A Passing Existential Question of the Blogging Kind

Today, an unexpected thought started circulating in my head, and unlike the other times that similar thoughts surfaced and promptly went away, today, this particular thought lingered: Do I really want to continue blogging? Or.. do I want to [gasp] stop?

First of all, let me assure y’all upfront, that the probability of me actually stopping – at this particular point in time anyway – is still leaning on the slim side, but the experience that led up to this thought taking a slow walk around my brain was interesting enough that I thought I’d share it with you anyway. Y’know, since aside from those who come here purely for the reviews or the confessions posts, I truly feel like there’re some of you who actually care and are genuinely curious about what’s going on with me.

Thanks for caring and being so sweet, you guys. It means a lot. Really. ❤

This one’s for you.

Playful Kiss OST – 사랑한다 말할까 (Is This Love?)

As I type this, the blog is all of 9 and a half months old, having first come out to greet the world on 12 December 2012. (OH! It was 121212??? How cool is that? And. Why am I only realizing this now??)

So anyway. It’s been 9 and a half months, and what a transformative 9 and a half months it’s been.

I’ve learned a heap from blogging, some of which I never thought I’d learn, ever. Like photo-editing and making banners. And I’ve found that exchanging all my drama thoughts with others can be deeply gratifying, and lots of fun too. Plus, typing up the post itself often is a learning process, coz as I type, new and more interesting thoughts tend to emerge as well, and I love that.

At the same time, I’ve also found myself evolving as a viewer, and part of the reason is the analytical lens that I automatically shift into sharper focus in order to organize my thoughts for a review.

Now I don’t watch an episode of a show I plan to review, if I’m too tired or just want to zone out. Y’know, coz I need my brain to be quite functional if I want to fully appreciate a show and its merits, so that I can attempt to do it justice when it comes time for the review.

And that, I’ve found, is a bit of a double-edged sword.

Hur. Yes, that is my double-edged sword. Metaphorically speaking, of course. I don’t actually write the reviews using a pencil 😉

On the one hand, the review-writing process seems to make certain shows come alive for me, where before they’d been confusing, meh or just plain upsetting (See Chuno). And that is seriously pretty cool. On the other hand, though, this also kills certain shows for me, because they just can’t stand up to the scrutiny. I’m pretty sure that if I attempted to analyze Big now, that it wouldn’t stand a chance. Yet, because I watched Big before starting the blog, I was able to enjoy the Gong Yoo awesome and close both eyes to the flailing plot.

Up till recently, this hasn’t bothered me a whole lot, though it’s given me pause for thought a couple of times.

Then what’s put me in this particularly contemplative mood, you ask?

Well, I finished watching I Hear Your Voice last week, just before an especially hectic weekend. And my practice for a while now, has been to put all other drama watching on hold once I finish watching a drama, so that I can focus on that show and its review. Like, keep my brain in that show’s space, if you will, so that my thoughts and responses are still pretty much in the moment. Or so I like to think, anyway.

This past weekend, though, I had no bandwidth to think or write about IHYV, even though I have some (hopefully) interesting thoughts about it. I was just too physically tired out and mentally drained to even attempt to write.

Instead, all I wanted to do was zone out to a drama where I didn’t have to consider giving it a review. Y’know, like the good ol’ days before I started blogging. Back then, I could zone out to any drama of my heart’s desire, and lap it up any which way, whether my brain was functioning or not.

And my zoning out pick these few days, has been Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo.

It had felt like the obvious pick, for several reasons:

  • First, it comes highly recommended. I’d generally heard good things about this one, and Betsy Hp’s recent review had sealed it as a very promising watch.
  • Second, I’ve come to appreciate the simple world of Playful Kiss, and I wanted to see how the J-dorama folks had interpreted the same story. Plus, nobody does live manga adaptations like the Japanese, really.
  • Third, I’m due to actually spend a chunk of October in Tokyo coz my sister lives there and is about to have a baby. (Yes, I’m about to become an auntie!) I’m going to be in the country, so language immersion is a very valid reason too, no?
  • Most importantly, it’s a J-dorama, and I’ve decided that this blog is purely for kdrama reviews. So, no impending review = I can watch this as zoned out as I want, and it won’t matter.

So that’s how I dived in. And boy has it been a surprising experience.

As I write this, I’ve watched 4 episodes of this show, back-to-back. Yes, you read that right. Back-to-back.

After a monster of a weekend, followed by a very early and very busy morning today, I was just too tired to do anything productive, and found myself clicking on the next episode and then the next, all afternoon long.

Suddenly, I remember what a fluffy, frivolous drama marathon tastes like: absolutely delicious, like a guilty-pleasure dessert full of empty calories. Yet, as you indulge in its completely addictive pleasure, you feel completely carefree, because your brain is having such a great time being on vacation as you indulge.

Wow. <– This was the thought on my brain all afternoon long as I indulged.

This was one of the things I’d loved about kdrama in my early addiction days. I used to be able to inhale dramas in really short stretches of time, as if I was flitting from one empty-calorie dessert to another.

And over time, as real-life priorities took over, and then as blogging and writing came into the picture and brainless watches ceased to be a thing for me, I’d completely forgotten the heady feeling of the drama marathon. I’m not talking about those slow marathons that I’ve been doing that can take weeks just for a 16 episoder. No, I’m talking about those drama marathons that last just a few short days as you inhale the entire drama in several quick stretches.

So. Good.

And that’s made me wonder: Do I want to keep blogging? Coz if I don’t blog, I’d have way more of these types of heady, carefree experiences?

It’s an intriguing thought that makes my imagination go into overdrive, trying to picture what that might be like.

It’s a pretty surreal mental picture at the moment, coz I’ve grown very fond of the blog. It’s like my baby, sort of. Plus, on good days when my brain is functioning, I really do enjoy playing with those drama thoughts by crafting them into reviews.

I guess there’s a lot of middle ground to consider too; it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. I’m sure there’s a way to balance it all, to the satisfaction of both sides of my brain, that I just haven’t discovered yet.

For today, though, my brain is tired and the IHYV review will have to wait.

In the meantime, I guess you already know what I’ll be watching more of tonight, as I ponder this existential question some more 😉

143 thoughts on “A Passing Existential Question of the Blogging Kind

  1. iaahero

    I know this is a really old post, but I’m facing the same blogging dilemma that you once did too. 🙁
    I’ve been running my Kdrama blog for only 6 months so far but already I’m asking the same question of whether to continue with this or not. Because of the blog, I’ve been watching less Kdramas than I’ve ever before…. because if I watch a drama, for some reason I feel this obligation to write the review for it (plus, take some screencaps as well), which in return makes me push away Korean dramas. So, I totally, a hundred percent, understand what you went through during this phase. *nods*

    Just like you, I’ve been turning to Japanese, Chinese and a few Taiwanese dramas. Simply because I could enjoy them much more as I marathon them and just let my mind float on cloud nine. I experienced my first kdrama slump this year. At first I thought 2013 lacked right-off-the-bat-amazing dramas, but then I realised, I brought it upon myself because I keep putting them off to avoid writing a blog post for it. Also, I normally don’t watch currently-airing Kdramas, but since having a blog, I wanted to keep up with the latest dramas with everybody else on the web, so…

    Anyway! Enough of my sob story. I’m glad that you’re continuing with this blog still! I’ve been a silent reader thus far, but I really enjoy reading your insightful posts. ^_^

    Since this is end of December already, and seeing how you (fortunately) overcame the blogging conflict, I’m curious to know how you gathered back that passion you had for writing/blogging about Kdramas. 😀 😀
    As I’m facing the same problem you had, I hope you will share some thoughts on this; hopefully I’ll feel motivated again! ^_^ 🙂

    1. kfangurl

      Hey there, iaahero!! Apologies for the laggy reply, Christmas season has been hectic and I am just now catching back up on comments!

      I hafta say that I found 2013’s drama offerings not as addictive some of the older dramas, so I do think that it’s not all you. Whenever I feel like I’m in a drama slump, I do a test where I’ll watch a little bit of an older drama that I’ve already enjoyed, and if it feels cracky and fun and I feel sucked in, then I know it’s not me. It’s just that I don’t have the right drama on my screen.

      I know exactly what you mean about putting off watching certain dramas coz you feel pressured to write about it. There are several ways around this, and it’s really up to you how you’d like to go about it. Some bloggers have suggested that I choose only certain dramas to write about, so that I can still have some mindless kdrama watches on my plate. I’m trying that out and it’s working quite nicely at the moment. For me, I watch some k-dailies on the side that I am unlikely to write about. The shorter trendies I do intend to write about, but I’m also giving myself more flexibility in terms of how I write about them. Epic reviews were the trend for a while on this blog, but I’ve realized that I don’t want to write epic reviews all the time, so I’m going to be much more selective in terms of which dramas get lengthier reviews.

      A bit of a break does help too, coz in my experience, the writing bug will bite you again once you’ve put it aside for a while. I guess essentially one of the big things we need to do as bloggers, is to recalibrate our expectations of ourselves where blogging is concerned, until it feels like fun again. Giving yourself permission to write shorter posts, or less frequently, or about fewer things, can be very liberating. And that can help to make blogging feel fun again. Coz really, why blog if it’s no fun, right? I think it all boils down to finding a way to keep it fun for yourself 🙂

      I hope that helps!! Fighting!

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  4. dramanoona

    Wow, yeah I doubt that being 100% caught up on comments ever happens! That desire shows dedication to be sure! Even though we love your responses you should always let drama watching come first 

    I’m dying, but I’ve put School 2013 on hold because *drum roll please* the hubby said he thought it looked interesting! I might just die from shock over here! Seriously I never expected him to really show an interest, but omo he’s been scrolling through my dramafever queue and has picked out a few he wants to watch with me and School 2013 is fairly high on the list! My inner fangirl is dying right now, but I promised I’d wait and so I will. I did finish My Princess and decided to start I Need Romance instead. I am really liking it so far. Though in order to satisfy my Woobie needs I think I’m going to pick Heirs back up again.

    I do keep meaning to come back and check out Lady G’s drama! I swear! But I’ve been trying to diligently write Chapter 1 of my own drama. I think I’m about halfway through it. My goal is that each chapter be like an episode. Though I haven’t the foggiest how many episodes it will turn out to be. I guess it depends on if it catches on and people get interested. I have been keeping up on the comments for Lady G’s drama though! And I love what you guys have come up with.

    1. kfangurl

      Ahhhh!!! Your hubs is keen to watch School 2013?!?? REALLY?!??? OMGGGG that is AWESOME. Seriously. I am SO happy for you!! 😀 I guess this definitely warrants School 2013 being put on the waitlist! But yes, I totally feel you on needing to satisfy your Woobie needs. Did you get back to Heirs in the end? It’s underwhelming all around, mostly (not everyone’s in agreement with this), but the entire dramaverse is in agreement that Woobie rawks in it and basically stole every scene he was in. SO PROUD OF MY WOOBIE ❤❤❤ I said that I’d watch Heirs for him even if it turned out to be a stinker, and I have no regrets watching it, coz Woobie brought the awesome, as he always does ❤

      Also. I can’t believe I took 10 whole days replying to your comment! >.< I've been steadily working my way through the comments and trying to get caught up, but clearly, I haven't been entirely successful at managing the timing of replies! 😛 Thanks for always being so sweet & patient, Jaime! ❤

      1. Jaime the Drama Noona

        I really am having a hard time containing my excitement over the fact the hubs wants to watch more dramas with me! We finished Vampire Prosecutor S2 and yeah we just didn’t like it near as much as S1. He’d lined up City Hunter, School 2013, Good Doctor, and Faith as the dramas he wants to watch next. I think he’s leaning to Faith, but he could change his mind! I haven’t gotten back to Heirs yet, I left it at episode 13. I’m going to finish Last Cinderella first, I’ve got like 6 episodes, and then I’m going to try and get through Heirs. I do really want to see how the story ends, I just needed to step away before I found a way to send mean letters to the writers.

        There is never a rush to answer my comments! I mean seriously look at the sheer number of comments you’ve got on this blog I can’t imagine keeping track of them is easy in any way. I’ll always be more than happy to wait! 😀

        1. kfangurl

          Hee. I’m so late replying to this comment that your hubs has already changed his mind and picked I Hear Your Voice, LOL! XD Although, I do think he’ll enjoy City Hunter, it’s got enough action to appeal to a guy. School 2013, gah, it’s just universally appealing, so I hope he picks this one soonish, so that you both get to indulge in some bromantic Woobie awesome! ❤

          And yes, Heirs is worth finishing, if only to see Woobie being awesome. He manages to take a fairly brief scene and inject it with so much dimension and heart that it’s just mesmerizing to watch. If Heirs did nothing else right, at least it gave Woobie the chance to shine 😛

          1. Jaime the Drama Noona

            We are on episode 13 and omo! The twists and turns and story of I Hear Your Voice!!! *fangirls* Not to mention the sheer amazingness of the Noona Romance *fangirls again* I am so-so-so excited that he picked this one! He’s totally enjoying it too, like he’s making all these theories about what the big bad is planning and how Soo Ha is going to convince Attorney Jang to love him back. It is adorable! He wants to watch City Hunter next, and I’m totally alright with that. It is one of the dramas that I very much want to watch a second time. After that he’s got Good Doctor, School 2013 and Future Diary on his list… but he could change it at the last second like this time 

            I’ll probably go back to Heirs after I finish Greatest Love and whatever I watch after that, I think enough time will have passed for me to want to get into the story again. Woobie is enough to make me want to see the show, but I was just so saddened by the show itself that I need some time to get over that.

            1. kfangurl

              YAY that you and your hubs are enjoying IHYV this much!! 😀 😀 It IS cracky goodness, isn’t it?? Who knows, by the time you see this comment, you guys might’ve well finished the show already!! XD Partly my bad, of course, for being laggy with this reply! But really, ISN’T SOO HA SO SUPER SWOONY?!??? Can’t blame the noonas the world over, for melting into a massive collective puddle at his earnest puppy yet completely sincere unconditional love. Melt.

              Gosh I hope your hubs will pick School 2013 soon – I am so eager to hear how you like it!

              Woobie’s performance in Heirs is definitely worth checking out.. Don’t be too sad about how Heirs didn’t live up to its potential.. So many shows didn’t live up to their potential in 2013. At least we got a good eyefull of lovely Woobie. And Bo Na and Chan Young are super cute ^^

              1. Jaime the Drama Noona

                We just finished IHYV! Omo! I loved it so much! The hubs enjoyed it too, but he says that it wasn’t as good as Master’s Sun keke. He keeps asking me for a show that’s more like Master’s Sun, he’s suffering from a drama hangover for that show to be sure! Seriously Soo Ha! It was a fantastic Noona Romance and I melted into a puddle of goo right alongside the other Noona’s of the world.

                I’m going to probably end up watching School 2013 by myself he keeps surprising me with his choices! I mean the things he picks are like out of left field. Guess what we started last night… My Girlfriend is a Gumiho! *cackles* He’s enjoying it, which absolutely surprised me!

                Heirs is on my list to watch again as well. For the Woobie and Bo No & Chan Young (they are just too cute!) I’ve already got a lineup of like 5 dramas after I finish Greatest Love! As long as I can stick to it and not get distracted I’ll be set!

                1. kfangurl

                  Lol. We universally have a soft spot for our first kdrama, warts and all, so I’m sure your hubs will always have a special regard for Master’s Sun ^^ I think it’s adorable that he’s so into drama now, and suffers from drama hangovers! XD

                  YES, isn’t Soo Ha just swoony and adorable??? IHYV is like THE noona romance to slay almost all other noona romances. At least in my book 😉 And, I LOVE My Girlfriend is a Gumiho!! It’s ADORABLE, and Shin Min Ah is so, so lovely in it. I’ve seen it twice and wouldn’t mind watching it again. It’s sweet and cute, and most importantly, it’s got a lot of heart. Is this your first watch? Coz I’m so sure you’ll love it! 😀

                  And if your hubs is ok with it, I’m pretty sure you’ll want to rewatch School 2013 when you’re done with it ^^ Maybe finish Heirs first and get your Woobie fix, then see what your hubs is picking for your next drama, since you guys might be all done with MGiaG by then. He might surprise you and pick School 2013 ^.~

                  1. Jaime the Drama Noona

                    I’m actually jealous that the hubby’s first drama was The Master’s Sun. Mine was BOF, but boy I went back and went back and watched some of it recently I’m not even sure what sucked me in anymore lol which is why I won’t re-watch that one again so that I don’t ruin the magic anymore. It is so adorable he compares every drama hero to President Joo and it just makes me giggle.

                    I Hear Your Voice has made it into my top five now, holy moly it was so freaking good! The Noona Romance was amazing, like it totally made me a puddle of Noona for sure. But even beyond that I loved the story! Gumiho is totally hilarious. I’m laughing with each every episode. The Aunt and the action school director are so funny just by themselves. I’m really enjoying it, the hubby is still a little unsure it might be too cutesy for him. But he’s still sticking with it!

                    I told him I was going to watch School 2013 after I finished Sungkyunkwan Scandal and he said he wanted to watch it after Gumiho! So I’m going to wait, if we don’t start it after Gumiho then I’m totally watching it I don’t think I can wait more lol.

                    1. kfangurl

                      Oh, I know that “what-the-heck-was-I-thinking” feeling with BOF!! I was sucked into it on my first watch, and remember being super smitten with Ji Hoo. And now, I can only see a big hot mess, and Ji Hoo doesn’t even appear appealing anymore! >.< You know what they say about hindsight being 20/20!! XD You're so not alone, though – lots of folks have BOF to thank for drawing them into the wonderful land of kdrama.. I guess it's definitely good for something? 😀

                      I love how your hubs is enjoying dramaland. He sounds like an enthusiastic boy in a candy store, eager to taste more candy, but with one hand firmly grabbing onto his first candy ever, coz to him, that’s the best candy in the world!

                      Yay that you loved IHYV, I had a feeling you’d really like that one!! 😀 Park Soo Ha simply knocked over the noona in me and melted me into one huge swooned-out puddle!! The character arcs were very well written too. At the expense of the believability of the legal system, perhaps. But oh well. I guess no show is perfect? 😉

                      Aw I love MGiaG! Shin Min Ah is super cute, and beyond the cute funnies, the story has heart. You’ll see what I mean. I think that heart is worth hanging in there for, so help the hubs stay the course!!

                      Also! I’m going to be starting a rewatch of S2013 in a couple of weeks for my skype squee date with Michele. She decided she wants to see S2013 next, and I’m whooping with glee over it, coz I could SO use some Woobie on my screen. Hopefully this means that we’ll be watching pretty much when you and the hubs will be watching – then we’ll be able to squee together as we go! How cool is that? 😀

                    2. Jaime the Drama Noona

                      BOF definitnly has a very large place of honor in dramaland because it has been the vehicle to bring viewers in. For that I still do love it, because it introduced me to Korean Dramas and kick started my love of all Asian Dramas. But still, omo what a show of ridiculousness! 

                      That is just the most perfect description ever of the hubby! He is so enamored with all the choices and drama types and stories, but he will not let go of Master’s Sun. He keeps bugging me to find a drama that affects him like that did, but I don’t have the heart to tell him that he’ll never recreate his first drama experience. It is totally adorable.

                      Hahah yeah the legal system in IHYV was silly and not believable. However, it was easy to overlook because the rest of the drama was so good! The Noona Romance had almost everything I want in a Noona/Dongsaeng love and Soo Ha was so lovely to watch. I was definitely a swoony Noona through the whole thing.

                      The hubby has finally committed some feels to MGiaG! We were watching last night and Hyein shows up while Dae Woong and Miho are talking at the action school apartment. He was like, “Can’t she just take a hint and leave them alone? Dae Woong needs Miho to make him a better person.” I was giggling so hard!

                      Omo! A skype squee fest for S2013! I’m totally jealous! Our drama watching is slowed down these days with my busy schedule but hopefully we’ll be done with MGiaG or I’ll be done with Skungkyunkwan Scandal so I can watch it too!

                    3. kfangurl

                      Giggle. Yep, the first drama experience is an addictive and profound one that one never, ever forgets. So recreating that experience really is a tough ask. The good news, though, is that there are some dramas that are so excellent that it will rival the first-drama-love experience, just coz the show is that awesome and that addictive. Plus, there is also that first-experience sheen that comes with introduction to new genres. Your hubs hasn’t experienced sageuk yet, I believe? His first sageuk, if it’s a really good one, might bring him some of those fresh, novel, oh-my-this-is-a-whole-new-world kind of feels ^^ Most good sageuks tend to be a little on the.. intense side, though, so you guys would have to be in the right mood. For heroic thrills, spills and a good dose of bittersweet, I love Chuno. And Gaksital is pretty great too, though not strictly sageuk. For something intense but with romance at the center, and a little less of the bittersweet, The Princess’ Man is a good one. 🙂

                      Or if not an introduction to new genre, just a really excellent drama will bring the feels. Queen In-hyun’s Man is a must-see, by the way. Has your hubs added it to the list? It will not disappoint, I promise 😉

                      Yay for MGiaG feels, coz I really do like that show a lot! I think I liked it even more on the 2nd watch than the first. It’s so fun and so cute. Yet it’s got so much heart that it can move you to tears. I know it got a few tears out of me!

                      And yes, skype squee dates are a thing that Michele & I have started. It’s great coz then we have company while we watch, and we can literally squee together as we go. It’s what folks like us do, coz unlike some people (ahem), we don’t have husbands who will watch kdrama with us, hee 😉 I hope we will be doing our watch of S2013 close-ish to yours, so that I get to squee with you too! 😀 We plan to start in a couple of weeks, after Chinese New Year festivities have died down for me, and after my busy work period.

                    4. dewaanifordrama

                      Sorry to cut into the conversation here…but Google+ hangouts could mean that up to 9 of us could watch drama together…(Skype you have to pay for group video chat)…I’m not saying we have to or anything…

                      My sister and I watched all of Secret Garden over Skype together though and it was a lovely experience ^^

                    5. kfangurl

                      Ooh. Intriguing. How does that work, dewaani? Are we connected via text chat on Google+ hangouts?

                      I’m doing the skype squee dates via voice chat, and my hands are free to screenshot as I squee out loud to Michele 😉 Sometimes we hear each other’s sound despite both being on earphones and that is a skype bug. But we managed to watch all of SKKS and have lots of fun with it ^^

                    6. kfangurl

                      Jaime! If our schedules could possibly be lined up – and I’m guessing this might be a challenge – I’m game to watch somethin’ with ya! 😀 It’d be so much fun to chat on skype too ^^ If this is something you’d like to do, let me know & let’s see how our schedules look 🙂

                    7. dewaanifordrama

                      We should be all connected if we have a Google+ profile…and there is a video sharing option where we could all be watching the same video and our heads would be at the bottom. Sometimes the video streaming quality isn’t good though for screenshots. And you can also chat simultaneously. It’s sort of hard to explain…but it could be fun ^^

                    8. kfangurl

                      Ooh, thanks for the explanation, dewaani! That sounds like a fun thing to try sometime.. I do like my video quality to be as gorgeous as possible tho, so the iffy video quality does make me hesitate.. Maybe for a show where I’m just checking it out for fun and don’t really care about video quality..? k-variety, maybe? *ponders*

                    9. Jaime the Drama Noona

                      I’m not sure he would want to delve into a Sageuk yet. He likes to pretend that he isn’t addicted and that he needs to carefully weigh his drama choices. But he picked Gumiho just because he liked the idea of a nine tailed fox. He is totally addicted to anything horror or supernatural. However, I very much want to watch Chuno and Gaksital, mostly because you rave about them. Ok add Queen In-hyun’s Man to that list too! I have to see that!

                      I wasn’t sure I was going to like MGiaG as much as I am. Other than Master’s Sun I haven’t really loved the Hong Sisters’ stuff. But I am so loving this one! It is a lot better than The Greatest Love, though I liked that one better in the last 5 episodes. Anyway, I’m really glad that the hubby and I are having so much fun with MGiaG!

                      LOL I did promise that if I find another one like him that I’d ship him out to you! If there are holes in the crate, some MRE’s and water he should be fine until he arrives. Though he’d probably need a thorough wash down before you could watch dramas with him. Honestly though watching dramas with the hubby is an amazing experience, but watching it with a gal-pal that I could squee and fangirl over my crushes with just sounds purely amazing!!

                    10. kfangurl

                      Oh, oh, OH!! 😀 I just thought of the perfect – and I mean PERFECT!! – gateway sageuk for your hubs!! 😀 ARANG AND THE MAGISTRATE!!! Omo. It’s just perfect. Firstly, it’s the lovely Shin Min Ah. Who can resist Shin Min Ah, really??? And. It’s supernatural stuff, which your hubs likes. The world of Arang is so lovingly crafted, and thought-out with such detail, I can’t see your hubs not liking it. Plus, it’s post-army Lee Jun Ki, who was wonderful in this. And this is fusion. So it’s mostly focused on the romance. And the fantasy world. Think.. Master’s Sun in sageuk robes, but with more adventure and a more solid central story. I have a feeling your hubs will like it! And so will you, if you haven’t seen it? I really, really liked it. And Shin Min Ah is ethereal and wonderful. And still a supernatural creature. Though not a gumiho 😉

                      LOL at the care instructions for the lovely husband you’re going to send me! XD I will be sure to wash him down before sitting him down for some drama! XD

                    11. Jaime the Drama Noona

                      I would absolutely be up for watching some running man with both you and dewaani! That would be so much fun! I’m sure there’s an episode that we could all enjoy. Possibly the one with Woobie and Jin Hyuk and some of the other Heirs cast members? I haven’t watched that one yet, but supposedly it was good! I think it was episode 166.

                      This is like the third time Arang and the Magistrate has been suggested to me for the hubby! Haha I should probably take it as a sign and watch it with him. Maybe if I just start it once we’re done with MGiaG he’ll just watch it. I’ve wanted to watch it for a while anyway, it looks absolutely beautiful and who wouldn’t want to watch Shin Min Ah?

                      If I pitch it to the hubby as The Master’s Sun as a period piece… that could totally work since he compares everything to The Master’s Sun anyway.

                      You might want to feed your crate-sent husband too. That’s a long trip!

                    12. kfangurl

                      YES!! WATCH ARANG!!! 😀 AND YES!!! PITCH IT AS MASTER’S SUN THE PERIOD EDITION!!! 😀 That’s gonna get your hubs’ attention for sure I bet! 😀 Now I’m super curious to see how your hubs likes it, coz I wanna know if my prediction is on point, ha.

                      I do think that you’d enjoy Arang.. The entire fantasy universe is so thoughtfully constructed, and so deftly executed that you can’t help but be sucked in. And Shin Min Ah and Lee Jun Ki are 2 of my favorite actors. They spark off each other so well that you never feel like one outshines the other. A very well-balanced OTP, I felt! And LJK delivers his character with restraint and gravitas – and that’s the best version of LJK, imo!

                      Aw, food schmood. Fine. I’ll give him some instant kimchi ramyun to eat AS I sit crate-sent hubs down to watch drama! That works too, right? 😉

                    13. Jaime the Drama Noona

                      We are 3 episodes away from being done with MGiaG! So I pitched the idea to him this morning. I asked if he’d picked anything he wanted to watch next and he said no. So I told him I’d found a show that was classified by some very reliable sources as The Master’s Sun but the period version of it and he seemed pretty interested in it!

                      I have another netizen friend from Google + who just finished watching it and was absolutely head over heels in love with it. Now that you and dewaani are both gushing over it as well, I’m completely sold! Everything I’ve seen of it is gorgeous and now that I’ve seen Shin Min Ah, yeah I’m in love with her!

                      I think that would be acceptable, just as long as you feed him at some point. Otherwise Crate Sent Husband might be a little grumpy.

                    14. kfangurl

                      Hee. They do say a hungry man is an angry man. And no angry man ever said, “I think I need to watch some kdrama” LOL! XD

                      Yay that you feel Arang’s a good match for you and the hubs! With the pitch that it’s Master’s Sun, the Joseon edition, I’m confident it won’t be long before your hubs will pick it as your next drama to watch together! At the very least, he’ll be curious, that’s for sure! Maybe after your School 2013 watch, which I’m so pleased is going well! 😀

                    15. Jaime the Drama Noona

                      I have a list that I keep of dramas that I think would be a good fit for the hubs and Arang and the Magistrate is on the top of the list… nothing like a little subliminal messaging right? Though really, as long as he keeps wanting to watch dramas with me I’ll be happy. I want to see or re-watch all the dramas on his list anyway so I’m winning no matter what he picks out!

                      Yes! We are doing very well with School 2013, only on episode 6 or we will be tomorrow night when we watch again. However, guh Woobie!!!! Though I have to tell you this funny. The moment that Woobie popped up on the screen my hubby says, “He looks like a thug, I like him.” I had a good giggle over that.

                    16. kfangurl

                      HAHAHA!!! XD Yes, I can see why your hubs would say Woobie looks like a thug. He plays rebellious bad boy SO WELL. Which is getting him more roles that look similar on paper, so I know some people are worried he’ll get typecast. But he does make each character completely distinct, so I hope the casting folks have eyes to see how talented and versatile he is.

                      And, isn’t he just PERFECT in S2013?!??? So mysterious and quiet, yet he says SO MUCH. Without saying much at all. He completely blew me away. And then blew me away some more.

                    17. Jaime the Drama Noona

                      That is a solid fear to be sure, but I think Woobie has such a depth of understanding for the roles he takes on. That connection that he allows himself to feel gives him a plethora of ways to express the character and he does that so well. The subtle nature of his delivery makes it so natural that all those thugs he plays are totally different people. Even though on paper they look the same!

                      OMO!!! S2013!!! I am a puddle of fangirl watching this show! Woobie is amazing, he doesn’t have many lines but its like he’s narrating the show! With a subtle shift of those sexy eyebrows he can tell a whole story. He is totally blowing me away!

                    18. kfangurl

                      EXACTLY. Which is totally what makes me respect an actor: The ability to make every character unique and distinct, despite the characters looking similar on paper. And Woobie does exactly that, with every single rebel bad boy I’ve seen him play.

                      And S2013!!!! I JUST started the rewatch with Michele a few hours ago. Since Woobie only appears from E3, she hasn’t tasted the Woobie awesome yet. Give us a couple more episodes, though, and I think she’ll be nicely on board 😉 I’m so excited that you’re loving him in S2013, coz he completely and utterly blew me away, with every inflection in his voice, with every twitch in his face, with every look in his eyes. So, SO GOOD. ❤

                    19. Jaime the Drama Noona

                      I love seeing him being a tough guy, there’s something about how he portrays the role that just gets me. And it just continues to show off how amazing of an actor he is. Thought I’ll be very happy if soon he gets a role much different than a single thug, it would be great to see him in a more lighthearted character.

                      Can you believe that the hubs and I are only 2 episodes away from finishing S2013? He’s totally obsessed and I’m in love. Oh yeah I’m certain that Michele will soon hop right onto the Woobie train along with the rest of us. He’s just amazing in this part! It is very hard to watch him and not drool.

                    20. kfangurl

                      Oh yes, I’d love to see Woobie in a rom-com. Y’know, completely break mold and play a bit of a dork. I’d love to see him rock that! Of course, I’d love to see him play a charming chaebol at least once. You simply can’t be a leading man in dramaland and not play a chaebol, at least one time! XD

                      Our S2013 watch is going nicely.. Michele’s not in love yet, but she’s liking it well, and we’re planning to get a good chunk of episodes under our belt by the time the weekend is over. I’m just over the moon to be seeing Woobie on my screen again. ❤ And once we’re done, we so need to watch that ep of Running Man together! 😀

                    21. Jaime the Drama Noona

                      Right!?! Seeing Woobie in a silly and lighthearted role would be just the absolute best! I would love to see him smile more on my screen. Don’t get me wrong his broody face is to die for, however, that smile is just about the best ever. Oh yeah, I agree. He must play at least one chaebol role in order to meet dramaland requirements lol.

                      I wish I could squee with you guys! I’d so watch S2013 again right now. I loved it that much! I imagine that your fangirl heart is a puddle on the floor while you’re watching hehe. Yes! When you are done we MUST coordinate to watch the Running Man episode together! This really has to happen!!

                    22. kfangurl

                      Yes!! Woobie in a lighthearted role with lots more smiling would be wonderful. And this pic makes me think that Woobie would be a hoot playing a jock who’s just a tiny bit slow on the uptake, just sometimes:

                      Doesn’t he look ADORABLE???? Uunnngh! I just wanna muss up his hair, give him a bear hug, and shower him with smooches. Heh. ❤

                      And yes, I am spazzing my heart out while rewatching him in S2013 – he is wonderful and amazing and so, so nuanced. Michele and I are blazing our way through it, and have only 5 eps left. That middle stretch does that to you, doesn’t it? Once you hit it, it’s like GIMME MOARRRR. NOWWWWW. XD So, it looks like we’ll be coordinating that RM ep not too long from now! 😉

                    23. Jaime the Drama Noona

                      Omo yes! A jock who is just the sweetest boy but is the tiniest bit slow. That would just be the sweetest thing ever! He’d be protective and sweet to his girl and take down the bullies. Now I want to write that drama! Well maybe when I’m done with my current story (which will take a while heh I’m only on chapter 6!). He looks so adorable in that picure! I’ll be in that line to hug him and ruffle his hair lol!
                      S2013!!! I’m actually really considering watching a few parts again already. Especially since you’re done with your squee fest with Michele and now we’re going to watch them on Running Man! I might just die from happiness! I really am so very excited.

                    24. kfangurl

                      Oh my, YES PLEASE. Woobie as a sweet, protective, tiniest-bit-slow jock who’s passionate and full of heart, loyal to his mom, his bestie and his girl. But has to be kinda schooled, especially in the romance department. He’s a little insecure too, so she has to resort to telling him flat-out that she likes him back, coz he’s not certain about taking hints. And he’s super sweet and respectful – no wrist-grabbing or forceful kisses from this one. He’d gulp and mumble shyly for permission to kiss her, before delivering the sweetest, full-of-heart, most tender kiss to his girl. Omona. Swoooon. I NEED SOMEONE TO MAKE THIS DRAMA HAPPEN. REALLYREALLY I DO. *hyperventilates as imagination goes into overdrive*

                    25. Jaime the Drama Noona

                      I really-really-really want to write this! Hehe maybe it will be my next story project! I only have 5 completed chapters of the drama story I’m currently writing, but oh man I want this Woobie story so badly!

                      Woobie would be so perfect as the part! His girl has to be someone strong and a little sassy so that she doesn’t feel burdened when she’s schooling Woobie on how to be romantic and that she likes him! Because I’m currently girl-crushing on Shin Min Ah I would totally suggest her! Hehe

                      Yes! None of that nonsense of the grabbing and forced kisses! Omo the mumbling shyly for a kiss! You’re killing me chingu!!! Where do we propose this drama to the drama gods? We need a network to pick up this idea and make it happen! Omo! *follows right down into the vortex of over active imagination!*

                    26. kfangurl

                      I know, doesn’t this just fire up the fangirl imagination?!?? Woobie in such an endearingly sweet role, with fierce jock loyalty tempered by awkward shyness. He would be absolutely PERFECT in the role, seriously. He’s already got the Real Life adorkableness going for him ^^

                      As for female lead, I do love Shin Min Ah, so if this were a noona romance, she’d be perfect. If this weren’t a noona romance, though, I’d really, really want Jung Eun Ji in the role.

                      I have deep love for this girl. Besides in dramas, I’ve seen her in Barefoot Friends and during the MAMA awards, and she’s so, SOOO wonderfully cheery and warm. She’s like the younger, earthier, less ethereal version of Shin Min Ah. She’s the can’t-help-but-love-her kinda gal, and I can soo see her teasing Woobie and schooling him in what a girl really means when she gives you The Look. Eeee!!! 😀

                      I might put together a new Dream Dramas post in the not-too-distant future, so that we can flesh out these scenarios properly. And then if you’d actually like to write the story/script proper, that would take it to a whole other level! ^^

                    27. Jaime the Drama Noona

                      Yes!!! A hundred times yes!!! Woobie would be utterly perfect for the part. He wouldn’t have to brood, that much, and could smile a whole lot more and be over the moon adorkable with his gal!!! I want this so badly right now lol.

                      Ooooh I’ve never seen her in anything that I know of, but Jing Eun Ji would be so much more perfect than Shin Min Ah. She’d have the always bright and cheerful personality that would love Woobie despite his being a little slow and sometimes over protective. He’d need that sweetness to keep him from being too much of an over the top jock I think. You’ve cast his perfect female lead!!!

                      PLEASE!!! Ahem… yes please put together another dream drama post!! Hehe this idea really needs to be fleshed out and built up. I’ve never written a screenplay ever before, but you know I’d be willing to learn for this!! I’m not sure how good it would be… but it would be so fun to do!!

                    28. kfangurl

                      Ah! If you haven’t seen Jung Eun Ji in anything, I’d recommend Answer Me 1997. She’s adorably earthy in that. And it’s a good show, objectively speaking. She and Seo In Guk (Kang Woo in TMS) have wonderful chemistry; I really liked them in this.

                      For a quick taste of Jung Eun Ji’s earthy, natural charm, here’s a quick clip of her in a variety show (so subs, unfortunately, but you can still tell how down-to-earth and un-self-conscious she is)

                      And here’s a quick BTS clip of her kidding around with Seo In Guk on the set of AM1997 (with subs!):

                      She’s got just the kind of happy, fun personality that I’d like Woobie to play against!

                      And yes – I totally should get another dream drama post together. I’m sure we’d have heaps of fun teasing out the meat on these already enticing story bones! ^^

                    29. dewaanifordrama

                      That episode is cute, I would watch it again. There’s another really funny one with Kim Woo Bin and some of the cast of School 2013 that’s also really cute. Really there are a ton of really good ones ^^

                    30. kfangurl

                      Ooh! Both Jaime & I are about to embark on S2013.. She for the first watch, and I on my 2nd! Maybe we could time it so that we watch the RM ep with the S2013 theme after we’re both done? That would be perfect!! Coz I’m so sure we’ll be chomping at the bit for more bromance, once we’re done 😉 (which, admittedly, might take a little while, since we haven’t started yet!)

                1. kfangurl

                  Yes, aren’t they just ADORABLE together??? I love how they both threw themselves into the roles. And while it’s been a long time coming, saturi finally has grown on me. Before, I used to find it perplexing and not very pretty on the ears. But now, I’ve discovered that I find it endearing. What happened? Maybe it was just a matter of hearing enough of it. Or maybe it had something to do with Woobie speaking lots of it in Friend 2? HAHA! XD

                  1. dewaanifordrama

                    Trust it to be Woobie that softened you up ;P I have always loved sattori, but I especially love it when Seo In Guk speaks it. He’s just so adorable! (And sexy at the same time). I really loved them together in Answer Me 1997. *sigh* Definitely a drama to watch again soon!

                    1. kfangurl

                      Tee hee. The power of Woobie, at least in my world ❤❤❤ ^.~ I also credit AM1994, which is steeped in saturi to the gills, and I’m rather charmed by the show so far, and that affection has definitely spilled over to the saturi they’re constantly speaking ^^ And maybe all I needed was time. When I watched AM1997, I wasn’t as charmed, coz it all sounded so foreign and ungainly to my ears. Now it’s flipped over into endearing territory. Funny how that worked out!

                      I totally loved them together in AM1997 – I’d rewatch that drama just to see Jung Eun Ji and Seo In Guk together ^^

                    2. dewaanifordrama

                      That and the adorable puppy scene! Still one of my favourites from the drama. (The one where he’s sitting at the table and the puppy is eating too). I took a screenshot of it once, but I am not sure how to add pics to WP posts…

                      I want to watch AM1994…but I haven’t dug into that one yet. Someday, right? 😉

                    3. kfangurl

                      Guh. That puppy was ADORABLE. I have a soft spot for puppies, so that plus SIG was a powerful combination that pretty much knocked me over! XD

                      11 eps in, I’m still enjoying AM1994 nicely. 10 more eps to go, so it’s too early to make a final pronouncement, but no regrets watching it so far! Some blatant recycling from AM1997, but once you look past those things, it’s a heartwarming watch 🙂

                    4. kfangurl

                      Eeeee!! PUPPYYYY ❤❤❤ Both of ’em 😉

                      When you’re in the mood for nostalgia and first loves, AM1994 would be a great way to feed it, I think ^^

                    5. dewaanifordrama

                      Those two are totally puppies…I *ahem* even made a Seo In Guk only Pinterest board tonight…sometimes I feel sorry for my non-drama-watching friends who follow me on Pinterest…but then I’m like: it’s their own fault for following all my boards ㅋㅋㅋ

                      I will for sure get to AM1994 sometime soon-ish I think ^^

                    6. kfangurl

                      Aw. A Seo In Guk Pinterest board is quite warranted – he photographs very nicely. I’ve seen some very nice broody pix of him. Sexy 😉

  5. NeeNee

    I’ve been remiss in reading your posts and have been catching up… as a fellow Asian drama blogger, I totally get it. It starts off innocent enough and you enjoy it, but then that double edged sword does come swinging down. Blogging about dramas long enough can (and will) take some of your enjoyment right out of them. I temper that with Blogging dramas and Watching dramas. I have the set of dramas I blog about and the set of dramas I don’t that I watch at the same time so my love isn’t completely killed.

    Although, some of my problems with blogging about dramas is the writing and the plot and myself being an English major trained in writing and analysis. It’s one of the reasons I can’t read for pleasure as much any more. Twilight? Totally lost on me. Finished the series and wondered how writing like that got so popular. Not that it’s all badly written…but you can get to be hypercritical (sometimes a snob) at times. Over my 3 blogging years (soon to be 4, AAA turns 4 on 2/7/14! hard to believe) I have found my love affair, not dying out, but definitely less heated and sometimes it’s hard to keep going on blogging about dramas. Then I stop really recapping too many things and just start watching, hoping to land on something to keep me happy and interested and not caring about how badly unbelievable the whole story is. And when I find that particular drama, sometimes I recap it to share the renewed love and sometimes I don’t…just to keep the renewed love like a faithful little ember.

    Belated congratulations on becoming an aunt!

    1. kfangurl

      Hey NeeNee!! 😀 Wow. Your blog’s turning FOUR YEARS OLD?!???? O.O! That is just an AMAZING amount of time to have been blogging!! And you manage to blog so regularly too!! I’m flabbergasted at how many posts you’re able to turn out every week, and to think that you’ve been doing this for almost FOUR WHOLE YEARS.. It’s just mind-boggling. I salute you for your dedication and passion, chingu!! That is impressive no matter which way you look at it!! *bows*

      I like your approach of the Watching dramas vs. the Blogging dramas!! I might do that more actively as part of my on-going experiment on how to watch my dramas and keeping blogging and yet still enjoy doing both things. I currently watch dailies as my Watching dramas, with no mental commitment to writing a review, while I take trendies as Blogging dramas. It does help, though I sometimes feel like the dailies don’t pack enough substance to make it as satisfying a bite of drama as I’d like.

      I totally hear you about getting hypercritical and overly analytical.. I majored in English too!! How about that?!? High five, ya English major, you! 😀 I guess having that background does make us automatically shift into the “let’s analyze this” mindspace.. I’m learning that it’s such a double-edged sword. It makes the right drama totally come to life as you analyze it and discover layer upon fantastic layer of meaning. And it destroys all other dramas that can’t stand up to that micro-analysis. I’m trying to tell the 2 types of dramas apart as early in my watch as possible now, so that I can adjust my lens accordingly as I go.. Hopefully that will also help to up the enjoyment of BOTH types of dramas 🙂

      Aw. It does feel reassuring to know that not only am I not alone in feeling the need to recalibrate, but that it’s workable in the longer term; that a sunbae has been successful at being consistent for FOUR YEARS (yes, I’m still fixating on that!) and is still able to keep going. Thank you, NeeNee! You rawk ❤ Fighting!! And CONGRATS on your blog’s upcoming 4th birthday!! 😀

  6. Jaime

    This is my very first visit to your blog, I found you because the Crazy for Kdrama blog by Stephanie Kurz had your site as a suggested place to squee and fangirl over dramas. I started my very first blog about Korean Dramas just a few short weeks ago, additionally I am only about seven months into the world of dramas. So I suppose I’m a baby to all of this. Your reviews *swoons* I wish that I had that motivation, creativity, and dedication to create a review of that quality. Very impressive. My reviews are more just a brief ramble about how a show made me feel overall. I made the choice to keep my own reviews light and simple because I was afraid that I would burn out quickly otherwise, and I did not want to be bereft of the joy dramas bring me. I have only dipped my toe into your site so far, but from what I can see is that you pour your heart into all that you do, and that is exhausting to be sure! As a newcomer I hope that you can find a balance to your desire to write/blog and your need to still find joy with the dramas that you watch.

    1. kfangurl

      Hi Jaime, welcome to the blog!! 😀 I’m sorry I’m responding so late to your comment; I was traveling for work this week and didn’t manage to keep up with comments like I thought I’d be able to. I’m usually much better about it than this, I promise!

      Yay that you found the blog through Steph.. she played a key role in how this blog started in the first place, so the fact that you found me through her blog feels kinda extra special, since that’s kinda how I found this blog too, heh 😉

      Thanks for your kind comments on the reviews.. I do enjoy writing them, and as I type this, am still experimenting with how I consume my dramas and write my reviews. I’ve realized that this adjustment stage happens to quite a lot of bloggers.. We all need to recalibrate at some point, coz it IS different once you’re committed to write about the dramas.

      Congrats on starting your own blog! The k-blogosphere is generally very friendly & welcoming, so I hope you’re enjoying yourself! And the good thing about being newish to kdramas is that there’s SO much good stuff you can reach for. Even if you’re not too keen on currently airing shows, there’re so many fantastic older shows you can check out in the meantime. And you can bypass all the duds coz everyone’s identified them by now ^^

      Imma hoppin’ on over to check out your blog now! ^^v

      1. Jaime

        Hey no worries life comes before the net, I understand! Thanks for taking the time to get back to me midst your busy schedule. Steph’s was the first blog that I found after I started to watch K-dramas. Yay for her bringing people together! She deserves a prize. I love how things work out like that! It is extra special seeing the connections! 🙂

        You’re very welcome, the praise is well deserved. Indeed, it seems like a common stage in the blogger process. We get so excited and start fangirling and then realize that we’ve poured so much of our heart and souls and time into the process that we need to take a step back and breath.

        Thanks! I’m really having fun with my blog. You inspired me to actually put my own drama idea down too, I’m calling it Heart Murmur. I’m so loving the drama that is growing here with Gong Yoo! The bloggsphere has been really welcoming and great so far. Plus there are a lot of blogs already established that are helping me refine what I want to do and how.

        Awww thanks for checking me out as well!

        1. kfangurl

          Wow, really? Steph’s was the first blog you found after starting to watch kdramas? 😀 In my case, Steph’s was the first blog that I actually left a comment, after being a silent reader of various blogs for a long time. Funny how things then evolved, coz from silent lurker, I’m now actually blogging! XD So Steph figures largely in our various firsts with the k-blogosphere.. she does deserve a prize! ^^

          I’m told the existential question of whether to keep blogging, or whether and how to recalibrate hits most bloggers at the one-year mark. Which does makes sense, coz a year brings you through a full cycle of the k-blogosphere, and is also the point at which you take stock and wonder where the year went! I guess I just hit it a little early, since the blog’s only turning a year old in mid-December. You’re absolutely right though, that we all go through it. Many bloggers choose to drop out after the first year, but for those who stay, there’s a pretty tight community to enjoy ^^

          Yay that you like our GY-centered drama scenario!! It was a lot of fun to put together, with ideas springing up like mushrooms over various conversations in the comments threads! We think it’s all done now.. but then, one never knows about these things!! If you’ve got an idea to add to what we’ve already got, feel free to let us know!! And, congrats on starting to write your own drama idea! 😀 I’ll be keeping an eye on how it all unfolds, coz I do have a completely biased, HUGE soft-spot for Young Do. I mean, it’s my sweet, awesome, lovely Woobie, how could I NOT have a soft spot for Young Do? ;D Fighting, Jaime! *fist pump*

          1. Jaime

            Indeed, she was my first stop in the drama blogs and then I found Kdrama Fighting and then I found you. I’m so new to the blog world, but I keep finding new blogs everyday that I absolutely love to read! I suppose I’m just a blabbermouth, I didn’t stay in the lurking zone for more than a few days before I started to respond here and there between blogs. I’m excessively thankful to Stephanie for starting me on the path!

            From the poking around I’ve done here it seems that you hit it early because you’re rather prolific. There are a ton of articles/reviews/random thoughts/etc and I think it had a lot to do with you’re early arrival to this integral question. Hopefully putting the thought out there to the web-verse helped you to begin sorting out your feelings so that you can begin to place a better balance on things. I know I’m a new friend, but I’m here for you if you just need to talk 🙂

            I loved the whole story for the GY drama story. I would totally watch that! You should package it with a bow and send it off to a production company because it seriously needs to be made into a drama so that I can watch it! And I loved how it came about, the creative process between so many fans and enthusiasts, just makes it so much better.

            I do have a few ideas for dramas that I’d love to toss out there and get some others to help me build like your GY story! I might just add them to the list to see if anyone else is interested. Thank you!!! I am so excited and nervous and a little frightened (pronounced a lot frightened) to put this story out there. It has gone through a few revisions in the outline and I’m still fussing around with the details… but I hope that it turns out to be something at least a few people enjoy. Guh Youg Do… *swoons* I share your crush for Woobie… I’ve got it bad. But I also have that same crush for Young Do. Hopefully my character In Su has the right amount of Young Do to pull people in heh. Fighting!!

            1. kfangurl

              Aw ❤ I feel pretty special, to be your 3rd k-blog, ever! 😀 And yes, I hafta agree, reading other blogs is a big part of the fun of being part of the kdramaverse.. Reading other bloggers’ writing, exploring their blogs, being exposed to their ideas.. all of that inspires me and breeds new ideas. It’s been a couple of times now, that a post that Steph wrote inspired me to do a spin-off post. Fun times ^^

              And naw. I wouldn’t say you’re a blabbermouth!! Bloggers love chatty readers, so you’ll do just fine here in the dramaverse! It’s just that I’m an introvert at heart, even though I’m actually pretty extroverted in a lot of my behaviors. My lurking was just my inner introvert acting out.. Once I stepped out of the lurking closet, though, it didn’t take long for me to get comfortable and a little hooked even, to throwing my 2 cents in there! I know, looking at the blog now, that’s kinda hard to believe.. maybe I just had a lot of thoughts saved up? ;D

              I giggled at the word “prolific” coz I think I only partly qualify.. I am one of the most infrequent posters around these parts. While bloggers like Steph churn out several posts a week like clockwork, and some even managing to post everyday, I’m something of an anomaly. In an average month, I post twice. Maybe. Haha! Although, when I do post, brevity goes out the window. Monster posts have become a bit of a thing for me, not so much by design, but just because I can’t seem to finish saying what I want to say in fewer words..!

              Lately, I’m definitely putting my feet on new ground, coz Real Life upheavals have forced me to adjust my drama-watching and by extension my blogging. It’s been a while since I posted a review, and reviews were the primary thing I wanted to focus on when I started the blog. Yet, suggestions and requests on the blog have resulted in new types of posts that I wouldn’t have done otherwise. The Dream Dramas post, for one. And the latest Squee Squad post, for another. It’s kinda funny how it currently feels like the blog’s pulling me along, rather than the other way around! XD It’s all good though.. We’re all having fun, and enjoying our time in the dramaverse together, and that makes me happy ^^

              I actually feel like some of our dream dramas would make seriously excellent real kdramas!! I would TOTALLY watch our GY drama, for one! And if packing it off to a production company could actually get it made, maybe that’s what we ought to do! 😀

              And YAY for more Woobie love in the house!! I LUFF THAT BOY ❤ Have you seen him in School 2013, Jaime??? If you love Woobie, it is a MUST WATCH. Let me rephrase that. If you love Woobie, School 2013 is a MUST-PUT-TO-THE-TOP-OF-YOUR-WATCH-LIST-AND-RIGHT-NOW-MARATHON-IT-IMMEDIATELY-IN-LARGE-GULPS kinda drama. He is just BRILLIANT in it. Really. I just could NOT get enough. I am SO going to watch it again. And probably again.

              Also! Still on dream dramas! Lady G recently put a new drama idea out there in the comments thread, and it’s Woobie-centric!! Whee!! 😀 Feel free to join the creative process as we start to throw out ideas to beef up this baby ^^

              About your drama idea.. I’m curious about the time period this story takes place.. Is this a modern story? Or turn of the century..? I love how you’re writing it like a novel, and fleshing out character thoughts and such. I’m just having trouble imagining the story the way I feel like you intended it, coz I don’t know what to “see,” if you know what I mean. Maybe just a quick line somewhere about the year that we’re in would be all that we need? ^^

              1. Jaime

                I’m most certainly getting inspired by the blogs I’ve been reading, the hard part is to try and organize these new ideas and be brave enough to put them out into cyberspace. I’m glad that my blabbermouth ways will be appreciated in the drama blogverse, at least they are good for something. 

                While you may not publish a lot of posts in a month, you make some very decent sized comments and from what I can see you post comments a lot. You spend a lot of energy on well thought out replies that when added up equal quite a few full sized posts a week. To me posting is important, but dialogue with your readers is just as important. You could only put up one post every two months, but if you kept commenting and replying the way you do we’d all feel as if you were actually posting. Well that’s how I see it anyway. Though I have to say I absolutely enjoy your monster posts, and I might be just the tiniest bit jealous too. Maybe someday I’ll work myself up to that status!

                Reviews are the reason that I began my blog as well, though I only have a few of those right now. So far I’ve done more just blabbering posts and I’m trying something new too, just acting on an inspiration from other bloggers. I think that for me I am just going to let the blog take form as it will, because if I try and force myself into really pushing out the reviews I might not enjoy myself as much as I am right now. I want to have a community posting such as you’ve got here with your Dream Drama and the Squee Squad postings, because I love them so much.

                School 2013 is now at the top of the list, I promise! Well after I go back and finish Shut Up. That is my plan and I really am going to try very hard to stick to it, because I need more Woobie on my screen! I’ve seen reviews (just started reading yours) and pics/gifs of School 2013 and I know I have to watch it.

                I read Lady G’s new drama idea last night and gave my two cents too! Now I’m hooked and am going to have to do some research on that period of time so that I can be a better help in contributing ideas. And I am going to try and organize some of my other dream drama ideas so that I can put one up for the community to work on.

                With my drama, Heart Murmurs, I hadn’t thought about the fact that the time might not be clear. Thank you very much for the feedback! That is the sort of thing I absolutely need. I had pictured it as being modern day, but now I’m taking a step back and trying to see where it might best fit. I don’t know enough specifics about Korea’s history so I might end up just leaving it modern day. Though I am working on a way to make sure the reader understands what year it takes place. Aww thanks! I don’t really know another way to write, I’ve written a few amateur stories and they are all novel like. And I sort of hoped it would translate to a drama inspired tale.

                1. kfangurl

                  Aw ❤ Thanks, Jaime!! It’s very encouraging to know that people appreciate my replies.. and it does motivate me to keep going with replying to comments, even though at this moment playing catch-up on comments kinda almost feels like trying to play catch-up on doing laundry, in the sense that you never CAN actually get all caught up!! XD But, it’s way funner than laundry for sure, and I love chatting with others about shared k-passions. It’s something that I don’t get to do much of in Real Life coz most of my RL friends don’t care to dig into dramas as much as I like to, or fangirl as much over our favorite actors like I do. Here, I feel like we can really share our k-passion with others who actually GET IT, and that’s just golden with gravy on top, for me ^^

                  Lol. Actually, you don’t need to be jealous of the monster posts.. We live in a digital age with such fleeting attention spans, so really, shorter posts are more appealing to the average netizen. Again, I’m just an anomaly. Who happened to stumble on writing monster-sized posts and then couldn’t quite go back XD If you look at some of my earlier reviews, they are scanty in comparison to my more recent ones. Proof that I never did set out to go epic! Also! I’ve had people repost some of my monster-sized reviews on various forums, and there were some users who replied that they couldn’t finish reading my review coz it was just too long. Haha! Guess there’s an audience for everyone, right?

                  As much as I love the community-driven posts on the blog, I couldn’t have planned for them to happen, no matter how much I think about it. I guess they came about organically, out of the regular conversations here on the blog. I guess when people hang out together enough, an idea is bound to come up at some point..? I’m just blown away and amazed and completely overwhelmed at how INVOLVED everyone has become, on the blog. I love how kaiaraia has even become a bit of an unnie on the blog, welcoming new commenters on my behalf. That just makes my day. And I don’t even know how this all happened, really. I just soak in it and appreciate it and enjoy it ❤ And I’m just super happy that you’ve decided to join us in hanging out here too!

                  YES YOU NEED TO WATCH SCHOOL 2013!!!! You’ll thank me later, I promise. You will love Woobie even more, if that’s possible. He was so in character that in interviews, he spoke about crying during scenes in moments when it wasn’t even scripted that he ought to cry. OMGGG. I JUST LOVE HIM. And how much do I love that those scenes were kept intact, so that we get to see him responding in the moment, for real?! Gah. SO AWESOME.

                  Yay that you’ve jumped in on Lady G’s dream drama!! I got a quick peek at both of your ideas, and from what I can see, it’s starting to take shape really nicely!! I love how ideas spark off more ideas, as we throw them out there! I need to get over there and get into the action. Once I stop staring at that gorgeous pic of Woobie that Lady G provided. It’s downright distracting trying to think drama when all I want to do is gaze at gorgeous Woobie! XD And definitely, feel free to share your own drama ideas that you’d like us to think on together! It’ll be fun!

                  For some inexplicable reason, when I started reading Heart Murmurs, I had it in my head as turn of the century. I’m not even sure why, coz there’s nothing in your text that tells me that. Maybe it’s just me 😛 Also, I do agree that keeping it modern takes away the need to incorporate the complicated historical context it would otherwise need. And a novel-esque approach totally works too.. A dream drama could totally shape up in a fanfic sort of way (coz those tend to read like novels too), rather than the drama scenario type of way that Lady G & I have chosen. I think we just like casting people and describing events rather than actually authoring them, if that makes sense. Both ways work just fine, imo ^^

                  1. Jaime

                    I can imagine with the size of your blog and the amount of fans who come here regularly to comment that you’re always playing catch up! And I’m not helping that sneaking in a few comments every time I visit. I think most things are funner than laundry hah, but commenting on blog posts and replying to comments is totally way more fun. I know I really enjoy it.

                    True, there is an audience for everything. Which is why we’re all different, we support our fellow netizens who have different tastes. There are so many different needs to fulfill we’ve all got out place.

                    Those things which are unplanned are sometimes the most exciting and fun. I love that it sort of just happened for you, and then exploded! The community dramas and squee fest are just so amazing and enjoyable. Such a cool creation and a fantastic place for those posts to call home!

                    “I will Sunbae!” 😛 I promise that I will watch School 2013! I really will! I am! It’s in my queue on drama fever ready to go! As soon as I finish my other dramas! I promise! I’m really excited to have Woobie on my screen again!

                    Life stole me away so I haven’t been able to comment again on Lady G’s drama, but I’m going to try and pop over there again and see how it is coming along. She came up with a totally fantastic idea that I keep thinking about it! My own drama ideas are still in their infancy and not really fleshed out enough to make a good community project, but once I get some free time I’m going to try and get them to be a little more solid.

                    Ooooohhh if I could pull off turn of the century for Heart Murmurs that would be so amazing! I’ve looked a little into that time period in Korea and I just don’t think I’m confident enough to make it work which just makes me sad face. I’m going to keep it in modern times because I’m already not completely confident that I can write it so that it seems like it is actually occurring in Korea. I’m going to add a cast page this weekend. As I’ve been working on the first chapter I’ve started picturing the people and I had thought In Su would be Woobie… but I’m not sure now! Anyway, thanks for the feedback on my story!

                    1. kfangurl

                      Heh. I am in the process of coming to terms with the idea that I will basically never get fully caught up on comments on the blog. Lately, on most days, after having a good go at the comments for a good stretch, JUST as I think I’m A-L-M-O-S-T at the finish line with replying comments, the new wave of comments hits for the day, and I’m promptly behind again, LOL! There’s a part of me that just LIKES the idea of being on top of the comments situation (that completist streak in me, again), but really, this is a completely happy problem that I am grateful for, and I just need to get used to thinking about it differently. Like, not as something that CAN be finished, but as an ongoing, organic thing with a life of its own.. And that makes it all better ^^ For a while, I wasn’t getting any drama-watching done, coz I told myself I should get caught up on comments before watching drama. Ha. That turned into Drama Desert, which wasn’t the plan at all! XD So I’m adjusting that now, by removing that self-imposed ground rule. Now all I need to do is decide when to watch my drama and just go for it, coz the comments (& all my lovely patient friends) will always be waiting on the other side ^^

                      Aw, you’re going to really enjoy Woobie on your screen in School 2013. The downside to seeing Woobie in this, if you can call it a downside, is that you’ll likely be spoiled by this and want lots more Woobie on your screen once you’re done. I know that’s how I felt! And with him being newish to the industry, there’s a limited supply of dramas to draw on. Which is why I was so happy when Heirs came along. Yes, the show is completely disappointing in every other area. But it’s giving me regular doses of Woobie, and in spite of a flimsy script, he’s BRINGING it, and bringing it SO WELL. So proud of him ❤

                      Oh, Lady G and I have been chipping away at her new drama quite nicely – you should totally come see! It’s a little confusing coz there’re developments across several different comment threads, so you’ll have to sort of start at her first comment where she first introduced the drama idea, and scroll down to see what’s transpired here and there. You should be able to get a good feel for where we are, and we’re both really pleased with our progress so far. Can’t wait for you to come on back to throw more ideas into the mix! 😀 And, can’t wait to see your cast page! I like being able to picture the story in my head as it unfolds, and your cast page will definitely help me do that better!

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  8. jnewin

    Aw. That’s how I feel sometimes. The pressure of blogging. I think if we have no blogroll, we will feel less pressure of posting. If we just post reviews whenever we want instead of watching new dramas.

    1. kfangurl

      I don’t post very frequently at all, actually, so I think my issues might be different from a good number of other bloggers.. I post about 1-2 times a month on average, with certain months having more posts because of a random musings post or two.. I think for me, the issue is more of *how* I watch my dramas.. Can I relax more in the watching process, and still write reviews that I can be satisfied with.. I’m gonna be experimenting to find out! I’m not on a blogging break per se, but while I’m here in Tokyo things will definitely take a bit of a backseat till I’m back to my regular schedule. More time for me to think, I guess! ^^

      1. kaiaraia

        How about just enjoying it for the first watch and then go back to some bits and pieces when you write your review? That would be time consuming though. I see you’re watching Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo. I just finished viewing it and enjoyed it more than I did Playful Kiss. Ganbatte!

        1. kfangurl

          Thanks kaiaraia! That’s definitely one of the ideas that I’m tossing around.. I’m gonna try to approach certain shows with a more relaxed eye, and see that goes. Hopefully I’ll find a nice balanced way to enjoy my dramas without foregoing writing reviews that satisfy the analytical side of my brain. Experiment in progress!! ^^v

          I’m about a little over halfway through Itazura na Kiss and I’m liking it quite well.. I do think Jung So Min’s got a warmer vibe to her, which I love, but I do enjoy seeing how the J-version interprets the story. I feel like Naoki’s cooler than Seung Jo, in some ways, and that works well 🙂

  9. Surusa

    Hi Kfangurl!
    Just now getting a moment to respond . Please don’t stop blogging!!!! Who will I talk to about my kdrama addiction!!! You are the only one that understands me … lol. Please take a break if you need to and come back recharged:)

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, thanks Surusa!! ❤ No, I won’t be stopping (well, not in the immediate future anyway).. Instead, I’ll be experimenting to see how to better balance my viewing experience. That’s the main thing that gave me pause for thought to begin with, and I’m gonna try a few different things and figure it out ^^

      In the meantime, I’ll be taking a bit of an enforced break coz of my trip to Tokyo, but feel free to visit and chat, coz I’ll be making sure to keep up with comments! 🙂

  10. Maybee

    Whaaa? Auntie Maybee? O-O NoooOOOooooo! I’m still young. I … think? hehe.

    PS I love that pencil pic. I meant to say it the first time I commented, but thought bunnies were too noisy. heh.
    Is that your work? If yes, gimme all the details.

    1. kfangurl

      LOL! Of COURSE you’re still young! In fact, my personal philosophy is that our internal fangirls are ageless ^.~

      Aw, I love the pencil pic too! I wish I could say I created it, but I can only claim credit for finding it 😛 Your question reminded me that I didn’t actually include the source, so I’ve just updated it ^^

  11. Maybee

    🙂 Sometimes a break puts things in perspective. Go cuddle with your niece?/nephew?, have long chats with your sis, and zone out on life. You’ll come back raring to go!

    heh. I’m sounding like a wise old Agony Aunt. Love it! 😛

    1. kfangurl

      Tee hee! Y’know, Auntie Maybee’s got kind of a nice ring to it; I love it! XD But don’t worry, I’m not about to start actually addressing you that way!

      I’m definitely going to take you up on your advice.. This is definitely one of those things where absence does make the heart grow fonder! I’m gonna try to keep up with the blog even while I’m in Tokyo, like replying to comments, taking loose notes while watching whatever drama I can squeeze in etc. I bet, though, that once I get back to my regular schedule, that I’ll be bursting to actually post something, which, YAY! ;D

  12. Maybee

    Oh do whatever feels right for you. This blog is your baby after all! 🙂 Plus, yes, you’ve made so many connections with fellow bloggers and readers. You should be really proud of that, kfangurl. That’s the second best thing about the blogosphere, I think. Or maybe the best? Depends on your nature, I guess.

    Hmm. Middle Ground may not be as elusive as we think. Perhaps the clue lies in your musings already: “That’s what happened with Chuno.. I just wanted a pure swoon-fest and that’s why I started the re-watch. Except partway through, I was struck by how good the show was, and decided it merited a proper review.” See how you had fun and still got an epic review out of the deal? Ding!

    Something similar is going on with me: I started recapping DGCH since nothing current engaged me. It was my first drama and I wanted to see if it’d hold up. It’s been tiring but a lot of fun. I was thinking of a hiatus after I’m done with the series, but I find I’m getting so many post ideas because of the DGCH recaps. Sometimes writing begets more writing. Thoughts mating like rabbits and whatnot. heh. Wait… does my thoughts mating with my own make my thought-rabbits incesty? Derp! How K-dramaish. Incesty thought rabbits! hahah.

    Wow I’m rambling. You bring that out in people. :p I guess the solution is to do what you love, maybe? Then the rest will take care of itself. Hwaitting!

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, thanks Maybee!! ❤ I do love the friendships that I’ve found here in the blogosphere.. You guys are the only ones I can really, REALLY talk dramas with and spazz with, without anyone giving me the puzzled side-eye ;D That and the great writing make the blogosphere a great place to be, so I’m inspired all over again, to make this work ^^

      Definitely, I do think that experience with Chuno holds one critical piece of the puzzle for me.. I’ve fallen into the habit of watching with an extra-alert, analytical lens on.. Maybe I don’t need it to be that sharply focused after all, since I went casually into Chuno, yet still managed to turn out a review of epic proportions.. So maybe being a more relaxed viewer is more ok than I think?

      And HAHA! to your incesty thought rabbits!!! XD That really made me giggle for quite a while, I hafta tell ya!! XD But I do get exactly what you mean, about writing inspiring more writing. I often experience that myself, when I get more ideas than I originally set out with, while writing a review. I love that process, and it’s one of the things that lures me to keep on with the writing, because if nothing else, it’ll expand my own thoughts ^^

      Plus! Ramble away, Maybee!! I love when people ramble in this space.. It’s often how some of the best conversations come about around here, so I definitely welcome the ramble.. Perhaps THAT’S how I bring it out in people? By actually goadi-, er, encouraging them on, and rambling right back? ;D

      1. Maybee

        Oh, is this an invitation to let loose my incesty thought bunnies? Beware! They might multiply and mutate.
        Result? Teenage Mutant Bunny Turtles. Mwehehe.
        Especially equipped to breed 24/7 and particularly resistant to goading. 😛

        But seriously, glad you got your groove back! We all have our off days. And talking about dramas should be fun, not a chore. But this is how we grow and learn, I guess.

        PS The bunnies, they be multiplyin’. hehehhehehe.

        1. kfangurl

          Bwahahaa!! XD Teenage Mutant Bunny Turtles?!? You are hilarious, Maybee!! Yes, absolutely, let ’em multiply and let ’em loose!! They deserve the freedom to roam the dramaverse! ;D

          This blogging thing, it’s such a learning journey.. I’m still learning how to be more relaxed and kinder to myself in the review process. Once I start, I kinda just want to finish it all as quick as I can, so that I no longer feel like something’s undone, and my brain can disengage from that particular show and move on to the next. But writing this IHYV review is teaching me that it’s ok to just take a break and rest, if I’m too tired to write.

          That’s what happened last night. I was way more tired from my day than I expected to be, and sitting at my laptop I didn’t see ideas, only stars XD So I zoned out to some more Itazura na Kiss and took an off night, and that helped! Ok, so I MAY not make my personal deadline of posting the review before I leave for Tokyo, but oh well, I’ll live. ^^

          And THAT’S my ‘grow and learn’ lesson for today ^^v

  13. Maybee

    Heey! 🙂

    Hmmm. Blogging existential crises are my bread-and-butter. Mwahahahah. But I hear you, kfangurl. The timing’s almost uncanny, but I’ve been thinking along similar lines. =X

    Part of it must be the newness wearing off, like you say. And part of it must also be that looming sense of: “Oh, I need to post something.”

    So while I totally get where you’re coming from, I just want to say: Don’t stop writing/blogging. I say this from experience. 😉 I shut down my teeny-weeny blog once. And believe me, that itch to write will come back hard. Especially when you lurk and read wonderful posts. heheh.

    This K-drama blogosphere has been as much about the writing as it has been about the dramas. In fact the writing’s the best thing about the blogosphere.

    Like everyone else has suggested, maybe shorter reviews will help? Or even some time off? Like your time in Tokyo will be a breath of fresh air, I hope. (Congrats, btw! :)) I’m sure you’ll find that elusive Middle Ground. When you do, please let me in on the secret. 😀

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, thanks Maybee!! That’s good advice, not to shut down the blog! Yes, I do believe that I’d miss writing if I did ever stop. Also, I don’t think I’d have the heart to delete the blog.. It’s grown into something that I’m really fond of.. All the creative work that’s gone into it, not to mention the many lovely conversations that it now houses. I don’t think I could trash all of that. At most, I’d leave the blog up and go on hiatus, I think.

      You’re also absolutely right about the urge to write probably being triggered when reading great posts by others. I do really love that about the blogosphere.. So many great bloggers who are such fun to read. That DOES get the writer in me excited, and that easily translates into the desire to write too.

      I’m officially on the hunt for that heretofore elusive Middle Ground. I’m sure it exists, even though it’s still a mythical legend as we speak. I’m pretty sure a permutation of everyone’s suggestions will make a positive difference. Right now, I’m probably going to try designating some dramas as pure zone-out dramas, and see how that shakes out. With the possible out clause that I might still decide on a review partway through or after the watch, of course ^^ That’s what happened with Chuno.. I just wanted a pure swoon-fest and that’s why I started the re-watch. Except partway through, I was struck by how good the show was, and decided it merited a proper review. Heh. Seems that zoning out to drama might be harder than I expect, but let’s see how I do ^.~

  14. Shukmeister

    For my balance, I recap KDramas, but watch almost every other Asian country, so I get my fall-asleep-watching shows from Japan, Thailand, Mandarin-speaking countries, etc.

    As for my blogging, originally I had a LiveJournal account for my “serious” stuff, and a Blogger Account for the fluff. I combined them all, and added old-show recaps to just the WP one. So it’s one-stop shopping except for the SqueeCaps I guest-post.

    I’m one of the lucky few that has time during my normal work schedule to write. There’s no kids or husband, so my time is my own. I volunteer, have a boyfriend and regular girl-meets, and the flexibility to be creative as the mood permits. And pushing 50! So, if you need to sit back and re-evaluate, that’s something we all have done at one point or another. Hwaiting!

    1. kfangurl

      Shukie!! ❤ Thanks for the perspective, and for sharing your balancing secrets! HUGS.

      It’s true that as bloggers, we all need to re-evaluate at some point, and recalibrate – sometimes more than once. We each have different RL commitments, and that means that our balance points are all different too. And as our lives evolve, our bandwidth for blogging and our desires around that shift as well. Thought-provoking stuff indeed. I suppose that’s a good thing, though, coz it does make for a continuously evolving – and interesting! – blogosphere 🙂

      Now that I’m more rested and have given it more thought, I think my gap, essentially, is getting more of the mindless watch into my overall scheme of things, so that I feel like I have a chance to really relax and zone out to drama. I’m still happy to dig deep for an in-depth review.. It’s just the zone-out fluff that I’m missing. I think. I’m looking forward to the experiments in my future, to see how to make this all work. I’m sure that Middle Ground is hiding somewhere, just waiting to be found. Hwaiting! ^^v

  15. kaiaraia

    Being critical about something totally takes the fun out of it. I guess its the same for watching shows and writing an in-depth review. It makes the experience less fun if not a bore at all. Been doing critical thinking for quite some time now now and I’ve totally gone dull. Huhuhu… That’s why I love visiting your site often as it allows me to just have fun. It sets me free. With that said, I’m glad that you’ve decided not to stop blogging at least for the time being. Hopefully, for eternity… hahaha… you really have a gift in writing that makes it fun and exciting to your readers without suffering depth and content. As I’ve mentioned before, sensible fangirling!

    Congratulations in advance on your auntie-hood! That for sure will give you a lot to handle for the next weeks to come.

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, thanks for the kind words and encouragement, kaiaraia! ❤ I’m super glad that you enjoy visiting the blog.. That is definitely a big plus to blogging – readers who enjoy dropping by to chat ^^ And that’s definitely one of the big reasons that I’m not ready to quit. Coz the pluses do far outweigh the minuses – for now, anyway. And for as long as the balance tilts that way, I think I’ll be sticking around ^^v

      I’m one of the weird creatures who does genuinely enjoy the analysis of a show – hence some of the monster-length reviews that you find on the blog. At the same time, rediscovering the joy of the easy, mindless watch was quite an eye-opener for me. I’m going to have to experiment and see how I can incorporate more of that kind of experience in my drama-watching, without losing ALL of the joys of analysis. I guess that’s my challenge.. I kinda seem to enjoy both ends of the spectrum 😛 I don’t have a split personality, I promise! XD

      Thanks for congrats! Yes, auntie-hood sounds potentially hectic in the next couple of weeks – I don’t quite know what to expect, tbh, but it’s definitely going to be new and interesting!

  16. misscupcakees

    Awwwww! I feel you! Blogging is not an easy task; it is actually quite difficult and very confusing. To top it all off, it requires a lot of brain power. Running a blog is difficult and to consistently push out posts that YOU feel happy about is a challenging task. When you know you have a review/post to write, it does take out some of the fluff of drama-watching but then again it allows you to really think about what you have just watched. I think, you just have to follow your heart and do what you feel like. You don’t have to listen to other people if you do not want to. You just have to be satisfied with your choices. Blogging is difficult, and no one will blame you if you ever decide to let go of your blog. Of course, I will miss you if you decide to choose this path but I will support you all the way! Just do what makes you happy! (:

    Sometimes real life takes over and you have to realise that real life is what is important. Blogging should be a hobby and something that you enjoy doing. Don’t make it a chore. You can always introduce some changes to your site if you are up for some change. I understand how time-consuming and difficult it must be to write up a 10,000+ word review. Maybe you can push out smaller posts in smaller segments? Again, just do what makes you happy!

    &&congrats on your impending auntie-hood! I am sure you will make a great aunt and your sister will be an excellent mother!

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, thanks misscupcakees! For the support AND the perspective. ❤ It’s true that RL is the priority, and blogging shouldn’t ever feel like a chore. And again, also true that there are things that can be tweaked to make blogging work better for me ^^ So much to learn!

      I’ll be experimenting to see what tweaks I can incorporate comfortably.. I am considering mixing things up with shorter reviews, even though I’d probably still write some epic reviews. (Yes, sometimes I just can’t seem to stop, in spite of myself!) So yes, there are likely to be some smaller posts coming up. I’m going to be experimenting as I go, so I foresee the blog continuing to evolve. And that’s not a bad thing, I’m thinking 🙂

      Thanks – I’m pretty excited at my upcoming promotion to auntie-hood myself.. and I know my sis cannot wait for this baby to arrive! Exciting! ^^

  17. muchadoboutlove

    Oh, I realize that it’s been a while since the last time I dropped by and posted a comment on your blog! Saw you on twitter once in a while, but most of the time I was just lurking around.

    Regarding the question “Should I stop blogging altogether?”, I feel you actually. It is a question that will haunt every blogger out there, you and me included 🙂 When I first started, the momentum was still high, with burning spirit and overflowing ideas, so many things to write about kdramas! But after one year, I realized how hard it is to squeeze out your brain, looking for something to write about. Keeping the momentum is another thing, plus RL commitments sometimes come in between. Then, I decided not to make blogging as a job, but rather a hobby that I can enjoy alongside drama watching. Your reviews are beyond awesome (and truly epic!!), but if you feel tired, maybe it’s good to pick several dramas that you really love and treasure to be reviewed. Also, you can concentrate on other types of posts such as your thoughts, your endless list of crushes/ K-Love Confessions (spazzing about our biases is fun!) and the Trading Thoughts (love it!). I hope you won’t stop blogging in the nearest time!

    I was thinking of going into hiatus for several months due to my final year commitment but I decided to stay and post whenever I feel like it. Calling it quits is always a possibility for me, but it will take a long time to consider doing so since the blog is already part of my life 😉

    1. kfangurl

      Mimi!!! Chingu-ya~~~ How I have missed you!!! HUGS!! ❤ SO GOOD to see you here, and honestly, you are so very sweet to take the time to share your thoughts, especially with your current schedule! :’) You are truly jjang! ❤

      I’ve heard people say that it’s after the first year that most bloggers tackle this core question: to continue or not? I can totally see why that might be.. It’s pretty easy to get through the first year based on the thrill of learning and growing as a blogger. Plus, there’s all the new ideas, powered by the combination of new-ish eyes, novelty and adrenaline. It’s after the settling down happens and the shine wears off a bit, that every blogger must face the question: Do I really want to keep doing this? Do I love this enough to keep doing this?

      I really admire you for blogging as long as you have.. especially in the midst of RL demands and time crunches. And I’m so glad you haven’t called it quits, because it’s such a pleasure to chat with you, and I do love many of your posts, especially the culture ones.

      I have missed your online presence, chingu-ya.. Even so, I know that your final year stuff is no small beans, so I’m just grateful that you’re still around, even though you’re around a lot less. A little mimi is way better than no mimi at all, eh? Perspective, perspective, perspective! I’m eager for your finals to be over, so that you’ll be around much more! ^^

      Thanks for all your encouragement and suggestions – I am definitely going to experiment a little, to see how to balance it all, in a way that works for me and keeps me happy. In line with your suggestions, I do have some ideas for more Musings posts, and Betsy and I have a couple of Trading Thoughts posts in the pipeline as well. And yes, that list of k-crushes isn’t growing any shorter, so there’s lots of possibilities there too!

      I don’t know yet how the experimenting will all shake out, but I do know that I’m not quitting anytime very soon – and I sure hope that you won’t either ❤ hwaiting, chingu-ya~~ *cue musical strains of “If We Hold On Together”* Giggle. ^^v

  18. evez

    … as a regular visitor of your page i totally understood what you are feeling right now and if you are in the process of weighing between continuing or not i’m hoping that you still do it…to blog about something is not an easy undertaking..gathering and conceptualizing ideas for blogging can be sometime tedious…and keeping this site active is like having a relationship..

    Just say keep this site with a new twist :)…review when you feel like it and evaluate only the dramas that excite and give you much heartiness to focus and assess..but please don’t gooooo…?.>.<…*deep sigh*

    ..after that affecting session about Woobie this is just another cheerless thoughts from you that made me sad….but if you choose to let this go..i'll respect that decision of yours…though that k-love spazzing moments and exchanging thoughts with you will surely be a miss..<3<3<3..

    ..i just don't know how to end this …LOL!..as i type this i'm listening to your shared Playful Kiss OST…i can't help but feel the sadness…and hear my heart says "don't give this up kfangirl"………on the brighter side…congrats!..you will be an aunt soon….:)

    1. kfangurl

      Aw! Dear, sweet evez ❤ I’m sorry, did my post give you a scare? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, honest. HUGS. I do say in the post that I’m unlikely to stop right now – and a day after writing that, that’s still true. In fact, all the sweet, kind, encouraging comments, and the collective chorus of “Noooooo” has been such a heartwarming lift-me-upper. ❤ Also, I’ve decided to experiment a little – well, maybe a lot, we’ll see – using various suggestions given here, to try to find a better balance that works for me.

      So yes, you might notice me trying out different approaches to reviewing, to see how that works.. I’m sure that eventually I’ll figure out a better way to satisfy both parts of my brain..

      Y’know what, though, you’re spot-on about Woobie’s announcement affecting me.. That did put a noticeable damper on my general mood for a bit. I did feel way better after a few days, but then my super hectic and tiring last couple of days kind of wiped me out. I do wonder if I hadn’t had to deal with the Woobie announcement, whether I’d have been in better shape to handle the tiredness from the weekend? *ponders*

      In any case, I’m feeling much better today, after resting up properly, zoning out some, and reading all the encouraging comments from all my dear, sweet friends ❤ So much better, in fact, that I think I’m about ready to start writing my review for I Hear Your Voice. So, that’s my promise to you: the next post won’t be a pensive musings post. *pinky promise* ^^

      1. evez

        ..it’s ok if you’ll have another meditative post…you can share it with us anytime you feel like it.:)..j-u-s-t DON’T Goooooo….you know i do honestly believe that releasing your grievance will liberate yourself from anxiety…hope you’re getting enough rest too…’coz i want to see our KfangurL back in a sparkly mood and always ready to reply in such a heartwarming manner…:)..<3

        ..and glad to hear that you'll start the review on IHVY…i haven't finish watching it though..so i hope you're taking everything in control and not making any rush as if you're running over a deadline…we're just here waiting…<3

        1. kfangurl

          Aw, thanks evez ❤ After lots of rest, I am feeling much more like my usual self now, and I’m making decent progress on the IHYV review ^^ I’m hoping to have it done before this weekend is over, so that I won’t have an incomplete review niggling at the back of my mind while I go to Tokyo. So yes, I am holding myself to a deadline, but this deadline is really more for myself and my peace of mind ^^

          Where are you now, on your IHYV watch?? And how are you liking it? I came away really liking this show, so even though I did say that I’m going to experiment with shorter reviews, I don’t think I have the heart to do that for IHYV. Too much to say!! XD

          1. evez

            …I’m delighted to hear that from you!..:)…i’m on e7 of IHYV… wish i could watch it simultaneously but having three dramas that wouldn’t be possible..LOL!..you know, it’s just me and my habit..i tend to overlap my dramas and i’m bit crazy about it….i’m excited about your reviews on IHVY ..be with good or spoilers…i’m looking forward to it..since you said…there’s too much to say….

            1. kfangurl

              Yeah, we all have our comfort zones even with the drama watching.. It took me quite a while to even move beyond watching more than one drama at a time, actually! So I’d say that you’re already way ahead of where I was when I first started out, watching 2 dramas at a time and all! 😉 And as long as you’re enjoying your dramas and are happy with how you’re doing it, keep on doing it, I say ^^

              Oh, you’re almost at the halfway point of IHYV! Very nice! And I’m super touched that you’re looking forward to my review, even before I’m done writing it! Aw ❤ I’d avoid the spoilery bits, though, if I were you.. I’m very spoiler averse if I am watching a show or planning on watching a show.. I feel like it affects the watching experience. Of course, there are people who don’t mind spoilers at all, so in the end, it’s your choice.. I just wanted to say, though, that there’s no rush. You could possibly read just the non-spoilery bits first. The review will still be there after you’re done and ready to read all the spoilers ^.~

              1. evez

                …and i agree with you that we do have our comfort zone…i don’t know if i could avoid the spoilery bits from your reviews once you posted it here…you see, once i started to read i might not be able to miss that part…though i know it will affect the momentum of my viewing…even so, it’s fine with me..sometime the spoilers make you want to watch more out of curiosity….or another option is not to read your review page until i’m done watching…..:)…let me see….

                1. kfangurl

                  Aw, sure thing, evez!! Whether you read it sooner or later is perfectly cool, and you should totally pick whichever option works better for you. I’ll be around to spazz, squee and discuss it all with you whenever you do decide to check it out! ^^v

  19. DDee

    I can’t imagine how exhausting it is to be you with your epic reviews, when I can barely even squeeze out enough brain fart for a comment or two. I admire your abilities (the magic and skill that makes your writing read effortlessly) and your dedication as well! And why the heck didn’t anybody tell me blogging was hard work before silly me took the plunge, eh? Well I suppose it’s a good thing that I didn’t think to much or else I never would’ve done it ;).
    And congrats on becoming an auntie and enjoy Tokyo! It’s one of my fave cities! I went last year and I ate myself half to death–so much good eats.

    1. kfangurl

      HAHAHA!! Y’know, one of my favorite things about you, DDee, is that you never fail to make me laugh. ❤ It’s true – no one ever tells you blogging is hard work. You only ever REALLY find out when you try it for yourself, and by then,it’s too late. You’ve already fallen in love with the positives of blogging, and are then caught smack-dab in the middle of that existential conflict: to blog or not to blog? Oh how Shakespearean! XD

      And truly, if I’d known how hard blogging can be, I might’ve never embarked on it. As it is, I started this blog on pure whim, when Stephanie asked me if I had a blog. I was all, “Hmm.. No. Well.. maybe I’ll make one?” Pffft. Can you imagine? XD But I hafta say, the wonderful parts of blogging: having an outlet for my thoughts, finding a supportive and appreciative audience, trading thoughts with like-minded fans and viewers, making friends.. those things are pretty darn awesome, and way difficult to leave behind.

      So, my next goal is to figure out a way to introduce some of that original fluffy magic back into my drama life, without giving up the take-you-apart analyses that I also really enjoy. Thanks for being such a lovely support DDee – your cute, funny comments and your cheery presence are definitely among the reasons that I enjoy doing this ❤

      And thanks – I am pretty psyched about my official promotion to auntie-hood. I can hardly believe that a week from now I will be just about to set foot in Tokyo. It’s too bad that my Japanese lessons of long ago aren’t more top-of-mind. My brain reaches for Korean before I can even blink, and that’s super confusing at times. Y’know, especially since “no” in Japanese sounds a LOT like a form of “yes” in Korean! This could give rise to a lot of misunderstandings..! XD

      1. DDee

        Aw shucks. But ppsstt..I’ll tell you a little secret. IRL, I’m prone to being mopey, and cynical. So I’m trying on ‘cheery’ for size to see how that works online. I’m glad it works for you or maybe you just bring it out of me 😀

        And yes, may we all never loose the fluff! Fluffy drama magic is what greases the wheels so viva la fluff, I say. VIVA LA FLUFF!

        1. kfangurl

          Gasp, really?! I’d have never guessed! You’re such a lotta fun, DDee!! 😀 Hey, maybe this is the real you, just happy to be let out and about! ;D

          Also! Hear, hear.. Viva la fluff indeed!! *raises banner with both arms*

  20. Drama Fan

    I love that pondering kitty 🙂 I don’t have anything new to say, because others have already told you what I thought when I read this post. My first thought was Noooooo, but then it was “It must be tough”. I always admired and wondered how you could write your awesomely epic reviews? I hope you continue, but I agree with others that you should possibly focus on dramas that you really care about. I was thinking of an idea, but I don’t know if that would work. For example, how about you make a rule where you don’t write a super analytic review based on a first watch? Maybe, if you watch the dramas knowing that you “won’t write a review” on the first watch you will be able to enjoy it and then only if you really love it, you can rewatch it with a more analytical lense? The problem in that case, would be that your review would never be about “current” dramas, but I think that is not a priority for you right? Anyway, just an idea. Congrats on becomeing an aunt 🙂 Kisses

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, YAY that pondering kitty gets some love! 😀 I thought the pic was just perfect for my mood, but I did wonder if anyone else would appreciate his pondering pose ^^

      More than that, yay that you enjoy the blog; that makes me really happy ❤ Honestly, the chorus of “Nooooooo”s has been so, SOOO heartwarming. I mean, I knew you guys cared, but still, that almost unanimous chorus of “Noooooo” not only melted my socks off with a big case of the warm fuzzies, but gave me a case of the giggles too. And you know how giggles are great when you’re feeling wiped out 😉

      Your suggestion is intriguing, I have to say. I think the only drama with an epic review that falls into that category at the moment is Chuno. (How apt, considering your love for Chuno AND for JH!).. I’d started that rewatch purely for swooning purposes, after cajoling everyone on the JH confessions thread to watch him in Chuno, HA! I remember that I was about halfway through that rewatch when it hit me: this show is too good NOT to review. I HAVE to review this. And it was only then that I started jotting down a handful of notes and started taking some screencaps. Yet, that didn’t stop the Chuno review from turning into one of the most epic ones on the blog to date! So.. you may have a point there, Drama Fan! ^^

      I’m gonna have to experiment and try stuff out, to see what works for me and what doesn’t, but I’m happy to assure you that after a good bit of rest, I’m feeling more positive than ever, that I can and WILL find that middle ground that will satisfy both sides of my brain.

      And thanks! So far, I like the concept of becoming an aunt.. Let’s hope I do as well in RL as in my imagination! XD

  21. dewaanifordrama

    I totally feel you!!!! For me blogging is a HUGE creative outlet, which I really need, which is why I am not going to stop…BUT…RL has some huge demands on me right now, and so reel life needs to take a back seat for a while. I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with taking a break, or writing shorter reviews, or only writing reviews about the dramas that you really want to analyze. There’s nothing wrong with saying, I don’t want to review this drama. It’s also why bustered and I have a ratings page where we are limited to a sort of 100 word review. I dunno. And there is no harm in taking a long break. None of us here will judge you one single iota. As for me…well, I haven’t watched any drama in a while because I just don’t have time…hence the dearth of posts at our blog. bustered also has some RL constraints right now that make it impossible for her to blog right now. Basically what I’m saying is that it’s okay to step away for a while. There is nothing wrong with that. And it’s your blog, your life, and while we all love hearing your thoughts and chatting away here…you need to be you and do what makes you happy.

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, thanks dewaani!! Yes, we all have our RL commitments, and isn’t it a bummer when it takes us away from our beloved dramas and equally beloved blogosphere?? Like you, I find blogging to be a great creative outlet – way more than I ever expected it to be when I first started, tbh. Not only does it give me the space to write, it gives me the space to create. And I love that.

      Sounds like both you and bustered are going through a really busy season in RL! I’ve missed you around the blogosphere, and I’m touched that you took the time to share your thoughts in spite of your hectic schedule. Thank you! ❤❤❤

      I think permission is one of the big keys I’m taking away from your comment.. That we need to give ourselves permission to take breaks, write less, and do less, if that’s what we need. I do like your ratings page, and how it succinctly tells us whether you liked a drama and why. I’ve sometimes toyed with the idea of doing one of my own too, but haven’t gotten around to it.. It’s definitely filed away in my mental “possibilities” folder, for sometime in the future, if I feel like it ^^

      In the meantime, I’ve decided it’s time to start experimenting to see what works for me in terms of balancing it all out. Fighting, to all of us! *fist pump!*

      1. dewaanifordrama

        You are awesome!!! Hwaiting!!! I think that life is one long experience in learning how to balance ^^ I am sure you will figure it out my chingu! ❤❤❤ And if your reply comment had a “love” button, I would press it several times.

        1. kfangurl

          D’aw! ❤❤❤ You are seriously the sweetest, dewaani!! Yes, I’m sure we’ll ALL figure it out as we go! Hwaiting, chingu-ya~~ ❤

  22. pinkblossom

    and ohmygollies, you could not have put it better. it was really hard trying to find that balance between blogging being pleasure and work… and now that i’ve been forced to stay off it, it’s turned back into pleasure lol! as everyone has said in much more eloquent terms: you and your beautiful writing are loved, and whatever you find to give you the most pleasure and fulfillment will be loved by us all!!
    ps. HAHAHAA LOOOVED the woobie-after-the-shocker post!!! hope coping is going well! 😉 ^^ hehehee!!

    1. kfangurl

      pinkblossom!!! SOOO good to see you around here!! *TACKLEHUG!* How is med school treating you?? Is there any drama on your horizon yet, or are things still too crazy-busy for that??

      We humans are funny, aren’t we?? I’m so sure that if I were forced to stay off blogging like you were, that I’d miss it heaps too, and I’d probably be all revved up and ready to write some crazy-long epic reviews right after, heh. I’m pretty sure I will have less time to blog in Tokyo, as I help my sis with her baby & all, and THAT’S probably when I will feel the exact same way you did, when RL busyness made blogging a pleasure all over again ^^

      I’m gonna start experimenting a little, to see if I can find a good balance between enjoying my dramas in a truly relaxing manner, and satisfying the desire to write that never seems to completely go away. Thank you, for calling my writing beautiful *stores away tidbit for revisiting and lots of warm fuzzies* I’m enjoying the writing process, and it’s so, so wonderful that you guys are such a supportive and appreciative audience. ❤

      Also! Glad you enjoyed the Woobie post ^^ It totally tilted my world for a while, that announcement did. But I’m coping very well, I think, and I’ve even just decided that I’m joining the Heirs live-watch bandwagon, even though I haven’t done a live watch since Playful kiss. Coz girlfriend or no, I still love my Woobie ❤ 😛

  23. BetsyHp

    Part of me is letting out a keening, “noooOOOOoooOOOOOOoooooooo!!” But the other part of me is nodding along with your post. Because it definitely changes how you watch a show when you’re anticipating a blog post. There is definitely something to be said for just watching for the pleasure of it. And… there is a pleasure in analyzing, too. (I’m pretty sure you agree with me on that ;)) but it’s a different kind of pleasure.

    I echo Timescout’s suggestion that maybe adjusting how you blog — picking some dramas to analyze deeply but with others just enjoy the breezy fun of it — would help? In the end of course, you’ll know best what suites you. 🙂

    And congratulations on impending Auntie-hood! It’s a very cool thing to be. 😉

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, my dear Truffle Betsy!! ❤ I’m not quite ready to quit blogging just yet, but I want you to know that if that day were to ever come, the crazy-long discussions with you and all the accompanying wonderful light-bulb moments would be one of the things I’d miss The. Most. Happily, I’m not ready to throw in the towel just yet, and am officially on the hunt for that elusive creature they call Middle Ground. I’m sure I’ll find it, and I’m planning to lure Middle Ground out of hiding with various experiments that I plan on trying, by permutating everyone’s suggestions.

      Analyzing the guts out of only select dramas certainly sounds like a foundation stone that I need to lay. Although it sounds simple, I think I’ll need some time to figure out how to do that. Knowing when to stop talking sounds so easy, until I actually try XD On the upside, I CAN sometimes be a pretty fast learner, so let’s see how I do? ;D

      And thanks – I AM rather looking forward to auntie-hood, as mysterious as it all seems right now! ^^

  24. Amanda

    You took the words out of my mouth here 😉 Watching dramas used to be an uncomplicated delight when I first discovered them, but as a blogger time in front of the TV sometimes feels like a responsibility instead of a pleasure. I’ve decided to take the whole thing less seriously—I post less often and I write about what I’m interested in instead of what I think people want to read. (Also, a few weeks without access to a computer made me insanely keen on blogging. I really missed it.)

    As you said, there really is a middle ground waiting to be discovered. It’s finding it that’s the challenge :b

    1. kfangurl

      Responsibility vs. Pleasure!! You’ve hit the nail on the head, Amanda!! That’s EXACTLY what the dilemma is! Coz when watching for a review, there IS that sense of responsibility: towards the show, towards your readers, and towards yourself too. You just want to do well by all of these factors.. Do justice to the show while being fair, while bringing a robust, dependable opinion to your readers, and all while giving yourself the satisfaction of knowing that you did a decent job of it. Good as those intentions are, they do add up to a pretty sizable sense of responsibility which is hard to ignore.

      I definitely need to experiment to find that middle ground that works for me.. And I completely feel you – I’m positive that if I didn’t have access to a computer for a while, that it’d make me want to blog, and INTENSELY, at that. That’s where this blog came from, after all. It was born out of a pent-up desire to write, and a need to express my plentiful drama thoughts, saved up over 6 years of drama watching. I realize I’m still finding my feet, 9 and a half months in, even though the blog appears to have settled. This isn’t quite the middle ground I need – yet. Elusive though you may be, Middle Ground, Imma hunt you down and find you and prove that you exist! ;D

  25. snow_white

    Great Post!! and so true….

    The same thing happened with me when I was trying to write mini recaps for You’re The Best Lee Soo Shin and I realised that it can be so annoying and painful….all my enjoyment of a relaxed and carefree watch was killed and I thought that I will never ever recap again……I can completely understand your dilemma as you write long reviews and that requires a lot of thought process….and one becomes mechanical in watching a show….

    I have a small suggestion for you….you can live watch a show….that way you can enjoy it as well as get one full week to think about it….

    but please keep on blogging…..I simply love your reviews and chatting with you 🙂

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, thanks snow_white!! ❤ It’s really an encouragement to know that people enjoy the reviews and other accompanying chit chat here on the blog.. I love chatting with you too! And yes, that moment when you realize that the watching isn’t quite as relaxing as you remembered it to be – you never really see it coming until it hits you in the head, eh? At least, that’s how I felt!

      I do feel that I want to continue and not quit – it’s just a matter of finding a better balance, now that I know that’s what I want. I haven’t done a live watch of ANYTHING since Playful Kiss, tbh.. But y’know what, snow_white, I’m gonna take you up on your suggestion. A live watch it shall be! And I’ve already decided which drama it will be. HEIRS. Isn’t that just the PERFECT drama to get my live-watching toes wet again? I mean, one of the reasons I don’t do live watches is coz I want to avoid investing time in a show if it turns out to be terrible (and that happens way too often, doesn’t it! Gu Family Book & Jang Ok Jung, just to name a few recent ones, ugh).. HEIRS, on the other hand, I would watch in its entirety even if it does turn out to be a stinker. After all, it’s Woobie. I would watch ANYTHING he’s in, pretty much!! Let the experimenting begin!! *cue fireworks and confetti* I’m actually joining the live-watch bandwagon, and SOON! 😀

      1. snow_white

        Aww….that would be great!!!! *confetti*

        The thing is….a bad drama is watchable when you live watch and unbearable in a marathon 😉

        Heirs is the perfect choice….and you’ll get weekly dose of Kim Woo Bin for 10 weeks straight!! 😀

        1. kfangurl

          Omo! 10 weeks straight, with 2 full one-hour episodes of Woobie per week?!? *flails* When you put it that way, how could I possibly turn down the awesome!! 😀 I arrive in Tokyo just as Heirs starts to air, so I may not be fully up to speed for the duration of my trip, but you can be sure that I’ll play serious catch up once I can! I mean, it’s Woobie, after all! ^^

          And this thing that you mention, about a bad drama being watchable live but unbearable in marathon.. I am definitely intrigued about testing that theory!! XD

          Also!! Barely 7 days before Heirs goes on the air! Eeee!! Woobieee!! ❤ Just trailers and stills of him have been doing weird things to my squeeing fangirl heart. I can only imagine how full episodes are going to affect me..! XD

          1. snow_white

            Kim Woo Bin is definitely looking the best among all the actors as far as the stills are concerned.

            And yes, congratulations on becoming an auntie 🙂

            1. kfangurl

              Well, to MY biased eyes, Woobie’s definitely lookin’ the finest.. LMH fangirls probably have a lot of disagreement to voice about that! XD

              Thank you! I’m excited about my impending promotion too! ^^v

  26. Mawiie

    Awww I totally understand! I don’t blog half nearly as much as you do, but I also know the feeling to feel… obligated to watch. When I first started, it was just fun to screencap, and just write endlessly. I felt as if I haven experienced those “behind the scenes” of drama writing, and it was all rainbow and unicorn at first. Then came the first review I typed till 5am after a school day, and the “omg I have to take notes while I watch”. When I think about it, I first started to write about dramas because I was so in love with one drama and I just wanted to talk about it. No string attached. Sometimes I do miss those days, but at the same time, it’s my blogging experience that made me know you all 😉

    Coincidental, my review of Itazura Na Kiss has been sitting in the draft section for 2 months now. I’m just having a drama fatigue right now 😉

    1. kfangurl

      AWWW!! My last post drew a lot of fangirl sympathy and shared fangirl pain (Woobie, oh Woobie..).. This post, on the other hand, is drawing a lot of fellow-blogger sympathy and shared pain! Which really does help, actually. Y’know, that feeling that we’re not the only ones who feel this way, that this struggle is more universal than we think. ❤ And I totally get what you mean, about suddenly wanting – NEEDING – to take notes as you watch. I never used to do that, but now I do, so that the review writing part is easier and I don’t have to rewatch as much stuff. Much as it helps, though, it does change the way we watch our dramas, and that’s cause enough for some internal conflict. I love to write! But! I love to just watch too! Eotteoke??? *cue head spinning*

      Similarly, if I’d never started blogging, I wouldn’t be even having these thoughts now. But! If I’d never started blogging, I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of meeting so many lovely peeps, who’ve fast become good friends. I mean, imagine not having our ninja-unnie-maknae nonsense conversations on Twitter.. GASP! The horror! Which makes me think that it was a good thing I started blogging, compared with not. ❤

      I feel you on drama fatigue.. I’ve been having touches of that recently, when I realized that all the shows with better reputations are all dark & twisty things. Or intense action things. Which is all great, but I’m not QUITE in the mood to watch a lot of those. Y’know, I’ve realized that most of my drama fatigue moments, when I ask myself if I’ve FINALLY gotten tired of kdrama, have all been false alarms. Each and every time I wondered if my meh-ness over dramas was me, it always turned out to be a simple thing of just needing the right drama to come along, to convince me that no, I still love my dramas. I just needed a good one, is all ^^ I hope your good drama comes along soon and blasts away that drama fatigue to smithereens. A live watch of Heirs might do the trick, maybe? ;D

      1. mawiie

        Ha! I would not trade those ninja-unnie-maknae for anything in the world! You know now I always burst out laughing whenever I see something ninja-related in real life (like those pens :P)? It’s hard to explain to my friend why I’m laughing and taking pictures of those 😉

        About the drama fatigue, I also think that none of the dramas this year really was cracky for me. I LOVED I Hear your Voice and School 2013, but that’s about it for this year. October seems promising though! I can’t wait for Basketball, AM1994, Man from the Stars and Heirs (for the pretty!), of course 😉

        1. kfangurl

          LOL! It’s ok, maknae.. your unnies will understand, even when the rest of your friends don’t. And if you see ninja pens, of COURSE you should take a picture! It’s practically obligatory, for a lil ninja like you, right?? ;D

          I’m with you – I LOVED School 2013 (the bromance!) and IHYV (workin’ on the review as I type this!).. [wait, I just realized Lee Jong Suk features prominently in both of those shows.. coincidence?? Hmmm…].. Other shows from this year have been less cracky. Although, I’ve heard such raves about Heartless City that I’ll be checking that out. So far I’ve seen E1 & it’s pretty good. But pretty dark as well. So, you kinda need to be in the mood.

          I’m looking forward to the exact same shows as you are too! I’m thinking Basketball and AM1994 are likely to be genuinely good.. Man from the Stars sounds cautiously promising (Kim Soo Hyun! As an ALIEN!! How FUN! I hope) and then there’s Heirs, to which I say: Woobieee~~ ❤ I’m even joining the live watch bandwagon for that, which oughta be fun! ^^

          1. Mawiie

            Hmmm I’ll be with the minority for Heartless City: I liked it, but I’m not crazy over it either. The beginning was really fantastic and made us feel that we’re really in a different world. I kept on watching but I was just not emotionally invested as the episodes go by. At a certain point, I just rolled my eyes and went “Not another one?!” (I won’t say what, but if you watch you’ll probably understand). Some side characters were really memorable and Jung Kyung Ho is really as good and magnetic as anyone claimed, though.

            Speaking of ninja, I stumbled upon this while discussing with Jules & Shukie about satisfying ways to deal with infuriating k-dramas characters: bake them into gingerbread men cookies and bite their limbs off. Alternatively, said cookies can also duel those: https://www.ozstock.com.au/images/201110/7438_3.jpg LOL

            1. kfangurl

              Omomo!!! NINJA COOKIES!!! 😀 LOVE! IT!!! Whoever thought of those ninja cookie cutters is pure, utter genius! Now I want some ninja cookies!! XD

              Hmm, on Heartless City. I have a niggling suspicion that I might end up being in the minority too, if emotional investment was the missing factor for you. Emotional investment is a big thing for me, and if I can’t feel that emotional engagement with the characters, a show just can’t be great for me. Like Nine. I liked it well, but couldn’t say that I loved it, and it had everything to do with the lack of emotional engagement that I felt. But, we’ll see. I have heard too many intriguing things about Heartless City to pass it over. I NEED to see what the fuss was all about. (yes, I am a curious cat that way) At worst, I’ll order some of those ninja cookie cutters, to work out some of the frustration.. Y’know, with big, angry (delicious) bites..? ;D

  27. Lady G.

    I hear you loud and clear, girl!! Loud and clear! I run 4 websites, I have 2 blogs, and I used to pop out fanfic like nobody’s business. But this year I turned 33 and realized, I’ve been doing tons and tons of stuff for nearly 15 years now online and I’m totally exhausted. K-dramas came into my life just last year and it gave me a huge excuse to zone completely out and I love it. But for two years now I’ve slowed down in everything anyway, and I’m whittling away my online activities. Now I simply want to focus on 1 or 2 websites and maybe just 1 blog. Haven’t decided yet. Because it’s not just time spent, it’s a lot of money every year.

    And I have some days when I’m ready to cancel every account I have and throw in the towel. Then I think about the huge fanbase (not of me, but of the subjects I write and spazz about.) and how they love everything I’ve ‘built up’. And I get so guilty. Because the fans kept me going and donated lots of things to make the sites bigger and better. But there really does come a point where you have to say, ‘Can I handle it anymore?’ And the dreaded, ‘This is not fun for me anymore. It’s work.’ That feeling has hit me hard lately, so I feel like I’m biding time before a big ‘meltdown.’ I just want to quietly slip away, or even turn the wand over to someone else if I can before that happens.

    You don’t want this to become a chore. Because then you will start to hate it. It’s very possible to find a balance with just one blog. Maybe just 2 big posts a month with a smattering in between if something juicy comes up. That will keep your readers in anticipation too. I think it’s very sweet that you think so much of us to write a post like this. I can tell you sincerely love conversing and spazzing and squeeing out over K-dramas with other fans. That keeps it fun, fresh and interesting.

    I for one hope you don’t end this blog! I enjoy every post, even spoilery ones. Just write at your own pace and give your mind frequent rests. It’s not easy to write something for a 16 or more part drama! It’s so much. You’re watching what is really months worth of Television for someone else in a short span, then trying to pick out the best and not so best parts to review. That takes a lot of effort and energy.

    Congratulations on becoming an aunt! You will love it. I have 2 nephews (brothers a year apart- 3 and 4) and they are so adorable. That’s so cool you are going to Japan. Enjoy the trip to the full. My nephews are part Japanese. We are mixed with the kitchen sink, (Half of Britain, Spanish, Puerto Rican.) but they get some Japanese from their father’s side. I can see it in their eyes all the time and it’s so cute. The ‘Asian eye flare’ as I call it tends to be very dominant among mixes.

    1. kfangurl

      FAR. OUT. Lady G!! O.O! You are one prolific online presence!! FOUR websites! AND! TWO blogs?!? How on earth do you manage?? And for such a long time too!! I am completely impressed. And sympathetic too, actually. Coz as you said, all that online activity drains you of your energy and resources. No wonder you’re starting to slow it all down, and no wonder kdrama is such a wonderful zone-out escape for you!!

      I hear you, about feeling bad about the idea of quitting, to the people who’ve become part of your sites’ communities. Have you found people who can either take over, or help share the load of running the sites & posting? Having several like-minded people run a site can change things up in a great way, and the energy they bring just might make you think twice, about completely quitting?

      I completely agree with you, about keeping blogging in a distinctly non-chore, happy mental space. Once it’s no fun, then why do it, right? I’m not about to quit just like that, coz I do enjoy the analysis, and the act of writing – finding the just-right combination of words to express an idea is SUCH a thrill for me! – AND, the wonderful conversations with lovely peeps like yourself. Those I’d hate to give up, to be honest. That’s one of my favorite things about how this blog has evolved, that people talk and chat and squee and share and swoon with each other around here. A lot. And I LOVES that. ❤❤❤

      I think rest is really the key. This moment in time, when the thought hit and lingered, happened after a very specific culmination of things. I was mentally and physically drained and exhausted from a very full couple of days, running on insufficient sleep, AND had just been to the dentist, so my gums and mouth in general were quite sore from her poking around and stuff. After all that, just sinking into a no-brainer drama with no thought of an impending review, was pure enjoyment – and relief, really. Since that kind of thing doesn’t happen all the time (phew!), I figure I should have much more bandwidth to experiment even as I continue to write, and see how things evolve from there.

      And yes – auntie-hood does seem quite exciting. My bro-in-law is Aussie, so we’re expecting quite an exotic looking baby as well! I will let you know if that “Asian eye flare” is dominant in this one! ;D

      1. Lady G.

        Nowadays I wonder how I kept up with all that online work myself. It’s also helped fandoms to grow and others have even created their own sites and got inspired. So I feel like I can sit back and think, “My work here is done.” haha. K-Drama, J-Drama, etc. is the BEST to Zone out to. I wish I ‘discovered’ it sooner. I had some people in mind to help carry the load and take over, but then I realized, out of most of them, I’M the baby! lol. I was always the one with most time, still not married, childless, part-time work, etc. etc through the years. I always had major enthusiasm when it came things of interest and I would get really involved. But you know, you got to a point where you build something up in the way you like it. If someone else were to come along they might change the entire thing. But I’m still up in the air with those decisions.

        I love all the conversations on your blog, it has allowed me to get new viewpoints, ideas and watch shows I hadn’t thought of before. So I would really miss that too if your blog was gone. I think once you had sufficient rest you’ll come back raring to go.

        I’m really looking forward to reading any reviews on IHYV. I have LOTS of thoughts on that too. That drama dragged me through so many emotions from anger to disappointment to relief, etc. etc.

        Please let us know more about your exotic looking nephew or niece! ;D

        1. kfangurl

          Wow. It sounds like you’ve been really instrumental in those fandoms!! That’s kinda like being Javabeans in the k-blogosphere! O.O! Truly mind-boggling. And just imagining JB stopping Dramabeans is enough for me to understand how your communities would feel if you really were to pull the plug on some of your sites. It’s.. unthinkable, really. @.@

          But I do get what you mean, about being wary of handing over your babies, coz someone else might change it completely, to something that you never intended, and that’s also all wrong. I’m thinking, though, if you could find yourself your own Girlfriday-who-is-on-the-same-wavelength-as-you, or several, then you’d have other people to help post and moderate etc, which would enable those sites to keep running, without it being as heavy a responsibility on you?

          And yes! Kdramas is excellent to zone out to.. I think that’s a big part of how I fell in love with them in the first place. Which is why I really need to find a way to incorporate more of that zoning out quality to the way I consume my dramas, without sacrificing the fun I get out of analyzing them. I do think it’s possible, if I were to simply designate certain dramas as non-review ones, so that I can zone out as much as I want. And then, if the desire to review it bites partway, I’ll just make it work, the way I did with Chuno.

          It never ceases to amaze me how conversations sprout and grow into long robust threads on the blog.. It’s wondrous and gratifying and humbling, that people enjoy chatting here. That’s something that I definitely want to encourage and protect on this blog.. The freedom to chat and spazz and share and just.. talk. And feel safe and welcome doing it ❤

          The IHYV review is taking shape quite nicely, as I write this.. I’m really looking forward to exchanging thoughts with you, once it’s done! And yes, I WILL let you know about the potentially very exotic looking new addition to the family! How will those western-asian genes mix? I will find out soon! ;D

  28. Timescout

    Awww… don’t go! 🙂 Seriously though, I’d miss your posts if you do decide to pack up and go but I’d totally understand too. Blogging the way you do, all these big ass reviews is a huge commitment and surely gets tiring after a while. Which is why I never took up serious blogging myself. I post stuff whenever I feel like it, which lately hasn’t been very often. Thinking about it…. I’ve been doing it because I like to talk about dramas and trade thoughts on them, squee about them and sometimes just be plain silly about them. But now that LJ is more or less dead there ain’t anyone to talk with anymore, hence very sporadic posts.

    Maybe you could just pick up select dramas to make full reviews on (e.g drama of a month or summat) and watch the rest for fun? You could always post about some of those too, but in a more ‘leisurely’ way and only if you feel like…. compelled to do it. 🙂

    1. kfangurl

      Awwww.. Thank you, dear Timescout! ❤ It’s so lovely to know that I’ve got friends who welcome me any which way I choose to make my online presence known. ❤ To be honest, I don’t think I actually WANT to stop writing the epic reviews – not completely anyway – coz I *would* miss writing them. I do find pleasure in the taking apart and the deep-dive analysis too, so I don’t think I want to stop those completely. It’s just the re-discovery of the equally giddy pleasure of watching for pure enjoyment that’s taken me completely by surprise. I’d forgotten what that felt like, and now that I’ve tasted it again, I’m keen to find a way to have the best of both worlds. Don’t I sound rather greedy? XD

      I’m considering taking your advice, to write selectively. I think it’s very much in line with how JB and GF deal with it – I’ve realized that they don’t write about *every* drama they watch, and perhaps that’s what’s giving them that balance. Time to experiment & see, methinks ^^

  29. missienelly

    Awwwwww, I wonder at times… how long do I want to continue blogging? For life? Eventually I will slow down but for now, I’m not stepping down. Yes, congrats on becoming an aunt! Your sis has been posting a lot of food photos on her Facebook, she definitely has shifted her priority from beauties to food hehehe.

    1. kfangurl

      Wow. That phrase “for life” is certainly thought-provoking!! And funny too, coz a mental picture just flashed into my head, of a whole bunch of grannies all over the world typing furiously on their laptops about their dramas AND their Oppas! Bwahahahaaa!! TOO COOL!! XD

      I’m still chewing on my blogging options, and trying to figure out what would work best for me, but yeah.. stopping altogether is a big step which I’m unlikely to take right now. I’d miss blogging if I stopped, tbh.

      Thankies, for congrats – I’m pretty stoked about the baby’s arrival and my family’s collective promotions.. I become an auntie, my parents become grandparents, my sis becomes a mom. Mind-boggling. And yes, my sis is a little more food-focused now, coz she’s visiting restaurants that she won’t be able to go to for a while after baby arrives. I’m actually surprised that she’s managed to keep up with the beauty posts practically all pregnancy long! Respect.

      1. missienelly

        Funny you mentioned grannies blogging on their oppas… I was calculating the age difference btw YSH and I the other day and I was wondering if it’s still ok… My conclusion: hell yeah! They don’t invented the word cougar for nothing, right?

        As for your sister…. I believe she just did her final post yesterday! Unless if the baby decided to stay “indoor” a lil longer… She should start charging rent fee if the baby decided to stay for another week LOL I hope the baby comes sooner… She’s ready to pop!

        1. kfangurl

          LOL! My philosophy is that our inner fangirls are ageless. So swoon away, Nelly. YSH is DEFINITELY fair game, imo! ^^

          My sister’s EDD is 5 October, actually, so rent charges shouldn’t kick in till at least 6 Oct, I think? ;D But yes, she is HUGE now, so I can understand why she’s just SO ready to have this baby! Exciting times ^^


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