#FindMyTribe: New shirt design for Kill Me Heal Me!

Lately, I had a couple of requests for a Kill Me, Heal Me shirt, and my various lashings of inspiration suddenly came together today, to make what I think is a pretty awesome shirt, even if I do say so myself! 😉

Celebrating two crowd favorites among Ji Sung’s seven personalities on Kill Me Heal Me, this shirt is a tribute to the lip-gloss loving, unabashedly girlie Yo Na, and the badass rebel with the piercing gaze, Se Gi.

Although in the show, Do Hyun is battling his other personalities to achieve dominance and survival, this shirt is about not just embracing both your inner girlie & your inner rebel; it’s about proudly owning ’em both. Coz why can’t you be both, right?

Despite its show-specific references, as with many of the other #FindMyTribe shirts, this design is able to stand alone even without its drama context.

Use this promo link to check out this shirt in closer detail, and get 20% off, till 28 February 2015!

Promo Link: http://teespring.com/findmytribe-girlie-rebel?pr=WOOBLUV20

For other shirt designs and their promo links, go here!

Please keep on helping to spread the word, you guys. Grateful much! 🙂

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