Introducing: Lady G!

Yes, this is how I look celebrating with cake. Except maybe I’m not wearing a tiara ^.~

Everyone! I’m soo~ excited to make this announcement!

Are you ready? Drum roll please…


..Lady G is joining the blog as an official contributor!! Woot!

Yes, you read that right, the talent pool on this blog is growing, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Ok, so let’s backtrack a bit to get a bit of context around this.

Yep, I’m celebratin’ like it’s my birthday! 😀

Lady G’s been a regular on the blog for a long time now, and I have always enjoyed her thoughtful, witty, and very interesting comments. Early this year, Lady G even contributed a guest review of The Suspect, after she’d had a chance to see it (er, I mean, Gong Yoo) on the big screen (to our collective fangirl envy).

Many of you would also know that she’s the one who inspired the first dream dramas post on this blog.

She’s the one who first suggested the concept, and she was also the one who most actively contributed ideas to our awesome dream drama for Gong Yoo. As the ideas continued to flow in the comments section, Lady G’s creative juices kept on flowing, and more and more ideas for dream dramas were born.

Eventually, I realized that it just made more sense if Lady G would agree to be a contributor on the blog, coz this would give her more control over her wonderful dream drama ideas as they got fleshed out. Plus, let me tell you, she is AMAZING at these dream dramas, I kid you not. She comes up with the most awesome drama ideas, and has such a talent for making those ideas come alive in your mind’s eye.

In short, I asked, Lady G said yes – and now, we’re making history! Woot!

Expect to see mainly dream drama posts from Lady G, at least for now. Although, there’s always a possibility of other types of posts later on.

Finally, without further ado, I’m handing over the floor to Lady G, so that she can formally introduce herself. (Eeee! How exciting!)

Please show her lots ‘n lots of lurve, y’all ❤

Kinda like this <3

Hello Kfan world! I’m Lady G.

My foray in the Wonderful World of Kdrama started in December of 2012. I was eager to see the new movie “A Werewolf Boy” playing in Manhattan. Long story short – I loved it, cried, wanted to boo the bittersweet ending, but ultimately loved it and came home dying to know who this adorable Song Joong Ki boy (man) was.

I revved up Google search and was immediately taken to a website called Drama Fever. Wow! it’s filled with tons of Korean…Dramas? What’s that? Back to Google. Oh how cool! Foreign Television programs. Back to Drama Fever, and I clicked on “Nice Guy.”

It’s mid-way through 2014 and I feel like I’ve seen over 100 dramas, possibly counting many Japanese, a smattering of Taiwanese and a handful of Chinese and Thai. It would probably be closer to 200 if I count how many dramas I started and stopped. But to be fair I don’t count those. Honestly, I can’t put a number. It could be far less than that. I think I should join one of those drama list websites soon.

I also watch many Korean films and other Asian films, but the dramas suck me in the most. They are far different from American Television. I was at a huge loss in 2012. I had literally quit TV. I hated it. I just wasn’t interested in anything on TV anymore. I was burned out from fan-fiction writing since 2006. For once I wanted someone to tell ME a story. To quote a Jennifer Lopez character…”I’ve had ENOUGH!!”

Kdramas blew my mind so far that I rarely and barely turn on my American stations anymore or use the home TV to this day. No joke. If I’m not watching Kdrama, Jdrama or Asian movies, I’m reading or writing and brainstorming ideas for them or listening to the marvelous soundtracks every day. (Well, before you think I’m cuckoo, that’s in between everything else I have going on in life!) I’ve slowly ingratiated myself into the online Kdrama fandom. I tend to do that sometimes with my…ahem…obsessions and have participated in many exciting ventures. I’ve had the privilege of writing blog post reviews both here at The Fangirl Verdict and over at the StuckonHyuk Blog. I enjoy reading many of the Korean themed blogs out there.

I’ve gotten to a point where I feel lost watching something in English. I expect subtitles to pop up because my brain has not connected that it’s my first language being spoken! I’m currently learning Korean on my own. It’s amazing how much you pick up by watching the dramas and just listening. To me, language is first about sound. (Unless of course you use Sign Language.) I’m trying to master hangul. It’s the major grammar rules and memorizing the vocabulary that stumble me. But learning a new language is fun, challenging, and expands the mind!

If you’d like to know more about my online activities, check out these sites:

Voyagers Guidebook: The Ultimate Picture Fansite (You will see what a full blown fangirl can do when it comes to a favorite TV show.)

Like reading? Like Fan Fic for sometimes obscure American Retro Television shows? Check out:

Mrs. Phineas Bogg’s Fanfic Page or my latest FF page, G~of the Rivers

I have a ton of other interests too, but I’ll just stick to Kdrama here. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to read about me. 🙂

~Lady G.

22 thoughts on “Introducing: Lady G!

  1. DDee

    I’m late to the party (sorry, hv been hibernating) but welcome Lady G!! It was just a matter of time, wasn’t it? The power of collabs are mighty indeed, so I’m feeling a burst of creativity coming on :D. Am so looking forward to tonnes of dream dramas from you both!

    1. Lady G.

      Aww, no worries. I sometimes hibernate after a time. You never want to get overwhelmed by anything. Even just watching all the Kdramas can get me feeling that way. When that happens I turn to J-dramas. haha. The creative bubble is still filling up as I type. There will be more to come!

  2. CaptainSleepy

    Wow ! Good for you guys ! I really look forward for more . Lady G. will be for sure ….AMAZING 🙂

    1. Lady G.

      Aww, I appreciate that. It really gives me confidence in my ideas. I figure, if someone at least likes my plot/story, but not my cast, well, they can always re-imagine their own favorites in the roles. 🙂 That’s what I would do.

      1. asotss

        Yeah because Yoo Seung Ho as second lead (especially to someone like Kim Woo Bin), that’s not possible uh 😉

        If your collab means twice the amount of entertaining things to read, that’s good news. I love coming on this blog and I guess I’ll love it even more (if that’s possible) now. Wish you a fantastic debut here !

        1. Lady G.

          LOL. To be honest, Kfangurl picked Yoo Seung Ho as the best friend! I don’t think I’ve ever seen his work. But I liked the images I saw and she totally sold me on him. haha. I really hope going forward these stories will continue to be entertaining! There can never be enough Kdrama out there. Thanks very much.

    1. Lady G.

      Thanks! I’m trying to keep file folders of every idea. 🙂 Some may build up huge, some will just be plot bunnies. But it’s all fun.

  3. Jaime the Drama Noona

    Omo!!! What a super cool Super Hero Duo!!! The K-Drama Ladies! Your Powers Combined will create a Fangirl Heaven!!

    Ahem… ok I’m just a bit excited by this concept. Honestly, this is just the best idea ever. The dream dramas are so amazing and I’ve had fun contributing to them when I’ve had time to do so.

    Lady G! Congratulations on the start to an epic adventure! I cannot think of a better partner for my Chaebol, Kfangurl!

    I am looking forward to what is to come!!!

    1. Lady G.

      Yes, Jamie Noona!!! Thank you. 😀 I had all my notes for the 1st official dream drama about to be posted, Many came from the comments. but I don’t remember who said what it’s been a while. But I know for sure you contributed ideas to this, so you will see your ideas integrated into this plot. 🙂

      1. Jaime the Drama Noona

        Lady G!! You are so-so welcome! I just saw that you posted up the dream drama, what a perfect name choice!! I plan on reading it over my lunch break today, I’m quite exited!! I had so much fun helping with the story! I look forward to seeing how your accumulated notes are woven into a story.

        1. Lady G.

          That’s so nice of you. I’m glad you think I’m funny. I try to have a good sense of humor about everything. 😀 Hope you like the drama now posted.


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