Flash Review: A Werewolf Boy [Movie]

I think I may have trust issues with the English that comes out of Korea.

I mean, seriously, it’s right there in the title, but all this time that I knew this movie existed, I somehow had it in my head that this was a movie about a wolf boy, and not a werewolf boy. For the record, I can now confirm that this movie is, indeed, about a werewolf boy, and, happily for me, it is far from being a scary movie (unlike most movies about werewolves).

Also for the record, Song Joong Ki is absolutely wonderful and amazing in this (although, when is he ever not, right?).


Even though this movie is quite the lovely one, I feel that just a small section on managing expectations would be useful.

1. There’s a bunch of stuff that the movie does not explain.

It doesn’t clarify our resident werewolf’s origin story, for one thing. It does allude to it, a little bit, but it’s mostly left unexplained. The backstories of our other characters are also left largely unexplained, although a few details get filled in as we go.


One backstory detail that I wondered about, is why a rich, entitled playboy like Ji Tae (Yoo Yeon Suk) would be so fixated on marrying sickly, prickly, disinterested Soon Yi (Park Bo Young). Show never throws light on this detail, which niggled at me, since the attraction seemed so obsessive yet misplaced. Unfortunately, I just had to accept that his fixation on marrying her was just the way it was. No whys, it just was.

Another thing I wondered about, is what happened in the end, to the goat-raising farmer who got hit on the head. Did he die? Did he survive? That niggled at me a little bit, too.


The upside is, this lack of answers doesn’t adversely affect our story. Which means to say, if you just accept that this movie is a window into the world in which our characters live, you should be able to enjoy this one just fine.

2. Yoo Yeon Suk is mean in this show

I don’t know about you, but I remember Yoo Yeon Suk best as Chilbongie in Answer Me 1994, and it was rather jarring for me, to see him being antagonistic, self-centered, cruel and all-around mean as Ji Tae.

It doesn’t help that Ji Tae’s characterization is broad-stroked and cartoonish at best, but Yoo Yeon Suk does a great job with what he’s given. I mean, I found him thoroughly hateful, so.. mission accomplished, I guess? 😛


Song Joong Ki as Chul Soo

Song Joong Ki is no holds barred amazing as our titular werewolf boy.

With barely any spoken lines in the movie, Song Joong Ki informs us of all of Chul Soo’s thoughts and emotions, purely through his body language and his expressive gaze. From the ferociously feral moments, to the moments of confusion, to the melancholic times, to the happier, freer times, I never felt like I didn’t know what Chul Soo was thinking or feeling; Song Joong Ki’s delivery is just that good.

When Chul Soo does get to say a few lines, Song Joong Ki totally makes the few lines count. The impact that his few lines land with, is so great that he effectively makes those times feel like legitimately thunderous mike-drop moments.

Park Bo Young as Soon Yi

Park Bo Young is fantastic in both of her roles in this movie, that of young Soon Yi, and also, of Soon Yi’s granddaughter in the present day timeline. The two characters are very different in personality, and I never found myself getting confused between the two. When watching Soon Yi’s granddaughter, I never felt like I was seeing shadows of Soon Yi, which is testament to Park Bo Young’s excellent delivery.

Also testament to Park Bo Young’s very solid acting chops, is the fact that Soon Yi’s shift, from dour and sullen in the beginning of the movie, to more carefree and happy, feels completely organic, despite the relatively short timespan in which that shift occurs. The trajectory, of disdaining Chul Soo, to actually liking him, to eventually wanting to protect him, is also easily believable.

Chul Soo & Soon Yi together

My favorite thing about this movie is really all the scenes where we see Soon Yi and Chul Soo together.

Although this story is, in some sense, touted as the romance between Soon Yi and Chul Soo, I feel like their bond is actually much larger and more profound than a romantic love.

[SPOILER] To Chul Soo, Soon Yi is not only the one that he’s attracted to. Before she’s the girl that he likes, she’s the one who nurtures him and helps him, and the one to whom he turns for approval; almost like a mother figure of sorts. And to Soon Yi, Chul Soo grows from pseudo pet, to friend, to romantic interest, to savior. [END SPOILER]

They accept each other in spite of their differences, and that unconditional acceptance – which in turn gives rise to the fierce desire of one to protect the other, without regard for his or her own safety – all without need for exposition nor explanation, moved me at a fundamental level. I feel like the bond between them is raw, deep and powerful, such that words are barely needed.

Which is quite a feat for Show to sell effectively, since we don’t have all that much screen time to build it. But, Park Bo Young and Song Joong Ki sell it so well that I believe them completely. Their very natural deliveries essentially helped me to overlook any gaps that our narrative had, in building their story. Their deliveries were literally enough, to convince and immerse me. Really good.


Guh. The ending had my heart blubbering with all sort of emotions, I tell ya.

On the one hand, I was so happily, joyfully freaked out that he’d been waiting for her, all these years. Faithfully working on the assignments she’d given him: to learn to read and write so that he could read her that children’s book, and, to wait. And he did exactly that. Oh, how steadfast and loyal and devoted he is, to the one on whom he’s set his heart. To think that he’d even patched that broken guitar together, piece by fragmented piece. Sob. Such painstaking, patient dedication!

How beautiful, that he finally got to see his long assignments through to the end, after 47 long years. He did get to read to her, and his wait was not in vain, since she did come back as she’d promised. And he did finally get that pat of approval on the head, which meant so much to him. Best of all, he got to finally express himself to her, in words.

On the other hand, why did she leave him afterwards? Just, why??? How could she leave him, after he’d waited so long? Surely she had so much more she wanted to say to him, and to hear from him? Even though she’d told him that he didn’t need to wait anymore, I don’t think that quite counts as a proper goodbye, to be honest. All he understands of that, is that his waiting assignment is now over. But that doesn’t resolve any of the loneliness and longing, which continues to linger, especially since she’s left, again.

As the credits roll, we see him making a snowman on the hill, just as she’d told him that they would, so long ago. Gah. It breaks my heart that he’s still living by her every word, but, alone. And he never did get to hear her play the guitar again, after piecing it back together so carefully. On top of all that, there’s this distinct feeling that I get, watching him, that he will probably continue to wait for her, indefinitely, whether she’s told him to or not, and whether she ever comes back, or not.

Auugggghh. My heaaart.

The only way I can really deal with this, is to choose to believe that Soon Yi will come back to Chul Soo again, never mind that the movie doesn’t really give me much of a reason to believe that. And then, as she talks with him, and spends time with him, acknowledging and affirming him, in the process, she’ll get to reciprocate at least a little of the devotion that he’s poured out so freely on her.

Director’s Cut

After A Werewolf Boy killed it at the box office, a Director’s Cut version was released, which was meant to basically increase audience satisfaction with the ending. So I hunted down the Director’s Cut, just to see if it would make me feel better about the original ending.

The short answer is: it helped, a little bit.

It helped, in the sense that I feel like Soon Yi and Chul Soo get their moment, suspended in time; where they essentially return to the way things used to be, where their souls meet, in that purified, suspended state, and finally speak forth the words that they’ve been saving for each other, all this time. The fact that I can see young Soon Yi in this scene helps me feel like I’m witnessing that transcendent, magical dimension of the moment.

On the other hand, it doesn’t change the fact that she leaves Chul Soo behind, and that he watches her go, with that haunted look in his eyes.

Auugggghh. My heaaart.


Even though this movie leaves us with more questions than answers, and even though the ending is, to me, distinctly melancholic and somewhat tragic, this is a beautiful watch that is, is some ways, a masterclass in faithfulness, loyalty and love.

It can be argued that the loyalty is unmerited, and the recipient, ultimately unworthy, but the point, as we see in Chul Soo, is not in reciprocity, nor in the virtue of the recipient. Rather, it’s in the beauty and the pure-hearted, uncalculated generosity of the giver.


Bittersweet, moving, and captivating. And lingers long after the final credits.



96 thoughts on “Flash Review: A Werewolf Boy [Movie]

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  2. Bosuji

    @KFanG you watched this!!!!
    @Beez .. did you also?

    “Auugggghh. My heaaart.”

    This single onomatopoeic word says it all for me too.

    Song Joon Ki has been blowing me away as I continue to stroll through his gallery .. the range of roles that he’s filled out.

    HUGE thanks to writer-him and director-him.

    For those who wish to see a fantastic quality print I leave this note : (Have also left it on several Youtube clips that have the My Prince OST)


    ~ NordVPN – choose United States – buy a $.99 one day (24 hr) subscription at @t

    This is the link to the film

    The film made me cry – Song Joon Ki .. Park Bo Young GOSH!!!!!!! What a precious precious gem of a film.
    I wish Netflix – Viki Would make it available ..

    I searched high and low before finding this link. Superb print quality.

    I used this link to also watch Penny Pinchers – also a Song Joon Ki film

    What a talented actor .. Hope he gets cast in more quality dramas and shows


    Here are the pick of lines you wrote that I LOVED and AGREED wholeheartedly

    ~ “When Chul Soo does get to say a few lines, Song Joong Ki totally makes the few lines count. The impact that his few lines land with, is so great that he effectively makes those times feel like legitimately thunderous mike-drop moments.”

    ~ “their bond is actually much larger and more profound than a romantic love.”

    ~ “Song Joong Ki is absolutely wonderful and amazing in this (although, when is he ever not, right?)”

    Dae! Aloud to the last one above .. I am realising just how Daebak he is!!

    (marked Park Bo Young as my follow up actress)

      1. beez

        Loved it enough to buy the dvd 💜💜💜🤧 Viki has it in my region although they cut two minor scenes. I’ve watched this movie so often that I immediately noticed the cuts even though they’re minor and don’t affect the story at all but it irked me. I mean it’s not like they need to cut time for commercials or something so why???

        Bosusji – have you looked on youtube (or maybe it appears on kfangurl’s review (I’ll look after I’m done typing this) – but there’s an alternative ending?

          1. Bosuji


            Oh is that so?

            Buying the DVD is a super idea.

            Or maybe downloading – copying the entire film and storing on laptop? But yes DVD would have the best print quality.

            It was after all screened at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival)..

            Straying off to… talk about International Film Festivals brings Hyun Bin into mind..

            He did TWO stellar performances (polar opposite roles) in
            – Come Rain Come Shine
            – Late Autumn

            Both films by Korean screenplay writers and directors that were screened at the most prestigious Berlinale (Berlin International Film Festival).

            You could hear my heart crunch into bits and sting like hell.. But oh such poetic beauty in both films. Watched both thrice..

            And Hyun Bin – Mwahs 🥰

            1. beez

              @Bosuji – I do have A Werewolf Boy in mp3 format. There are just certain dramas and movies that I want to have that tangible feel of owning it physically. 1) because I’m old; and 2) I live in Florida and the storms cause power outages fairly often. I have a chargeable portable dvd player so I can watch my treasured dvd’s (I only buy stuff I absolutely love on dvd) even if the power’s out.

              I’ve seen Hyun bin’s Last Autumn but didn’t care for it very much but the goodbye kiss has to be one of the hottest ever filmed. I don’t know about the actress but to me, it looked like he kissed her socks off! I know my feet were suddenly bare just watching!👣

                1. beez

                  I’ll glad phl1rxd, but you can imagine my day at the time! That kiss! Wait a minute. Let me see if I can find a clip of it on you tube so you can see I’m not bullswatting…
                  Go to 29 seconds in

                  The kiss is actually hotter than the almost love scene earlier in the movie.

                  You thought I was exaggerating, didn’t you?

                  1. phl1rxd

                    Omo – I see what you are saying Miss Beez. 😳😵 Believe it or not I actually started this movie years ago and lasted only about 15 minutes before I dropped it. It was most def before this scene. I am straight up blushing right now. Thanks Beez for finding this! I never knew it existed.

                    1. beez

                      @phl1rxd – As I said, I didn’t care for the movie. It’s bleak. I don’t do bleak (or even melo with rare exceptions).

            2. Lady G.

              “Late Autumn” with Hyun Bin had one of the greatest movie kisses of all time!! If the montage of kissing scenes from “Cinema Paradiso” was made today I’d include that one.

          2. Bosuji

            Aww thanks. Yes I think KFanG had a link. I couldnt open it..

            Was it the director’s alternate ending?

            Then I am definitely also going to hunt for it 😉

    1. kfangurl Post author

      Glad you enjoyed this one too, Bosuji! 🙂 It really manages to tug at your heartstrings in such a haunting way, doesn’t it? 😭 And yes, Song Joong Ki is fantastic in this. Park Bo Young is great, I have a huge soft spot for her. I think you’d like Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, actually. Check it out if you haven’t already? 🙂

      1. Bosuji

        @Kfangurl @Beez

        YESSS 🙂
        I’ve watched Strong Woman Do Bong Soon .. HILARIOUS!!!

        Super humour and one heck of a dashing heroine .. Love it when the women do their power thing and the men are respectful of that without becoming apologetic or wimpy (fake capitulation to the woman – with a wink at the audience trope .. sheesh!).

        Today I sampled “1% of Something” – it had the potential of a HILARIOUS light hearted rom-com with it’s contract ‘date’ – mate on hire trope ..

        But dropped it after 2 episodes full-play, and 3 episodes FFFFWD play ..

        All the wrist grabbing, macho-man controlling of the female lead’s life (no male friends, what clothes she can wear) plus uncalled for peck .. basically being pushed around .. while the woman goes all ditsy and makes her ‘aeygo’-faced rebuffs which is the equivalent of hitting someone back with a feather pillow when a log was hurled at you!!


        OUCH .. I realized soon that there will be no redemption to be found in this show, neither for the hero nor the heroine .. it’s pushing a “dating” – “romance” behaviour that is a turn off for me.

        Lately having watched Seo Ye-Ji in It’s OK not to be OK .. she’s upped the ante when it comes to taking the lead and the first steps towards getting her guy .. sizzle that!

        I love Kdramas that balance the Yin-Yang within an individual .. Park Bo Young and Park Min Young both have the talent to make those roles work ..

        That balance is beautiful to watch in :

        Healer / Strong Woman Bong Soon / Her Private Life / It’s Ok not to be OK / Empress Ki / Secret Garden / My Lovely Sam Soon / Uncontrollably Fond and so on.

        1. kfangurl Post author

          Oh, did you watch the original or the remake of 1%, Bosuji? I didn’t care for the original, but I did enjoy the 2016 remake. It was tropey but it was fun, and the leads had good chemistry. 🙂 As for stronger female characters in a drama, this is a relatively new trend, so older dramas, and remakes of older dramas, tend to go with the more traditional alpha male set-up. You might my post on interesting female characters interesting &/or useful. You can check that out here. 🙂

    2. beez

      @Bosuji – thanks for making me think about this movie again. You know, there are tons of romance novels that deal with wolf shapeshifters. I think it’s because of the once believed thought that wolves mate for life. I’ve seen the same thing applied to penguins as a symbol of that type of epic love (although penguins never made it to romance with a human status). 😆 In any event, none of those novels or films (e.g. Twilight) that I’ve seen can hold a candle to the romance and beauty of this film.

      1. Bosuji

        @ Beez


        I found The Twilight Series to be good and a racy read as a series book (don’t ask me why .. but some story and character elements in it flashed Boys Over Flowers).

        It was flat and uninspiring on screen.

        Werewolf Boy is a standalone gem .. incomparable and unique in its story, treatment, format, 100 % suited to the screen .. I like your idea of the physical copy of a good movie.

        I do that too 😀

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  5. Berns Dispo

    Hi KFangurl! The link you provided for the director’s cut does not work anymore. Do you have another link?

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  8. Karren Plaza

    That’s why i love reading your reviews. We tend to like (almost all) the same shows, but we see it differently (not opposing, just different). And i am always amazed at our differing perspective, but still thankful that i can learn new ideas from what you write.

    Actually, my comments above were my first ever (in any website/blog site). So….. thank you… and keep it up! 😊😉

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, that’s so cool, that this was your first time commenting anywhere! Thank you for the honor 😉 And I absolutely agree, the wide range of perspectives to the same shows is something that continues to amaze me. Which is why I love reading comments like yours – it helps widen my own range of responses to a show, and that’s pretty special in my books 🙂

  9. Karren Plaza

    Maybe the reason that i read it differently is because i see their relationship as more than romantic, it is almost transcendental. He was the reason why she learned to appreciate her life, despite the circumstances. While she was his saving grace, even with her imperfections. He was her learning experience that prompted her to marry, have a family and lived to her potential. She was his gateway to humanity and enabled him to live as a person, to have a name and turn from his wild ways.

    Sorry this was long… 😊😁

    1. Lady G.

      That’s not too long at all. You should see a lot of my comments through the years! lol. Very nice thoughts. I hadn’t seen it that way. I can agree to that. We all tend to get caught up on the immediate emotions – love, hurt, betrayal, etc. (At least on the first viewing. lol) But not the far reaching effects of their time together and how it relates to the themes. I imagine he hadn’t turned wolf-like and caused harm anyone (except to hunt food) since she’d left. He had no reason too.

  10. Karren Plaza

    I think, after reading several other comments, i am a little too positive.. some were mad with soon yi because she made the note and then left. But, i think the note was meant to save chul soo. It gave him purpose and motivation to keep on learning how to be human. Without the note, he might’ve done a revenge mission to those who hurt them, or might return to living as a werewolf. Soon yi leaving is her way of keeping him alive as long as possible, and when she couldn’t do anything anymore (because of her age), she gave him his freedom. But, enough time has passed that chul soo has learned enough to be human. At least, they had their final moment.

  11. Lady G.

    I like that interpretation about the Snowman, KFG. She’s really all he knows, she taught him everything, and it seemed like he would be loyal to the end for her. Like the dog Hachiko who continued to wait for his owner even after he died. I can see your ending, him finally leaving that old house, starting a new life.

    1. kfangurl

      Exactly! Even though the ending is technically open to interpretation, I instinctively saw the snowman-building as something that indicated he was still waiting for her. Augh, so heartrending. This movie really gets under your skin and won’t let go. 💔

  12. Karren Plaza

    Hi… i’m just curious.. was it really a tragic ending when chul soo built the snowman alone? i mean, at least for me, it signifies that he stopped waiting for soon yi and meant that he’s ready to do things without her. Though, he’d still be alone forever, at least he stopped waiting and started living.. or am i too positive about this? Hahaha..

    1. Lady G.

      Hi Karren, I rewatched this movie last month and I rethought the ending with the snowman too. I like your view of it! I think it was tragic because she made all these promises to him, but reality set in and she never followed through, even to the end. However he stayed loyal to her. I think fans just don’t like it when an OTP can’t be together at the end too. That makes it tragic. lol

    2. Andy Mejias

      I have re-watched it several times and to be honest, it still just makes me feel bad inside. I just don’t see that ending, but it certainly would make one feel better if in fact were true, and it could be. I wish they would make a sequel, but I know they will not.

    3. kfangurl

      I guess the ending is open to interpretation.. so the fact that you could see it in a more positive light doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily too positive or wrong. 🙂 I personally saw it as a tragic ending, because the act of building the snowman was something that Chul Soo had associated with Soon Yi. She was the one who talked about building a snowman, I think. So the fact that he continues to build the snowman, even when she’s not there with him, makes me feel like he’s still listening to her words and doing what he can to be obedient to her words. If we had seen him do something different, like pack a bag and go hiking in the snow to a possible new place, I would’ve felt better for Chul Soo, because it would be clear that he was moving on. In this case, it didn’t feel to me like he had moved on, and that’s why my heart broke for him..

  13. Cleta

    Hmm is anyone else encountering problems with the pictures on this blog loading?
    I’m trying to find out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog.
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  14. Bhing

    Hi. I’ve recently recently watch Werewolf Boy sevéral days ago and up to now can’t forget what might Chulsoo feel while waiting for Soonyi…I cried a lot while watching the scene when they meet again….Thank you for your review you expressed all what I felt about this movie…I will definitely buy a copy for my collection

    1. kfangurl

      Ah, yes, this movie has such a unique way of sinking its claws into you and not letting go! It’s been so long since I saw this movie, but thinking about the ending still pinches my heart, and I still feel for Chul Soo, so much! Definitely one for your collection! <3

    1. kfangurl

      You can watch the director’s cut here, Arooxee. The only difference is in the last few minutes, when she goes back to the house and finds him in the storeroom. 🙂

    1. Lady G.

      Hi Jenny, I’m still thinking about the message of A Werewolf Boy. On the surface, it’s a teen supernatural love story.

      Perhaps – True love never dies. Love and Loyalty can exist a lifetime even when the other person falls short. In this case Chul Soo was the loyal and loving one. But in the end she found her way back to him, even if just for a few hours.

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there aleena, you can watch the director’s cut here. The only difference is in the last few minutes, when she goes back to the house and finds him in the storeroom. 🙂

  15. Gwiyomi

    I wanted to knw one thing. I wonder if you knew about the story of that snowman that Chul So was reading to Soon Yi…😶 I jst wish to read that book…😅

  16. boink!

    Werewolf Boy for me solidified Joong-ki’s talent. I saw him first in DoTS then Nice Guy then Penny Pinchers and then Werewolf. I saw the range of acting he is capable of and how totally immersed he was in the characters he played.

    I loved that the movie started as if in the middle of the lives of the character. The actors and the writing made everything felt natural that back stories were not important.

    The focus of the movie was about Chul Soo’s journey. From being a lone werewolf, he found a home and a family in Soon Yi, her family and the neighborhood kids. How each of their relationship developed was heart warming.

    It helped a lot that Joong ki and Bo young gave justice to their roles. And as always you were right about Bo young’s acting talent, where there was no doubt that I was watching 2 different people in her portrayal of her characters. The actors were a great match.

    And just like you, I was really heartbroken by Chul Soo’s ending. It just didn’t make sense that he was left alone pining for Soon Yi. In my mind, I thought that he would take Soon Yi away and live together for the rest of her life.

    I’m so glad you watched and reviewed this movie. Not so surprising though since I read your posts about Joong Ki but I’m thankful nonetheless.


    1. kfangurl

      Oh yes, Song Joong Ki is such a talented actor! And he showed his range and talent so such great effect in this movie. I was blown away. With so few lines, he made such a great impact. That speaks volumes about his ability to communicate and emote with his facial expressions and body language. Just a pleasure to watch. ❤

      And what a tragic, heartbreaking ending this movie had indeed. 😭 Sometimes I feel like the writers did this on purpose, so that we would hurt for Chul Soo every time we think about the ending, and this movie would haunt us forever. Coz there truly is just something about that ending that just haunts me. Just thinking about it brings back the chills and the feels, and that’s very special and unique indeed. Still sad and heartbroken for Chul Soo though. 💔

  17. Andy Mejias

    The movie was great; the ending very sad (not my type of ending). They could have made the movie ending either more open ended or somewhat suggestive. Still, all in all, I really enjoyed the acting and story line.

    1. kfangurl

      I’m with you Andy – I found the ending very sad, and I don’t typically enjoy movies that have sad endings, but this one lingered with me a lot. Tragic, yet beautiful, and just one that sinks its hooks into your heart.

    2. Avendora623

      I think they left it open to a certain degree. She says she’s not selling the house. So in a way, she was giving it to him. But it’s not like she could just stay with nothing. Maybe she did come back. And they stayed together until she passed. And after he passed his days knowing that she came back for him. That’s how I like to think about it. I almost wish I could go back an unwatch this movie. Just because every time I think about it, I tear up. It was an amazing movie, truly. But one of the saddest movies I’ve ever seen. Doesn’t tug on your heartstrings, completely obliterates them. At least for me. lol

  18. Viola

    I am sorry I show up everywhere on your blog! If you want to blame anyone or anything, blame Song Joong-ki!

    Why did she leeeeaave?!

    Song Joong-ki was so good😍He was alsolutely mesmerising. And so was Park Bo Young. Damn, when he said “Don’t go”, she almost lost it😥😥

    I stopped several times during the movie because I was so scared of what’s coming. The movie totally ripped my heart in a good way.

    1. kfangurl

      Naw, why are you even apologizing, Viola? It makes me happy that you’re exploring the blog, and enjoying this space! And yes, Why did she leeeeaave?! That was the same question I asked both times that I watched this movie. It just seemed so.. inconsiderate and thoughtless and cruel. This movie is heartwrenching in the best possible way, and man, it lingers with you. Maybe that’s why she had to leave – so that fans everywhere would always think on this movie and mourn SJK making snowmen all by himself. 😛

      1. Avendora623

        I think they left it open to a certain degree. She says she’s not selling the house. So in a way, she was giving it to him. But it’s not like she could just stay with nothing. Maybe she did come back. And they stayed together until she passed. And after he passed his days knowing that she came back for him. That’s how I like to think about it. I almost wish I could go back an unwatch this movie. Just because every time I think about it, I tear up. It was an amazing movie, truly. But one of the saddest movies I’ve ever seen. Doesn’t tug on your heartstrings, completely obliterates them. At least for me. lol

        1. kfangurl

          Oh yes, I know what you mean about this movie obliterating your heartstrings! Just thinking about the ending still tugs at my heartstrings now, and it’s been so long since I finished the movie! I’d like to believe that she went back too, but there’s just something about the execution of the ending that seems to imply that she doesn’t. But at least we can still hope and imagine that he did! 😛

  19. neve

    This was definitely SJK’s best work to date. He’s an excellent actor, but here he really shone. He once commented in an interview that an actor acts with his eyes, and he’s so right… He only had a few lines, but his eyes told us everything we needed to know and feel. This movie is a keeper, one that I shall rewatch over and over again.

    1. kfangurl

      SJK truly was masterful in this movie! I was blown away with just much he managed express with just his eyes and facial expression. Not just simple emotions like happy vs. sad, but complex feelings that encompassed nuances like uncertainty, wistfulness, hope.. Just, really good! This one is a keeper for sure! 🙂

      1. neve

        Have you seen Penny Pinchers? He’s so different in it, such a naughty little boy and so carefree. The banjo serenade scene is hilarious!

  20. Pingback: A Werewolf Boy [Movie]: Beautiful and heart-wrenching | justanotheranimefan

  21. dramalandloverj

    It feels like ages since I caught this movie LOL (okay it’s not that long ago, just that I cannot remember when) so details aside, Song Joong Ki was impressive in Werewolf Boy! And I agree with you about the lingering feeling that comes with the movie’s end. And yes, I didn’t like Yoo Yeon Suk’s character but I guess we can say his acting in the villain role was a success(?) Haha

    1. kfangurl

      Yes, isn’t Song Joong Ki just really, really good in this?? I’ve always had a good impression of him as an actor, but he’s been blowing me away a lot lately – in this, with his nuanced, powerfully engaging delivery, and also in DotS, with his very sexy cheeky swag. <3 Yoo Yeon Suk definitely did a good job with his role in this. I think when you do get around to checking out AM1994, you might be pleasantly surprised by how sweet he can be! I know that’s why I was a little extra disturbed by his antagonistic turn in this. 😛 As for the movie itself, it’s definitely lingering with me. I mean, I can actually see myself watching this again sometime – when my heart’s recovered properly, of course 😉

      1. dramalandloverj

        Yes he IS! Same here. He’s a great actor for sure, good looks aside! 😉 I know right?! Awww yeah <3 I swoon over Captain Yoo and Sergeant Seo all the time!

        Yup he did! Haha I see ^^ will check it out sometime 😛
        Yes certainly! Me too; watched it around twice if I'm not wrong hehe~

  22. Lady G.

    And her love song on the guitar was just beautiful. “My Prince” You should add it to your post. 🙂 I was a little ticked off that she didn’t play it again for him after all he did. She probably forgot how. lol

    1. kfangurl

      Y’know, I’d actually considered putting in the MV for My Prince, when I wrote the review, but I’d decided against it, because my heart was still too raw from finishing the movie. 😛 The lyrics of the 2nd verse hit me especially hard, since I wished so much, that she’d stayed.

      BUT, just for you, I’ve updated the post with the song. And also, my heart is a little less raw today. Just a little. 😉

      1. Lady G.

        Awwwwwwwwwww! Thank you. That was a lovely MV. I’m sorry, I forgot how that movie can leave you reeling for weeks after you’ve seen it the first time. I own the DVD, and I feel like each time I watched I got something different out of it. It’s been a long time. I might just view it this weekend again thanks to your review. 🙂

        I never thought about the poignancy of the 2nd verse. He took that to his heart. Imagine she had stayed though. She’d soon realize that she was aging & he wasn’t. Would she leave then? I don’t know, if it were me, I’d have run back once I was well enough just to find him again.

        When we got to the end where she creeps up to the barn and sees the light on, I had this big idea that he was a handsome old man, still waiting, smarter, having been inspired to learn and speak, and they would live out the rest of their lives together. Boy was I shocked. There really wasn’t a clue that he was immortal. That was a big (and admittedly) disappointing twist for me. Because it doomed him to be forever alone. But isn’t that just like A Korean movie to have that twisty, heart wrenching ending?

        1. kfangurl

          You’re super welcome – thanks for requesting it! I wouldn’t have thought to add it if you hadn’t asked, and even though I am sorta still reeling (what a perfect word for it!) from the ending, I’m in better shape today than when I first considered the MV.

          The thing about the 2nd verse is, he never did get to hear it. She’d sung him only the 1st verse, and just told him that there was a 2nd verse, which we don’t hear until the very end of the show, at the very end of the movie, and as the credits roll. Oof. Those lyrics (which my subs helpfully translated) really hit me hard, as I watched him all by him lonesome self in the snow, while listening to her voice singing the words: “Don’t forget our promise, don’t forget our secrets; Don’t forget how my heart raced when you looked at me..” GUH. My heart just broke for him all over again. *blubbers*

          I didn’t expect him to be young either! I think the entire framing of the scene added to that expectation, that he’d be old. Somehow, all those plants in the shed, and the warm yellow light coming out from under the door.. it all suggests “older person” in a way. Coz mostly it’s older people who tend plants, I suppose.. But I was completely taken aback when she opened the door and Song Joong Ki looked back at her. I’m not sure if he’s immortal, actually. Show doesn’t explicitly tell us that either. Maybe he just ages really slowly? But either way, it’s a lifetime of being alone (sob!), coz whether he’s immortal or not, the lifelong companion he’d set his heart on just can’t stay with him. T.T

  23. Lady G.

    YAY! You finally watched it! Great Review!~

    I’ve probably told my story a million times. But what’s one more abridged version? LOL. This is the movie I ran to see in late December 2012 in theaters —> fell in love with it, but had same little misgivings about the unanswered questions and the ending like you did. —>Ran home to look up more of Song Joong Ki’s work —> Found something called Kdrama on a new website called Drama Fever. —> Started watching “Nice Guy” for free, and was amazed and blown away —> Two days, later, fed up with ads, I become a premium member and finish drama straight through. —> Became a Kdrama addict.

    And the rest is history. 🙂

    I’ve read a few different theories on the end. Some said it’s her afterlife and she really died. But how can that be when we see her car and she’s driving home with her granddaughter?

    One big clue was when she refused to sell the house as she’s on her way home. Which implies that she’s either keeping it safe for Chul Soo to use. Or the theory I imagine – since she has no one left, she’s a widow living with her grown son and his family, I think, she will move back into that home for the remainder of her years and be happy with Chul Soo, teach him more things and he would in time, take care of her until her death.

    Then I got to thinking about the granddaughter, and how it’d be cool if she struck up a relationship with Chul Soo. Thus turning it into a somewhat Peter Pan story, because he never ages, and he could grow fond of her. She looks just like Soon Yi too. But that would be impossible too, because he’s forever…18? And the granddaughter is already probably 20+ and getting older.

    Bottom line, I just wanted to see him happy. So that ending turned it into a bit of a tragedy for me. Yet it’s not, as you said, because Chul Soo is like “The Giving Tree” he’s forever giving to her and loyal. It’s a “Werewolf Boy” so to me, he’s also still like a pet in many ways. At least the loyalty aspect. I think that now that Soon Yi finally visited, he created that snowman for the first time.

    He’s beyond human, his traits and DNA have melded with a wolf. How that makes him immortal is still a big question in my head. Does he age very, very slowly? But it’s nearly 50 years later and he still looks like a teen. One year for every fifty? I also wish they’d added more backstory with the scientist. Was Chul Soo the only surviving “experiment?”

    I’m curious who Chul Soo’s family is. Did he come from that area? Was he sold or kidnapped? It must have been from little childhood since his behavior is, or was, almost completely like a wolf.

    We need a sequel. It could turn out that the scientist created a mate for him. Because obviously, he was trying to engineer a super soldier. Or even a race of them. Poor girl could be running around wild, Chul Soo can find her and tame her and they fall in love. LOL. Thus his new life starts. Then again, he may have found her long ago if that were the case.

    Don’t mind me, you know my mind starts thinking of stories…

    As for Yoo Yeon Suk, I was the opposite. When I saw him as Chilbongie a year or so later, I couldn’t believe he was so SWEET! LOL. I’d only seen him in Werewolf Boy.

    1. kfangurl

      AH! I’d clean forgotten that you started with A Werewolf Boy!! I always had it in my head that you started with Nice Guy – which isn’t UNtrue.. it was your first DRAMA, but I completely missed the part where it was this movie that sent you hunting for more Song Joong Ki!! XD Ok, now I TOTALLY see why you’d run home to google Song Joong Ki – he is SO GOOD in this movie!! Just, absolutely amazing and masterful, and if I’d been in your shoes, I’d be running home to google him too! XD


      As for the ending.. I’m with you in rejecting the afterlife theory.. It doesn’t makes sense to me that what we saw was her afterlife. And there was nothing to suggest it either, from what I could tell.

      I like your ending, where she comes back and lives with Chul Soo in the house, and spends the rest of her life with him. And he takes care of her until her death. Ultimately, it still means that Chul Soo will be alone, but at least, in this scenario, it would mean that she did all she humanly could, to be with him. And this way, at least he will have more memories of her to keep with him, as he continues to live his life.

      I’m curious about Chul Soo’s backstory as well. I’d like to know the origin story, basically, of how he came to be a werewolf. That would make a great prequel, I think. And your sequel idea could work too – with a werewolf girl waiting to be discovered by our werewolf boy. Of course, that would make a VERY different story. Maybe it could be about Chul Soo socializing her, and in turn, he would also explore his own werewolf roots? XD

      Oh, I can imagine what a pleasant surprise Chilbongie would be, if you’d only ever seen him in this! Of course, that’s partly your ability to put Ji Tae behind you, since Michelle shared in her comment above, that Yoo Yeon Suk’s turn as Ji Tae made it hard for her to accept Chilbongie at first! As for me, I’m just glad he got to be Chilbongie, really. Coz it looks like he’s done this kind of antagonist thing a good number of times in movies. It’s important that we got to see that Yoo Yeon Suk can be sweet! 😉

      1. Lady G.

        This story needs a prequel, because, I’d also like to know what forces are in place that make him stop aging at 18/19? That’s some pretty powerful science! Good thing the secrets died with the scientist. Because it was about to fall into the wrong hands. Although the scientist didn’t seem like a very good guy anyway. And what happened with all that? Did the North completely forget about their…pardon the pun, pet project? Now I can’t remember if something was mentioned. I guess it was just abandoned.

        Is Chul Soo even human? Meaning, was he concocted in some lab with a test tube? 🤔 Maybe just leaving the story supernatural would’ve been enough. You could still throw in the scientist, but change him. Perhaps he’s a hunter who captured the wolfboy and was planning to sell him to the North out of allegiance. Or just left the character as some mean farmer who kept the poor boy locked up until he figured out what to do with him. I don’t think the rest of the story would’ve suffered.

        I’d love a happily ever after sequel. Though, Chul Soo is who he is, a sort of mythical Peter Pan figure whose ultimate joy and fulfillment comes from Soon Yi simply acknowledging him with a pat on the head. It seems he never desired more than that. But he might’ve had she stayed.

        Heyyyy, I like your idea for the werewolf girl. A simple companionship/origins story with hints of love blossoming by the end. ❤️ Imagine she became all cosmopolitan, was raised in Seoul, then continued to live out her life all over for some 50 years and is driven to come back to her roots on that farm?

        The possibilities! 🤗

        I actually couldn’t believe it when I realized who Chilbongie was. His face was just familiar after an ep. Or so. That’s a testament to good acting on his part.

        And I have no words that haven’t already been expressed how good Joong Ki was in this film. I’m gearing up to watch Descendants of the sun, even though war dramas/movies are just not for me. I’m catching up on Pied Piper, which is really great. I just don’t have it in me anymore to watch multiple dramas like I used to. 😳

        1. kfangurl

          Pet project! OMG, what an apt pun! XD

          I would love to see a prequel – if Song Joong Ki would make it ^^ He’s really so good, always morphing into the role, whatever it requires. Although I’m rather tickled at the possibility of a werewolf girl, there’s a part of my brain that says that Chul Soo would be a hard sell, where she’s concerned. After all, he’s already chosen his lifelong companion, even though she’s no longer present. So even if a werewolf girl appears in his orbit, I don’t see him taking to her the way he took to Song Yi. (Poor Chul Soo!)

          Yes, Yoo Yeon Suk is very good – I loved him as Chilbongie, and hated him in this show. Which means he was super effective at both ends of the spectrum! Song Joong Ki is very good in Descendants (so swoony!), and I’m enjoying it well so far. I’m not into war shows myself, but this one really doesn’t have a big focus on war stuff. It’s like set dressing for the main thing, which is the romance. In that sense, I think it’s a pretty easy watch so far, especially if you are able to brush aside military and medical inaccuracies. 😉

    2. Anen annaway

      How I wish that soon yi comes back and spend together with him..it reminds me if curious case of Benjamin button,atleast they had a daughter ,I just wish that soon yi and dhil soo had a son or daughter …so that when soon yi die,chul soo will not alone…

      1. kfangurl

        Aww.. I feel ya, Anen.. It broke my heart that the movie left Chul Soo to continue his (possibly forever) life all alone. It WOULD have been comforting for him to have had a family member to keep company with.. Augh. This movie was too much for my heart, seriously. *sniffle*

  24. Kay

    I just saw A Werewolf Boy a few months back, and I absolutely loved it. Song Joong Ki delivered such an amazing performance. I too was captivated when he was on screen and completely pulled in by him. All the emotion he communicated through just his facial expressions and body language was truly impressive. It says so much about his talent in that he could give such a moving performance with only a couple lines in the whole movie. And yep, I most certainly cried during that ending!

    1. kfangurl

      Glad you enjoyed this one too, Kay! Yes, isn’t Song Joong Ki just AMAZING in this?? I was completely mesmerized by his performance.. So much depth, even without many lines to speak at all. And when he DID speak – OMG. Every time he opened his mouth and said something, I felt like I’d been knocked over; he was so powerful even though he delivered with so much restraint. Masterful, truly. <3

      And that ending is really something else. It's been a few days now since I watched the movie, and the ending is still lingering with me in a big way. Say what you like about the story choice of where we leave our characters, this movie has a way of grabbing your heart and not letting go. And that's really impressive.

  25. Andy Mejias

    I had watching this movie a while back and I not only found it interesting (a different spin on the normal werewolf stories), but really enjoying. I also give it a A.

    1. kfangurl

      Ah, I’m so glad you enjoyed this one, Andy! It’s so beautiful and poignant, not at all the words I’d expected to use, to describe a werewolf story! Honestly, as I wrote the review, I thought of you, thinking that you’d enjoy this one. Glad to know my instinct was right! 😀

  26. justanotheranimefan

    I LOVE this movie so much.


    I assumed that Ji Tae’s attraction to Soon Yi was based on a childhood friendship, because he does remind her at one point that she had said they would be together forever (basically the same thing said to Chul Soo), but the delivery made me think it was something that happened a long time ago. I feel like Ji Tae’s been holding onto that for a loooooong time.

    But seriously, the ending of the movie made me so angry. I still, STILL, do not understand why Soon Yi left him at the end. I can only assume it’s because she’s ashamed of the life she lived without him, with him waiting for her for all those years. I feel like her character would try to go back to the house a lot earlier than when she did. She may have wanted to leave it all behind as a sad, frustrating, memory, but I still feel like her character would have known that he was waiting there. I feel that the way she apprehensively returned to the house in the beginning of the movie was an indicator of this, and not just her wanting to see the house one last time. I never expected a happy ending, but at least something that made more sense to Soon Yi’s character.

    Oh but that scene with Soon Yi and Chul Soo where he speaks for the first time. I get teary-eyed just thinking about it, the acting, the emotions, guh everything just left me raw 😛

    1. kfangurl


      You’re so right, the way older Song Yi approached the house and asked to sleep a night, and then went walking to the shed in the middle of the night – it all indicates that deep down, she knew that he would probably be there, waiting. And I believe you’re right, about her feeling shame, for having left for so long, for having lived a whole life without him, for letting him wait for so long.

      I think it’s one of those things where we don’t feel good about something, and then, after it’s been left sitting dormant for a while, we sort of studiously avoid thinking about it, like we’re hoping that it’ll go away somehow, if we look the other way long enough. It’s a completely illogical way to behave, but it’s a very human one. In that sense, I can sort of understand how she managed to go so long before coming back. BUT, that doesn’t make me any less grieved that she didn’t come back sooner, since at some level, she knew that Chul Soo would be there waiting. I can only hope that after she left that day, that she did eventually come back again, to spend more time with him.

      Raw is the word, truly. That’s exactly how I feel after watching the ending.. It’s an ending that leaves you raw, and YES, the scene where Chul Soo speaks to her – just, guh. It gutted me in every way possible.

      1. justanotheranimefan

        [SPOILERS- although by this stage you probably know that]

        Oh I really like your take on her avoiding thinking about it and hoping it’ll go away. When I think about it that way, it makes more sense; that she’s spent her life building up other memories to push his to the back of her mind. Which, in my opinion, is equally as sad as him waiting for her. I hope she came back too, but the finality in which she said she wasn’t selling the house made me think that perhaps she won’t.

        I think raw and subtle are the two best words to describe this movie!

        1. kfangurl

          Tee hee. Well, I like to think that our spoiler warnings are helping other readers who might be browsing the thread and maybe haven’t seen the movie ^^ So here I go again:


          Yes, it is sad, isn’t it, if she lived her life with that guilt and shame hanging in the back of her mind, but felt too paralyzed with a feeling that it’s just too far gone and too late, to do anything about it? And you’re right, there IS that note of finality to the ending. My brain tells me there is absolutely nothing that the movie is offering, to suggest that she would ever be back. My heart wants to believe that she’ll be back, for Chul Soo’s sake. But I feel like it’s a sliver of a hope, rather than a probable outcome. Either way, though, what a thorough job this show has done, of grabbing our hearts and not letting go. This one’s still echoing strongly for me, which doesn’t often happen. REALLY good. <3

  27. kaiaraia

    Makes me want to rewatch. I thought the loose ends were intentional and left for the viewers to fill in. Cause that’s how it worked for me.

    1. kfangurl

      Well.. I feel like it is, and it also isn’t, in a sense. Like, it’s not explicitly stated whether she goes back again, so it is possible to believe that she does. But there’s also an air of finality in the way the last few scenes are executed that makes me feel like it’s likely that she doesn’t. And either way, it’s true that he will far outlive her, so he will be alone, ultimately. Which makes me sad. :/ But, a beautiful movie nonetheless. 🙂

  28. michelle

    Yay! You watched A Werewolf Boy! I saw it a few months ago and it has stayed with me. I agree with everything in your review, with just a bit of a different take on the ending.

    I saw WB before I watched 1994 but after watching Gu Family Book. Still it was Yu Yeon Suk’s performance in WB that stayed with me, so that when I started watching 1994 I had this mental distaste whenever I saw Chilbongie on screen. Thankfully 1994 purged most of that, but I consider that lingering, strong mental distaste a testament to Yeon Suk’s acting skills.

    (Side note: I had a similar reaction to So Ji Sub. I first saw him in What Happened in Bali, and resisted watching Master’s Sun because I had disliked the tone of WHIB in general and In Wook’s apparent motivations in particular. I did see the difference in his acting in the two dramas and sought out more, and now he is one of my favourite kdrama actors. Such range!)

    WB is the movie that sold me on Song Joong Ki. He is everything you describe him as in his portrayal of Chul Soo.


    I found the ending heartaching. Like you, I wanted to know why she had left, why she hadn’t come back sooner. Didn’t she remember how he always took her requests literally? I wanted him to have comfort and companionship. When I saw just how hard he had worked (and I envisioned he had also taught himself to play the guitar), I started to cry. And I kept on crying after she spoke her final words to him and then left.

    Even with all of that, for me, the ending was perfect, even with all its uncertainty of what will happen to him, should the refuge of the house be taken from him in a future generation. She can’t come back to him. She is old. Soon she will die. He is still young. He will always be young. And in that way, he is condemned to always be alone, or more properly, to never have a lifelong companion of his own.

    I saw many parallels between WB and Edward Scissorhands. Both are about an isolated human-like creation, living in solitude after the death of creator, unsocialized. By chance, a mother discovers the boy and takes him in. The young girl of the family is key to taming/socializing the “boy”. The local “rich” bully likes the pretty daughter of the average family, and does what he can to discredit/frame the “boy” with the end result being the “boy” realizes the danger he presents. The key difference in the movies is that in WB, the mother abandons Chul Soo to a life of solitude, but safety, while in ES, Edward retreats to provide safety to his love. Both films end with the boys playing with snow.

    And both are heartbreaking in their exploration of the undeserved, unflagging, unfairness of life.

    Thank you again for your reviews!! I haven’t responded in a long time, but I’m always glad to read them.

    1. kfangurl

      Michelle!! It’s great to see ya! HUGS! 😀 And YAY that you watched this one too!

      I can totally see how watching this before AM1994 would’ve messed with your perception of Chilbongie!!! OMG I found him insanely creepy at times, in this movie, so I can totally imagine how that would’ve made it really hard for you to buy him as sweet, caring Chilbongie! Like, where’s the creepy gaze and is he going to hit someone on the head with that baseball bat?!? XD But absolutely, that’s testament to his effectiveness in the role, for it to have spilled over so much! (Also agree on So Ji Sub, btw!)


      As for your take on the ending.. OMG, that thought of Chul Soo, being doomed to never have a lifelong companion, even though that’s how he’s wired, is so sad. SOB. But it’s also very true, that she’s too old to be that lifelong companion to him. I guess I wish that she’d taken the time, to expand this final moment with him. I felt that that was the least that she could’ve done, after he’d waited 47 years for her. Like, spend the time, talk with him, explain that she can’t stay, hug him and hug him well; pour out all that she can, while she can, so that she leaves him with a little more of herself, at least. In that way, I would feel that the ending – of her leaving, and of him being alone again – would have a better sense of closure, even though the tragedy of Chul Soo being alone still continues.

      Sigh. Ultimately though, that tragic beauty is, I think, the thing that makes Chul Soo’s story linger with us. That his not-quite-human quality sets him apart, in a double-edged sort of way. It makes him more beautiful, in his ability to give and to love. But it also makes him more alone, because he can’t live as a human. Sob.

      You’re so spot on, in the parallels between this show and Edward Scissorhands! It’d been so long since I’d watched Edward Scissorhands, that the parallels escaped me until you pointed them out. Thank you for that! 😀

      1. Sabina

        Hey! Read this thread of comments and I couldn’t help but remember Kindan No Koi De Ikou. It’s a manga that has a similar plot to what you guys have described here.

        It’s about a 300 year old purebred wolf named Yato that uses the power of the Moon to transform into a human. He falls in love with a human woman named Hisako and eventually begin a relationship.
        Long story short, they stay together until she dies of old age and he remains faithful to her hoping she will eventually learn how to use the power of the Moon to return to him.
        It’s a sweet and smutty manga, but I enjoyed the idea of everlasting, barrier breaking love <3
        Actually, if any of you are or were into manga at some point, I recommend Ohmi Tomu's mangas because he comes up with very interesting fantasy plots. And the artwork is fantastic 😉

        My second comment today! I am coming back! I can feel it :))))))

        1. kfangurl

          Wow, you ARE on a roll, Sabina! 😀 Welcome BACK!!! HUGS!

          And yes, that manga you describe certainly sounds like it’s got a similar sort of theme to this movie – the not-human falling in love with a human, and who remains faithful in spite of human frailty. In the case of the manga, I feel like it’s a little sweeter, coz he got to stay with her until her death. She couldn’t have given him more, in that sense. [SPOILER!] Here, she leaves, and that just breaks my heart, because she basically enforces that alone-ness on him, at a time when she doesn’t actually have to. T.T

          Still, it’s a beautiful watch that I definitely recommend. And, if you liked that manga, I think you wouldn’t have a problem enjoying this one too! ^^

  29. Sabina

    Hey, Kfangurl! 🙂

    Ages have passed since my last entry :)))) Too many things going on 😐

    Anyway, I have had no time whatsoever to even finish The Princess’ Man, let alone start something new. Actually, I haven’t advanced with it at all :|”As soon as I get the time” I promise myself, it’s just that the time never comes :))))
    That doesn’t mean that I don’t check your blog for new updates on regular basis 😛 Your reviews are still some of the most enjoyable reads I pamper myself with 😉

    In the meantime, I’ve kept my eyes open and I found a list of korean movies that have excellent reviews ( http://9gag.com/gag/a0pwXyO?ref=fbp ). Unfortunately, they’re not really for you because they’re thrillers and action/gore movies 😛 But I plan on checking them out 😀

    Anyway, just wanted to see how you were and say hi 🙂

    Oh, and not to forget! Excellent review as always! I think this movie made it on my list as well :))))

    See you soon! As soon as I get the time, anyway :)))))

    1. kfangurl

      Sabina!! 😀 SO GREAT, to see you again! I’ve been wondering how you’ve been! 🙂

      Aw, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been so busy that you’ve had to put drama time aside for now.. That must be quite the bummer 😐 But, thanks for checking in on the blog, despite your lack of time to watch the shows! You sweet thang, you. <3 <3 I've been good – life's been busy, but I've still managed to watch and post, which is always a good thing. ^^

      I looked at the list of movies, and you're right, the movies on the list all sound way too gory &/or murderous for my taste. The only one I've seen on the list, is Man from Nowhere, which I watched coz it was so highly acclaimed. I still cringe at the memory of a certain scene involving bloody eyeballs – eep! 😛

      Glad that you'll add this one to your list – it's far from gory, and it definitely lives up to its reputation of being beautiful, I think. 🙂 I really hope you'll get some breathing room AND drama time soon, my dear. Take good care, and see you soon! <3


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