#FindMyTribe: Shine or Go Crazy Shirt – redux & relaunch!

Lately, I’ve been ALL about Jang Hyuk, you guys.

I mean, not only did he blow me clean away with his magnificent, compelling turn in Money Flower (which is an awesome show which you should totes watch, if you haven’t yet), but he even appeared in my dreams in Pil Joo form, wearing a crisp white shirt, and delivering kisses. *spazz*

At the same time, I’ve been meaning to tweak and relaunch my Shine or Go Crazy shirt (now with other merch available!), on a different platform. Previously, on teespring, there had to be a minimum number of orders before you could get your shirt, and just as challenging, was the fact that teespring operated on a campaign basis. This meant that each design was only available for a limited 21 days.

Not THIS time, my friends! This time, not only is the shirt cheaper, it’s also available any time you want it. And, you can get it on mugs, tote bags, laptop cases, phone cases and such. Woot! 😀

Before we get to the shirt, here’s a re-post of the story of this design, which I’ve christened Shining Tiger, and the inspiration behind it.

SHINE OR GO CRAZY INSPO [Originally posted on 21 March 2015]

So I’ve been watching Shine or Go Crazy, and liking it quite a lot. Much more than I’d originally expected to, to be honest.

It’s not perfect, but somehow, it works. Better yet, it’s a show that grabs me. There’ve been times when I’ve crammed 3-4 episodes into a day, despite Life still having to go on.

During the last couple of episodes (I’m about 15 episodes in, as I type this), inspiration for a Shine or Go Crazy shirt design suddenly struck, and I just had to get this shirt out to you guys.


There are basically two main elements at play in this design. [MILD SPOILERS]

1. The White Tiger

Jang Hyuk is rocking his role as Prince Wang So, and when I saw that he identifies with the white tiger, and even wore that as his embellishment for the fight of the princes, I couldn’t shake that out of my head.

So stately, so fierce, and so badass.

2. The Hanja 光

You might remember seeing the hanja 光, which means “shine,” in episode 10, where everyone wrote the same character to have their destinies told.

That stuck with me too, and it felt like an apt focal point as well, since it’s part of the show’s title, and carries so much meaning for our characters.


SoGC: Shining Tiger

Basically, this design celebrates the awesomeness of white tiger Prince Wang So, while shining the spotlight on 光, the hanja for Shine.

Because, even though we might not have complicated royal destinies like our beloved Prince Wang So, we, too, can choose to shine, against all odds.

Check out the shirt (and mugs, phone cases, totes or laptop cases etc) in closer detail, and get yours here: https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/2632817-shine-or-go-crazy-shining-tiger!

As always, please help to spread the word to other fans, you guys! Thanks much!! <3

14 thoughts on “#FindMyTribe: Shine or Go Crazy Shirt – redux & relaunch!

  1. Surusa

    Hi Gurl!!! Long time!!! Hope all is well with you!! Love the shirt design, I ordered one! So glad to see our man JH again in a drama! I like this one very much, but then again I like everything JH is in;)

    1. kfangurl

      Surusa!! 😀 LONG TIME! SO HAPPY to see ya! *waves madly* I’m SO PLEASED that you love the design and have ordered one for yourself! 😀 Jang Hyuk is indeed doing wonderfully as Wang So. I stalled on the watching for a bit coz of personal circumstances, but am in the final stretch now. Just 5 more episodes to go. 🙂

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there, raianne!! I’m so glad you like the shirt!! 😀 Yes, the shirts do come in large. The ladies cut goes up to 2XL, and there’s also a men’s fit available for those who don’t prefer the ladies cut. If you visit the shirt’s campaign page, there is a link to view the sizing charts above the color options. The sizing chart will be different for the ladies and men’s fit, so select the one that you’re interested in, and the site will show you a chart with measurements. That will help you to pick out the size that best fits you 🙂 Let me know if I can help in any other way! 🙂

        1. kfangurl

          Happy graduation/prom to ya, raianne! Just so you know, the Shining Tiger shirt will be available for sure, until 15 April 2015. After the campaign closes then, it may take awhile for the campaign to restart. When there’s enough interest in the shirt, the campaign can be restarted, so I don’t know for sure if/when the shirt will become available again. Again, this is just FYI, I totally understand that you’ve got prom stuff to take care of, and budgeting is important! 🙂

    1. kfangurl

      Thank you, Uma!! 😀 I’m so glad you like the design!! I’m really kinda proud of it, to be honest. 😛 I hope to bring you guys more and even better designs in the future!!

    1. kfangurl

      Thankies, my dear!! 😀 So glad you like it, even though I’m quite sure you haven’t yet boarded the SoGC train! The designs are evolving, and I’m excited about that 🙂

        1. kfangurl

          Thanks my dear Jo!! I really need to get back to working on the shirts. I feel so behind now that I’ve taken a 2 week mini-hiatus thanks to Demanding Real Life. 😛 Time to get the reviews churning, and more shirts going! ^^ (Just as soon as I get these work trips off my to-do list..! XD )


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