Pure Pretty: Eric

Blame my previous indifference to Eric on the facts that:

(a) I’m technically still a complete kpop noob and know next to nothing about Shinhwa, the legendary group of which Eric is leader and rapper; and

(b) I’d never seen him in anything of significance, since I’d bailed early on Myung Wol The Spy (2011), and hadn’t been terribly impressed by his outing as second lead in Phoenix (2004). Fine. That last bit was also coz I’d been so completely distracted by Lee Seo Jin at the time, who was basically the only reason I even decided to watch that show, heh.

Now, blame my current state of spazz-puddle on Eric’s wonderful performance in Discovery of Love (2014). I mean, just, where had this manly man, oh-so-sexy version of Eric been hiding, all this while??

I likey. I likey very much.

Shinhwa – Be My Love


Thanks to my friend Timescout who loved the show, I checked out Discovery of Love sooner than I’d originally planned, and upon checking it out, found myself very, very quickly mesmerized by Eric.

One of my immediate thoughts, on first checking out Discovery of Love, was, “Woah. Eric’s pretty hot.”

Seriously, he didn’t even need to say anything, and I found him hot.

I present to you, Major Knee-melting, Swoony Moment in episode 1:

Thud. Melt. Swoon.

And no, it’s not his shirtlessness that got me. I mean, he’s technically shirtless in this screencap, but it’s really his eyes that get me.

That is a sexy, sexy gaze if I ever saw one. Unngh.

Eric truly has the most intent, expressive gaze in Discovery of Love.

When he levels it at the camera, or in the direction of his leading lady Jung Yoo Mi, the intensity is quite spellbinding. And mesmerizing. And super sexy.

Here’s another shot of intense Eric:

When he turns on that intensity, I just find it really, really hard to look away.

Combine that intensity with the fact that over time, his features seem to have become more beautifully chiseled while taking on some strategically attractive “character lines,” and I’m toast, basically.

I find that mature, manly man vibe about Eric very attractive indeed, and I loved just looking at him on my screen. Even in the moments when he wasn’t doing anything much.

Not to say that he doesn’t deliver in the role, coz he does, and he does it so, so fabulously too. But I’ll save that for the review. Which I plan to write soon-ish.

For now, though, let’s gaze at some sexy Eric, shall we?


While doing research for this post, I realized that I enjoy a very.. specific version of Eric. I like the older version of him, with the mature, sexy vibe. Which means there are only a handful of earlier pix of him in this post.

I also watched a couple of Shinhwa music videos, and found that I’m not quite used to his more flamboyant, guyliner-ed, dancing-and-rapping music persona.

This could totally change, of course. If my fangirl journey has taught me one thing, it’s to never say never! But that means I’ve also excluded most of those pix from this post.

If that sounds like I’ve excluded a lot of stuff from this post, worry not! Coz there’s still lots of awesome sexy Eric to be had. 😉


I really like the pensive/smoldery vibe on Eric, coz it becomes him so well. It gives the sexy gaze a chance to come out to play, and basically take my breath away with its alluring intensity.

It’s hard to pick a favorite in this set, but I do think that I like the one with him in a striped hoodie just a little more than the others. The mesmerizing sexy gaze, the touch-me-now shadow of a goatee, and those very kissable-looking lips, all wrapped up in a cozy, offhanded sort of package. Mmph. Likey.

Laidback Sexy

I like the laidback sexy on Eric a whole lot, coz it’s so casual; it’s the I-can’t-help-it kinda sexy, which I dig.

I like this first pic coz it plausibly looks like we just happened to catch him reading the paper. The casually open-at-the-neck white shirt doesn’t hurt either.

I also really dig that pic of him in a black tank, mid-drink of water. He looks like he recently rolled out of bed and just happens to be wearing his bedroom eyes. Rawr.

김진경기자 / 2014.10.16/

Casual & Warm

Although I’m especially partial to bedroom eyes and pensive smolder on Eric, I also really like when he’s relaxed and smiling. There’s something that I find very warm about him when he lights up on camera, like he does in these shots.

I love the 3rd pic of him, he just looks so happy. And how about that 4th shot of him, just walking down the street? So casual and warm, and still so sexy. Love.

The Sharp Suit

The sharp suit is one of my favorite looks on a man, and Eric cleans up real nice.

Sure, I don’t dig the silvery looking suits they seem to keep putting him in, but he wears the sharp lines well and I like how he looks with the darker, short hair he wears in most of these pix.

My fave pic in this set, is the one of him in the dark suit, posing between the marble statues. He looks great in the black and white, and the open collar is so alluring. Plus, the sexy gaze he’s wearing is at once intent yet a touch soft. He has such expressive eyes. Swoon. 

The Cosmo pic below it isn’t bad either. 😉


Considering that Eric’s got a fair number of shirtless pix floating around the interwebs, this post wouldn’t be complete with at least a bit of the loving spotlight on ’em, right?

Eric’s in good shape, no doubt about it. His physique isn’t the most sculpted nor the most ripped, but when he takes off his shirt, he looks strong and manly, and matter-of-factly so. It’s not why I find him sexy, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.  😉


I also dig it when Eric’s all snuggly and cozy. Like the 3rd pic in this set, where he looks like we just happened to catch him lounging around at home in his Calvin Kleins. Yum.

The Strong Gaze

As you might’ve gathered by now, it’s Eric’s eyes that get me the most. Which is why I thought a spotlight on his strong gaze would be fitting. It’s the smoldery gaze’s more matter-of-fact cousin, and I find it no less sexy. See? All he has to do is just be, and I think he’s hot.

I love that he rocks the glasses in the second-to-last pic, and I also really like the last pic, for the gorgeous shot of his face.


I dipped my toes into the ocean of available candids of Eric on the web, and I love what I see.

Check out this first pic; he looks so chiseled, so handsome, and so matter-of-factly intent. Gorgeous.

I also really like the second pic, of him in a beanie, all thoughtful and a little pensive. I also love the little detail, that he’s got his glasses hanging on his tee. It’s all so casual, understated and real.

And I love, love, LOVE the photos of him in the gray tee and jeans during sound checks. He looks so focused and thoughtful; he definitely looks like a man who cares about his craft, and I find that very attractive indeed.


From what I can see, Eric seems to be a passionate, dedicated sort of guy, who is as sexy as he is warm. And he seems to have a fun sense of humor to boot. Best thing is, he only seems to be getting better with age, which, Mmmm. Excellent, excellent trajectory indeed.

And now that I’ve been initiated into Eric’s brand of awesome, I’d really love to see more of him on my screen.

Bring it on, Eric-sshi. Coz I’m ready. 😉

73 thoughts on “Pure Pretty: Eric

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  2. Vi

    I got to watch Eric first in Ms Oh. I loved him in that one. I accidentally found DoL in You Tube, I loved him more in the latter. You’re so right, he’s pretty and manly.

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  5. kaiaraia

    Have you seen Another Miss Oh? Indeed so Gong Yoo-esque in getting finer with age. Love love his eyes. And my oh my, those hot kisses!

  6. Lora

    Hi again Kfangurl! I’d love to hear more of your thoughts on Discovery of Love. I’ve just started watching it, and I’m having to use my fangirl lens. I knew going in I would need it, because I’ve been avoiding dramas with love triangles lately. I was going to skip this one entirely because of the triangle, but I wanted to see it for Eric. Eric’s performance is fantastic!! But in most love triangle dramas, I end up feeling so bad for the second lead, and that dampens my enjoyment of the show.

    1. kfangurl

      Hm, I remember that I didn’t LOVE DoL, but I did love Eric’s performance in it. I think DoL is one of those shows where your mileage may vary, depending on how much you can tolerate flawed people making flawed decisions. I remember I didn’t think too kindly on the female lead character, and that affected my overall enjoyment of the show. Honestly, though, no regrets on watching it because Eric really is wonderful. <3

  7. Kitty

    I watch Another Miss Oh and now I’m here again. As much as I love the out of world chemistry between him and Seo Hyun Jin, I must say that I think he’s more comfortable with Jung Yu Mi in Discovery of Romance. There is something that can’t be hide with heavy skinships as they did in Another Miss Oh. Eric and Seo Hyun kissed like no tomorrow. Every touches, stares, hugs feel so real but I could still feel there was a gap between them. With Yumi, I feel he feels more comfortable. Eric is like a mysterious book. The more you open, the more you don’t understand him. I’ve been following him since Discovery of Love era and I follow his band Shinhwa just because of him and learn that this man is extremely unique in entertainment industry. He’s extremely nervous in the center of spotlight, hate attention and never being too touchy to the girls though I’m sure there are long line of girls who willingly wanna date him XD. I watched Three Meals A Day (because I’m fan of Na PD variety show) and he can cook very well. His drawing also very awesome. I think he still has many hidden talents so I’m hoping he’ll have chance to show it once in a while.

    1. kfangurl

      Wow, that truly is dedication, to follow Shinhwa purely out of Eric love! I salute you, Kitty! 😊 I can’t say I detected the same differences you did, between his comfort with Seo Hyun Jin and Jung Yu Mi. I guess I’m not dedicated nor as eagle-eyed an Eric fan as you are, so I’m just going to have to take your word for it! 😅 But I will say that I found Eric super hot in DoL. I spent many episodes just gazing at him, even if he wasn’t particularly doing anything. There’s just something very sexy about the way he carries himself in the role. Perhaps that also fed into the skinship scenes with Jung Yu Mi? I’m not sure. All I know is, Eric is 😍, heh.

      I’m admittedly not very well read-up on Eric, but I’ve heard some pretty legendary things about the way he handles himself as Shinhwa’s leader, like the way he kept the group together when they almost had to split up. Everything I’ve heard makes me respect him more. Definitely a man of talent AND substance. I really hope to see him again on my screen soon!

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  9. Amaya

    This is (two years) late, but Oh Hae Young Again brought me here. Eric still looks as good in this drama, and his eyes are as intense as ever! 😀

  10. Siti Andella

    I’m waiting for your review and rating on Discovery of Love. Watch it until ep. 5 but somehow cannot continue. I guess I even reach episode 5 instead of only 2 or 3 because of Eric factor. Love everything you write, pure brilliant words!!

    1. kfangurl

      I’m glad you enjoyed this Pure Pretty spotlight on Eric, Siti! Thanks for your kind words – it definitely motivates me to keep writing! And OMG I am so late in reviewing Discovery of Love! It’s one of those things that I’d planned to do, then got put on the backburner once a combination of other shows and Real Life demanded my attention. 😛 Thanks for requesting the DoL review, I will get it done at some point, I promise! And I hope I won’t keep you waiting too long for it. 🙂

  11. ~Xia~ (@xiadfreaky011)

    Now I can legitimately scream ERRIICCC OPPA! 😀

    Excuse my excessive fangirling *coughs*. I’ve known him foremost as an actor but I never really get to watch any of his shows before. I got interested in DoR and heard he’s wonderful in it. Too bad I got zero time for kdramas at the present. Poor me. Haha Good thing I stumbled upon Shinhwa Broadcast and this completely turned me into a fan not just of Eric but the group as a whole. 🙂 Used to had a glimpse of Shinhwa here and there during my prime years as a kpop fan (a.k.a. teenage era) though it’s not until recently that I started tuning in to their music (and antics and ERIC!). lol

    Back to Eric. “Eric seems to be a passionate, dedicated sort of guy….” I completely agree with you on this kfangurl. Prior to my self proclaimed “Ericnism” , I’ve always admired his leadership, how he kept the group intact for 17 yrs whilst flourishing a career as an actor and handling business matters as ShinCom CEO. If that’s not passion, then I don’t know what is. Loved how he’s hilarious and handsomely sharp without even trying. Gawd. I could go on talking about him but yeah what I just really wanna say is….MUCH.RESPECT.FOR.THIS.MAN. <3

    1. kfangurl

      Xia!!! 😀 This comment of yours made me giggle, so much! 😀 LOVE the enthusiastic fangirling!! Plus, Eric’s definitely worthy of the squees 😉

      Like you, I know Eric primarily as an actor, and it wasn’t until DoR that I started to swoon into a puddle. When you have some drama time, you should definitely give DoR a chance, especially since you’re so full of Eric love! He IS wonderful in it, and it’s well worth a watch even though it veers away from standard rom-com convention.

      I’ve seen some Shinhwa in variety, and have heard stories of their long history, and they are FAB to watch together as a group! And I say that as a kpop noob who doesn’t even really listen to Shinhwa. They are just that entertaining and fun to watch, you don’t even NEED the kpop context to appreciate them! XD

      And YES. The stories of how Eric worked to keep Shinhwa together all this time are legendary. Like you, my respect for him shot wayyy up, when I realized that beneath the unassuming, unpretentious guy that we see, there’s so much fierce loyalty and love for his bros. How can we NOT melt at that kind of dedication and determination?? <3

  12. samdongi

    Nice post. First time to leave comments here but I enjoy reading your thoughts about the actors and dramas. You indirectly give me recommendations for the dramas that should be watched. I don’t wanna watch My Secret Hotel and I Need Romance 2 and 3 (I planned to XD) after reading your thoughts and instead considering watching It’s Okay It’s Love and Secret Love Affair now. Too many dramas but very little time. You seem like Gong Yoo, right? I also like him. But I’m not die hard fan since I like so many actors….Thanks a lot for helping us, dear.

    I like Eric since watching him in Shinhwa Broadcast. Just randomly finding him and his group show on Youtube channel in hilarious episode about historical competition where all of them should wear girls’s outfit lol. But he seems too manly looking that makes even worst. Eric in real life seems playful and funny guy. Not really fan of his group but I like to watch their interaction. Their friendship just looks sincere and not fake. I watched one of his drama Discovery of Romance. And he was awesome in that series. He’s of course handsome and all but I like his personality more. Through Shinhwa Broadcast show, I could find he’s very loyal, smart, shy, straight forward and dorky. He just like the combination of all good things. God isn’t fair to all of us to create this kind of human XD.

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there, samdongi! Thanks for comin’ on out to leave a comment, coz it’s always nice to know how people are enjoying the site! 🙂 I did enjoy both It’s Okay It’s Love and Secret Love Affair, so I’m hopeful that you’ll like them too. Secret Love Affair is rather art film-esque in sensibility, so you’d need the right mood for it. I do unreservedly consider it a masterpiece, though, so I’d love for you to check it out! That show deserves more love than it gets, imo. ^^

      And yes, I do have an enduring affection for Gong Yoo. But like you said, there are so many actors to like, so my attention isn’t only on him. In fact, I’d say Kim Woo Bin’s got the most of my attention at the moment. *spazz* 😉

      I do like what I’ve seen of Eric and his Shinhwa brothers. They are funny and pretty awesome together, and I watched their Running Man episode just to see them interact together. And yes, Eric does seem a little shy and dorky, which just makes him very endearing, especially when combined with the handsome, the loyalty and the smarts. I credit Discovery of Love for my Discovery of Eric, lol! XD

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  14. Winterday

    Hello there. I’m new fan of your blog. I know you blog from @Timescout. Just wanna say I’ll continue to read you blog when my free time comes to see the actors and korean drama reviews.

    I love Eric since last year when I randomly found Super Rookie and Myung Wol The Spy. Maybe you don’t believe me since many said it wasn’t good drama, but I enjoyed it a lot especially seeing the chemistry between Eric and pretty Han Ye Seul. Honestly, I prefer Eric with Han Ye Seul rather than his co-star in Discovery of Romance even though her actings is better than Ye Seul LOL.

    One thing I really like about Eric’s acting is his crying scenes. Not because I like to see him sad continuously in his dramas but he still looks manly even with those crying river scenes. And his silly and dorky acting also pretty good and natural. I guess he’s one of the actor who will be great when acting on extreme emotions whether too much sadness, desperate or hummilitated or totally the dorky silly one. Looking forward his new projects soon and your next writings XD

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there, Winterday!! Welcome to the blog, it’s great to meet you! 🙂 Timescout’s pretty awesome, isn’t she?

      It’s so interesting that you discovered Eric through Myung Wol The Spy! I only watched a little of that show, giving up only after a few episodes. But yes, I did hear from most people that it wasn’t great overall. Still, I respect that the heart wants what it wants. Sometimes we love dramas that nobody else seems to love. I liked Operation Proposal a lot, even though practically the rest of the drama-loving world hated it. 😉

      I do agree that Eric is pretty wonderful in his acting delivery.. I haven’t seen him all that much, and so my current Eric benchmark is Discovery of Love, where I thought he was very swoony indeed. 😉 I have plans to check out his other works, and have a list recommended by our dear Timescout ^^ I’ll write about those as I get to them 🙂

  15. Lora

    After you’ve watched Que Sera Sera, Kfangurl, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it! From the clips I’ve seen Eric looks gooood! And, although some people don’t seem to like the lead actress, I actually really like her ( but that’s probably because she resembles the singer Bjork, who I LOVE).

    But I can’t decide whether to give Que Sera Sera a try or not. So many people have called it dark, disturbing, and uncomfortable, but I have no idea why. I don’t mind melodramas, I actually like quite a few of the older ones (where no one dies in the end though). But I can’t figure out what the deal is with this one. It doesn’t seem like a crime show, so I’m wondering what is so disturbing about it (and I’m wondering if it ends well, at least for the main pair – I don’t mind spoilers!).

    Since it doesn’t seem to be about crime, I’m wondering (and this is not a spoiler, because I don’t actually know), if it is all about infidelity. I just can’t get into dramas or movies about infidelity, that’s why I’ve not tried watching Secret Love Affair. Although, I can be ok enough with it in a drama or movie if (like you mentioned about other dramas in your review of SLA) they use one of the tried and true drama cliches of the spouse is a terrible person, abusive, or it wasn’t a love match.

    I have fully embraced the fangirl lens, thanks to you!! But I’ve had to watch so many dramas through that lens lately, because I really couldn’t get invested in the rest of the story (like Big), so I’d hate for this to be another one of those. I haven’t gotten really fully involved and completely lost in a drama for a while!

    1. kfangurl

      Aside from dipping my toes into E1 just to get a feel for QSS and for the reported Eric hawt, I haven’t actually started watching QSS yet – so many dramas, so little time! XD

      I have a feeling that your gut instinct is either on – or not far from – the mark. As in, I’ve heard that in QSS we see a lot of very flawed people behave badly. A lot. QSS’s Wiki page states, “It is a passionate, violent and twisted drama about emotional abuse, the notion that love is a zero-sum game, and that sometimes, you can even buy love.” I guess that gives us a flavor for the show without giving away spoilers.

      I’m intrigued enough to give this a go, but it’s not on my priority list right now, given the year-end busyness and all. When I do get around to watching it, I’ll be sure to post my thoughts on it!

      Yay that you’ve discovered the joys of the fangirl lens, Lora! 😀 I love that it helps us to appreciate more shows than we normally would, and I still happily whip out my fangirl lens when the occasion calls for it.

      Y’know, SLA’s take on infidelity does touch on the cliched reasons often used by dramas – the spouse is awful, abusive, and it wasn’t a love match. It just doesn’t stop there, and proceeds to explore character psyches in an unrelenting, complex manner. If you’re ok to attempt a typical infidelity drama, I’d say that SLA is a cut above it, and is a worthy, thought-provoking, absorbing watch.

      I get what you mean about missing that “fully engaged” feeling when watching drama. Too many of dramaland’s recent offerings have fallen into that middling “not bad, given the right lens” sort of chasm. For something more recent that I found genuinely engaging, you might want to try Marriage Not Dating, Witch’s Romance, or the currently airing Pinocchio. These are light rom-coms with just the right amount of cracky to make it feel absorbing.

      For something a little heavier, One Warm Word is very good. It examines the aftermath of infidelity on 2 different couples, and how they need to work through the hurt in order to move forward.

      For shows that are slightly less recent, but which are more engaging in a wholistic manner, you can consider King of Dramas (so tongue-in-cheek and so illuminating!), Arang and the Magistrate (so underrated), or School 2013 (wonderful teen angst & awesome bromance with universal appeal).

      Hopefully some of these ping your radar, and you find a drama to feel fully involved and lost in again, Lora! Let me know if you’d like more suggestions! 🙂

      1. Lora

        Wow, thanks so much for all the recommendations!! I’ll definitely check them out, and I may even give SLA a try now too. The only one I have already seen is Arang and the Magistrate and I loved it!! Shin Min Ah is adorable in it, and in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho too. She is also so sweet and cute in the movie The Beast and the Beauty. Did I just fangirl over a girl? I think I did! 🙂

        I will probably give in to the lure of Eric and eventually give QSS a try, despite that Wiki description making it sound like it is indeed disturbing. I just watched some youtube clips of it and, although his character probably deserves a swift kick where it counts, Eric just looks sooo goood whilst being bad! 🙂

        1. kfangurl

          Shin Min Ah IS adorable and wonderful! She’s one of my favorite actresses, and I find her appeal just the right mix of goddess and approachable girl-next-door. I’d fangirl over her in a heartbeat, so you’re definitely not alone! ^^

          I definitely recommend SLA. My only caution is to make sure you’re in the mood for something akin to an art film. The first episode can feel rather slow, but keep pressing on, and you’ll find yourself getting sucked into the show quite well, I believe. 🙂

          I do genuinely love the other shows I mentioned, even though King of Dramas ended on a weaker note than I’d wanted. It was so good the rest of the time, though, that I would still recommend it.

          School 2013 is genuinely good – besides featuring engaging characters that feel like real people, and my favorite bromance in all of dramaland, it’s really well-written. I didn’t even realize how well-written it was on my first watch, coz I was so distracted by the bromance. But on second watch, I was really impressed with the thoughtful writing and the little details worked into the narrative.

          As for the 3 rom-coms I mentioned, they aren’t perfect by any means – even YFAS had flaws that needed to be overlooked – but they did give me that “Ack-I-want-MOAR” sort of feeling that drama fans prize. Witch’s Romance slumps a little in the later episodes, but does recover decently well by the end, while Marriage Not Dating kept me engaged and entertained all the way through. Between the two, Marriage Not Dating has the campier, more OTT sort of wacky flavor, while Witch’s Romance feels closer to a regular rom-com. Since Pinocchio is still airing, the jury’s still out on its overall appeal. So far, it’s doing pretty great though!

          If you haven’t seen it, Queen In-hyun’s Man is also very good. Cute, romantic, and with a male lead that was so wonderfully written that he effectively ruined all of us for a while. So many of us found it hard to move on after being mesmerized by his smart, loyal, romantic, NICE character. Since Ji Hyun Woo actually did fall for Yoo In Na while filming this show, the smitten googly eyes onscreen are all real too. Which just ups the crack-factor. 😉

          I hope that helps you to prioritize your watchlist, Lora! And YES, Eric looks very good while being bad! Even just dipping my toes into E1, I could totally see that! XD

          1. Lora

            You’ve expressed Shin Min Ah’s appeal perfectly! I hope she makes another drama soon. Hopefully something as cute, funny and romantic as My Girlfriend is a Gumiho or Arang and the Magistrate. She’s done some darker melos I hear, but I haven’t seen them. Oh but of course she was also in Beautiful Days, but I keep forgetting about that since she wasn’t the lead.

            I’ve actually seen Queen In Hyun’s Man twice, and loved it both times! Thanks for reminding me about it though, I think it’s almost time for another re-watch! Having a male and female lead be nice to each other through the whole drama was so refreshing.

            Thanks so much for the details about the other dramas 🙂 That will definitely help me prioritize my watch list. I am intrigued by the sound of School 2013 especially. I hadn’t heard of it before, and I watch mostly romances, but a drama with a good bromance sounds interesting!

            Lately I have been on a Gong Yoo kick (since seeing him for the first time in Big) but I haven’t been having too much luck with his other stuff. I posted about that in your Gong Yoo K-Loves section.

            Thanks again kfangurl 🙂 I am so happy to have discovered your blog when I was looking around for reviews of the ending of Rooftop Prince. Now I always check your reviews here first whenever I am considering a new drama to watch or if I want to read another opinion about one I’ve just watched. And for your great recommendations! I love that you’ve added a “dropped” section too.

            1. kfangurl

              Oh!!! You know what, Lora! In School 2013, the bromance was real, just like the romance was real in QIHM!! Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin became actual besties while filming School 2013, and the chemistry when they share the screen is simply off the charts. I was utterly mesmerized by them in this show. I loved them together, SO FREAKING MUCH, that they lingered with me, as a pair, long after the last episode. If that real/reel dynamic floats your boat, this is definitely a show to check out!! 😀

              Aw, thanks for the sweet encouragement and kind words, Lora! 🙂 I’m so glad you found me, and enjoy poking around my little corner of the interwebs! And YAY that you like the Dropped Section! I’ve only got one post in there at the moment, but I’ll add more soonish, I promise! ^^

  16. evez

    Eric Mun has been in my radar since their Shinwa days, honestly it’s not him that i first caught my attention, it’s Kim Dong Wan, his fellow group mate, the vocalist of the group who ventures the dramaland as well…but the recent drama, DOL made me like him more…;)

    1. kfangurl

      Lol. My experience is like the opposite of yours, Evez! XD Coz I may have never checked out Shinhwa if not for Eric in DoL! XD I am so much more of a drama girl than a kpop girl, and it shows, doesn’t it? 😛 Eric is WONDERFUL in DoL, though, so it’s no surprise that he got me to not only make this Pure Pretty post, but to even watch a couple of Shinhwa MVs on YouTube. Glad that your watch of DoL has endeared Eric to you a little more! 😉

  17. Jaykay

    I have never ever watched KPop or Kdrama before in all my life (really!) until I stumbled onto KBS channel & Discovery of Love’s 2nd Episode. I was hooked right till the end. Eric and KTH character were intriguing. You’re spot on about Eric being manly man sexy and I love that you focused on the recent photos of a matured Eric in his thirties. I never knew KIdols can be so hot— thought they looked too “metrosexual” (with too much makeup) for my liking. I have tried watching other new Dramas on KBS since DoL but nothing has sustained my interest for long and I cannot stomach going backwards watching Eric’s old serials of Que Sera Sera, etc because that do not reflect how he really is TODAY and will be in the future. I guess DoL was IT—the pinnacle, and only DoL2 with Eric can top it. Your Blog is so interesting (you deserve all those awards) though the names are all so alien to me. Keep up the good work and I shall return regularly to catch the latest on my Secret Hearthrob, Eric Mun.

    1. Byeol-Shin-Ang

      Welcome to the fascinating (and at times frustrating) world of kdrama!

      I haven’t watched DoL, so I can’t say it’s the pinnacle, and I can’t compare it with other dramas I’ve watched, but there are many pretty interesting dramas out there.

      Continue testing the waters – i’m sure you’ll find something you like and, quite possibly, someone hotter than Eric! 🙂

      Happy hunting!

      1. Clara

        Eric might not be the hottest dude in k-drama. But something is really captivating about him. Since I knew him, now I diligently seeing his old shows such as xman and Love Letter. Even he was doing nothing and just kept silent, the team or PDs seem always gave him more airtime especially when he was with his group member. He seems really quite person. Not sure tho.

      2. Jaykay

        Thanks for your kind comments. Until l find the next Kdrama (romantic comedy) that ticks all the right boxes, it’ll be Eric in my heart 24/7. Go Eric go!

    2. Clara

      At first, I’m not sure whether I like Kang Tae Ha or Eric when watching DoL. But after watching two of his dramas which I saw from DramaFever, now I’m sure I like him not Kang Tae Ha XD. I read some old articles about him being bashed because of his actings skills. And I still didn’t get why public being so rude since I think he was doing great in both series I watch, Super Rookie and Que Sera Sera. Sometimes, Life isn’t go smooth as we want.

      1. Jaykay

        I totally agree that the more I read about his Bio and background and watched him in Shinhwa videos, it’s Eric himself and not KTH that I identify with on a cosmic level. I cannot explain it in detail but like me, Eric’s a Goat/Sheep according to Chinese astrology with a life path number of 8 (according to his birthdate). Leadership, business sense, management talent and creativity are common traits of Sheep born with no. 8 lifepath who tend to be serious people. Seeing how he rallied Shinhwa members to stick together all these years and how he tends to stay in the background during Shinhwa group appearances on TV leaving the limelight to other members, etc, he’s true to the character Destiny bestowed on him. That’s why having discovered Eric by chance on DoL, I shall be following closely how far he’s going to take Shinhwa and his acting career.

        1. Clara

          I’m not really into kpop group. I prefer to see him as an actor than singer though Shinhwa’s songs are nice.

    3. kfangurl

      Aw, welcome to the wonderful world of kdrama, Jaykay! 😀 Eric totally IS manly-man sexy, and it’s so cool that he’s your first drama heartthrob love! 😀 I know from experience how one’s first drama love can hit hard, and I’d say Eric is a worthy object of your k-affection ^^

      I sort of get what you mean about k-idols wearing a lot of makeup.. I’m not much into kpop myself, but checked out a number of Shinhwa MVs for Eric. While I think it’s cool that he’s got music talent, I did find it weird looking at him with so much makeup onstage, after seeing him look more natural in DoL. I’ve concluded that I prefer Eric’s drama side more than his kpop side, coz he’s less stylized when he’s not performing with the rest of the group. I’m with you in looking forward to more acting projects from Eric. If what we’ve seen in DoL is anything to go by, I’m so on board for whatever acting project he signs up for next! 😉

  18. Clara

    Same as you, I know Eric when watching DoL. He’s such a great actor due to Kang Tae Ha’s character is a complicated, well developed and excellent written one. I was impressed of how naturally he acted so cute in their younger days and always teasing younger Yeo Reum all the time. While older Kang Tae Ha is such a hottie guy, with smart brain, but hot temper, egomaniac and over confidence. However after episode 9, his character slowly changed becoming more mature and could handle his emotions. Eric also did acting mostly without dialogue in episode 11. Wow, just wow. Oh, now I confused, I love Kang Tae Ha or Eric…lol. I heard many said Eric is more qualified and charming rather than Kang Tae Ha in real life. Not sure, I need to prove it first since he’s new to me. I heard he’s busy for preparing his group comeback so I guess he won’t be in any drama soon. But why I’m hoping this guy should act on movie instead? Not sure, but I could feel he’ll be really good for acting as true jerk, an asshole, bandits, mafia or the worst character ever. When I saw how he was trying to provoke Nam Ha Jin, suddenly I remember some of what Michael Corleone did in GodFather trilogy (I think my imagination goes too far XD). But I’m sure he’ll be so good act as bad ass rather than good/perfect/prince charming. Because Eric has that factor. The more bad his character, the more hot he is..LOL…

    1. kfangurl

      Oh, I so agree, Clara! Eric did an amazing job as Kang Tae Ha, and like you, I was most impressed at the stretch you mentioned, where he acted without much dialogue at all, and yet, conveyed so much.

      I confess that I don’t know all that much about Eric’s Real Life personality, but from everything that I’ve heard, he’s a great guy who deserves every bit of the respect that he gets from his group members and his fans.

      Not sure how long we’ll have to wait for Eric’s next acting project, but you might want to check out Que Sera Sera. I’ve heard that he’s scorching hot in that, and I’ve checked out part of episode 1. From the little that I’ve seen, I can at least assure you that he plays the bad boy there, and is as hot as everyone says. There’s some good ‘n proper hawt kisses within the first few minutes of E1, and I dare say you won’t be disappointed! 😉

    1. kfangurl

      Thanks! With Que Sera Sera, Shinhwa Broadast, their appearance on Running Man and now Super Rookie, it looks like I have LOTS of Eric to enjoy! 😉

  19. ericmun123

    I saw Eric in Singapore when he’s doing Spy Myung Wol filming. He was much more handsome without any make up and casual cloth. He doesn’t look like korean at all. I mean, tall figure, sharp nose, a bit dark skin and those big eyes. If you wanna see another versatility of Eric, I recommend you to see Super Rookie. It was an sold drama but very funny. After watching Discovery of Romance and Que Sera Sera, actually I watched Super Rookie because it was also mentioned by many. That series is kind of proof that Eric is indeed very versatile actor.

    1. kfangurl

      Oh right! They did film in Singapore for Spy Myung Wol! Doh! It’s too bad I didn’t appreciate Eric then, or I could’ve maybe spied him in person too! XD I can only imagine the in-person handsome. I get what you mean about him not having a typical Korean look. Most Korean actors have fairer skin and smaller eyes. That really makes him stand out onscreen, come to think of it. Which I think is a good thing.

      Thanks for the recommendation – I’ll hunt down Super Rookie. Sounds like a fun watch, and I do have a soft spot for older dramas, for the novelty retro factor 🙂

  20. whilethemusiclasts

    Done reading (and ogling).

    I just wanted to share as well… When my friend tried telling me about Eric a few years back, I just didn’t get it. I really didn’t. And then she forced me to watch Myung-wol the Spy (which was airing back then) and I gave in. The drama sucked, but Eric kept me glued. And, sadly, I watched the entire series till the very end. The only thing I got from it was that Eric was, indeed, hot.

    So then I went and decided to watch an older drama of his, which he starred in alongside Jung Yumi, Que Sera Sera. And dude, by the end of it, I was had completely fallen for him. Hook, line, and sinker. The drama was intense from start to finish and Eric thoroughly impressed me. It was one of the few melodramas that I was able to actually finish because the story was just gripping. And the chemistry between Eric and Yumi, just like in Discovery of Romance, was sizzling.

    You might wanna check out some Shinhwa Broadcast as well. Eric is hilarious. And so are the other 5 members. The series of episodes where SHINee guested on Shinhwa Broadcast were hilarious. And, to date, one of my absolutely favorite Running Man episode was the one with Shinhwa as their guest! FUNNY.

    1. kfangurl

      Tee hee! I couldn’t help giggling at your excitement over Eric getting the Pure Pretty spotlight! 😀

      I TOTALLY feel ya, coz I really didn’t get the Eric appeal before too. I just didn’t get it, no matter how much I tilted my head at him on my screen. I guess I was just watching the wrong stuff. Or maybe I’m just slow to catch on. But now, with DoL, my eyes have new Eric hearts written all over ’em, and I totally see how sexy and charming – and HOT! – he is ❤

      With you guys endorsing the Eric hotness in Que Sera Sera so much, I’m finally caving and adding QSS to my list. I’m even downloading it as I type this – I need to see this hotness that everyone is talking about! XD

      I’ve checked out a few snippets of Shinhwa Broadcast on YouTube, and Eric IS hilarious! And the boys are SUPER CUTE together, I LUFF THEM! 😀 I must track down that SHINee episode that you mentioned, once my work trip this week is over. AND RUNNING MAN. OMG I need to see that! 😀 Thanks for the tips! 😀

  21. whilethemusiclasts

    I haven’t even read the post yet. As soon as I saw you made an Eric post I was already internally screaming. “YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS!!!”

    Now to actually go back up and read. Ha!

  22. Abby Ann Sy (@Bhe_annSy)

    OMG !!! I have been waiting for you to do Eric on Pure Pretty ! If our fair love for Gong Yoo is any indication, i knew we have similar taste in guys….I was squeeling in my office when I saw my email with your blog update. Oh my Eric, because of you I already watched discovery of love 6 times. And just like you I also dig the mature and chiseled Eric compared to his younger days. What can I say, I like men who are like wine, grows finer by the years. Exhibit A – Gong Yoo, Exhibit B – Eric, Exhibit C – So Ji Sub, Exhibit D- Hyun Bin….Thank you so much for this post, it totally made my day. Much love !

    1. kfangurl

      OMG Abby, you are brilliant. I mean, it’s like you knew before I did, that I’d eventually give Eric some Pure Pretty love! That’s just incredible, coz up till DoL, I’d been pretty indifferent towards him! YOU KNOW ME WELL. 😀

      Oh yes, the mature and chiseled Eric is SO MUCH HOTTER than the younger Eric of before.. Not that he wasn’t hot before, but there’s now that manly, masculine, mature, SEXAY vibe about him, which I really, really dig! ❤ He’s DEFINITELY growing finer with time, and that makes me a very happy camper 😉

      So glad this post could perk up your day, Abby! Smooches.

    1. kfangurl

      I’m slow to warm to kpop stuff most of the time, so my appreciation for their songs is still in its early stages. On the upside, I’m listening to Be My Love on repeat as I type this – baby steps! 😀

  23. renee

    shinhwa’s former variety show titled shinhwa broadcast in cable tv is really awesome and hilarious!!! you can see a lot of eric’s funny side together with minwoo, andy, dongwan, junjin and hyesung.

    1. kfangurl

      Thanks for the tip, renee – I went on YouTube to check out a couple of clips from Shinhwa Broadcast, and they are such fun to watch! 😀 They are so cute, and so very funny too; I ended up with a big goofy grin after watching just a couple of clips. ^^ I’m gonna have to exercise some self control today coz I’m gearing up for a work trip this week, but I’ll definitely check out more Shinhwa Broadcast clips/eps when I have some time! 😀

  24. unnichan

    Eric hasn’t been hiding, but I’m so glad you’ve found him! Been a fan forever and don’t ever see that changing. However I like much more about Oppa than how he looks. Which honestly wasn’t what initially attracted me to him, though that changed very quickly 😉 Happy squeeing. You are so welcome… And yes, his performance in DoR was quite good.

    1. kfangurl

      Lol. You’re right. Eric hasn’t been hiding – I’ve just been slow to find him! XD So glad that I did eventually find him, coz he is quite the find! I get what you mean that it’s not his looks that drew you to him – he seems to have a whole bunch of great qualities, even from the little that I’ve learned about him so far. And once you start appreciating those other things, it’s really not long before he starts to look like one of the most gorgeous men alive, right? XD I’m not quite there yet, but I’m really liking what I see. He’s quite wonderful indeed. ^^

  25. pinkblossom

    AAAAHHHHHH the one and only leader-nim of SHINHWAAAAA!!!
    okay. heading back to my cave.
    but had say YEYEYEYYEEEEE!!! thank youuuu for the lovely eye candy!! 😀 😀 😀

    1. kfangurl

      Tee hee. You never fail to make me smile, pinkblossom! You are so cute! 😀 Thanks for stopping by even in the midst of your busy schedule – and so glad you enjoyed this post! With everyone’s encouragement, I’m doing more, er, research on YouTube, & I must say, my appreciation for Shinhwa and for Eric is just increasing. They are pretty darn awesome! ❤ Completely understand your need to squee! ^^

    1. kfangurl

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed the post! 😀 Even though I’ve seen Eric in other stuff, I feel like DoL is my first time actually seeing him, since the show gave me a new-found appreciation for Eric’s charms ^^

  26. Timescout

    Yup, Shinhwa leader-nim is scorching, no doubt about it. 🔥 XD He’s also a very good leader who by all accounts has the head for business too, being the other CEO of ShinCo. He can also be a total dork at times (one of the original 4D idols), just look at all the silly pics of him floating around the internets, ha.

    Eric sure was yummy in QSS, oh my! Acting wise he wasn’t quite ‘there’ yet though, he is definitely better in DoL. Maturity and a few years more of life experience under his belt helps, I’d say. QSS is a soul searing drama in many ways and full of very, very flawed people behaving badly. I had the hardest of times pushing through the middle section as it was almost too painfully raw and angsty to watch. I’d still recommend it, just be prepared. 🙂

    Eric is what I’d call ‘effortlessly manly’. 😀 Eyes really are his best feature, so deep and soulful and expressive. *swoon* And he knows how to use them to the max effect too.

    Looking forward to your review on DoL.

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, I didn’t realize he’s got a head for business too – a man of many talents indeed! I’ve seen the dorky pix, and I’ve also been watching some Shinhwa vids on YouTube – I’m liking them a lot! Such cute chemistry! I remember you introduced me to their variety spots before, and I remember thinking they were very cute then, as a group. But now that I have newly Eric-appreciative eyes, this just takes the squee to a whole new level! XD

      With your stamp of approval, I’m adding Que Sera Sera to my list. I’ve heard it’s gut-wrenching to watch, which is why I’ve been staying away. But now, with the promise of Super Hot Eric, I can’t not at least give it a go, right? 😉

      “Effortlessly manly” is right! He just seems to be that manly and masculine without even trying, which is something that I really like about him. I also do love his eyes. So compelling and so very alluring, especially when he turns on the sexy gaze. Swoooon.

      The review of DoL will probably be sometime next week – I’ve still got the last ep to go, and I’m traveling the rest of this week for work. It’ll come though, that much I can promise. It’s the when that I’m iffy about! XD

      1. Timescout

        Ah, Shinhwa are known to be variety gold and frequently very hilarious. There are still quite a few clips of various programs they guested in @ YT.

        I learned to know Eric and the rest of the gang through their music. It was actually Shin Hye Sung’s 2nd solo album (which I own, I think I have most of his Korean ones, ha) that lead me to Shinhwa. 🙂 I like most of their songs and LOVE several of the classics – e.g ‘Once in a Lifetime’ never fails to make me tear up. Here’s a quite good “Shinhwa Pimp Post” @ LJ, in case you want to know more about them. XD http://carmendove-rndm.livejournal.com/22039.html

        You could add ‘Invincible Parachute Agent’ to your list, if you feel like watching Eric do comedy. It is so VERY silly but I quite enjoyed it. My sense of humour is a bit wonky though. 😀

        1. kfangurl

          Aw, what a great pimp post it is, too! 😀 I paid most attention to Eric’s portion (but of course), but really liked what I read of the other members too. I love how they’ve gone through thick and thin together, and refuse to disband, regardless of the pressure they’ve faced. Love their loyalty! 😀 I’ve heard “Once in a Lifetime” – liked it! I mildly considered using it for this post, but decided on “Be My Love” in the end.

          Just looked up Invincible Parachute Agent – it looks like a good bit of fun, from what I can tell. It’s going on the list, which is growing very quickly! XD

          I had a bit of time last night and watched the first 20 minutes of Shinhwa’s Running Man appearance – OMG they are so entertaining! XD They have so much synergy as a team, it’s no wonder the RM team felt they were formidable as opponents! ^^

  27. Darcy

    As always, kfangurl, you have a magical way of describing actors (and dramas) that totally captivates us! I’ll definitely have to check out your review of Eric’s latest drama – do you recommend it?

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, thanks Darcy! You say the sweetest things! 🙂 As I’m typing this, I’ve still got one more episode to go on Discovery of Love, so I can’t comment on the show as a whole yet. From what I’ve seen, though, it’s a show that’s worth checking out. Just keep in mind that this one’s a modern take on dating and romance, and that the characters are all flawed, and that should help get you through any rough patches 🙂 Eric is wonderful even from the first episode, so that’s a big plus point ^^

    1. kfangurl

      Heh. You got me there, snow! I haven’t seen Que Sera Sera 😛 I’ve heard Eric is very hot in it.. I’ve also heard it’s a heavy melo thing. Is it heavy melo? Not that I can’t do heavy melo.. I enjoyed One Warm Word, after all! It’s just.. I need to know, going in! XD

      1. snow

        If I’ve seen and liked it, then it must not be that heavy, right? As the only melodrama I’ve seen till date is Nice Guy. LOL 😀

        It’s….different. The characters are flawed and not the usual ideal types..there is a seriousness but everything is very intriguing. Give it a try!

        1. kfangurl

          Wow, you are literally the FIRST person in the dramaverse to tell me that QSS isn’t that heavy, snow! 😀 And if you’re usually melo-averse and still liked QSS, it really shouldn’t be as heavy as everyone makes it out to be ^^

          I will definitely give it a try – after all this QSS talk on this post by so many fans, I’ve become intrigued. Plus, the promise of hot Eric totally ups the appeal, of course 😉

  28. Byeol-Shin-Ang

    I think he looks a bit Gong Yoo-esque in some of the pics. Especially the second pic under the “candids”.

    Another nice post, by the way. I’ll probably never get to see some your pure pretty actors in any drama but, dang, it’s great to ogle their pics – hah hah!

    1. kfangurl

      By golly, you’re right, Byeol! He does have a Gong Yoo vibe about him in that pic! I guess my taste in men is sorta consistent then? XD

      Ogling the Pretty is a very valid reason to pop on by, imo! Although, some of my Pure Pretty boys are amazing actors, so I hope that you do get around to checking out at least some of ’em! Eric is wonderful in Discovery of Love. He blew me right away with his wonderful delivery. The show itself is pretty good too, but even if it wasn’t, just getting to see Eric’s delivery would’ve made it worthwhile. Just sayin’ ^^

      1. Byeol-Shin-Ang

        Maybe once I get a faster internet connection at home I can immerse myself in some of these dramas with these fine, fine, fine men! Right now, I’m very interested in seeing something with Hong Jong Hyun in it – courtesy your post! heh heh…

        Also, I agree your taste in men is quite consistent. I think it’s the eyes. Many of your pure pretty posts have the same shape eyes – those beautiful single-lid Asian eyes. Love them!

        1. kfangurl

          Aw, boo to a slow internet connection! I feel your pain, Byeol! As for Hong Jong Hyun.. he’s cutest as himself, I think. At least, that’s what I’ve gathered so far, from watching him in WGM and a couple of other dramas. He’s ADORABLE in WGM, so I’d recommend you start there, when you can! 🙂

          Dya think it’s the eyes? Many people have observed trends in the eyebrows. I seem to gravitate towards strong brows (Kim Woo Bin, TOP & Hong Jong Hyun all have amazing brows!). And manly types. I’ve also been told I like beastly men, LOL! XD So I think your pronouncement of a trend in the eyes is much more elegant and palatable! XD


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