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Gong Yoo on Running Man! [Squee Date Details Updated!]


So it’s been confirmed: Gong Yoo is guesting on Running Man, together with his The Suspect co-star Park Hee Soon. On 8 December! Which is very, very soon! Eeeee!!! πŸ˜€

…And which almost every Gong Yoo fangirl or fanboy would know by now, actually.

So what’s the point of this post, you ask?

Well. Seeing as how rare it is that we get to see Gong Yoo on our screens at all, let alone on variety giant Running Man, this is just too momentous an occasion to let pass without a bit of fanfare.

So. We are officially gathering for a squee-fest! And you’re welcome to join us! πŸ˜€

First of all, if you haven’t seen the trailer, here it is for your squeeing pleasure:

!!! Doesn’t it look like all kinds of awesome??

And here’re some stills, just in case you found the trailer too fleeting:

Gah. It looks like it’s gonna be an awesome episode of epic proportions.

Gong Yoo is just the naturally quick-on-his-feet, witty sort, so it’s always a treat to see him doing stuff like interviews. I can only imagine the epic-ness of him doing variety. My mind. It’s boggling while trying to imagine the awesome.

Hence the squee-fest, which isΒ DDee‘s brainchild. I’m in total support, of course, coz I always say shared squee is the best kind. ^.~

How This SHOULD Work:

Ok, so neither DDee nor I have organized a squee-fest before, but we’re willing to brave some new frontiers in the name of fangirl dedication, heh.


We will all source our own videos and play them simultaneously – it’s just more practical that way, than say, sharing screens.

If you are in the US, you can watch the episode subbed on DramaFever.

If you’re not in the US, you can watch streaming subbed episodes of Running Man on kshowonline.

Alternatively, if you’d like to torrent the episode and the subs, you can visit AsiaTorrents. [Registration is open all of this month (December 2013), so if you’re not yet a member and have always wanted to be, now’s a good time!]

Date & Time

We wanted to make this as accessible a time as possible, for all our GY-loving friends all over the world, so I’m thinking 9:00pm Singapore time (UTC+08:00) on Saturday, 14 December.

This would mean it’ll be sometime in the morning for our friends like Lady G and ling in the US and Canada, and sometime in the afternoon for friends like muffin in South Africa. And our friends like evez and kaiaraia in The PhilippinesΒ are in the same time zone as us.

Seeing as it’s a Saturday, I’m hoping this means more of us will be available to make it. πŸ™‚


I can think of a couple of platforms that we could use for our squee-fest, but of course, nothing’s quite perfect. Here they are, with the pros and cons.

1. Twitter

Upside: It’s easy and if you don’t already have an account, it’s not hard at all to get set up. We don’t need to set up a group beforehand.

Downside: Character limits on every tweet, which gets tighter with every additional person added to the group tweet.

2. Skype Voice Chat

Upside: We get to hear one another’s voices and can watch our show without typing like mad at the same time.

Downside: It’ll probably be super confusing, especially with more people involved, and us never having heard one another’s voices before. We will probably never know who’s saying what at any given time.

3. Skype Instant Messaging

Upside: Group chats are easy to form, and we will always know who’s saying what at any given point in time.

Downside: If you don’t already have Skype, you’d need to get an account. Plus we all need to find one another on Skype before our squee date.

4. Gchat

Upside: If you’ve already got Gchat, it’s easy to do group chats.

Downside: If you don’t already have Gchat, the new version is Hangouts and doesn’t seem to work as well. At least for me.

5. Facebook Group Chat

Upside: Group chats are apparently easy to form. We’ll know who’s saying what at any time.

Downside: We need to make sure everyone’s connected on Facebook before our squee date. I have just reactivated my very super inactive Facebook account, in case this turns out to be a popular choice.

That SHOULD be all!

So whaddya say?? Dya want to be part of the squee-fest??

If your answer’s yes, pick your preferred platform below! You can pick more than one option.

Please vote by 11 December, 11:59pm (UTC+08:00), so that we can figure out how to get connected on the chosen platform before our squee date!

If you’re in, let us know in the comments below! If you’ve got a better timeslot/platform to suggest, let us know in the comments as well!

And if you’ve got a question, let us know too! Uh. We may not actually have an answer for you, but we’ll certainly try!

Eeeee!!! πŸ˜€ I’m exciteddd!! Come squee with us!!


Ok, everyone! So the votes are in, and Facebook group chat wins!!

So DDee and I have reactivated our Facebook accounts, and we’ve got a Facebook group now, just for the squee fest! I’ve made the group an open one, so that anyone can join easily, ie, we won’t need to spend time on you guys requesting to join, and then approving members one by one. once you request to join, anyone already in the group can approve your request.

Just visit the Facebook group and join before the squee fest, it’s that easy! And then, when it’s time for our squee date, we’ll start a group chat with everyone who’s in the group, and we can squee together to our hearts’ content! Wheee!

Come join the Facebook group here!

Just so we’re all clear, here are the details again:

Date: 14 December 2013

Time: 9:00pm (UTC +08:00, which is also GMT +08:00)

We’ll probably give around 10-15 minutes for everyone to get logged in and settled, and squee-proper should get going by around 9:15pm (UTC +08:00)!

Eeeeee!!! Who’s excited?!??? πŸ˜€

Author: kfangurl

Proud to be a k-fangirl since 2007. Main diet of kdramas with movies and kpop on the side.

150 thoughts on “Gong Yoo on Running Man! [Squee Date Details Updated!]

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  3. LADY G..we missed you at the GY SQUEE-FEST last Dec. 14..and i did mention your name then while waiting for the rest of the ladies to come in…and i understand that it will be hard on you on that day as you mentioned in your previous comments…anyway there will be another time for that!..hope you can join then..

    …and don’t you think that a role like that of PS in DD will suit our GY?…and if you happen to watched RM , GY did make some dance move there…and it was fun seeing him doing that…like what he did in CP?…he’s cute!… πŸ˜‰ ^.^ ❀


  4. OH NO!! I totally forgot the squeefest was this past Saturday! :< I kept thinking, the 20th, the 20th, and holla, the 20th is a Friday anyway. I'm a mess. I had to work on the 14th at the last minute. I would have been a really grouchy bird if I got up too too early. LOL. I really should be used to getting up early, but I love my sleep. Particularly since I don't get any from watching all these K-dramas! Now I'll have to watch Running Man very soon and post some thoughts.

    😦 😦 😦


    • Heh. We missed you a heap, Lady G! It’s too bad you couldn’t join us. Have you seen the ep yet? Whaddya think?? GY’s awesome at variety, isn’t he?? ^^


      • I’m bad, I know. I haven’t watched yet! I plan to on Sunday evening, this weekend I have my sis and nephew staying over. My sis is dying to continue with Kimchi family. LOL. Her only chance to watch K-dramas is when she visits. But then she also said, I don’t want to watch anything without you, anyway. Aww, sisterly love.


        • AW! Your sis is just really, really sweet!! πŸ˜€ Of COURSE family comes first! Even GY on Running Man can’t compete there, heh! I LOVE that your sis is super eager to continue with kdrama! What a great chance for sisterly bonding during the holiday season!


  5. …hahaha!..oh gosh!…i have to laugh when i saw @Asotss comment that he loves a man that can rock the dance floor…anyway i don’t hate nor throw stone at you @asotss…i love that you are being bold for sharing what you truly feel!…though i love GY that much though he can’t rock the dance floor!…anyway he croons just fine!…hahahaha!…hope kfangirl would allow me to say this once again!…’coz i’ve been like a talent manager of GY for promoting that he can sing!…

    ohh…i remember the late Patrick Swayze…he really can dance and sing at the same time!..he’s a good actor too…I remember how i fell in love with his movie “Dirty Dancing” along with Jennifer Grey…and i remember buying a soundtrack of that movie… thoughts?…what if GY can have a movie like that?…would he be learning to dance? learning doing a hoola hoops?… you think that is possible kfangirl?… that asotss can fully satisfied and love GY to the fullest…LOL!

    and…i forgot to say that I HAD A GREAT SQUEE WITH YOU KFANGIRL!…that December 14 is marked and being remembered as one of the memorable and happiest events that i had this year!…GY SQUEE-FEST is genuinely great!….though pardon me for not catching up on the comments and for having see?…honestly it’s hard to type fast in mobile…though i’m hoping to have another of that kind again…;) ❀


    • EVEZ! A role like Patrick Swayze in DD!! That would be awesome for Gong Yoo. I still have to see him dance (missed the Running Man.) I love dance movies, particularly when they do ballroom. I’m in no way, shape, or form a dancer, but I just get so dreamy and starry-eyed watching dancing.


    • Yes, I’d LOVE to see GY rockin’ a dance movie like DD! I loved that movie when it came out, and swooned at Patrick Swayze along with everyone else. I bet that GY would take serious dance lessons if he were cast in a show like that!

      Aw. How super sweet, that you count the squee fest as one of your highlights of 2013, evez! πŸ˜€ Hopefully we’ll be able to make a similar highlight for 2014, when more GY goodies come out! ^^v


  6. +700 comments ? We’re aiming for a Guiness Book Record.
    This review doesn’t sound very promising indeed (shaky camera ? My nightmare) and that’s too bad cuz after the “Big” fiasco , I would have loved to watch Gong Yoo in something enjoyable. But this is one review. I doubt “the suspect” will be released in my town but we count on you- lucky ladies who would be able to watch the movie in theaters- to tell us what are your thoughts about it.

    I suppose it’s ok to spoil about Running Man now that the squee fest happened ? As I said I’m not a fan of this kind of show so it was a pleasant surprise when I laughed my bottom off. And it was not even thanks to Gong Yoo. May I say I was rather disappointed with him ? (please don’t throw stones at me) He has NO DANCE MOVE ! I like a guy who rocks the dancefloor but not everybody is Patrick Swayze, I know. And also the reaction of the girl (don’t remember her name, sorry), especially during the chase at the end, was priceless (1 girl for 8 guys ? What’s up with parity, guys ?). I’ll certainly watch this show again if featured with another of my fav khotties.


    • Haha you are so funny Asotss! I think he’s got moves, anybody with lower body strength like his can definitely get down ;P. Just sayin’!


    • It doesn’t seem like Suspect’s coming to a big screen near me, boo. I will definitely find a way to watch it, though. This is where I realize all over again, how much I love the internet! XD

      Aw. Were you disappointed with GY’s dance moves? He didn’t pull out too many moves, but it did look like he’s got a good sense of rhythm ^^ Yay that you had a good time watching Running Man, Asotss! I always keep my ears and eyes peeled for interesting guests on Running Man. So much fun to watch them play and goof around πŸ˜€


  7. I was going to post this on the “Loving Gong Yoo” post but there’s 706 COMMENTS! I’m afraid if I add one more WordPress will implode.

    The reviews are starting to come out for ‘The Suspect’ this one is not too positive but it’s mostly a complaint about the headache inducing action. arhh! I hate having headaches. But I will endure with a few packs of Advil just to see Gong Yoo on the big screen. If I can. I’m not sure where to find out the release locations.

    One thing – that tan on him has to go! But I know it’s not in the rest of the movie :


    • Lol. The Loving GY post really has exploded with comments over time, hasn’t it? The good news is that it’s now at 720 comments as I type this, and WordPress hasn’t imploded. Yet? Lol!

      I’m a little bummed by the somewhat negative reviews that Suspect is getting, though DDee did post a link to a relatively more positive review.But like you said, Lady G.. I’d watch this for GY, shaky cam or no. I know he’ll bring it, and bring it good, no matter what. Plus, the GY shirtless! How could I possibly pass that up, right? XD


      • You can’t possibly pass that up. I’m sad about the negative reviews too. But action movies aren’t Shakespeare. The critics can never seem to get past that elitist thinking. But with movies like this, you just need to turn your mind off for 2 hours and enjoy the ride.


        • Exactly. It’s all about context. If we just go in expecting an action-fest, it should go down better. Although I hafta say, my experience with k-movies has been patchy. So many of them have terrible endings. I was all ready to love Secretly Greatly as an action-fest sort of show, but it went from fun to all kinds of darkness and death. And I was also disappointed with The Thieves, which promised to be a fun caper, but which turned into a heavy melo at about the halfway point. Let’s just say that I am.. wary of k-movies in general. Another reason I want all my Oppas to never give up dramas!! >.<


          • Dramas give them a better chance for a happier ending. And tons more time to see them onscreen and squee! (*o*) The movies tend to get very heavy-handed at times when you least expect it because they are always trying to be ‘twisty’. I think some over-do it with the twists.


            • Yep, that’s true, although some dramas don’t give us good endings anyway. But at least they give us more time with our Oppas! That’s something that movies will never be able to do! And I’ve been spoiled by dramas. Now when I watch a movie, I feel like I’m only getting the highlight reel. Any and all character & relationship development feels rushed, to my eyes! XD I guess my brain is just permanently on the “Drama” setting now! XD


      • I just have to ask…this seems like such a man’s movie. Full blown Testosterone. There’s no women?? lol. I’m sure we get a few flashbacks of him with his family, and there’s no time for him to start a new romance (he’s in the grieving process and busting heads!) but still, almost any movie can benefit from a little estrogen in the proceedings.


        • Interesting question! I looked at the cast list, and there is a lone female. You Da-in plays the PD of the North Korean documentary. All the other main cast members are guys. I guess she will be the lone contributor of said estrogen! XD


          • I remember in one of the trailers you do see him racing a car and there’s a woman in it. lol. She probably gets all caught up in the action and has no idea what’s going on. Maybe. And funny none of the reviews even mention her role.


            • That’s true! I hadn’t thought of that! None of the reviews have mentioned anything about a woman. Only that GY’s a fugitive, he’s on the run, there are stunts, the camera’s shaky etc etc. Guess her role is pretty minor! XD


  8. I’m trying my best to avoid spoilers but what has happened was that I got tumblr and GY on Running Man gifs are everywhere! Okay fine I guess I didn’t have to search for Gong Yoo, but hey, what’s any self-respecting GY fangirl to do if not search for GY on social media right? But seriously, he’s just too cute! And the gifs have subs too!! Le sigh. But it all looks awesome! Can’t wait!!

    Kfangirl, hope you don’t get too swamped in HK and return all bright and perky for our squee fest this weekend. Hwaiting!


    • I AM BACK, DDEE!! Just got back in very late last night / early this morning, and it’s time to get logistics going for our squee-fest!

      Facebook wins, and I think creating a FB group works best for the group squee. The catch? I need to add one FB friend before I can create the group and have others join. I figured you’d be the best person, since you’re the mastermind behind our squee party πŸ˜‰ Could you reactivate your account and add me? You can find me here:


  9. GY is so much fun and adorable on RM!…should i start to squee?…ahhh!..but it is more fun doing it with you ladies!…i’m sure everyone has watched RM e175!…<3


    • So.. did you have a round of squee by yourself already, evez? I’m guessing self-control has gotten harder with each passing day? ;D Lol. Even if you did end up watching it, you can still squee with us all over again on Saturday! ^^v


  10. …YAY!.. i just shared episode 175 of RM in my FB account….it’s GY madness!…<3


  11. Enjoy Hongkong kfangurl! I’ve also downloaded the video and ready to squee! Oh, btw, how are we gonna do this, FB?


  12. Thank you for your answers ladies ! I understand much better now and I am, as I am writing, getting ep 175 of RM. Not from AsiaTorrents though but I’ll definitely check this site out.
    Even if you are there for work, enjoy your time in Honk- Kong, Kfangurl, I would love to visit that place (and all Asia in general).
    And have fun you all at the squee party, I’ll be with you in mind ! (just like the Force, lol)


    • Thanks Asotss, HK was kind to me, and the weather was lovely. Too bad it was pretty much all work, work, work all the way, lol.

      It’s too bad you can’t join us for the squee fest, but if you change your mind, the details have been updated on the original post, and you’ll be able to find us easily πŸ™‚


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  14. I have already downloaded the low quality of this episode with english subs(High Quality usually released on Friday each week). Now, I TRY SO HARD not to watch it untill the squee-fest day. It took all my strength not to click on the file. OMG, give me extra patience, please!


  15. YAY!…so thank you for taking time while you’re at work…i just saw your reply so, thought i got it wrong again…anyway, hope to hear from you again once you’re back…i’m super excited for GY’s episode on RM, i just finished watching episode 174 wherein Lee Sung Gi and Kwang Soo were part of it…..good evening!.. hope you are having a nice time there… πŸ˜‰


    • Heh, that really was the last window of free time I had – now I’M BACK!! And the Facebook group has just been started, details have been updated to the last part of the original post. Come join the group! πŸ˜€


  16. oh…sorry kfangirl!.. i thought the message on the upper right side is recent…


    • It is! I just posted it last night! I’m currently in Hong Kong and just managed to reply to a few comments in a quick spot of free time in my hotel room. I may not be able to do much more than that for the next couple of days, so the message still stands ^^


  17. @assotss…kfangirl won’t be able to answer to all our queries at the moment as she is travelling for work again, i guess Ddee the brainchild of this squee-fest can give some details regarding your questions …as for me i am not a game-variety fan follower as well and i am also waiting for more infos from kfangirl….but i manage to watch some when my favorite k-celebs are in it….Running Man of SBS is just one of the popular variety shows that Korea has….i think Asia Torrent offers a free registration? but for me i would prefer streaming it @KSHOWONLINE currently episode 174 is being telecast and as i understand GY is on episode 175?…


  18. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to take part to the squee fest and God knows I could use such fun event to ease the frustration I have with the drama I am following. It happens that Marry him If You Dare was a complete waste of time (I want those 16 hours back!) and rhythm in Empress Ki slowed down so much that I want to kick everybody’s ass to get them to use theirs brains and give them energy. But Granny is no geek (no fessebouc/ tweeter/skype/whatever account) and getting the torrent of that episode of Running Man will mobilize all my tech abilities. Nevertheless, I would be forever grateful if anyone could answer those questions :

    1) What is Running Man ? Sorry for that trivial question but I’m not a variety shows fan and their concepts are often an enigma for me. I had a look on wiki but that didn’t help much. I understand that this is a contest between two teams (permanent cast vs. celebs or 2 mixed teams ? Is there regular people participating too ?) with physical tests in a closed environment, am I right ?

    2) Asia torrent is one of the option to source the video and I was wondering if it’s free to register AND torrent from this site, especially since registrations don’t seem to be possible all year round (if it’s the case, why is that ?). I do not like that trend where one has to log in to be able to enjoy every single website but finding Korean Drama torrent is such a pain, I’m super interested in any dependable source.

    Oh yes it’s ladies night (8 December, tonight is THE night), let me know if the feeling was right ! (as says more or less the Kool & the Gang song)


    • Hey Asotss (& evez too!) – I’m stealin’ a bit of time while waiting for room service to arrive to hopefully cast some light on your questions!

      Running Man is a very popular, long-standing variety show, and you are right, there is a permanent cast, and there are always guests each week, and the mix of teams varies each week. Basically the teams will compete against each other in various competitions, and there is usually an overarching theme each episode. For example, for the episode where they had some cast members from Heirs on the show, the theme/scenario was all about rich heirs, and all the permanent cast members dressed up as heirs, while their challenges were designed around that theme too. A lot of the appeal has to do with the personality and group dynamics of the cast, who are a hilarious bunch. I don’t watch Running Man on a regular basis, but when the guest/s interest me, I make it a point to check it out. I’m sure GY is going to do great on Running Man ^^

      AsiaTorrents is a free, private torrenting site for Asian movies, dramas and stuff. You don’t have to pay to be a member, but you do need to maintain a seeding ratio, to be fair to other users. Normally, one needs an invitation to register, but at certain times during the year – usually to celebrate a holiday – registration opens for a designated weekend. The fact that registration is open all December is HUGE, so yes, if you’re looking for a dependable torrent site, AsiaTorrents fits the bill. As long as you keep seeding what you torrent and maintain a ratio of at least 1, you’ll be fine. With a too-low ratio, you will be unable to download/torrent anything.

      Hope that quick-ish explanation helped, ladies!! πŸ™‚


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  20. yeah! they’re so cute!….the way i think of it?…i don’t mind eating the cheese over and over as long as GY will do those aegyos right beside me to pinch my cheek and do that back hug thing as well!…hahahaha!… πŸ˜‰


  21. ..have you seen this?…GY with Suzy on Domino Pizza latest endorsement….just wanna share before the RM squee-fest….no English subbed yet…but seeing him doing aegyos with Suzy will intensify the scheduled squee-fest soon!…. πŸ˜‰


    • Ahhhh!!! I hadn’t seen the second, longer one, and it’s SO CUTE!!! πŸ˜€ Thanks, evez!!!

      Ok, so I was kinda horrified at how much cheese Suzy probably had to eat in order to film that clip, but the entire thing is so flippin’ adorable!! XD It reminds me of that scene in Pasta where Chef keeps asking Yoo Kyung, “Do you like [X] more, or me more?” and Yoo Kyung keeps blithely answering, “Chef!” Except here, the answer is “cheese!” HAHAHA!! GY IS SO ADORABLE IN THIS!!!! ❀❀❀


    • Oh my lands! It’s snowing here right now. Can I get some Korean style dominoes and cuddly back hug from Gong Yoo please!!! lol


  22. ….and fighting to those ladies that will beat their usual waking up habit on GY squee fest!! ajja!. πŸ˜‰


  23. This sounds like so much fun! I’m gonna try to make it, but it’ll be 5am here (GMT-8), so if I don’t show up, you’ll know I couldn’t roll myself out of bed. πŸ˜›


    • Cherry!!! πŸ˜€ How awesome to see you here! I’ve missed you! HUGS!

      5am IS very early.. But if you can make it, we’d love to squee with you! I’ll update the post with details once voting closes and we figure out logistics etc ^^


  24. I definitely can’t wait, it should be 15:00 GMT+2. I’ve actually been marathoning RM. I am really excited… GY and Haha look so cute!!!


    • You’ve been marathoning RM?!?? Then, how perfect is this?!?!!! Since you love GY too! πŸ˜€ And yes, GY & Haha look like they’re pals already, don’t they? It’s gonna be such a treat to see GY being his awesome self on awesome RM!


      • It’s like a match made in heaven made of one of my favourite variety shows with one of my favourite and sexiest actors in one show…it is like Utopia hehehe!!! Yep I think GY and Haha are both very accommodating people so I guess that it is natural that they look chummy. Watching that RM episode is going to be the best hour and 20 minutes spent!


        • IKR?!? Out of all the variety shows that GY could’ve picked to appear on, I think Running Man has the most potential for daebak. I mean, I’d take him in any variety show he chose.. Like, a Hwasin ep could be really heartwarming and insightful, and I’d love that for sure.. But somehow, the thought of GY being on RM just gives me a case of the squees. Like, THIS CANNOT BUT BE AWESOME! LOL! XD


  25. There, just cast my vote. Do I get indelible ink? πŸ™‚

    Look at GY, he seems to be having so much fun! Which is… *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*


    • Well, your GY love IS written in indelible ink, I believe πŸ˜‰

      And yes, he seems to be having a good time and rocking it like only he can. ❀ I can’t wait to squee with you guys while inhaling the awesome!! πŸ˜€


  26. I voted! I love Running Man! I watch it with my five year old son who pretends to chase down imaginary people and take their name tags, he also calls out for Jong Kook to help hi, kekeke. Time zones, boy do they hurt my head! I’m all the way over here in Pacific Standard Time… so if what Lady G says is that it will be 8:00 am on Sunday that will be 5:00 am for me… omo but the squee will keep me awake! And that’s what naps are for, right?


    • Wow. 5am!! Waking up to squee at 5am is definitely a sign of a dedicated fangirl!! Are you a big GY fan? Coz if you are, I don’t really see how you’ll manage to nap after a full hour of spazzing and squeeing..? The adrenaline will likely take a while to peter out πŸ˜‰

      And your son and his love for Running Man sounds absolutely ADORABLE!! You should get (make?) him his own RM T-shirt, complete with velcro name tag! Potential Christmas gift idea? πŸ˜€


      • It all depends on when I get home from work the night before if I’ll be able to get up at 5! I am already looking into attempting trade shifts with another co-worker, now if that isn’t dedication I don’t know what is. πŸ˜› I am a huge GY fan, though in the grand scheme of my itty-bitty career in drama-land it is a small crush since I’ve only seen him in Coffee Prince at the moment. And I am sure you’re right if I do manage to get up at 5 to watch it will probably be a few hours before I’ll be able to sleep.

        I need to take a video of my son watching Running Man, he laughs so hard it makes me laugh harder. He has no idea what they’re saying, but he loves the show. He’s trying to remember their names but so far he only knows Jong Kook and he calls Kwang Soo the long guy. Oh lordy what an idea! I’ve already searched and can’t find one easily accessible here so I think I’m going to have to make one. That is the most amazing idea ever! He will love it! I’ll probably end up making one for a few of his stuffed animals to so he can host his own races.


        • LOL! I believe trading shifts in order to be able to wake up at 5am, in order to be able to join a GY-centric squee-fest qualifies you as a Serious GY Fan!! ;D And the great news about having only seen one of his works, is that you now can explore everything else he’s done!! Big was a disappointing drama to varying degrees to most viewers, but for the GY fan, there is a lot of awesome to soak in. He delivers a wonderfully faceted performance, ranging from wildly comic to amazingly tender. And his shirtless scenes are of the.. eye-popping variety. I kid you not. It’s worth a watch if only purely for the GY awesome ^^

          Yay that you’re really gonna make your son a Running Man T for Christmas!! πŸ˜€ And making some for his stuffed animals is brilliant!! Does he have a stuffed giraffe? Coz if memory serves me right, I think Kwang Soo’s nickname is giraffe πŸ˜‰


          • The 5 am wake up call for the Squee fest might be a difficult feat to pull of sadly. I will be working a 12 hour shift the day before and not getting home until 2 am so that will mean about a 2 hour nap before the squeeing begins. I am going to be making a very dedicated effort to be there! I just don’t know that it will be possible for me. 😦 If anything changes I will let you know!


  27. geezzzhhh!!!..this is insane gals!…omo!..i did vote!…jjakkaman…i voted for two: FB and twitter will that go?i don’t know your fb account yet?!…i haven’t read all the comments …so as i understand it will be on the 14th of this month at 8:00pm?…this is super exciting from the short teaser and still photos alone…what more seeing GY in action and doing the task?… i just hope the internet won’t fail me down on that day!… ,;)


    • It’ll be at 9pm my time on the 14th of Dec, which I believe is the same as your time? According to Google, Singapore and The Philippines are in the same time zone.

      It looks like Facebook is leading the pack, so we might well end up having our squee date on FB.. If that’s the case, I will then update the post with more information, after voting closes. I’m thinking of possibly forming a squee group just for this, to make it easier to chat.

      YES we need your internet to be good on that day, coz you totally need to be at the squee-fest, evez! πŸ˜€


  28. Reblogged this on obsessive compulsive (k)drama-watching disorder and commented:
    My first squee party! Wheee! What should I wear?? What food should I make? Should I get my hair done? ;D


  29. Omo ! I literally jumped up and down and squealed when I found out Gong Yoo was going to be on Running Man. Favorite actor+favorite variety show= WIN WIN WIN xD haha.
    Oh and the squee squad sounds fun ! I’m definitely interested haha ~~


    • IKR?!??? GY = awesome. Running Man = awesome. GY + Running Man?? An EXPLOSION of onscreen awesome!! πŸ˜€

      Have you put in your vote yet, Kira? And what time-zone are you in?? I’m hoping the time I picked can work for as many people as possible πŸ˜›


      • SUPER SUPER stoked for this ep πŸ˜€ And yes, I did vote πŸ˜€ My time zone is UTC/GMT -10 hours.
        Ah yeah same here, I hope I can make it so I won’t be fangirling alone xD


        • Waitaminute. Does this mean that our squee date will be 3AM on Saturday morning for you, Kira?!? Coz if that’s correct, that is INSANE. Argh. I wish we could do more to make the time slot fit everyone. Darned time zones *shakes fist* Can’t we just ALL be in the same time zone? That would simplify a whole lotta stuff! >.<


          • Yes, probably xD It’s not really a problem since I go bed late on the weekends’s containing my laughter and fangirlyness will be the problem xD ahaha ~~
            I know seriously ! It would make our lives so much easier.


            • HAHA. I can just imagine you practically exploding while trying to hold in the squee with GY on your screen!! XD While I do generally have good control, sometimes when I least expect it, an out-loud squee will escape my lips, LOL. Maybe handing out earplugs to your family members ahead of time might be your solution? ;D


  30. Sounds like a lot of fun. For anyone that has Eastern Standard time, that would make it a Saturday, at 8:00 AM!

    If I can drag myself up…or most often I am up but I have to be out the door by 9am. I may be able to do it. I have skype and can do voice chat, but I think it would be easier for me to facebook or G-chat. I can type like mad. lol

    Can we be sure that Drama Fever will have the episode available by that date? They often take a day extra to sub properly.


    • It’ll definitely be up on DF by then if subs only take a couple of days. The ep airs on the 8th, so plenty of time! I’ll just have to contain myself and hold back on watching or getting spoiled before the squeefest!


      • Oh good to know. I’ll try and be awake! lol


        • Hee. This means you need to get yourself to bed a little earlier on Friday night, Lady G!! No late-night drama-imaginings, just for that Friday, ok?? XD


          • LOL. Or late night drama viewings! πŸ˜€


            • Giggle. That, too. In your case, though, I feel like the drama imaginings keep you up more! XD You prolific scriptwriter in the making, you! πŸ˜€


              • actually…they do! arhh!! It isn’t enough that I watch them all night, then I try to go to sleep and my own ideas start forming. That’s why I’m so glad you liked my idea for this blog post about dream dramas. πŸ˜€ At least I can write them up and get them out of my brain here. lol


                • Aw. It’s been heaps of fun building our dream dramas together!! πŸ˜€ I’m blown away by your creative ideas, Lady G. It’d have been a HUGE pity if we never got to see those ideas take shape and evolve. With all our pix & stuff, it almost feels like we’re actually watching our dream drama together, and that totally rawks big time! ❀


                  • Thank you. πŸ˜€ It does feel that way. And if I ever get the Photoshop up and running, I’d love to create my drama wallpapers. X-) One of the first things I do.


                  • Ditto! Funtastic time! Lady G, I encourage you to kickstart your k-drama writing career on the script for the GY cabbie drama. I’d love to read it, if that’s any motivation for ya ;P


                    • DDee! Did you know that Lady G’s posted a new drama idea on the Dream Drama thread? It’s Woobie-centric, and she’s making it a sageuk, and Woobie gets a mane of glory, and a time-traveling love interest.. It’s shaping up really nicely!! Come add your ideas too! ^^


  31. asdghasjkdhgklahdjsklah; awesome. (Aaannnddd, lurker here! I’m coming out for Running Man! xD)

    I voted for Skype and Facebook, as they seem the easiest and the lesser hassles. πŸ˜€

    Also: I’m in the USA, which is Eastern Standard Time or EST. (UTC-5:00)


    • Wheeee!!! De-lurking is always a cause for celebration!! Thanks for steppin’ out for this, Joey!! πŸ˜€

      Facebook seems to be leading at the moment, so looks like we will likely be meeting on Facebook for our squee date!! I’ll post an update once voting closes, so that we can figure out next steps!! Ahhh! Exciting!! ^^


      • Yeah! De-lurking! (Though, I’ll probably re-lurk, until further notice OTL)

        Facebook, alrightey! Excitement. Asjkdhfjskal. Yeah! *fistpumps*

        *falls over from over excited fist pump*


        • Heh. I used to be a total lurker myself, so I completely understand, Joey. Lurk or de-lurk as much as you like.. just know that if you’re in the mood to de-lurk, you’re always welcome here ^^

          And! We’ll get in some good squee at our squee party before you go back into lurking, which, YAY! πŸ˜€


          • Just joined the Facebook group! I’m Joey Kinge, btw. xD Preparing myself for the squee-fest on Saturday. So. Early. In. The. Morning. OTL 8 AM is so early for a Saturday. Why must you do this to me Running Man?! I’ll just make lots of coffee. xD (I don’t even like coffee… ??)


  32. Our GY on RM?? Omo!! Big fan of both! Can’t wait! Omo!! Sent my vote…


  33. Voted.. I cant wait to see watch this. My cousin is so funny she wish that GY is not wearing thermal when the guy accidentally pull his pants.. YayyyyyyyπŸ˜„πŸ˜„


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