Announcement: Trying out a new ad network

Hi everyone,

I thought I’d write a quick post just to keep you guys up to date on what’s going on with the site looking a bit different, all of a sudden.

As you’ve probably gathered, I’m trying out a new ad network, and I thought I’d let you guys know a little more about that, instead of just expecting you all to read my mind, heh. 😅

Why the new ad network?

To be honest, it’s something that’s been on my mind for some time, because the ad revenue from WordAds, which I’ve been using from the start – with a few exploratory toe-dips into other networks on the side, which didn’t go too well – honestly isn’t very high at all.

As you all know, I’m hoping to find a way to make blogging a viable income, that will allow me to keep blogging full-time, which is something that I love. A large part of that income is made via my Patreon page and also, through direct contributions from you guys – thank you all for your support, I truly appreciate it. ❤️

At the same time, I’ve felt that I haven’t been tapping much into the full ad potential of the blog. To be clear, I don’t want to make the site look overrun with ads, but I do want to have a decent amount of ad revenue, if possible.

For now, you might notice things changing from time to time; that’s just me tinkering with the ad settings, to see what works. Please bear with me! If you have feedback for me about the ads, do let me know in the comments.

Also, if you are using an adblocker on your device, please consider whitelisting this site (not just this page, but the entire site)? That would really help me out.

Thanks, you guys.

Smooches. ❤️


39 thoughts on “Announcement: Trying out a new ad network

  1. Kay

    Do what you need to do. I’m sure most of don’t mind. Good luck with making the ads work for you 🙂

    1. kfangurl Post author

      Thanks Kay! It’s been a bit of a journey, since the handful of ad networks I tried before, weren’t good fits. I’m feeling pretty positive about this tryout so far, though, so this might be the one to stick! 😅

  2. BE

    My goodness me, folks from 120 countries check this site out! Maybe I ought to be more perspicacious in my commentary, not to mention careful.

  3. Trent

    Well, from what I can tell at least some of the ads are targeted based on search history or something, because I’m seeing ads for “immigration law software.”

    On the other hand, I’m also seeing “Ulta beauty skin care” ads, which, uh…nice try, guys.

  4. Leslie

    I’m seeing more ads kfangurl, but nothing too obtrusive yet. I’d be willing to put up with quite a bit to help make your site/life flourish, and I bet I’m not alone. 👍🏼 Thanks for looking for a balanced maximization. As always, you look out for your readers’ experience.

  5. beez

    @kfg – I don’t know how the whole ad things work (and I don’t care too much for the constantly changing ads at the top because they make my phone screen move up and down (and they sometimes flash over what I’m reading) but their tolerable. But the good news is I really like the ads that appear immediately after the open field to post a comment. In fact, I’ve actually clicked on them to shop recently. Before those ads were for stuff like gaming that I have no interest in. But now it’s a variety of things based on my web search/interests (cookies doing their best). In fact, their too good. I need to resist too much shopping.

  6. Shahz

    Best of luck KFG! I don’t think anyone would begrudge you trying to make the blog financially viable. In fact you should be commended for your bravery in investing in your creativity.

    One thing I think would be helpful is if there is a guide on “how to whitelist” for different users i.e android or Apple. As I definitely haven’t seen any changes in the website in terms of adverts! So there is definitely something awry. And I have just googled how to whitelist and none of the options worked for me.

    1. kfangurl Post author

      Thanks Shahz, for your support and for the question!! I think that the whitelisting only applies if you are using an adblocker. Each adblocker app would have its own instructions for how to whitelist a site. If you are not using an adblocker, then the ads should appear for you as normal. 🙂 It might take a while for ads to show up for you, because I’ve been advised that it takes a while for things to settle, and that I should give it 30 days to see the full potential of the ads that I allow. I’ve only just started tinkering with the ad settings, so even though I do see ads on my end, it might take a while for all users to start to see them. Thanks for letting me know, though! I am as new to this as you are, honestly! 😅

      PS: You’ve just given me the idea to edit the post a little, to make it clearer that whitelisting applies to those using adblockers. Thanks for that! ❤️

      1. merij1

        Agreed on you doing whatever you can to make this financially sustainable!

        While we’re on the topic of technical issues, is it just me, or did all WordPress users lose the ability to edit their comments for a brief time after posting?

        1. kfangurl Post author

          Oh no, really? I hadn’t realized that the editing function was missing at all! 😝 Is it now back and working well for you, MeriJ? 😅

          1. merij1

            No, it’s not back. Unless you changed something in the last couple minutes. In which case, I will edit this reply!

            1. kfangurl Post author

              Ack, that’s so weird! I can see it just fine, on my end. My countdown timer is still going, from my previous comment! Let me deactivate the edit plugin, and then reactivate it, to see if it helps 😅 I wonder if it’s the same for you when you try a different browser?

              PS: Edited to add, anything yet? I’ve reactivated the plugin again..

              1. merij1

                I usually use Chrome. But I’m posting this comment via Firefox, after logging into WP. If I don’t come back to edit it within the next 30 seconds, then no go!

                Edit ver 3: I can edit via Firefox, but not via Chrome, at least for the comment I posted via Chrome. Will try one from Chrome now.

                The other new wrinkle is that it takes several minutes before my own comments appear at Chrome. Even for the ones I posted there.

                While I’m waiting for that last comment of mine to show up, I should mention that this has been going on for at least a week or more, so it’s not a result of your ad network change.

                1. kfangurl Post author

                  I wonder what kind of device you’re on? I’m on a Mac, and found that Chrome was massively slowing down my machine. I’ve since cleaned out Chrome from my Mac (there are specific instructions, which I’ll send you, if you need them). Immediately after removing Chrome, I noticed a huge difference, my old 2013 machine was a lot more nimble!

                  1. merij1

                    I see my “testing 1 2 3” comment finally showed up. It took close to ten minutes.

                    I posted that from Chrome but cannot edit it, even from Firefox.

                    I have a super fast Windows desktop. It’s only three months old.

                    1. kfangurl Post author

                      Wow, a super fast machine that’s only 3 months old! Sounds lovely! In which case, you definitely don’t need those instructions I was talking about! 😆

                    2. merij1

                      I invest in super fast desktops, but then hold onto to them for as long as seven years, which is an eternity in IT dog-years.

                      This one has an 1 gig SSD C: drive, which really helps speed up data processing, plus two external old-fashioned spinning drives (inside the chassis) for data storage.

                    3. kfangurl Post author

                      If your computer lasts you that long, it’s definitely worth investing a little more! My last MacBook Pro lasted me 7 years too. Worth every cent!

                  2. merij1

                    Privacy tip:

                    I never log into my Gmail acount via my primary Firefox browser. Doing so allows Google to triangulate your Google searches with your identity, data they presumably sell to marketers.

                    So I only use Chrome for Gmail and for this blog and use Firefox for everything else.

                    Usually I would never use my personal Gmail account for a commercial login — I have an impersonal hotmail account for such activity — but I want to see updates to comments from your blog in my personal Gmail account. So you and WordPress are the exception to my rule.

                    1. kfangurl Post author

                      Aw!! That sure makes me feel special, MeriJ! Thank you for making us the exception to your rule! 🥰

                    2. merij1

                      phl1rxd, it’s basic HTML formatting. Like this, except without the blank spaces:


                      italicize + inset

                    3. merij1

                      Ha. That failed to show you how, and I posted from Chrome so I can’t edit it!

                      You bracket the words you want formatted with HTML formatting instructions. For example, the following letters. For the start, you use the “less than/greater than” keys as brackets around the letter, first pointing left, then right. After the formatting instruction, you do the same but add a right-sloping slash before the same letter, to tell it to stop.

                      Like this, except replace the words “example html code” with an i or a b and leave out the forward slash when you use it at the beginning.:

                      </example html code>

                      These letters work for basic stuff:

                      i = italics
                      b = boldface

                      I also use the word “blockquote” to inset someone’s words I’m quoting with italics. See example above.

                    4. phl1rxd

                      Ha Merij1 – I understood the first response completely. I know enough code to get myself into trouble. Thanks again for the response and follow up. You rock!

                    5. Trent

                      Just FYI, in addition to the slightly more formal HTML style tags, I think wordpress recognizes simple in-text markup, so you can do italics with underscores: _ _ , or with asterisks: * *

                      So if you want to italicize something, set it off with underscores, or with asterisks

                      ETA: (I thought asterisks would render as bold–some systems work that way–but wordpress renders both as italics)

                    6. merij1

                      @BE, you had it almost right. But to close it out, use a forward slash /, not a backward one \ like you tried at first:

                      So it’s

                      To be or not to be, Hamlet, Act III, Scene 1.

                    7. phl1rxd

                      This is a test

                      You are loved and cherished
                      Everything negative has a positive
                      You are a wonderful soul full of light

                      Love and peace to all who read this.

                      Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love…Stevie Wonder

                      Yeah!! BIG HUGS Merij1!!!!

              2. beez

                @kfangurl – I don’t think the issue with the editing feature is because of your latest tweaking. At least not for me anyway. The editing feature has been gone for the last couple/few weeks.

                1. phl1rxd

                  @Beez and Merij1 – I just posted and edited a comment. That is really odd. I am using Firefox.

                  Merij1 – big thanks for the privacy tip!

      2. Shahz

        Interestingly the tinkering you have done has actually for the first thrown up some adverts! I definitely wasn’t getting any before and I don’t use an adblocker. They are unobstrusive so no issues on my part.

        1. kfangurl Post author

          Ooh, that’s good to know, thanks Shahz!! At least now I know that the ads are starting to show up for folks, on the new ad network! 😅 I’m glad you don’t mind them, at least so far.. I’m trying to maximize what I can do with the ads, while trying to keep the user experience reasonably comfortable 😅

          1. Shahz

            And do let us know if you get more revenue if we click through on an advert! I don’t mind doing that if it helps at all!

            1. kfangurl Post author

              It’s ok! Only click on the ads if you are interested in what is advertised!! Thank you for the thought though, I feel the lurve.. 🥰


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