Flash Review: When You Love Yourself 2 [Web Drama]

After enjoying Season 1 of this little show so much (review is here!), I just had to check out Season 2. Especially when I realized that Season 2 (10 episodes of 10 minutes each) features many of the same characters and cast.

All in all, Season 2 shares a lot of Season 1’s traits, but still manages to feel like its own thing.

Even though it’s Season 1 that stole my heart more, I’m still glad that I got to spend more time with these characters, for another season. 🥰

Psst: Link to watch is at the end of the review!

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Review: Age Of Youth 2


A sequel that feels similar-yet-different when compared to its elder sibling Age Of Youth.

The departure of several characters and the addition of new ones makes this season feel rather bittersweet, but the drama world feels the same, and it’s great to spend time with familiar beloved characters once again.

Show continues with certain hanging threads left over from Season 1, while introducing new adventures and new people to our Belle Epoque girls. All in all, this feels like a solid continuation of Season 1.

Familiar enough to make existing fans of the show happy, but also accessible enough for viewers who haven’t seen Season 1.

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