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Flash Review: Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms [China]


So recently, a funny thing happened. I found myself marathoning Chinese fantasy drama Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. This, when (a) I’ve lately found myself floating in and out of a moderate drama rut, with most shows just not captivating me as much as I wanted them to; (b) I’ve previously had serious difficulty appreciating any kind of C-fantasy, and lasted all of 10 minutes, the last time I attempted to watch one; and (c) after 10 years of consistent drama-watching, I rarely ever really marathon dramas anymore. I usually ingest just 1 episode of a show each day (maybe a max of 2, if there’s a particularly exciting cliffhanger), and easily move on to other shows and other things.

Not this time, my friends. At my peak, I was watching 5 – five! – episodes of this show in a day. I watched the episodes back-to-back, and even stayed up past my usual bedtime, risking next-day panda eyes and accompanying fuzzy brain, to watch “just one more episode.” Not only that, I also watched this show almost exclusively, through all of its 58 episodes. Woah, right?

This is completely and utterly Nelly‘s fault, I say. She was the one who got me to watch this in the first place (thank you, Nelly. I ❤ you).

Sigh. So pretty. Him, her, and the lovely pink-hued background. Yes, in that order. ❤


As much as I enjoyed my watch of this show, I must admit that I didn’t love all of it. Here’s a handy quick list of things to take into consideration, as you approach this one.

1. It’s CGI-heavy and not all of it’s pretty

To support its fantasy context, Show dishes out a whole lotta CGI. Sometimes, it’s actually quite nicely done, and results in a lovely, ethereal sort of effect. A good chunk of the time, though, the CGI is a little on the clunky side. Case in point, this lion-beast thing above, which is supposed to be Super Scary, but kind of looks like a plasticky distant cousin of the Ninja Turtles.

My advice: just roll with it. It admittedly took me a little while to get used to it, but after a couple of episodes, my reaction to the sometimes-unfortunate CGI was reduced to only the occasional giggle.

2. It’s primarily a love story

There are fights and battle scenes in this show, but truth be told, this one’s really all about the OTP love story. Everything else is literally just set-dressing. So don’t expect the politics or battle plot-lines to be truly robust.

If you’re more into actual strategic plotting & associated brilliance and don’t care much for romance, this one might not work for you (you might want to check out the amazing Nirvana in Fire instead).

3. Sometimes it’s hard to follow Show’s logic

There were definitely times that I found the logic in this show hard to follow. Sometimes, it was because Show didn’t explain certain details until much later; sometimes, it was because Show didn’t explain some things at all; sometimes, I think, it was because I’m unfamiliar with Chinese fantasy and how it all works; sometimes, it was a case of my math not aligning with Show’s math; sometimes, it was just a basic case of skimpy writing.

Due to these various reasons, things didn’t always make sense to me, or, they made a little bit of sense, but I still felt like there were some holes in the logic.

My advice: don’t try to pick at the logical details too much. It’s better to just roll with it and let Show take you on the journey it wants to create. Picking at the details too much will just spoil the watch experience.


Here are just a couple of examples.

(i) Unexplained details

Because Show doesn’t explain until much, much later, why Ye Hua looks exactly like Mo Yuan (both played by Mark Chao), I found it extremely confusing in the early episodes, when Ye Hua, whom we only knew as some kind of spirit, appears and refers to Mo Yuan as a different person. I actually thought they were the same person, and felt quite baffled at it all.

(ii) Other unexplained details

Show never explains why Bai Qian (Yang Mi) had to train at Kunlun Mountain, while Feng Jiu (Dilraba Dilmurat) never had to do anything similar. Both were being groomed as future queens of Qing Qiu, so this didn’t make sense to me.

Show also never explains why Mo Yuan made the Bell of the East Emperor such that a god’s soul sacrifice would be required to seal a baddie inside. I mean, if he was the one who made it, surely he could’ve found a better method to seal it? Also, why wouldn’t he make the seal longer-lasting than 70,000 years?

(iii) Mathy stuff

With one day in the celestial realm being equivalent to one year in the mortal realm, sometimes it got hard to keep track of what was going on in either realm in the passage of time. Like, if this amount of time has passed in the celestial realm, wouldn’t this stage in the mortal realm be over by now? To be fair to Show, this niggling feeling didn’t strike me all that often, and maybe when it did, it was my poor math at fault.

The other math thing, is that time skips happen in the tens of thousands of years on a regular basis. I, uh, had trouble keeping everything straight in my head. Big numbers are not my strength.

(iv) Skimpy writing

Sometimes characters behaved in conveniently cooperative ways, which got the story to trundle along quickly, but also made me feel like the characters weren’t behaving in ways I would expect normal people to.

Like when Bai Qian as Si Yin convinces Ninth (Zhang He) to go with her to Qing Qiu when she’s supposed to be studying under his watchful eye. She basically says something like, “Since you’re supposed to keep an eye on me day and night, going with me would still count as keeping an eye on me. If you don’t let me go, I’ll still find a way to sneak out,” – and Ninth, who is loyal and steadfast in obeying Mo Yuan, simply thinks about it for 2 whole seconds before readily agreeing. I thought that was weird.

Or, like when Bai Qian gets thrown down to the mortal realm by Qing Cang (Lian Yi Ming) and wakes up with no memories of who she is. She doesn’t even try to find other people to ask if they know who she is; she just wanders into the abandoned wooden hut and decides to live there. I also thought that was weird.


4. It might be a slow burn at first

Since this show is all about the love story, and the love story doesn’t really kick into gear until the teen episodes, this could be a bit of a slow burn, at least at first.

I mean, I did like the show from episode 1, and I thought I could see the appeal even then. Honestly, though, it was only when the love story really got going in the teen episodes, that I found myself wanting to watch back-to-back episodes all day, everyday.

So if you don’t find yourself feeling all that hooked in the early episodes, hang in there – it gets crackier.

5. Some of the side plots aren’t so compelling

Since it’s no exaggeration to say that romance is the Main Event in this show, it’s unsurprising that besides the OTP loveline, there are a couple of other lovelines too. The secondary loveline that gets the most screentime is the one between Feng Jiu and Dong Hua Di Jun (Gao Wei Guang), and while I didn’t hate this loveline, I have to admit that this arc did wear my patience rather thin at points.


While this is partly due to the out-of-practically-nowhere nature of Feng Jiu’s fixation with Di Jun, it’s mostly because I find Dilraba Dilmurat to be a rather limited actress. I found her delivery of Feng Jiu rather two-dimensional, and therefore, I suspect, I found Feng Jiu’s adoration for Di Jun – as well as her (many, many) tears at his rejection of her affection – hard to buy. Layered on top of that, the teary sadness dragged on for far too long, in my opinion, and by the later stretch of the show, I found myself wearily resigned to the scenes that featured their loveline.

I will say, though, that by series’ end, I did feel genuinely moved by several of Feng Jiu’s scenes with Di Jun, and that’s a nice turnaround indeed.

In contrast, I felt that the loveline between Sixteen (Liu Rui Lin) and Yan Zhi (Dai Si) was better executed. It’s brief, but bittersweet in a way that actually works. They both feel sad without the other person, but both of them are strong enough to know what needs doing, and actually do it. Neither of them collapses into a weeping heap because their love cannot be fulfilled, and that actually made me respect them for it.


On a frivolous side note, I must say that Di Jun looks pretty darn cool with the platinum hair. Likey.

6. It’s not always a smooth ride

As much as there are stretches of delicious crack in this show, there are also harder stretches to get through. In particular, there’s a portion of the show that I found particularly makjang and hard to watch. I guess it didn’t help that the Makjang with a Capital M occurs soon after the giddy crackiness of the teen episodes.

I’m gonna echo the advice that my friend Panda gave me: “Hang in there, it gets better in a few episodes, after *something* happens.” That really helped me get through the tough stretch, so I’m passing on Panda’s wisdom to you guys. 😉


While at first glance this looks like the shorter list, the things that worked for me, well, really worked for me, and made this watch a very enjoyable one indeed.

1. Mark Chao as Ye Hua

Heh. Before I embarked on this show, quite a few of my Twitter pals assured me that I would love Mark Chao. And they are absolutely right, I do love Mark Chao in this. *hearts in eyes*

I will say, though, that it took me a while before I found myself boarding the Mark Chao train. In the early episodes, we see him as God of War Mo Yuan, who is consistently so disciplined and restrained, that even his speech patterns felt kind of dull from him being so calm all the time. So I found Mark Chao handsome enough, but it puzzled me why everyone was swooning over him.

Ha. I soon found myself changing my mind once we got into the teen episodes and the loveline got going in earnest (more on that in a bit). This basically means that even though Mark Chao plays more than one character, I like him as Ye Hua the most (yep, I’m a Ye Hua fangirl). ❤

How do I love thee, Ye Hua? Let me count the ways

There are 3 big reasons why I love Ye Hua. Here’s them:

(i) He’s so handsome & regal

Yes, I know it’s a frivolous reason, but it definitely helps that Mark Chao looks so regal as Crown Prince Ye Hua. So tall, so handsome, and so dignified. ❤ Even when he’s dressed as a mortal commoner, Ye Hua’s air is stately, commanding and very royal, and I found that very attractive indeed.

(ii) He’s powerful and formidable

I guess this speaks to my soft spot for superheroes; I love that Ye Hua is a force to be reckoned with, whether it’s in smarts, in battle, or in sheer celestial powers. I just loved watching him be impressive, in all of his different ways.

(iii) He loves so strongly & so deeply

Dramaland is so full of powerful jerks that need to be reformed by their One True Love, that Ye Hua’s deep and unwavering love for Bai Qian is a complete breath of fresh air. The guy’s Super Powerful, but at the same time, he is also full-on unabashedly in love with his girl, and unafraid of telling her – and showing her – how he feels about her. I can’t tell you just how much I love that about him.

Flail. Swoon. Puddle.


Favorite Highlights

There’s lots to choose from, when it comes to Ye Hua highlights, but I’m going to pick just 2.

Leaking smiles

In the beginning, when we were introduced to Ye Hua, I found him to be rather self-righteous and stiff. BUT. That all changed once he became Su Su’s pet snake. Which is why I have a soft spot for this portion of the show.

I found his bemused voice-overs funny, and it was so gratifying to watch the heretofore inscrutable Crown Prince soften towards and fall for Su Su. That’s when the fun began, coz his slight, stifled amused smiles started to make me soften towards him. Who knew that a smitten Ye Hua would be this fun to watch?

The stifled smiles in her presence; the slight shifty eyes in Third Uncle’s (Li Dong Heng) knowing presence; the affectionate looks in her direction. This delighted me greatly, and totally made me hit the play button on the next episode, and then the next.

Say it again

The thing that moves me most of all, is Ye Hua’s deep and enduring love for Qian Qian.

For me, the scene that demonstrates that most clearly, is in episode 48, where she tells him that she does want to marry him. His reaction is so absolutely moving, because of the wealth of emotion that is written on his face, and that spills forth as tears from his eyes. He is just so profoundly moved and grateful, that she loves him and wants to marry him.

Just so deeply affecting to behold. Augh.


I must concede that Ye Hua isn’t a perfect character by any means. Sometimes he comes across as a bit of a stick in the mud; sometimes he manhandles Bai Qian and it makes me uncomfortable; sometimes he thinks he knows it all, and in trying to do it all, removes personal agency from the woman he loves.

But still, I have to say that the good (and the swoon) far outweighs the not-so-good. *cue fangirl spazz*

2. Yang Mi as Bai Qian

Just like Ye Hua is a breath of fresh air, I found Bai Qian to be a breath of fresh air too. In a drama landscape where Candy heroines are a dime a dozen, Bai Qian stands out as a heroine who is vulnerable, yet forthright, graceful and strong at the same time.

I found Yang Mi as our heroine to be very enjoyable indeed. She’s got a very likable quality about her, and she transitioned so naturally from the younger and more immature Si Yin, to the older and wiser Bai Qian, that I had to stop to remember just how different she was, before the 70,000 year time skip.

Like Ye Hua, Bai Qian isn’t a perfect character either. She’s impulsive, possesses an unusually large soft spot for liquor, and tends to let her emotions eat away at her. But, these qualities make her all the more relatable, and make her moments of strength truly shine.


Even though Bai Qian allowed herself to be bullied as Su Su, I do love that when she is fully herself, and back in her immortal skin, she is powerful and strong, and doesn’t hesitate to stand up for herself. I love that she is unafraid to speak her mind, whether directly or in the manner of veiled steel.

One of my favorite Bai Qian moments is in episode 54, when she realizes that Su Jin (a very solid, very annoying performance by Huang Meng Ying) had taken her eyes, and she basically marches right up to the Nine Heavens and takes them right back, never mind celestial laws and all that stuff.

So. Badass.


3. The romancey OTP stuff

OMG, you guys. The romance in this show is intoxicating stuff.

There is a Reason that the idea of a Fated Love that stands the test of time is a classic favorite in dramaland. The idea that one love is so strong that nothing can come between the lovers is a romantic one indeed. And because this story takes place in a fantasy world peopled with gods and goddesses, Show can take that idea and literally multiply it by tens of thousands of years, and several lifetimes. In effect – by my estimation at least – this essentially heightens and amplifies the audience’s experience of the romance and emotions, many times over.

As if that isn’t heady enough, Show also allows the love and romance to be expressed in the characters’ desire for each other. Unlike many kdramas I’ve seen (and I reference kdramas only because that’s the stuff I have the most experience with), where most couples stick to the occasional restrained, wide-eyed lip-lock, and most sexytimes (if any) are overlaid with a generous PG-friendly cutesy filter, this show’s open acknowledgement of this couple’s desire for each other felt candid and refreshing.

A big part of the appeal of the romancey OTP stuff, is how Ye Hua is so laser-focused on Qian Qian. Every time he hones in on her, with desire in his eyes and kisses on his lips, my insides flail and tingle, before they ultimately surrender in a big ol’ puddle of swoon. And when he kisses her, he kisses her properly, tenderly and.. thoroughly. Ahem.

Combine that with the multiplied-by-the-millenium wealth of emotion backing that desire, and the whole thing is melt-your-insides potent indeed.

More flail. More swoon. More puddle.

4. Zhang Yi Han as Ah Li

There are a number of secondary characters that I enjoy in this show (Wang Xiao as Si Ming and Zhang Yu Hao as Mi Gu come to mind), but my favorite has to be adorable little Riceball munchkin Ah Li. ❤

He’s just so precocious and endearing, and I just love his toddler-enunciation because the words that come out of his mouth are so often much wiser than his little-boy years. Besides that, I am also very taken with his immediate and unquestioning attachment to Bai Qian.

I mean, just look at that sweet adoring gaze. Aw.


We get a happy ending (OMG, so much phew), but I have to admit that getting to the happy ending was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. The good thing is that our resident antagonists either meet their ends, or are punished for their wrongdoings. The bad thing is.. there’s so much sadness all around.

When Ye Hua died and even Mo Yuan and Zhe Yan (Ken Chang) had no way of reviving him, my heart sank, and I wondered if our OTP would have to start all over again in some other lifetime, in the closing minutes of the show – or worse, not even get the chance for a happy ending at all.

Understandably, in the wake of Ye Hua’s death, Bai Qian wallows in sadness and lingering depression at the loss of her beloved. The fact that Bai Qian then basically spends all her time sleeping so that she can see Ye Hua in her dreams, is tragic and romantic and just really sad, all at the same time.

That is all mournful enough, but other events come together to deepen the melancholy as well. The bittersweet acknowledgement that Di Jun and Feng Jiu will never be together despite their love for each other, and the same tacit understanding between Sixteen and Yan Zhi for their love. On top of that, we get the subtle confirmation that Mo Yuan has loved Bai Qian all this time, but, like Di Jun, chooses the abstinent road for the protection of all the realms.

Selfless sadness, pretty much all around.

So when Ye Hua – after being housed in his crystal coffin for 3 years – is pronounced to be not dead after all, I lapped it up eagerly, never mind that the explanation about how that could be possible seemed a tad convenient. It’s kind of the same thing I felt when he came back from his mortal trial and suddenly had the use of his right arm again, even though Zhe Yan had earlier said that it would take tens of thousands of years for him to gain the use of his right arm. Basically, I so wanted good, happy things for Ye Hua and Bai Qian, that I found it pretty easy to ignore the convenience of the plot development and just accept the happy developments with relief.

In the closing minutes, my mind and my heart were focused only on the important things:

Ye Hua is alive! With all of his memories! Our OTP gets to finally live happily ever after, with their little Riceball!

Hurrah! *throws peach blossoms*


Rises above its flaws to be an epic love story that works out to be both heartfelt and satisfying.



This trailer is more spoilery than I would like, but it’s the one that I feel gives the best flavor for the essence of this show. Hopefully, without subs and without context, it won’t actually feel too spoilery for those of you who haven’t seen the show.


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139 thoughts on “Flash Review: Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms [China]

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  2. kfangurl, I love your review. I happened to stumble upon this while searching for YeHua/BaiQian fanfics. I started watching 3L3W TMOPB just August of last year. I still can’t get over the series 🥰🥰🥰!


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  5. I’m so glad I stumbled on your writing.. soooo happy cos it’s really exactly how I feel, just you wrote it better 🙂 Totally agree with all your points and fav moments.. Those are mine too. I got so engrossed in pressing next button, til my girl and hubby have no choice but joining me 🙈 I messed my chores and sleeping time because of this too !
    Before this never know Mark Chao. After this one, he got another new fans 😝 !

    Thank you so much !! Love it that my voice can be channeled out ..


    • Hi there ling! Thanks for enjoying this review! ❤ And hi5, that we feel so similarly about this show! It really is addictive, isn't it? I found myself clicking on the next episode, and then the next.. I just couldn't get enough! 😍😍 This absolutely turned me into a Mark Chao fan as well. I even watched Detective Dee inflight last week because of him! 😅


      • Exactly !!!! I have become Mark Chou fans too !! Really loveeee the way he’s so super in expressing his feelings and emotions just with his facial gestures 😘😘 goshhh! It’s really very difficult for me to move on 😚 will start hunt and watch his other movies too hehehehe…


        • I was recommended TW drama Black and White, where Mark Chao plays a detective. I haven’t seen it yet, but you could consider checking it out, since you’re looking for more Mark Chao goodies 🙂


      • I have become a fan of Mark Chao too. I am now watching Black and White (series) and I watched “Love”, “First Time”, “So Young”, “Till the End of the World” (movies) and I keep watching all his movies ….


  6. I never watched any Chinese drama, with the exception of “A Love so Beautiful”, which was excellent. However, TMOPB took me to another universe. I could not stop watching the episodes, and I reckon the reason is Ye Hua and his amazing devotion to Bai Qian. He is unbelievably passionate and courageous , so intense, absolutely handsome, this black long hair being so sensuous. Not only I binged on the drama, I could not help thinking about it during the day, which turned be into a zombie dreamer, unable to concentrate on anything pertaining to this sublunary realm. Excellent actors, effects (even if they look like pictures sometimes….it does not matter…it adds to the fantasy effect). The cast is superb. But Mark Chao steals the show…he is an outstanding actor, so expressive, his eyes speak for him.. I am not Chinese, so this movie not only introduced me to the xianxia genre….I also tried to listen to the language and absorb a bit of it….my next task is to learn Chinese. Thanks to the book writer, the director, the actors, the producers, artists, computer animators, musicians, for having crafted such a beautiful drama. The music is also very beautiful….I wonder who the composer is……


    • Hi there Sofi! I must say, you picked some excellent dramas to kick off your foray into Chinese dramas! I loved ALSB as well, and I agree, Peaches is just EPIC – and yes, Mark Chao certainly has a lot to do with it! 😍😍😍 The downside to starting off so strong, is that it’s not easy to find dramas that are equally good to watch afterwards. I’m no expert on Chinese dramas as I just got into them a couple of years ago, as a bit of a departure from my usual Korean fare. But I do highly recommend Nirvana in Fire and The First Half Of My Life (reviews here and here). Another show you might like to check out is Legend of Fuyao. I haven’t seen it myself, but I know a number of people who really liked that one. 🙂

      All the best with learning Chinese! It’s not an easy language, but it is a beautiful one. I hope you’ll enjoy your learning journey with it! 🙂 I’m Chinese, and even then, I have struggled to master the language, probably because I’ve never lived in a mainly Chinese-speaking environment. But, Chinese dramas have shown me how beautiful Chinese can sound, so I’m inspired to get better at it. 🙂


      • Thanks for your reply! Since then I have watched Legend of Fujao (good moments, but the writers lost the plot towards the rushed end, which I did not like), Ashes of Love (again, good moments, great performance of both male leads, but I did not like the female lead), The King’s Woman (very nice). However, none of this was like TMOPB. I enjoyed them while I watched them, but after the finished, I forgot about them . But I cannot let go of TMOPB. I watched it three times in its entirety. Plus I watched selected episodes and scenes many more times. Each time I finished I had a great feeling of loss…having to say goodbye to Ye Hua, Bai Qian, A-Li, Mo Yuan, and all the others. I cannot get over this drama. This never happened to me before….All the best


        • Ah, I know what you mean. When you encounter a really special drama, everything else just pales in comparison. Perhaps you might like to try A Love So Beautiful, if you’re in the mood for something modern and youthy? It’s quite special, and has lingered with many viewers. It might be a nice way to distract yourself from Peach Blossoms for a bit 😉


  7. I loved this review. Your ability to describe my exact thoughts are impeccable. This is my all time favorite show and have watched it many times over. I never get tired of it. Ye Hua was most impressively portrayed by Mark Chao. To be able to express love so deeply and genuinely is a gift. He has that gift. Yang Mi is also talented. Her character was not as expressive, but she did very well in portraying that. I have already followed these actors in their other projects and watching them explode into the acting world.


    • Hi there Julie! Thanks for enjoying this review! 😀 Also, hi5 that we feel similarly about this show ❤ It really is quite special, and Mark Chao as Ye Hua is definitely one of the big reasons why! 😍😍😍 I was completely sucked in by his expressiveness, as you put it. ❤ I've only watched this once myself, but I it's absolutely worth a rewatch. I'm saving it for when enough details have faded in my memory so that it'll feel fresh again 😉


  8. Im a kdrama fan but it stop when i started to watched anime, so i rarely wached kdrama now, but then found this drama called MR SUNSHINE it was a great drama though its a sad ending, it is hard to move on so i binge watched it every night except for the last episode, i tried to find some other dramas that will intrigue me but didnt work. Im not into cdrama and didnt try to watch one but i love watching chinese movies until i got a hold of DETECTIVE DEE i was mesmerized by Mark’s acting and handsomeness so i began to watched his other movies then drama Eternal Love (a.k.a Ten Miles Of Peach Blossom) and woah!..this drama hit me so hard i cant just get enough of Yehua/Moyuan (Mark Chao) i dont even know how many times i watched this and the ost i never thought to memorize it, i kind of why didnt i find this drama so early,. gosh! i just finished watching this last november for 3 days. I think its better late than never. I heard there is a sequel but i don’t think I will be that interested to watched it coz im more into Yehua x Bai Qian so i dont think if i can watch but i’ll try.

    Its 2019 and im still re-watching though i barely have free time coz of my internship and my upcoming exams, but i still watched while studying you know…hahahah

    _hope someone can update me of MARK CHAO new movie or drama..TY!


    • Oh yes, I do agree that Mark Chao is quite a force to be reckoned with in Peaches! I was told I would fall for him – and all my friends were right. 😍😍😍 As for the sequel, I heard that it’s not actually a sequel, in the sense that the Fengjiu x Donghua story was quite a deviation from the novel in Peaches, and this upcoming drama will tell their story much closer to what is written in the novel. I’m not so interested in their story as well, but like you, I’ll likely at least check it out a little bit.

      As for Mark Chao’s upcoming projects, it seems that he’s got a drama (Ordinary Glory) and movie (Saturday Fiction) coming out in 2019! 😀


  9. “And when he kisses her, he kisses her properly, tenderly and.. thoroughly. Ahem.”
    This is exactly the reason I loved this so much in comparison to some other drama’s I’ve seen this year. I know I’m a little late on the band wagon here but the passionate kisses are much appreciated in a love story. Non of that fake lip pressing business here.
    I kind of really want to make out with Mark Chao


    • Better late than never, I say! 😉 And yes, I can totally see how this show would make one want to make out with Mark Chao. Show kinda had the same effect on me too, heh! 😍😍😍


  10. honestly i think this is like the best drama of all time i love the story so much


  11. Just binged this show in a day and a half. Loved it, and thanks for your review (and everyone’s comments). Insightful and helpful in understanding and appreciating this show even more than I already do! hehee ❤


    • Ah, glad you enjoyed the show – as well as this review, Nancy! 🙂 I’m impressed at your drama-watching prowess.. A day and a half for a series of this length is nothing short of amazing! 😱 Wow!


  12. Yeh Hwa was able to consistently defy expectations because it was established from the beginning of his introduction that he was no ordinary god, he rivaled the God of War in all aspects and had surpassed him in the end.


  13. Furthermore, the CGI was solid for a TV drama. The specific scene in your screen capture was actually remarkable CGI, better than most I’ve seen in a TV serial, East or West.

    The plastic effect is flaw apparent in most CGI regardless of production, it is even present in Jurassic World because CGI can’t reflect natural light and this becomes starkingly apparent in daylight scenes. In my opinion, the best CGI scene was the scene when she regained her memories, not only did the CGI add to the atmosphere, but because it took place at night it masked the downfalls of CGI and accentuated the mood.

    May I ask, did you watch the series in English subtitles? It would explained why you might have missed some crucial details. Bai Qian explained the reason she was sent to the Kunlun School herself in the first episode, her mischief. Her brothers were Kings of the five plains too. They didn’t need a specific school either, they self cultivated their godhood while she was unruly and had a low degree of divinity, in fact she didn’t properly cultivated til after her master died.

    The unexplained you have listed may be audience bias because as the audience we assume we saw all events. The senior brother went along with Bai Qian because they spent years off screen together, he was well aware of her personality, and have failed many times to reign her in as senior.

    The mountain where she resided as a mortal had a barrier that kept the towns folk from approaching, casted by the tiger demon that used the mountain as a safe zone, as Yeh Wah explained. She didn’t interact with other people until it was broken. We don’t know if she asked others about her identity, she probably did, but the towns people certainly wouldn’t know and any interaction with divinity took place between months to years because they went back and forth between realms.


    • Yes, I did watch this show with English subtitles. I also understood most of the dialogue because I am ethnically Chinese. I think the disconnect for me, is that I am still new to the C-fantasy genre, and therefore unfamiliar with many of the C-fantasy norms. Thanks for taking the time to explain what I might have missed during my watch. I still very much enjoyed my watch though, as you can see from my final rating of the show. 🙂


  14. The show did explain most of those details.
    Bai Qian was sent to kunlun school for discipline because her frequent trouble making, Bai Qian narrated her circumstance before the start of the series, in episode one.

    The Bell of the East Emperor was gifted to the dark realm as a token of peace long after it was created. Mo Yuan never intended anyone to use it, he didn’t expect his father, the first heavenly emperor, to use the bell as a token.

    One day in heavenly realm is one year in the mortal realm, however not all scenes are in chronological order, sometimes they will show a scene that occur previously for suspense.


    • Yes, I missed that bit about Bai Qian being sent there because she was a troublemaker. I also missed that bit about the bell not being intended for use, after its creation. I did like this show a lot, and might watch it again sometime. Hopefully the details will be much clearer to me the second time around, although I’m quite sure the math stuff still doesn’t quite add up, with the many human years that need to have passed with the time skips worth tens of thousands of years. Surely with time skips like that, it would’ve propelled us into modern day times – or even beyond? 😅


  15. Thank you for validating my obsession with this Show. Love it!❤


  16. A great review and super agreed! Just a few other things I enjoyed about the series was how intricate it’s foundation is on Taoism, Buddhism, Chinese mythology/mysticism. Or even the almost scientific/relativity thing with them being on a different level of existence/dimension. With that in mind I don’t find the time thing a illogical plot hole, rather that they seem to be beyond time, eternal beings, so they could technically enter the mortal realm at any point in the timeline, so even after 100,000 of their years it’s not difficult to see how the mortal realm can still be the same, if they decide to insert themselves whenever. With a good understanding of these concepts that are prevalent, some of the logic actually makes a kind of sense particularly with the whole repayment, karma cycles, and trials for ascension etc. Like how much YH has to suffer may not only be for the characters involved but also the fact that he’s supposed to be dead but he was saved totally by the grace and basically life of his father and MY and BQ. also like how things were circular and symbolic, things interconnected, but also not explained in a real in your face, here’s the answer way. Even when things were revealed to viewers it would be through the speculation and conversations of characters which were put through indirect subtleties, unspoken nuances, but at other times, a breath of fresh air when characters are just smart and know, and then talk about it directly. It doesn’t drag things out unnecessarily. I love the lines they speak too which carry wisdom, suggestion, such personality, and concepts of their universe but are also simple and easy to comprehend. The actors are incredible at nuance and speaking without words. Especially everything spoken in their eyes. bq and yh’s most powerful moments are so compelling because of their eyes. The love between them throughout the plot doesn’t beat around the bush in cliche manners or force drama to come through, like how fresh is it to have a story where the characters never waver in their commitment to each other and YH saw through Sujin’s ploys from the get go. bq back as goddess also immediately caught on to sujin and took no bs. Their love speaks beyond the story. Their love is so deep, so soulful, you can just feel it aching through their entire being and right into the viewers. I cried so many times lol sometimes from sadness, sometimes from being moved how precious they are to each other, sometimes from pure joy. I didn’t have problems with some of the convenient plot devices, because it overall is compelling and immersive enough. The one thing that was unrealistic was how Suyin, Susi, Bai Qian looks exactly the same and all characters are like omg they look the same but never did they think they’re actually probably the same person (except smarter ones like YH, Dong Hua). The issue with this is because they are immortal who are well versed with and operate within the universal concepts of Taoism, Buddhism, etc and so many of them go through trials in the mortal realm, or trials for ascension. How when they reincarnate
    they look the same. They should’ve immediately got it. But you know if that happened there would be not much plot. That said, I think they did the omg you look the same moments way too much and made it a bit frustrating. But overall, it was a series that literally shook me to my core and I can’t get over it! Still feel like crying when I hear an OST song lol


    • Hi there Erin! Thanks for enjoying the review! ❤ Thanks for sharing your deep thoughts and feelings about this show, it's always interesting to learn from other viewers 🙂 And yes, I do agree that the love between Ye Hua and Bai Qian is truly soul-deep and very profound. I was very moved by the story of their love, and that's why I consider this one of the best epic romances to watch ❤


  17. Indeed, the love scenes where really powerful. I loved this drama and now it’s my TOP favorite. I did binged watch the whole series for an entire weekend. Also, a Mark Chao fan. He rendered with such intensity the hidden rebellious nature of Ye Hua, after being so strictly raised by his grandfather. I agree with you that he is so manly and collected and passionate at the same time, that I fully understand getting flustered and blushed by his excellent acting skills. I loved the moustache and beard as Mo Yuan though. Great review! Keep up the good work! ♡♡♡


    • Glad you enjoyed the show – and this review, Alejandra! 😀 Also, wow that you finished this show in one weekend! That must’ve been quite the emotional rollercoaster of a weekend! 😉 But who can blame you.. Mark Chao is just so gloriously appealing in this that thinking of him as Ye Hua still makes my heart wobble. ❤ I do get what you mean about the facial hair though. Mo Yuan had his own sexy appeal too. 😉


  18. OMG!! I practically swallowed this show up over the weekend. I simply couldn’t do anything else!!!
    Someone please send a few titles my way.
    Super big Ye Hua fan girl over here. Mark Chao and Yang Mi delivered an astounding piece of acting this time round! :> I really wish they weren’t married to other people in real life.


    • What a fun weekend that must’ve been, heh. 😀 I found this all kinds of cracky and addictive, so I feel ya! I loved Ye Hua as well. So, so swoony 😍😍

      As for a new show to get over this one, I personally find that a good way to go, is to watch a very different type of show, to avoid comparison. On that note, if you haven’t watched A Love So Beautiful, I do recommend it. I found it very cute and lovable, and pretty cracky in its own way. ❤ My quick review is here, hope that helps! 🙂


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  20. I inhaled and finished this drama in one week :”) yes ONE WEEK omg but that’s because it’s the school holidays for me. I had been experiencing a drama slump as well and this was a breath of fresh air. I really loved your review!! It helped me to consolidate all the intense feels that i accumulated from watching. I’m so happy that you loved this drama as much as I did. I watched this one with my female cousins and they don’t seem to feel the same way about this drama so I was feeling quite alone. no one else around me had watched the drama too. but then this came along! All the stuff you said about the OTP really resonated gahhhhh I’m still not completely over the heartbreak that the last 3 episodes gave me even though it was a happy ending. So I’m reading the book now so I can re-ingest all the Bai Qian and Ye Hua moments, and I’ll probably watch this again after I’m done hahaha. I hope they produce more cdramas like Eternal Love – I might just convert! after 8 years of kdrama and kdrama only. I just recently finished Love O2O hehehe. And I quite liked it, just not as much as this. I sincerely hope it won’t be another 8 years before Mark Chao appears on the small screen. I love Ye Hua so much… Also I really loved the set and costume design in this one heehee I hope to be married in one of Bai Qian’s flow-ey pastel dresses.

    Btw I started reading a lot of your reviews after I stumbled upon this one and I must say I agree with a lot of with you say. I’m off to watch Healer now. Hopefully I’ll be done before school term starts.


    • Hi there Nicole, glad you found me! And wow, one week! That must have been a very intense marathon of Peach Blossoms!! It’s too bad that your cousins didn’t love this one as much as you did, but that’s the weird and wonderful thing about dramas, isn’t it? We all tend to have such different responses to the same shows, as drama fans, that it never fails to fascinate me. But, yay that we seem to feel very similarly about this show – and other shows, too.

      I thought Love O2O was cute, but definitely not as cracky as Peach Blossoms. I WILL say, though, that I unreservedly love Healer, so I’m hoping that you will love it too. Healer foreva 😍😍😍


  21. Hi, I enjoyed your review and made me so excited to watch Ten Miles of Peach Blossom.Just finished Princess Agents and trying to find another good C~drama to watch and I stumbled this review.Thank you.Got another drama to watch again.I am open for another good drama suggestions.Thank you


    • Ah! I’m so pleased that this review had managed to persuade you to check out Peach Blossoms! 😀 That makes me feel very accomplished, heh. I liked this very well from E1, but didn’t feel the hook till the early teen eps. So if you’re like me, it might take a little while for this one to feel cracky. But, it does get cracky, and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did! 🙂

      PS: Have you seen Nirvana In Fire? It’s my favorite C-drama to date, and is also the best drama I’ve probably seen, ever. My quick review of NIF is here, if it helps 🙂


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  23. Beautiful, you described everything so clearly 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍and I love Ye Hua and Bai Qian so much


  24. this is the only drama tha i rewatched over 20 times and still couldnt get enough. and regret watching it coz i find other c dram or kdrama are not woth watching for. i am that biased after watching it..o maybe Reply 1988 can go head to head with perfectnest i think. but to all whose planning to watch this i bet youll rewathc like we did. enjoy and dont mind the cgi the whole drama will cover all the flaws if you find one or two.


  25. This show just ate my week! My god, what a ride! It’s like this was the epic love story I’d always wanted. Are there any other high genre epic love stories with flawed protagonists like QianQian? I love that she had strong points, her strength and capacity for kindness, and weaknesses such as her pride and temper. I love that they could show both her and Ye Hua committing mistakes and being on the wrong as opposed to having the female lead constantly needing rescuing. And a I loved how Ye Ha actually explained to Susu what he was doing was in order to protect her. It makes her actions stem from a decision she made as opposed to a misunderstanding. After a lifetime of manga I grew tired of wishy washy female leads who don’t really do much except wait for the guys to love them for being perfect and let other women hate her for being perfect. Are there any other dramas you can reccomend with Bai Qian esque leads?

    Also, just saw the movie stateside- honestly, I thought far and away the actors from the TV drama, as well as the pacing of the Chinese drama, was vastly superior. I first I wasn’t sold on Li Min as Bai Quian is described as a rare, jaw dropping beauty, and I thought Fai Bing Bing would be better suited for the role, and damn I was wrong. I was so, so wrong. How Li min could go from the mischievous Si Yin to the hesitant and delicate Susu to the proud commandeering Goddes Bai Quian was breathtaking. What an actress!

    Omg I was not ready for that show to end!


  26. I watched it the 3rd time already! I think it really surpasses other C-dramas because the main couple really loved each other and they never for once questioned their love and did stupid stuffs. Mark Chao is sooooo handsome *v* His smile kills.


    • 3 times already! That’s some dedication you’ve got there, Kunkz! 😉 I must agree though, it’s a lovely show, and Mark Chao IS so handsome! ❤ I could see myself watching this one again too!


  27. I like ten miles of peach blossoms very much XD!!!!!!!!
    get hooked with the story and the actor. I dont care about FengJiu and Donghua, I skip FJ/ DH story everytime I rewatch this drama . I think FJ acting is not good,, but she is very pretty .

    I dont know what i should watch next,, stilll cant move on from this drama. I get hooked before in Lan ling wang (Feng shao feng version) and now 3L3W.
    Anyone can suggest me some other fantasy/ historical drama like this that has great love story,?


  28. Found your post bc I just finished binge watchiNg and I needed somewhere to talk about my asian drama addiction!! I’m so glad I waited til it was completely finished to start bc I don’t know how I would have lasted waiting for the next episodes to come out. Loved your review and I completely agree with all that you said about the extremely well executed Ye Hua. My god. Mark chao is definitely an immortal in my eyes. I. Just. Could. Not. Get. Enough. Of. Him. Whats super crazy is that tv/movie adaptations never do the novel justice but I have to agree with others that the drama blew me away more then the novel did. I was definitely in it for the OTP– and I actually watched every single episode. I was super excited about the general and I and had to stop after the first few episodes and then skipped here and there. I loved the beginning of Princess Weiyong but stopped after the revenge etc just got too much for me. Peach Blossoms just felt more balanced and all the drama tropes in it we’re still well done. Went off on a tangent there lol. I was so excited to watch the movie bc I love yang yang but now I’ve got mixed feelings. Bc mark chao rocked the role. It’s hard to imagine anyone else as Ye Hua or even Mo Yuan.
    Anyway thanks for the great review/post and letting me blabber on. I will definitely check out your other posts. As now I need a new fix.


  29. This show definitely had its heart-wrenching moments. Mark Chao shined as Ye Hua – his emotions were obvious even though he sometimes had a strict face. The thing is, I would have never watched this drama without your review. You touched the good and the bad, but your emphasis on the good was really what made me watch it.

    And, goodness gracious, the kissing scenes were so, so, hot. Like you said, Mark Chao knows how to kiss, and it shows.

    I think I’ve become just a teensy- tinny bit obsessed with him…but oh well.

    Also, I have to admit that after watching the show, I was left unsatisfied with the ending. I wanted to know more. I wanted to see the splendid wedding the no doubt would have had. I just wanted an epilogue of the epilogue, so, like all hardcore fans, I turned to fanfiction. I wasn’t surprised that there weren’t many – this is, after all, an asian drama. Most of the fanfics would probably be in chinese. However, I was saddened to find that there weren’t many good quality Ye Hua/Bai Qian fics.

    Lo and behold, when I was stumbling across fanfic sites, I found this rare gem.

    It’s not really a gem per se, but it definitely is a really, really good one.

    I don’t want to spoil it if you do read it, so here’s the link.

    (I just wanted to share something for the masses!)

    Thank you so much!


    • acalo, iyou like Ye Hua/Bai Qian fanfics, check out Since I still can’get over my obsession with 3L3W TMOPB, I’m still reading fanfics as well, in addition to watching my favorite scenes all over again.


  30. Everything you said about this show I cannot agree more! I absolutely fell in love with Mark Chao (more accurately it’s Ye Hua that completely swept me off my feet) and it was for every same reason you have listed above. Even the details about what works and what doesn’t make sense are accurate to the tee. I cried and I laughed with the characters and most evenings I can’t stop watching until well past 2 a.m. Mark Chao did an outstanding job portraying Ye Hua and he definitely has this royal and regal aura around him. Di Jun is very very cool but I also feel the love story btw him and Feng Jiu was not that convincing. Well with the very powerful love and desire btw Ye Hua & Qian Qian, theirs was totally being overshadowed. Honestly if the show didn’t have a happy ending, I am not sure how I would be able to finish watching it! So needless to say, this show has become one of my favourite Chinese romance. The only other one that could potentially measure up to this is Bu Bu Jing Xin (Scarlet Heart or aka Startling by Each Step). But right now Ten Miles of Blossom is the winner!

    P.S. I have to admit, whenever the show shifts to side plots, I would either get up for water or bathroom breaks, and then glued to the screen whenever Ye Hua appears. I think I have fallen into the Ye Hua spell…… 😛


    • Oh, I certainly can’t blame you, DollFace! I was completely taken with Ye Hua too, and I couldn’t get enough! I also stayed up way past my bedtime for just one more episode – or two 😉 YES, I was SO relieved that we got a happy ending! I was so eager for a happy ending that I promptly closed my eyes to what I felt was rather convenient writing. I was like, who cares, Ye Hua is alive!!!! 😆 I totally see myself watching this one again – at least the OTP parts 😉


  31. Ah Ye Hua, such a womanizer ! Is there any woman that doesn’t fall for him in AND outside of this show ? Don’t get it though, he gives me a strong off putting Severus Snape vibe 90% of the time. So except when he goes for an attempted kiss (then his features soften and his gaze became so tender and engaging…), I don’t really care for him. I much prefer Mark Chao as Mo Yuan actually, rocking the bun, the facial hair and the poise.
    Did not finish the drama yet but what I can already say :
    -totally digging that” When Game of Thrones Meets Harry Potter” frame. Who knew ?
    -not really digging the OTP romance… or any romance of this show really (except maybe the Lin Jing and the (almost) Mo Yuan arcs which were crushed in the egg before they even get a chance to start). A bummer for a show solely about that romance, isn’t it ?
    -apropos can we talk Lin Jing/Vin Zhang ? I feel like nobody is speaking about that beautiful creature. There, this is a love line I can totally relate to! It was love at first sight: those sensual lips, the hairstyles (particularly the braided ones), the mischievous/amused then the wistful gaze (well conveyed despite the lenses, the man has some craft)… Vin Zhang is so damn sexy with those little horns ! A nice addition from Love O2O, where he is already very yummy (no pun intended, him playing a chef in that drama)

    Off to watch the remaining episodes and, just like Terminator… or Mo Yuan… or Ye Hua, I’ll be back.


  32. It is explained why Ye Hua and Mo Yuan are look alike. You’ve maybe missed it when it was explained. The Golden Lotus represents the soul of Ye Hua and it is owned by Mo Yuan’s father, suddenly when his father passed away, he entrusted it to Mo Yuan and saying, “It will be a person someday”. In short, Mo Yuan and Ye Hua are Twins/Brothers.

    It is also explained why Bai Qian went on Kunlun Mountain, it is because she want to learn “something new and different”, and she disguised as man with the help of her brother. And then the whole story began. 🙂 Hope this is a big help


  33. I am totally open to C-dramas and the site I watch dramas at has started to get quite a few more. I actually watched three in a row: Princess WeiYoung, General and I and then this one. I was finishing up G&I so I waited to jump into Ten Miles when 20 plus episodes were already released, and I thought this will be great because I won’t catch up and have to wait and suffer week to week. ha ha ha ha ha Yeah, this was so good I just binge watched and went through the waiting game with everyone else. I think everything has pretty well been said, but I will say something that was so helpful was having the comment section at Dramafever have so many people who read the book because some things needed explaining both in what was happening or why the characters were doing what they were doing. (The book was told from the view point of the female lead.) Some fans of the book were so good to explain things without doing spoilers and it actually helped my viewing experience. I am so glad the production didn’t do this in flashback as apparently a chunk of it was done this way in the book.

    Also a shout out to the director. She was one of the directors of Scarlet Heart (Chinese version) and multiple other productions. The story is what the story is, but this past year has been me learning how very important the director is. I will probably give anything this gal does a go just because I know she can film beautifully.

    Anyway, a production really knows it has won when almost all of the fans of the book say the drama was as good as or better than the book…..that’s a win.


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  35. Thank you for your review! One of the best reviews for this drama that I have read so far. I so agree with what you liked about this drama.
    I have never been a fan of C-dramas. Found myself more captivated by K-dramas.
    The previous (and probably only other) C-drama that I watched was Fire Blue Blade and that was awhile ago.
    They used to play all these C-dramas on TV, historical ones, fantasy ones, romantic ones, but no C-drama have caught and held my interest. I’m a big fan of romantic dramas and have found C-dramas to be silly. The female characters are usually dumb, annoying and trying to act cutesy. Their male counterparts were equally dreary.

    Until this. This drama blew me away. I love it so much I accept all it’s flaws, poor CGI and whatnot. I don’t care!
    I totally heart Yehua. He had my heart from the moment he met Susu.
    Some people did not like the Yehua-Susu romance but i adore it. I thought the bits with Yehua and Susu were my favourite parts of the show and I still think so after watching this drama a million times.
    That love at first sight, that deep love was so touching and heartwrenching.
    I do not know how Yehua managed to stay so devoted to Susu despite growing up in the obviously polygamous celestial family. But he did it, he had unwavering and undying love for his one lady and was not at all tempted by all the ladies who tried to throw themselves at him. Even when he thought she was dead or when he thought BaiQian loved another guy, he never strayed. He stayed loyal and selfless to the end.
    Yehua-BaiQian was a treat to watch too. BaiQian’s transition from not liking to loving Yehua was quick and I can understand why some think it is underdeveloped. But 4th brother did mention that BaiQian was dense in matters of the heart. In the novel, even BaiQian had a hard time understanding herself and her feelings for Yehua. After her time with Yehua at the Water Crystal Palace where Yehua passed her the lamp, she still had to reason with herself multiple times before she decided she did actually liked Yehua.
    The drama mimicked the book well and showed how slow BaiQian was regarding romance. I do wish they made her transition a little more gradual.
    I love Yehua to bits, I can’t even name one thing I didn’t like about him. Sure, he could have handled matters better with Susu, but where would we have our story and heartache? Plus, it was in line with Yehua’s character the way he acted. He is not one to share his pain and suffering with others. He prefers to shoulder everything silently and not let the people he cares about know of his sacrifices. Not only is Yehua charming, he is undefeatable as well. He is able to defeat all kinds of beasts single-handedly. His fighting prowess far surpasses the other celestials, Li Jing, Dijun, the fox clan, they don’t hold a candle to him. I daresay his powers are superior to Mo Yuan.
    I liked both Susu and BaiQian. I see them as the same person, just different because of the different circumstances they were in. I liked that BaiQian had her flaws, she was selfish, insecure, proud and one to bear grudges. That made her more human and unlike those other self-sacrificing females in most dramas. Underneath it all, BaiQian is actually a Susu, kind and loyal.
    Like many others, I am baffled by the one day in the heavenly realm equals one year in the mortal realm thing. If that was true, some parts of the story would not have made sense. Also the age, I am assuming Yuan Zhen is 300+ years old, considering how 2nd prince and Shao Xin got together just before Yehua met Susu. How come A-li is 300 years old but much smaller than Yuan Zhen?
    But since I am bewitched by this show, I shall disregard all the parts that don’t quite add up.
    Mark Chao as Yehua/Mo Yuan was magic. His subtle expressions. He conveyed so much with so little. He made Yehua and Mo Yuan so different. He didn’t have to overact to show us his sorrow. I am not sure how Yang Yang would fare as Yehua or Mo Yuan. Yang Yang might act out a different Yehua, which is fine, but to me Mark Chao is the only Yehua. I can’t accept anyone else, pretty face or not.
    Yang Mi did an excellent job portraying a proud BaiQian and less than intelligent Susu. Not to mention Si Yin or Xuan nu. I thought she nailed her crying scenes well. The more I look at her, the more she grows on me. Liu Yifei has that goddess air around her and I am looking forward to see how she will bring out the slight arrogance and snobbish attitude of BaiQian.
    Unfortunately I wasn’t invested in the Fengjiu /Dijun story. hmmm. Funny, I started watching TMOPB because of them but couldn’t care less about them towards the end. It just seemed to be getting nowhere. I rather they add more Yehua BaiQian parts.

    I am having massive withdrawal symptoms since finishing this drama in March. Not exactly withdrawing. I still watch an episode everyday, that’s how bad I’ve got it.
    I can’t seem to get over TMOPB.
    I’ve tried other dramas since, etc The General and I (I thought the acting was pretty stiff here), Journey of Flower, Chinese Paladin 3 etc etc and I just couldn’t watch pass 2 episodes for each drama.
    They all pale in comparison to TMOPB.
    What should I do??


    • Sigh.. yes indeed, TMOPB is quite special, and I can see why you’re having trouble moving on from it! And I feel ya – I very much ❤ Ye Hua too! 😍😍 So swoony, so loyal, so manly.. and so loving, all at the same time. At first, I thought Mark Chao was rather stiff too – until we got to see other facets of his acting as the story progressed. It felt like a revelation, lol. I am now most definitely a Ye Hua – and Mark Chao – fangirl. ❤

      I’ve heard that the Fengjiu/Donghua story is better handled in the book.. perhaps that’s why you came for this couple but left with a huge fixation on Ye Hua instead? 😉

      I haven’t seen many C-dramas myself, but my #1 drama, quite literally across all dramas, hands-down, is Nirvana In Fire. It’s so magnificent, everything else just pales in comparison. The only thing, though, is that it’s not a romance, so this might not be your cup of tea. 😛 (My review of Nirvana In Fire is here, if you’d like to take a look.)

      Another tack, which seems to work for me, is to go for a drama that is very different from the one you’re trying to move on from. So maybe something very normal & everyday, to get you out of the gods & goddesses mindset? I recently enjoyed Love O2O for its very angst-lite, everyday sort of feel. The acting leaves a fair amount to be desired, but it was a fun marathon for me, and I watched it after Peach. So.. maybe? My quick review of Love O2O is here, if that helps! 🙂


      • Kfangirl! You should totally watch A Fox Falls in Love/Fox in Summer! The plot contains some common modern-drama-devices-of-angst but OMG the main girl is so freaking AMAZING. She completely defies all tropes, and is the epitome of nice/hardworking…when the time calls for it. She’s a heroine with some awesome personality. And I didn’t expect much of the guy, but there’s a surprisingly decent amount of OTP chemistry. Overall it’s just really really really GREAT!

        Here’s ep 1 unsubbed, if ur interested:


        • Thanks Julianne!!! This TOTALLY looks right up my alley!! 😀 An awesome female lead sounds fab, as does solid OTP chemistry. I just took a peek at it, and the production values look good too. Most importantly, I feel like this is simple enough Chinese, for me to manage without English subs. PERFECT. ❤ ❤ I'm downloading it as I type this, and I foresee myself getting started on this pretty soon! Thanks for pointing me to it! ❤


    • hahahaa youre not alone . idont know how man times i rewatched this.all other cdramas become boring not nice, no chemistry,costume awfull haaha tmopb made me see that to other cdramas. im a drama addict for 10 yrs but mostly kdrama this by far the best drama for me and Reply 1988.


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  37. I didn’t have a good impression of this drama when I first watched, I was skeptical and all, and I tried about 6 episodes and still couldn’t get its appeal. Someone encouraged me to give it another go and told me that the OTP romance didn’t start until episode 12, and being the curious romanticist I am, I had to check out what she was talking about. Boy, loverboy Yehua charmed me off my pants. To be honest, I already liked him when he made an appearance as the cool and aloof crown prince, but when he fell in love and was so giddy in front of Susu, I was a goner. Yehua drew me into watching the series in entirety, but it wasn’t the main OTP that hooked me till the end, it was Donghua and Fengjiu. I didn’t quite like Susu’s characterization here, maybe because she felt needy, or something about her character that feel so out of place, ditzy and klutzy (too much of a candy in kdrama reference) that I just couldn’t find it in me to root for her. I liked it better when Qianqian came back.

    While I do love the main OTP’s romance, I was more appreciative of Donghua and Fengjiu’s romance that got more screen time in the later episodes. Granted I didn’t love all their stories, and I do feel like their characters fell short in the drama (I felt this after reading the sequel book – Pillow Book, post marathoning the drama), but I just love how her persistence paid off in the end and she won his love, even though it wasn’t fated to be. Something about striving to do her best for her love that just gets to me. Though it seemed like she liked Donghua at first sight, she wasn’t aware of it, what was initially a feeling of gratitude morphed into admiration and then a harmless crush, and in the end bloomed into a feeling of love. So the entire journey of their love storyline, it was a growing up phase for Fengjiu both emotionally and physically. I didn’t like how weak Fengjiu was in the drama (she was much stronger and independent in the novel), though she hadn’t ascended to high immortal, I wish the girl had half of her aunt’s sassiness. But I do like how she was never intrusive with her feelings, though she realized she loved Donghua, she never forced her feelings on him, and when she realized she was causing troubles for him in the celestial palace, she was willing to go back to Qingqiu in order not to burden him (this quality is quite similar to that of hers in the novel). Also, I love how Donghua was always amused by her (signs of him falling for her), though he wasn’t willing to admit it until after he arranged the mortal trial just to return her love, and how he catered to her despite not caring for anything in celestial palace until she came along. I was just swooning so hard when he was tending to her when she disguised herself as a fox (her true form) and he could hear her but pretended like he didn’t, that was so cheeky of him. I found myself just squeeing whenever they were on my screen and I didn’t see that coming in a mile away because I was busy swooning over Yehua in the beginning, lol. It was bittersweet that they both came to the acceptance that their love can never be in the end, but I’m still keeping the hope that something can be done about their storyline and hopefully, they get another chance in love in another sequel.

    I find myself mostly agreeing to your reviews, but I have to beg to differ on the comments regarding Dilraba, she was so delightful to watch in this and this is my first time watching her, as a matter of fact, it’s my first time watching everyone in this because I’m newly ventured into C-dramas lately, having been stuck in K-dramas for so long. The two-dimensional feel might come from her zero motivation other than Donghua. I blame the characterization more than her acting, I think she worked well despite being given a poor character. Vengo as Donghua was awkward for me at first, I didn’t quite like his platinum hair at first and I find the styling in the beginning and in the later part didn’t quite do it for me, but after seeing more of him and Fengjiu, I just absolutely love everything about Donghua Dijun, he was absolutely beautiful. And it’s crazy because I thought the visuals in this drama were lacking at first, I don’t know what I was thinking but everyone is just absolutely stunning in this, the visual is top notch. I didn’t quite mind the CGIs in this because I’ve seen worst. In fact, I was mostly impressed rather than picking the CGIs apart. Oh and I love all their songs! They’ve been on my playlist for weeks now.

    I could go on and on about this drama but I’ll stop for now. I just want to say, for those who love Donghua and Fengjiu’s storyline, I get that most aren’t as taken with them as we do, but you’ll find a fan in me, find me and I’m ready to squee with you anytime, lol.


    • Thanks for sharing, Mary!! I agree that I found Su Su’s characterization rather frustrating, especially given how carefree and fearless Bai Qian had been shown to be, even as Si Yin. But absolutely, once Ye Hua started falling for Su Su, I was completely sucked in as well! I couldn’t get enough of his reactions to her, SO ADORABLE ❤ ❤

      I must agree that I liked those moments that you mentioned, between Fengjiu and Donghua. I liked the part where he cared for her when she took her fox form, and he pretended not to be able to hear her thoughts. You're right that it's possible I transferred my frustration with her character to her acting, I'm not sure. I mean, there were times when I found Fengjiu likable, but there were other times when I felt like I just wanted more from her, and there were times I found her frustrating as well. I guess I will have to watch Dilraba in another show, to see have a more informed opinion of her acting abilities. I guess I didn't get the same insight into her appeal in this role as other fans did. Sometimes I'm slow to come around like that 😛 But, I've been known to come around, so here's hoping!

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  38. I just want to say this… *giggles* Say that again! 😂

    You’re welcome! I knew you would loved it. I’m so happy and agreed with your review. So glad you persevere on the CGI part. And yes, I was not into the show until episode 13 😆 and then I was dying daily waiting for the new episodes to come. Mark Chao is one talented man playing two different characters yet so believable. I had major withdrawals after it ended and the OST was on repeat for weeks. Thank you again for trusting me. I love you eternally! 😘


    • *Giggles* I have no idea what this show did to me, Nelly, I think I now kinda dig this C-fantasy stuff! 😆 I recently tried Love O2O again, after half-heartedly poking at it before (and then fleeing at the CGI), and now, I actually am enjoying it a lot! YOU DID THIS, NELLY. 😆 THANK YOU. ❤ Coz I feel like a whole new world has opened up to me.. I can enjoy more C-dramas now, wheee~! 😀 I knew trusting you would be a good decision! 😉 I'm even rewatching this one, without subs. See how deep your influence reaches!

      I'm told that Mark Chao is pretty wonderful in Black & White, so I'm planning to check that out too. Have you seen that one?

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      • I haven’t seen Black & White. I will watch it after my trip. But I’m so glad your world is brighter now because of me 😆. I was you too and now I am daring enough to watch other CGI dramas, provided that the stories must be very compelling for me to sit through it. That’s fair, right? People raved General & I. It was CGI heavy too but I managed to go as far as ep 26. The story was pretty meh.

        I loved Love O2O so much and was able to overcome the crazy CGI too. I enjoyed woody Yang Yang in it 😂. I can’t wait to see him in Peach Blossoms movie person. He plays Ye Hua 😍🤔 but not sure if he could Mark Chao. Mark’s charm is pretty broady and hard to miss. 😉


        • YES, my world IS brighter now because of you!! I now literally have a whole new WORLD of dramas I can explore, and that means a lot. I’ve been getting a bit jaded with kdramas lately, with so few actually capturing my interest. So a whole new world to explore – and being in a position to discover all the best gems in it – is a very happy thing indeed! 😀

          I enjoyed Yang Yang in Love O2O too – but mostly for his good looks. Loved it when he got to show his cheeky side, AND his kissing chops too. But yeah, overall, he was quite wooden, and I don’t think he’d deliver a Ye Hua that’s in the same caliber as Mark Chao’s version. I’ll still check it out though! I’m curious like that 😉

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          • Oh no, we can’t compare Yang Yang and Mark Chao. Age could be a factor too lol. But yes, I will check the movie despite all that just to see Yang Yang’s cute face and cheeky.

            Right after my trip, I plan to start Black & White. I missed Mark Chao 😛


            • Heh. I’d probably check out the movie too, just to see Yang Yang’s take on Ye Hua.. and to look at his handsome face! 😂 But I am pretty sure I won’t be swayed into thinking Yang Yang makes a good Ye Hua, coz in my heart, that’s all Mark Chao 😉

              I’ve got B&W on standby.. but I don’t think I’m quite ready to see Mark Chao outside of Peaches. Let me know how B&W goes for you; perhaps you will entice me to join you 😉


              • Oh goodness I’m on the same boat as you. I’m not ready to move on. I wanna preserve Mark’s Ye Hua in my “fantasy” world. Not sure if I’ll get sick of it lol. But yeah I’ll keep you posted 😆


      • Yay, for B&W! And yes, Mark is pretty wonderful in it, though still a bit wet behind the ears. 😀

        As on older drama I think B&W has held up pretty well but then, it was an ambitious project in those day’s standards and looked quite spiffy compared to what Taiwan was generally putting out then.

        It’s entirely your fault I spent HOURS trawling YT for B&W related vidos yesterday and as a result there is now a brand new post for the drama, LOL! As a penance watch a video from the promo tour the actors did during summer of 2009. Mark ‘rocking’ it out with CoLoR Band. Well, he was young. XD


        • Penance duly completed, and OMG I couldn’t stop giggling!! 😆 It’s all very raw, and singing clearly isn’t his main job, but he put his all into it, and rocked out with swag. Props for that!

          I’ve since managed to download B&W, and have dutifully put it on my list, alongside Novoland. I’m not sure when I’ll get to it, because I peeked at B&W & liked the Mark Chao handsome, but didn’t feel ready to see him outside of the Peach context. I also dipped a toe into E1 of Novoland and was a bit taken aback at the very blue contact lenses, ha! 😆 Nelly currently recommends that I next watch Shan Shan Comes to Eat, which is something that you recommended to begin with, so I’m thinking I’ll try that next! See how influential you are, Timescout! 😉😘


          • It’s a fun video alright but yeah, Mark wasn’t too bad. He was SO earnest about the whole thing. ^^ I had a good giggle myself. Only, the darned song was stuck in my head for days again, LOL!

            Yup, it is probably best to give it some time before you embark on B&W. Mark’s char is quite different there.

            Oh, I forgot to warn you about the contacts. ☺ The blue eyes are a special feature of the wingkind clan. I got used to them pretty fast though.


            • Hehe, I cringed and giggled through the whole thing. The sound must’ve been challenging to manage in that outdoor setting, but the overall sound seemed unbalanced, and made the whole thing even funnier. (I’m sorry, Mark! 😆)

              Lol, I was quite startled when the blue contacts first showed up on my screen! I found them a little distracting, and decided that maybe I wasn’t ready for Novoland, right at that very moment, haha. I will very likely be more able to roll with it the second time around.. nothing like being prepared, after all! 😉

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              • Hahaha… you are so right. But Mark was a true champ about it, gotta give the boy that. Especially as they had several of these “dos” during that summer. He did quite a bit of promoting with Jason Zhou and they were SO goofy together. 😅 I wonder if any of those vids are still around.

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                • Giggle. I feel like you’re about to embark on another round of YouTube research that might suck you in for another couple of hours! 😆 But hey, as a Mark Chao fangirl, it’s only natural that you dedicate some quality time to him like this! 😉


  39. I feel hot all over just reading this review! Thank you so much for writing this. XD I can’t wait to rewatch the drama again and again and again. 😀


    • Tee hee. I’m sure it was the memory of Ye Hua that made you feel hot all over, Maskros! 😉 Thanks for enjoying the review! I just started on my first rewatch, and this time, I plan to go slow, so that I can better appreciate everything. Well, that and the fact that I’m watching it without subs this time, and the Chinese-speaking part of my brain can only handle so much of a workout at any given time, Ye Hua swoony or no! 😆


  40. I enjoyed reading your review. I myself am thoroughly a Yehua fan girl for the same reasons you listed and more. I really just thoroughly enjoyed his journey, development and growth as a character. His emotional depth personified by Mark Chao was superb in my opinion. I just love watching him act out the inexperienced crown prince, tormented crown prince, bereft lover, loving father, devoted lover and of course his valiant warrior self.


    • Oh yes, I did very much enjoy Mark Chao’s delivery of all of those aspects of Ye Hua’s character as well. I did love him as a doting dad – so sweet, so tender, and so patient with A Li ❤ ❤ Whoever cast Mark Chao as Ye Hua did a fantastic job matching talent to role, and kudos to Mark Chao for making Ye Hua come alive so wonderfully! ❤


  41. Nice review – it is indeed an addicting watch, and the central romance is epic in nature, having spanned numerous trials and challenges, and even a couple of lifetimes, to finally make its way to a Happy Ending. Mark Chao was a revelation here and carried his roles superbly as both Mo Yuan and Ye Hua, inciting bucketfuls of FEELS.

    Agree with some of the inconsistencies and show-logic which you’ve highlighted, especially the math. Trying to make the math work, and to reconcile the difference in timespans when people were shuttling back and forth between mortal and celestial realms, was… rendering me insensible, and after a while, I gave up trying and just sat back and let it slide.

    However, I thought it was pretty obvious why Bai Qian was sent to Kunlun – it was mentioned that she was a trouble-maker when she was young and her mother decided to send her to Kunlun to learn discipline and self-control. Because Mo Yuan only accepted male disciples, Zhe Yan cast a spell on Bai Quan to disguise her as a boy. Only Mo Yuan saw through the glamour but because the Jade Purity Fan of Kunlun chose Bai Quan as its master, Mo Yuan felt obliged to take Bai Quan (aka Si Yin) as his disciple. Feng Jiu did not get the same treatment because she was not brought up by her grandparents. Also, by that time, the Kunlun school was no longer in operation as Mo Yuan was no longer around and his disciples had dis-banded.

    With regards to Ye Hua regaining the use of his right arm after his mortal trial, I thought it was a natural result of his passing his mortal trial. From what we can see in the series, trials in the mortal realm are primarily used for 2 purposes. 1st is as a form of atonement/ punishment of sin where after a specified time and trial, if the person goes through it till the end, he is then forgiven and re-instated back to his former status in the immortal realm. 2nd is as a means of gaining status and power, e.g. Bai Qian’s rise from high immortal to high goddess status after her trial. But this means of gaining status and power is a double-edged sword as if one does not pass through the trial successfully, there is a risk of losing power too, e.g. Dong Hua Dijon’s 90% loss of power after his failed mortal trial.
    When Ye Hua was sent down to the mortal realm, his Heavenly Father made him a cripple i.e. born without his right arm. So I thought it follows that after Ye Hua successfully passed his mortal trial, he would have re-gained his use of his right arm through the ‘atonement’ process, and also because passing a mortal trial was a fast-track way of gaining power (hence him being able to fight with Qing Cang when the seal on the Bell broke). Another case in point was Bai Qian’s loss of eyes during her mortal trial – after she passed it, she not only gained status and power but also re-gained some use of her eye-sight instead of being completely blind (as Susu).

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    • Suegarbaby! I wasn’t expecting to see you here! I was trying to find your comments on the drama in Dramabeans’ OT, I finally gave this drama a try a couple weeks back and I just fell in love as soon as Yehua made an appearance. Sad that this show doesn’t have a recap thread that we can have an in-depth discussion about theories and etc. I’ve been dying to discuss this drama with anyone, lol. And thank you for your explanation! I’m finally understanding the pieces that I didn’t while I was watching. I threw off every logic when I watched this, lol. The math thing was kind of confusing for me too when we had to deal with tens of thousands of years in the drama.


      • Maryxiah, goodness, this is a small world to bump into you here. I haven’t been to DB for a while because I’ve not been watching any k-dramas since last year, and it didn’t look like anyone was particularly spazzing over Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms over on the DB OT, so I had to look elsewhere for c-drama spazzing. There is a website called ‘The Problematic of the Unproblematic’ which is doing recaps on TMOPB and they are up to episode 52 as of today, so if you want to find a place to spazz along with other TMOPB fans, do check it out. Plenty of discussion going on over there.

        Am glad you persevered with TMOPB and enjoyed it once the teen episodes kicked in. The show is not perfect but it is addicting, charming, and emotionally captivating. I’ve not seen any of the cast in any c-dramas before but I thought they did well in portraying their characters and giving each of them a distinct personality (even if they were sometimes caricature-ish!). Mark Chao impressed me the most, and I am sure I am not the only one who feels that way, lol.


        • There are people spazzing over Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms in DB, though not as much as you’d expect to see. I haven’t been following any k-dramas since Moonlight ended either, I did finish Voice but that’s another story. I’ve been so immersed in C-dramas lately and now waiting impatiently for 3 dramas to premiere, two of which consisted Dilraba from Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (I just adore her) and another the female lead from Ice Fantasy. Against my expectation, I’m actually liking C-period dramas. I’ve been trying to watch others in the meantime, but nothing can top Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms so far.

          I actually jumped to episode 12 to see what everyone was raving about because I really did not feel it when I was watching at first. As soon as I saw Yehua, I was hooked, and then I restarted and finished it in earnest. Though I’m more surprised I fell for the secondary OTP instead, I thought the second male lead was kind of off looking at first, lol. And their tragic (tragic to me) end had me looking for their book since it promised a happy ending, glad I did because it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read, Donghua and Fengjiu were wittier and rootable in the book.

          Anyway, thanks for letting me know about the website! I’ll head over there so spazz when I can get the time to properly squee~~~ *hugs*


          • LOL, your comment about trying to watch other dramas but finding that nothing is topping TMOPB is echoed by so many TMOPB viewers, it is crazy – which is why now that the series has ended, english-speaking fans are still trying to cling on by re-watching and going to recap threads to squee with other like-minded fans to keep the flame alive. Hence, the comment count for the TMOPB recaps on ‘The Problematic of the Unproblematic’ is at insane levels (practically equal to some of the most popular threads on DB, I kid you not). And it is funny how all that comment count literally exploded from the episode where Susu jumped off the ZhuTian Terrace, lol. It just went crazy from there and never looked back. I don’t comment over there though (I lurk).

            The Donghua Dijun/ Bai Feng Jiu pairing seem to be one that tends to incite a lot of polar reactions. Fans of the Pillow Book (which apparently may also be adapted onto the small screen but the rights are bought by a different production company) seem to dislike the way the pairing was portrayed in TMOPB because the personality and characteristics of both were not aligned with that from the book. And also, because the rights to their story belonged to a different production company, they changed their story and kind of made up their own, which did not make sense to a lot of them who had read the books. Others who did not read the books also found Feng Jiu’s persistence to be too excessive. But there are others like yourself who loved them and found their romance to be very heart-tugging and adorable. I don’t mind them and their story arc (I actually only warmed up to them during Dijun’s mortal trial arc, which gave me a glimpse of an in-love Dijun), but I was way too invested in Ye Hua’s story to have the central romance displaced. I loved the central pairing to bits, but that was mainly because of Ye Hua – he was played so well by Mark that you could completely understand and see his thought-process, his motivations and his suppressed emotions, that I was absolutely rooting for him to have his Happy Ending 100%, didn’t matter if it was with Bai Qian or any other lady, as long as he was happy. But since it was Bai Qian he wanted, I am glad he got her at at the end.

            Bai Qian’s thought-process, motivations and feelings were rather more difficult to decipher compared to Ye Hua’s, for me. I am not sure if it was a deliberate act on the director’s and the production team’s part (I read on several of the discussion-recap threads at TPotUP that a lot of Bai Qian scenes and voiceovers in the script were cut), or if it was because of Yang Mi’s acting (which, while by no means bad at all (I thought she did very well), was definitely not as nuanced as Mark’s). So, for me, it was really Ye Hua’s ten miles of peach blossoms which I was invested in, and I am glad he finally obtained it, three lives and three worlds later. 🙂


            • I get what you mean, Mark Chao is amazing. I dare say he is on equal level as Park Bo-gum in all his nuances of facial expression and body language, I don’t see it in Moyuan at first because Moyuan is such a stiff character, but he is amazing as Yehua. I kind of understood Bai Qian though, she’s a proud woman, so most of her actions are egoistic and she isn’t willing to be hurt so she cuts off cleanly anything that threatens her (hence why she erased her memories of Susu in order not to feel hurt by the betrayal of a loved one). On the other hand, it’s Susu that mostly baffled me, it’s like she’s written purely for narrative purpose and she doesn’t seem to have her own thoughts. I was surprised when she suggested to Yehua to give himself to her, it was so out of character. Hence, why the OTP romance kind of dulled for me when they got married and I found myself distracted by the secondary OTP.

              Before I read the book, I didn’t mind Donghua and Fengjiu’s characters because I felt like everyone in the drama was flawed in some way, Fengjiu being persistent and Donghua being so wooden (at least until after the mortal trial). I wasn’t even impressed by their first meeting in the forest because I thought it was cliche (except when he floated down beautifully with her in his arms). But when Donghua showed signs of concern over Fengjiu the fox (and he totally knew she was the fox!), I was seeing some potential in the romance. In fact, I loved seeing Donghua’s inner conflicts after he got hurt saving her and stared at Fengjiu from his inner quarter, I felt like that was the moment he realized he loved her and had to send her away. I was especially touched to see lovesick mortal-Donghua, lol, he was kind of foolish but I was happy that Fengjiu’s love was finally returned, so I understand why she wanted to prolong their love and couldn’t bear to hurt him.

              In the book though, these two characters are amazing and magnetic, more so than the drama Yehua and Bai Qian for me. Fengjiu in the novel is a strong character, she is headstrong like her aunt, proud but kind-hearted, loyal, independent and willing to fight a battle she would lose, in short, she is badass. Donghua, on the other hand, is shameless (literally), doesn’t have a care in the world, loyal but isn’t willing to be used, smart and perceptive, mostly just cheeky. I get why fans would get heated over these two because the drama really didn’t do them justice, they lost all true essences of Donghua and Fengjiu from the novel, and I feel like they totally gave up on Fengjiu and made her too weak and whiny.

              Despite being HUGELY disappointed by their ending, which I get, because they already went there with the rock of three incarnations and they can’t undo it, I found comfort in the scene where Donghua finally admitted he loved Fengjiu. But they ruined it in the next scene when he told Siming to convey his words that all things will change and nothing should be kept in mind, I felt like it was cruel and unnecessary to cut off all attachment because she was already willing to move on! What the heck Dijun?! Novel Donghua would never say that. He’d say something like, to hell with fate, I don’t need its pity. *Goes back to re-read the Pillow Book.


            • I did understand Si Yin’s/ Susu’s/ Bai Qian’s character and personalities, but it was the progression or change of feelings or emotions which perhaps could have been better done.

              I enjoyed Si Yin’s youthful, playful, cheeky and rather spoilt personality in Kunlun – typical spoilt Bai Qian who is used to being doted on as the youngest in the family (whether by her own family or by the Kunlun family). I even understood her deep sense of loyalty and affection for Mo Yuan and why she went through such a drastic route as to trick her fellow martial-brothers and stole away Mo Yuan’s body and fed it blood from her heart for 70,000 years, and why she felt compelled to re-seal Qing Cang back in the bell. Fox tribe people seem to value relationships and form deep bonds, so it seems very in-character.

              The Susu arc did evince a change in personality but I thought it was a result of her complete memory loss, and therefore reasonably realistic. Partial memory loss may not result in a complete change in character, but I do believe that a total memory loss can. I’ve read and heard about people suffering completely memory loss where they no longer knew their own names or families or relationships, and a lot of the time it is followed by a drastic change in personality. The dis-orientation and sense of complete loss can do that to even the most strongest of characters because a lot of the things that shaped their personalities and character in the past i.e. past experience and past relationships, have all been lost and they are essentially a blank slate. So it was not really surprising to me that Susu had a more submissive, quiet and rather withdrawn personality because she had no idea who she was and what she was doing there. It was easier to find a quiet place and to slowly get her bearings as she gradually coped one day at a time. In a way, it was also a wiser approach because being such a blank slate, you would have no idea what happened in your past – you could be in serious trouble or had gotten involved in situations that were fraught with danger, or people could easily cheat you and mis-lead you because you had nobody to protect you or to whom you could call on for help. In fact, I thought her rather calm acceptance and her quiet, pragmatic living was actually a testimony to her strong inner character because it must have been a very frightening situation to be in but she dealt with it as calmly and as pragmatically as she could, given her circumstances. Most of us would probably be freaking out if we were in her shoes.
              But she was lonely (hence the collection of animals and talking to them), and so the first opportunity she got in being able to secure a companion, she took it! Definitely a glimpse of bold doesn’t-care-about-social-conventions Bai Qian shining through there.
              I personally don’t think Susu was really in love with Ye Hua at this point (sure she was attracted to him, but I don’t think it was love yet), but she did eventually grow to love him, and so much to the point that she was so hurt by his perceived betrayal that she wanted to forget. Now THAT progression of feelings, I thought, was not well fleshed out in the drama.

              Similarly when she then re-gained her immortal status after the jump from ZhuTian Terrace, Bai Qian, the proud Qing Qiu Queen, was back. And I enjoyed it, and seeing her get surprised and thrown off-center by what must be to her a young pup out of nowhere (Ye Hua) and his even younger wingman (A-Li), was so cute and sweet. But when did her feelings and perceptions change from one of surprise, confusion, resignation and then to affection and love? It was not too clear (same with the Li Jing love arc). This, I thought, could have been done a bit better because at times I found myself trying to guess what was going through her mind and what she was actually feeling at some scenes. Apparently, the script for the drama had a lot more to add which could have been more helpful in this respect, so it was also a pity that those scenes and voiceovers ended up on the cutting floor.

              Also agree it was a pity Donghua Dijun & Feng Jiu’s characters and story was adapted so differently to the original source material, but well, the production team did the best with what constraints they had, and in the end, I was not too disturbed or upset by their arc to really throw a fuss, so all was well for me. Guess for fans of this pairing, the best hope is for a good production team to produce a faithful Pillow Book production. 🙂

              Finally, apologies to kfangurl, for hijacking your blog and having long essay-like discussions here. 🙂


              • Oh dear, I didn’t realize I double posted last night, must be the glitchy internet. I hope the admin would be so kind to delete my double post.

                “Finally, apologies to kfangurl, for hijacking your blog and having long essay-like discussions here.”
                Lol, this is what I missed. I tried finding it on the website you mentioned, but I don’t think they’re interested in having in-depth discussions over characters’ motivations and whatnot. Though my interest is piqued when they started hinting who “Wenchang Dijun” might be, I’m lurking there to see if they’re willing to shed some light, in the meantime I’ve been reading the book for nth times. And my apology too, kfangurl, for bringing up the discussions.

                With Susu, I understand why lonely might motivate her to seek companionship in Yehua, but I felt like it was a huge leap when she asked him to give himself to her, and I simply didn’t see it in her character. She was always so meek, submissive and timid that I just thought she would be contented with his temporary stay. I guess I just failed to connect with her characters the most out of all the main leads. I didn’t understand Bai Qian’s progression of feelings at first, especially with Li Jing. But after seeing her with Yehua post the terrace jump, I concluded that she is weak to the feelings of being pursued and loved by a man (on second thought, Susu seemed to exhibit the same kind of weakness). Both Li Jing and Yehua passionately pursued her, so she was confused at first but she was willing to give it a try. I thought her experience with Li Jing might deter her from accepting Yehua, but I guess her strong inner characters help because she didn’t straightforwardly reject Yehua. And like you said, Bai Qian and the fox clan have a strong sense of loyalty, so when Yehua did his utmost to help Moyuan for her sake, I can see why Bai Qian would be moved by Yehua. Also, because I was already invested with the secondary pairing at this point, I didn’t really care for Susu/Yehua/Qianqian’s pairing, all I wanted was for Yehua’s happy ending.

                As for Donghua and Fengjiu, I would like to echo a lot of the fans’ wishes, I really want the Vengo and Dilraba to play the characters if there is ever a sequel to their story, mostly because I have affections for them as the characters, so having someone else play the characters might kill whatever love I have for the pairing. Don’t get me wrong, I love the characters from the book, but I would hate how they tackle the adaptation version of them.


                • No worries, double postings have been removed, and also, no worries about bringing up other discussions or about having long conversations here! 🙂 I am enjoying reading the exchange of thoughts you ladies are having, and it’s definitely giving me new angles to look at the characters as I consider them during my rewatch. I agree the character motivations aren’t always clear – and I swept it all under the carpet in service of hurriedly reaching what I hoped would be a happy ending! 😛 Now that you ladies are talking about it, I’m having all these moments where I go, “Yes, that’s right, that wasn’t clear – and I didn’t care. Oops.” Lol. See how blinded I get, when I’m really invested in an OTP happy ending! 😆

                  Also, I agree that if there’s a sequel of any sort, that I’d prefer the same actors in the roles. I saw the trailer for the movie version of this, and it’s too trippy and unsettling seeing other faces matched to characters that I already identify with these faces. 😛


              • No apologies needed, ladies!! 😀 Long comments aren’t uncommon around here, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your thoughtful insights on this show and its characters! Please feel free to continue your conversation ❤


                • Thanks for putting up with our little convo, and am happy that you’re also enjoying reading our wordy chit-chat. Maryxiah and I do kind of like to delve into more involved discussions over various aspects of a series that we enjoy, and it is not often that we happen to enjoy a series around the same time and also find a place to communicate over it, hence hijacking your blog in this particular instance, LOL.

                  Re: Pillow Book adaptation
                  I’m actually pretty OK with a new set of actors playing Dijun/Feng Jiu’s roles in a new adaptation, but that could be a combination of 1) my not being too attached to their characters in the series (sorry, Maryxiah, I know you love them to bits!), 2) the fact that the Dijun/Feng Jiu personalities in the original source material are quite different from that portrayed in TMOPB and while I can see Dilraba pulling off the novel-Feng Jiu, I am not sure if Vengo can pull off a novel-Dijun, and 3) I’ve learnt to adapt to re-makes of popular series (I don’t know how many Yang Guos/ Xiao Longnus, Domyoujis/ Makinos, etc I’ve seen!) so am slightly less fussy about new actors playing beloved characters, though of course I will always have my preferences and favourites within the plethora of remakes itself.

                  On another note, from watching the BTS of TMOPB (love the atmosphere on set!), it seems to me that a lot of the shooting schedule is done on a location/ set basis, rather than in the chronological order of the drama itself (i.e. linear approach). Am happy to be corrected on this if I am wrong, but if this is the case, it only increases my admiration for the actors and actresses, particularly Mark and Yang Mi, because you have to film all the various scenes across the timeframe of the drama at that particular location, without the benefit of preceding scenes in other locations to set the tone and the character-motivations of the character. It can’t be easy to get into character when you’ve just shot a scene, say, for episode 13, and then have to shoot another scene at the same location the next day for episode 27, etc. This is where the actor’s skill, and the director’s deft hand and good understanding of the script, comes into play.
                  Not an easy achievement, especially when you think of k-dramas which tend to live-shoot so almost always adopt a linear approach to the shooting schedule. It is easier for the characters to get into their scenes when you adopt the linear approach to shooting because they have the benefit of the preceding scene to adjust their character motivations and behaviours.

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • PS: Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms will also have a movie coming out this summer with Yang Yang from Love O2O as Mo Yuan/ Ye Hua, and Crystal Liu as Si Yin/ Bai Qian/ Susu. The movie is titled ‘Once Upon A Time’. So if you liked the drama series, you might also want to check out the movie. Talk about ‘re-makes’.

                    Wonder what your thoughts are with regards to this, kfangurl, especially since I noticed that you’re also enjoying the Love O2O drama right now.


                    • Oh yes, I did enjoy Love O2O! But definitely in a different way than I enjoyed Peach. The everyday, angst-lite vibe was very pleasant, and a nice change from Very Dramatic stories in other parts of dramaland. 🙂 I just posted a quick review, which you can find here, if you’re interested. 🙂

                      As for Yang Yang playing Ye Hua.. I feel a bit conflicted about it. I don’t think I could see anyone else but Mark Chao as Ye Hua, at this point. Plus, having seen Yang Yang in Love O2O, I feel that he would come across as rather wooden. In contrast, Mark Chao was able to imbue the inscrutability of Ye Hua and Mo Yuan with subtle nuances that made the world of difference. That’s not to say that I won’t check out the movie, since I’m a curious cat and all.. but I do think I’d be going in already biased in Mark Chao’s favor. 😅


                  • Re: Pillow Book adaptation
                    It’s ok, I love Dilraba and Vengo’s pairing, but it doesn’t mean everyone has to. I’ve seen many international fans sharing the same thought that Dilraba can pull off novel Fengjiu but not Vengo, I think it’s mainly because her headstrong spirit and troublemaking ways are slightly portrayed in the drama version, while drama Donghua is completely the opposite of novel Donghua. Despite that, I could see Vengo portraying the shameless part of novel Donghua, when I read the book, I could imagine Vengo’s cheeky teasing beneath his calm composure. To be fair, Donghua in the novel is a very calm and level-headed deity until after he falls for Fengjiu. But that’s just me, I could be clouded by my love for them. Also, I’m wary about a new production with new faces of the characters because I’ve been seeing a lot of protests from Chinese fans on Weibo, clearly many Chinese fans have identified these two as the characters. Of course, it’s not anyone’s fault that someone else got the right to Pillow Book’s adaptation, I’m just thinking after the right expires, I’m hoping maybe, just maybe Dilraba and Vengo could reprise their roles in another production. I’m getting way ahead of myself, but a girl can dream right? Lol. And it seems like pairing reunion happens more often in C-dramas than K-dramas. This is actually the 3rd or 4th times Dilraba has reunited with Vengo in a drama. In the meantime, I just have to settle watching reunion of Dilraba and Zhang Bin Bin in upcoming dramas, they have 2 dramas coming up this year.

                    I’ve watched the BTS too, and the casts looked like they had tons of fun. Usually, a relaxed and enjoyable shooting environment translate well into the show. I don’t know the order of their filming schedule, but I was already amazed when they had to act around the green screen and imagining the stuff and etc. I saw a BTS where Mark Chao told the director to signal him when the third prince gives him a blow from the back and it was funny to me, but when I watched the scene in the drama it wasn’t the least bit funny, it felt right and good. So clearly, I’m already impressed by the whole production.

                    I’ve also seen the trailer for the movie version of Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. I’m slightly on the fence because the trailer didn’t generate much interest in my, but I know well not to expect much from trailer, so I have to check it out to see. Michykdrama is a huge fan of Yang Yang, lol. I tried LoveO2O for a bit, but I didn’t quite like Zheng Shuang’s acting, I could be biased because I watched the movie version of Love O2O first and loved it so much! I was surprised by Angelababy but she rocked the role so much I couldn’t see Zheng Shuang as the character, so the drama is on hold for me. Also, I tried Love Weaved Through a Millennium (Chinese adaptation of Queen In-hyun’s man, a k-drama I loved), again Zheng Shuang’s acting was slightly hindering me from enjoying the show. I’m slightly nervous because Lee Jong-suk has an upcoming C-drama with her, and I want to watch it so bad for him, but on the other hand, Zheng Shuang…

                    Also, thank you kfangurl for understanding, lol. I’ve been looking for a friend to squee with after I finished the show and everyone I know doesn’t seem like they’d try it at all, lol, so when I stumbled upon this review and a very familiar, clear written comment, I was so surprised and overjoyed! 😀


                    • Maryxiah, we can move to the DB OT for more conversations, so that we don’t impose on poor kfangurl. With the new site, I wonder whether there can be a notification feature if we are ping’ed or something… In any case, do look for me on the OT Thread, ok? *hugs*


                    • Yeah, you do get a notification if someone replies to your comment in DB, but not after the chain of reply down the comments. Post a comment on DB’s OT and I’ll look you up, I somehow always miss the OT. *hugs*


                    • Oh, I’m perfectly happy to enjoy your conversation, ladies! I may not butt in much, but am definitely reading every comment you guys are leaving for each other, and enjoying the insights! So, if you’d like to chat on this site again, do feel free! 😀

                      Also, I echo your thoughts about Zheng Shuang’s acting.. I just finished Love O2O (quick review just posted, here), and I found her serviceable most of the time, at best. Other times, I found her rather awkward. To be fair, I found Yang Yang stiff as well, so it kind of evens out..? I watched a few minutes of the movie version, and liked Angelababy’s take on the character. I didn’t see much of Jing Boran in the few minutes that I watched, but I’d developed enough affection for Yang Yang’s take on the character, that I found it weird to see someone else in the same role.

                      Which brings me to my other point, which is, I think our preference is definitely colored by the order in which we watch things.. I love Mark Chao as Ye Hua / Mo Yuan, and so I expect I will have great difficulty seeing Yang Yang in the same role. And I enjoyed Yang Yang enough in the Love O2O drama (in spite of his wooden tendencies), for me to expect to struggle at least a little bit, to see Jing Boran in the same role.


    • Ah, thanks for those insights, suegarbaby!! That does help everything to feel more cohesive than I first thought. I hadn’t seen the correlation between the mortal trials and the regaining of physical well-being. And I also forgot that little detail in the beginning of the show, where Bai Qian informs us via voice-over that she was sent to Kunlun for being a troublemaker. Thanks for that, and thanks for enjoying the review! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  42. I love your review. The way you went through Managing Expectations then What You Like then the Happy Ending is like their fated love in the drama, lol. You need to overcome some obstacle before having the most rewarding love.


  43. I’m in same opinion with you XD I think i start fall in love with the show in 10-ish episode. But the i can’t let go episode is episode 30. after that i can’t stop. XD

    Liked by 1 person

  44. Ohhhhh this was such a great review.
    I basically agree with everything you wrote. It started out okay but I didn’t get obsessed till teen eps and then there was just no going back. Lol
    The performances overall were so good but Mark and YM were truly outstanding. More Mark please. More. I so love that they shoe a couple having desire for each other. Those kisses!!!! 😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥. I love our leads are not perfect. Makes it more relatable.
    The costumes were great and the OST is magic.
    Plus I loved so many side characters and couples. ! My fav secondary couples are 16&YZ, 4th bro & ZY. A-Li is such an absolute sweetheart. And I love 3rd Unc and SiMing too.
    Mostly I just felt totally incorporated into that world and I’ll still having a hard time letting go. Love ya Peaches!!


    • Thanks for enjoying this review, dear Panda!! 😀 You had a hand in my perseverance with this one (eek the eyes! 😳), so thank you!! ❤ Haha, getting obsessed at the teen episodes to the point of no return sounds like a common theme with those who watched this show! I got my mum to start on it, and she was all kind of meh in the early episodes. She'd watch an ep a day, tops. Lately though, she watched 4 eps in a single day, muahaha!! 😆

      I totally agree that Mark and Yang Mi were so fabulous in this.. I loved them both – er, with Mark gaining extra points for the swoony, of course. 😉 Loved all the other characters that you mentioned as well – especially 3rd Uncle! I didn't mention him in the review, but I loved his dry humor and warm support of Ye Hua ❤ I even started rewatching this one (aren't you proud of me?), and this time, I'm attempting it without subs, to force my brain to recognize Chinese characters again. Yes, I'm excellent at rationalizing why a rewatch is beneficial to me, HA. 😆


  45. I loved Fengjiu/Donghua. Admittedly that’s only because I love their love story in the sequel The Pillow Book so I went in really biased already. Admittedly I also loved them because I hold a huge soft spot for Dilraba from other shows. She was utterly fantastic and literally (IMO) at least the SOLE HIGHLIGHT in Diamond Lovers, which was really quite mediocre and not great at all…was alright. But Dilraba rocked and totally stole the show there, a general consensus, I think, shared by most anyone who did watch that show. I would suggest watching only her cuts, but idk if you’d want to because it’s like 65 eps and the show as a whole was not that great.


    • *(The novel sequel…although I here they might be adapting that later on too…prob won’t watch because the rights are owned by a different company and supposedly would use actors/actresses I don’t really like)


      • That’s really interesting, that there’s a novel sequel! Seems that it’s a good read, if it inspired such strong feelings for the Fengjiu/Donghua loveline in you 🙂 As for Dilraba, I admittedly haven’t seen her in anything except this show. I must also say that sometimes I find myself not “getting” an actor’s appeal despite their wide fanbase, ie, maybe it’s not them, but it’s me. I do sometimes eventually see the light, as I did with Lee Bo Young. In other cases, I’m still waiting to see the appeal that everyone else sees, like with Ha Ji Won. So, hopefully I will eventually how Dilraba’s fantastic too. I’m unlikely to check out Diamond Lovers though, since you said it’s quite a mediocre show, and is a long one at that. 😛


  46. Ah, you watched it. 🙂 Beach Blossom Madness sure is a crack drama and quite a fiew went in a bit hesitant but got totally enthralled after the romance really got going. I inhaled drama as it was airing and watched most of it raw, LOL! Though I have to say the FF-button got plenty of use. I wasn’t too hot on the SuSu arc and e.g Feng Jiu / Dong Hua bored me to tears, so I didn’t watch most of their stuff, heh.

    There really wasn’t that much substance, the original novel is kind flimsy to begin with. Most seem to think the drama is actually better storywise. It’s the OTP and their epic romance that makes the drama imho. Yang Mi was good but Mark Chao was awesome. *g* He gained about gzillion new fans. It’s kinda funny as there were so many who thought he wasn’t ‘right’ nor pretty enough for the part. I always knew he was this good. *is smug* ^^ I liked many of the side characters too.

    I’ve been finding it hard to stick with dramas as well. I’m also farely busy and most days too tired to muster up energy to write anything, so… not much bloggong being done. Which is a sad state to be in. 😦


    • Wow, Timescout, you never fail to surprise me! Usually you seem more into the non-romancey stuff, so to hear that you watched this raw as it was airing is quite amazing to me!! 😀 Also, I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who wasn’t too into the loveline between Feng Jiu and Dong Hua.. several other fans have shared that they were really invested in that loveline. I know that drama appreciation is a very subjective thing, but it’s always nice to know that someone else felt similarly to me! 🙂

      I giggled at your smugness at spotting that Mark Chao potential for awesome! 😆 I saw Mark Chao for the first time in this, and admittedly can’t see anyone else in his roles now – so I can’t imagine how other people felt he wasn’t right or wasn’t pretty enough. Given that everyone else was saying he might not be a good fit though, I must applaud you for your excellent eye for talent, and for pretty! 😉 You absolutely deserve to feel smug about that, lol!

      I know what you mean about being busy and not blogging much.. I haven’t been blogging much myself, and I’ve also been busy, and not feeling a lot of the dramas of late. I feel like part of it is a bit of feeling rather jaded with kdramas, after 10 years of intense watching. I guess nothing felt all that fresh or all that amazing – which is probably why I’m enjoying my detour into Chinese dramas. I don’t know what Peach Blossoms did to me, but I’m now thoroughly enjoying Love O2O, including all the fantasy-CGI stuff! 😳😆 I’d poked at this before, but bailed at the fantasy-CGI. I am so tickled that I am now liking the show very well, haha! Hopefully, this new foray into C-dramas will inspire me to write more.. And I hope you feel inspired to blog more soon too, my dear! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well, there are times when romatic fluff seems quite apt. 😉 Besides some of these fantacy cdramas seem to have an addictive quality, even at the face of all the silly. I think I find them watchable enough if the acting is mostly good. Like in Peaches. ^^ Oh, we are by far not the only ones who didn’t much care for Feng Jiu / Dong Hua. I believe the majority of commenters at e.g The Problematic of the Unproblematic feel the same way (they are recapping the whole show and the comments run in thousands, LOL) .

        I’ve liked Mark since his first outing in Black & White. 🙂 He was really good for a rookie barely out of Uni. Vic Zhou as the senior was the big star but Mark totally stole his thunder. Which kinda lead to the Golden Horse Awards debacle. He got so much flack for it. That was probably one of the reasons Mark decided to go into movies, Peaches is his first drama in 10 years.

        Yup, my detour to cdramas started a bit ealier than yours but I’m still finding enough stuff to watch when most of the kdramas just fail to grab me. Cdramas still feel mostly fresh, though some of the tropes are now pretty familiar. I never warmed up to Love O2O, it was too cotton candy and I didn’t think much of the acting in general. China’s ent world is awash with popular young things who look gorgeous but can’t really act.

        Now that you’ve got the Bad CGI aversion out of the way, why not give e.g ‘Novoland, Castle in the Sky’ a go too? It has a totally different vibe from Peaches but it was just as addicting. Zhang Ryo Yun is delish as the Wingkind Emperor (though he ain’t no Ye Hua) and the OTP is cute. 😀 It’s only 28 episodes (or 29 if you count the alternate ending), a breeze amonst all these cdramas with gzillion epis. I’m about to start ‘Dr. Qin Medical Examiner’ rewatch myself now that it finally has subs. That’s another great ZRY drama btw. *g*

        I actually managed to put out 2 posts today! Unheard of. ^^


        • Oh! Do most viewers not care for the Fengjiu/Donghua arc? I didn’t realize that! Heh, good to know that I am most definitely not alone! 😉 What happened with the Golden Horse debacle? Did he win a prize that people felt he shouldn’t have won or something? It’s so sad that whatever happened caused him to shy away from dramas for a whole decade! 😱

          I agree, some of the tropes in C-dramas feel familiar, but I feel like the entire rhythm of the narrative is quite different. Also, I’m enjoying the fact that the female lead in Love O2O is so smart and independent. THAT feels so refreshing after so many Candy types in so many kdramas, particularly the k-romcoms. So to have a romcom type show, with such a smart and independent female lead, feels like a treat 🙂

          I’ve put Novoland on my growing list of C-dramas to check out! If you recommend it, I know it’s worth a look for sure! Also, CONGRATS on 2 posts in a day!! That is SUCH an accomplishment! *wild applause* 😄


          • Yup, Mark won an award over Vic and people got really salty, saying he was awarded only because of his father who is a well know, influental actor. Then there was something about his acceptance speech and what not. I wouldn’t say this was The Reason but probably a contributing factor. Mark got tons of offers after B&W (which btw was 8 yrs ago… apparently I can’t even count ^^) but decided not to go the usual idol drama way but rather take on different projects to challenge himself. I’d say that paid off quite handsomely.

            Yes, cdrama tropes have a different dynamic so they don’t add to the general saturation by kdramas.

            Re. Love O2O – a smart leading lady and a male lead who is not an ass was a nice change from the norm. 🙂

            Well, Novoland turned me into a ZRY ‘fan’. 😀 He already caught my eye as the other half of the Evil Couple in WuXin but after Novoland I hunted down all the other dramas of his I could get my hands on, LOL! Boy is pretty solid and getting better by each project. Novoland ain’t no great art but it sure was entertaining. *g*

            Liked by 1 person

            • Aw. That’s a bummer, that his award was marred by unhappy people and salty comments. That couldn’t have been fun for him. Yay that he challenged himself in different roles and is now back in dramas, better than ever! I hope he gets tons more offers now, after Peach. I’d like more Mark Chao on my screen, for sure. 😉

              I’ve downloaded Novoland, and will definitely check it out! At first glance, it seems even more fantastical than Peaches, but hey, if you found it cracky, Imma HAVE to take a proper look! 😀


              • Yes, it really was a pity as it soured things for everyone involved. And that planned sequel movie never got to be made. 🙁

                Heh, Novoland is a bit different flavor of fantacy, I guess. It’s hard to describe but you get the drift if you watch more of these xianxia things. 😊
                It WAS cracky!


                • Aw, that is a bummer! It sounds like Mark really did get the short end of the stick with that one.. I’m so glad that things are totally turning around for him now, with his popularity skyrocketing after Peaches! ❤

                  I am a total noob with these fantasy things, so I have a lot to learn indeed. Thank you for teaching me, O Wise One! 😀 I will follow in your cracky teachings! 😆


                  • Well, in all honesty many of the c-fantacies are SO baaaaad and not in the ‘so bad it’s good’ way either. I think I’ve dropped more than I’ve watched. They tend to be quite long too.

                    I just remembered, there is actually a GrabBag post from last year with some thoughts on Novoland.


                    • Oh, really! Well, in that case, I should tread carefully while exploring this new world of C-fantasy!! 😛 I’ve seen mixed reactions to Ice Fantasy.. is this one of the good ones, or one of the baaaaad ones?

                      Thanks for telling me about your GrabBag post, I’m off to hunt it down on your blog! 😀


                    • OMG! Ice Fantasy… what can I say, umm… plenty of people seem to have liked it. But, let’s say it was good for a laugh. 😁 I got to somewhere around ep 20 before dropping it. SO trippy. Ha!


                    • Ah, ok, that doesn’t sound like my kinda show! But.. I’m admittedly a little bit curious. So I just might dip my toes in, for a tiny bit. Y’know, just to satisfy my curiosity. Fingers crossed I don’t get hooked! 😝 …Or maybe it might be a good thing, if I DO get hooked! 😆


                    • Ice Fantasy…is pretty bad. The only thing that kept me skimming through it was Alina Zhang and Ma Tian Yu’s supporting characters (they were pretty awesome and my love for Ma Tian Yu was cemented). The bromance is nice but kind of tragic. But otherwise I thought (and the general consensus is) it was pretty terrible.
                      (Btw I don’t know if it’s weird for me to say this, but is a great place to check out news for Cdramas.


                    • Thanks Julianne! I will give Ice Fantasy a miss then – I’m sure there are many other, better dramas that I can spend my limited drama hours on. 😉 Always good to benefit from the wisdom of others’ experiences!

                      I’ve come across A Virtual Voyage, but haven’t been a regular reader since I’ve only recently started to watch C-dramas. Thanks for reminding me of it! 🙂


  47. well, to be honest, i was secretly hoping you would see ten miles of peach blossom because i did think it might be for you but did not expect it actually 😀 does this mean you will venture into c-drama’s more often? this has been on my watchlist for the past 3 months but i am working on a big report so have an asian drama ban going on (been binging smallville in the background instead) 🙂 , thanks for inspiration, been in a writing rut and this just got me through it cause i really want to see it but won’t till i’m finished (have about 15% left to write)

    as always, it was a pleasure reading!!!!!


    • TACKLEHUG ❤ I love that you think of me while thinking about drama, Sia! 😀 And as this has proven, you do know my taste in dramas well! I didn't expect too much from this since I used to struggle so much with C-fantasy as a thing, but I was addicted to this one, once I hit the teen episodes! Thanks for enjoying this review – and for thinking of me! – and I hope you finish your big report soon so that you can start on this one!! Can't wait to hear how you like it, when you get to it! 😀


  48. Hi Kfangurl, im not a fan of Chinese drama, but, after reading your review, i think im going to try it. Although i promised not to watched drama for a meantime. hmm im so curious that i will break my promised! tnx!


    • Oh yes, this one is worth making an exception for, I think! It starts a bit slow, but gets cracky quickly enough – I really hope you enjoy this one, Rachel!! Let me know how you like it, when you’ve checked it out! 😀


  49. Hurrah for new Chinese drama fans! I really enjoyed your review – even the gentle “pointing out” of plot difficulties and CGI monstrosities. Much as I love fantasy, sometimes you have to give it the old “Would the Sci-Fi Channel do it much better?” once over and let it go.

    I found the costumes and music lovely and atmospheric, too. I especially liked the fairly moderate hairstyles and beautiful, slightly ethnic looking fabrics in the human world. My daughter and I had some squeeing moments over the bedding in Bai Qian’s monks quarters.

    All these little details on top of a lovely romance and decent story made me very happy!


    • Hurrah for new Chinese drama fans indeed!! 😀 I really think I’m developing a taste for C-dramas, which is really cool, since I am Chinese, but have struggled in the past with both the language, and with appreciating C-dramas. I really like that with this new C-drama appreciation, I’m also refreshing the Chinese-speaking parts of my brain. 🙂 It’s also really cool to be able to pick up nuances in the dialogue right away, when before with Korean dramas, it took me years to be able to do the same. I think Peach Blossoms really opened my mind to C-fantasy as well, coz I’m now enjoying Love O2O, including the gaming fantasy parts! 😀

      Thanks for enjoying this review, Daisy – and it does look like there will be more C-drama reviews to come, in this space! In the meantime, I’ve convinced myself that rewatching Peach Blossoms without subs is an excellent way to refresh my memory of Chinese characters. HAHAHA! See, I can rationalize just about anything! 😂😂


  50. Thanks for the review! I find myself also stuck in a complete drama rut. After not watching for months, I finally got the courage to watch “Marriage Contract” which I found surprisingly good. Anywho, going to try this. Don’t know if I can last 58 episodes, though…


    • Oh, I liked Marriage Contract, it was very solid, for what it was. Glad you enjoyed it too, Byeol! 🙂 As for this one, I say, be prepared for a slowish start, but once you hit the teen episodes, it picks up! I inhaled this one, and I am usually quite the slow poke when it comes to long shows – that definitely says something about this one! 😉 I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!


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