Flash Review: Black Knight

So.. I’m not into dystopian stories per se (especially after having been massively underwhelmed by the likes of Sisyphus: The Myth 👀), which makes me think that I’m not part of Show’s target audience.

But, I do have a fondness for Kim Woo Bin, and Show’s promotional materials have been allll about Kim Woo Bin, which makes me think that maybe I’m part of Show’s target audience after all, heh.

I’ll say that that promotional tactic worked, because it got me to watch the show, and here I am, writing this review, having finished it.

That said, I do think lens adjustments are important for this one, which I’ll talk about in a bit.

Also, I do think that your mileage is likely to vary, depending on how well those lens adjustments work for you, and how much of a connoisseur you are, of dystopian fare (I am far from being one, for comparison 😅).

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