Dear kfangurl: Is it wrong to ship myself with Oppa?

Yikes. I just realized that today’s Dear kfangurl question is one that I received almost 3 whole months ago!

Panda asks today’s question:

“Is it wrong to ship yourself with your fave actors/actresses?”

I’m sorry for taking this long to give an answer Panda. The end-of-year busyness got to me, and I didn’t realize I’d kept you waiting this long!

To try to make up for it, I’ll do my best to give you a thoughtful answer, ok? *offers hug*

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Unveiling kfangurl’s Hodge-Podge Glossary

Today’s post is inspired by a question from one of the blog’s regular visitors, MelloYello.

In one of our chats, she asked me what it means to “ship” someone.

As I answered her question, I realized that a lot of the words that we use here in the dramaverse might actually be quite confusing for the relative newbie.

Don’t worry. Help is at hand, so that you’ll never feel caught unprepared again.

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