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Year In Review: 2015


I can hardly believe that 2015 is coming to a close and 2016’s almost upon us. I know I said this last year too, but seriously guys, time is flying.

Even more so when you count the year in drama milestones, or so it seems, since there are more dramas in dramaland than ever before, vying for our limited drama hours. Everything feels like it’s flying by in a blur, and even though I’m dedicated to my dramas, it’s just not humanly possible to stay on top of everything – and that’s before taking Real Life responsibilities into account! XD

Still, I’m pleased to report that I managed to watch at least as much drama as I did last year, if not a little bit more. I’m sorta behind on the reviewing front, but I promise to catch up on that, pinky swear!

Uungh.. How do I do this???

So I’ve been chewing on how to approach my year-in-review this year, and I decided that since we all have limited drama hours to spend, that I’d group them according to how worthy they are, of your limited drama time.  Yep, I like to be helpful that way, heh. 😉

As with my previous Year-in-Review posts, I include dramas that started last year and ended this year in this list, coz I always feel that it makes more sense – and is only fair – to assess a drama after it’s finished rather than when it’s still airing.

As a whole, 2015 has been a slightly patchier drama year than I would’ve liked. There were fewer truly cracky dramas than I’d hoped for, and a lot more middling to disappointing dramas than I’d like to think about. Still, were there dramas that sucked me in and stole my heart? Happily, the answer to that is a big fat YES. 😉


These are my top picks for the entire year, the A Grade dramas that I really think you should put on your list if you haven’t already. Cracky, heart-grabby stuff, these are the shows that continue to give me hope for dramaland.


Cracky, badass and swoony all at the same time, Healer wasted no time whatsoever in stealing my heart. A hero who almost felt like a superhero, a heroine with guts, personality and personal agency, and OTP chemistry that shot through the roof, this show hit all the right notes for me. Add on more than a few great secondary characters, several fantastic relationships (Ahjummaaa~!), and I was glued to my screen in a happy, blissful daze. It’s true I cared less about the overarching web of backstory than writer-nim would’ve probably wanted, but I freaking loved everything else. Definitely my pick for Top Korean Drama of 2015.

Grade: A+

Review: here.


So warm and cracky that I felt engaged right away. The stand-outs in this drama are really the well-written and excellently delivered characters, and their relationships. Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye are wonderful both individually and together, and their easy chemistry consistently put a satisfied grin on my face. There are some logic fails to be sure, but those are heavily outweighed by Show’s positives.

Grade: A

Review: It’s coming! I promise!

Angry Mom

Meaty. Thought-provoking. Fun. A little dark. Angry Mom is a bundle of contradictions that actually works. I love that Show is well-paced and well-acted, and sticks to its guns all the way to the end, never mind the disappointing ratings. Respect, for Show’s tenacious consistency, and for Kim Hee Sun’s badass angry mom. Also, Ji Soo is freaking adorable in this; his character’s noona crush is one of the best things evar.

Grade: A

Review: here.

Twenty Again

Show takes a few episodes to get into, but the journey thereafter is so rewarding that it’d be a pity to miss. Unassuming milestones take on rich emotional meaning as we watch our main character No Ra take back her life and rediscover herself, one meaningful little victory at a time. Choi Ji Woo is wonderfully endearing in this, and Lee Sang Yoon is the most adorkable grump this side of dramaland.

Grade: A

Review: here.

She Was Pretty

Show looks and feels like just another fun rom-com, but really is so much more than that. There’s a bit of excessive camp and several logic stretches to get past, but beyond that, there’s so much to love. Relatable characters who sincerely care about one another and want the best for each other, for one. Show’s spotlight on friendship – including a truly wonderful sisterhood between our main character and her bestie – for another. And as if those aren’t enough goodies, Si Won is oh-so-fantastic in this too. ❤

Grade: A

Review: here.

Kill Me, Heal Me

Ji Sung, baby. That’s enough reason to watch this show, to be honest. He is AH-MAZING in this, managing to make his multiple personalities actually feel like easily distinct characters, sometimes just by changing his gaze. It’s quite remarkable and you’ve gotta see it to believe it, pretty much. Add on robust performances by the rest of the cast, and several thought-provoking themes around pain, healing and identity, and you’ve got yourself quite the gripping watch.

Grade: A-

Review: It’s coming, I promise!

Splash Splash Love

So much cute that I watched this one with a goofy grin plastered on my face most of the way through. Well-handled and solidly compact, Show is a delightful package of breezy with a lovely touch of depth. Doo Joon and Kim Seul Gi are a joy to watch both individually and together, and they share a fantastic, easy chemistry. Adorable with a capital A.

Grade: A

Flash Review: here.

International Game Changer: Nirvana In Fire

O.M.G. This Chinese drama showed up out of nowhere and blew me clean away with its all-around magnificence. Gorgeous and impressive from almost every angle – from the beautiful cinematography & polish, to the brilliant writing, to the excellent acting – this drama is literally a work of art. At once sweepingly epic yet deeply personal, this drama is, quite literally, in a league of its own. Have I mentioned there’s a potent bromance at the center of this story too? *flails* Worth savoring again, and then again. Show, I crown thee International Drama of the Decade.

Grade: A++

Flash Review: here.


Heart To Heart

Warm, low-key and a little quirky, this modest little show eventually wormed its way into my heart, in spite of my early-episode misgivings. Choi Kang Hee and Chun Jung Myung deliver excellent performances, and credibly flesh out this unconventional romance between two very wounded souls. As a bonus, they share a chemistry that’s at once unassuming and understated, yet completely natural and believable. A nice exploration of the themes of acceptance, identity and healing.

Grade: B+

Review: here.

Let’s Eat 2

The food porn isn’t as glorious nor the eating as delicious, but Let’s Eat 2 is just as endearing, and overall more tightly written, than its predecessor. Show takes a while to settle – our female lead starts off a little too prickly for my taste – but eventually becomes a warm, easy and enjoyable watch that I kept reaching for. Plus, Doo Joon is ❤

Grade: B+

Review: here.

Falling For Innocence

Surprisingly enjoyable, despite its Retro Hallyu heart-that-remembers premise. Logic is often flawed and suspension of disbelief is a must, but Jung Kyung Ho is absolutely wonderful in the midst of it all, and his heartfelt performance actually helps to gloss over some of Show’s flaws. By turn intense, dorky, sweet and petulant, Jung Kyung Ho is the highlight of this show, for me. That, and the fact that there’s also a bit of adorable bromance in this show.

Grade: B+

Review: here.


Show struggles with its tone for the first couple of episodes, but eventually settles into a slice-of-life Misaeng-esque rhythm that I grew to enjoy very well. Natural deliveries by our main cast, and Show’s focus on their characters’ criss-crossing lovelines and burgeoning friendships, made for a heartwarming watch with a touch of poignance.

Grade: B+

Flash Review: here.

Oh My Ghostess

Boasting truly wonderful leads who share crackling chemistry, Oh My Ghostess is a fun and zippy watch for the most part. Show’s uneven treatment of the body possession issue is likely to niggle, and its fluctuating tone can sometimes feel jerky, but Oh My Ghostess remains a solid watch that’s endearing and full of heart.

Grade: B+

Flash Review: here.

Because It’s The First Time

A charming, winsome little drama, that manages to tackle the very real growing pains of young adults with a light and hopeful touch. The likable cast is easy to root for, and their foibles and struggles – by turn funny and poignant – are universally relatable. Heartfelt, engaging and easy to love.

Grade: B+

Flash Review: here.


Shine Or Go Crazy

Show is quite delightful, light and cracky in its earlier stretch, with strong performances by its leads and excellent chemistry almost all the way round. Unfortunately, Show takes a heavy, melodramatic turn in its latter episodes, and chooses a rather weak ending. Still worth the watch though, for the excellent performances by Jang Hyuk, Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Ha Nui.

Grade: B

Review: It’s coming! I promise!

Who Are You – School 2015

Show’s got lots of flaws if you’d care to count them, but I still thoroughly enjoyed this one. On the downside, the characterization is uneven, logic is regularly stretched and the ending leans weak. Still, the missing-twin mystery, the youthful love triangle, the cute boys and some very solid performances made this my drama crack during its run.

Grade: B

Review: here.

Noble, My Love

A short, delicious bit of mindless fluff. Show’s filled to the brim with tropes, but the good-looking leads – in particular, Sung Hoon’s brand of tanned, often shirtless buff – and their solid chemistry made this enjoyable to watch. Well-handled and savvy to what makes audiences tick, Noble is great for a quick spot of feel-good fun.

Grade: B

Flash Review: here.

Sassy Go Go

Not terribly inventive, but manages to be endearing, charming and even rather cracky – until the final quarter. Show takes some odd sidesteps in the last stretch which made the ending feel overly pat in places, but the lovable characters, the crackling OTP chemistry, and the heartwarming relationships make this worth the watch.

Grade: B

Review: here.


Orange Marmalade

Best described as a story with 3 acts, with the 2nd act taking place in a Joseon setting, Orange Marmalade is an ultimately heartwarming and uplifting little show, in spite of its logic leaps and uneven tone. If you (a) enjoy high school settings, (b) don’t mind vampire fantasy type stories, (c) don’t mind sageuk, and (d) have the patience to follow the writers’ admittedly odd-looking train of thought, this just might be your kind of show.

Grade: B-

Flash Review: here.

My Love Eun Dong

A tale of Fated First Love, in the tradition of Retro Hallyu. Show retains its fair share of angst and there’s a distinct slump in the 3rd quarter, but on the upside, this drama is definitely much more polished and slightly less teary than its Hallyu Classics ancestors. If you’re missing your Winter Sonata feels, this drama just might be for you.

Grade: B-

Review: here.

Sensory Couple

Basically, the OTP Cute is the only reason to watch this show. Uneven tone and very illogical writing don’t do this show any favors, but if you can zone out and just enjoy The Cute, Yoo Chun and Shin Se Kyung are admittedly quite adorable together. If you like Nam Goong Min being creepy &/or shirtless, this might work for you too.

Grade: C+

Flash Review: here.


High Society

In two words, High Society is basically this: Empty promises. Poor writing, a lukewarm OTP and generally sketchy character development all-around make this a rather boring watch. The only silver lining is Park Hyung Shik and Im Ji Yeon as our second-lead couple, but even their sparky chemistry doesn’t do enough to save this show.

Grade: C

Flash Review: here.


Mask had a very strong start, which makes the weak ending doubly tragic. Show’s initial stretch is pretty much High Melo that you can eat with a spoon. Add on Yeon Jung Hoon’s glowering villain and Joo Ji Hoon’s gut-busting comic timing, and Mask was a very solid watch – for a while. Multiple dropped threads, boring corporate machinations and some very glaringly stupid plot points all culminate in an overly pat, poorly-written ending that felt extremely underwhelming.

Grade: C++

Flash Review: here.

Scholar Who Walks The Night

Strong performances from the main cast and the oodles of Lee Jun Ki Pretty weren’t enough to save this show, in my books. The romance never did work for me, and the search for the secret journal felt protracted, and worse, pointless. The uneven tone and ambiguous mythology didn’t help either. So much wasted potential. Sigh.

Grade: C+

Flash Review: here.

Yong Pal

Show starts off with a bang and delivers a brilliant first 6 episodes, before starting to unravel in bemusing ways for the rest of its run. For a show that’s titled Yong Pal, there’s actually very little focus on Joo Won‘s rogue doctor, and the narrative distinctly changes focus to Kim Tae Hee’s character and her quest for revenge. A sudden shift into romantic gear (which never worked for me), a deluge of intrusive PPL, and lots of plot weaknesses and illogical writing culminates in a disappointing and overly convenient finale.

Grade: C

Flash Review: here.


…But of course, if your drama taste isn’t like mine, some of these shows might actually work for you.

Hyde, Jekyll, Me

Formulaic and boring, in spite of the Hyun Bin Pretty. A distinct lack of OTP chemistry didn’t help, and I lasted only 6 episodes on this one.

Dropped post: here.

Ho Goo’s Love

Much as other viewers love this show, this one just didn’t work for me. The Funny didn’t work for me, which also magnified the uneven tone resulting from Show trying to balance the heavy topic of single-parenthood, with funner, lighter stuff. I also found the OTP lacking in chemistry and eventually dropped out after hanging on for 10 episodes. Just not for me, I guess.

Dropped post: here.

Hidden Identity

For all the broody handsome that Show served up in the form of Kim Bum and Kim Min Joon, it wasn’t enough to make up for the ridiculously inept policing and the manipulatively melodramatic sort of handle the writers seemed intent on. I dropped out after just 3 episodes.

Dropped post: here.

I Order You

Pretty and kissy, but completely lacking in any thread of logic that might connect characters’ actions to their thought processes. Character behavior swings wildly from one extreme to another, and nothing makes any sense. Worse, Show takes a turn for heavy melo in its final stretch. I question my judgment for sitting through 10 whole episodes of this before dropping out. At least the episodes were short.

Dropped post: here.

Warm and Cozy

Very mildly amusing, with an aggravatingly endearing, extremely infuriating male lead that I regularly wanted to club on the head. I didn’t hate it, 4 episodes in, but I didn’t love it either. Hearing that Gun Woo basically continues his cold-then-hot-then-cold cycle of fleeting sincerity with maddening regularity through the course of the show, made me think of my sanity and decide to save myself the pain.

The Secret Message

Random and fractured, this show was hard to connect with on any level. 10 episodes into Show’s 18, I still didn’t feel engaged with the characters, nor did I care about their stories. Weird tonal shifts and some excessive camp broke the little resolve I had to finish this show.

Dropped post: here.

Ex-Girlfriend Club

This show’s brand of funny just never worked for me. Obsessing, meddling and hair-pulling didn’t bring the laughs for me, and the writing was pretty uneven too. I also didn’t feel the OTP chemistry, and my interest basically faded out after episode 10. Lots of other folks liked this one though.

Dropped post: here.


Here are the remaining 2015 shows that I haven’t finished yet. Some because they’re still airing. Others, because I’m just terribly behind. 😉

My Beautiful Bride

12 episodes in, I’m still finding this a reasonably solid watch. A lot of that has to do with realizing halfway through my watch, that this is written by the same writer who wrote Heartless City. That effectively shifted my lens from straight-up crime thriller to something more noir in flavor, which makes all the melo tendencies feel much more organic. Kim Moo Yul is very compelling in this.

Edit: Flash Review is here!

Midnight Diner

Simple and pretty feel-good, each episode seems to go for warmth and a humanistic approach, bringing healing to the random, hodgepodge patrons of the diner. Since the episodes tend to stand alone, the 30-minute episodes make for compact little shots of drama whenever I’m in the mood for something short, leisurely and understated. I’m 10 episodes in, and in no hurry to finish it.


11 episodes in, I think I might have found a lens that would work for this show. Sometimes, when I think of this as being tonally similar to It’s Okay It’s Love – y’know, quirky and sort of surreal – it seems to help. At other times, it helps when I think of this as a melodrama instead of the rom-com that I originally thought it was, from the light & quirky tone of the earlier episodes. It’s been an uneven ride for me so far. Overall, I don’t dislike it, even though I can’t decide whether I actually like it.

Six Flying Dragons

20 episodes in, I’m enjoying this one quite well. I find it a solid watch, even though I’m not exactly blown away. Show is taking its time to develop our characters, and that’s ok, since we’re not even at the halfway mark yet. Show also seems to be getting better. I’m eager to see what else Show’s got up its sleeve.

Answer Me 1988

14 episodes in, I am loving this. I love the characters, I love their relationships, I love the entire neighborhood and how it feels like one big hodgepodge family. I’m even loving the love triangle, although I can’t for the life of me decide whether I’m rooting for Jung Hwan or Taek. I luff them both; they’ve each taken up residence in different corners of my heart and I don’t want either of them to get their heart broken. Don’t make me choose, Show! >.<

Edit: Review is here!

Oh My Venus

I’m 11 episodes into this, and I like this in a moderate sort of way. I know lots of folks are in total love with this show, but for reasons that I’m still trying to figure out, I’m just not feeling it as much (yet?). Sometimes I squee; a lot of the time I don’t. I do love how the 3 boys love Joo Eun though; they’re like a trio of puppies with hearts in their eyes. So cute.

Edit: Review is here!

Imaginary Cat

I’m just 2 episodes in so far, and liking it nicely. Yoo Seung Ho + kitty on one screen is a lot of cute. There are hints that this will be a more thoughtful, poignant show than I first expected, which could work out really well. Or not. It’s early days yet and far too soon to tell, really. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Edit: Flash Review is here!


Phew. After all of that, you’d think that I’m done with 2015 shows, but no – there are actually still a handful of 2015 shows that are on my list. Here they are, just for the record:

Heard It Through The Grapevine. Coz I’ve heard that this is solidly good and a worthy watch. Dark comedy’s not my usual thing, but I’m willing to give this a go coz of its positive reputation.

I Remember You. Coz I now want to see more of Park Bo Gum and he’s reportedly excellent in this. I hear the show itself is a good watch too.

Awl. Coz I’ve heard that this is really good, even though it’s flown under most people’s drama radars.

Maids. Coz I’m curious about this one after that fire destroyed their only set and killed a staff member, and the entire crew dusted themselves off and started over from scratch. It makes me want to at least check this one out and silently root for the crew.

Gaekju: Master of Trade. Coz, Jang Hyuk. ❤


Well done, you.. er, I mean, me!

Woah. I watched a LOT of drama this year, didn’t I? 😛 I talked about a whopping 39 – thirty-nine! – dramas in this year-in-review post. That’s 9 more dramas than I wrote about last year. Uh. I don’t know whether to celebrate or seriously consider a drama intervention, to be honest. In my defense, some of them were little web dramas, and I did drop more dramas this year as well.

Because of the sheer volume of dramas produced (so, so many!), this year felt like a patchier drama year than 2014. Yet, I’ve got 8 Grade A dramas on my list compared to last year’s 6. That’s actually Not Bad At All, if you think about it. It’s true I had to sift through quite a lot of duds to find them, but those drama gems are out there, and that’s the important thing. Those Grade A dramas are what we drama fans live for, after all.

We live to be sucked into drama crack, and it’s comforting to know that dramaland produced a decent amount of crack this year. Coz it gives us hope for next year, heh. 😉

Thanks for a pretty decent year, dramaland. You’ve worked hard. Now please bring us more glorious crack in 2016, ok? I know you can do it.

I’m ready and waiting, with my party hat on.

This IS my excited face. Ha.

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68 thoughts on “Year In Review: 2015

  1. Hi! I’m just wondering if you’re still into Six Flying Dragons? I know it’s a very long series but I’m really curious abt your review! 🙂


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  3. I am suprised that oh my ghostess rank than A+. I can rank it the same as healer. Both are my favorites. Thanks for the review! I might watch some of the listed drama that i haven’t try


    • I guess OMG just didn’t work for me as well as it did for other viewers.. I definitely thought it was very good in certain aspects, but it didn’t work so much for me in others. For the details, you can check out the review itself here. 🙂 And yes, I do hope you’ll enjoy some of the higher rated dramas that I’ve listed in this post, Dima! 🙂


  4. Hi! 🙂 I can’t wait to read your full review of “Healer”. I’m a neophyte to KDrama and it was Healer [Ji Chang Wook] who grabbed my attention and is keeping me a fan. Thank you in advance,


    • Hi there Annie! Welcome to the wonderful world of kdramas! And what an introduction you’ve had, considering it was Healer that drew you in! I promise that I will write a proper review for Healer! I’m stalled about a third of the way in.. Real Life ramped up, and I got sidetracked with all the other reviews I wanted to write. You might not see it for a while since I’m traveling a fair bit in the next little while, but rest assured it’s still something I fully plan on finishing! 🙂


  5. I needed this, thank you! I think our taste in dramas is fairly similar minus a few outliers (Night Scholar, but I love vampires & loved the somewhat platonic pairing).

    Apart from a few, I agree with so many dramas you loved and so many you dropped or just never touched. So, now I have no lingering regrets about not even trying to watch many of the Korean dramas that came out this year. You seem really big on story and believability– not just eye candy.

    I am also still watching a lot of dramas from 2015, so hopefully 2016 slows down. Please, someone, stop time and let me catch up!!


    • YAY that our drama tastes are pretty close! 😀 I am big on story and overall narrative integrity (altho, eye candy is always a plus!), which is why I was disappointed in some of the dramas in this post. It’s also why I’m rather underwhelmed by OMV.. It just feels uneven in its overall handling, somehow. But, I’ll stay the course since it’s just 2 more episodes and I’m liking small pockets of things in it. 🙂 Not that I can’t appreciate a big of fluff – I love fluff! But, as I’ve learned, not all fluff is created equal. Splash Splash Love is FAB, while I Order You is terrible! XD

      I feel ya – there are just too many dramas that I want to check out, and not enough time!! Even though I managed to check out a whole bunch of dramas in 2015, there are still a good handful that I haven’t had time to look at, and the 2016 premieres are already upon us! 😛 Here’s hoping we’ll both get some good drama time in, this year! 🙂

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  6. Thank you for the reviews. 39 shows is indeed a lot. For me KMHM was definitely the show of the year. It was such a bittersweet show which lingers in your memory for long. Romance, comedy, angst, suspense, tragedy, drama…there was nothing that this show did not cover , and blended everything remarkably well. And of course there is Ji Sung, who took this show on different level all together. In hands of a less capable actor, the show and the personalities could have been a pile of confusion and ridiculousness, but Ji Sung brought such honesty to all characters that it overrided all the flaws and held the show together.
    Healer left me underwhelmed. Perhaps my expectations were too high seeing its online Popularity. I liked the show in parts. The lead couple was good indeed and had fab chemistry. I loved Park Min Young in this show and she was the biggest reason that I completed it. Bongsookies goofiness was adorable. But I didn’t find anything new or different about this show. It reminded a lot of City Hunter. Back story/ Mystery didn’t really work for me, I expected more. So yes I enjoyed the show in parts, but as an overall product, it didn’t work for me.
    I tried watching Pinochhio, esp for the sake of LJS but couldn’t get through it. PSYs monotone expressions and character was too big a hurdle to cross.
    I enjoyed Sassy Go Go. It was sweet and heartwarming. Same for Splash Love.
    I also made the mistake of watching High Society, and share your sentiments on the show. Lead pair and their storyline did nothing for me. I watched that show only for second couple. Not that their story was pathbreaking, but the actors made it watchable with their sincerity and infused a dead script with life.
    With you on Oh My Venus. Many people are apparently liking the sho, but it didn’t just click for me.


    • Hi there Ani!! 🙂 Yes, I must agree that Ji Sung is the glue that held KMHM together. If his performance hadn’t been convincing, that show wouldn’t have been able to hold up, I think. Which is why I’m relieved that LSG eventually (& wisely) passed on the offer to star. I mean, he’s likable and cute, but I really don’t think his acting chops are ready for that kind of workout (yet?).

      Sorry to hear that Healer and Pinocchio didn’t work for you.. I really enjoyed both those shows. But, yay that you did like Sassy and Splash Splash Love! Splash Splash Love especially makes me goofy-giddy, I LOVE it and totally plan to watch it more than once!

      Also, thanks for affirming my lack of connection with OMV.. There’s been so much squee over that show that I’ve been wondering why it wasn’t clicking for me. It’s always good to know that I’m not alone! 😉


  7. Thank you for the lovely Year In Review, Kfangurl!! I’m impressed by the number of kdramas you managed to watch in 2015. 39 is just insane! It was a really busy year for me so my total completed kdrama count is less than 10 😦 oh well hopefully 2016 will be better! And I’m so happy to read that you’re loving Reply !988 as much as I am, cuz that whole neighbourhood of endearing weirdos has managed to worm its way well and truly into my heart and I am so not ready to let go when the show ends its run! Looking forward to your review;) I agree that Pinocchio was such a delight to watch, and Oh My Ghostess was a cute and entertaining ride, despite the wonky tone. Nirvana is glorious, although I’m only a few episodes in, i can’t wait to see how the story unfolds (and I dig that cinematography!!) Oh My Venus’ plot leaves much to be desired, but I still love the show for the wonderful character dynamics and the OTP chemistry is fantastic:) oh yeah and how could i forget that little ball of adorable and sunshine that was Splash Splash Love?? Loved it so much^_^ Twenty Again and She Was Pretty seem wonderful, so I’ve added them to my to-watch list. Have a great 2016 and keep up the good work!


    • Hee. Well, to be fair, I didn’t finish all 39 of those dramas, since I dropped a handful of dramas in 2015! 😉 Don’t feel sad about watching fewer dramas in 2015.. we all have years like that. It just means you’ve got a lot more information now, from which to make your drama decisions. You can now avoid all the duds and only watch the ones truly worth your time – not a bad upside, that! 😉

      YAY that we’re in agreement about quite a few shows! I am already feeling kinda sad that Answer Me 1988 is going to end in a few weeks. :/ I’m not ready to say goodbye to this neighborhood. Nirvana IS glorious, and SO GOOD. I’ve got all of my closest friends watching it, and my family members are all hopping on board, one after the other! I am so sure that you’ll love it too!

      And yes, definitely put Twenty Again and She Was Pretty on your list, they’re both very worthy watches. The boys are cute too, but that’s just bonus 😉


  8. am i allowed to shamelessly promote my youtube channel ?


  9. I love reading your blogs! Keep em coming this 2016! Anyway, have you seen Yoo Seung Ho & Park Min Young’s Remember? I find it great though with just currently six episodes :))


    • Hi there Mj! Thanks for enjoying my posts, I’ll do my best to keep ’em coming this year, though I’m not sure if I can match 2015’s 39 dramas! XD I’m not quite ready for Remember at the moment.. It sounds pretty heavy and I’d like to give it more time to settle into itself. The reactions I’ve heard so far have been mixed. Great that you’re enjoying it well – that’s one point in Show’s favor! ^^


  10. Ho Lee Cow! As I was scrolling down reading your thoughts was thinking … “This girl watches a LOT of drama!” Excellent! I want to do that too haha! I agree with all your ratings (based on the ones I did manage to watch) except one. I really liked Mask. I thought the ending was heart-breaking (it’s ok, no spoilers!). Now it makes me want to reboot Vampire Prosecutor (which I ditched in 2015, four episodes in). A great review! Happy New Year!


    • Tee hee! Yes, I did watch a truckload of drama this year, didn’t I? 😛 Only a fellow drama fan would pronounce it excellent, so thank you! XD

      It’s great that Mask worked for you.. It’s to your credit that you managed to feel for the characters in spite of what (to me) were some pretty glaring writing flaws 😛 I didn’t manage to look past them, and ended up feeling completely underwhelmed. And yes, I highly recommend Vampire Prosecutor!! It’s not perfect, but it’s a show that I enjoyed very much, even though I’m not a huge fan of crime procedurals nor of vampires. I just loved the overall elegance, as well as Yeon Jung Hoon as our resident vamp. ❤ You can take a peek at my review here, if it helps 🙂

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  11. Thank you for the overall review of 2015 🙂 ! I got a good picture of what I still want to watch. Mmm.. I’ve started 13 (+ Grapevine and I Remember You) dramas out of all the dramas you’ve mentioned but out of the 13 I have stopped watching 6 shows. I’ve either completely dropped some or I have put some on the “standby” list indefinitely.

    I didn’t crazily embrace Healer or KMHM with a downpour of love like a lot of the international community did but at least I liked Kill Me Heal Me. I think it was because I could understand where emotionally the drama was suppose to hit. I was able to appreciate that. I can’t put my finger on why I didn’t like Healer… maybe I should try it again at a different time.

    I had great time watching Punch and Heard It Through The Grapevine though. ❤ ❤ They managed to satisfy my watching experience in so many different areas. They were definitely two stand outs for myself not just for the year but of all the K-Dramas I've watched. Granted I don't think I've even watched 50 K-Dramas to date but I believe that Punch and HITTG were well made and really engaging if you appreciate that kind of tone and style.
    So I hope that when you get around to watching HITTG (and the other shows on your impending watch list) you will enjoy it. 😛

    Hopefully we'll all have a good drama year in 2016! I definitely have some 2016 dramas and actors I'm looking forward to seeing in the new year. 😉

    Happy New Year Kfangirl and everybody else. 🙂


    • Oh and I also have you and others on the blog to thank for introducing me to the power of fast forwarding. I was a little adventurous with some older dramas this year and the FFW button was so helpful even though I felt guilty in the beginning of doing it. I’m currently watching My Daughter Seo Young with such ease 😛 .


    • Happy New Year, dear Muffin!! ❤ Sounds like you've had a pretty decent drama year, and found a good handful of dramas to love 🙂 I'm happy to hear you managed to enjoy KMHM, though I'm a little sad you didn't like Healer. Was it too much romance/action? Not enough romance/action? Or maybe it was a mood thing? If you can't figure out why you didn't like it, it might be a mood thing, in which case it might be worth giving it another shot sometime. 🙂 But, if it doesn’t work for you, oh well. I guess we can’t love all the same shows. I know I didn’t like several shows this year that many others did like. 🙂

      I didn’t pick up Punch coz I wasn’t in the mood for melodrama, and Punch’s premise sounded particularly sad, with the brain tumor thing. I’ve heard so many good things about it, though, that I just might pick it up one day when the mood strikes. I rarely say never when it comes to drama (or fangirling), as you know! 😉 But yes, I do think I’ll chekc out Grapevine before Punch. 🙂

      Also, YAY that you’ve come to enjoy the perks of using the FF button! XD I don’t use it regularly myself, but it definitely has come in VERY handy. I ended up LOVING Jang Ok Jung and Mama, thanks to my trusty FF button. If not for allowing myself to FF through all the stuff that didn’t interest me, I wouldn’t have watched either of those shows, and I ended up enjoying them both so much!

      Indeed, here’s wishing us all a great 2016, drama or otherwise! And may we dare to use the FF button, when the need arises! 😉 Smooches ❤


  12. I like “punch” this year, don’t know if its your taste or not. Thank you,i’m really curious about nirvana in fire now


    • I don’t usually reach for melodrama, which is how I missed Punch. The premise sounds pretty sad, with the terminal brain tumor and all 😛 I have heard lots of positive comments about it, so I’m not surprised that you liked it 🙂 I might check it out sometime, but probably not anytime soon – too many other shows I’m curious to watch ^^

      And, YAY that you’re curious about Nirvana In Fire!! Do check it out, it’s AMAZING. ❤ It takes maybe 5 episodes for everything to settle a little in your head, since it's a big story with a sprawling cast, but it's really worth the watch. Also, if it helps, my dad got so caught up in E2 that he marathoned E2-5 in a single sitting 😉


  13. I ended up LOVING Kill Me Heal Me! Thank you kfangurl for suggesting I stick it out through the beginning when the leading lady screamed a lot. It ended up being my favorite drama of the year 🙂 I’m halfway through She Was Pretty and Twenty Again and I’m loving both of them too. I’m so happy to see Choi Ji Woo again. I couldn’t get into her last couple of dramas. I wanted to like Can’t Lose, but there was just too much bickering for my taste.

    But the one drama I’m stuck not liking so far is Healer 😦 I’m not loving it as much as many people are, and I’m wondering again what is wrong with me? What am I missing? I’m up to the beginning of episode 7, and I hate to say I’m bored so far. I’m a big fan of romance dramas (not action or crime so much) and I guess there just hasn’t been enough focus on the main pair’s interactions for me, and I don’t really care that much about the web of back story either. I do like the Healer character and the actor who plays him though (he’s the reason I gave this drama a try). Should I stick with it, or if I don’t love it after six episodes maybe it’s just not for me?


    • Heyya Lora! 😀 I’m so glad that you ended up loving KMHM!! The screamy is a bit much, but there’s so much more to KMHM than that, that it would’ve been a pity to miss it. 🙂 As for Can’t Lose, I totally know what you mean! I wanted to like it, but found it too bickery for my taste as well. Which is why I’m so glad Choi Ji Woo got to do Twenty Again – she’s so endearing in that. ❤

      Healer-wise, I'd say wait for your mood to be a little more action-inclined, and then go back to it. Coz, there IS a lovely romance in the center of this show, and Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young display some very *ahem* electric OTP chemistry. They look very natural together, and the skinship feels so effortless. It’d be a pity to miss, especially for a romance fan like you. 😉 So hang in there, but be sensitive to what your mood dictates. I hope that helps! 🙂

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      • You’re so right about being sensitive to mood, and I think I’m just not in the right mood for Healer, but I’ll definitely come back to it later. I just finished She Was Pretty and I loved it sooo much!! I think I’m gonna finish Twenty Again before I try going back to Healer.

        Although I am loving Twenty Again so far because I love Choi Ji Woo’s character, there is one big thing I wish was different…’s not really a spoiler (but just in case it is, *spoiler alert*)…..I’m not really fond of all the divorce stuff. I hope in the future there will be some more romance dramas that feature older leads, but I hope they won’t all include a divorce story line. After Can’t Lose, I was hoping that Choi Ji Woo’s next drama wouldn’t include a divorce story line too. I had hoped that the show would have at least started off with her as a divorced single Mom already. Or, even better, I hope maybe someday someone will write a romance drama for an older character who has never been married yet. I mean, why not right? Choi Ji Woo herself is 40 and she hasn’t been married yet.

        I’m so glad you had Splash, Splash Love on your list 🙂 I hadn’t heard about it before, but I decided to check it out because you recommended it and I adored it!! 🙂 I wish it was a full length drama!

        As for Oh My Ghostess, I was loving it at the beginning , but I’m not liking where it’s going, so I’m not sure if I’ll finish it 😦 I saw it recommended as the drama to watch after Master’s Sun, but I don’t think that Oh My Ghostess is going to give me the same happy feeling I had after finishing Master’s Sun. Have you ever seen the American movie Just Like Heaven, starring Reese Witherspoon? It’s an adorable twist on the ghost theme, and it’s what I wish Oh My Ghostess had been. I hope a kdrama writer will pick up on it someday, and remake it into an equally adorable kdrama.


        • Oh I also meant to ask, have you seen Protect the Boss? Since it stars Ji Sung I’m temped to give it a try, but it looks very different from Kill Me Heal Me, Secret, and Save the Last Dance for Me, so I was wondering if it’s worth it.


          • Oh, I did see Protect The Boss, actually! I liked it, er, moderately. The humor didn’t jive too much with mine, and I also prefer Ji Sung much swoonier. He did a good job portraying a nervous derp tho. It’s not my top pick, but it’s a reasonably ok watch. If you’re looking to swoon at Ji Sung, though, you probably wouldn’t find it in PTB 😛 Having said that, lots of people enjoyed that show, so you might like it more than I did 🙂


        • Oh, that’s great, that you plan to give Healer another chance, Lora! 😀 I LOVED that show, and seen it twice now, and loved it both times. I really hope you’ll be able to enjoy it later, when the right mood hits. 🙂 And YAY that you enjoyed She Was Pretty! That’s such a heartwarming, uplifting show; so much more substance to it than I’d first expected, really.

          I feel ya, about kdramas featuring more mature heroines without making divorce part of the premise. I suppose it’s common to use divorce as part of the set-up, since most people would have married in their twenties or early thirties. The easy way to create room for more story and new romance, is to have the heroine deal with divorce, unfortunately. If you’re in the mood for a good melo, you could consider One Warm Word. It does feature slightly more mature characters, and even though there is a struggle around affairs and potential divorce, it’s very sensitively handled and the characters and relationships are well-developed.

          YAY that you love Splash Splash! It’s ADORABLE and I would’ve totally loved for it to have been longer too! On the upside, it’s a great one to reach for when you need a quick drama pick-me-up. I know I’ll be rewatching it, and more than once! 😉 As for Oh My Ghostess.. I was rather underwhelmed with the ending, to be honest. It’s still a cute and solid watch, but I definitely expected better and more. I haven’t seen Just Like Heaven – I watch SO little American entertainment these days! – but I’ll keep it mind for when I’m in the rare mood for a Hollywood movie. 🙂


          • Well it took a year for me to be in the mood to try Healer again, and surprisingly it is now one of my favorite dramas of all time!!! I guess I judged it too fast as being mostly an action drama (which isn’t usually my thing), but WOW what a beautiful romance!!! It’s going to be hard to find a romance to top it.

            I loved the refreshing change of a drama featuring a really nice hero (and a nice heroine). I’m so burnt out on drama after drama featuring moody, arrogant “heroes”. Finding a drama with a nice hero, and a nice heroine at the same time, is like spotting a unicorn.


            • Oh, I forgot to ask, have you seen any other Ji Chang Wook dramas that are worth trying? I’m watching Smile Dong-Hae and I’m finding it pretty cute, and I’ll be checking out the drama short Secret Love. I’m wondering especially about The K2 and Bachelor’s Vegetable Store. I’ve read mixed reviews of both.

              Some have said the romance in The K2 is sweet, while others have said there isn’t much screen time given to the romance, and the main evil character is the focus of the show.

              As for The Bachelor’s Vegetable Store, I’ve read reviews saying that it mostly focuses on the main leads romance, and others that say it becomes all about the evil mother character.

              Since romance is my main thing, I’m not sure whether either of these dramas would fit the bill for me or not.


              • I’ve watched a couple of other Ji Chang Wook shows, and the one that I would recommend the most is the Secret Love short. That was cute. I also watched Warrior Baek Dong Soo, which was.. a strange creature of a show that was very flawed, but managed to get under my skin anyway. In that one, the bromance is stronger than the romance, though. My reviews are here and here, if you’d like to take a look at them.

                I dropped K2, so I wouldn’t recommend that show. I feel like it was all too flashy and indulgent, and I didn’t feel any chemistry between Ji Chang Wook and Yoona. The romance also felt a little random, if I’m being brutally honest. As for Bachelor’s Vegetable Store, I heard it was pretty bad, actually. I didn’t watch it myself, though.

                Honestly though, if I was missing Ji Chang Wook on my screen, I feel like rewatching Healer is the way to go. Coz I mean, Healer is 😍😍😍


            • Oh my, YES. Healer has one of the best romances I’ve come across, I have to agree! I loved those two together, So Much. 😍

              For a drama with a nice hero and nice heroine, have you checked out Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo? I just watched and reviewed it, and the OTP is fabulous. So much win, with this little show, seriously. You can check out my review here, if you like! 😊


  14. I managed to finish only 6 of these, LOL! Wasn’t much impressed with the international fans’ fave, Healer either so it got left by the wayside like many others I tried.

    My thoughts on Oh My Venus are pretty much the same as yours, plus I don’t really care for the direction it seems to be taking, but I guess I’ll stay the distance. Unless it manages to make me truly gumpy. 🙂 Dragons is still on but I’m behind by half a dozen epis, just never seem to get the incentive to continue.

    I LOVED the original j-version of Midnight Diner (Shinya Shokudo), so I couldn’t really get into the Korean remake. There were just some vital ingredients missing and as good as Kim Seung Woo was, Kobayashi Kaoru IS the Master… sorry, not sorry. XD


    • Aww.. That’s too bad, that Healer didn’t work for you. It IS a little mainstream for your taste, come to think of it. 😛 I’m getting more bemused with OMV with each episode, or so it seems. I just watched E12 yesterday and I can’t say I’m impressed. Like you, I’ll stick it out with this one, but I’m not expecting great things. As for Dragons, if it helps, I actually found that it got better over time. My interest was a little patchy in the earlier eps, but by E18-20, I felt more easily engaged. I even found E20 rather exciting, which, if Show keeps up, bodes well for the rest of my watch! ^^

      I haven’t seen the J-version of Midnight Diner, so I can’t compare. But, I totally feel ya, in that, once you love an original, it’s really hard to get into a remake. I remember loving Japan’s Hana Kimi and therefore finding TTBY’s differences jarring to my Hana Kimi-loving sensibilities. I’m enjoying the K-version of Midnight Diner in a moderate sort of way. It’s nothing to shout about, but it’s not bad 🙂


      • I guess Healer had to much loveydovey and too little action for me. I was also more interested in the past, as in the OTP’s parents and their friends. As for Dragons, the plan is to try and catch up with it this week. As there are no new epis airing, it should be doable. 🙂

        Give S1 of Shinya Shokudo a go, I think you might like it, perhaps better than the k-version. It feels more real and sort of homey, like that tiny restaurant actually exists. I also think that the patrons, guests and their stories are more true to life. Not every story has a ‘happy ending’, nor do things always work out. I loved the drama’s warm and understanding take on human failings and the different strokes we have.^^


        • OK, Dragons did air this week… it’s Remember that was prempted. Seems like brain’s not properly turned on today, LOL!


        • Hehe.. Naw, it’s easy to get mixed up. A good bunch of shows got pre-empted this week, which makes it rather confusing to keep track. You can still catch up to Dragons – just maybe not as much as you’d planned, since new eps aired this week. 😉

          Yes, I can see how you’d find Healer had too much lovey dovey stuff and too little action, since your taste usually veers towards the action and away from the romance. The balance was just right for me, since I like my romance, but also enjoy moderate servings of action. I wouldn’t have minded a little more action (Healer parkouring made me squee!), but I wouldn’t have wanted to give up the romance for it, since this romance was my favorite this year. ❤

          Aw, Shinya Shokudo sounds quite lovely actually. Maybe I will check it out once I'm done with Midnight Diner. I'm curious to see how the 2 versions compare. Warmth and understanding sounds right up my alley! 🙂


  15. Wow…you managed to watch so many shows this year! I have completed only a few…not even 10 I guess…but I’m planning to watch I remember you, My beautiful bride and Awl before writing my year end review.
    I think I don’t agree with your categories for some shows…but that’s the fun, isn’t it!

    Happy New Year! Cheers!


    • Happy New Year to you too, snow! 🙂 Aw, I know you’ve been super busy this year, snow, so it’s natural that you watched less drama this year than last year! I remember watching only 10 dramas in 2013 as well! And yes, not having identical responses to the dramas is definitely one of the things that keeps this dramaverse an interesting and varied place – I look forward to seeing your take when you do post your year end review! 🙂

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  16. what a list! 39 is fantastic!
    I’m totally agree with your review on Hyde, Jekyll, and Me. It’s so boring and I feel sad for Hyun Bin and his majestic face.
    Anw, thanks for this review. It’s ah-mazing^^


    • Hehe! I honestly don’t know whether I’ll be able to keep this up next year, but yes, it does look like I watched a lot of dramas this year, doesn’t it? XD I was very disappointed by Hyde, Jekyll and Me as well. What a waste of Hyun Bin Pretty!


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    This review is made by kfangurl. It sums up exactly everything I wanted say but in a much better that I could have ever done. Read it, like it, share it!

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  18. It has been quite a prolific year for you chingu. I’ll continue to patiently wait for your SoGC review but I must say I so far agree with the short review you wrote here 🙂


    • Ah, it’s not as prolific as I’d like, I’m backlogged more than I’d like to be, and am owing a good handful of reviews – as you can see! 😛 YAY that we’re in agreement (so far anyway!) on SoGC.. I truly LOVED it, until it changed tone later. Jang Hyuk is wonderful in it, and I would’ve loved the show to have ended as strongly as it started. I’ll try not to make you wait too much longer, dear DF! 🙂

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  19. I love that you’re taste is so similar to mine! I’m missing some that you’ve watched and cannot wait to watch them!


    • Ah, that’s great, that our drama tastes are similar!! 😀 It’s always nice to know that we’re not alone in how we feel about certain dramas. AND, it’s so useful, coz we can avoid some drama disasters &/or discover new gems that way 🙂 I hope you’ll find some new dramas to love from this overview, kiraahhh! 😀


  20. I want to reblog this on my blog. Can I do that? It’s pretty much all my thoughts but written very much better than what I could do. Awl probably flew under the radar of so many people b/c the main focus isn’t on people in their 20’s. It’s about real life struggle a la Misaeng without the cute and the freshness of the inexperience early 20ers. However, the characters are sooooo heartwarming. Especially Mr. Koo. However, it can be hard to watch sometimes b/c it goes real deep to explore the evil in human beings. I finished it this week and I was so into it that I even had a nightmare about it. Heard It Through The Grapevine is good dark comedy. Personally, I see an evolution in the duo Ahn Pan Seok/Jung Sung Joo. Any drama they will direct and write together, I will watch. I know I will like it. Anyway, another year in dramaland. Great wrap-up post!

    PS: it’s the week that will determine my feels about Oh My Venus… I will keep watching b/c of the actors, but that turn, the storyline seems to take… I know I didn’t sign up for this


    • Aw, thanks for your kind words, my dear Sunny. ❤ Just for you, I've turned on the Reblog button 😉 I basically don't have a problem with reblogging, as long as it's done properly. Y'know how most people do it: they write a short blurb and there's a small portion of the post showing, with readers directed to the original post for the whole read? Well, a while ago a rookie blogger took one of my reviews and pasted the entire thing on her own blog, complete with vids and links, and credited me right at the very end. That was not so pleasant, coz I had to politely ask her to take it down and it took several attempts before she did. Not that I think you'd do that, but that's why I turned off the reblogging option on the site. I was just not amused by her attitude.

      Great to hear that Awl and Grapevine are worthy watches! Although, a nightmare doesn't sound so appealing. 😛 I don't typically dream about drama worlds (more about celebs themselves, or characters, but not actual drama worlds) so hopefully I won't dream about Awl when I watch it! 😛

      I'm just done watching E12 of OMV and I must say, that whole turn felt unnatural and weird. I'm not ready to drop the show, but I'm certainly not loving it.


      • reblogged done! it’s the first time I actually do it so I hope I made it the right way!
        When you watch “Awl”, you understand why I had a nightmare, but that’s b/c I was too emotionally invested b/c their struggle was so real and since I also have my own struggling experience of unfair treatment in a workplace, stories like that just hit home now.


        • Wow, I’m honored to have my post be your first reblogged item ever!! 😀 I took a peek, it looks perfect – thanks for sharing the love, dear Sunny! ❤

          Sorry to hear that you've been treated unfairly at the workplace, and enough to have nightmares over Awl to boot. 😦 I hope that's far behind you now and that things are much better! From what you describe, Awl sounds like it IS quite a lot like Misaeng. Definitely one that I ought to check out, for sure! 🙂

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  21. Woah that’s one great list of 2015 dramas! There’s so many here I haven’t caught, though I’m even more behind on reviewing haha. Like Angry Mom! Thanks a lot for this kfan 🙂


    • Lol. That IS quite a list, isn’t it! 😛 I blew my own mind a little, when I listed everything in the draft before I started writing. I don’t know if I can keep this up, but I certainly feel dedicated this year! XD I really hope you discover some new dramas to love through this post, Jas. 🙂

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  22. So many great dramas this year! It looks like you did really well 🙂 My favorite was Kill Me, Heal Me. Loved that drama to pieces, and it has become my #3 drama of all time. I also loved Ho Goo’s Love, Shine or Go Crazy, and Healer. Those would probably be in my must watch category. But I loved so many others too. It really was just an amazing drama year for me. And there are so many dramas coming up in 2016 that look wonderful. Here’s to another great drama year!


    • Ah, I loved Kill Me Heal Me, which was doubly surprising for me, since that show looked like it was headed towards crashing and burning, with all the casting shake-ups before Ji Sung accepted the role. I’ve had a soft spot for Ji Sung for a long time, but he really blew my mind with his amazing ability to morph into his different personalities in KMHM. SO GOOD. ❤

      Yay that you had a great drama year too, Kay! Given that different people respond to dramas in sometimes drastically different ways (I came across someone who thought Healer was meh except for JCW, go figure!), it's great to know that the drama offerings worked out so well for you in 2015! Absolutely, cheers to a great 2016 – may we swim in well-made, cracky dramas next year! XD

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  23. I added any drama you gave higher than B+ to my to watchlist.
    The only one i’ve seen from all the ones you’ve listed in Angry Mom.
    Since you listed a chinese drama, which is the one that intrigues me the most, I’ll be cheeky
    and list all the Asian dramas I’ve seen in 2015. Well, not strictly all the asian dramas, as I believe russia, could be included too. Bit you know what I mean. As I have posted the korean reviews elsewhere, i won’t repeat those here.
    Well, the years not out yet, so I could be adding one or too more
    These are the one’s I have finished so far in 2015.

    The Journey: Tumultuous Times (singapore)
    “This is the story of 5 young people unraveled over a period of 20 years (1940-1965) spanning World War II and Independence”
    Actually the second of trilogy
    It’s not a fun drama. If I was to compare it to any korean drama, it would be The Sandglass.

    What happens to my family

    punch (2014)

    Conspiracy in the court

    angry mom

    Shōkōjo Seira (japanese)
    Fine adaption of A Little Princess with an excellent cast, and a wonderful double
    act brtween Kanako Higuchi (who ìs brilliant as the hateful school president), and Yuki Saito.
    I still don’t get why the president treated seira so badly though. Obviousy she resented her mother, but I don’t get why
    Well, no I think I get, why, but using it as a justification for the way she treated Seira seemed rather weak.

    Ishi no Mayu (j)

    Is This a mystery? No. Because we know pretty early on, who the villain is. Yes, I thought the story might have taken the route of it being somebody else , but that doesn’t happen. for the most part it focuses the police. .
    I like the fact that the leading character gets frightened and she doesn’t always know what to do. For me. it makes her more human.
    Yes. I guessed what was going to happen in the last episode, but such are the conventions of the genre.
    I thought the performances were excellent.

    channel x-(taiwan)

    family’s honour

    dr stranger

    god’s gift

    it’s okay, that’s love

    the journey-a voyage (Singapore)-(first part of the trilogy

    a sleeping forest (j)

    you’re all surrounded


    time spiral (J)

    Lights and shadows.

    four sisters

    scrap teacher (j)

    punch (203)

    Tanra the island

    Will you love and give it away

    Hi My sweetheart. (tw)

    yasha (J) 7/10
    Some excellent acting here. and a story that doesn’t pander to the audience. So I’m not quite sure why I don’t rate it higher.
    I was not aware that the lead actor played both twins. Which seems silly now of course.
    He is totally convincing as both characters.

    Love of the agean sea (tw) 7 /10
    On the plus side, this drama is one of the best acted I’ve seen. Often I will say that it’s the older performances that deliver. But the acting from leads and secondary leads imcluding
    Alec Su as Lu En Qi
    Chae Rim as Guan Xiao Tong
    Peter Ho as Li Yao Xiang
    Chen Zi Ying as Hui Wen
    is excellent
    I waas more interested in the relationship between peter ho’s character, and
    Chae rim’s, than in leading couple Chae rim and Alec su. They had many nice romantic scenes, but the story perked up for me more when she was with the other guy, you might say. Perhaps unrequited love is more interesting to watch than two people
    being lovey dovey with each other.
    I would like to have seen more of Chen Ziying. But it’s not the first time a character is forgotten about.
    My favourite character was probably li li played by Chi Hua Qiong.
    The dialogue for the most part is pretty good, but there are cheesy bits as well.
    On the minus side. It’s somewhat drawn out, The characters are okay, but don’t have that dynamism, you find in the best korean dramas for instance. To repeat myself, the main couple needed to have some arguments or something to make their relationship more interesting.
    Well i guess it was in the relationship between Guan Xiao Tong and Li Yao Xiang. I suppose The storyline isn’t really that intersting, I would say that it’s the acting that keeps it going. Tighter pacing, and perhaps lopping off at least ten episodes would have been of help, i think.
    NOTE Peter Ho was around 31 in this.
    Shi Da Sheng who plays his father was about 39.

    manny 7/10

    hormones-season 2 (Thai) 7/10
    The cast are very good.
    I would give 10/10 for the cancer sequences, which I thought was beautifully and realistically done, and 8/10 for the abortion which was very honestly portrayed.


    • Wow, looks like you’ve had quite the drama year yourself, Martin! XD I’m particularly taken with the fact that you rated a Singapore drama 10/10! Not that I’ve seen it, but it’s just a pleasant surprise to know that a local production actually has an international audience AND has received an extremely positive review! 🙂

      I’d recommend all the B+ and above dramas in this post, but if you could only make time for one, Nirvana In Fire is definitely not to be missed! It’s AMAZING, and stands up to extreme scrutiny and analysis. The best thing is, it’s still a great story even if you DON’T scrutinize and analyze it a whole lot. I hope you enjoy it, it totally blew the lid off my drama expectations this year! 🙂


  24. Our tastes are pretty similar except for Ho Goo’s love and Heart to Heart. Good read. Thanks


    • Ahh! Great to hear that we’re in agreement – mostly! That’s always useful to know. Now I’ll know to pay extra attention when you rave or rant about a show! 😉 I tried hard to love Ho Goo’s Love, but I never did manage to feel the love even 10 eps in, and decided that it wasn’t something that was gonna happen even if I kept trying. As for Heart to Heart, I was surprised that I ended up liking it quite well, since I went in not particularly fond of either lead and not terribly excited about the premise. Guess it’s one of those times that a show ended up surprising me, in spite of myself! XD


  25. Awl and Heard it through the Grapevine are both well worth your time. Currently watching Assembly, which also seems worth a look.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooh, thanks for confirming that Awl & Grapevine are worth the time! I’ve heard smatterings of good things, but these two really flew under a lot of people’s radars, so it’s always nice to get more input 🙂 Assembly’s so out of my usual wheelhouse (I have an aversion to politics) that it’d have to be really excellent to tempt me 😛 I’d love to hear what you think of it after you’re done! Maybe it’ll need to go on the watch list after all.


  26. Thank you, kfangurl, I now have my drama to-do list for 2015!


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