest, Song Seung Hun’s been on my radar for a long time. The moment I saw him in Autumn in my Heart, I thought he was cute. Sure, his acting wasn’t great, but I was rather taken with his strong, angular features.

Then I saw him in Summer Scent. And then My Princess. By then, I was convinced of the truth that we all know: Oppa really doesn’t have a whole lot of acting ability. But he tries. Sometimes too hard.

Aw. Poor Oppa.

On the upside, though, Oppa is Pretty. Very, very pretty. And that’s what we’re gonna celebrate today: the Song Seung Hun Pretty.

Let me just say that when I started this Googling experiment today, I didn’t have a single photo of Song Seung Hun in my possession. Which means that these, folks, are all hot off Google, specially selected for your gazing pleasure. 😉

As always, I’ve categorized my finds, all the easier for us to.. savor. Heh.

Sweet ‘n Preppy:

It can’t be denied that Oppa cleans up real nice, and when he’s in preppy togs, bearing flowers or a ring, he really does look like the kind of guy you’d want to bring home to meet the parents.

Cool ‘n Contemplative:

With that gorgeous bone structure, Oppa photographs particularly beautifully when he looks lost in thought.

Sharply Suited:

Y’all know how I appreciate a man in a sharp suit, and Oppa doesn’t disappoint. Here he is, all handsome and suited up.

Casual Laid-back:

One of my favorite kinds of photos, these casual laid-back shots make me feel like Oppa could be the guy next door, just hangin’ out and chillin’.. Y’know, if it’s normal for the guy next door to look this handsome and this hot. *cough*


Oppa also looks great when he’s scruffed up. Somehow, the more scruffed up he is, the sexier he looks. If only we could all look this good when we’re scruffy, right?


Given that Oppa’s physique is pretty much what he’s most known for, it should be no surprise that he rocks the sporty look. That body takes work to maintain, right?


And after all the effort he’s put in, isn’t it only right that we take a moment – or several – to.. admire Oppa’s body of work? Ahem.

Close-up Pretty:

In the face of the plethora of shirtless pix, let it not be said that we ignored Oppa’s other worthy features. He’s beautiful close-up too.

Cozy, Snuggly, Undone:

Perhaps even more than the shirtless pix, I like these ones, where Oppa’s all cozy. Or a little bit undone. Rawr.

So Oppa may not be a very talented nor skilled actor, but he sure is pretty, isn’t he?

And now he’s going to put all of The Pretty to work, in his upcoming movie Human Addiction (aka Obsessed). Where Oppa will get to look glorious in uniform. And, er, out of it too. *cough*

Go ahead and be awesome, Oppa. We’re all rooting for you! Fighting! *fist pump*

Also, thanks for the Pretty. We appreciate it very, very much.

Author: kfangurl

Proud to be a k-fangirl since 2007. Main diet of kdramas with movies and kpop on the side.

99 thoughts on “Pure Pretty: Song Seung Hun

  1. Curious to know what you thought of My Princess as a drama. Was it any good despite the meh acting by SSH?


    • Hi there Lila! 🙂 It’s been a long time since I watched My Princess, so fair warning that Present Me might respond to it differently than Past Me, if I were to watch it again now. I do recall that I enjoyed it as a fun bit of fluff, and that the light tone worked well to smooth over both leads’ acting limitations. Worth a whirl, if you’re in the mood for some SSH Handsome, showcased in a light modern fairytale sort of setting. 🙂


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  3. Yeah! I’ve looked for some of the actors you’ve done Pure Prettys about and I can’t find the pictures you found… Do you have a different Google :))))) ?

    I have read some of the kloves, actually 😀 My love, LJS and your love, Woobie ❤ I'll also take a look at the other ones as well 😀

    Might I have a humble request for Lee MIn Ho, as well 😀 ? It doesn't have to be a big Pure Pretty article, but since he's the actor I've taken a liking to since re-entering Dramaland after missing for so long, I have a soft spot for him 😛 And his drunken act is waaaay to real :))))

    I'll definitely look at them all 😉 Thaaanks ❤ !


    • Hehe! I have Google superpowers, seems like! XD If not for blogging, I might’ve a second career is private investigation..? Lol.

      I’ll keep your LMH request in mind – he’s not one of my faves, but so many readers have asked for him to receive some Pure Pretty attention, that I’m beginning to waver, as they say in dramaland. He won’t be the next Pure Pretty out, but I believe you’ll be able to appreciate my next pick, nonetheless! 😉


      • We’re talking about awesome pictures of beautiful people! It’s no doubt I’ll appreciate whatever Pure Pretty you choose to do 😉

        As for LMH, his handsomeness kept me in Dramaland after I returned so he’ll always have a special place in my heart 😀 .

        On a side note, I read your Pure Pretty on Woobie and I have to admit that I finally understand where your fangirl love resides. I couldn’t see past his mean appearance and since the first part I’ve seen him in was the bully in Heirs, he kinda freaked me out, to be honest :)))) But after watching all the interviews you posted in Pure Pretty, I have to admit that he comes across as a gentle giant and he is highly educated for someone his age. I definitely like him now and I’ll be watching him from now on ❤ Still, I prefer LJS ❤ He's just so sweet I could get cavities ❤ :))))

        Thank you for the hard work and putting up with fangirls' craziness :)))))


        • Aww.. Yes, I can imagine how Woob might freak you out, if you saw him as Young Do first in Heirs. While he made Young Do charismatic and interesting, Young Do WAS written as a bit of a borderline psycho. Coupled with Woob’s unusual looks, very strong brows and piercing gaze, I can totally understand your initial aversion! I’m SO HAPPY that you’ve come around to his appeal.. He’s quite a sweetheart, from what I’ve seen of him, and I am looking forward to his next drama. Which I will watch, no matter what. I mean, I finished all of Heirs for him, didn’t I? XD

          Also, YES, I agree that LJS is an adorable sweetheart. I have big affection for him, partly coz he’s such a talent, and also, partly coz he’s Woob’s bestie. It’s true that in some cases, all roads lead to Woob..! HAHA. XD


  4. I have a slight cold and I can’t even watch these photos without my temperature spiking through the rooftop! And the office building is quite high :)))))

    I’ve started recently to look at all your Pure Pretty articles and even though I don’t know all the actors, I have squeed my heart out to all of the pictures ❤

    This Oppa here is so damn hot! For cryin' out loud! His pheromones hit me through the damn screen :)))

    Oh, keep em' coming, kfangurl, keep 'em coming ❤ ❤ ❤ !


    • Hehehe! I’m glad you’re enjoying the galleries of Handsome, Sabina! And yes, SSH is gloriously pretty, in every style, and from every angle. It’s just too bad that acting isn’t his forte, so watching his works can be rather underwhelming. Which is why I recommend you just appreciate him in these photos instead! 😉

      Yes, I will keep ’em coming – I’ve got plans for another Pure Pretty post, probably sometime next week when I have the chance to do all the, er, research! 😉


      • :))) Well, nobody can, er, research like you do ❤

        And it's fine if his beauty throws a big shadow over his acting 😛 Not everybody is born with both good looks and mad acting skillz, like your Woobie or LJS ❤

        Looking forward to your Pure Pretty's ❤


        • Hehehe! Well.. That’s what some of my readers have said, that my Google searches seem to turn up results that many others can’t find. Which is why I’m turning that skill towards creating galleries of glorious pretty for all of us to enjoy. Coz with great power comes great responsibility, right? XD

          I can’t remember if you’ve checked out my k-love posts yet, but if you run out of Pure Pretty posts to gaze at, the k-love posts all have their own galleries too ^^ You can check ’em out here.


  5. Without any doubt, there is a good reason for his nickname: Honey, right? SSH was the first man in the k-ent who made me search him on google. Images, of course. As an actor, well…, I am not so delighted. I watched When a Man Loves, My Princess and East of Eden. As a model, he is the BEST! kfangurl, thanks for a wonderful evening: Urban Zakapa, SSH pictures and a glass of wine!


    • Sounds like you had quite the lovely evening there, serena! I’m pleased to have been able to contribute to that! ^^ Out of the shows you mentioned, I’ve only seen My Princess. When a Man Loves and East of Eden are a little too melo for my taste. I find that I’m extra picky when it comes to melos, and sadly, SSH doesn’t have the range for it. But you are so right that he’s a handsome, handsome man. I first noticed him in Autumn in My Heart – wow, that’s eons ago, literally! – and I immediately thought him very good-looking. Although he doesn’t have the best acting range, he consistently brings the eye candy, so that’s definitely something! 😉


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    *gasps for breath*
    Ohmygollies, Chingu, you’re the best LOLOLOLOL!!
    I don’t deny that the first time I watched “Autumn Fairy Tale” all those years ago, I was cutting out newspaper clippings of Song Seung-hun, but we all know who took over after Watch #2 😉 I just can’t stop laughing as I look at these pics bc I can totally see him with the same expression on his face when he’s trying to be serious in his roles hahahaahahaa! *wipes eyes* sorry. hahahhaaa


    • HAHAHA!! You always crack me up, my dear pinkblossom!! XD

      I’m glad you enjoyed this trip down memory lane! I’m with you on the SSH appeal in Autumn in my Heart, despite his limited, effortful acting.. I was rather taken with him myself, when I first watched it! But yes, I do know who then snuck in to steal your heart afterwards, so here’s a little shot of your man for your gazing pleasure! 😉


  8. *squee, jump in place, drool over then finally pass out from tidbits overdose *
    Who said talent was everything ? Beauty counts too :op
    The first time I saw Song Seung Hun was in A Better Tomorrow. Actually, I was watching this movie for another man, my all-time biggest KCrush, but I couldn’t help but notice SSH. He was just too handsome to be ignored and he was my first clue that KEntertainment could be a bottomless pit of super hot males. I must admit that I went on watching KFiction just to check that theory – yeah, I’m that shallow *shame, shame*. For this, talented or not, he will always hold a special place in my heart.
    Of course I did check him out in My Princess and although this drama is mediocre, I do not regret it : while not that bad in acting, Oppa rocks every single outfit he wears in this drama. It’s a feast for everyone who appreciate menswear. And well, just as you pointed it out, he does look awesome out of his clothes too. Best shower scene ever, I agree. And that skin… He looks like a shortbread biscuit just out of the oven *stomach growling*

    Super proud that my broken English and I inspired you to launch this new serie of posts 🙂 There’s no such thing as too much beauty in our lives !


    • HAHAHA!! Yes, beauty counts too! In fact, I think if beauty didn’t count for anything, that Oppa would’ve had a very different career..! 😛

      If you were watching A Better Tomorrow for your all-time biggest KCrush, would that make your KCrush Joo Jin Mo? He does have a very manly sort of appeal, and I can totally see you digging that, asotss! 😉

      I actually thought My Princess was the best acting from Oppa of the few dramas of his that I’ve seen. I liked Autumn too, but he was pretty stiff in that, it can’t be denied. I think he should totally do more rom-com stuff. And YES, he looked fabulous in My Princess. While he looked nice & sharp in those fitted suits, I hafta admit that it was his shirtless scene that made me go Wow. Ahem. ^.~

      Next time I’m on a roll and want to push out lots of Pure Pretty posts instead of writing reviews, I’m gonna remember what you said. No such thing as too much beauty in our lives indeed! 😉 Hee.


  9. Omo, this guy has a body to die for….


  10. This was really nice. I’ve seen his name floating around but I’ve never seen any of his projects before, so this was a good introduction. Thank you! Oooh he has beautiful, beauuutiful eyes 🙂 and imo he has one of the best k-ent bodies cause his body looks really defined and it doesn’t look like he’s inhaling when taking a shirtless photo.


    • Aw, I’m glad you liked this introduction to SSH, Muffin! 😀 He really is Pretty, isn’t he? And that bod. There’s one big reason right there, why SSH is well-known in dramaland. Coz he’s got a bod above the rest 😉 He’s quite perfectly proportioned, and he’s just chunky enough, without being too built or too lean. Just enough muscle and definition for you to go, Ooooh. Hee. And yes, his handsome features aren’t to be sniffed at either. His close-up shots do tend to be very pretty.

      Acting-wise, SSH really isn’t great, but he tries hard. And what he lacks in acting skills, he makes up for with Pretty. Heh. 😉


      • Awww 50 points for trying Song Seung Hoon-ssi!

        His eyes are delish…evez you are speaking my language!


        • Hee. He does try very, very hard, doesn’t he?? I actually think he’s a really nice guy. And recently, Lady G pointed me to this article that revealed that he donated 100,000,000 won to the ferry rescue efforts. So my opinion of him as a good guy totally shot up. It’s too bad he’s not so great at the acting. But at least his brand of Pretty is widely appreciated and he’s been able to continue his career quite well ^^


    • i do agree with you chubby dimpled muffin Song Seung Hun has a beautiful set of eyes!…especially the eyebrows and his long eyelashes covering the eye area..they are too beautiful indeed,!…y’know i love men with beautiful set of eyebrows…and those choco-abs and collar bone area?……so delish…<3


  11. Aaaaaaah! My first Korean actor love ❤ I've had other loves and he somehow fades in the background at times. Then I see photos like this and BAM. ASDFSDFSGA. Sorry, these photos make me incoherent. 🙂

    His hotness never fades omg. The second photo completely blew me away. HIS EYES!!!! 🙂 More from this series please! And thank you 🙂

    P.S. Not sure if you've seen this already, but he's a pretty amazing dancer: LOL


    • Tee hee. I know how that is, Janey ^^ I get sidetracked too. In my case, I’m all about Woobie these days, but every so often, I see something with GY in it, and I’m like, Oppaa~~~ ❤ Lol.

      I’m super glad that I helped to rekindle some Oppa love for ya 😉 Yay that you’re enjoying the photos – I made an effort to put the biggest, best resolution photos in there that I could find, so if you click on that 2nd pic to open the image in a new tab/window, for example, you’ll find that there’s more Oppa to blow you away than what you see on the page. More Oppa to swoon over is always a good thing, right? ^.~

      I got so carried away with Google after posting this, that I’ve already posted my second Pure Pretty post. If you like TOP, there’s more to swoon at, right away! I do think I’m gonna stay away from Google for a little bit, just to be safe. I can’t possibly get sucked into posting Pure Pretty everyday, or we’ll never see anything else on the blog! XD

      I LOLed at the video clip, Oppa dancing is so funny! He’s not shy, that’s for sure! XD


      • Mwahaha. The resolution of the photos is daebak and I do enjoy browsing posts like this one, because the photos tend to be bigger and dominate my screen. So I clicked on some of my favorites and I was rewarded with so much HQ. Thank you! 😀 These newbie actors are consuming most of our time lately, but the oldies (but cuties!!!) like GY and SSH are classic hotties. ❤❤❤

        I know what you mean. I do similar posts on my blog and looking (and ogling) at Google images can be pretty time-consuming but so worth it! We can always spazz over their talents, but they have gorgeous looks, too, so why not spazz about it too? 😀 Also, I don’t mind seeing TONS of posts like this on your blog. ^^

        Will check out your TOP post! 🙂


        • Ah!! You found the HQ!! YAY! And yes, the classic hotties are enduringly hot. In fact, some of ’em get hotter with age, which, YUM. 😀

          Hahaha!! You’re encouraging me to do more Pure Pretty?! Oh my. And here I am, trying not to get sucked into another one. XD I’m gonna exercise some self-control and post some other stuff before I allow myself back on the Pure Pretty train! Who would you suggest for a future Pure Pretty post? I’m open to suggestion – at least to some degree. As long as I find the subject alluring (er, I mean, interesting), I’m open to researching him, Lol ;D


          • Hahahaha good luck with the self-control! Once a week is probably good enough?^^

            Oooooh, I don’t know who to suggest! I like someone you actually like so it’s an enjoyable pursuit (lol it’s an apt term for this kind of hobby :P) for you, too! Hmm, how about Woo Bin?! And Gong Yoo? I bet you’ll find amazing photos of them as well!


            • Lol. We’ll see. I am not a frequent poster in general, but then again, these posts are fun to do, so.. maybe? 😉

              Hmm.. I might take your suggestion sometime, about posting more pix of Woobie and GY. Although, since they already have k-love posts on this site, I thought I’d give a little love to other worthy Pretty ^^ At least for a start 😉


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  13. BRAVO! And continuing where I left off in FB, I nominate Daniel Henny for the next PP, since we are talking visually pleasing-cum-questionable acting skills here XD


  14. Saw the shirtless pictures and– *faints*


  15. Heee! This was definitely not safe for public transportation (I’ve had “worse” today but let’s not go into that LOL) I have to admit that while I get all the spazz about his prettiness and the hotness of his body…I was never a fan myself. Maybe it’s because I’ve never seen him act in anything… which should be a good thing, from all account, right? 🙂

    Oh! Wait! I’ve seen him in My Princess! But I guess that my point is that in a land filled with soooo many pretty men, he’s probably not my first choice to drool at (not that just sounds nasty :P)


    • You had worse on public transport, maknae? *arches brow* What were you lookin’ at? 😉

      SSH’s acting.. Let’s put it this way. Compared to the other stuff I’ve seen him in, he was actually quite good in My Princess ^^ I thought he did well with the comic and the funny. With the melos, he’s expected to deliver a whole lot more in terms of emoting, and that’s where he.. doesn’t do so well, generally speaking. But he is pretty.

      And you’re right – there IS a lot of Pretty in dramaland to appreciate. Which bodes well for this series, I guess? ;D


  16. On the Drama Fever awards votes, SSH keeps getting my vote for best abs. LOL. The weight lifting scene.


  17. You have attained new Googling highs. Respect. 😀
    I enjoyed this unashamed fluffery. Perfect scroll-through while waiting for a download. Thank you! More!


    • Tee hee. I’m glad you enjoyed this fluffery, chingu ^^ Your cry for More is really why I started doing some Googling for my next Pure Pretty post. And then got so carried away that I ended up posting the very next day, heh. So if more Pretty is what you wanted, I’m happy to report that it is now available 😉


      • I have duly partaken of the next dose of pure pretty. I think you are on to a thing here. But you may want to pace yourself. You don’t need a trail of dead fangirls behind your blog. 🙂


        • PWAHAHAHA!!! XD Ok, you really made me laugh out loud with that one, chingu! *wipes tears*

          Yes, advice duly noted. I fully intend to stay away from Googling stuff for Pure Pretty posts until I’m actually ready to make a post. I didn’t realize how addictive it is, and my original intention of only dabbling in a bit of preliminary googling was promptly thrown out the window once I started drowning in the stunning beauty of TOP 😛

          For the sake of the safety of the fangirls, and so that I’ll actually post something OTHER than Pure Pretty, I’m pacing myself! XD


  18. Very handsome. The only drama I’ve seen him in so far was “When a man loves”.


  19. Ahahaha, yuppppp, he’s a pretty man for sure! I especially love him shirtless and all scruffy looking! 😉


  20. He is pretty, that’s true. 😀 Actually, like Snow, I’ve never seen him in anything so I really shouldn’t judge. But the not-so-good-acting label is stuck so hard to him! So now I picture him like Joey from “Friends”: camera loves him, sweet guy, not that bright but you love him anyway. 😉 (For all I know he’s brilliant — just, not so much at acting…)


    • HAHAHA!!! XD That’s a great analogy, Betsy!! Joey from Friends is quite the perfect descriptor for SSH, I think! Camera does love him, and he really does come across as a nice guy. Just, not great with the acting. I think his limitations are most apparent in the melos where he’s expected to emote more. And he’s taken on a lot of melos in his career. I thought he was much better in My Princess, which was his first rom-com ever. If he did more rom-coms, I think that would work in his favor. That said, I still wouldn’t quite recommend My Princess, so I guess you won’t be seeing him in anything for a while yet! XD


  21. Wow….this is the first time I’m paying so much attention to him! As I haven’t seen any of his dramas or movies yet….but this guy makes every picture of him simply perfect….it’s like camera loves him….SO HANDSOME 8)


    • Tee hee. While it really is no loss that you haven’t seen any of his dramas, I’m glad you enjoyed his brand of Pretty in this post, snow_white! He photographs well, and has great bone structure. And one of the most appreciated physiques in dramaland. And from the pix, we can totally see why, right? 😉


  22. Aigooo! Great idea for a topic. All about the Pretty! hahaha. You may open up cans of worms, but hey, it’s the truth. Pretty with a little side of bland. (Acting wise.) You know what’s funny, sometimes actors may not be the best, but they are far more fascinating in real life. I always felt that the best actors are the ones who have some stage training under their belt. Or made a transition that way. It doesn’t seem to work that way in Korea as much as it does here in the U.S. The actors tend to be models, singers, that jump into acting, good or bad. lol These days fans/viewers are complaining more and more about the ‘Idols’ actors/actresses scooping up all the meaty roles and awards for lackluster, uninspiring performances. Foreign fans with discerning eyes (like us! lol) are starting to notice that, now that we’ve grown accustomed to Korean acting styles, and the bright glare of ‘Oh my goodness! Everyone is Oscar caliber!’ has died down. I never watch award shows, because sometimes I feel they are rigged anyway. But I am starting to notice the trend of casting in the dramas too.

    I guess it’s also a way of saying, out with the old, in with the new. But the ‘old’, as in ‘over thirty-two, have far better actors than the new crop these days. It seems that way to me. :p

    I’ve only seen SSH in one drama with the female ‘all about the pretty’ actress, Kim Tae Hee in “My Princess.” And I thought, he’s very handsome and different looking. I want to see Summer Scent. Started watching it and was intrigued. For both those dramas, (AIH) I know how they end. lol

    And of course you know how my brain works a bit by now. When I first saw SSH, I thought, wow, this Korean guy has a sort of younger, much hotter, Asian John Cusack look going on! LOLOL

    I agree with Evez, love his coloring too. Great job finding those images! They are breathtaking.


    • Hee. I’m glad you’re liking the new series, Lady G!! 😀 With SSH, I didn’t really feel like I was opening a can of worms, simply coz it’s such a widely conceded thing in dramaland, that SSH looks great, but just isn’t so great with the acting.

      I thought he was much better in My Princess than in all the melos that I’d seen him in before, so I’m surprised that he doesn’t do more rom-coms. I think the lighter tone suits him. He tries hard, but I think that trying-hard quality comes out in his emoting, and sometimes it’s unintentionally funny instead. But he’s definitely pretty, and looks great. And yes, his coloring is very nice! I never really thought about it before, but you ladies are absolutely right. The honey tone of his skin really is very delicious.

      I saw both Summer Scent and Autumn In My Heart, and I thought he looked better in Autumn. If memory serves, in Summer Scent his very nice arms get a lot of screentime, but his bleached-to-an-inch-of-its-life hair is really distracting 😛

      And, a younger, Asian John Cusack?!? XD HAHA! I never saw the resemblance before now! Thankfully, SSH is so much hotter that I won’t actually see John Cusack every time I look at pix of SSH, lol!


      • ROFLMBO. Sorry had to go there. Don’t all Asian celebs (At least the men it seems!) have their ‘white’ counterparts??? I’m so j/k! But hey, it’s the human race. 😀 I couldn’t get it out of my head when I was watching My Princess, until I saw those abs, and I was like, okay, John Cusack definitely NEVER had that! bwahaha.


        • Hehehe. Well, since I’ve stopped keeping track of Hollywood, I really can’t spot the similarities. It takes your discerning eye to point out the Western equivalents of our k-men – and so often, I’m blown away coz I never saw the resemblance before. Like this John Cusack one. But you’re absolutely right. John Cusack NEVER had those glorious abs 😉 Which is why SSH wins, Lol! XD


          • Oh I’ve lost big track of Hollywood too. I have my favorites still, but now it’s all about the K-men. lol. That was a pretty random thought about SSH and JC. haha. And yes, SSH definitely comes out the winner!


            • Oh yes, it’s now ALL about the k-men for me too!! Now I can look at picture of purportedly hot Hollywood men and feel completely indifferent. Put a photo of Woobie in front of me, though, and I’m a puddle of swoon. HAHA! XD


              • Kfangirl…you see i have to giggle and think hard over the exchange of your convos with Lady G. ..i can’t answer myself on why k-hunk is too prettier than Hollywood hunk…why is that? …probably i am already obsessed with this k–ent thing?..i never swooooon this hard before over Hollywood Hunk…neither i downloaded any pix of them and made it as my screen lock and wall paper photo?…..but with K-hunk around the gifs and adorable pix of my k-love in my mobile are about to explode already….plus my office desktop is filled of GY’s pix!….oh my!.. 🙂


                • LOL! You can swoon all day with all the pix. 🙂 I’ve swooned hard over Hollywood hunks, but I’m very particular. I was never one to be into the latest and greatest star. I was always in love with old Classic movie stars and movies too. My favorite American Hollywood Hunk was sadly a young man who died at 27 on the set of a TV show. But he was absolutely gorgeous, talented, and a charmingly goofy guy in real life. Jon-Erik Hexum.

                  My website is totally dedicated to his first show Voyagers. I was greatly involved for years in all the fanwork revolving around the show and him and preserving his memory for a new legion of fans. I’ve calmed down fangirling these days. It gets tiring keeping up and life gets busy. I don’t save too many pics and I’m not able to create new wallpapers and all right now. But now it’s all about the K-men!! I’m more than happy to just sit and watch my dramas and spazz out! And the let the new fans take the reigns on the other stuff. LOL.

                  Still, I think I can safely say this guy was like one of the most beautiful men in the world. His eyes are just mesmerizing. He was the total full package!


                  • Oh my. Is that the real blue of his eyes??? Coz that is an electric, unreal, surreal shade of piercing blue if I ever saw one! Wow.


                    • Pretty much his eyes! I did play with that picture to put layers of photo effects, but here is an untouched photo. He was soooo dreamy.


                    • Ok, those are very striking, beautiful eyes! Of course, I’ve got my k-blinders on, and therefore probably am not appreciating the full extent of his beauty. I do see that he’s a handsome man, of course. ^^


                    • Bwaha! Well, my K-blinders are on lately. Or maybe I should just say my Asian man blinders, cuz there are so many beauties spanning across the Continent! lol. But always loved this guy. He’s 2nd generation Norwegian/Icelandic. I hear their men are very beautiful too in the whitest sense. haha.


                    • Heh. Well then, it looks like you’re a bigger hearted fangirl than I am, then, Lady G! XD I don’t actually have Asian man blinders on. Mine are specifically k-blinders, I think, coz I actually rarely find a non-k-celeb hot. Maybe I’m not looking in the right places? *shrug* I’m not sure. I only know that among the Asian celebs that have crossed my screen, more than 90% of the time, it’s the k-men that actually make me go, Yummm.

                      Norwegian/Icelandic sounds pretty exotic to me! And that’s even with my k-blinders on. If I didn’t have those, I imagine that I’d be just as taken as you were. Especially with those lovely eyes. 😉


                    • LOL. You are right. The ‘real’ men are never quite as prettied up as the actors. So I’m being biased. But when I walk through the city and see the ‘real’ Asian guys I do stop and stare and think, oh a lot of these guys are so handsome. haha. Or they have this cute factor even if they aren’t dreamboats like the K-men. But I do go YUMM! Much more with the K-men.


                    • Hee. I think I’ve definitely got a more serious case of the k-blinders then, Lady G! XD Coz I live in Asia, and have traveled in Asia, and recently, I don’t actually find the other Asian guys cute. Well, on a rare occasion, I do see someone whom I think is cute, but that’s an exception rather than the norm. Oh kdramas, what have you done to me..? 😛


                • You too, Evez?? 😀 So it’s not just my imagination then! For some time now, I’ve noticed that I don’t find the “hot Hollywood hunks” very hot at all. Like, everyone else can be spazzing over how gorgeous and sexy they are, and I’m like, meh. *shrug* They just don’t strike me as very hot at all. I don’t know when this happened, but it’s definitely a change from before. Before kdrama came along, I used to think the Hollywood hunks were sexy. And now, I pretty much only find the K-men appealing. It’s really weird. I guess kdramas really have shaped my taste in men 😛


                  • I totally agree with this comment. It’s exactly the same to me. For the most part, a big ‘Meh!’ to the current crop of so-called Hollywood Hotties.


                    • Ahhh. Kdrama – and k-hotties! – what have you done to us, that our eyes now only appreciate k-fine-ness? XD There must be a name for this condition.. K-blinder-sitis? XD


                  • yup Kfangirl..i guess this is too much obsession already…that seeing my real life partner should look like Korean?oh my!..way back 7 years ago i swoon over Hollywood hunks plus hunks from the latin part…but when K-Hunks came?…boy!!’s a different story…it turned me upside down…really! 😉


                    • Oh yes, those k-boys really do turn our worlds upside down and inside-out, don’t they?? It’s really something! But YAY to know that we’re not alone. So many other drama fans have reported the same thing: now only the k-men are appealing. I’m not complaining, of course. My newly tuned eyes are now more primed than ever, for the gazing and the swooning. Hee 😉


  23. and lovely song there!…that one is already in my playlist thanks to you and Dewaani for sharing it over fb page….that female voice with the guys blending voice really is really cool and listening to it always give me a happy feeling like falling in love with it!…<3


    • Aw. Yay that you like the song too, evez!! 😀 Urban Zakapa is a new discovery for me, and I really do like their sound. Although, at the time of writing this reply to you, I’m actually bopping out to TOP’s Act Like Nothing’s Wrong, on repeat. And you know how I’m generally not into mainstream kpop. It’s a big day, lol. I just can’t seem to get enough of TOP’s voice with that rhythmic, lilting groove. Addictive. 😉


  24. OH MY GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!…i am so very happy that Song Seung Hun is a part of this new lovely post of yours kfangirl!…and i am jumping with joy seeing this adorable k-hunk!…what a lovely, lovely, lovely post indeed!…You know he is one of the Korean actors that has a skin color i love…not so fair like Gong Yoo and his eyebrows and his long eyelashes are too lovely for me!…plus of course those choco-abs!…and look at those collections of your delish photos of him….my!…you really have the eyes for it kfangirl and now i am having a mental breakdown seeing those collections!!!…yumm, yumm, yummmm and a lot of yummmmm!!!!!


    • Aww. You are the sweetest, evez! ❤ Your excitement over this post makes me want to do more.. Which, as we’ve discovered, is a bit of a dangerous thing, lol. I might end up only ever posting Pure Pretty stuff if I keep dipping my toes into Google this way! XD

      You’re so right about SSH’s skin coloring, evez. I never thought about it before, but his honey-toned coloring really is very delicious. And that coloring really does make the shirtless pix extra yummy, doesn’t it? ^^

      Yay that you enjoyed the pix in this post – I only picked the ones that I thought were especially pleasing to the eye 😉


      • …and you really good picking all the lovely choco-abs of SSH!..ahhh….ddddddoooooorrrraaaaaabbbbbbllllllleeeeee!….and i enjoyed gazing all of those pics!….and you are right all of it are pleasing to the eye!….if the next pretty post is about Daniel Henney?…then bring it on!..he has nice bod also plus he’s handsome… first introduction on him is from MNIKSS…and though the lead role is Hyun Bin every fangirls who watched him on that drama loved Daniel Henney…how can you not?…


        • Hee! I think there have been sufficient votes for Daniel Henney to make him a strong contender for my next Pure Pretty post! I do think he’s very pretty, though not unlike SSH, he’s not that great with the acting. I remember being quite taken with him at first. I think I first saw him in MNIKSS, then Seducing Mr. Perfect. I think I watched Spring Waltz because of him. But I eventually started losing interest (I’m fickle that way) and so didn’t even think of him for a Pure Pretty post! But with so many requests for him, I think I will have to rethink that! 😉


          • oh yes i agree with you that DH is only good for gazing …if the post is all about gorgeousness i guess he’s in like SSH?i’ve been checking his pix over tumblr and boy! he’s beautiful too……though it’s a plus factor if you see a hunk not only stun you on the way he looks but can make you awe when he acts…like GONG YOO!…oh i come again, being biased over my greatest LOVE….i find GY’s acting greatly…he’s like a chameleon…and i think he can carry any role playing… i right?…hahaha…one more hunk that doesn’t only look good but can really act is Jang Hyuk….those two i can highly said has beauty with substance…. 😉


            • Oh yes, I love the boys who have beauty AND substance. And that goes for GY, JH, and Woobie as well. KSH also has a lot of substance, and it’s a pleasure to watch him onscreen too. Ahhh.. I do love when beauty and substance coincide 🙂 At the same time, I’m really pleased that you guys are enjoying the Pure Pretty too. Coz Pretty deserves some appreciation too 😉


              • ..definitely!.. pretty post and pretty blog deserves appreciation and you are really, really good at it…so you deserve a BIG applause aside from appreciation!…<3<3<3


                • D’aw ❤ Thanks evez. It’s nice to be appreciated. And it’s also very nice to find a new use for my Googling talent – now we can ALL benefit from my Google adventures! ;D


  25. I heartily approve of this new blog theme/entry type/experiment ^^ One reason I started a Pinterest account was just so I could pin pics of beautiful Koreans…I will most definitely be pinning some of these to my Pinterest board, that’s for sure!

    I also heartily approve of the Urban Zakapa song embedded in this post ^^


    • Hee. Glad that you like the new series, Dewaani! I don’t have the mental bandwidth to take care of a Pinterest board on top of everything else, so I’m just gonna put the Pretty up here, and you can pin them for me, lol ^^ And thank YOU, for turning me on to Urban Zakapa! Love their sound. And see, now you’ve influenced what goes up on this blog 🙂


      • Pinterest is a HUGE blackhole…but one I love 😉 I am so glad you love Urban Zakapa, and I’m glad we’re slowly enabling your addiction *ahem* TOP *ahem*. Now I think I need to go and pin any TOP pics I don’t already have…


        • Oh dear, all these black holes around us. Tumblr is another black hole that I’m approaching very gingerly. I finally have an account, but still don’t dare to get too active. DDee’s reported being sucked in for hours at a time, and I don’t think I could deal with that on a regular basis! XD

          Oh yes, Urban Zakapa’s great! I might have never discovered them if you didn’t put them on your playlist. TOP.. Heh. That crazy 2 days that I had that song on repeat (195 plays, total!!!) sure does sound like an addiction, I admit. But I haven’t listened to it since then, so maybe it’s too soon to call it an addiction after all? 😛


          • Yeah, I think I am going to leave Tumblr alone…at least for the foreseeable future. I have been known to get lost in Pinterest for hours sometimes too…oh dear.

            Well I am glad that Urban Zakapa stuck ^^ and yeah…I think 196 plays might have killed the addiction a little ㅋ ;P


            • I can just imagine our blogs dying a thousand deaths by neglect, if we were to plunge into tumblr AND Pinterest – we would NEVER get anything done! XD It’s one of the main reasons I’m resisting getting active on tumblr. 😛

              And. Psst. Act Like Nothing’s Wrong did creep past the 195-play mark. I decided to listen to it a little today, just coz ^^ See, I’m listening to kpop on occasion. All your hard work in educating me in the ways of kpop haven’t been for naught 😉


              • ㅋㅋㅋ K-pop for the win!!!!

                I think that RL does more to make me neglect the blog than anything. Oh well. Such is life in the cyber worlds.


                • Ah yes, Real Life. Sometimes RL needs really do get in the way, don’t they?? It’s largely why I’m this late replying to your comment, coz I was busy traveling for work last week.

                  Hope your RL AND cyber life’s been going great, chingu! ^^


                  • Haha, no worries. My RL is sort of crazy right now and I haven’t watched drama for like 10 days or more (that’s also because Korea’s response to the ferry accident seems like it doesn’t want any of us to feel remotely happy and so I feel guilty posting anything K-related. Maybe I am just weird like that. I think I need to just post something anyway. Maybe I am just a bad person. I dunno.


                    • Wow, it does sounds like your RL is really hectic right now! 10 days is a long time to go without any drama whatsoever. But also, yes, that ferry incident is truly tragic. I can understand Korea’s state of sadness right now. So much tragic and needless loss of life. And so many young lives too, which amplifies the tragedy.

                      I say post when you feel ready.. And post what you feel ready to post. I think everyone’s taking a step back in their own ways, and making their way back to normal in their own ways too, at their own pace. Don’t feel pressured to post if you don’t feel ready for it. Hugs chingu.


                    • 😀 Thanks chingu ❤❤❤


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