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Best Kickass Imaginary Dream Dramas, Ever!


Do you have a Dream Drama?

Y’know, like in your head, you have the Perfect scenario, the Perfect male lead, the Perfect female lead, the Perfect second leads, and the Most Perfect story arcs, Ever? The kind of idea that makes you go, “OMGGGG I WOULD WATCH THAT DRAMA!!!!”???

Where if you could have it your way, this drama would be filmed and produced, stat, and immediately given a time slot on a Korean network, so that the entire dramaverse would be able to inhale the awesome, in unison?

Well, I and the ladies on this blog certainly have a few of those, and not only am I gonna share those awesome scenarios with you today, we wanna hear about your Perfect Dream Drama too!

Sometimes a dream drama scenario is inspired by an awesome drama that we just wanna see more of.

Sometimes it’s inspired by the awesomeness of an actor / actress that we could so imagine doing a particular type of role flat-out brilliant justice.

Sometimes it’s coz there’s so much wasted potential in a disappointing drama (or dramas) that we start dreaming up an alternative, wayyy better drama for the actors/actresses/scenario.

If you’ve been following the comments threads on some of the posts on this blog, you might have come across some of our squee-storming and the various ideas that the ladies and I have been toying with. We get a little (ok, a lot) excited, and often, the story threads span several different comment threads across the blog and it’s hard to keep track of the story as it evolves.

It’s been boatloads of fun though, and honestly, it didn’t even occur to me to centralize the ideas in one place, until resident squee-stormer and recent giveaway winner Lady G left me this comment a couple of days ago:

Seriously. What an awesome idea!! 😀

So without further ado, let’s dive right in!

As is befitting the major k-loves in my life, I’ve got a bit of a scenario for each of my big k-loves. Yep, there’s a scenario each for Gong Yoo, Jang Hyuk and (an as yet still somewhat underdeveloped one for) Kim Woo Bin.

Of course, you get to pick whomever you wanna construct your dream drama around, in the comments section (more on that later!).

1. Gong Yoo: Action Rom-Com

This action rom-com idea is still brewing and growing as I type this, and is the brainchild of Lady G, who was inspired after seeing this photo of Gong Yoo that kaiaraia posted:

We all agreed that Gong Yoo looks like he loves kids and seems to be pretty great with them. Lady G’s active imagination immediately went to work, and she posted this initial scenario:


What a fun premise! And as if we need any more convincing, here’s more evidence of Gong Yoo being adorable with a kid:

Ahhhh!!! So! Much! Cute! ❤

As other commenters got in on the action, the comments started multiplying and our scenario started growing and evolving.

Here’s what we’ve got so far.

Billionaire Bistro Baby (Tentative title)

재주소년 – 손잡고 허밍 (with 요조) 

We have Gong Yoo as a somewhat-grumpy cabbie by day:

And a singer/songwriter/musician by night, who plays sets at night in a bistro/jazz bar as a second job, coz that’s his true passion:

Who one day meets Han Chae Ah, a strong, modern, career-minded passenger in his cab:

Hijinks ensue when they discover a baby girl in the backseat of the cab, and they each think the other is trying to ditch the baby.

But really, why would anyone want to ditch this baby??

Seriously, this is a real Korean baby. Click the pic to see her in adorable real-life action on YouTube!

Add on! Backstory!!

Meet Baby Dad (Kim Byeong Se)

And Baby Mom (Kim Hye Seon)

They’re smart, kind, philanthropic people, and have tried to conceive for the longest time, but couldn’t. Baby Mom gets unfairly criticized and mocked by the family and feels depressed, but her husband fiercely supports her. She’s his precious wife that he fought tooth and nail to marry even though she came from a middle class family (In his family’s eyes, POOR family.)

Then one magical day after a magical weekend getaway from said pushy, mean family, Mom finds out she’s pregnant and everything is happy and roses. Baby Yerin is born and they love and adore her like a little princess.

Dad is the mega rich CEO of a music company that his grandfather started. So little Baby Yerin is worth billions and they have always tried to protect her.

Now meet Disgruntled 36-year-old Pop Star (Eric Mun).

Disgruntled Pop Star has been cut from future record deals because of his inability to produce hits. In his heyday he was very good, but he turned into a huge diva and the fans moved on. He tried his hand at acting, but his drama debut tanked and he was scorned. The Anti-fans spread lots of rumors, many that were actually true, about him being mean to fans, making outrageous demands, etc.  So his popularity dropped to zilch.

He pleads on his knees to the CEO (thinking he can just storm in and take his issue to the top brass) but he gets turned down for an extended contract. He vows revenge in a big hissy fit.

He gets the evil glint in his eye and the master plan forms when the CEO shoos him out to take a personal call with his wife and he sees him pick up a picture of his beloved baby Yerin, even cooing to her on the phone.

Disgruntled Pop Star’s horrible idea is not thought-through well enough. Not having enough cash left because he’s so extravagant, he hires gangsters from a hole-in-the-wall ‘lending center’ to make the kidnapping.

Meet Kim Myung Min, our head gangster!!! He is exactly as he was in Bad Family, which means that by the end, he’s a softie. Except in this alterna-verse, he’s got a different name and love interest and isn’t trying to form a fake family.

Head Gangster doesn’t realize the job involves a baby until it’s too late. He blows a fuse on his guys for daring to even take such a drastic measure. The old rule applies, no women and children. At this point Head Gangster also gets a little attached to the baby when she does her sleepy act with him.

In the process of trying to return the baby to her parents, the gangsters nearly get caught, so a big stupid one tosses the baby in the cab while GY is out getting a soda. GY comes back, and our leading lady jumps in. Hilariously no one is paying attention until they hear a little giggle and baby talk from the floor…

…which is how our befuddled new baby guardians end up on the run while trying to dodge the mobsters and get the baby back into the arms of her anxious parents.

Since this is such a rom-com, Head Gangster needs a little loving too. Which is where GY’s older sister, Choi Jung Won, comes in.

Noona is just a year older than GY and takes her noona role seriously, coz their mother died while she and GY were very young and after their father remarried, he was never around much. Which means that she’s always taken it upon herself to care for her younger brother. She’s a strong independent sort of woman, but is a big softie on the inside.

Kim Myung Min keeps coming to her door with the excuse of looking for GY while GY and Chae Ah are on the run and she’s all confused thinking her brother owes loan sharks.

Because noona is a teacher in high school, the kkangpae (gangsters) follow her to school and nag her for GY’s whereabouts, then pounce on a bunch of rotten schoolboys when they get fresh with her. And Kim Myung Min roars at them, “Do you want to eat dirt??” HA!

Add on!

Now meet Kim Sun Ah reprising her role as Kim Sam Soon as our second female lead, whose crossover is DDee‘s brainchild.

Hyun Bin is Han Chae Ah’s sort-of rich boyfriend at the beginning of our show, who pines after her and wants to plan her life for her runs a music studio and works for the Baby Dad’s company. He’s trying to get his bestie GY a contract but it hasn’t happened yet. He is attracted to Chae Ah:

But ends up with Sam Soon instead:

Somehow, GY and Chae Ah manage to dodge what must be rather bumbling mobsters, with these elements that Lady G has laid out:

Hyun Bin has a rooftop spare room where he helps GY and Chae Ah by allowing them to crash for a while. HB comes in to work and mess around, and has the hots for Chae Ah, which makes GY jealous.

In the studio setting, there’s ample opportunity for some GY cutesy music play time with the baby:

AND some swoony late nite heart-to-heart time with our leads by the piano, topped off with an almost kiss..

With the mobsters (temporarily?) off their tail, our cabbie and his passenger end up caring for the baby together at his apartment HB’s rooftop apartment, where she finally meets GY’s grumpy cat, who’s been brought over so that he won’t be home alone:

Who gives her the evil eye but is as sweet and as amicable as can be to Gong Yoo. And who has his own fabulous grumpy-demanding-cat soundtrack.

Go on, I dare you to listen to this song while looking at that fabulously grumpy face and not giggle 😉

Clazziquai Project – Cat Bossa

Grumpy cat has his quirks too, and leading lady’s aversion to cats adds to the cat-related funnies:

Now meet Chae Ah’s suave, handsome, rich yet shifty on-again-off-again boyfriend, Song Jong Ho:

 …who’s really deep in debt because he keeps living beyond his means.

Chae Ah dates him on-and-off while in hiding with GY. GY finds out and gets mad because they were supposed to cut off contact with people until they can sort things out. Which means no dating. Plus he’s already getting steaming jealous of this guy and really doesn’t trust him. (GY has a good eye for judging character.) One night on a date our lady gets drunk and accidentally tells Shady Boyfriend about the baby. So his gears start turning.

Shady Boyfriend gets ideas to try and hold Baby Yerin for ransom next. He is a money laundering accountant for Kim Myung Min’s ‘company’ and when they find out he begs for his life and pulls out the wild card that he knows exactly where the baby is hidden! But he wants a cut of the profits.

Eventually, Shady Boyfriend’s the one who kidnaps our girl and the baby for the last time and everyone comes to save them.

In the meantime, though, as GY and Chae Ah spend time in the same living space, sweet, warm encounters ensue, peppered generously with the comic, all set to the easy, breezy soundtrack.

She gets to see him do everyday things like get groceries for them:

And she gets to see him groove and croon at the bistro/jazz bar:

And of course, sharing the same living space, she can’t help but come across a lil bit of this:

And this:

Thud. (What’s a Gong Yoo drama without a shirtless scene, right? Or several shirtless scenes??)

Her eyes get attracted first, and then her heart. But her brain is the last to catch up, and so we have our heroine in various scenes of comic confusion and perplexity. Like, why am I staring? Why does the memory of him grooving on that stage keep haunting me? Why did I have a sexy dream about him?

One dream that she has, courtesy of Lady G:

“One of [the dreams] should be in a smoky nightclub where she gets serenaded. and she puckers up, someone starts playing the sexy saxophone then suddenly it starts sounding like a crying baby! I can see her falling off her chair as he comes closer and closer, cuz in reality she fell off the bed, the baby is crying and he’s coming closer and closer holding her because her diaper needs major changing. (At this point he’s not the expert yet. haha!)”

Another dream I have in mind is where our lovebirds go on a romantic date, with wine, flowers, dancing, and they even share a sexy, sweet kiss.. and then she wakes up only to find herself making out with her pillow..! Pffft.

And of course, they eventually come around to their mutual attraction and love for each other in what Lady G calls their “seal the deal” kiss:

Unlike most other kdramas, this “seal the deal” kiss won’t be their last. Nuh-uh, not in this drama.

After the baby’s finally reunited with her parents, our story ends on this arc, as described by Lady G:

As we see their lives unfold after the baby’s been returned to her parents, we get lots of kisses, as they build their new life together. We see them find romance in the everyday things, like stealing hot kisses in the kitchen while managing their bistro, for example.

He goes in for a sweltering kiss in the Bistro kitchen as she’s busy cooking and balancing two plates for their super busy opening night. He grabs her face and plants one on her. And she takes the time to kiss him right back. And there is some hot ‘n heavy breathing to go with, until they break the moment to go back to bistro business. Swoon.

And of course, we also get lots of everyday closeness with sizzling, off-the-charts chemistry, sorta like this:


OMGGG. The sexyyyy.

Can you wrap your mind around THE AWESOME??!!!! *flails*

As so aptly described by DDee, our leads all have happy-ever-afters, co-running the bistro together:

Add on!

Noona never dreamed she would fall for a kkangpae, but Kim Myung Min wears her down with his earnestness and Chazz Palminteri sexiness and he vows to leave the “business” for her.

Little bro GY is very unhappy about Noona dating the gangster who was chasing them so Noona keeps her surprising love life a secret for a while.

Little bro and Noona have several squabbles in the meantime. She brings up all the horrible dates she’s had to toss out on their rears because of him, and then he brings up how he had to do the same for her lousy boyfriends and chase them down through the mazes of houses for daring to get fresh with his Noona. [cue montage of LOL flashbacks]

GY finally realizes Kim Myung Min is a good guy when he helps them save everybody, and in the end, GY makes him a general manager at their night club and even gives his cronies jobs as bouncers and bartenders/waiters.

Disgruntled Pop Star deeply regrets his dumb idea of taking the baby hostage, and apologizes. He even makes amends by offering to sing regularly at the Bistro. As he learns to accept his lesser ‘status’ and becomes a better man, he even eventually finds love. [Take your pick of Kim Sun Ah or Ha Ji Won, depending on who you picked as your second female lead ;)]

Add on! Epilogue!

Time-skip of 2 years later, we see billionaire baby all grown into a cheeky little young lady, as you can see in this vid:

In the meantime, GY’s and Chae Ah’s son is turning out be adorable and cheeky, just like his father:

She’s the little noona to Baby Boy, and visits often.

She often spews little words of advice to the little one when GY & Chae Ah aren’t looking. Like, “Be nice to the cat.. he’s the boss” Baby Boy always just looks back at her wearing that cheeky face, and says nothing.

But then after she’s gone home, we see him do exactly what she says. Like offer the cat his favorite toy and stroke Grumpy Cat’s head while Grumpy Cat gives him the bemused stare-down. LOL!

All while GY and Chae Ah watch him with amusement and wonder, and GY remarks, “Hey, look at that, he’s never done that before!” Hahaha!

How awesome is that?

Now tell me you wouldn’t want to watch this drama! 😀

Add on! Alterna-verse!

This is for those who don’t prefer a Kim Sam Soon crossover. So, you can imagine a Secret Garden crossover instead! Hee.

We’d still have Hyun Bin as our second male lead, but our second female lead would be Ha Ji Won:

She’s Chae Ah’s tomboy bestie, who gets all huffy on Chae Ah’s behalf and confronts GY when Chae Ah basically puts her life on hold in order to help GY with the baby.

Of course, we need tomboy Ji Won to also get all confronty with Hyun Bin, who’s trying to control Chae Ah’s life . While she schools him on what truly loving someone really means, As Bestie Ha Ji Won joins forces with HB to help our lead couple navigate all their problems, we get stare-downs that turn into deep electric gazes, and a romance is reluctantly born 😉

2. Jang Hyuk: Chuno Sequel – The Modern-Day, Fantasy Edition

Those of you who kept up with my Liebster post might’ve read some or most of this scenario, but here it is in full, this time with lots of interesting add-ons that emerged in the comments threads.

Chuno OST – 추노

Basically, I think Jang Hyuk as Lee Dae Gil is such a badass character in Chuno. AND, I think Jang Hyuk rocks the goatee & mane of glory. So much. AND, I think he does clean up real nice in a suit.

So, in my drama, Dae Gil would time-travel to the present and wear a sharp suit while retaining his mane of glory. Kinda like this:

He’d learn to live life as an ordinary modern citizen by day, and prowl the city by night, fighting injustice and taking down baddies, still wielding his trusty blade from Chuno, and still wearing the same badass schmexy smirk.

Certainly, there’d be occasion for him to go shirtless too:

He’d be searching for General Choi (Han Jung Soo) and Wang Son (Kim Ji Suk), who, unlike him, haven’t time traveled to the present, but have reincarnated their way here and therefore don’t remember him. (What, this is kdrama, right? Anything can happen *shrug*)

In line with their dreams while living as slave hunters, General Choi is now a farmer living a quiet life, while Wang Son is now living it up as the chaebol prince of a hotel-casino conglomerate (Ha).

When Dae Gil finds General Choi and Wang Son, they rekindle their bromance (one major arc of the story) and start to prowl the streets together (the second major arc), fighting baddies and taking them down together as the dream team that they’re destined to be.

Wang Son still takes care of the group’s meals, and his complaints are louder and more aggravated than ever, “What, I’m a chaebol prince now, and I STILL GOTTA COOK?!?”

Playing Dae Gil’s leading lady would not be Lee Da Hae, coz that’s been done to death already. Instead, we’d have the wonderful Shin Min Ah, who would be the feisty, strong, streetwise girl who knows Dae Gil’s secret and helps to protect him while keeping him in line. They probably do bicker their way to romance, and I can’t find a single thing wrong with that.

Dae Gil would smirk at her, and she’d smirk right back at him, then raise her fist:

Eventually she’ll break down all his defenses, of course. Coz who can resist Shin Min Ah?

General Choi’s quiet stoic charm has always been massively irresistible to women, and this time is no exception. He will finally meet his love match in Wang Son’s no-nonsense hotel business manager, played by Kim Sun Ah:

Playing resident baddie would be Kim Gab Soo, just because he’s brilliant at being calm yet chilling:

To top it all off, we would get an extended cameo by Jung Il Woo, coz if you’ve seen the first 10 minutes of The Return of Iljimae, you’d know that he’s immortal and kicks ass even in the present:

While also rocking the modern mane of glory:

Now, I already thought this was the most fantastic, kickass scenario I’d ever heard, but the scenario continued to grow and evolve and take on even more awesome facets.

First of all, the awesome Dnoella, who’d first triggered the scenario with her Liebster question, had a couple of ideas to add, which then made me have more ideas:

And so we have time-traveling Seolhwa (Kim Ha Eun), who’s come all the way to the present, still in pursuit of Dae Gil Orabeoni:

There’s fish-out-of-water time-traveling hijinks, sure, but she finds that some things do stay essentially the same:


To earn her keep, Seolhwa works at a sleazy nightclub, singing just like she used to in the past. At some later point in time, some guy tries to get fresh and frisky with her, and Dae Gil busts in to save her, which is how they reunite.

But not before she meets roguish badass Yoo Ah In:

Who helps her navigate the modern world, and who’s also besties with Song Joong Ki (we hafta rekindle their awesome Sungkyunkwan Scandal bromance, right?):

Eventually, Seolhwa moves on from her Dae Gil love when she finds herself falling for Yoo Ah In.

And the awesome doesn’t end there either, coz Lady G and I had a whale of a time squee-storming more facets and arcs to our story!

Next up, we have Song Il Gook as a suspicious detective on the trail of the mysterious “Avenging Angel” that Dae Gil becomes known as.

He’s a muscled, macho jock who’s a great fighter but just a leeettle slow in the head. He is hilarious, and the running gag is him furrowing his brow and musing aggravatedly and roaring in frustration, coz our favorite trio outsmart him and give him the slip time and time, AND time again. HAHAHA!! XD

And we have Oh Ji Ho as a descendant of Tae Ha, who works with Kim Gab Soo’s character. He’s mysterious. Maybe bad, maybe good.

Eventually, we learn that he’s nowhere near as principled or as heroic as great-granddaddy Tae Ha. Dae Gil then shows him lots and lots of tough love (and that will also give us opportunities for some epic fight scenes!) in order to whip him into the kind of man that would make his great-granddaddy proud.

Also working for Kim Gab Soo’s shady character is reincarnated Eonnyeon (Lee Da Hae). She’s a good girl, but works for the shady guy coz of family debt.

Tae Ha is totally in love with her and quietly protects her from everything while working alongside her.

Of course Dae Gil will have to sort out his feelings for her at some point, because he’s really attracted to a new girl (yay Shin Min Ah!) and for the first time feels free of the crushing, smothering obsession with Eonnyeon. At first when he sees her again he gets all weepy and depressed, but then he realizes that he can open his heart again to someone else and be happy.

Next, we have Lee Jong Hyuk as a reincarnated Commander Hwang.

Unlike his past self, this time, he will be a big ally to our boys, giving him the opportunity to right any regrets he may have had. He’s the smart cop to Song Il Guk’s dumb cop.

At the same time, we have Ha Si Eun (who played Commander Hwang’s wife in Chuno), as a reincarnated version of herself. Except this time, instead of having palsy like this:

She’s their crime team leader, sharp as nails & whip-smart to boot:

Reincarnated Commander Hwang has to woo her with everything he’s got, ha. Plus, now Commander Hwang is working under a woman who in the past was under HIS thumb. Muahahaha!

What a monster of a drama, eh?? But what an awesome, epic monster it would be!!! 😀

3. Kim Woo Bin: School 2013 – The Adult Years

김건모 – 빨간 우산

Those of you who read my School 2013 review would know how much I luffed Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk together as Heung Soo and Nam Soon.

I just couldn’t get enough of their fabulous bromance, and I remember several of my blogosphere friends remarked about having sequels to the show, featuring these two characters: College 2015, followed by MS 2018, ha.

This particular scenario, though, takes place after the boys finish MS, and eventually set up the shops that Kim Woo Bin foresaw in this interview: that Heung Soo would open a PC bang (internet cafe), and Nam Soon would open a comic book store.

At age 28, they still hang out together and do all sorts of bromantic, boy stuff together.

Heung Soo’s love interest would be played by Jung Eun Ji:

I love that she’s age-appropriate, natural, earthy and talented, with charm and spunk to spare.

She shows up one day in Heung Soo’s PC bang, coz she’s the new technician sent to service the machines, heh. She’s smart, sassy and good-humored, and knows her way around the male-dominated world of computers. She comes by regularly to service and fix the computers, and is drawn to Heung Soo. She doesn’t let his reticence stop her from making friends with him, and often pushes his buttons just to get a reaction out of him.

We see Heung Soo battle bemusement and intrigue, as well as a side of unfamiliar, puzzling attraction, as Eun Ji worms her way into his heart with sunny blitheness. We get lots of bickering, romantic goodness as these “friends” eventually spend time hanging out together, and she basically teaches him about different ways of seeing the world, as well as instructs him on the inner workings of the female species.

Nam Soon’s love interest will be played by Park Se Young, reprising her role as Song Ha Gyung:

Ha Gyung’s graduated from college since we last saw her, and now teaches at her alma mater. She’s got the rowdy class, and takes them in hand with a nice balance of friendly and fierce. Teacher In Jae and Teacher Se Chan (Jang Na Ra and Daniel Choi), who are now married, are very proud of her.

Ha Gyung still nurses that one-sided love for Nam Soon, and makes time to visit him at his comic book store, under the pretext that she’s developed a new-found love for comics. Hee.

While there, she flirts with Nam Soon and regularly asks him out to dinner (y’know, since they both haven’t eaten, and she’s already there, and she’s hungry..)

Nam Soon is equally confused and puzzled with the sudden influx of female attention, and our two boys often find time to hang out together and ask each other bemused questions such as, “Why do you think she did that?”

Giggle. I can just imagine the completely inaccurate interpretations these two give each other, as they flounder their way through the new minefield that is called romance. Hee.

Of course, they both eventually fall head over heels in love with the women in their lives, and find their happy-ever-afters, all while keeping the bromance all kinds of awesome and very much intact.

Whaddya think?!? Wouldn’t you watch this drama? 😀

Add on! Crossovers!!

Hee. As Lady G and I were squee-storming in the comments, I had a brainwave. Seriously. I am SO excited!

Since Ha Gyung from my School 2013 sequel works at her alma mater, we’ll have GY’s sister work at the same high school! They’re colleagues in both shows, and in each drama, we have little throwaway lines that actually give us little tidbits on the OTHER drama’s story!!

Like, we could have a scene in the 2013 sequel where Ha Gyung’s having a conversation with GY’s sister, who remarks worriedly that she thinks her brother owes money to loan sharks.

Or, a scene in our GY rom-com, where his sister talks to Ha Gyung in school and sees her carrying a stack of comic books & asks her, “Since when were you a comic book fan??”

AND! Can you imagine both shows airing at the same time?!? We’d have the School 2013 sequel as a Monday-Tuesday drama, and the GY rom-com as a Wednesday-Thursday drama. Then, as people follow both shows, they get little extras here and there – you almost HAVE to watch both shows to get the full story, but you don’t have to!

HOW AWESOME WOULD IT BE TO DO A LIVE WATCH??? You don’t feel like you’re waiting a whole week for new episodes to air coz you never know what little tidbit will drop while watching the other drama!

Ahhhh!! THE POTENTIAL AWESOME!!! 😀 *flails*

Now, It’s Your Turn!

What’s your Dream Drama? Or do you have more than one? Share your ideas with us in the comments!

Or do you have more ideas to beef up the scenarios I’ve shared? Share your ideas in the comments too!

As Lady G mentioned in her original comment, anything goes. The world is your oyster when it comes to casting. You can have your dream cast, even if it means it’s Jang Dong Gun (circa 2000) romancing Kim So Yeon (circa 2013).

Just one rule, please. And that is, when starting a new scenario, please start a New Comment. When adding to a current thread of comments, please make sure it’s for the right drama scenario, so that we can keep our kickass imaginary dream dramas straight in our heads, mmkay?

Also, if you want to illustrate your scenarios with photos, please provide the link and I will embed them for you if possible (coz we learned recently that I’m the only one with photo embedding rights on this blog).

Don’t have a full scenario, but have a seedling of a potentially awesome idea? Share it anyway! Then other people can help build on your idea to flesh out your scenario!

Are you ready?? Have at it, guys!

Wheeee!! 😀

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  1. Hi! I’m new here but this sounds like fun! ^^ I had a dream one night that my Kpop posters came to life so I turned it into a comedy fanfic staring BTS, GOT7, and a rookie group called BeatWin and uploaded it to Wattpad and! It’s been a big hit! ….no pun intended xD

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  2. I would totally watch the Gong Yoo drama. But somebody tell me please, what drama is/are those pictures from of him singing and playing keyboards?

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    • I have one with Gong Yoo in the works, but I’m also working on something else. I think that piano picture is from a Fan Meet, i’ve never seen him look like that and sing in any drama from those years ago.


  3. I want more Wol Ryung dark demon fanfiction….there’s like none out there. Preferably a different story line than the drama…maybe something with the reader in it. I am really surprised there’s not a bigger following for him out there.


    • Thanks for the suggestion, Colleen! I’ve heard lots of spazz over the character, even though I haven’t seen Gu Family Book myself. I’m not sure if Lady G has seen the show, but if she has, I’m sure she’ll take your request into consideration for a future dream drama 🙂


      • OMG YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT?!?!?! You’re missing out! Gu Family Book is one of the best shows out there! You should definitely watch it soon! 🙂


        • Really? I heard pretty mixed reactions to this one, and just never got around to checking it out for myself. Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll keep it in mind! Although I must also clarify that my watchlist is extremely long, and the rate at which it grows is distinctly faster than the rate at which I watch! XD I’ll keep this one in mind tho, for when the right mood strikes!


  4. Just reading over the comments in this thread and you can literally see the birth of Aurora right here! Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions and ideas to spring it to life as an official Dream Drama!


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  8. Why can’t normal dramas be like this? This is way better than how I’ve seen other dramas write


    • THANK YOU, Jake!! 😀 That’s a big compliment! And I think many of us concur: Why can’t actual dramas be like this?? It looks sooo good in my imagination! XD

      You might be interested to know that the ladies and I have been squee-storming more dream drama ideas. I just need to make some time to put it all together in a 2nd dream dramas post. You can look out for it – in the not-too-distant future! ^^


    • How did I miss this comment? Thanks very much, Jake! It is a huge compliment to me as an amateur writer. As soon as I find time I need to get all the my thoughts and notes together for this big drama starring Kfangurl’s favorite, Kim Woo Bin. 😀


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  12. …so it’s not yet definite…i’ve also read an article about it from All Kpop….like what kfangirl said…i’m keeping my fingers crossed…i’d read good reviews about Good Doctor….i haven’t watch it though…i’m planning to buy a copy of it….for the mean time, i’ll be ogling CJH at Heirs along with Woobie and LMH while waiting for his lead casting in a drama,… 😉


  13. ..thanks for CJH’s heads up Lady G…so, he’ll be playing lead?…good then, i’ll be waiting for that drama…rom-com is always been my type of drama…and it’s good to know CJH will be in that genre after Heirs..


    • Aw. Keep your fingers crossed, evez.. It’s apparently not a definite yes at the moment. Both parties are considering the roles. But yes, if he agrees, he’ll finally be playing a romantic lead! *cautious whoop*


      • Yes, very cautious whoop, it’s hard to make an ER drama a romcom. Though I think ‘Good Doctor’ balanced it very well. I really enjoyed that drama. 🙂 Thanks Evez. I’ve only been shouting from the rooftops since I saw It’s okay daddy’s girl that this man play the lead. hahaha. It’s happy news. We’ll see if he takes it. 😀


  14. Oh, KFangurl, I think it would be cool if Woobie found YSH when he was probably a starving 12 year old, just lost his parents wandering around stealing food. Woobie feels for him and takes him under his wing. If you want to add more drama, maybe he was once an aristocrat and his father was on the mercenary hit list. However, YSH doesn’t know this and Woobie doesn’t reveal it until it comes out years later. How would YSH react? What would he feel about his beloved Hyung then? Hmm, it would be interesting if Woobie’s bestie becomes someone famous later on in the beginnings of the Koryo dynasty. I’ll do more research. 😀


    • LOVE IT!!! Love both the meet-cute between YSH and KYJ in the marketplace, and the backstory of Woobie rescuing YSH when he was a starving 12 year old!!!

      And! I’ve found some fantastic pix we can use! The great thing about YSH starting his career so early and being so good at what he does, is lots of pix to choose from!

      Young YSH who gets rescued:

      Aristocratic YSH:

      Angry, intense, on-the-street YSH:

      YSH as a prince:

      Now tell me you aren’t inspired!! 😀


      • Oh cow!!! That’s AWESOME!! I am thoroughly inspired by this plot! Those are PERFECT pictures. Thank you!!!! And the last one looks Looks very pre-Joseon. (Not that I would know exactly, but you kwim!) Thank you for filling up my drama with more story, friendship, and feels. 😀


        • !!! More story, friendship & feels!! 😀 Love the sound of that! And now that I think about it, that’s pretty much hits the nail on the head in terms of what I’ve managed to add so far, with our 2nd leads, pix and That Kiss, which, YAY! 😀

          And yes, that last pic is pre-Joseon. I believe this is YSH in costume playing the last king of the Silla era. Of course, we can totally make him the first king of Goryeo instead, coz, why not? ;D


          • I had the first boy that Woobie helps escape with his Merchant aristocrat father, turn out later to grow up as Wang Kon, the first king.

            I think I’ll make YSH the son of a mercenary who died and Woobie took him under his wing. He can definitely be someone surprising in history. This guy from that time period is a bit of a mystery, but he’s an important player!



            • Because ‘Yang Gil”s life is a bit of mystery before he became head of Rebel forces, (his birth, family line, and death is unknown) it would be perfect to have YSH turn out to be him. 😀 There’s also no mention of marriage, so that can be adjusted too. 🙂

              Not to put a damper on my drama, but we know Sageuks are not always happy. I also had the idea that his lovely little first and true love dies. 😦 *sniffle* That’s what can spur him on become some rebel soldier and he never marries and just focuses on battles. (Just going by the real man’s history.)

              This would make sense to our Time Traveling Agashi, and it would fill in missing pieces of Yang Gil’s life for the future museum. She can become renowned for making the discovery of his mercenary past.


            • OMG that is PERFECT. Mysterious guy whose birth, parentage and eventual fate is uncertain, but who’s still a force to be reckoned with in history. HOW DO YOU EVEN FIND THESE THINGS?!???

              SOLD. We have YSH’s historical identity. And with so much mystery about him, we have so much room to be creative around his life and how it unfolds! Wow.

              And what a mind-bender, that our leading lady then takes this first-hand knowledge back to her job at the museum. In some kind of epilogue, she can take a tour group around the Silla exhibit and “hypothesize” about Yang Gil’s personal story, which turns into a bit of a voiceover while we see YSH doing his rebel thing on our screens and riding off into the sunset with KYJ.. All while Woobie quietly smiles knowingly in the background. ^.~


              • Awesome!!! Thank you for that epilogue. I love it! This drama is turning out to be a smashing ratings success. 😀


                • Lol. I don’t know.. I posted that epilogue at almost the exact same time that you posted about YSH’s first love dying, which, gah. What a heartwrenching thought!! But I can see how that would totally fit the backstory of our rebel-to-be..

                  Ok. If she MUST die, then Yang Gil’s cause, which is defending the people against the oppressive queen who insists they pay taxes despite not having enough to feed their own families, must stem from her. She is probably the one who felt for the people and wanted to fight for their rights, after being influenced by our heroine’s modern ideas about equality and rights and such. And in fighting for that cause, she somehow loses her life. But YSH/Yang Gil takes on the cause, to ensure that the cause that she gave her life for, gets furthered the way she wanted. And so, in our epilogue, cause fulfilled, Yang Gil rides into the sunset alone, but with his lady love forever living in his heart. And he continues to help the commonfolk wherever his path leads him.

                  Oh, tears. T.T


                  • Ook, I just had a totally wild thought. What if Yang Gil was Woobie instead?? Then his uncertain fate is easily explained in our story coz, uh, he ended up in the future..? O.O

                    THAT would make the epilogue all the more nudge-nudge-wink-wink, coz agasshi would be hypothesizing about Yang Gil’s story and how he lived after history about him trails off.. YET! Woobie would be RIGHT THERE in the room!! HOW MIND-BOGGLING WOULD THAT BE?!??? Ahhhh!!! The potential awesome of taking the plot this way is TOTALLY capturing my imagination!! XD


                    • Awesome ideas! There were 4 major players during the rebellion years. According to Wiki: “Silla had accomplished an unification of the Three Kingdoms of Korea in 668. But it weakened as local lords achieved power during the end of the 9th century. The country entered a period of civil war and rebellion, led by Gung Ye, Gi Hwon, Yang Gil, and Gyeon Hwon.”

                      Yang Gil and Gi Hwon are the most mysterious. In fact, I can’t find anything on Gi Hwon. I look him up and it keeps taking me to Ha Ji Won the actress, Lee Seung Gi, and…It’s okay, daddy’s girl! LOL. Because there were characters with the Ki Won name. Even when I try key words like ‘Goryeo Dynasty’ after his name, there’s nothing.

                      I’m leaning toward using Yang Gil. I Just like all the opportunities for cool story lines with the little info there is. I think we can also add another player. A ‘frenemy’ in the Mercenary group that goes on to become Gi Hwon. He can be like the 2nd male lead who also crushes on our Time traveling Agashi.

                      “The extent of Yang Gil’s power is uncertain, but it is thought to have been considerable given the fact that Gung Ye was among his men. Yang Gil had the favor of Gung Ye, so Yang Gil entrusted him with all his work, gave him his soldiers and sent him on a military expedition eastward. According to the Samguk Sagi, Gung Ye’s army’s strength reached about 600 men, who are believed to have been soldiers given to him by Yang Gil. Once Gung Ye’s power had increased, he left Yang Gil’s army and founded the Hugoguryeo nation. In retribution, Yang Gil tried to attack him, but failed. Little is known of Yang Gil’s fate after this.[1]”

                      And as for Yang Gil, we don’t know how many years passed until he becomes the rebellion leader with Gung Ye and builds up his army.

                      Maybe in the future we can do a ‘5 years’ later thing. (I know that kills us when we watch dramas, but this time I don’t mind. lol) Because both our leads are pretty young, I know she is- about 22, 23. She’s just starting out her career. And Woobie would only be 24. So 5 years later is cool. That way in the past, if he is Yang Gil, he has that time to amass an army, train, then later fight against Gung Ye, etc. etc. And then mysteriously disappear into history.

                      Perhaps it is something he planned all along? He was secretly stashing artifacts, and timing the appearance of the time traveling vortex. Or at least tried to plan. Because he really loves and misses her. I can imagine Woobie keeping a photo of her looking cute, he swiped it from that darn purse of hers. So he often looks at it with longing. Aww. I think one of her quirks is her overloaded purse! Which would make for some funny moments throughout the drama. 🙂

                      It could be a candid shot, perhaps that one I posted with her holding the drink, and she didn’t know the photo was taken then. She looks so sweet and elegant in that. The more I watch Lee Elijah in Basketball, the more I like her. She’s not necessarily this glamourous, gorgeous girl. But she has this image of a Madonna, if you know what I mean. She’s pretty, but real. At times you can see when she’s tired, having a bad skin day, etc. etc. She doesn’t look fake to me, like some actresses do.

                      So we are going to have to set years here. for our drama to take place. AND when he comes to the future, he’s a grown man, not easily looked down upon and able to build up his fortune and become that big player in the Museum, perhaps the museum’s new owner. 😉 I say we make it 883. Agashi is not going to be there for long anyway. So after she leaves, Woobie joins up with the peasants that he later fights for. Perhaps they are the same little village of peasants that took in him and his parents when they made their escape from the palace. 😀

                      I love all this history and webbing and weaving we are doing to make this drama work! 😀


                    • Now I’m really excited and ready to put this all together in one coherent drama. LOL. I think we have all big the historical parts down. There are few I need to fill in, like the General who started this miss by killing the parents, etc. Maybe some peasant friends.

                      I need to make a few characters for the modern day. Like a jealous co-worker, the manager who bosses her around (And he could be a sleaze, so Woobie can handle him later in the future. hehe) Her father and lousy mother for flashbacks. Any friends she might have. And that should do it.

                      SO EPIC! YAY!


                    • One more thing. To make this a truly epic romance. Remember when Woobie time travels to the future he lands to before she time travels and guides her and protects her on her way to working at the museum. He’s her daddy long legs for 2 years until she time traveled.

                      So that means, our noble Woobie waited nearly 8 years to find his way back to her! Because he’s ‘Yang Gil’, he has to fulfill that past history. I had a thought that maybe it was our Agashi that inspires him to take the cause and fight for the peasants, That’s mind bending because again, she’s helping history along by planting ideas.

                      It will be quite a reunion at that museum gala when he finally reveals himself. There’s always crazy rumors abounding about the young, eccentric and mysterious billionaire owner. He always authenticates all the Silla era artifacts himself and provided more than half of them. I can just see our Agashi now, on pins and needles to meet him. She’s never even seen a picture. *remember, master of disguise, so he’s always popping in and out of her life and she doesn’t know it. aww*

                      To add more fuel, it would be interesting to add another modern-day guy in the mix who is trying to win and woo her. She could like him, maybe even considering marriage, because she doesn’t think she’ll ever see Woobie again…even though she dreams about him and cries in her sleep for him. *Heartbreaking scene of him somehow watching from her window. Maybe even standing over her bed and caressing her face. When she opens her eyes, he’s gone. Wooh, mysterious! lol.

                      This drama has me so stoked!


                    • Ok, so I’m seriously LOVING all the ideas and details you’re filling in, Lady G.. and I do love the possibilities we get with Woobie as Yang Gil. With that huge change though.. who is YSH gonna be instead? 😛 Is he going to be a purely fictitious character, dya think?

                      Here’s a wild thought – I wonder if there’s any folk legend of that era that we can tap on.. someone who was interesting but was never formally entered into the pages of history. Maybe we could find YSH an identity there? 😛


                    • Thank you! 😀 I know I keep posting like a mad woman, but the ideas kept coming and coming. lol. That’s a great idea you have. A folk legend like Hong Gil dong or something. It could be funny if in the future, those stories are only legends, but it turns out they were true and YSH was the real guy. 😀


                    • EXACTLY!! That’s my thought, since we’re sort of out of real historical figures with vague and mysterious backgrounds, HA! Folk legend, on the other hand, we haven’t tapped yet. I’m sure we can find something useful! ^^

                      Don’t worry about the posting!! I LOVE reading all your ideas!! Keep ’em coming, in fact! It’s just that I’m behind on processing them in my head and coming up with more robust contributions coz I’m traveling these few days and don’t have the bandwidth at the moment. I’m definitely loving our story, and eager to dive deeper into more story threads and casting etc. 😀


                    • I’m still looking for stories. A lot of the Silla era stories are more like grandstanding myths. lol. I have a feeling the idea of folk heroes like Hong Gil Dong, (which was actually a fictional Joseon character anyway) etc. didn’t start until the latter 12th and 13th centuries, which is around the same time Europe came up with their own heroes like Robin Hood, King Arthur, etc. etc. It makes sense. BUT…What if we took a Joseon era legend, and it turns out that it’s really Woobie’s bestie from the early Goryeo period who inspired that legend?? I think that would be cool. There’s always Iljimae too. 😀 I need to see that drama one of these days.


                  • That’s so beautiful…wow, I teared up! you are a great storyteller, KFG!

                    Now I’m rethinking her death…I don’t want her too. I like the idea of them riding off into the sunset. And with Yang Gil’s fate unknown in the real history, hers would be too.

                    I know, maybe she can get really sick or injured, but our Time Traveling Agashi has one pack of aspirin left!! And knows of the modern ways of course to help fend off infection, etc. And it saves her life! 😀 I like that better. The feels and tears would be just as much too.


                    • Aw. Thanks! Your story inspired me, is what it is! 😀

                      Yes, we could let KYJ live too.. although, she will have to almost die, and that purse would have to be lost or the aspirin would have to have been dropped and buried under a rock or something, and there would have to be an epic search for it and they find it just in time to administer the aspirin to her.

                      It could be an epic cliffhanger sort of thing, where viewers are left wondering what happened, coz agasshi leaps back to the present, taking our POV, her eyes, with her, and we don’t know if the medicine was given in time… It’s only later during the museum tour in the epilogue that agasshi voices over that scene (she learns of it from Woobie), that we finally get to see KYJ happy and healthy again, riding into the sunset with YSH ^^

                      Also! Do you think we can find another mysterious historical figure for Woobie to be? Coz my wild idea of making Woobie Yang Gil is still gnawing at me.. I feel like it would be such fun for agasshi to be talking about SOME mysterious Silla historical person whose history trails off, while said historical figure is right there in the room, smiling a little knowing smile ^.~


                    • I feel terrible that it has taken me so long to get back here and help out with this most amazing idea! I love how the story is flowing, I really do. I’ve been doing some research on legends, but nothing really seemed to fit with what it felt like you were looking for. So I’ve been thinking a lot about that. Because it is your dream drama, you could invent the legend that is in turn a real legend in the present for the Agasshi. So you could craft it to be exactly what you were looking for and mold it to better fit the story. Since it is a fantasy of your dream then it could be anything you wanted. Anyway, I’m going to continue to try and do some research on actual legends to see if anything might work for you.


                    • Hey Jaime! I wondered where you went. lol. That’s okay. Life is busy. Thank you for searching for me. It’s the same on my end. Crazy legends that don’t fit. lol. I like your idea. It’s similar to mine, take a later legend from Korea’s history and have the Agasshi realize the story passed down from the Silla/Goryeo era and YSH was the actual guy. But if you do find anything else, please share it with us! “D


                    • Real Life stole me away, but I’ve got a bit of free time in the next few days so I hope to be a little more active!

                      So I had an idea, I read this little blurb as I was looking up Korean Folk Heroes and Korean Myths.

                      Dragon Carp In Korean mythology, a poor fisherman once caught a gigantic carp but he set it free when it begged for mercy. Later it turned out the be the son of the Dragon-King, the ruler of the Ocean, who rewarded the fisherman richly. Carps are revered in Japan and Korea as the symbol of youth, bravery, perseverance, strength, and self-defense; all qualities much admired, especially in warriors. The Koreans also regard it as a symbol of wealth. The Dragon Carp lived for a thousand years.

                      So he’s my idea. What if the boy that he saves who later becomes a real a leader (I need to read through all the scattered posts to remember who he is sorry! But I want to get this idea out now 😛 ) has been nick-named in history as the Dragon Carp. So when Woobie is there to kill him and the man caring for him the Dragon Carp and his guardian beg to be let free. Woobie does this and kills the mercenary band he’s with setting the boy Dragon Carp on his way. The boy and his guardian are living as fishermen and Woobie may have disguised himself as a fisherman to get close to them and discover where they were hiding. And then when the boy becomes king (or whatever it is that he’s going to be) he tells the tale of the fishermen who let him go and a legend is born from that.

                      I’m at work so this is a super quick blurb of my idea and I hope that it makes sense! Anyway I’ll be back more often now to attempt and help out with this idea!


                    • Thanks so much for your research. I looked through my notes (I’ve been copying and pasting all the ideas on a separate file. 🙂 This is what i decided about the boy Woobie helps:

                      “I think I know who the child can be that Woobie saves! The future King of Goreyo/Koryo – Wang Kon! So that would place Woobie in the year 885. The future King is 8 years old. His father is a very wealthy tradesman with China. Imagine the troubles a tradesman can get into, no wonder mercenaries are after him!”

                      I don’t know if King Wang Con had a ‘Dragon Carp’ reputation, but why not?? The Three Kingdoms did revere dragon legends. So we can use that bit in the story. It’s still a little fiction anyway. 😉


                    • I couldn’t find any specific reference to anyone being a Dragon-King, it was more a god like figure I believe. However, I figured that since it is a drama of our own squee-filled desires and something of a fantasy anyway with the time travel we could take that basic mythos and make a myth of our own. That little nugget could be fleshed out into a Folk Hero Legend that our Agasshi is an expert in, or maybe just her most favorite folk story of the time. Everything else that I found was so specific that it didn’t seem to work with the story that you’ve been building. Which is why I liked that vague description, it could be built up however you want to fit whatever you needed.

                      I can’t wait to see all the ideas in one place lol, I am easily confused and popping around to all the ideas and comments is a fun treasure hunt, but I feel like I might be missing some of the bigger picture. Anywho, I hope that this helps!


  15. Hi Jaime, thanks for responding! And your ideas really was a big help.

    “Are you going to be making this an AU History? So that the names and places and people are actually in history? Or are you going to be making it more an AU fantasy so that you can create the players as you wish?”

    It is going to be a mixture of both. The leads-Woobie and the Agashi (I haven’t come up with character names yet. lol) are my creation, as are Woobie’s parents, the Mercenaries, the random bad soldiers, and anyone in the Modern day era. So we can play around with those, and make up names and little events.

    The real history is the setting and the unrest that is happening because of the divided Kingdom. I want to make the little boy he saves a real person in history, as well as any mention of Kings or high officials. That way our Time traveling Agashi can show off her smarts about the Silla era. But the story doesn’t really revolve much around them.

    “The perfect time travel paradox happening right there. If she had never said anything to Woobie about her daddy long legs then would he have ever appeared in the future? That’s perfect.”

    Thank you! In Time Travel they call that the ‘Infinity loop’ where one persons actions or words creates a paradox that happens over and over. So it’s like she was meant to go back in time, meet Woobie, and he was meant to go to the future and save her life there. And over and over. Though it ends because the drama ends and Woobie stays happily and disgustingly rich in the future with his woman! lol

    “Woobie wouldn’t be phased as she was treated like every other woman… at first. But the longer they are together the more he’d detest it!”

    He sure would. He probably doesn’t like to see the abuse in the first place, but he’s not about to get involved every time a woman gets slapped. I’m thinking at one point they get separated, because she’s following him around scared like a puppy and he’s still a mean grump and shoos her away. Thinking she’s insane and puts a flower in her hair. lol. I’m imagining at night there is a big rainstorm and Woobie is sitting in some rowdy place gambling, drinking, but then as he sees the lightning and rain, he starts to feel bad and guilty for leaving her alone. So he quickly runs out into the storm looking for her. The poor thing is wandering around the forest scared out of her wits, exhausted, starving, and trying to find cover. She could find a cave, but there’s a wild animal in there. Woobie swoops in to save her before she can become its dinner.

    Lots of feels in a scene like that as at first she’s furious and beats his chest, then gets dizzy and cries against him and makes him promise not to leave her alone again. And he actually agrees while that reluctant K-drama hug. He brings her back to the Inn and helps her get fed and warm. He gives a strong warning to the other guys to keep their distance and nobody wants to challenge him. She’s a little sick. But tells him to go in her purse and get some aspirin. (She keeps a bunch of packets. lol) As he goes through the contents he becomes more and more amazed at the stuff inside and his curiosity starts burning about the future and he believes her future tales at last.

    I highly recommend watching ‘Faith’ if you are tempted to watch a Sageuk, but want fantasy. For the most part (Aside from the Claustrophobic settings) it was an awesome drama from start to finish. And a terrific cast. However, I wished the leading lady was younger and had a little more spark with Lee Min Ho. But for what it was, the way the romance was handled was done very well, it grew gradually and quietly. The Soundtrack is wonderful, right up there with Chuno’s, at least for me. It will give you a better understanding of what I’m trying to do with my drama idea. 🙂


    • I am loving how this story is shaping up, ladies!! 😀 Now that I have enough presence of mind to read all the ideas and piece them together in my head, I am convinced more than ever, that this is an awesome drama of epic proportions!! I LOVE all the little details that you ladies have put out there.. I especially love how Woobie’s convinced about time travel by rummaging through her purse for aspirin!! XD Genius! And really funny!! XD

      Who are our supporting cast? I’m getting the feeling that Woobie’s quite the loner.. At the same time, I’m thinking of the epic brotherhood in Chuno and how fabulous that was to have onscreen. And plus, Woobie’s the king of real-life bromance.. I keep seeing stills of him with co-stars hanging onto him while beaming at the camera. Can we maybe give Woobie a bestie? Someone whom he met in the mercenary band, and who leaves them together with him? I’m thinking someone of smaller build, younger than Woobie, who looks up to him a whole lot, but with just enough maturity about him to be able to talk on Woobie’s wavelength at least some of the time.. How about Yoo Seung Ho?

      I love his youthful intensity and how adorable he looks when he smiles:

      And we need some kind of 2nd female lead, don’t we? Someone whom our modern girl meets in the past, and who gets affected by all of her modern ways of thinking about women’s rights and their place in society, the right to have a dream etc?

      I’m thinking Kim Yoo Jung, whom I love as a young actress:

      And she’s young enough to have a plausible loveline with Woobie’s bestie YSH? 😉


      • Oh woow! You READ my mind! I just commented about how we need supporting casts. This is PERFECT!!! They are adorable, Kfangurl! And Kim Yoo Jung is my absolute favorite Teen K-actress. I just watched the latest 2 episodes of Golden Rainbow tonight and cried my eyes out. She has amazing talent. She’s even older than that picture now and I think she will suit that cutie Yoo Seung Ho just perfectly. 😀 So now Woobie has a bestie. Awesome.

        He loves his bestie dearly like a younger brother even if he doesn’t show it and gets gruff with him from time to time. They always have each other’s backs. And Woobie teaches him all the tricks. YSH can be smitten with KYJ from the start. And I don’t blame him. She’s gorgeous. She looks like a little kitten. I can imagine she’s an aristocrat, which will add more drama to their romance, because he’s a low-class mercenary. They met one day in a busy market, somebody tries to rob her, but YSH catches the fiend and returns her valuables. I can just see them making googly eyes at each other right away. That could be 2 years prior.

        Now they are a little older (KYJ is really 14, but we can make her 16 and YSH 19. They meet again in a busy market and they had both never forgotten that last encounter.
        These 2 would be such a cute addition!


  16. I’m sorry, I put in the wrong link for Baby woobie. Here it is. :


    • Fixed!! 😀

      Also. I am having trouble processing all your ideas, coz my brain, it can’t get past that uber sexy photo of Woobie as Mercenary. Hawt. My eyes. They are transfixed.

      When my brain gets a handle on the fangirling, I’ll have something more intelligible to say. Hopefully. XD


      • haha! Take your time. I know I wrote a ton, the ideas just kept flowing out. 😀


        • Hi! This is my very first newbie attempt to add to this most amazing and fantastic idea. Ok.. so firstly I have never watched a period piece from the Korean world and it is close to 2 in the morning right now so I won’t be going and looking up history info (I promise to do that later).

          So, the job that he abandons because he can’t kill the man in front of his son. You mentioned that you wanted it to be a part of a really major plot that the heroine would know from being an uber-historian? Well… What if instead of leaving he kills the mercenary group he came with and smuggles the man and his son out, giving them enough to go and live somewhere else, to start again. He doesn’t save them for any other reason other than his mother and father would have wanted him to show mercy for a family who so obviously loved one another. The boy is actually the rightful heir to a throne and will actually become a king once the wars settle down. (This is where my lack of any real historical knowledge makes this an iffy suggestion) Woobie doesn’t know the boy’s lineage, but he does know that the boy was the key to some big plot. But the mercenary band believes he knows that the boy is the king and now that the job is botched they are in serious trouble with the people that hired them and to make amends they hunt down Woobie to extract the information of where the boy is now.

          I’ve not yet watched a time travel drama, though I really do want to watch Faith soon. I think it would be important to show the heroine struggling with understanding the realities of her place as a woman in that era. A second class citizen at best. So she keeps doing/saying things that are hugely inappropriate which cause Woobie to have to step in and save her either by diffusing the situation with words or actually swooping in and carrying her away. Which would lead to many scenes between them where he’s scolding her about a woman’s place and she’s putting him in his place with her wit and refusing to become less than his equal which just rocks his world not that he’d admit it to her at all.

          Ok… heh…. I had meant to respond to all Kfangurl’s lovely responses to my other notes all over the blog… but I totally got sucked in here!! I’m off to try and concentrate on something not Woobie related, wish me luck 😛


          • Hi Jaime! I’m glad you enjoy this ‘dream’ drama! You somewhat gelled this for me!! 😀 I wanted the soldier band he escaped from the first time (The General that killed his parents etc.) later to be connected to the Mercenary band he leaves, and the man and his son that Woobie saves. And now they can be. That Soldier band could be later hired by the enemies to work with the Mercenaries. I think they should be the ones who hired the Mercenary band to find this boy. Because they work directly under the King or leader. The state of the dynasty empire, etc, is in such chaos, that the soldiers don’t hold the same weight in society anymore. So they need the help of the street-smart mercenaries. Once the General finds out it was Woobie who let the prince escape, he’ll be furious and on the hunt for him too. Oh this is so exciting!

            I really like your idea that WB helps them to escape and start a new life. As for the boy being a secret King or heir to the throne, I need to do a little more research on the last days of Silla empire, but the idea is very promising. It could be that the boy is a ‘hidden’ Prince and the man taking care of him is the King’s right-hand man, not really his father. But they had the boy in hiding as a commoner to protect him until it was time for him to take the throne. Woobie wouldn’t know this, as you suggested, he’s just saving their lives. However, once our time traveler comes, she will begin to put the pieces together, along with the names and corresponding dates.

            I can imagine she wonders why Woobie’s name and history never came up in her studies, but that’s because she CHANGED history by her landing there. (No matter what, the instant you time travel, you change something.) He was ready to take his own life and just be another guy who disappeared in the throngs of history leaving no lasting mark. Even though he saved the kid and man, he still felt useless and depressed. But her presence gave him a new purpose in life.

            And I think exactly as you do about her character’s place in the past. She would make many mistakes, argue over the injustices, and get herself in heaps of trouble that Woobie has to keep saving her from. As much as she knows history and all about a ‘woman’s place’ etc. It’s hard to actually live it and be treated in such a manner. Oh, he would love that she’s so strong-willed and gutsy in terms of being his equal. He likes all the little challenges, and his heart had never been stirred by a woman like that before. Oh the feels! Some of my favorite K-drama scenes are when a guy goes to slap a woman and the hero grabs his wrist/arm out of nowhere and stops it. I can only imagine how many times that will happen to her. And maybe it might just happen once or twice and she does get hit. Woobie wouldn’t blink much at first because that’s just the way life is. However, once he starts liking her, nobody better lay a finger on her. I can imagine the first slap stunning her and it tears at WB’s heart to see her so lost and confused and crying, even though he can’t quite believe she’s from the future.

            It would be funny and cool too, if as they grow closer she tells him about her life and the mysterious person who saved her in the future and supported her. He tells her that she seems to live a very charmed life, despite her struggles. What she reveals plants the idea in Woobie’s head and later starts the chain of events where he goes to the future, and becomes her secret benefactor. Time travel does such cool stuff like that. 😀

            Thank you for all your input, Jaime!! I’ll fluff up the history part a little more soon. If you do find anything interesting please let us know. 🙂


            • Wow that is so freaking cool, that my tired brain was able to toss out an idea that helped to gel the story a little for you Lady G! I can’t tell you how excited that makes me! Now I really am going to try and do a little research on this period of time. Your story has inspired me! Also I mean come on its got Woobie in it! How can I not be 200% inspired and addicted already 😉

              Are you going to be making this an AU History? So that the names and places and people are actually in history? Or are you going to be making it more an AU fantasy so that you can create the players as you wish? I think names would help, because I’m having just a little bit of difficulty picturing all the players. It seems the cast has a wide scope, which is good as it provides some amazing story lines and interplay, but I’m just a little confused on who is who. But that could have a whole lot to do with the fact I’ve not watched anything about this time period as of yet too. I’m glad that you like the idea. From your initial plotting it seemed like he needed a moment to try and redeem himself and saving the boy and his father seemed like just the thing. But it wouldn’t be enough, he’d still feel as if he’d wasted his life and blackened his parent’s sacrifice too much. So he would be preparing to end things and then she literally falls into his life. I love it!

              That is exactly what I was trying to describe, but my brain was a little tired when I posted last night. She would be making missteps and balking at the restrictions placed on her as a woman in that time. All the studying in the world wouldn’t prepare her for the realities of the world, she wouldn’t really understand how restricted the life of a woman was until she was thrust into that role. And Woobie wouldn’t be phased as she was treated like every other woman… at first. But the longer they are together the more he’d detest it!

              Oh yes! That would be amazing, she created her own future by telling Woobie about the future she’d experience. The perfect time travel paradox happening right there. If she had never said anything to Woobie about her daddy long legs then would he have ever appeared in the future? That’s perfect.

              This is fun! Once I get a little more familiar with the time I’ll try and toss out some more ideas to help! I am really already addicted to your story


  17. *NEW drama idea.* !! YAY!!!

    Put your Woobie drama thinking cap on. I seriously think he needs to do a Sageuk. But something fun. I had an idea in my drama laced head for a young historian who discovers an unsolved Silla era mystery and somehow time travels. (I really love time travel genre – not really reincarnation.) Think of this as a bit ‘thousand years of love’ a bit ‘Queen Inhyun’s man,’ and bit, ‘Faith’ all fused into one Woobielicious drama.

    My original idea was for a woman who meets Silla era So-Ji-Sub.

    (A thousand years of love could have been A THOUSAND times better, and SJS gets the worst drama hair ever award! – The modern day guy, his ‘Ari’ from Silla was smoking hot.)

    But anyway – with a few tweaks in casting of my drama idea. Why not Silla era-Woobie???? ;D

    So to break it down:

    We have a very intelligent, mild, somewhat nerdy/head in clouds cute newly minted employee at a fancy-shmancy and very popular Museum. She is working hard on the grand opening of the Silla exhibit. She is loyal and very dedicated to her job. And sometimes even gets a bit used, without getting the credit. But she does everything out of love for the history. Her father was a professor of history and instilled his love for it in her. Her mother was not a good woman and left them when she was still a young girl. Poor Agashi loses her beloved father in a tragic accident one night and she is rescued by a mysterious stranger. She can’t remember his face. Only his deep, soothing voice and touch as he strokes her face. (more on that later.) She wakes up in a hospital, and the nurse tells her the bills are all paid and there is a car waiting to take her home.

    Not long after, her mother comes a knocking looking for money and she somehow has rights to the house, etc, and connives her way back into her life. Furious, our Agashi moves out and leaves mom to her booze and boyfriends. However, Agashi is broke and unemployed because she still has two years of college left. She falls into a despair, thinking she has to give up her dreams, and she is still mourning the death of her father. She also never fully got over her mother’s abandonment and their last fight was harsh. She gets very drunk and in a sad move, almost takes her life. But once again, mysterious stranger rescues her and brings her home. She still has never seen him. A miracle happens the following day in the form of a ‘daddy long legs’ who gives her all the funds and housing and whatever she needs to become a success. She tries hard to find him/her but never could, so she just accepts it with a gracious heart and goes on to become an expert in her field.

    I really like Lee Elijah, the new actress from the drama ‘Basketball.’ And I want her in this role.

    So one night while working over-time, our Agashi somehow time travels (Through a museum portal with some kind of object I suppose.) She lands into the muddy quicksand, near to suffocating and drowning, and is rescued by our drama hero. (Sorry, no Sageuk pics of KWB as yet, but we must picture him with hair like SJS had in thousand years love. Maybe even the facial hair too. (fans self)

    KWB is a rebel. (What else??) A seemingly cold, whip smart, and highly skilled mercenary for hire. (We will buff him up too! 😉

    Mercenary hero has his limits and values on who he works for and what he will do, and carries the burden of a sad backstory and reason for his indifferent behavior.) – Since Silla lasted 992 years, I want to place the time frame right near the end where it was all clashes and there are upheavals by the 3 Kingdoms.

    Unlike Queen IHM, there is no back and forth business with this time travel. Though there is a means to get back to the future. And like ‘Faith’, those around her start to question this woman who can ‘see the future.’ Her ‘predictions’ are extremely accurate, because she’s an expert on the Silla era. Of course that puts her in a load of trouble with certain warring and political parties and our drama hero must protect her, while being forced to take sides in this growing tension for a new empire.

    I don’t have all the details or history worked out, my mind is just bouncing around scenes. Definitely want lots of action, intrigue, and plenty of quiet, simmering, sizzling romantic tension that grows into true love for the Agashi and fierce Mercenary man with the startling eyebrows.

    I DO know the end of the drama: Agashi returns home, thinking he’s gone forever – A casualty of war after he literally forced her through the time tunnel before she gets killed. A month later at the exhibit opening, she learns of a young, mega-rich investor and share holder of the museum who also donated lots of precious artifacts. Her jealous co-worker says he’s “dying” to meet the young woman who put the whole display together. As jealous frenemy points him out (while commenting on his fat wallet, but poking fun at his unusual looks) Agashi is shocked to see KWB hobnobbing with all the guests. He pretends not to know her almost all night, and in her eventual shock and grief she faints. When she awakens, he is leaning over her with a compress and stroking her face. – And their little love ‘thing’ – L.E has a beautiful beauty mark on the heart of her lip, the left side. I can imagine him always wanting to just touch it as they grow closer. Once they fall in love, he just likes to run his thumb gently across it.

    Oh dear, anyway, where was I???

    She sees the recognition in his eyes. And he stops pretending. He time traveled too, but landed in an EARLIER period before she time traveled. He was the mysterious stranger who kept her safe all that time. He secretly stalked her for 2 whole years, while learning everything about the future with the knowledge she gave him, and building his power and fortune. He was the anonymous ‘Daddy long legs’ that helped her along from college to get the prime job with the museum. 😀

    Well, that’s it in a nutshell. I think it has potential. How about you? 😀


    • The whole ‘Silla’ museum idea stems from reality. The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art opened a Silla exhibit last month. I really want to see it. I have until the end of February. 😀


    • On second thought, I think I want to stretch out the back to the future end segment to the last ‘4’ episodes of the drama. So we can see the life of our Mercenary in the Modern day, and have some cool flashbacks on how he adjusted from the Silla era, to coming to modern day Seoul, and then finding his true love again, heartbreaking because he can’t reach out to her because she doesn’t know him yet. (A bit like the Lake house, a movie I adored.)


      • So I’ve been chewing on your new drama idea, Lady G, and I’m convinced that you have a talent for scriptwriting!! This is pretty awesome stuff! I WOULD TOTALLY WATCH THIS DRAMA!! Well. Of course, if you cast Woobie, I would watch it regardless, but, y’know what I mean! ^^

        Also, the more I think about it, the more I realize how a Silla setting is just perfect for Woobie!! 😀 His eyebrows are made for sageuk. And, that Silla hair is kinda-sorta like his first ‘do in Heirs, except it goes long. And the Silla flowy robe is kinda reminiscent of those long coats that look so awesome on him. I think he’d rock the look, for sure!! 😀 Yes. I am shallow that way. XD

        What’s the backstory of our mercenary? Does he start out being an honorable warrior of some sort, who gets disillusioned/betrayed/something else and then becomes a cold, calculating mercenary?? Coz I love me the idea of Woobie as a warrior. Swooonn~~

        I do love the twist about him time-traveling to the present etc.. And yes, we should totally have it stretched out to give us more insight on that arc and his journey in it. Also, are we talking about The Lakehouse with Sandra Bullock & Keanu Reeves? Coz I loved that movie. A LOT. I only found out later that it’s based on a Korean movie Il Mare. ^^


        • Thank you! The more I think about it, the more I wish I could write a K-Drama script. I’d need a lot of help because of my totally American and even New York frame of mind and thinking. LOL. Oh well, it’s all in fun. 😀 Besides, I take ideas from everywhere and roll it into my own. So I can’t say I’m 100% original. 😉

          Yes, the American “Lake House” was terrific. I watched “IL Mare” a few months ago and it was…pleasant. But boring, and a little confusing here and there because they didn’t make any huge distinctions with the time travel aspect. It was just simple scene cuts back and forth. I loved her house though, the setting, and the way the lake dried up around it.

          I love the ‘Silla’ hair far more than the Top Knot. It adds an immediate regality and sexiness to a man of that era. I think Woobie has the perfect look for it, like SJS did. Tall and lean, long face, gorgeous hooded eyes, nice, full mouth, etc. Both have very unique looks, that may not be considered the most or traditionally handsome by some. But the more you look at them, and coupled with their amazing acting skills, you fall in love. lol When they are not in motion, they have faces and forms like statues. That’s one of the only ways I can explain it. It’s simply alluring.

          Okay, more for our Woobie Drama:

          I needed to sleep on the idea for our Mercenary’s backstory. I don’t want him to be working for or restricted to the palace like the setting in ‘Faith’ was. It became very claustrophobic at times. I want them free, riding around, adventurous, like Chuno. 🙂 There is definitely betrayal and disillusionment with his family.

          Our reluctant hero was at first reared on the Palace grounds. His parents worked for whomever was in charge at the times, I’m reading it was more like Generals and statesmen took over the place rather than one true Emperor because the dynasty was tottering. But there was some kind of King. Whatever, it’s our fiction! 😀

          All the events take place just before the real start of Goryeo. Tensions and fears of an overthrow are high. Everyone suspects everyone. Our Mercenary’s father had always been a fiercely proud and formidable warrior to the King. However, he wavers when he falls madly in love with the King’s most favored concubine, and she with him. And eventually she has baby Woobie.

          Aww, baby Woobie! You can see the eyebrows growing already! LOL..

          At first, the son is reared like royalty, but suspicion always surrounded his parentage and the King shows him disfavor. As the baby gets older, King realizes that they are nothing alike, and he sees that the boy developed a strong bond with his head Guard. (Because he was often ignored and cast aside by his siblings and the queen and other concubines, etc.) One day the King sees the 3 of them together walking in the gardens and it just clicks. They ARE a real family.

          At the same time, SJS sees the writing on the wall for the empire and he gets wind of plans about a raid that will surely destroy everything and everyone in the palace without mercy. He wants to protect his family more than anything so he makes plans to sneak them safely out before it happens.

          The King meanwhile, wants to have the family executed, but before that happens the raids on the palace begin. A battle rages, and in one night the palace is desolated and ready for take-over. SJS fights valiantly, but there was also corruption and many of his own soldiers betrayed him by siding with the enemy. The King and all his household are killed or taken to slavery.

          SJS makes it out alive, realizing he can do no more for the King, he finds his way back to his family. Their blissful reunion is shattered a few months later when one of the generals from the rival army finds them and recognizes SJS as his mortal enemy. He’s at first merciless, and he kills the concubine before a wounded SJS can stop him. SJS begs him to spare his son. The poor little boy sees his beloved new family cut down before his eyes. He screams and attacks the man who did it. Just as a sword’s about to come down on him, The leader stops his soldier. He realizes how skilled and powerful SJS was. The boy glares at him with those fierce Woobie eyes and the Guard notices a strong hate and fiery will that he feels he can harness for his own army. Like father, like son. Rather than kill him, they kidnap the child Woobie and begin to train him in the art of combat and war, etc.

          However, they underestimated him. As he grows to adulthood, he never forgot his loving mother, or the King’s guard who was really his father, and how much he tried to teach and protect him in their short time together. He even vaguely remembers the secret passing glances and touches of love his parents shared when not in view of prying eyes at the palace. Our Mercenary decides he wants no part of any factions or armies. Especially the one who killed his family. He just wants to live free. One night he makes his escape like a ninja. He had a chance to kill the Captain of the guards, but stops himself, because he realized the man abided his father’s last wish and let him live. (That’s a mistake that will come back to haunt him years later when our Time Traveling girl arrives.)

          So our young warrior Woobie is on his own, and somewhat like Daegil from Chuno, starts getting trained on the streets. He learns real ‘ghetto’ survival and all kinds of crazy skills to lead him through life. Despite his unique looks, he knows how to weave in and out undetected, he’s a master of disguise, and can charm the silks off anyone if he has to. But of course, he’s depressed. Without a family or roots, he just does whatever jobs come his way with little regard to his nagging conscience. He’s never fallen in love. He drinks, gambles, and all that nonsense. He does have a big soft spot for children, and he refuses to kill women, because the image of his mother always comes back to him in nightmares.

          A real ‘devil may care,’ and depressed Woobie at first:

          We learn that our Mercenary is not heartless while on a big assignment to make a hit on a certain official. The man pleads for his life because he has a family. WB looks into the little son’s eyes and remembers his father doing the same for him. He can’t follow through. It dawns on him what a wasted life he has led. WB takes off, thus making more enemies of the crooked, powerful people who hired him for the job. Because he knows their secret plans. (Not sure what they are as yet, but they are big plans that can pertain to the country’s history. And something our time traveling heroine will realize later.)

          At this point, Mercenary Woobie is in despair himself, and wants to end his fruitless life, but as he’s wandering through the forests he see’s a bright, awesome light, then hears the splash and a woman’s cries for help…

          He needs a breath of fresh air like her in his life. She can match him wit for wit, and is very forward thinking like he is (though it’s because she’s already from the future.) She will call him out when he’s wrong and question his methods and motives. She’s spunky, but not tough or naggy. She knows how to cook and clean (it was just her and her father for years.) But she’s very feminine, and often gentle, when he can be needlessly harsh. *There can be a cute scene where she teaches him the art of ‘Aegyo’ seduction and how to recognize it in the women even of that era! lol.)

          She has a vulnerability that makes him proud to be her big hero and protector on their adventure together.


          • “Faces and forms like statues” – OMG you hit the nail on the head, Lady G!!!

            And I am SO ON BOARD with having So Ji Sub play Woobie’s father!! It’s brilliant casting!! They may not look all that alike, but they have that same regality and height, and SJS would be perfect as the top warrior serving the king. He’s got the fierce vibe about him. And enough angst about him to play out the conflict he has over romancing the king’s concubine.

            And OMG BABY WOOBIE IS ADORBS!!! ❤❤❤ The eyebrows on him are the cutest thing!! 😀 It’s like they have a life of their own.. They start out faint, but their character is already showing. And they just get fiercer over the years, LOL! LOVE! ❤

            And your story. I am mesmerized. Stroke of brilliance, seriously. I love the backstory of our mercenary. You’ve painted it so well that I can see it in my mind’s eye. And I love the little scenes you’ve detailed. It makes it all come to life. And that little scene about her teaching him about aegyo? Daebak. I’m giggling already! XD


            • Yay! I’m so happy you like it. This one is just really coming to life for me, like the GY drama! Squee! 😀
              I remember when my first nephew was born and he had those faint, yet bold eyebrows. It was the cutest thing. Woobie’s are amazing. I ❤ them too.

              You’re right SJS and KWB don’t resemble each other, yet to me they share like features. If that makes sense. If you want to see my image of the father, you’d only have to watch the 1st episode of A Thousand years of love. Pretty much the latter half. It made me wish the drama was simply about him in the past. I don’t think So Ji Sub is cut out for Sageuks, but ‘Ari’ was just such a cool character.

              His reincarnated version was a fool. From a fierce General to a…beaten down fashion designer?? (Seriously He was constantly getting his butt kicked by gangsters left and right. He designed clothes for the call girls that worked in the night club.) Ridiculous plotting, right? And he’s waltzing around with the worst haircut in the world? Not to mention his outfits. I just can’t…Don’t know what those writers were thinking. I like the actress in the drama to play the mom too. Though her acting in this is iffy. I think it was her first drama. She improved over time.

              More drama ideas:

              I think I know who the child can be that Woobie saves! The future King of Goreyo/Koryo – Wang Kon! So that would place Woobie in the year 885. The future King is 8 years old. His father is a very wealthy tradesman with China. Imagine the troubles a tradesman can get into, no wonder mercenaries are after him!

              Wang Kon later became a general and took the throne in 935 when the last King of Silla handed it to him.

              I also learned that In the Koryo era, women had more opportunities and power then in the Confucian Joseon era. They could own property, get custody in divorce and remarry. These can be great facts that our Agashi will try to explain to people when she blabs about the future.

              I’m thinking the ‘Aegyo’ scene would be perfect for a first kiss. She’s goofing around all cute and he’s just staring, staring, staring. In other words, getting more more enflamed for her. lol He grips her wrist and says something like, ‘Enough foolishness, woman!’ and then just plants one on her. So by drama standards that would be the ‘surprise eyes’ kiss, but she’ll fall into it, until they are rudely interrupted by something or other. 😀

              I have to start filling up the cast with our 2nd leads and supporting players. Both past and present. That should be fun! It was really fun in the GY drama. lol.


              • baby WOObie…kyeopta!..isn’t this site wonderful?…finding baby photos of your k-love is something!…Lady G has to be rewarded for that!….hahaha..i do love those baby pix of Woobie…and how about finding the baby pix of our MVP here?….i think that would be pretty awesome!…GY’s baby pix… 😉


                • LOL. Thank you. 🙂 I wonder if there are any GY baby pics floating around since he is so private. BRB…

                  Aha, here we go!! Baby Yoo! Those are definitely his big eyes.

                  And little toddler Yoo in suspenders. heehee.

                  And pre-teen Yoo with glasses. Still such a cutie.


              • Lol. A Thousand Years of Love sounds like such a let-down!! Especially the part about SJS as a beaten-down fashion designer making clothes for calls girls while getting beaten up by gangsters! XD

                Y’know, my favorite kind of sageuk is one that’s built creatively AROUND actual facts and people in history.. Like what TPM did. Find certain corners in real history and flesh out people who could have believably existed within those unwritten pages of history. So the fact that you actually found a way to include a real king from actual history?? WOW. I salute you, Lady G. You are AMAZING!! 😀

                Also. That kiss scene.. I’m swooning just imagining the intensity in Woobie’s eyes as he stares and stares. And I can totally hear him saying “Enough foolishness, woman!” in his gorgeous voice, slightly growly from trying to contain himself. *cough* *fans self*

                But he won’t kiss her hard. On the contrary. He’ll move in quickly, then stop short right before his lips make contact, to kiss her gently. It’s fleeting but sensuous, and his eyes lock with hers as they process the moment. And it’s the gaze that gets broken by that rude interruption or other..

                OMG. I need to see this drama >.<


                • I imagine just to type that plot point out about SJS in 1000YL is ridiculous! LOLOL.

                  Yes, I love when stories are built around historical facts too. It adds to the excitement. And thank you. I had a lot of practice in ‘historical research’ from writing so much time travel fanfic. 🙂 I became a weaver of historical fact and fiction. lol

                  And as far as his bestie, I think it’s cool that Woobie finds out toward the end that the person he was traveling with becomes a major player in the real history. Those little time travel reveals are so cool. lol. Once I figure out who YSH could be in that history, it would be fun if he didn’t go by his real name when traveling with the mercs. Maybe Woobie did that to protect him from the more ruthless mercenaries. Because if they found out he was the son of the aristocrat they killed, they would get him too. Only Woobie knew his real name. So when he reveals it to the girl, she can be stunned and start spouting off the future history of this guy. That in turn will ‘stun’ the viewers. (The Korean ones anyway, who know Silla-Koryo history. haha) It’s like finding out the boy you helped build the log house for months was Abraham Lincoln, but you didn’t know because you only knew him by ‘Abe’ or even funnier, the townsfolk simply called him ‘Linc.’

                  Okay, I had read and re-read your description of the kiss scene, because it melted me. It’s perfect for a first kiss. I can already feel myself turning to jelly, imagine her. LOL

                  Now that I got so much of this drama together already, I need to format it into one big plot like we did with the GY one. haha.


                  • Ok, TOTALLY on board for the delayed reveal of YSH’s historical identity!! What a great idea!

                    And yes, That Kiss. It’s firing up my imagination in a really big way. I melt into a puddle every time I try to imagine the scene in my head. The feels!! ❤❤❤


                    • If this drama was presented to Woobie, I think he would be so on board to take the lead role!!


                    • Y’know what, I think you’re right. Woobie’s always looking for interesting roles that stretch him, and a sageuk is a huge stretch. And the meatiness of this role would definitely appeal, I’m sure!

                      See, if you really took on scriptwriting, we might actually be able to make this happen! ^.~


  18. Well, that was fun! I think these litle drama-lings you are putting togethere here are way better than most of the stuff that’s been on offer this year. 🙂 I just looked back on what I’ve watched so far and which actually made any sort of impact and could come up with just Adolescence Medley (a lovely 4 epi drama special), Heartless City and The Blade and Petal. o_0


    • Aw, YAY that you enjoyed the post, Timescout!! 😀 We did have fun with it, and the GY one in particular just took on a life of its own! I could barely keep up with the changes as the ideas came bubbling out in the comments! XD

      I hafta agree, 2013 feels like a fairly meh drama year compared to 2012, somehow. At least, that’s what my gut is saying right now. I haven’t actually compared actual dramas & years. And I haven’t actually watched a whole lotta drama this year, come to think of it! 😛


    • I second Adolescence Medley. What a lovely gem of a drama, truly. Now that you mentioned it, it really does stand out for me as well. It was beautifully shot too, and sweetly appropriate for a coming-of-age story.


      • Ooh. I haven’t seen that one.. Must try to find it, it sounds like it’s worth checking out ^^


        • It is! On KBSWorld’s Youtube channel! All of it! In HD! Subbed!


          • WOW!! 😀 THANKS, DDee!! Aren’t you the sweetest, most efficient purveyor of drama goodness!! Of all the places I was gonna look for it, YouTube certainly wasn’t one of them!! I salute your drama resourcefulness! ;D


            • This was before I decided to upgrade my broadband (especially for dramas, would you believe), the dark ages when torrents were a distant dream ;P. I halleluia-ed when I found this on youtube and in good quality too.


              • Lol. Upgrading your broadband just for dramas? Spoken like a truly dedicated drama fan! ;D I vaguely remember those dark ages myself.. I used to watch dramas streaming in poor quality *shudder* Now I’m so pampered that if I can’t get it in HD it feels uncomfortable & weird #CompletelyFrivolousFirstWorldProblems 😛

                But really, it’s just criminal to watch choco abs in anything less than HD, right? ^.~


                • LOL @ the hashtag! I don’t know anything about twitter and all that, but I find it so hilarious. I get annoyed too when I have to watch things in less than HD, especially when I’m paying for a DF subscription.


  19. Sorry one more OT post 😀 This list was really funny and so true. And it has a GY “Puing Puing” gif! I can so see that for the Bistro drama as he’s desperately trying to get this poor little baby to stop crying. She will, and she’ll laugh and touch his face. 😀
    Oh the feels!


    • Hahaha!!! That list is so funny!! XD And guess what, just the other day, I caught myself bowing to someone while thanking them. My brain only registered it after the fact, I was like, wha..? Pfft. Definitely a sign that I’ve been watching a LOT of kdrama! 😛


      • @Kfangurl… couldn’t it be the Chinese in you? I know lots of Filipino-Chinese who instead of saying hello or thank you simply make a gentle head bow. I always thought the bowing thing is not only Korean but more of a Chinese culture. Am I wrong?


        • You’re not wrong about the bowing being part of Chinese culture.. I’d say it’s a traditional thing that’s not practiced as much nowadays. Looks like it’s still practiced in the Philippines, and probably also in some other parts of the world too. In Singapore though, we don’t bow to one another at all. So me bowing was definitely a kdrama thing rather than a Chinese thing! XD


          • I notice they bow in the modern Japanese dramas too. But I don’t see it as much with the younger generation. It’s definitely more of a Korean trait now.


            • Hm, I think bowing’s still a big thing in Japan, actually.. At least, that’s the impression I got from my recent 5 weeks in Tokyo.. It’s still very much a part of everyday culture. I found myself bowing a lot in Japan too – there was definitely environmental influence to that, though me doing the bowing thing on reflex in Singapore I do have to credit my kdrama for! XD


              • I see. They still bow in Hongkong, even to non-Chinese. A friend of mine who worked in Japan still bows now that she’s back in the Philippines. hehehe


              • Bowing is still very much part of life in Korea as well. I got so used to it during my first visit to Seoul that when I got home I automatically bowed to the guy who checked my passport at the apt, LOL! He did look a bit beamused.


                • HAHA! I can just imagine the passport guy wondering why you were bowing to him! XD It’s amazing how these little habits just creep up on us and then stick with us, eh? I’m guessin’ we’re ok as long as we don’t suddenly start pulling out the Oppa-Pout-Wiggle, LOL! XD


                  • This bowing talk had me self-conscious. I noticed that everytime I met a senior, I do nod a little as I greet them. I don’t think its because of kdrama, but if ever I find myself bowing the way they do in kdramas, I think I can easily get away with. hahaha


                    • Hee. Don’t worry about it! Even if you did bow a little, I’m sure people would just think you’re extremely respectful and polite! Which aren’t bad things to be ^.~


      • You know what, I did the same thing too at a Korean restaurant to the ahjumma cook. I even tried to say delicious in Korean. Lame!


        • aww you tried! I’m sure, I hope, she appreciated your efforts. 🙂


        • Haha. I do stuff like that too – speak to Korean stall-holders in Korean. Sometimes they like it and speak it right back to me, though that doesn’t always happen. This particular ahjumma who runs a Korean food-stall that I sometimes go to, always looks a bit stressed/awkward when I speak Korean with her. But her husband will blithely speak Korean right back at me, and then my friends think I’m super fluent, which.. I’m really not! 😛


  20. OT But breaking Gong Yoo News!: Plus some gorgeous pics!

    Not my type of movie, but I can see him as a ‘Meet Joe Black’ sympathetic type of reaper? lol


    • @Lady G.: Is this the one adapted from a webtoon?


    • It’s not my top pick for a GY project (16 episode drama/rom-com, wherefore art thou??), but I can imagine him rocking the role. And I’d watch it for him, for sure ^^ I’m curious about the movie too, since I loved Arang.


      • I think that the role is in line with some of the roles he dreams of taking. Let’s just hope he does the movie and a new drama too.


        • Aw yeah. Movie AND drama! Yes please!! 😀 And yes, I can see how the role is in line with his personal direction as an actor. And I can imagine him making the character interesting and complex. Also, I guess I can’t complain.. more GY on my screen is way better than no GY on my screen! ;D


        • I wonder if the supposed failure of ‘Big’ (I enjoyed it for the most part.) has scared him away from dramas for a while? It really took a lot of heat, and unfairly too.


          • Yeah, I do think he’s turned off dramas at the moment.. Word on the street has it that he was approached for a drama but he turned it down saying that he wasn’t interested in dramas at the moment. I think it was Miss Korea that he was approached for, and the role eventually went to Lee Sun Gyun. So.. either he’s telling the truth that he’s just not in the mental space for a drama, or, he just didn’t fancy the scenario/role for Miss Korea and said something general to be polite.

            Still hoping that a fabulous script will come along and change his mind. After all, he’s that instinctual kind of decision-maker. A great role would be enough to make him change his mind about not doing a drama *crosses fingers*


  21. Title: Billionaire Bistro Baby (Tentative title) 🙂

    Cast: (So far) Gong Yoo, Han Chae Ah, Hyun Bin, Kim Sun Ah OR Ha Ji-Won (I’m still deciding on which 2nd lead girl. Both ideas are great.) Kim Myun Min, Choi Jung Won, Song Jo Ho, Kim Hye Seon, Kim Beyong Se and Baby Park Yerin! (I want to keep her name. lol She is mad famous! Even has her own Facebook page.)

    Episodes: 20 (We want as much GY goodness as we can squeeze out of this without making it draggy!)

    *How the craziness of the plot begins*

    Our little Bistro baby now has parents!

    MOM (Kim Hye Seon)

    DAD (Kim Beyong Se)

    I loved these 2 in the early parts of the drama “Her Legend” I didn’t get very far with that drama, but they were a great couple. Perfect chemistry.

    Baby Y’s Billionaire parents are smart, kind, philanthropic people. They have tried to conceive for the longest, but couldn’t. (*Ahem, gleaning a bit from Her Legend.*) So the mom gets unfairly criticized and mocked by the family and feels depressed, but her husband fiercely supports her. She’s his precious wife that he fought tooth and nail to marry even though she came from a middle class (In their eyes, POOR, family.) Then one magical day after a magical weekend getaway from said pushy, mean family, mom finds out she’s pregnant and everything is happy and roses. Baby Y is born and they love and adore her like a little princess. Baby Y’s father is the mega rich CEO of a…you guessed it, Music company, that his grandfather started. So little Baby Y is worth billions and they have always tried to protect her.

    *I’m gonna go with DeDee’s idea about Hyun Bin having a music studio because I want him to work for the company. Maybe as a sound tech. He’s trying to get his bestie GY a contract but it hasn’t happened yet. Boo.

    A disgruntled, ex-pop idol has been cut from future record deals because of his inability to produce hits. In his heyday he was very good, but he turned into a huge diva and the fans moved on. He tried his hand at acting, but his drama debut tanked and he was scorned. The Anti-fans spread lots of rumors, many that were actually true, about him being mean to fans, making outrageous demands, etc. etc. So his popularity dropped to zilch. He pleads on his knees to the CEO (Thinking he can just storm in and take his issue to the top brass) but he gets turned down for an extended contract. He vows revenge in a big hissy fit.

    He gets the evil glint in his eye and the master plan forms when the CEO shoos him out to take a personal call with his wife and he sees him pick up a picture of his beloved baby Y. Maybe even cooing to her on the phone. The Pop star’s horrible idea is not thought through well enough. Not having enough cash left because he’s so extravagant, he hires KMM’s gangster pals from a hole in the wall ‘lending center’ to make the kidnapping.

    Gangster KMM didn’t realize it was a baby until it was too late. He blows a fuse on his guys for daring to even take such a drastic measure. The old rule applies, no women and children. At this point KMM also gets a little attached to the baby when she does her sleepy act with him. In the process of trying to return the baby to her parents, the gangsters nearly get caught, so a big stupid one tosses the baby in the cab while GY is out getting a soda. GY comes back, and our leading lady jumps in. Hilariously no one is paying attention until they hear a little giggle and baby talk from the floor…

    Disgruntled 36 year old Pop star- (played by Eric Mun)


    • Lol. You ladies have been having so many ideas that I’m sweating bullets trying to keep up! XD The post has been updated – check it out!! I hope I kept everything straight in a fairly coherent manner 😛


      • I just read through it all and you are THE BEST!!! I’m sorry for making you sweat. But I once again got that King of Dramas swelling in my heart. I think that for now, this drama outline is completely done! It will no doubt be the best of my ideas, along with everyone’s awesome add-ons. I’m so happy! Now if only we can really pitch this to KBS! I’d just hate to see them ruin it and spoil our cast. hahaha.


        • Aw, YAY for King of Dramas moment again!! That’s the BEST. ❤ And yes, I do wish we could actually see this drama on our screens.. Though to prevent potential ruin of our perfect scenario, you’d probably need to oversee this drama personally and write the screenplay yourself!! We’d need to ship you to Korea! XD


      • And I’m cracking up laughing at all the ‘strike throughs’ on our ideas in the post! LOL. Great touch. Shows how much we are all thinking and ‘editing.’


        • Heh. The strike-throughs were the only way I could think of, to indicate that we’d made a change, without inserting more red “Add on!” headers ^^ Now that I look at them, it does make me giggle. We did change our minds a fair bit! XD


      • You’ve done an awesome job keeping up and incorporating it coherently to the post! I dunno how you managed to do it…


        • Heh. I’d say.. with some difficulty, and eyes darting back and forth among the comment threads, and lots of squinting, to figure out where to insert the new bits and still make sense in the story flow 😛 YAY that it still makes sense! Or, yours might be a biased opinion since you already know the story..! Maybe someone new to the post might not find it as coherent as you do! XD


    • Wheehee! I like the mum & dad addition. So dad’s like, JYP or something? HAHAHA. And casting Eric Mun is genius! He’ll be perfect to send up the spoiled idol role. HAH. He’s not inherently evil right? Just spoiled and bratty and not the brightest bulb in the chandelier? And he has a change of heart and confesses and begs for forgiveness? I have a soft spot for Eric, I don’t want him to be evil!


      • Nooo, but he did have a real dumb idea of taking the baby hostage, he will surely regret it later and apologize. And sing at the Bistro. Yes definitely. lol. He learns to accept his lesser ‘status.’ And maybe even find love. Hey! That way we can have Kim Sun Ah AND Ha-Ji Won! K-fangurl, are you taking note? heehee! j/k Thanks for all your imput, DDee.

        The real bad one is the shady boyfriend.


  22. Wheee! What a great read! I love Chuno 2.0!! And the sequel to 2013 too. My drama is similar to your bromantic Woobie–Jeong Suk one, but with two girls instead. They meet in university, both from different backgrounds, you know one’s rich and one’s poor, are complete opposites, think typical chaebol rom-com set up except with two women who become besties instead of romantic partners. They even have to fight to remain friends since the chaebol family thinks the poor girl is a bad influence (she smokes, she’s crass, she’s studying *shudder* Fine Arts!). They bond over–K-dramas! They first meet in the hostel TV room where all the girls converge for nightly drama-watching. They grow-up, get into trouble, hv pregnancy scares, make bad choices, make good choices, fall in love, fall out of love, start work, etc. The drama spans twenty-years and it’s starts in the future and told in flashback ala the Reply series. There’s a secret which unravels throughout too, but I haven’t figured that out yet. I think of it as my love letter to K-dramas and women’s friendships. I’d call it a dramatic comedy :). But there might be a death since I lurve my tearjerkers too (and it might even be one of the girls–I know, who’d wanna watch this?!). I dunno who I’d cast yet, and still plenty of holes, and it sounds to me like there may even be an existing drama like this. But anyway, yeap, there it is.


    • Yay that you love Chuno 2.0, DDee!!! Wouldn’t it be an epic, awesome reunion for our Chuno cast??? 😀 And the sequel to 2013 – we’d get the best of both worlds: bromance AND romance!! And more Heung Soo with Nam Soon, which is one of my favorite things! *loves*

      Edit!! I’ve updated the post with new ideas born out of more squee-storming with Lady G! Just look for all the red “Add on!” headings, I think you’d enjoy them! ^^

      And! I do love your girl-power scenario!! Although, can we not kill off one of the girls?? D: Maybe one of the girls’ significant persons, like a boyfriend, or fiance, or mother, or mentor? That’d give us enough tearjerking, without killing the basis of our story? On the other hand, I could see how it’d work, having one of the girls die.. Hm. I need to chew on that.

      Anyways! For casting, could I suggest Bae Doo Na to be the bad-influence Fine Arts girl? She’d be awesome at that kind of role! And perhaps Shin Min Ah to play the sheltered rich girl? She’s got enough of an elegance in her to play chaebol, but enough sparkle in her eye to be a bit of a rebel and run off with her bestie to hang out at smoky jazz bars against her parents’ wishes 😉


      • Me loves the updates! LOVE. I think any of these dramas would be a sure fire hit! The death bit is inspired/rip-off from Beaches as written earlier, but it’s also my desire to have some great melo, which I do love. Good melos are so hard to come by. Either way, there’s definitely a death earlier in the drama of one of the girls friends in university which tests their friendship and impacts them (guilt, shame, etc) . Jeng jeng jeng…;D. This drama is all over the place…HEE!

        Ooh I love Shin Min Ah, she’s totally got that cheeky, spunky thing too. I was thinking also of someone like a young Im Soo Jung circa MiSa era for her role. Bae Doo Na, I’ve never seen in a drama, only movies and she’s got that edginess about her. What dramas of hers would you recommend?


        • Hee! Yay that you love the updates, DDee! Although, you and Lady G sure have been busy while I was away! Looks like I’ve got lots more to update on the post now! XD

          Im Soo Jung circa MiSa’s a nice choice too, though I will admit that I have a soft spot for Shin Min Ah. I just love her. Bae Doo Na’s awesome. I first saw her in How To Meet a Perfect Neighbor, where she played a scatterbrained, outspoken, unconventional heroine. I’ve heard she’s great in Gloria as well, though I haven’t seen that one. She’s definitely a serious actress who immerses herself in her roles, though, as you’d probably know already, since you’ve seen her in movies.


          • Yes, we hv been busy haven’t we. I’d rather work on hers at the moment rather than mine. It’s definitely the Gong Yoo as a cabbie effect! Squee!


            • Hee. Who WOULDN’T want to fantasize about a GY scenario!! You feel all creative, while getting to soak in imaginary GY awesomeness 😉

              Besides Bae Doo Na, I also think Im Joo Eun is fantastic at playing edgy. Have you seen What’s Up? She was so good in that.


              • No I haven’t seen it! Should I?? I only know her as tutor lady in Heirs, who should really have jumped Kang Ha Neul’s bones before becoming his teacher, coz, wow, what a babe!


                • Lol. He IS hot. I guess when one is pining over Choi Jin Hyuk it’s hard to focus on the hot around you? 😉

                  And Im Joo Eun is SOOO underutilized in Heirs, seriously. What’s Up is a decent watch. Actually, let me rephrase that. Some people freaking loved it. I found it a worthy watch overall, but I wasn’t addicted to it. Some excellent performances in there, and Im Joo Eun’s is one of the stand-out ones. She plays an outspoken, edgy, volatile punk-rocker type girl who nurses a ginormous crush on her lecturer and isn’t afraid to let him – and the world at large – know about it.

                  She was also memorably quirky in Wild Romance, but that show is pretty meh overall. I’d recommend What’s Up over Wild Romance ^^


                  • Seriously, I want to tell tutor lady there’s no logical reason to pine for cold fish Kim Won when you have red hot fresh meat Hyo Shin ready and waiting! Im Joo Eun isn’t the only one being terribly underused in Heirs! Sigh.

                    Hmmm her character in What’s Up sounds awesome though! Worthy enough to marathon you think eh? Maybe over X’mas break…


                    • Won IS being a really cold fish thus far. Which sucks, for her and for us. And after that sweet forehead kiss, and all those googly eyes, can she seriously ignore the young hottie??

                      Yes, her character is pretty out-there awesome in What’s Up.. Not a typical kdrama character at all, and she totally threw herself into the role. I’d say it’s worth the marathon.. You even get to see Jo Jung Suk sing, and he’s just all-around fantastic, always. And there’s a random harmless ghost thrown into the mix as well, which is so weird but so delightfully quirky!


    • This sounds very interesting. Reminds me of the movie Beaches from the eighties. A great film, but also had tragedy.


      • Oh my, I loved Beaches!! And you’re absolutely right! It’s a great bonding/friendship movie that doesn’t shy away from the tragedy. I remember crying at this movie :’)


      • HAHA! Guess what?! It’s totally a rip off of Beaches! You caught me! I was in the car driving with my dad the other day when Bette Midler came on the radio and he was going on about how great the movie was, and I was like, that would make a great drama! I do know I’ve seen the movie but I don’t quite remember all the details except, erm, the death part. Was the movie told in flashback too?


        • It would make a great drama. And as yet sort of unexplored issue with K-dramas perhaps. The lives of women/besties told in a realistic way-not the Sex in the City way, or making them a bunch of materialistic cougars husband hunting. It’s been forever since I’ve seen beaches, but I think they did numerous flashbacks to their childhood?


          • OOOH then I cannot take any credit for this idea if even the flashbacks are from the movie! HAHA. It’s really about my desire to see A) a fun uni-life drama, which is where the drama starts off, in university, and a rarity in dramaland and B) a realistic coming of age story about two women, that isn’t really romance-centric.


            • Of course you can! 😀 Flashbacks are a staple of K-drama anyway. And it’s a different plot because they start off as friends much older in college. And it would be interesting that it’s not romance-centric. The men of course can be in it, but it’s like they come and go as they get older, unless one or the other gets married.


            • For coming of age female centric story, have you watched the korean movie Sunny? The friendhships started in highschool though. I didn’t feel it as much as I wished but the movie is highly rated. You might like it. I just, for some reason, have not been moved by a korean film as much as a drama, yet. As a woman, I also crave for stories about sisterhood etc. I thought the sisterhood of the travelling pants was beautiful. And for some reason Practical Magic comes to mind when I think of sisterhoods lol! I made quite a jump there and went into fantasy land again buahaha can’t help it! It’s just that this idea of a “secret society” of witches is very appealing to me. Not just for the magic, but for the “female bonding” aspect. We definitely need more womance in fiction.


              • I haven’t seen Sunny! I shall hunt for it. But you’re right I’ve yet to be moved by film as much as I hv been with dramas, but that could be coz the K-films I’ve seen hv been er…bloody and violent. I haven’t seen Travelling Pants (should I?) and I only vaguely remember PMagic as having Nicole Kidman and Sandy Bullock playing sister but nothing else.

                BUT your comment about secret society of witches ties in with another dream drama I just thought about recently–a family of fortune tellers with a black sheep who wants out of the family fortune telling business (coz she has no powers). OR it could totally be about, you guessed it, secret society of witches!! Like as an underground high school club? And they try and hex guys? Teachers? Cheat in homework? XD

                MOAR WOMANCE indeed!


          • “…lives of women/besties told in a realistic way…” kinda remind me of the movie The Joy Luck Club. That will be interesting.


            • Ah, there’s also The Divine Secrets of Yaya Sisterhood.


            • That was a good, sad and powerful movie. And it had Russell Wong. My first Asian man crush and one of my first ‘real’ TV crushes at age 13. Such a tender age. LOL. Gawd he’s so gorgeous even now at 50.


              • YES! Russell Wong was a total crush for me too! He was so, soooo gorgeous in that movie, I remember thinking to myself, what planet did he come from because it just wasn’t possible that this man was that good looking. Oooh Joy Luck Club, I wasn’t thinking of that but yeah, that’s a good reference for the melodrama bits. It was indeed powerful movie.


                • See, Russell Wong was the first person who came to mind when I told Kfangurl that Half Asians are ‘annoyingly’ beautiful people! LOL He’s Chinese and German. He was baaaaad in JLC. But my hero is Jian Wa Chang from ‘Vanishing Son.’ 😀 Also, How to make an American Quilt was a good girl bonding movie. Maybe you can center your drama idea on the women coming together as they age to do something like that. Design a Korean tapestry or something. That way you can put some of the lovely older women in your cast too. Just a thought. This was a great blog post!


                  Those women were so gorgeous in their prime. And the men too! Cheon Ho Jin was always my older man K-crush too, but wow! He was so gorgeous young!



                  • AH they come together to watch an old classic drama, the drama they watched when they first met at uni…or make kimchi!! Gotta be one or the other XD

                    Thanks for that link, it IS a great post. Aww best mama kim hae sook! What a lovely apple cheeked beauty! I’m only familiar with so few of them but damn aren’t they beautiful.


                  • OMGGG. Those DF posts are awesome!! Both posts!! SO many familiar faces, and SO many mindblowing moments as I looked at the pix!!! O.O! The bikini shots were the most mindbending, coz these ladies are now playing mothers and grandmothers, and seeing them in body-baring halters/bikinis.. just.. *.* LOL! Lim Ye Jin was SUCH A CUTIE PIE! And Kim Soo Mi, so gorgeous! 😀


  23. And here’s our Billionaire Bistro baby at the ‘end’ of the drama-meaning a year or 2 later. LOL. She is gorgeous!


    • LOL! She’s adorable!!! And innocently cheeky too – poor mom, her egg dish got dissed on camera! XD

      Oh!! We could have Yerin meet GY’s & Chae Ah’s baby after the one year time skip!! She’d be the unnie, spewing little words of advice to the little one when GY & Chae Ah aren’t looking. Like, “Be nice to the cat.. he’s the boss” HAHA!


      • Awesome! And soo cute! She’s like the little Noona to their…let’s give them a boy. Squee!

        She’s forever part of their family. And it helps she’s a billionaire heiress…*cough cough!* Ya never know in twenty or so years what could be arranged. 😀


        • I think I posted a pic of a girl. LOL. So excited not paying attention. I like this, just imagine that’s GY’s character. 😀


          • Gorgeous baby as those 2 would have.


            • Aw. Both babies are lovely! I AM partial to the first one that you posted, coz of that adorable cheeky look on his face! (I can buy that he’s a boy – the clothes are so gender neutral, I would totally believe he’s a gorgeous boy!)


              • I like “him” too. 😀 Let’s use him for the ‘2 year’ time jump. haha. That’s what made me think ‘boy’. Those clothes.


                • Yes, let’s!! Plus, GY’s baby HAS to be cheeky. It’s practically a given, isn’t it?? Since he’s such a cheeky fella himself ;D


                  • absolutely. That cheeky smile on the baby made me pick him too! Their baby will always be a bubbly, happy one with a proud, silly daddy like him. 😀


                    • SOLD. To the boy with the cheeky face. He’d be so adorable in scenes with Yerin. She’d drop her little pearls of wisdom, like “Be nice to the cat.. he’s the boss” and he’ll just look back at her cheekily, and say nothing. But then after she’s gone home, we see him do exactly what she says. Like offer the cat his favorite toy and stroke Grumpy Cat’s head while Grumpy Cat gives him the bemused stare-down. LOL!

                      And and! Then GY and Chae Ah can watch him with amusement and wonder, and GY can remark, “Hey, he’s never done that before!” Hahaha!


  24. omg that baby is my Yerin!!!! Yerin-ahhh!! She’s such an adorable baby.
    And I love your Chuno2 that’s gonna be epic 😀 surely got some great casting over there. And did you know that Shin Min Ah’s first lead role was with Jang Hyuk? That was back when she was like 16? 17? Nice reunion, heh.


    • Really Gumi? What drama was that with Shin Min Ah? Is that a famous Youtube baby? LOL. She is precious!


      • Ooh, are we talking about Volcano High?? Coz Shin Min Ah was in that with Jang Hyuk.. I’d forgotten about that! I just cast her coz I wanted someone who could do sassy, spunky & strong, yet has an irresistible sort of air. Plus she’s one of my favorite actresses ^^

        And yes, isn’t Chuno 2 EPIC?!?? 😀 I would SO watch that drama!! An awesome Chuno reunion, with a modern fantasy twist. Filmed with the same Red One camera, with the same kind of epic score, including some essential tracks from the Chuno OST like the one I included in the post. Ahhh!! I can just imagine the awesome!! 😀


        • Interesting. I had once thought of time traveling Daegil, but instead of the present I sent him to the future, a post apocalyptic world. He is still shirtless and beasty in that wild future world. I like sci fi. So yeah, but when you guys wrote this post I was more in the mood for, vulnerable Jang Hyuk, that is not “iconic” Jang Hyuk so I started writing a drama idea with Gumi that ended up boring us (although I might pick it up someday) where the male lead was the opposite of alpha male ha! a sorry but kind of adorkable wimp. But anyway, just today, I got this craving for badass Jang Hyuk again and thought! Yeah I love him all badass but wouldn’t it be super cool if he was paired with a female lead who was twice as badass? teehee! I like the idea of battle of the sexes with him and then she WINS! I then started remembering one of the most badass female character I’ve encountered and that was Aeryn Sun from Farscape a sci series. In this series, our male lead was the only human, therefore, as smart and badass as he was, he was always at a disadvantage in terms of scientific knowledge and physical strength. Ironically, his strength was his “humanity” his humor, his ingenuity and ability to cope with limited resources, but to other species he encountered he was mostly seen as a “stupid beast” lol (at least on first impression) The female lead was the cold, super strong, super smart alien, who belonged to a militarized society, very rigid, they had all these philosophical exchanges among the epic fights and action and hot sexual tension so it was just freaking awesome. He “humanized” her somehow, found her soft spots and melted her and I think I ended up loving her more than him! One of my favorite OTPs of all time, and I just dream that Jang Hyuk gets once again an epic character but is also paired with an epic female lead so they can be an epic OTP. I kind of like Shin Min Ah for that role. She at least, looks the part.


  25. hahaha!!! This was a really fun read… I’m totally in on the kisses! The eyes too-wide-open and no-lip-movement-steel thing is silly. Who kisses like that?! 🙂 Thanks to you both for the cozy read 😉 drama/rom-com is my favorite genre.


    • Yay that you enjoyed the read, lyricalpeach!! 😀 We had lots of fun fleshing out the first 2 scenarios on the blog, and the 3rd one I just sort of had in my head. It might get beefed up some more as we go, so hopefully it grows into a fuller dream drama! ^^

      And YES about the kisses! I love my kdrama, but my patience with those frozen barely-touching lip-presses IS wearing thin. We need better kisses in dramaland! In the meantime, we’re putting as many hawt kisses in our dream dramas as we please, thankyouverymuch! Heh. ^.~


    • lyricalpeach! Thanks for commenting and reading. Did you notice the updates? 🙂 I know who kisses like that…some of the girls I remember from SIXTH GRADE. Hahaha.


  26. I’m going to have to get my thoughts and some notes together, there are 2 more K-dramas stewing around my head, one is action/fantasy, based of Choi Jin Hyuk’s Gumiho character, swoon and drool and swoon again. I didn’t like Gu Family book so much, but he was just awesome! I would have watched if the whole thing was about him alone.

    and another is a drama/rom-com with Oh Ji Ho. 🙂 Thanks for getting my wheels spinning! LOL.


    • Agreed! I so thought his Gumiho character deserved his own story, and his tragic romance was the star of that entire drama!


      • I haven’t checked out Gu Family Book myself – I was too alarmed by the tidal wave of frustration over this drama in the dramaverse to even approach it with a ten-foot pole! – but I did hear how he was the best thing coming out of that drama.. I bet he does deserve his own drama! Can’t wait to read the new-&-improved dream drama version as it takes shape! ;D


      • My drama is not a spin off Gu family book, but just a totally different story stealing the character lol. His tragic romance broke my heart. Was so mad at her to the end.


        • I’d love to see his Gumiho origin story! Is that what your idea is?


          • No, it’s more like a whole adventure with Choi Jin Hyuk playing a Gumiho just like Wol Ryung-only his Gumiho starts off as the dark and moody ‘Wol Ryung’ rather than the sweet light one in the beginning. I don’t have all the details, just ‘moments’ and scenes in my head. I want to outline it before I post anything. It involves a young woman though, who stumbles into his secret lair and they eventually form a solid friendship once he lets his guard down to trust a human again. (I’m thinking he could have a similar backstory like Wol Ryung, only no baby-she just flat out betrayed him once she realized he was a ‘monster.) Think of it as a very Beauty and the Beast type story. The eighties TV show. He grows attached to her and it’s like they almost share one mind/heart, he can sense her feelings. I loved that in the show. 😀 Squee!!


            • I loved that series!! I don’t remember all the details but I remember the overall tone as pretty sad and dream-like. Linda Hamilton always seemed sad to me.

              Awesome, I’d watch a k-drama B&B! So Wol Ryong and the girl have adventures together? Or need each other to complete a quest and save a bunch of folks?


              • Yes, a little of both! 😀 I just need to work it all out. 🙂


              • That sadness you mentioned fit well with the character in B&B. But I know in real life Linda H later admitted she was bi-polar and struggled with depression her whole life. But character wise-there was always a melancholy about her and Vincent because their love was so deep and pure, but they couldn’t be together in the normal sense. Vincent was like the perfect man–what every woman supposedly wanted in a man, he loved so her so truly and tended to her needs, allowed her to express every feeling without judgment, and always protected her. And he was kind, loving and gentle to everyone around him in the underground City and also took care of them. Yet, he had an obvious flaw that made him monstrous and misunderstood. When he was mad he couldn’t hold back his claws.

                I felt that about Wol Ryung’s character in the first episode of GFB. They were probably going for those character traits too. When he gave her the bag of butterflies to cheer her up, that was just heart melting. lol. Choi Jin Hyuk stunned everybody with his performance because he was always a 2nd lead or background player in ensemble casts. But I remember when I saw him in ‘It’s okay, Daddy’s girl.’ Pretty much a male lead, but had to share the screen time with ten billion other characters and their over-lapping stories. But, I couldn’t get enough of him. I thought he was terrific. It’s time for him to get a real lead role, not 2nd lead brothers, or cameo appearances or minor characters.

                And he sings great. He sang one of the main songs of GFB. This is an acoustic version.


                • Ahhh this ballad, probably the only other memorable thing about GFB aside from daddy gumiho! I had precious little tolerance for sappy ballads like this until I discovered k-drama. Now, I’m in awe of the power they have to turn me to mush! I do remember him singing this and being surprised that he has a great voice. CJH is being so underused in Heirs (alongside just about everyone else on the cast!) is a crying shame. He does need a lead role! Ahh that butterflies-in-the-bag scene, the expression on his face–priceless. Stuff like that made his eventual dark turn gut-wrenching.

                  You have a great memory it seems, coz I only have the vaguest sense of the show being dark, and Linda Hamilton being sad, and Vincent being er…large and very gentle. And Vincent does sound similar to daddy gumiho, it’s a familiar archetype isn’t it? And Ron Perlman! He gets better with age!!


                  • Well, I found B&B on Netflix again and re-watched the entire series 2 years ago. 😀 I only vague memories from childhood of it and not understanding it much. Now I lapped it up like a sappy fangirl. lol. The show is super sugary sweet, but it’s so beautiful. I really like Ron Perlman, he can play anything.


                  • The K-ballads do the same for me! I stopped listening to ‘ballads’ a long time ago too. They were so 80’s/90’s, well, I think that’s when America created the best powerhouse ones. 😀 But the Korean singers make them feel so fresh and new.


                • ahw!…i do agree with Lady G’s comment that Choi Jin Hyuk, should already be the lead role in a drama…i do love this k-hunk…considering GFB is a mediocre but CJW really awed me in GFB…he’s acting skills is great as well as his talent for singing…this dude really has a voice!…y’know i am a great fan of any k-hunk that can sing and vice versa…seeing him in Heirs is one of the reasons why i’m hooked on that drama…and he did an OST for “PAH” and his latest is doing OST for Heirs….what can i say?…awesomeness!!!..Lady G…listen to this…he’s that good!…wish there’s the recording vid version or live one but listening alone to his voice singing this is just fine…<3


                  • Ok wow. This is really good! I didn’t watch GFB coz of all the widespread disappointment I came across for the show, but this is a nice song & Choi Jin Hyuk did a really nice job singing it! Now I wish GFB was a better show.. so that I’d watch it ^^

                    He’s growing on me, which is a feat in itself, coz I was really turned off by his aegyo turn in Panda & Hedgehog. Now I feel like he’s getting hotter and better, and that’s a very good thing indeed! ^.~


                    • ” I was really turned off by his aegyo turn in Panda & Hedgehog”- I wanted to watch P&H a long while back, but I heard the same thing from others about CJH in that role. Is it really that bad? He’s a 2nd lead character, right? I’m trying to wrap my head around ‘male aegyo’ and it’s a scary thought. LOL. I’ll need to see a clip.


                    • LOL! The thing that might work in your favor is that pre-existing fangirl love can do a lot to turn the dial on a drama & an actor’s performance to a way more positive experience than without.

                      I watched Panda & Hedgehog without pre-existing affection for Choi Jin Hyuk and his male aegyo made me cringe, big time. But there are others who loved this drama and him in it, so you’ll just hafta see for yourself.

                      Here’s a sampling of Choi Jin Hyuk’s aegyo in P&H:

                      Beware though, that female lead’s Yoon Seung Ah’s female aegyo is off the charts in this show, and is an obstacle in and of itself. 😛


                    • oooh cringee…there’s that Aegyo ‘pout’ face. But it doesn’t look too bad on him. I think being a pre-existing fan will help me. haha. And goodness, he and that chef played the lead brothers in ‘It’s okay, Daddy’s girl.’ I loved those characters. This video is really well made. Now leading lady Aegyo drives me to up a wall. Oh no! lol. I’ll still give it the old 3 episode try sometime. I am suddenly sucked into watching a Taiwanese Drama thriller called Channel-X. I had been waiting a while for english subs.


                    • Oh yes, Donghae was in It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl.. I actually thought he did quite nicely in P&H, given that he’s an idol actor and the kind of script he was working with.

                      I think if you save P&H for when you’re particularly in the mood for something fluffy, light and disney-esque, it just might work out ok for you.. especially if you’re really missing Choi Jin Hyuk on your screen

                      Just don’t expect your leading lady to behave like an adult, and also, don’t expect a whole lotta sense-making in that world. If you can do those things, you’ll be fine. I think. ^.~


                    • LOL. Okay, I will take that advice, it’s actually similar to a lot of the comments I’ve seen about this drama.


                    • …what do you think to CJH voice?he did an awesome interpretation of Heirs OST…he’s that good and hawt!…LOL!…i’m really liking him more and more…though it could have been better if he will be portraying the lead in the next drama he stars in….

                      …i now consider CJH as one of the promising k-hunks….another wonderful breeze has touched my fangirling enthusiasm!…LOL!


                    • It’s a shame CJH is not given lead roles, because CJH has been around in the dramaverse for many years now. Anyone see ‘Pasta?’ He was one of the Italian specialty chefs- the three hunks. LOL. He was quiet, but so adorable there too. I wished he could have had a storyline/romance in that too. But anyway, he’s still young! 28, 29 (Korean years)? So I find it funny that he’s playing Lee Min Ho’s older brother when they are a year apart.

                      His age surprised me, because he seemed older, but he’s a more rugged than the flower boys and of course that booming, gorgeous voice. 😀

                      I had read an interview when he was filming Gu Family book. He seems very humble about his acting, and he worried that he wouldn’t do a good job as the father Gumiho. But I think now he doesn’t have to worry. Fans raved over him. I was one. I pretty much dropped that drama and simply scanned through it to watch his scenes.

                      If anyone’s interested, he is on ep. 166 of Running Man from October. I’ll have to check that one out! The only other one I’ve seen is when Jackie Chan came on. It was a blast! Love Jackie Chan.


                    • I LOVE Pasta!! It’s one of my all-time favorite rom-coms! And yes, Choi Jin Hyuk was in it, though his role was so small that it was easy to forget that he was there. He did fulfill the quotient for hunky quite well tho! ^^

                      He does have that rugged quality about him, and I’m enjoying his voice more and more. Too bad he’s underutilized in Heirs, along with just about everyone else in that show, boo.

                      I saw him in Running Man! That was the Heirs ep, right?? He and Woobie were just adorable in it. And he did get to show his macho muscles to nice effect 😉

                      I do hope he gets a good breakout role soon. It’s time. He’s ready. WE’RE ready. Bring it on, dramaverse!


                    • ..CJH is too cute doing aegyo in PAH…he is really that adorable in it even though he’s not the lead….


                    • HAHAHA!! Evez, Lady G & I were just talking about CJH’s male aegyo in P&H!!

                      Lady G, here’s the evidence that fangirl love can and does temper the male aegyo.. Not only tempers it, but transforms it from cringe-worthy to cute, even!! I think you’re going to have a better time with P&H than I did, for reals XD


                  • Heirs is just one huge disappointment for me. But I scan through each episode just to catch bits with him and Woo Bin. Otherwise, I will patiently wait for this gorgeous and talented Korean man to get his starring role. Somehow I think his strong looks and deep voice may squeeze him into the strict and/or ‘villain’ or 2nd lead guy mold. That’s a shame! The same thing is probably happening to KWB. I hope it doesn’t last. But CJH broke type with his ‘good Guhimo.’ Proving he could play sweet and sensitive. He broke fan hearts. After his parts the rest of the drama just couldn’t live up to them. At least for me. Really nice song!!


                    • I do hope that Woobie won’t be typecast too. His acting is doing enough to set him apart though, I feel. And the fans are multiplying even as I type this, so I’m hoping that his popularity will land him a greater variety of roles, even though right now he’s getting mostly bad-boy type roles.

                      Go Woobie!! 😀


                    • …@LADY G. ..that is the same sentiment that Kfangirl feels about that drama. same with me as well…though seeing Young Do. KIm Tan and Kim Won has managed me to continue watch it…better to see those adorbs than nothing at all!!! hahaha!…way back to the previous comment that kfangirl had before the Heirs premier….”even if it stinks”….LOL!


                    • @LADY G…Oh “Pasta” is good!…though honestly i haven’t watch it yet kfangirl has recommend that drama unfortunately i couldn’t find a dvd copy i want to have a copy better than catching it through net…otherwise i won’t be able to accommodate it on net ‘coz i already have 3 dramas streaming!…pretty tough…

                      ..i have to concur with you that CJH strong looks fitted him more on serious and antagonist character..but hey i think he can manage to have a softer version of a thug?…something like “When A Man Falls In Love” genre?…and he is good also portraying that aegyo thing…

                      and thanks for the info that he was in Running Man….i’ll surely check that out when i’m not busy…hahaha…;)


                    • I agree, he has a tough look, but his face is also soft and his smile sweet. It was to me in Pasta and It’s okay, daddy’s girl. I can see him playing a thug with a soft heart like that drama.


                    • Choi Jin Hyuk is getting a drama lead!!

                      I copied and pasted this from Facebook:

                      “Choi Jin Hyuk may join Emergency Couple
                      Choi Jin-hyuk, Song Ji-hyo up for cable medical rom-com

                      Looks like tvN knows a good thing when it sees it, because it’s keeping the new weekend drama timeslot it created for Answer Me 1994 and lining up its follow-up drama: a romantic comedy potentially starring Choi Jin-hyuk and Song Ji-hyo. Offers are out to both actors, who are both said to be favorably considering (decisions not final yet, yada yada yada). But that would be a pretty great match-up, wouldn’t it?

                      The drama is titled Emergency Couple, and is set, aptly enough, in an emergency room. The two leads were married through medical school, but divorced and went their separate ways… until they find themselves working in the same ER. Thus begins their second chance at courtship as initial bickering leads them back to romance.

                      Which sounds great and all, only… I in no way want my emergency room doctors distracted by sexual-angst-driven bickering! Professionalism please? The drama does promise to depict sincere growth as well as the life-and-death stories of the work in the hospital, so we can hope that the romance works its way into the proceedings in a natural way. (I have an aversion to medical dramas that are really just romance dramas wearing doctor’s gowns.)

                      It’s about time Choi Jin-hyuk gets to headline his own romantic drama, ’cause the man can sizzle when he’s on and it’s so sad when he doesn’t win his love. He’s gotten sidetracked a bit with some not-so-great dramas (Panda and Hedgehog, It’s Okay Daddy’s Girl) but his star is on the rise and this year solidified his popularity with Gu Family Book and Heirs. Song Ji-hyo hasn’t had a hit drama in a while (her last three being Mandate of Heaven, Gye Baek, and Crime Squad) but she’s got a sassy on-air personality and I’d love to see her in a straight-up rom-com.

                      Emergency Couple will be directed by PD Kim Chul-kyu, who, yes, has the terrible Paradise Ranch on his resumé but also the better-received cable drama She is Wow from earlier this year, as well as political drama Daemul and historical hit Hwang Jini. Writing is Choi Yoon-jung of the 2002 mania hit Ruler of Your Own World; on the upside, it was a well-regarded drama, but on the downside, she wasn’t the main writer and it’s her only credit.

                      The drama will follow Answer Me 1994 as tvN’s next Friday-Saturday series, premiering in January.”


                    • Aw. I do think he and Song Ji Hyo would make an excellent onscreen couple. I’d happily tune in to check this out if they both said yes! ^^


                    • It’s funny, they are always casting CJH as ‘older’ guys, i mean, this character has been divorced, he’s a DOCTOR which means years of college….. CJH is still only about 28. LOL. But it’s that voice and ruggedness in his looks that he can pass for older. I remember thinking he was older and I was like what the what? He’s still a baby! Sort of. lol. He’s about 4 years younger than Song Ji Hyo. She has great chemistry with Song Il Guk, they were in Crime Story. I still didn’t get up to her part in Jumong. (hangs head.) lol


                    • Oh I can totally see why he’s cast older than his age.. That voice, and that ruggedness about him just make him feel more manly.. I’m guessing his character would be in his early 30s, if it happens.

                      Song Ji Hyo has evolved so much since I first saw her as the 2nd lead in Goong. I think she’d be a fun female lead opposite CJH.. I think she’d be great as a strong, spunky sort of character. Well I hope she gets to play a strong sassy character anyway.

                      Lol. Jumong is a really long show.. I think it’s ok to cut yourself some slack! XD


                    • LOL. In crime story, she was a funny and very spunky reporter, because that drama really needed some levity. Poor Song Il Guk’s Detective character was a depressed mess after the tragic death of his daughter. And then you had serious Lee Jong-Hyuk as the police captain. Those two in one office. Yikes! But those characters were my inspirations for your Chuno Time travel drama too. lol


                    • I haven’t seen that show, but I am grateful for the inspiration it gave you, coz I do love them in my Chuno 2 story! ;D My Chuno 2 wouldn’t be the same without our angry, roaring dumb jock detective Song Il Guk! XD


                    • LOL! He’s a fun addition. Every good rogue/hero/vigilante needs someone on his tail. 😀


  27. omygawwwwwd!!! I LOVE THIS POST!!! You brought my drama to vivid life in one big summary WITH pics!! Ahhh!! And that baby! She’s darling! Almost exactly what i pictured too! The grumpy cat and music, and Gong Yoo actually playing instruments. You rock!

    CHUNO!!! You know I adored this idea. And you took my breath away with Oh Ji Ho’s pic! I never saw that one before. I couldn’t stop laughing at the scruffy SIG pics, exactly what I imagined. I love your Chuno drama idea. And then the breezy School part 2 drama, I never saw that drama yet, but I would definitely watch it. Those 2 gorgeous guys? For sure.


    • Ditto at that Oh Ji Ho pic. Ooh I do adore a man in glasses but I never imagined a man like him looking that fine in them!


    • Wheeee!!! I’m SO glad you enjoyed the post, Lady G!! 😀 And I’m super chuffed that you feel like your drama came to life with the pix and music!! 😀 It reminds me of the moment in King of Drama, where rookie scriptwriter Go Eun is blown away as she first stands in her drama set and sees the world she penned actually come to life. Of course, this isn’t QUITE building a drama set and peopling it with actors, but it’s the best I could do without an actual production budget, heh. I’m so happy that you love it this much!! 😀

      That baby is ADORBS isn’t she??? I’d seen the video on YouTube before (did you click the photo to see her sleepy self in action?? Super cute!), and when I was googling for cute Korean babies, she popped up and I couldn’t resist her adorable face! Originally I’d hoped to find baby photos of Kim Yoo Bin, whom I think is an adorable little actress, but couldn’t find anything young enough to qualify as “baby.” When I saw Yerin, though, I was sold. She got the part on the spot! ;D

      The cat got the part on the spot too, for his fabulously regal and grumpy face! HAHA about the SIG pix, coz I was specifically scanning the net for scruffy pix. In my mind’s eye, I wanted him scruffy, and preferably roaring in frustration, hee!

      While the School sequel isn’t quite available for viewing, I do highly recommend School 2013 😉 It’s super awesome, and pretty thought-provoking too, while managing to be inspiring at the same time. Maybe after you’ve watched it, you’ll have more ideas to beef up my sequel scenario ^.~


      • Those SIG pics are perfect, from his drama crime story. He literally did not comb his hair once in that whole drama. But he had a tragic incident in his life and was a depressed detective. I do have school 2013 on my list. 🙂 I should probably watch it before 2014. lol


      • I loved the sleepy vid! I swear I still do that. This morning actually, wake up, fall asleep again and again until 2 hours past. LOL. (I’m so bad, but hey, I don’t start work until 1!)


      • Yes, it was like King of Dramas!!! I had so many feels looking at the pics and totally seeing the drama come to life. 😀 Though it’s not thoroughly developed, the main idea is solid. haha.

        LIGHTBULB! More ideas for GY’s drama: Speaking of King of Dramas, can we please have Kim Myung Min as the head gangster!!! He has to be just like in Bad family. So that means, by the end, he’s a softie. He’s originally hired to get this baby, but he does have a heart and realizes it’s wrong and he’s tiring of his gangster lifestyle. He’s very savvy, with a good head for business. And since this is such a rom-com, he needs a little loving too. Somehow he keeps bumping into …hmm…why don’t we give GY an older sister?? Just a year or 2 older. So he’s always at her door with the excuse of looking for GY while they are on the run and she’s all confused thinking her brother owes loan sharks.

        LOL I want GY’s sister to be Choi Jung-Won. She’s an independent woman, smart and maybe she tries to ‘manage’ GY’s career. She acts tough, but she’s a real softie inside. I’ll make her a teacher. That way the kkangpae can follow her to school and nag her, then pounce on a bunch of rotten schoolboys when they get fresh with her. And roar at them, “Do you want to eat dirt??” LOL.

        We can say that GY and her mother died while they were still young and their father later remarried. He’s not really in the picture much. She’s very close with her brother.

        So you have Gangster Kim Myung Min:

        And GY’s sister. I just realized I didn’t give the leads any names! LOL. We’ll get to that.

        She never dreamed she would fall for a Kkangpae, but he wears her down with his earnestness and Chazz Palminteri sexiness. And he vows to leave the “business” for her. At the end he can be like a general manager at the night club and 2 of his cronies will be bouncers and bartenders/waiters. LOL.

        Can you add this to the post?? Hee Hee!


        • AHAHAHA!!! AWESOME!!! 😀 I so need to add this to the post!!

          It also occurs to me that we could have a potential crossover, since Ha Gyung from my 2013 sequel works at her alma mater. Maybe we could make GY’s sister colleagues with Ha Gyung! And in each drama, we could have little throwaway lines that actually give us little tidbits on the OTHER drama’s story..

          Like, we could have a scene in the 2013 sequel where Ha Gyung’s having a conversation with GY’s sister, who remarks worriedly that she thinks her brother owes money to loan sharks. Or a scene in our GY rom-com, where his sister talks to Ha Gyung in school and sees her carrying a stack of comic books & asks her, “Since when were you a comic book fan??”

          Oh, the potential meta! XD


          • Amazing how you can mix that! That’s so fun. 😀


            • Ahhh! Even better if both shows were airing at the same time! Then, as people follow both shows, they get little extras here and there – you almost HAVE to watch both shows to get the full story! XD


              • This is our dream drama world, they can air one right after the other. Your School drama airs first since it seems to be a little more lighter hearted, then mine. It would be ratings gold. And immediately following the end of the GY drama, Chuno the sequel will replace it! Another hit! The netizens will go crazy. 😀


                • Ooh, that’d be awesome too!! And probably more practical than having our 2 dramas airing concurrently – it’d be tricky timing our little crossover cameos to keep pace with both dramas at the same time. But oh, if they did that, HOW AWESOME WOULD IT BE TO DO A LIVE WATCH??? You don’t feel like you’re waiting a whole week for new eps to air coz you never know what little tidbit will drop while watching the other drama! 😀


        • OOhhh I love the gangster & noona addition!! These two deserve to occupy a huge chunk of the story, I’m already in love with them!

          But I was thinking, if Gong Yoo/Han Chae Ah go on the run, we wouldn’t see much of Hyun Bin/Ha Ji Won or Kim Sun Ah right since they would have to avoid going back to their workplaces & homes right? Since they need to go on the run, why not make Hyun Bin GY’s friend who works (owns?) at a recording studio with a rooftop spare room where they crash for a while? Then HB can come in to work, and mess around, and have the hots for Han Chae Ah and make GY jealous. Then in the studio setting, there’s ample opportunity for some GY cutesy music play time with the baby, OR some swoony late nite heart-to-heart time with our leads by the piano, topped off with an almost kiss! :D.

          Hmm but I do like the idea of HB as pesky controlling bf though… ottoeke?


          • Well played, DDee! I’m thinking maybe they have to hide out in numerous places, so that could be one of them. Or the main one. Definitely! A music studio. 😀

            Okay, I will pick someone else as a pesky, controlling boyfriend, because my idea was to take a bit of a dramatic turn and once the boyfriend finds out about what a teeny little cash cow our baby is, he will be sneaky and try to go after them too, possibly for the reward money, or what not.

            I’m still not entirely clear on how or why the baby almost gets kidnapped but it will come to me. That’s the ‘business’ angle.

            Then he can do one of those villainous turns at the end (Turns out he’s working for the enemy) and GY must save his precious new family. Along with help from his friend HB, and the gangster turned good guy when they storm in and save the day! LOL. I got the perfect guy!!

            Song Jo Ho as the suave, handsome, but sneaky villainous boyfriend! He rocked it in his arc on Suspicious Housekeeper.


            • OOH brilliant!! Shifty bf who really does turn out to be evil. Love that! Is he supposed to be rich? Maybe he is only pretending to be rich but in fact he’s saddled with huge debts (gambling problem?) and thinks the baby is his lucky break. Or if you wanna make him sympathetic (but why would you??) maybe he’s secretly laundering money for the mob under duress (he’s an accountant), the same mobsters who kidnapped the baby, and when he finds out the gf has the same baby, he has to turn them in to the mobsters, or else…etc etc.

              How is/was Suspicious Housekeeper? Good?


              • I’m’ liking those ideas DDee, I’m going to keep him shifty, I also love how all the elements are connecting and Kfangurl is doing an amazing job keeping it intact on the top post. I love the idea that he’s saddled with debt, because he lives above his means. Once he finds out that they have a billionaire baby…Okay, this is fun-she’s dating him on and off while in hiding with GY. GY finds out and gets mad because they were supposed to cut off contact with people until they can sort things out. Which means no dating. Plus he’s already getting steaming jealous of this guy and really doesn’t trust him. (GY has a good eye for judging character.) One night on a date our lady gets drunk and accidentally tells shady BF about the baby. So his gears start turning.

                So shady BF he gets ideas to try and hold her for ransom next. He can still be a laundering accountant for KMM’s ‘company’ and when they find out he begs for his life and pulls out the wild card that he knows exactly where the baby is hidden! But he wants a cut of the profits. In the end, he’s the one who kidnaps our girl and the baby for the last time and everyone comes to save them.

                I made a brand new post that’s awaiting moderation, but it will round out this entire plot too. I also added 3 new important characters that get this drama rolling. 😀 I think everyone will like it.

                Suspicious Housekeeper is VERY good. It may not be for every taste because it’s so twisted in ways, but it’s such a fascinating, mysterious story. It’s almost over. Next week are the last 2 episode.


                • AH… yes of course he lives beyond his means, because he’s an entitled brat whose vanity won’t allow him to live like regular folk!

                  What I don’t get though is why do they have to stick together? What’s their motivation for sticking it out? Aside frm the fact that they are attracted to each other, that is…hah. Are the cops after them too? Yes, the cops should be after them thinking they are the real kidnappers, so them turning themselves in is not an option unless they can prove it wasn’t them? So our OTP has cops & gangster on their tails?


          • The KMM angle came to me last night, because I LOVED Bad Family so much, it was a gem of a drama. He was super sexy yet gangster doofy and so amazing in that role. And I do like Choi Jung Won. She looks like she can be GY’s sister. She has a sweet face, but then she can also be prickly like in ‘Stars falling from the sky.’ LOL. Our gangster loves that about her. Her innocent look. He’s always trying to protect her from those rotten boys at school and everything else, and starts losing focus on the kidnapping task. Those two have beautiful huge eyes, imagine the baby they’d make. LOL.

            Another thing, I don’t think little bro GY is going to be too happy about his Noona dating the gangster who was chasing them! Ha ha. Not at first. So I can imagine Noona keeping her surprising love life a secret for a while. GY will finally realize KMM is a good guy when he helps them save everybody. 😀

            Oh this drama is shaping up so well!


            • I’ve wanted to watch Bad Family for the longest time, but I remember being thwarted by being able to find only dubious quality videos. I must try again soon! So I’m not familiar with either actor but I’m sure you know better way than I do.

              I’m quite sure GY won’t like it either, I mean, who would approve? I can see them having some fights about each others boyfriend/girlfriends over the years once the cat is out of the bag. Maybe that can be a comedic flashback involving all their weirdo bf/gfs they’ve brought home to the parentals. Nyuk Nyuk.

              Yeah, KMM whips out some karate chops against the kidnappers, which are his ex-mates which he feels conflicted about fighting since they are his friends, or something. Haha.


              • Hey DDee, I watched Bad Family on gooddrama and it was fine for me. Don’t miss it, you WILL fall in love with him and then totally get his character for this pretend drama. lol.

                Here’s a tip! If you can download google chrome as a browser, then do it and install the ad blocker ad-on, no more ads on Viki or gooddrama! It’s amazing.

                That sounds like a really funny idea for a flashback! All the horrible dates she’s had to toss out on their rears because her brother grew up from a dinosaur head to a Noona slayer. heehee. And then he brings up how he had to do the same for her lousy bfs and chase them down through the mazes of houses for daring to get fresh with his Noona.

                You can’t have a good K-drama without a flashback. 😀


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  30. I already got my dream couple come true with Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye in Heirs 😀

    But I wish the show was more light and fun rather than melodramatic….

    but this week has been super awesome with lots of cuteness and romance between them and I’m crossing fingers to get loads of it till the series ends…so no complaints!!

    Interesting post as always 8)


    • Hi Snow White, sorry, my dream drama has Eun sung eventually falling for Young Do instead! 🙂 Love lee min ho, but wish there was more of a love triangle struggle between KT, ES, and YD, and more use of the rest of the characters. Agree with you, very interesting and fun post.


      • Lol. Now I know why you’re so firmly on the Kim Tan-Eun Sang train, snow_white!! It’s actually your dream couple come true! XD Fine, I’d give you that – and totally agree that the show should’ve been more fun and lightness instead of heavy melodrama. For fun, maybe let’s hear how you’d have re-written Heirs to be your dream drama??

        And MelloYello, I am SO leaning towards Young Do too (of course, it has a lil something to do with my Woobie love, hee).. I’d actually be interested to see a loveline developing between Young Do and Rachel. I actually find Rachel an interesting character and screen presence. I imagine the sparks flying between them would be more than if it were an Young Do-Eun Sang pairing. Whaddya think? 😀


        • …hey!,,,this creative post is daebak kfangirl!…oh! i do love the castings on no. one option ‘coz both of my k-love is there..Binnie and of course our beloved GY!…KSA is a great actress and i don’t anyone can replace her as the role of Sam Soon, she’s just so great in there. And Han Chae Ah is just fine and pretty…infact i love her in her new drama “Marry Him If You Dare…that would be pretty exciting..! having those k-actors/actresses to be in one drama!…..

          …seeing SIG once again would be fine…y’know the first saguek drama i love is Jumong and SIG portraying the role is breathtaking and to see him as a suspicious detective is quite fun..mmmmhhh,,,,,

          …how about bringing Yo Ah In/Song Joong-ki/Kim Woo Bin/Lee Jong Suk in one drama?….hahahahaha having those four doing bromance thing will surely rock every fangirls dream…<3


          • Hee!! So glad you enjoyed the post, evez!! 😀 It’s actually JUST been updated with new ideas – you can check them out by scrolling down, looking for the red “Add on!” bits 🙂

            And wow, a bromantic drama with the 4 kings of bromance?? What potential awesomeness! Would they all 4 be friends, or would they be 2-against-2 in the beginning?


            • yes i do enjoy this post!…y’know your site is FUN, LOVELY, LIVELY and ENTERTAINING!…your blog site alone is like a creating a drama…representing your k-love post/reviews/shared reviews/shared fun/teaching the know-hows and techniques/sharing thoughts/links from a fangirl that we all love…the greatest thing!….

              …and ’bout that four adorable castings it could be 2 -against- 2 in the beginning like you suggested…or could be the bromance partnership be changed from the original one… about Woobie and Yo Ah In played the gentle role while SJK and LJS played the badass image… hahaha…this is crazy!…i don’t know if this experiment will fit on them…the way i see it only Woobie can create that fierce look and be docile at the same time…Song Joong Ki and Lee Jong Suk both posses a flower boy looks while Yo Ah In really great in portraying mannish role…i don’t know how he is in the Fashion King and from his movie “Tough as Iron”…but i heard the latter is quite good…

              …to add to the plot, we could see the two from a cheabol category and the other one from a poor family or the other one could be from a family whose father is a leader of a thug!…from then their path will cross and make a Byzantinne situations along the way…hahahaha…oh my, i’m not a writer and all the elements i’ve mentioned were previously seen from k-drama that we mostly viewed…..somehow, this could be developed and find a new story-line to make it appropriate and worth watching…hahaha!…

              …i’m still thinking for the female leads for the four….who could they be?…oooohhhhh…i have to check and review those ladies!…<3<3<3


              • Aw. YAY that you enjoy this site, and that you’re having fun with this post!! 😀

                I’m giggling at the thought of the 4 boys playing against type.. It could be funny, having Lee Jong Suk be the fierce badass one, and Woobie the gentler one.. I think all 4 of them are excellent actors and would be able to pull if off convincingly. Wouldn’t it be cute if we have a running gag where people keep getting scared of Woobie &/or Yoo Ah In purely based on their badass looks? And even when they protest nicely & gently, people keep running scared? Yet, they both need to depend on their fiercer besties for backup when faced with actual gangsters? XD HAHAHA!!


          • Glad you enjoy the casting and ideas, Evez! Now it’s your turn to come up with a Yo Ah In/Song Joong-ki/Kim Woo Bin/Lee Jong Suk drama! 😉


            • @LADY G,,,you and kfangirl are great thinkers!…to generate and come up this idea is awesome!..we can create it here…y’know sometimes we do have our wishes in watching k-dramas and we do tend to say and give our ideas only on our thoughts or sometimes with our colleagues…and this page is a great way to express on how your drama should be…it might not materialize but sharing what you want in k-drama is fun…<3 😉


              • Thanks very much, Evez. I love to ‘bring things to life’ when I used to write Fanfiction, I would sometimes make video trailers or more often a wallpaper for the story. It was a lot of fun. I love to visualize everything and K-dramas give us the perfect opportunity to make it happen. They make story telling so fun and simple and uncomplicated and it allows our imaginations to carry us away with them.


    • @ snow white… I agree, this week’s episodes are interesting… its too melodramatic… my heart went out to Young Do.
      Poor, poor Young Do. 😦


  31. Congratulations once again Kfangurl! Wonderful post!
    Its great that you’ve put all these dream dramas together. They’re more structured now. And of course, I’ll be watching them! 🙂
    Just reading GY’s rom com is already fun, what more when it comes to life! Time traveling Chuno is all star cast and I’m so glad to did not forget SIG. Yey! BTW, will the bromance be light drama or comedy?


    • I HAD to have SIG in there. I think his role is perfect too, the brash, somewhat bumbling cop. 😀


      • Yay that you enjoyed the post, kaiaraia!! 😀 Upside: Doesn’t it ALMOST feel like you’re watching the dramas?? Downside: When it feels ALMOST real, I really, really, REALLY want these dramas to be made, and we know the likelihood is super slim. Well. Unless some Producer/Director/scriptwriter/other influential person happens on this post, loves it, and actually makes it happen???

        Yes, we have Lady G to thank for having SIG in there.. She’s the one who cast him! I just couldn’t resist making him a thick-headed, frustrated, roaring, confused muscle-man jock tho! XD

        And the bromance (this is the S2013 sequel right?) – I’m thinking it would be a breezy rom-com with a gooey, melty heartwarming bromantic center 😉


        • Can’t imagine the astronomical production cost of having all those amazing K-stars in ONE huge Chuno sequel! LOL.


          • Sigh.. Not to mention the crazy scheduling tightrope they’d have to balance, with so many big stars involved!! But hey, they managed to make Chuno the first time, didn’t they? Maybe they’ll manage it again? An imaginative fangirl can hope..? ;D


            • Of course! I’m watching Basketball, and it has a lot of ‘cameos’ of the big stars in that. Chuno the sequel will be the most anticipated drama of the year and sweep up numerous awards. 😀 Especially because it will hold to the way the original was filmed, the glorious soundtrack, etc etc. I vote that some of the original songs remain intact too. 😀


              • You read my mind, Lady G!!!! 😀 I think I mentioned in another comment to Gumi that Chuno 2 needs to use the same glorious Red One camera, and have a similarly glorious soundtrack, while keeping certain essential tracks intact from the original series. Hahaha!! Great minds!! 😀


      • Great Lady G. I think SIG will be a fun to watch as the brash, bumbling cop. I’m totally imagining that.


  32. Kekeke. Nice! I would love to watch college 2015 and MS 2018. Bromance bromance lots of bromance and romance! But of course I would love to watch Gong Yoo action rom-com too!!!! I need smeeexxxxyyyy scenes!

    As for Hyeon Bin, can we change the female lead? Hehe


    • I didn’t think it through for the 2nd female lead. I do like Kim Sun Ah, though she’s not my favorite actress. But who would you cast alongside Hyun Bin?


      • ‘Eun! Glad you like the scenarios!! And yes, we do love our dramas chock-full of bromance and romance, don’t we?! I would dearly love to watch College 2015 and MS 2018 myself!! And yes, isn’t the GY rom-com rife with schmexy possibilities?! ;D

        I second Lady G’s question: who WOULD you cast as 2nd lead, if not Kim Sun Ah? KSA was picked by DDee for the crossover wink-wink-nudge-nudge, and I could totally see how it’d be funny for MNIKSS fans. But I can also see other fun possibilities if we had a different female second lead. Tomboy Ha Ji Won, a la SeGa? So that it’d still be a crossover, just a different one? Then she could be Han Chae Ah’s tomboy bestie, who gets all huffy on Chae Ah’s behalf and confronts GY when Chae Ah basically puts her life on hold in order to help GY with the baby? 😀


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