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I Was There: Gong Yoo Premium Night 2013


I can hardly believe it, you guys.

Gong Yoo, the man who occupies a very special place in my k-loving heart, held his first fan-meeting in 2 years. In TOKYO. And I WAS THERE.

I saw him IN THE FLESH, y’all.



It was a surreal, dream-like, exciting day, in so many senses of the word. I’m still reeling from the surreality of it all, as I type this.

I wish you guys could’ve been there with me, seriously. It’s too bad pesky little things like, y’know, geography, had to get in the way of us attending this fanmeet together. But! Lookin’ on the bright side, here’s the next best thing: a blow-by-blow(-by-blow!) account of my big Gong Yoo adventure, in the heart of Tokyo.

Big OST – 너라서 (Because It’s You) (Special Track) [Gong Yoo]


First of all, let me say that I’ve never, ever been to a fanmeet of any sort, and was fairly sure that I never would. Well, unless one of my big k-loves were to come to Singapore where I live. Then that might be do-able. But I’m just not the sort of fan who would get on a plane to fly somewhere to see her favorite oppa.

And then it happened, out of the blue; I got to attend Gong Yoo’s first fan meet in two years. In Tokyo, no less.

Seriously, so very many things had to line up just so, for this to happen, that I hafta tell y’all ALL about that too.

First of all, Gong Yoo is famously rather reclusive, preferring to stay out of the limelight unless absolutely necessary. He is picky about his projects, hardly takes on CFs or magazine spreads, and even avoids red carpet events. Which only means that we hardly get to see him, at all. He hasn’t had a fanmeet in two years, and the only reason that he had one now, is because his movie The Suspect is coming out in December. And of all places that he chose to have that fanmeet, he chose Tokyo.

And why am I even in Tokyo? It’s coz my sister just had a baby, and I’m here to help out. If she’d had her baby any sooner or later, I wouldn’t even be here. In fact, I was originally due to leave Tokyo on 24 October, the first day of the fanmeet. So when I first heard of the fanmeet during my first 2 weeks in Tokyo, my thought was, “Aw. So near, yet so far. While GY’s on stage, I’ll be on a plane going back to Singapore.”

I’d mildly thought of extending my stay, but I also thought tickets were sold out, based on my very incompetent Googling in Japanese. (There was SO LITTLE information in English, I tell ya!)

And then, last weekend, just before the fanmeet, my sister and brother-in-law asked if I’d like to extend my stay, to help my mum with all the kitchen-ing and supermarket-ing. I checked on all my other commitments, shuffled a couple of things around, and – ta da! – by Tuesday, it was confirmed that I was staying! I was going to be in Tokyo on both days of the fanmeet!

I decided to Google some more, and on Wednesday night – lo and behold! – I found a site still selling tickets for Day 2 of the fanmeet. Ahhhhh!!! But it was all in Japanese. Dang.

On Thursday morning, my (super kind! And super patient!!) brother-in-law spent hours with me on that site, trying to buy me a ticket for Friday’s fanmeet. We even set me up with an account with that site, coz you had to be a member to purchase anything. BUT. The site rejected all 4 credit cards that we tried to use. ALL FOUR. Aaargh. I was practically jumping out of my skin. The prospect of the fanmeet felt so close, yet so far.

And then my (super smart!) brother-in-law figured out from the site that I’d probably be able to buy a ticket at a convenience store. Apparently, in Japan, you can buy tickets to just about ANY event at a convenience store. YESSS!!! Because my Japanese (obviously) sucks, my (super indulgent!) brother-in-law went with me to the nearest 7-Eleven store and we got my ticket together.


The venue of the fanmeet, the Tokyo International Forum, isn’t that far away from where my sister & brother-in-law live. We’re even on the same train line, and it’s just 6 stops away. WOW. How super cool is that?!??? I mean, Tokyo is a huge city, so it could’ve easily been somewhere really far away. Heck, when my sister was in hospital after having the baby, it took 2 hours, 3 train rides and a whole lotta walking just to get there. In such a huge city, the fact that the fanmeet was this close to me blew my mind. I felt like Gong Yoo was coming to me.

My (super generous!) brother-in-law even offered to take me to the venue, just to ensure that I didn’t get lost trying to get to my Big Day of Gong Yoo. It had to be way early, though, he said, coz he needed to be somewhere else by 3pm.

PERFECT. Coz the merchandise stations opened at 3pm, and what a bonus to be there early to grab my goodies!

By 2pm on Thursday, I was all set.

I managed the urge to leap out of my skin by tweeting and squeeing with all my friends in the blogosphere. All while keeping the ticket next to my laptop, as evidence that this wasn’t just another one of my elaborate k-dreams.

WHAT an unexpected, sudden, last-minute adventure!! Everything fell into place in SUCH a perfect way that I couldn’t have asked for more. And I didn’t even see it coming, to be honest. I’m moved, really, that such a big adventure came looking for me. ❤

The icing on the cake? The blog crossed 100,000 views just minutes before we left the house the next day. What a milestone. And what a way to celebrate. Mind. Blown.


2pm. I leave the house with my (rather amused and very indulgent) brother-in-law, feeling super excited. I can hardly believe my big Tokyo adventure is actually starting. It’s drizzling lightly and every other person on the road is holding an umbrella, except us. Who needs an umbrella when you’re this excited, right? I can’t stop fidgeting on the train.

2:25pm. We get off the train at Hibiya Station and start walking to the Tokyo International Forum. I take a few pictures and lots of mental notes for later, when I need to retrace my steps to go home.

2:35pm. We arrive at Tokyo International Forum. Ahhhh!!!

Brother-in-law shows me the amazing steel structure inside the main hall. We take a picture just coz.

I am excited. We are HERE. How surreal.

2:40pm. We find Hall A and brother-in-law leaves me to my afternoon of adventure.

It’s early, but I’m not the first! There are a few others hanging around but not a lot. There is a HUGE flower arrangement which is the object of many photo ops.

Eventually I find a queue outside and join it, assuming it to be the queue to enter at 5pm. Wrong. Turns out to be the queue to buy merchandise. Makes sense, though. Merchandise is advertised as limited in quantity, and this is the second and last day of the fanmeet. If you want to be sure you get your own little piece of this GY event, better to come early when merchandise stations open.

Some fans show up with trolley cases. I wonder if they flew in for this? Or are they intending to buy huge stashes of merchandise? Or maybe they brought a whole lot of survival kit stuff. After all, it’s a long wait. Plus there’s a typhoon coming tonight.

3pm. Merchandise stations open, and everyone moves in. Everything is just incredibly orderly. I don’t understand much of anything anyone says, coz everything is in Japanese, and my very limited grasp of the Japanese language is not very helpful. Following everyone else’s lead seems to be the best bet.

On a tangent, I start to seriously hope there’s more Korean and less Japanese ahead of me during the fanmeet, coz that means I will understand more. Relatively anyway.

Everything is expensive. 1,000 yen (approx 10.27 USD) for a glowstick, and 2,500 yen (approx 25.70 USD) for a desk calendar. Eep.

I decide to splurge and score 2 desk calendars and a special edition Monster magazine (2,800 yen) which is all in Japanese. I don’t understand a word of it. Lots of pix, tho. Plus, what’s a fangirl to do, since I’m already here? Might as well buy a couple of mementos, right?

More on these goodies later, when I open them up!

3:10pm. There’s nothing to do and nobody seems to be queuing. Everyone just stands around and takes photos with the giant flower arrangements.

3:45pm. I’m a little tired from standing around and wonder if I should be the rebel who sits on the floor. But this is Japan. The land of gentility and manners. I might horrify some folks, I suspect.

I put down all my stuff in an empty phone booth slot and lean on a wall instead.

Heh. Once I put down my stuff, so do 2 other ladies nearby. They snag the phone booth slot next to my stuff. Maybe if I sit down on the floor, so will they? Maybe all these people need is a leader?

It occurs to me that if this was in an English-speaking country, that I could’ve made friends with some of the other fans here by now. As it is, I’m just keepin’ to myself and listening to music and typing these thoughts on my iPad.

I’m thankful for the iPad to keep myself occupied. Many other fans who’ve gotten their merchandise and taken their photos with the giant flower arrangements are just standing next to the walls, just waiting. No earphones, no phone in hand, no book, nuthin’. I’d be really bored if I were them.

4:30pm. Just half an hour to doors opening and getting into the auditorium. Eee!!

I should eat something. And use the washroom. That’s the upside of there not being a queue. I don’t need to keep my place in it. Washroom, here I come.

4:50pm. The floor lights come on. Ahhh!! Doors will open soon!!

I decide on a hunch to investigate the other end of the gigantic waiting hall and find a huge queue. Gah.

I ask a staffer what to do with my ticket and get ushered to a reception desk to exchange my voucher for a numbered seat. Argh.

Why didn’t I discover the monster queue earlier? Coz then I might’ve gotten a better seat, maybe?

Oh well. Shan’t waste time on regrets. Maybe it’ll still be a good seat, even though it’s on L3.

5:15pm. I find my seat and it’s pretty good – I’m almost in the center so I’ve got a good view even though the stage is further away than I prefer.

It’s really nice to be sitting down after standing for the last two and a half hours. There’s soft, soothing music being played over the sound system and my seat is nice and comfy. 35 more minutes before GY is due to come onstage. Wow.

5:30pm. A lady’s voice starts speaking in lilting sing-song tones into the mike. I have no clue what she says, but when she’s done, ads start playing on the screen. How odd. I feel like I’m in a movie theater watching ads and trailers before the movie comes on.

Ah. The ads are for mnet, which is the network that’s going to screen this fan meet sometime later this year.

The 2 ladies next to me have started chatting with each other. I kinda wish I could make a friend too. I haven’t noticed anyone else who doesn’t look Japanese. I could pass for a Japanese I suppose, so maybe there’s someone else here who isn’t local.

The audience is made up mostly of ladies, but I spot a few men here and there. I even see a family: a couple with a little boy. Aw. That’s sweet. They must all like GY. Or are they all here to support the mom’s love for GY? Either way, it’s sweet. I hope little boy doesn’t cry or anything during my time with GY.

5:45pm. The lady’s lilting voice comes on again and she talks for quite a while. I think it’s a bunch of announcements.

More ads. I notice a lot of the ads feature Korean celebs. I spot Super Junior, Sulli, and Song Seung Hun on the screen. It feels oddly familiar yet unfamiliar, seeing Korean celebs that I recognize, yet hearing all the voice-overs in rapid-fire Japanese. This would be even cooler if this was in Korea. At least I understand more Korean than Japanese.

5:50pm. The ads stop and the soothing instrumentals come on again. The atmosphere is getting increasingly electric. I can feel the excitement in the air. There is the sound of nervous chatter in the air, as we all count down the minutes.

7 more minutes to 6pm. My heart is beating faster, even though I look as cool as can be, typing away on my iPad. Is it my imagination or am I feeling a touch dizzy??

6pm. Nothing’s happening. Where is my Gong Yoo??

6:04pm. The music changes and a lady’s voice comes on and says something. I only know she says Gong Yoo’s name several times. Does this mean it’s starting soon?!? I feel nervous from the anticipation.

6:07pm. We’re back to soothing music. Wha..?

6:09pm. They down the lights. Eeeeee!!! IT’S STARTING!!!


Part 1

We start with a video clip, which is basically a montage of various glimpses of Gong Yoo cute, and the audience murmurs oohs and awws at Gong Yoo The Adorable. We see Gong Yoo reading, Gong Yoo cooking, Gong Yoo lazing and laughing, Gong Yoo snuggling up in bed with a drink.

Everyone drinks it up like parched desert travelers finding an oasis with fresh water.

I snap as many photos as I can, and this is the point when I realize that my photos are going to suck. I’m too far away, my camera’s not powerful enough, the screen’s not big enough.

Here’s a smattering of the better pix I got off the video presentation.

After the video clip, the lights snap audibly and dramatically, and suddenly, we see his silhouette. Eeeeee!!!! It’s him! It’s him!!

Even in that split second, it’s hard to miss his build, and his distinctive posture and the way that he carries himself.

The audience screams and light sticks wave madly in welcome. I gape with hearts in my eyes.

Amid the frenzy, Gong Yoo strides forward, and we see him, finally.

He’s wearing a sharp black suit and tie, his hair now grown-out a bit after filming Suspect, and neatly coiffed back. So handsome ❤ The sharp suit is one of my favorite looks on him. Aw. How did he know?

Gong Yoo greets the audience in Korean and thanks everyone for coming, saying that it’s wonderful to see everyone again. I’m a little surprised that he doesn’t say hello in Japanese, since that’s what most celebs would do. But then again, this is Gong Yoo. He doesn’t play by the rules unless he wants to, and it always totally works.

As he greets us, he bows, and I feel it’s as much out of respect as it is out of appreciation. Aw.

The host for the evening and Gong Yoo’s translator join him onstage, and as the host does her spiel in Japanese, Gong Yoo smiles his famous cheeky smile. I practically implode from the cute.

The host excitedly tells everyone to get their cameras ready, and the lights come on, for an official photo-taking session. Gong Yoo obliges by standing and waving, while the entire hall explodes with camera flashes and excited squeals.

He then moves to the extreme right of the stage which extends partway down the side of the first block of seats, and climbs on a railing, so that the fans on that side get a better shot of him. And then he repeats it for the other side of the hall, to more screams, which erupt as much out of appreciation as from the excitement of having him nearby.

My photos of that moment suck big time, but here are some nice pix that I managed to gather:

Through the entire photo session, Gong Yoo is obliging and charming, managing to look at ease and confident in the limelight, yet at the same time, kinda embarrassed to be in that limelight. How does he do that? It’s completely adorable. And swoony.

At the end, Gong Yoo asks for a group photo, much like the one at the top of this post, and we all smile for the camera.

Part 2a

The lights dim again, and the host says something about Gong Yoo mixing a cocktail. I’m like, wha..? But, why?

There’s a makeshift bar to the right of the stage, and Gong Yoo proceeds to pour stuff into a shaker, little jug by little jug. He adds ice, and then starts shaking it up. He goofs around a little, bending his knees a little and bopping up and down in slo-mo accompaniment to the drink being mixed. Somewhere around here (I think), he teases the audience, “Today I feel like giving someone a kiss.” Everyone squeeeals in response, which, of course. It’s Gong Yoo, offering a kiss. Eeee!!

When the drink’s mixed, he can’t open the shaker (ha), and brings it to the bartender standing by, saying his first Japanese words, “すみません” (sumima-sen, meaning, “excuse me” or “sorry”) and bows apologetically. Haha!

The bartender obliges and the shaker opened, Gong Yoo pours the blue mocktail into 6 martini glasses.

As he pours, Gong Yoo remarks that the drink is blue, just like the light sticks that the audience is waving. The response is muted, and Gong Yoo languidly grumbles that yesterday’s crowd was much more excited when he poured the drink, all “Ahhh!!”

Today’s audience then quickly backpedals and shouts out an “Ahhhh!!” – to which Gong Yoo answers, “It’s too late.” The audience keeps going with the squeals, and Gong Yoo mock-sulks, “It’s too late, I said.” It’s off-the-cuff, typical Gong Yoo humor, and I love it.

Next up, picking audience members to come onstage to share a toast with Gong Yoo, with the very mocktails that he’s mixed. Ohh.

Gong Yoo sips on his glass and declares that it’s delicious. He sounds mildly impressed, but it’s obvious that he’s just teasing.

The Japanese host then brings out a big box, and inside are the phone numbers of the audience members. Gong Yoo whips out a phone, and he proceeds to draw numbers from the box, calling audience members on the spot, saying in Japanese, “Hello, this is Gong Yoo. Congratulations.”

As he calls each number, screams erupt from various sections of the audience as people’s phones go off. It’s exciting stuff, and everyone’s gripping onto their phones for dear life, hoping against hope that their phones will ring next.

Between calls, Gong Yoo keeps dabbing his face with a towel coz he’s sweating from the heat of the spotlights. He doesn’t miss a beat, though, and even banters in Japanese on several on the calls, “Hurry, hurry!” Hee.

Five ladies get to go onstage to clink glasses with Gong Yoo, and he even teases one of them, an older lady, that she looks like she can really hold her liquor. She denies it, all flustered, and Gong Yoo sounds surprised as he teases, “No? But I thought you would be able to. Are you sure you can’t?”

Gah. So spontaneously charming. Even while looking uncomfortably hot under the spotlights, and even while still looking like he’s here in the spotlight only coz he kinda has to be.

Part 2b

We then move to the other side of the stage, where a makeshift dealer’s table is set up. The Japanese host explains what’s going to happen next and Gong Yoo gets behind the table and starts shuffling cards.

Basically, it’s an elimination round. 2 of the 5 ladies will be eliminated, and the remaining 3 get a mystery prize.

The game? A blind draw from the cards that Gong Yoo spreads out. If his card is better, he wins and the lady is eliminated. If his card is worse, she wins and gets to stay. Several rounds go by and it’s either a draw or he loses. He mutters, “This is going to be difficult.” Heh.

When one of the ladies finally loses, she protests and asks for a do-over. The audience is on her side, but Gong Yoo straightens up and says with a mock-serious face, mildly protesting, “I believe in fair play. It’s my motto in life.”

He stands his ground and apologizes to the lady. He shakes her hand with a bow. And then, when the lady walks the wrong way and goes back to the center of the stage and has to be ushered off the stage, Gong Yoo literally bends over laughing, saying, “Aw, now I feel bad.” Giggle. Adorable, while standing his ground. That’s skillz.

After the elimination round, 3 ladies are left, and new cards are put on the table. These are larger, and all have different mystery prizes printed on them.

The cards are placed face down on the dealing table, and Gong Yoo mixes them up good and proper.

Lady #1:

The first lady picks, and GY gets to see the prize first. He doubles over in laughter and mock chagrin, and says, “I can’t believe this. I said I felt like giving a kiss..” And the audience screeeams.

Gong Yoo mock-reluctantly goes to the center of the stage and gets down on one knee. Omo!

Then he grins before planting a quick peck on the lady’s hand.

Afterwards, he’s all polite and professional, shaking her hand with a bow, saying, “ありがとございます” (“arigatou gozaimasu” meaning “thank you” in Japanese).

Lady #2:

The second lady makes her pick, and Gong Yoo cautiously uncovers the card to peep at it, only to deflate, “What’s the use, I can’t read it anyway.” Hahaha.

It turns out to be hug. A HUG!

Again, Gong Yoo looks and sounds rather embarrassed by this, saying stuff like, “Really?”

But then, he switches to a gung-ho, “Come here!” and he puts his arms around her, lifts her off the ground, and then swings her around, before putting her down. Omomo!!

The audience screaaaams, and I gape. Wow. He never ceases to surprise now, does he?

Afterwards, the lady’s legs are all soft and she can’t walk. I kid you not.

When the translator tells Gong Yoo what she said about not being able to walk, he pauses just a moment, then gestures to the side of the stage, “Have a seat then.” Pffft. Cute.

Lady #3:

The third lady makes her pick, and again, Gong Yoo peeks at the card, but can’t read it. Heh.

She gets a photo with him, and the photographer is called onto the stage. Before the photo is taken, Gong Yoo asks for permission from her, to excuse himself off-stage to wipe off his perspiration. Aw. How polite. I’m tickled that he’s been sweating all this time, that he’s such a sweat-er, though I feel a little bad for being amused. It must not be fun to be sweating buckets while wearing a suit under the stage lights.

Gong Yoo is considerate and asks what background she’d like for the photo. Then as they pose, we see Gong Yoo display his famous manner legs:

He asks for a second photo to be taken, and then after shaking her hand and thanking her, he adds, “If the photos don’t turn out well… there’s nothing that we can do.” Ha! Cheeky fella.

Part 3

More audience participation type games.

The entire audience is divided into sections named A through J, and GY works the crowd a bit, asking various sections to identify themselves.

He misses several sections, and forgets what section J is called, simply pointing to them with a guttural “yeeargh!!” Hahaha.

There’s a large wheel on the stage labeled with the various alphabets, and Gong Yoo spins the wheel to identify the section of the audience that will progress to the next round.

Section B gets to play, and everybody rises to their feet and plays “kai-bai-bo” with him. It’s an honor system; if you lose the round, you sit down. It works coz this is Japan.

The last 4 people standing get to go onstage to pick a prize each.

The available prizes have been personally picked by Gong Yoo: a red muffler, a black leather cap, a red T-shirt from his favorite brand, an autographed DVD set, and a black backpack. All stuff that he genuinely likes and enjoys.

Everything gets picked but the T-shirt, and Gong Yoo appears to feel a little sorry for the T-shirt, picking it up to sniff at it and wipe his brow a little.

He then fake-throws it to the audience, and everyone screams. Cheeky tease.

Gong Yoo then announces a dance item, and before everyone gets too excited, he clarifies that he’s not the one dancing, and that he needs to do a wardrobe change in the meantime, and thanks us for waiting.

The dancers come on, and Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal comes on. It feels a little odd, but this song stuck in my head afterwards and I woke up with it still swimming in my head. Sneaky stuff.

Part 4

After the dance item, we get another video clip, this time of various stills from Gong Yoo’s last drama Big.

As the lights fade in, Gong Yoo comes back onstage, this time wearing a casual-smart ensemble of crisp white shirt (Eeee!! I LOVE him in a crisp white shirt!), a black pullover sort of vest thing, black pants, and loafers without socks.

Music begins to play, and it’s Because It’s You, the song that he sang on the Big OST.

Here it is, for your listening pleasure:

Gong Yoo Live: Because It’s You

Part 5

The next segment is a pretty extended chat session, and Gong Yoo sits down with our Japanese host and his translator.

The Japanese host sounds perky and enthusiastic throughout, and Gong Yoo maintains his easy-going, laid-back vibe. He sounds genuinely sincere, yet doesn’t come across as try-hard. He’s languid and thoughtful, and funny and witty, and his voice ebbs and flows easily and gently. He sounds relaxed and natural all the way through.

At one point, they ask him about good exercise for young boys, and Gong Yoo talks about swimming, saying that it really works to strengthen and build up the chest and shoulders. The camera immediately pans to Gong Yoo’s shoulders and the host asks, “Like yours?” and Gong Yoo pfffts in laughter, waving it off. “That’s not what I meant.. I didn’t mean myself specifically..” HAHAHA.

Other things that Gong Yoo talks about include basketball (including a bit where he actually stands up and makes a demonstration of how to do a 3-point shot, hee), and how it’d be nice to take a cruise on a large ship like the Titanic, too bad that it’s sunk.

All this while, I marvel at the soothing tones of his voice. It’s lovely on the ears, really.

Here, have a listen. It’s most of the chat session, and if you have better translations than what I’ve provided, feel free to share them in the comments.

*I guess here’s as good a place as any to make a disclaimer: all the translations that I’ve provided are rough ones, mostly. My Korean and Japanese aren’t good enough to do exact translations, and I didn’t understand everything fully either.

Interview-cum-chat Session

We also get treated to glimpses of The Suspect in a later part of the chat, and we did get a peek at some Gong Yoo shirtless in the process. Eeee!! His physique is still as.. eye-popping as ever, just so you know. 😉

Part 6

Another song!

Gong Yoo explains that it’s not a song from any of his dramas or movies, but that it’s a song that he really likes, and he hopes that we’ll like it too.

The performance starts out with a speaking portion, and he says something like, “If you listen to the words I’m about to say now.. You’ll know there’s no one else but you.. If right now I say everything that I want to say in this moment, in front of you, […??]. Even so, we, in this life, should meet once.”

Again, my translation is very, very rough. If you have a better translation, please do share!

He’s no professional singer, but Gong Yoo sings the song with passion and groove and oomph. The song’s got a sexy, bluesy sort of groove, very in line with his personal taste in music.

You can listen to the performance here:

Gong Yoo: Second Song Performance

For his encore, Gong Yoo sings Second First Love, from the soundtrack of his movie Finding Mr. Destiny.

It’s a chirpy happy song, and he even gets a line of back-up dancers. A few times during the performance, Gong Yoo attempts a few dance steps, to the delight of the audience. He doesn’t do more than a few steps, though, and sticks to the singing.

Here’s most of that performance:

Gong Yoo Live: Second First Love

The End

After the encore, Gong Yoo thanks everyone and bids us all goodnight and good-bye, and amid cheers and applause, leaves the stage. But the audience won’t let go so easy, and claps rhythmically for him to come back. And it goes on, and on, and on..

And finally, he does come back onstage!! Eeeeee!!! The audience goes wild, and I stand agape, again. I totally wasn’t expecting this.

And apparently, neither was he.

He exasperatedly implores the audience in Korean, “Let’s go home” but the audience won’t budge. He goes, “I’m not even a singer, what is this??” to giggles from the floor.

After asking after the various countries that the fans are from (I think he’s trying to come up with some encore thing on the fly) he tries another tack, “What about your kids’ dinners when you get home? And what about your husbands?” More giggles from the floor. Choruses of “We don’t have any” come back. HAHAHA.

Gong Yoo tells everyone that he really doesn’t have any more songs prepared, and asks if it’s ok to sing one of the songs a second time, and everyone erupts in cheers. As the cheers die down, GY goes, “Ay, really.. If I’d known I could’ve prepared something” Hee.

Everyone starts yelling stuff at him in waves, and he cheekily reprimands, “I can hear it after you say it just one time.”

The music plays and he sings Second First Love one more time, to the delight of everyone. Afterwards, he ends with “Arigatou gozaimasu.. Annyeong… Kamsahamnida..” And then shouts out, “Saranghanda!!” Eeeee!!!

Listen to (almost) the whole thing here, complete with banter with the audience:

Gong Yoo: Final Encore

Afterwards, it really is the end, and we all start to gather our things together and shuffle off in a dazed cloud of fangirl happiness.

The vibe in the crowd is distinctly much more excited and electric than when we first got into the venue, and for good reason.

We got to see Gong Yoo!! Ahhhhh!!


It’s drizzling as I leave the Tokyo International Forum, and I promptly get lost trying to get back to the train station. I walk around Ginza for a bit, asking random people for directions in broken Japanese. “Excuse me.. How do I get to the Hibiya train?” Ha. Not very elegant, but it got the job done.

Never mind that I was kinda lost, or that it was raining, or that a typhoon was on its way in. My brain couldn’t stop turning over the entire evening. Sure, I didn’t get to see Gong Yoo up close, and yes, my seat was pretty far away from the stage. But it was the experiencing of his personality that made it feel so satisfying.

Through the entire event, Gong Yoo managed to keep an easy-going, laid-back sort of cool. He confidently fielded questions and teased the audience, using lots of off-the-cuff, spontaneous humor, and even let loose a few big laughs here and there. Yet, the whole time, I also got the sense that he felt rather embarrassed at the limelight and adoration, and that he felt genuinely, affectionately exasperated at the stubborn insistence of the audience for more. Despite getting the feeling that doing the fanmeet isn’t quite his idea of his favorite thing to do, I feel that he managed to convey the sense that he sincerely appreciates the love and adoration, and that he was genuinely being himself during the event.

I love that his personality feels so natural and genuine. The easy-going wit and laid-back candid sincerity is a big part of the reason I became smitten with him to begin with, and going to the fanmeet reminded me all over again why I love Gong Yoo. ❤

Annyeong, Gong Yoo-sshi. See you soon, k?


Heh. Since Gong Yoo had a final encore, I thought we should have one too.

Here’s a peek at the goodies that I scored at the fanmeet.

A sample of some of the lovely pix in the Monster magazine:

Lovely, lovely pix!! I’m SO glad they had this available! It’s not officially one of the fanmeet merchandise items, so I was super stoked to see a full magazine of gorgeous GY pix.

I mean, we know how rare those are.

Here’s a peek at the desk calendar that I got:

It’s a frame with loose sheets on both sides, so you can pick the month and your favorite pic of GY that month to gaze at you from your table.

When the year runs out, you can even make and print your own calendar sheets to keep using it. Or, turn the whole thing into a double-sided photo-frame!

Here’s a peek at the photos inside:

I honestly think this is by far the coolest among the merchandise available at the fanmeet.


To commemorate this huge adventure AND the momentous crossing of the 100,000 views mark of the blog on the same day (this fact STILL gives me chills), I’m giving away one of these awesome desk calendars!! Eeeee!! 😀

It’s easy! To join the giveaway, share with us in the comments how you fell in love with Gong Yoo. This giveaway is open to subscribers of the blog, so if you’re not yet a subscriber, you can find the subscribe button on the handy side-bar to your right. 😉

The comments on this post won’t ever close, so we can continue to spazz and squee indefinitely. But the giveaway itself closes on 12 November 2013, which is the day I arrive back in Singapore, and,  it’s also the 11-month anniversary of the blog! Ahh! So many milestones!! Happy, happy things, all.

I’ll randomly pick a winner and announce it the same week. And yes, I will ship internationally.

Last but not least – thanks for joining me on my big Gong Yoo adventure in the heart of Tokyo.. I hope you had a good time ❤

Edit: So I’ve picked a winner for the giveaway AND put together a bunch of Gong Yoo goodies for everyone. Check it out here!

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383 thoughts on “I Was There: Gong Yoo Premium Night 2013

  1. Deadline for the giveaway is close and still, this isn’t my entry. Not that I’m not interested in getting some yoodies, au contraire, but I just wanted to take advantage of this post about your yoonique experience to let you know how I enjoy your blog… and I’m not a subscription-kind-of-girl anyway 😉

    First of all, kudos for that (whatever great adjective with “very” in front) brother-in-law of yours without who we wouldn’t be able to prattle about this Gong Yoo Night (just the name of it let your imagination go a loooooooooooong way). And congrats for your number of views, well deserved!

    Rather than my story with Yoo, it’s my story with your blog that I will tell but actually one could say it’s the same since both stories are interconnected.
    As for many I get to know Yoo with Coffee Prince but I didn’t fall for him at first sight, far from it. To tell the (ugly) truth, I even found him rather unattractive with his too skinny figure and face features I couldn’t just figure out (yeah people, unbelievable but true. Don’t throw me stones, please). It’s the talent he demonstrated constantly throughout the show that stroked me. At this time, K-dramas were very new for me and I watched them with an amused eye: over-caricatural characters who often over-reacted over very simple things like touching or kissing somebody else. But Coffee Prince… no fake surprised outburst, no weird fish eyes/mouth and never-ending slow motion for the kissing scenes, just natural love scenes among other stuff. It simply marked a new era in my Kdrama watching experience. And although all actors were good in this drama, at the end of the day it’s Yoo’s performance which printed my mind and I wanted to watch more of him of course. After the Big (time) disappointment, I was even hungrier (if it’s an English word) for more Yoo works and that’s where your blog came in. I googled “Gong Yoo 2013” and one of the entries was a comment on your KLove for Gong Yoo post by someone saying how she felt embarrassed by googling “Gong Yoo 2013” too may times. I couldn’t help but to burst out in laugh: I could sooooo empathize. Of course, I read your confession post (and you definitely need to tell us how you dig up all those pics because even in googling like crazy I never fall on such treats) and got to watch Yoo in Finding Mr. Destiny and S diary. It’s this last one which totally sold the man to me. We hardly see him but man, he does know how to make any second worth to watch. His scenes exude boiling hotness, fun and excitement at the same time, real-per-for-mance. And the great feeling he has with EACH ONE of his co-star is just impressive, he never disappoints on that matter, truly he is a Chemi King.
    So although that concept of over-scenarized fan meeting is super weird for the French I am, it’s great that you could see the man in the flesh. Because I have to say : so damned talented, so dashing and so single at the same time, that’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too good to be true but now you can witness to all of us that the creature is real, right ? Actually your debriefing makes the all event so vivid for us, I guess we can all attest (I can’t help but wonder why he chose Japan and not Korea for his first fan meeting in years? If I were one of his countrywomen, I would not be cool with that…)
    Anyway, thank you for those lively posts, the Klove confession for Yoo was the first one I read but not the last. It’s thanks to another one of them that I got to know Jang Hyuk (such another fine piece of men !) and for that I will be forever grateful ( I do not follow you on the Kim Woo Bin boat though but I’m am sooooo waiting to sail on the Yoo Seung Ho one with you). So keep them coming please, your reviews really help to progress in the Kdramas jungle.
    By the way, are you watching Mirae’s Choice and Empress Ki (in which stars my Biggest-Korean-Crush-Of-All-Time) at the moment? If yes, please share your impressions with us.


    • D’aw ❤ What a lovely sharing, Asotss, thank youuu!! 😀 I love that you de-lurked to say hello and share your story of GY love and how you stumbled on the blog – I LOVE it!! And no worries about not subscribing.. come to think of it, I used to be exactly that way myself, before I started blogging. I’m thinking the next time I have something worthy of a giveaway, that I’ll have it open to all readers of the blog, subscribed or no. Thanks for bringing that thought to my mind, Asotss!!

      Truly, big thanks does go to my brother-in-law, who played such a critical part in my big GY adventure, from buying the ticket to literally getting me to the venue. I couldn’t have managed without his help, since everything was in Japanese and therefore extra confusing. Without his help, we might not even be having this conversation now! [gasp! What a horrible thought, to have potentially missed the GY fanmeet!] And now that you mention it, the title Gong Yoo Premium Night DOES lend itself to active imaginations!! Uuungh. Sexy, sexy man.

      I actually agree with you, Asotss, GY’s not typically handsome.. at least, not to the untrained k-eye 😉 When I first laid eyes on him, I wasn’t terribly impressed myself. My mum still thinks he’s not that good looking, even though I’ve since TOTALLY changed my mind! 😉 What my mum does agree with me (and you!), though, is his talent. He’s just so deeply in character, and so nuanced in his expression of his character, that he pulls you right in, to experience his emotions with him. And his head-over-heels smitten faces in Coffee Prince totally had me in warm fuzzy puddles. And oh yes, he is bone-meltingly hawt in S Diary. I couldn’t take my eyes off him, even though he wasn’t playing the lead. I’ve replayed that S Diary cut of him that I posted on my GY k-love post multiple times, and I STILL swoon. Every single time. Sensuous, gorgeous man. ❤

      And I totally agree with your observation about GY and how he brings the feels with each one of his co-stars. Have you seen this interview where he talks about kiss scenes? I love how thoughtfully candid he is about it, saying that you kinda have to actually enjoy it, to bring out the emotion onscreen:

      As for my GY treasure finds.. I think it’s partly patience, perseverance & some creativity with the googling ;), and it’s also having lots of sweet friends in the dramaverse who know about my fondness for GY and therefore eagerly point me towards any tidbits that they happen across. How cool is that? It’s like having many pairs of eyes, all on the look-out for GY goodies for me! 😀 If you revisit the Loving GY post, you’ll find that many more tidbits of pix, vids & interviews have been shared on the comments thread now, which I LOVE ❤

      Y’know, I wondered about why Japan too, for the fanmeet.. And someone on either this thread or the Loving GY one pointed out that it must’ve something to do with the orderliness of the Japanese. Being the kind of guy who really is bemused by the limelight and adoration, and who values his privacy, he probably appreciates the orderliness of the Japanese fans and prefers the orderliness to the crazed screaming that he probably would encounter elsewhere? It’s a theory we have, and I tend to think it’s at least a contributing factor ^^

      YAY that you were introduced to the beastly, manly, sexay appeal of Jang Hyuk on this blog!! 😀 I’m a tiny bit bummed that you don’t love Kim Woo Bin too (he’s a sneaky one.. it’s only upon seeing him onscreen in action that you kinda get sucked in, so.. maybe some time when you check out one of his shows?), but definitely, I will get around to sharing some of that Yoo Seung Ho love here too ^^ He’s such a talented, smoldery one, and I can’t wait to see him post-MS, further manned-up. Oof. Can you imagine the smolder turned up a few more notches on the maturity scale?? Wow.

      I haven’t gotten around to checking out Mi Rae’s Choice or Empress Ki, so I don’t have any impressions to share at the moment, I’m afraid. I’m keeping an eye on both shows, to see how they do. I’m likely to pop Mi Rae’s Choice on my watch list. I’m iffy about Empress Ki due to the high episode count, but if it’s got a reputation for amazing, I will watch it for sure! ^^

      Liked by 1 person

      • .. 😉 wow! kfangirl the sugar rush from mochi gives you so much hyperactive things that we love?..and that you found this treasure!….LOL! that was a great link you shared on GY!…and i didn’t know that he had a kissing scene with PSH in a mini drama?….that talks of GY regarding kissing scenes give me a perk!…i smile a lot when he said that kissing a Korean actress is uncomfortable and he would rather have it with foreign actress…and i could sympathize on GY when he said that it’s hard to do a kissing scene because you have to separate your personal feelings from work…oh?… what a man!…he’s right, actors are human too, imagine doing those scenes with lot of staffs around?…quite embarrassing..but in order to make it good he must work professionally minus the feelings…kinda hard…;(

        ….but hey, i am disagreeing on the thought that GY is not that typically handsome…no–uh!…he is kfangirl, he is!…though i am giving my respect to Asotss view with regards to GY….like what they said: “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”…but thanks to her for giving GY a chance…i guess Asotss is rooting for Yoo Seung Ho, a very fine young actor that is in MS btw…. i think she should follow Michelle’s K-shot of Hot…Michelle did a great post about YSH….:)

        I am watching Marry Him If You Dare @drama fever…well so far so good..only because of Lee Dong Gun and Jung Hyongwa…LOL!..and Empress Ki is a sageuk one…with Ha Ji-Won and Ji Chang Wook…it has 60 episodes i think?…quite long,,,


        • Giggle. Isn’t that mochi quite something? ;D I do love how frank GY is, in the interview. He’s just so natural & comes across as so unscripted, I love it! I watched this clip a long time ago, and was reminded of it today with Asotss’ comment about him and the feels he creates with his leading ladies. So glad you enjoyed the clip too!!

          The kiss with PSH is in School 4, I believe. I haven’t seen that drama myself, it’s so elusive due to its vintage. But if memory serves, kaiaraia’s managed to hunt it down, so let’s hope that she’ll be able to share the treasure map to that show soonish! 😉

          And don’t worry, evez!! I now think GY is ALL kinds of gorgeous, charming and handsome. I must’ve been blind before, when I first laid eyes on him in CP! XD It takes an appreciative k-eye to fully enjoy GY’s beauty. My eyes were very new and untrained then! Now I know better; much, MUCH better! ^.~


          • Seriously guys (evez,kiaria,ladyg) reading your conversations here is my morning fix every morning. I wish we are not all over the world so we could meet and squee about GY like there is no tomorrow😄.
            Any news if GY is going to New York this coming holiday? Me and my cousin is dreaming that we might see him in Times Square or Caffe Bene (I wish, crossing my fingers😄)


            • D’aw!! How awesome is that, that we’re part of your morning routine?? 😀

              Actually, Lady G is way over in NYC, so you’re closer to her time zone than we are! That’s the beauty of these online conversations – you join in whenever you’re able & it’s all good ^^ Sometimes there’s a lag, yes, but it happens even for those of us in similar time zones. So jump on in, ling, we’re always happy to expand the squee-fest!! ;D


            • @balingling…thank u for making this awesome blog site of kfangirl as part of your routinely sked…GY to be in big apple?…who knows he might?…GY frequently visits Japan, i don’t know if America is part of his sked…should we catch a spell on GY to make it happen?..that would be great!…LOL!…

              ..isn’t this blog site of kfangirl mystic?…we all gather here to have session with our gorgeous man…<3 GY fangirls unite…one of my dreams is to make this blog site of kfangirl as the official fan site of GY..hahaha!…;)


              • Hey wow, you’re having big dreams for the blog, evez! XD Thank you!! I don’t know about being the official GY fan site.. I’m just happy that GY fans gather here to share & swoon together regularly ❤


                • 🙂 …so am i kfangirl!…but to dream that big is free anyway..hahaha!…anytime of the day!…i just wish that there is a representative from Korea as well?…where have all those ahgassis and ahjummas of Korea gone?….it would be great if one of those ladies from Korea join here….. 😉 <3<3<3


              • LOL. That is until she might find the next guy to drool over! ^;^ I don’t mind. I’m a total equal opportunity K-fan girl myself!


            • Now you’re not just reading! You’re chatting with us. How cool is that!


          •’s okay kfangirl…it’s good enough that your untrained k-eye then gave a deeper and second thought on GY…well, i don’t know but when i saw GY in CP it has different effect on me…that Choi Han-Gyul character develops in me that i went overboard to find more of him…

            i guess i have to check School 2004, i want to see that scene…PSH is so young then and GY is in mid 20’s…hope it’s available on the net..


            • I know you’ve found it already, evez, but for anyone else reading who’s interested, kaiaraia’s just posted the link to some of the School 2004 episodes, over on our Loving GY thread.. Go check it out there! ^^


    • Yey! A French gal on your thread, Kfangirl! Isn’t that awesome?!


      • Very, VERY awesome! 😀 It boggles my mind every time I examine the countries that show up on my dashboard. There are fans in SO many countries looking for kdrama stuff, it’s just wonderful & amazing. I should try to find a way to share that *digs in widget portion of the dashboard*


  2. @kaiaraia…YAY!’s a good thing you have a partner in life that also love the things we love….it’s rare i think…your hubby must be lovable person and him being drama enthusiast is great!…what an awesome couple!…<3 😉


  3. 🙂 …oh!..hello kfangirl!..nice to be backed after a one-day-rest from this fangirling thing…..this is so much a missed really!…i read your reply as well as Lady G.’s from my mobile yesterday…y’know it’s so tedious to response via mobile…but reading those replies made my day brighter despite that we had just bashed by typhoon again…though Manila is not that affected, i felt so remorseful over the Visayas region specifically Samar area…my prayers are with them..

    …and i am in concur with your thoughts as well as Lady G’s about GY’s savoir-faire in using gadgets and the netz…and him being “cool” on those stuffs probably make him chancy and on-hands exploring is somewhat a bit naught for him… i guess he wants to reserve that and have it perplex that way…..and we always, always love him for that…..distancing himself a bit gives us a breathing space…LOL!…so each time something new about him comes up we give our 100% of GY’s fangirl madness… 🙂 <3<3<3

    .now tell me?….you see? could a fangirl escape from GY's charm?….he's so adorbs! and so gorgeous to take no notice of?…GY why are so tempting?…wea?…LOL!.. 😉


    • It IS harder to reply via mobile.. Though I am grateful that it’s an option open to me.. The WP app is pretty useful for keeping up with comments on the go.. Except on flights, which is why I’m kinda catching up only now 😛 It’s so great, though, that you ladies have been keeping the conversations going even while I wasn’t around. I LOVE that about this space! ^^

      I’ve seen some footage & pix on the damage done by Haiyan, and it’s heartbreaking, to say the least. 😦 I’m glad you ladies are ok, but my heart does go out to those who’ve been hit on a much more personal level. It’s sorta comforting to know that GY and our related spazzes are bringing even just a little bit of brightness to your days ❤

      And yes, I’ve come around to the fact that it’s basically impossible to escape GY’s charm. Even when he’s not actively on the scene or on our screens, he’s quietly holding onto our hearts; gently, coolly, and very, very fully 😉


      •’s really heartbreaking each time a dreadful incident popped out from the news…though Manila is not affected i could not give a complete thought on being cheerful..KUDOS to all countries that provided their financial support to us… 🙂

        and i’m glad you’re back in your lovely abode….more sensible fangirling is expected!…you see?…a fangirl from different parts of the world is gracing this awesome blog site of yours!…GREAT!… 🙂 <3<3<3


        • That is true. The silver lining for situations like these, is definitely when people from other parts of the world come together to extend hands of help and care. I hope help reaches them swiftly ❤

          I’m super happy to be home too, evez!! And yes, talking about the various countries represented on the blog with you ladies today, I poked around and found a flag counter, which I’ve just put up in the side-bar a couple of hours ago! It doesn’t take into account my stats to date, but it’s started counting countries & visitors, as of today. In a while, you ladies will be able to see where all our friends are located ^^ Woot!


  4. Halu! I almost forgot. Here’s my Gong Yoo love story.

    My Gong Yoo Love: The Beginning

    I have been watching kdrama through local television since the early 2000s when Autumn in My Heart, subbed in Filipino was aired. I fell in love with kdramas instantly as they were short and very decent. My viewing habit was basically through local tv until Jumong aired. I couldn’t have enough of Jumong and Song Il Guk so I started surfing the net. And then I discovered Crunchyroll. I was dismayed as Jumong was not yet in the list. But to my delight, there were lots and lots of SIG goodness. I shared the gold mine with my then-bf-now-hubby who digs Asian movies. I did not know how he came to know Kim Sun Ah. But a few moments later, we were watching She’s On Duty. I was like… oh, the lead man is so handsome. He’s a delight to watch. But I did not bother to find out who the actor was. Then there was S Diary. Hey, there’s that neat, good-looking guy again. Oh my! He’s hot! What’s his name? I had a crush. So began my curiosity. I watched everything he’s in online except his first few projects simply because I couldn’t find them. Though I like him a lot as a baseball player in Mr. Gam (he looked like a pro), adored his freshness in BTSC and found him sexy, both rough and refined, in OFD, he was still a far second to my first ever K-love, SIG. But like most of us, I fell head over heels when he showed up as Choi Han Gyul on my screen. I already know he is all sorts handsome, charming, funny, dashing, sweet, endearing, hot, sexy… but my oh my… this guy DOES act! And act SO WELL! That beach scene and that alien talk stole my heart away! Just… pure BRILLIANCE! BTS and interviews revealed him a witty, fun-loving, and introspective person. Since then, he has taken over the throne. And will remain so. GONG YOO. My biggest K love. My one and only!

    … I wish hubby doesn’t find out. Otherwise, he might think I love Yoo more than him. Oh wait… I think I do… LOL! … He might regret ever showing She’s On Duty to me… LOL!


    • D’aw! Thanks for taking the time to share your story, even in the midst of your busyness, kaiaraia! What a fun treat, to read about your love story with GY! I am SO tickled still, that it was your hubs who indirectly, unwittingly introduced you to GY, who then slowly but surely usurped top place in your k-loving heart! XD

      Y’know, I once was a big Park Shi Hoo fangirl myself, and managed to fan that fangirl flame quite unwaveringly for a good several years. Who could it be, who eventually toppled PSH off the k-throne of my k-heart? Why, GY, of course! XD GY’s a bit of k-bandit that way, isn’t he? Stealing hearts wherever he goes? ;D And with good reason too. He’s so effortlessly awesome. Sigh.. ❤


    • Very funny ‘Love’ post Kaiaraia. I know this is a GY post, but have to say…SIG fans unite! LOL. He’s the ultimate Sangnamja!

      And Kfangurl, this link is for you, (Or anyone who wants to read it. It’s so worth the read!)

      \ 101 K-Pop culture words you absolutely must know. I think you will be more than happy some of the gifs on there. I can’t remember if GY kissing from CP is right up top, and you’ll see Woobie, and Lee Jong Suk.


      • SIG is my first ever k-love, and you know first love, they never die. How’s Jumong coming along?


      • LOL! Thanks for this, Lady G! 😀 Altho DF wasn’t very exacting in a number of the definitions, some of the examples were super funny! My hands-down fave in the entire post, is LMH’s banana milk CF. Hysterical!!! XD When I imagine him filming all those goofy moves, I can’t stop giggling out loud XD And yes, it’s always, always nice to see GY, Woobie & Jong Suk! ^^


        • omg, I actually forgot to watch that. How hilarious! I’m thinking that Tom Cruise broke the mold for handsome young guys to just get down in private (when he did his dance in Risky Business in his shirt and underwear and air guitar.) LMH is just too adorable. And the ‘Labamba’ music played to Banana ‘milk’ was awesome.


          • Ikr?!?? That La Bamba music, with those awkwardly hilarious Banananana-uyu lyrics, and his hysterically goofy dance moves just makes this SUCH a cringe-tastic video!! XD I just HAFTA post it directly here, for easy rewatching for us all! ^^


            • ..:) my gosh!..LMH is so cute doing that banana dance to the tune of La Bamba…it tickled ,me…gorgeous LMH doing aegyo… ❤


              • Oh my my my…. He’s so cuteeee it hurts. I sent this to my cousin and after few minutes she called me, she said she’s in Macy’s by herself and she need to squeeeeee and she can’t do it alone because people think she is crazy…..😄😄😄


                • Yes, isn’t there something just so ridiculously dissonant about him doing all that aegyo, evez?? I couldn’t help cringing and grinning at the same time! XD

                  And what a funny story, ling!! I can totally imagine your cousin trying to contain the squee, then having it all burst out of her once she got you on the phone, LOL!


                  • ..yep, dissonant in a way but LMH is just so delightfully delish! hahahaha!…you simply cannot resist a khottie such as LMH…mmmmhhh,,,..yummilicious! bwahahahha!…no wonder why that banana milk commercial is that famous!..<3


                    • Well, given how well-loved LMH is, I’m not surprised at all that his CF would get lots of attention. Gotta give him props for letting loose and getting all undignified for the CF.. I mean, life’s embarrassing moments come and go, but CFs live forever..!!! XD Lol.


    • Like you said: “… he is all sorts handsome, charming, funny, dashing, sweet, endearing, hot, sexy… ”
      Ah! Indeed! Thanks to you, I’ll add ‘She’s on Duty’ next on my list to watch. Need to cure this GY fix until his next film comes out, ‘Suspect’, right?


      • Have you seen S Diary, CJ Babe?? I LOVED him in S Diary.. Sooo sexy!! *spazz* And yes, Suspect will be out soon!! It – and HE!!! – looks fabulous, from the trailers & stills. 😀


        • Yes, I have seen S.Diary, thanks to YouTube. They have the full movie, eng subbed and all. And whew! Damn, he’s hot. Another character different from his others, very well portrayed: ❤ the sexy, cool, funny mama’s boy GY!!! =P


          • Oh yes, he’s so, SO sizzling HAWT in S Diary. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. And then had to replay all his scenes, just to drink in the hawtness some more. Swooonn~~ As a secondary character, I think it’s safe to say that he wasn’t just a scene-stealer. He basically stole the whole show!! XD


    • That bit about your hubby made me giggle! I can totally relate, coz my hubs is totally jealous of Gong Yoo. Seriously. He hates that half naked Gong Yoo is on my blog header. Hahaha! Will I remove it? HELL NO, not even for the hubs ;D


      • HAHAHA!!! DDee!! YOU made me giggle out loud, seriously!! XD Your poor hubs. He must be so upset with GY’s hawtness. But at least you were kind enough to sort of fade the images & then splash your blog name across it in big bold letters. That kinda-sorta-maybe detracts from the half-nakedness.. at least, that’s what you can tell the hubs! ^.~


        • Hah, yes! The fading was my one concession to him, and I told him he should be thankful. I’m a terrible wife! Which reminds me, I should start working on some new Gong Yoo headers.


          • Lol! Your hubs sounds like a reluctantly tolerant man 😉 And new GY headers! I’ve been meaning to work on some too! When inspiration strikes, hopefully I’ll be adding some new GY ones to the mix. Fighting, us! ^^


            • Reluctantly tolerant is a very apt description! He hasn’t got a choice really, when it comes to Gong Yoo.

              I’m totally inspired by that manner legs photo. How cute is he there?! He looks good enough to eat! I wish I could reach through the computer and give him a big fat schqueeeeze!


      • Hahaha! Very cute DDee. My hubby has a nick for GY. He finds him so tall he calls him “the post”. 🙂


        • My hubs doesn’t have a nick for him, he just makes a face and pouts! If he happens to see me surfing and a random K-actor pops up, he automatically assumes it’s GY, like, oh HIM again. Kekekeke..


          • Same here DDee. Even if I’m watching Heirs, he’d say “Gong Yoo again!”. So to make him take a peek, I ask him how does he find the ladies, like PSH. Well, he found her pretty and even remembered her from Cyrano Agency movie. 🙂


            • Oooh so good that he watches K-movies! Mine will only watch movies with guns and bombs, and he’s not interested in the women. I tried to get him to watch Chuno, and City Hunter, but he just couldn’t handle it. Shirtless Jang Hyuk was too much for him, and he couldn’t stand Lee Min Ho. What to do?!


  5. I will kill to have a desk calendar like yours, rhetorically speaking. Having Gong Ji Cheol’s face reminding you of your schedule? I’m sure you’ll never miss an appointment again.
    I say, it’s meant to be for you to be there, and get to share this amazing experience with us (not there), made us feel as if we were there too.


    • Oops! Crap! I totally missed the ‘giveaway’ part… ok, yeah, it’s still me …. cj_Babe. YES!!!! I WANNA JOIN your Blog’s 11th anniversary giveaway …. because i will totally kill for a morning of Gong Yoo staring at me sayin…. UGH! you have a GYN appointment today; or, call your mother today, or its time to pay the rent. So OK> here goes, the rules, how I fell in love w this dude:
      It was love at first sight when I met him as Choi Han Gyul in Coffee Prince, no! not because he was in nude on the first episode. lols, but because he was so cool and laid back, and the way he loved Eun Chan made me feel warm in the belly. I felt sick after I finished the show because, I could not get over him. I became a googler with a mission: Search for anything with 공지철 a.k.a. 공유 . It was mad to have seen each and every one on his filmography, whether it was a cameo, a small part, or a full lead role. But it sure satisfied the GY craving. “Hello My Teacher” was my favorite. Although, his roles in “Big” and “Silenced” also proved his versatility as an Actor. Oh and yeah, I fell more deeply in love when I heard him sing. Even if I don’t initially have a single clue of what he was singing, his voice made me understand (yeah, later on, google-d translations) his feelings. I wish I could see more of him and hear more from him.
      That is why I am thankful for 21st century technology for creating a window from one side of the world to the other, and of course for Bloggers like you, fangirl-ing can be exhibited no matter when, where, or what you are. I really hope this entry is worthy enough to be chosen by you who ♥’s 공유, like me =D


      • PS:
        If two elevators open if front of me, where Johnny Depp’s in 1 of ’em and Gong Yoo’s on the other, there is no question which elevator I’ll choose and I will not even explain. Here’s my thoughts on that:



        • @cjbabe…there’s one thing in common about Johnny Depp and Gong Yoo…both is reclusive when it comes to their private lives…


        • Welcome to the blog, CJ Babe!! And yay for more GY love in the house!! 😀 I’m so glad you enjoyed the post and sort of felt like you were at the fanmeet too!! When I was there, I really would’ve loved to have English-speaking fans to talk and spazz with, even while in the midst of all the Japanese fans. It’s too bad I didn’t meet any. But this way, on the blog, I sort of get to spazz with fellow fans too – albeit after the fact. 😉

          Aw, I love that you fell for GY on first sight in CP! I LOVED his performance as Han Gyul in CP too, even though it took me several more encounters to really fall in love. Gosh I LOVED the smitten faces he wore whenever he thought of Eun Chan!! Ahhhh!!! Just thinking about those scenes and that face makes me squee inside ❤ I don’t blame you for not being to get over him after the show ended.. I don’t think I’ll ever stop wanting a Choi Han Gyul of my own ❤

          I so agree about GY’s singing!! He’s not a technically skilled singer (& I don’t expect him to be), but where he really, really shines, is his ability to express the emotion of the song. When he sang “Because It’s You” for the Big soundtrack, his voice was close to cracking, from the insane live-shoot madness. But I could FEEL his heart in song, and couldn’t stop re-playing it on a loop, it was so good! I LOVE that he can act – ie, portray his character’s heart – even in song.

          And oh yes, GY > Johnny Depp, in my mind, any day!! ;D


  6. Here’s my bid for Gong Ji-Cheol a.k.a. Gong Yoo

    Aaahhh!….*deep sigh* Wow!…how many years now Gong Yoo?…it’s been five years…five years of unrequited love…funny but it’s true…hahaha…….you know in the k-ent world there are many adorable k-hunks that catch the attention of every fangirls’ eye and I’m proud to say I’m one of them…..Honestly you are not the first eye candy that made me swoon…it’s Hyun Bin…..
    Suddenly there’s 1st Shop Coffee Prince, being simulcast in our local channel….then I saw the male lead cast …. the stunning figure, the manly look, the smoldery..i said..what a beautiful man….you stole my heart away from my first flower boy Binnie completely…

    Coffee Prince became popular here as well as you are in my heart….that I need to be home before the prime time telecast and how I am so much in distressed when I missed a part of the show…good thing there’s the net to recap the episodes I missed…and even the telecast is done, I have to find a dvd copy so that I can do the re-watch…consider it extreme but it’s true.

    Thanks to the power of netz….this is where I found your personal info plus other works you have done on tv/cf/photo shoot and film…so much to my delight I have to register in various sites to know more about you. I then came across an article that said you love to sing…that singing part in Coffee Prince is just a portion of your singing talent…I have to see more of it…several videos of you singing at fan meet awed me…you completely blown me away…for me you are a complete package…as a regular fangirl of k-drama, OST plays a big part… has to be included in my playlist…that’s what I did in all your cover songs and to all the songs you recorded as OST….

    I’ve seen some of your movie and drama, I don’t need to compare and scrutinize each of them….i’m not a certified critic anyway. Some of it is good some is not…in every work you did it may contained imperfection…but you see?…sometimes a fangirl has her own right in dealing those imperfections…I may not fancy some of your drama or movie…but what a heck?…It’s Gong Yoo that my eyes focus on and nothing else. It’s like loving someone unconditionally…whatever project you did I think you made and chose it wisely…it may not end up the way you want it or your fans may have some disagreement on some of it but it’s okay..

    I love surfing infos about you on the netz unfortunately, some of your personal details are not available, but I have so much respect in you being an elusive personality….the more mystifying you are the deeper my admiration has grown….the recent interviews and articles about you have somewhat very profound and showed what is inside you…I love you even more for that.
    If there’s one thing to thank for aside from knowing you as an actor…its but exploring this LOVELY blogsite of Kfangirl….you see, I’m not good in writing and sometimes I made my piece ungrammatically done or with typos…honestly, out of loving you I found this site and started giving comments…this is not really my thing, when I open a site I usually do the readings only…At first I’m too reluctant to rant what I feel about you but when I started reading comments from a fellow fangirl…I said I need to spill everything out here…you see my real friends do not fancy the Korean entertainment much as I do, so I need a comfort zone and gladly I found it here….this is where I can say and give my thoughts about you as many as I can..session and brainstorming with fellow fangirls are awesome!..knowing a Gong Yoo lover and acquiring them as a friend from a different world is fantastic… 😉 ❤

    Before this end here is an excerpt of a song by Jann Ardenn which I love(Insensitive) dedicated to you Gong Ji-Cheol…I change the first line of the lyrics to make it appropriate:

    “…ohh you really, really don’t know me
    It’s probably ancient history
    I’m one of the chosen few
    Who went ahead and fell for you
    I’m out of hope, I’m out of touch
    I fell to fast, I feel so much.
    I thought that you might have, some advice to give
    On how to be insensitive”…..

    ….kfangirl…i apologize for making this bid too long and nostalgic..hahahaha!…GY effects is on me….<3<3<3 i also included the video of the song…thanks… 🙂


    • My gosh I haven’t heard insensitive in years upon years! I remember buying the single TAPE of that. LOL. And what happened? She became a one hit wonder. That was upsetting. Great post about your GY love, Evez!


      • @Lady G. …thank you very much for the appreciation…it always feel great when the acknowledgement comes from a fellow Gong Yoo lover….<3 …the song Insensitive is one of the great songs in 90's by Jann Ardenn and it has a remake by LeAnn Rimes..both version is good….that song i always render whenever we have a gathering or i'm with my friends in a Karaoke…so,when kfangirl ask for a bid on how we feel about GY i thought this song is a perfect medium to use…thanks for liking…<3 😉


        • I never heard the Leanne Rimes version. I’ll have to check it out. No problem. I enjoy reading the experiences. I just realized I probably lost major brownie points for not having seen Coffee Prince, haha. 😉 But that’s okay. One day I’m gonna have gather some friends for Karaoke. It looks like so much fun.


    • D’aw ❤ What a sweet love letter to GY, evez! Love it!! 😀 And naw, rewatching CP is not extreme.. We’ve ALL done it! I watched it 4 times when it came out in 2007, and there’s a full rewatch in my not-too-distant future (with a full-on review to go with, I’m thinking!).. So, rewatching CP doesn’t make you crazy.. at least, not around these parts! ^^

      I love what you said about loving unconditionally, and also, that bit about how he must have chosen his projects carefully. That’s so true. I do believe that GY’s serious about his craft, and he must’ve chosen each project with care. And oftentimes, you can’t actually tell how it will turn out in the end, until you get there. And like you said, some projects have fared better than others. But every single time, GY’s brought his personal best game, and that’s what matters. Like, even though Big isn’t a great drama, GY is great in it, and makes it worth watching, just for his performance alone.

      Like you, I’ve been loving the recent interviews that we’ve seen.. I LOVE that the more we find out about him, the more substance he appears to have. Our GY is definitely not just a pretty face – or just a hot-bod, heh. And that’s what I love about him.

      Yay that you found us here, evez.. It’s so great that you feel safe here and enjoy unwinding here.. ❤ Squeeing together and sharing our various thoughts over delicious tid-bits and other fab finds with other like-minded fangirls is definitely one of my favorite things about hosting this blog. ❤❤ *smooches*


      • aww!..thank you for liking my sentimental post on GY…LOL!…you know when i made that one my mind is pondering what to write…i couldn’t think much so i ended up like writing a love letter to GY…i just type every words that comes to my mind spontaneously…i’m thinking this is the best timing where in i can truly let out what i feel for our GY…..between the lovely giveaway you have and having the chance of saying what i feel?…i’m after of the latter!…hahahaha!…joke!…i’m after of it both!…of course i love that personalized calendar of GY, everybody does!..but whether to have it or not?…mmmmmmhhhhhhmmm…..oh ! man!…the competition is tough!….ok, ok, ok!..whoever gets it congrats and enjoy it…wouldn’t it be great if it’s me though!?…hahahahahahaha! ….just enjoy the posting on GY!… ;)<3<3<3


        • I could totally feel your sincerity shine through in your love letter to GY, evez.. If only GY had a chance to read it, I’m sure he’d be touched ❤

          And definitely, the sharing is the main thing, in my mind!! I mean, yes, the giveaway is a fun highlight, but mainly, I really wanted us to all share our stories.. What better way for GY fangirls to bond, right, than sharing our stories? ^^ And as for who will receive that calendar to have GY gaze at her from her desk, we will find out next week! ^.~


          • …oh thank you for feeling it with me kfangirl…i know that GY runs in your system as well….errr..*giggle*….but the possibility of GY reads my love letter?…oh…geezhhh!…that would be between fun and embarrassing…LOL!….as i’ve mention in our previous discussion, how i hope that this blogsite of yours will catch GY’s attention….i want GY to know that there is a fangirl from outside of his territory that exerted an effort out of deep admiration to create and share her wonderful advocacies about him and that you
            is you kfangirl…<3

            …and in case he reads my love letter..i'm pretty sure it's not a big issue for him anyway…GY being a well known personality has surely received tons of letter similar to mine…and being famous and active he might not have time anymore reading all of it…so chances are very slim….though it would be a great honor if he casually open your blog site and give it a try…..hope he did!…you see?..i just can't give up… 😉

            …so let us see…who knows?…..<3<3<3


            • Ooh, GY runs in my system! I like the sound of that! 😀 Like, GY is in my blood, Lol! XD

              And I know that feeling, evez! The embarrassing yet fabulous sensation of “oh yes, read all about my love for you, but *cringe & squirm* how embarrassing if you actualy did!” sort of feeling.. That’s EXACTLY how I feel about the thought of GY ever reading my various blog posts about him! 😛

              But who knows, right? Some celebs do google themselves to get a feel for what people are saying about them.. Although, I have a hard time imagining that our too-cool-for-school GY would ever bother to do that. I mean, he doesn’t even bother going to red carpet events, right? ;D


              • 😉 hahaha…y’know this fangirling thing sometimes take you to the utmost that you learn to invent idiomatic expression just to satisfy the enthusiasm…..and my thoughts are running between the possibilities…like what you said…who knows?…in GY’s boredom moment he might?…i wonder how techie is he in using gadgets or even in using netz?…..i bet he doesn’t much of that thing ‘coz even his twitter account is inactive….so the way i see him he would rather listen to his mp3 or ipod player all day long since he loves music..;) between gadgets and outdoor activities i guess he would choose the latter…like fishing or plays basketball with his close friends…


                • You’re right, evez!! 😀 Sometimes – actually, oftentimes – I’m grasping for the best way to express an emotion that I’m feeling, whether it’s for a k-love or a drama I’m reviewing, and it’s when I feel like I’ve run out of words that sometimes I start to get *really* creative 😉 Who says nursing our k-passion is a waste of time? It even grows our ability for creative expression! ;D

                  In my mind, GY’s savvy enough with the techie stuff to do all the tweeting, searching & gadgeting.. it’s the desire to do so that is probably iffy with him. It’s not that he CAN’T do it, but probably that he just can’t be bothered to do it, coz he’s too cool that way 😉 Like, it probably doesn’t bother him one way or the other what people are saying or thinking, or NOT saying or thinking about him, and that’s why he probably doesn’t get active online. So yeah, he’s probably spending his time doing stuff he prefers, like music or sports, like you mentioned.. Not that he doesn’t care about us or anything.. He’s just.. too cool to sweat these kinds of things ^.~ At least, that’s MY take!


                  • I agree with you. I’m positive he’s smart enough to get techie with it. lol. But I think an actor will drive themselves crazy if they spent time reading and paying close attention to everything being said about them online. However I’ve never met any K-drama fan that doesn’t like or love Gong Yoo. He’s just too cool and has such a charisma to capture hearts right away. Other actors have to grow on you.


                    • That’s so true.. Actors who care too much about what people say would only be giving themselves a hard time. And it’s so like GY to not actually care, vs. those who struggle not to care or pretend not to care. I LOVE how cool he is!

                      ALSO so true – GY’s just so effortlessly charming, swoony, endearing & LIKABLE. You can’t NOT like him, or, as in our case, you can’t NOT love him. And get all melty over him ^.~


                    • He’s a gentleman. I never knew what manner legs were before I saw him do it in an interview. And then that long interview he gave where he apologized to the fans for his bad mood/attitude on the Coffee Prince set, how sweet was that? Because I can imagine he really broke some hearts that day. You know how fickle fans can be.


                    • I really loved the sincerity in his apology.. To think that he still felt bad enough after such a long-ago incident, enough to apologize publicly to those fans.. aw ❤ How can you NOT love this man, right??? 😀


                    • It was a pretty random thing to bring up. Something only he might know that he did and how he felt personally about it. Other celebs would have just shrugged it off and said later they had a bad day. But he remembered years later and was very sincere. :melt: :swoon:.


                    • Exactly!!! To think it was top-of-mind enough for him to recall it so vividly, and then apologize so sincerely, for something that happened in a really brief moment so long ago. Just, wow. Such a sincere, genuine kinda guy. And without even looking or sounding like he’s trying or anything. It’s just his way of.. BEING. Love! ❤


                    • There they go! Those lovely manner legs that go on forever. LOL Thanks!


                    • I know! I just LOVE that pic. It’s such a nonchalant and off-handed moment, and he doesn’t even appear to be paying attention, but he still shows consideration. Aw ❤ Plus, I love how hot he manages to look even in candids!! Gorgeous man ❤


                    • Thanks for sharing this @kaiaraia! HOW MUCH DO I LOVE GY HERE?! I’m dying. Like what Kfangurl said, it’s the off-handedness of the stance, plus his absolutely devastating hotness without even trying. ACK. What a lucky woman, whoever is tying his tie! To be that close to his royal hawtness…Gaaaah *faint*


                    • You’re welcome gals. Love those candid photos too. There’s another one I’d love to share, a candid from his VS CF but I couldn’t find the site where I got it. That pix speaks to me a thousand words. How do I share a photo directly?


                    • Hm.. I think the pic has to be hosted at a url before you can share it directly.. If you use flickr or photobucket or even facebook, you can host the photo.

                      Then if you want the photo to show directly in comments, you can follow the instructions here:

                      If you like, you can email the pic to me, and I could upload it to my photobucket, and then share it for you? ^^


  7. yeah…i’m sorry i’ve missed your short message on the upper right side of this page…thanks…


  8. … the love letter for GY?…should it be on this page?…or the other one?…maybe i post it on two pages…hahaha…


  9. Its really his personality that gets you, everytime! Since Dogani, I’ve considered him Justice’s Advocate. Ahhh, this man, so full of essence. I love him then, I love him now, and I will love him forever!

    Ah, the contest. I should write mine and join. 🙂


    • Yes, absolutely it’s his personality. I mean, he’s gorgeous and totally drool-worthy. But it was his personality that sealed the deal for me too. And I’m just filled with respect for him, after Dogani made such a real difference in actual legislation. Wow. ❤

      And yes! You totally should share your story and join in the fun, kaiaraia!! 😀 You’ve still got a whole week! ^^


      • i have to agree with Kfangirl…City Hall is a good watch…Cha Seung Won and Kim Sun Ah are great in that drama especially the romantic and love scenes….as for GY’s S Diary i find it a not a good movie but if you want to ogle and see GY goodness it’s worth enough..i prefer She’s On Duty..


  10. Wow. That sounded like so much fun! Congratulations to you! I love the way he croons tunes. It’s cool that he can come out to do this for his fans, even though it’s probably against his nature since he’s a private, somewhat quiet person. The whole martini/phone segment sounds hilarious. You think a celeb in America would ever do stuff like this for fans? I’ve never heard of ‘fan meets’ before diving into Asian entertainment culture. Only stuff like comic-cons, etc. I know they do rent out hotels and all for certain things like cult movies, etc. but nothing like this, on a stage with games and songs!

    The kiss/hug and his comments crack me up!! The lady is stumbling to walk and he tells her have a seat!! ROFLMBO!! what a gentleman! NOOOT! haha

    How I fell in love with Gong Yoo: (I think I wrote a short memoir. lol)

    My first Gong Yoo ‘sighting’ was the movie ‘Finding Mr. Destiny.’ I was new to K-dramas-just started watching in January 2013. And I was eager to find more after I had my Song Joong Ki fix with my first drama, ‘Nice Guy.’ I had seen ‘A Werewolf Boy’ in the movies in December and the scales fell from my eyes. I was eager to find more K-movies. I had no idea about the beautiful world of K-drama yet until I googled SJK’s acting resume, found drama fever, and the rest is history.

    I realized Netflix carries foreign films. I saw the cover for ‘FMD’ and I thought this guy making all these goofy poses looked extremely adorable, and plot sounded like a lot of fun. I watched it, laughed a lot, swooned at the end, but didn’t fall ‘in love’ just then. The kiss was perfect though. It made me giddy. And later Gong Yoo would prove to be one of the best ‘kissers’ I’ve ever seen in a K-drama. He can surely sell it! But my first gut reaction I just thought, wow, this guy is tall, he’s cuddly like a teddy bear, and kind of resembles a cat. He was so handsome and had a charming air about him. Then I put ‘Silenced’ in my queue, because I debated whether to watch it with the subject matter.

    I went back to Drama fever and started looking up some of his drama work. I know I will get flayed for this, but Coffee Prince did NOT appeal to me, and it still doesn’t. I haven’t watched it. Only scenes here and there. But yeah, I thought he was super fine there. Everyone has told me to give it a chance. I know, I know. One day I might. There’s only so much Yoon Eun Hye I can take. I like her acting, but sparingly. Right now I’m watching ‘Marry him if you dare.’ My favorite with her is ‘Vineyard man.’ But I still haven’t seen all of her dramas.

    Then I came across fluffy, bright promo photos for ‘Big.’ The Tom Hanks movie immediately flashed through my mind and I was thrilled! Gong Yoo looked decidedly goofy, yet totally hunky. (I tend to use that word ‘goofy’ often in describing him! Despite that now after watching some interviews that he’s a quiet, introspective man, who probably battles shyness as well.) His leading lady (who eventually became one of my favorite K-actresses) was beautiful and they looked good together. Here was a funny plot I could sink my teeth into. I had already seen how ‘Fantasy Couple’, while funny in parts all around, shattered ‘Overboard.’- one of my fav. eighties comedies. Again I blame the leading lady. I like her in some things, but not all. She, or the writers anyway, totally missed the point of Joanna’s transformation to a kind, humble, woman. Even though they tried. But Oh Ji ho just thrills me in anything.

    Anyhoo, now I was extremely curious what the Koreans would do to ‘Big.’

    Long story short. I enjoyed ‘Big’ far, far more than most viewers who panned it. The ending confused me a lot, it went too existential and meta-physical and all that. I think I’m still a bit confused, but I get it. At the end of the day it’s a ‘Noona’ romance, and she’s just going to have to wait until that twin grows up to look like Gong Yoo. haha.

    Did I fall in love then? The Hospital scene and Gong Yoo’s big appearance. popping up from his coma in the cold mortuary plodding down the hall in only a white sheet around his firm waist. Those legs…those legs going on forever. (Manner legs, I love you!) At that moment you could have mopped me up. I was goo. I believe I ‘rewound’ that scene a few times. But it wasn’t just that I was having glorious hot flashes, I really felt his character’s pain and confusion, and even cried along with Lee Min Jung when she saw him alive.
    And then I cracked up heartily watching the crazy side of him as the drama progressed. I was on the cusp of ‘love.’

    I later watched ‘One fine day’ a totally different look for him compared to what he seems comfortable with now. That drama was so heavy handed that after a while I had to tune out. But I fully realized what a talented man this was. His huge, roving eyes always get me though, they can ‘twinkle’ and appear happy, but they can be full of sadness and concern. Like they were for most of that drama with the disappointing ending. Still, my admiration of his acting grew. I sought out some more of his early films, they didn’t do much for me and I didn’t care for them. I knew that he was still very young and just finding his footing as an actor, taking whatever came his way. ‘S diary’ his ‘bad’ guy role in ‘My tutor friend part 1’ ugghhhh, Gong Yoo’s talents far surpassed those lame roles.

    I also watched ‘retro’ Gong Yoo with ‘Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy.’ He was terrific. GOOFY AGAIN! Playing a teen in a Noona romance when he’s about a year older than his co-star. Gong Hyo jin was the same as always. She’s very good at her craft, but she just doesn’t appeal to me as an actress. (I’m so picky with the actresses, but I drink up the actors like water. haha)

    I finally built up the courage to watch ‘Silenced.’ The words ‘blown away’ can’t describe the emotions the movie put me through. And THIS was it. THIS was what made me fall in love with him! I was impressed not just with his oscar worthy performance (Or whatever the Korean equivalent of an Oscar is.)

    I was enraptured with the fact that in REAL life, his heart was moved by this pitiful story of the orphans and decided to use whatever power he had as an actor to bring this horrendous act to public light. And as I later learned, it was to his surprise that it caused major reforms and public response.

    I’m eagerly hoping Gong Yoo does another drama, something serious with action and real romance, to get rid of the sting of ‘Big’s failure. (It wasn’t to me!) and I’m looking forward to seeing his new spy movie!

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!! 😀


    • DAEBAK, Lady G! THIS is the kind of love story I’m hopin’ to see more of!! Blow by detailed, glorious blow! 😀

      I love your first impression of GY: tall, cuddly, handsome, charming, and.. like a cat!! XD My mental picture right there, is GY lazing on a deck-chair, with the sun dappling his face, and he’s dozing, smiling in his sleep. Like a cat would. Giggle. Ok, now I wanna climb all over him! XD

      And YES he is such an amazing kisser!! I think a lot of it has to do with how much of himself he puts into the scene.. It’s never a mechanical kiss, like he’s just doing what he’s told. You can always feel that he’s reacting in character, and exploring the moment as his character would. He is in the moment, in character, and he delivers the scene like he means it. Which translates into him kissing his leading lady like he means it. And that just gets me, every single time. Melt.

      Aw, I loved GY in Biscuit Teacher!! Adorable noona slayer ❤ I love Gong Hyo Jin!! 😀 I didn’t love her rightaway (I first saw her in Pasta), but she’s really, really grown on me. She’s now one of my favorite actresses, and I consider myself pretty picky with the actresses too. She’s got such an earthy, natural charm, and she imbues that into her characters so that I end up enjoying all of her characters that I’ve seen so far.

      I can hardly believe you haven’t seen Coffee Prince, Lady G! (It’s almost as unbelievable as the fact that I’ve still not seen Silenced!) Gong Yoo is ADORABLE, and nuanced, and sexy, and charming in Coffee Prince. And this is my favorite YEH drama so far. She doesn’t play the role with a shred of vanity, and she is so believably boyish that it’s shocking to think of her otherwise graceful CF image. Give it a chance, when you’re in the mood for something fun AND good. I rewatched E1 the other day after the fanmeet, and got sucked in right away. It’s actually better than many more recent dramas, imo. In the meantime, I WILL steel myself for the disturbing content in Silenced and give it the attention that it deserves.

      Also! YES, GY is sooo funny in person!!! And charming! My favorite, favorite bits of the entire evening, were his off-the-cuff comments. It was all so delightfully unscripted and so charming and witty. Gah. What a reluctantly charming man. ❤❤❤ His bemusement at the audience’s refusal to leave was also very apparent, and that tickled me pink!

      I’m SO looking forward to Suspect. And YES PLEASE, A NEW GY DRAMA. A solid one, just like you said!!! 😀 I’d like at least 16 hours of GY, please ^^ According to the grapevine, GY was apparently courted for the upcoming drama Miss Korea, but he turned it down as he’s not interested in doing a drama at the moment. I really hope a fantastic script goes knocking on his door soon, coz that would be the kind of thing to change his mind!


    • Sorry for butting in on your comment @Lady G, but it so so SO breaks my heart that Coffee Prince doesn’t appeal to you because I totally fell in love with K-dramas and Gong Yoo because of it! I firmly believe that he took Coffee Prince to places it never would’ve gone to in a lesser actor’s hands. The drama was always gonna be a solid one to begin with coz of the script and the talented director, but Gong Yoo makes it that much more special. He sells all that emotional pain, and gives it depth, and treats it delicately too, coz we all know all that angst can veer over to the wrong side of cheese right? But he never does that, and this drama never does that–it’s both silly and serious, swoony and gut-wrenching but never, ever cheesy. And it’s largely thanks to how good the acting is, Yoon Eun Hye’s too. She keeps pace with him, and both of them really just play off terrifically together, one of the best pairings in dramaland EVER. To call Coffee Prince a rom-com doesn’t really do it justice in my book. It’s a special creature, like a mythical, mystical forest nymph! ;). There’s no other drama like it that I’ve come across. And hands-down, one of the BEST soundtracks to ever come out of dramaland, I’m absolutely convinced.

      Ok, I’ll stop this rather embarrassing outpouring of CP lurve now. But I will say, if you sat through One Fine Day AND Big, there’s really no reason why CP shouldn’t go down a treat!


      • Well that’s okay for ‘butting in.’ LOL. I’m no fool as to say I would never ever watch it and hate it without having gotten the full scope. I get a niggling sense I will enjoy it. Because it’s Gong Yoo, and YEH had great chemistry with all her co-stars. And lets not forget Lee Sun Gyun, the amazing LSG, is also in it. But To be honest, “gender benders,” do not appeal to me in any way, though I know how this one turns out.

        I get wary and weary when fans constantly rant and rave over one particular thing (could be drama or movie), I don’t mean one person or a few liking it, blogging about it (like our lovely Kfangurl for example.) I mean, everywhere you look the drama is hailed as the King and to think otherwise is blasphemy. That mass fanship just turns me off to it entirely.

        Like BOF, for example, fans bow to it, blah blah, and I watched some and it was a huge disappointment. When things get overhyped I cringe and keep away. I suppose this time the hype is to be believed. I won’t trash CP because I can’t, I haven’t seen it, I don’t like to do those things if I’ve never seen for myself. AND I don’t want to eat bad words later. lol

        I have a huge and full drama plate right now too. Including Japanese and Taiwanese offerings in the buffet. I’m following lots of new K-Dramas airing now. There are 2 older ones I want to finish – so close to the end. I suppose I can put CP on the ‘retro drama’ plate. And check it out next.

        And you have sold it really well, too, DDee! I love your flowery descriptions. 😀 I don’t want any fans of CP who read this to feel I’m belittling their feelings. There are dramas I love where I can write glowing praise just the same. 😀


        • YAY that you’re going to check out CP, Lady G! And DDee sold it REALLY well. Mystical, mythical creature?? Giggle. Yes indeed. Both CP AND GY 😉


        • Hah I dropped BoF like a hot potato as soon as Go Jun Pyo appeared on a cruise ship to whisk Jan Di away somewhere. Ah well, if it ain’t your thang it ain’t your thang! No need to explain. My gushing is a product of my intensely personal experience with it. I came across it without knowing much about it really, and I was surprised by it. The right dramas find you when you’re ready ;P.


          • Your gushing is fun, I can tell it came from the heart. And interesting you should mention having intense personal experience. Not sure if it relates, but I was having this conversation with another drama fan and sometimes you really relate and see yourself in characters or the situations and it draws you into the story more. Or you even learn a thing or two along the way. Either what or what NOT to do. That’s happened a few times for me.


            • And for me too!! *waves wildly* Goong was one of those shows for me.. It was cathartic AND educational for me, at the time of watching it, and it will forever have a special place in my heart. Some shows are totally worth gushing about, is what I’m sayin’ 😀


              • I think I gush the most about Chuno at this point. The story, the soundtrack, the adorable baby prince and best It has 3 of my favorites as leads. TRIFECTA! And General Choi makes 4. SWOOOONNNN


                • Oh gosh, there is SO much to gush about for Chuno too. SUCH a fabulous show, seriously!! A work of art, no question about it. Worth a re-watch and then some.


                  • As much as I love it, i haven’t done a full re-watch. I usually never do, I just like to rematch favorite scenes. I had wanted to with my sister (I’m slowly drawing her in to K-dramas, but she’s not a crazy fan like me) but alas, she’s getting married at the end of this month and shooting off to Florida. I’ll be all alone here with my K-drama obsession. She’s not good with marathon runs either. So that’s that.


                    • Aw. You still have us, Lady G.. And maybe your sis will somehow come around even while in Florida? Hallyu IS taking over the world? ;D

                      I am partial to full re-watches myself, for the full experience (that’s how my Chuno review was born, after all!), but I can totally see how re-watching favorite scenes can be fabulous.. like multiple bottles of lightning all strung together for one intense, glorious soak ^^


                    • She said she would watch Chuno in Florida. But I was like yeah right. Go enjoy and get used to your marriage and husband first. LOL. She can barely make it through 1 episode of K-drama now. I think it’s reading the subs. Some people just zip through them because they are avid readers (I’m a professed bookworm my whole life.) Others find it tough and distracting. But she likes the whole K-drama concept. etc. We really enjoyed Good Doctor, and are finishing up Rooftop Prince. I would have started her watching Chuno but at the time she wanted something funny and fluffy. LOL. We could try and marathon Chuno but it won’t work for her. lol. We have 5 ep. of Rooftop and she’s like, okay, we’ll watch one a night. I just stare at her, for me right now, 5 episodes could easily be done in 2 nights. 1 if I really tried and had time. Different strokes for different folks.

                      I tend to do my ‘scene’ and ‘retro’ watching on Fridays and weekends because all the new dramas air early in the week, and nothing new comes out after then. At least on Dramafever. I don’t mind. Like I said, always something on the plate. 😀


                    • That’s true, getting used to a new locale AND a new station in life would probably take up all of your sister’s bandwidth.. It’d probably be a while before she would have some time for Chuno. I do hope she gets to it sometime, though.. So much awesome in that show!!

                      Also true – subs are hard for some people.. It’s additional effort to watch a show, now that I think about it. You need to split your attention between what’s happening on the screen, AND read the subs, and that can be tiring for some people. Maybe that’s why one ep a day is good enough, for your sis. And also, I realize there’s no way to really multitask while watching, coz you need to actually look at the screen to follow what’s happening. Well, unless one understands enough Korean.. but again, if your screen’s got a k-hottie on it, why would you even want to look away? ;D


            • Yes absolutely. Like I said, sometimes the right drama finds you at the right time! Or it might be the right drama at the wrong time, in which case, you might totally fall for it at a later stage when circumstances are different. Ahh the mysteries of the (drama)verse! 🙂

              Although, in CP’s case I can completely objectively say (you may choose to believe me or not!), that it is shot and directed in a way that’s unlike any drama I can think of in that it’s more naturalistic. People eat, sleep, brush their teeth, cut their toenails, converse, you know, like regular folks, unlike now where everything seems glossy, big budgety, and staged. It’s a huge part of why I luff it so. Hmm and it seems like I can’t stop myself from trying to sell it. I’ll stop now! Oh wait I lied, I just though of another drama that’s naturalistic–A Wife’s Credentials, another one of my faves. Ok I’ll shuddup now…


              • LOL. You are all hard sellers. I like the realism in dramas. People being normal and not over dramatic. So that’s a big plus. 😀


              • Oh wow do you see a Ton of realism in “Answer me 1994”, it’s pretty hilarious. And very touching the way everyone is bonding like a family.


                • You’re right! That’s one of the things I love about it, although I’m not watching along at the moment. I loved how they all nodded along to the theme song of that drama in ep 1. LOL. It’s something a family would do.


                  • Yeah, and as they get closer all the boarders become like family. One episode is almost entirely devoted to bathroom humor! LOL. Although it’s Korean culture in 1994, a lot of the stuff brought me back to that time as well. They even sneak in American songs. Like 4 Non-blondes and ‘What’s up? at the end of a touching episode! If any song takes me back it’s that one!


                    • You mean What’s Going On by 4 Non-blondes? Was that 1994?? Holy. I remember that. Crap, that was almost 20 years ago. Damn I’m old! 😉

                      Ah bawdy toilet humour, I LUV!! One of my fave scenes in the drama EVER is one of toilet humour from Kim Sam Soon! Sounds like Reply 1994 is shaping up nice, despite sounding like a retread of 1997. But why fix it if it ain’t broke, right?!


                    • LOL. I didn’t see 1997 so I can’t compare. And yep, that’s the song. I was going on 15 when I first heard it. And Kim San Soon is on my never ending drama list.


                    • Oh then I think you’ll love ’97 too, similar vibes all around, but I’ve only seen one ep of ’94 so far.

                      Aaaaannd I’ve determined I must be a little older than you, just like every other drama blogger out there! But nevermind me, it’s my early-midlife crisis mode talking…HAH.

                      And Sam Soon is another one of my eternal favourites! It’s the only drama so far that’s made me laugh til I shat bricks. The funniest toilet scene, the funniest karaoke scene. And the swooniest kiss scene, which has a lovely, intimate and most epic build-up at almost 20 minutes long! I’m no expert, but I wonder if this scene itself makes the drama pretty special for the sole reason of how rare it is for two characters to have a 20-min conversation.


                    • LOL. Somedays I have an early mid-life crisis too. I’ve been meaning to watch Sam Soon because i really like Both leads. I’m actually finishing up City Hall with her now.


                    • Oooh City Hall! How is it? Did you like it? It’s been on my list forever! I figured I need to be in the right mood for it coz it takes a while to get going.


                    • It does take a bit to get going, but it’s really funny, and like a good k-drama pricks your heart in little places. Cha Seung Won is in top form, playing the charismatic jerk. The rest of the cast is great. It’s really like a ‘My fair Lady’ story as they groom her to be Mayor. I have about 4 more episodes left.


                    • Talk about coincidence, was just chatting with someone else on my blog and she was just saying City Hall is one of her faves, and it made her fall in love with Cha Seung Won!

                      Oh boy, this conversation is now nothing to do with Gong Yoo! BUT, if Kim Sun Ah and Gong Yoo ever did a drama together, I would jump for joy! A sweet, grown-up comedy would be so perfect for them.


                    • I can definitely see a drama or Movie with KSA and GY! Here’s hoping. I’m wondering when the Spy will be released. And if it will come overseas to NYC.


                    • I’d love to see them in a drama together!! Did you see them together in S Diary, Lady G?? They do have great chemistry! 😀

                      I just read that The Suspect will be released in cinemas on Christmas Eve. Eeeee!!! Hopefully that includes a cinema around here!! ^^


                    • I saw S Diary. I didn’t like the movie, but they did have chemistry. He played a good slacker. And aha, ‘Suspect’ that’s the title! Just saw an a poster image for it on Facebook too.


                    • Oh yes, GY in S Diary = A good, sexy, completely delicious slacker! ;D He’s so deliciously yummy that I didn’t care that the rest of the movie wasn’t as, er, engaging 😉

                      If Suspect opens at cinemas here, I am SO going to ogle GY on the big screen!!! Can hardly wait!!


                    • Oops, ‘What’s going on’ I had a feeling it was earlier than 1994, it was 1992. Cuz I distinctly remember it when I was still in Junior High now. I was confused. It was a good song to play in that little scene anyway. 🙂


                    • City Hall!! I LOVED City Hall!! You should totally watch it, DDee!! 😀 It took me a few eps to get sucked in, but after that, I was sucked in GOOD. Kim Sun Ah & Cha Seung Won manage to be wonderfully comic yet absolutely emotionally grounded at the same time. And the kisses. So tender & so real. A must-watch, I say! ^^


  11. …yes we just can’t get enough of this beautiful man!…..GY has really an enticing taste when it comes to music…i’ve seen a lot of videos of his fan meetings @YT and what made me fall in love with him is his choices of music he rendered consistently whenever he had a fan meet…..that for every song he sang he did it heartily, making sure that his fans would definitely love it….

    in this video you would notice him doing some lip singing on Jung Yup’s part, it only means that he is keen of that song and love it by heart….seeing him performing like that always give me an enthusiasm..

    …balingling is right, i also feel the same….each time GY flashes on screen or hear his voice in my playlist i feel like a teenager…spazzing to the max!…<3


    • Heh. We literally CAN’T get enough of GY, with his activities being so muted and limited.. But thankfully, the promotions rounds that come with the premiere of Suspect is giving us lots more than usual, to keep our appetite sated ^^v

      Oh yes, I picked up on the lip-syncing too! Clearly a sign that he knows the song well and likes it. And that he definitely worked hard to prepare for the performance as well. Aw. And isn’t it cool how GY has that effect on us all? He seriously reduces otherwise dignified girls into an instant state of spazz XD


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  13. ….and please allow me through your site to indulge Gong Yoo again with the rest of you….love this song….i listened to this every night before going to sleep….aww!…i just can’t quit can’t i?….<3<3<3


    • Aw. Thanks for sharing more GY goodness, evez! ❤ You KNOW we can’t ever quite get enough of this man, don’t you? ;D

      It’s a nice song.. sweet and ballady, yet not too far from his personal taste in music, with a few interesting licks and chords in the arrangement.. I do feel his choice for this year’s fanmeet is closer to his personal preference, with a more bluesy sort of groove. But hey, this is GY. We lap up all that we can get, don’t we?? *slurrrrp* ^.~


  14. The Suspect Trailer/BTS. I’ve shared this over at the Loving: Gong Yoo post but for the sake of those who have not subscribed to that post, I’m sharing it again here.


    Just want to share this.. Hoping that I could watch this movie..


    • KYAAAA! Thanks for sharing!! Wheehee! I’m in bed sick as a dog, but this made me feel SO MUCH BETTER! Ah, Gong Yoo looking scruffy and erm angry is quite a change but hey, I’ll take him any way I can get him!


      • Oooh, GY all fierce and scruffy.. that’s hawt. *takes a moment – or several! – to gaze at the awesome* Thanks, ling, for being the lovely bearer of more GY!! 😀 Apparently his character’s not such a nice guy in the movie, but like DDee said, I’ll take him any way I can get him! XD And all those action scenes!! Ahhhh!!! GY, being a lean, mean, action machine??? Can. Not. Wait. Squeee!!


  16. 🙂 hahaha!…if so then i’m making that GY’s speech blown out of proportion!…woah!!! big deal!?…..surely the writer of that speech knows how to tickle a fangirl’s imagination…anyway, if GY made that speech himself?.. well, he really know how to tease his fans….

    but, him yearning for someone is more entertaining though!….LOL!…


    • Well. One of the indisputable characteristics of a fangirl is the ability to fantasize 😉 We can always make of it what we want. And I like to imagine that he was talkin’ right to me, hee!! And for sure, GY knows how to tease his fans.. I mean, “Today I feel like giving somebody a kiss”??? Mischievous tease indeed – whom we all love lots ‘n lots ❤


    • But does our Gong Yoo do and say things just to tickle? There must be some truth to it. I’ve read he was deeply involved in the preparation of this fanmeet so I infer he pretty much know a lot of details. Does he not do things he doesn’t believe in? I’m with you evez, and I feel our GY is really, really lonely. Longing… Yearning… I think he is quite anxious of waiting for his one true love. *sigh*

      “…even so, we, in this life, should meet once…” Hang in there, Yoo… I know, it can be frustrating, even. Been there… But, just hold yourself in steadfast wait and soon your world will be exploding with rainbows and unicorns. Hey you! Kfangirl, make that happen!

      And Evez, better start organizing that interview so these two could finally meet! LOL… But, how about Woobie?

      Btw, Kfangirl, can you translate that song for us? Have you found out the title or the artist? I’m wondering if that song’s theme is similar to The Last Time.


      • Gosh, you girls are certainly stirring the pot, and adding lots of spices & suggested inferences! XD My fangirl imagination is all fired up, I tell ya. & it’s all your fault! XD

        First of all, I’m sorry that my Korean isn’t good enough to provide a proper translation of the song’s lyrics.. But it IS very much in line with what you said, kaiaraia. The song has sort of yearning, longing, slightly regretful lyrics. If I’m correct, the gist of the song is that of revisiting a love that he’s once put away, in a moment of honesty, to say what he really means. Make of that what you will, ladies *raises brow suggestively*

        As for Woobie.. y’know I love ’em both. But Woobie’s technically unavailable. & GY’s recently reminded me all over again why I was so completely smitten with him to begin with. Gah. Gorgeous, charming, alluring and completely sexy man. Yes, I volunteer to hold your hand on the beach, GY.. & keep you company so you won’t feel lonely anymore ^.~


        • You got me laughing for a long while there girl!

          … revisiting a love that he’s once put away… how poignant… oh Yoo, I wish I could ease your pain…
          I wonder if it involves an actual person or the idea of that one true love he put away… Reminds me of an article when he was a little boy wherein he said he had a friend whom he thought he was going to marry… that was really cute. I should find that. Whether real or just the thought, in this regard, I’m all hats off to Woobin for braving the rain.

          A visual accompaniment to your vivid account…


          • ..i just wish there is an English subbed on the fan vid that kaiaraia shared….our man is walking like a beauty queen, parading, waving and patiently accommodating to all fan’s request….oh my!..GY really looks good in suit…he’s so beautiful!…


            • Like a beauty queen! Got that right, evez! *squee, squee, with kicking too*


              • He is ADORBS. And swoony ❤

                I can provide some translation of the Korean but not the Japanese voiceover. The host is basically just facilitating the entire process, and GY is spending a bit of time at each section so that the fans at each section get a chance for better shots.

                At the part where GY gestures for his mike to be put on, he says that he met the American fan at the airport when he arrived in Tokyo, while going through immigration (Gah!! What a fantastic bonus, to meet GY while going through immigration while coming to see GY!!!!!!).. to confirm, that’s when he asks, “Is that you?”

                After that, just before he does the slightly robotic moves, he goes, “What is this.. like [i think he names a robot here?]. Then he moves on, saying, “Like Miss Korea..” and waves his beauty pageant wave, and then curtseys for the crowd, HA.

                Then he asks the host where to next, and she confirms it’s the other side of the stage. That’s when he walks over and climbs on the railing, and he explains that this way, the fans over there can see him better.

                At the next section, he mutters something about striking a cool pose, before chuckling and grinning while he does just that.

                He next addresses a couple in the audience and asks them if they’re husband and wife. After that, at the part where he laughs at something, I think someone in the audience yells at him from the audience, and he answers, “Even if you don’t say it to me like that, because of your hair, I can totally see you.” HAHA!

                I can’t quite make out what he says at the end, but I *think* it’s something to the effect of instructing everyone to make sure to delete all the photos that don’t turn out well, and to only circulate the nice ones.

                Hope that helps you ladies enjoy the moment a little more!! ❤


              • The first time I read this (GY Premium night) it was last Saturday 7am just woke up and I’m having a sleepover I want to screaaaammmm and I didn’t realized that I’m kicking like a 16yo girl seeing her ultimate CRUSH…(I think that’s was teenager does nowadays😃)
                Oh we’ll reading all the comments here makes me wants more of GY…. GY wait for me I’m going there (Korea) next year😍😍😍😍😍😍…


                • I KNOW, RIGHT?!??? GY brings out the fangirl in me, seriously. I went all starry-eyed and goofy-grinned just being in the same room as him, even though he was so far away.

                  And, me too!! Squeeing with everyone else, while lapping up the various goodies shared here & on the GY thread, totally whets my appetite for more GY!! Can’t wait for Suspect to premiere!! Plus, gosh you must be SOOO excited to be going to Korea next year!! Woot!! 😀


                  • I’m glad, thankful that you have this blog atleast here I don’t have to justify my feelings for him😍😍😍waaaaaaaa. My friends are laughing at me I always told them that it’s not just the looks it’s the personality the more I watched his interviews (thank goodness there is subtitles) but even without subs I can feel he is really different from other actors but of course I can’t ignore his chocolate abs…..***slurrrppp***

                    Three months ago Korea is not in my travel plan but now it’s number one in my list.. How I wish I could see him there😍😍😍😍😍.


                    • *sputter* JUSTIFY your feelings for GY?!?? Nuh-uh, you’ll never have to do that here, ling, coz we ALL geddit. XD Absolutely, it’s not just the looks. I mean, even while I was drooling over his (royally magnificent!) chiseled-ness in Big, I didn’t fall in love till I saw him in interviews and BTS snippets. It WAS his personality that sealed the deal. Coz choco abs there are aplenty in the k-universe, but true personality is a rare and precious find indeed! ^^ And GY has SUCH an appealing, laid-back, charming, witty personality! ❤

                      And high five, ling! Korea is #1 on my list too!! I just might be able to make it happen next year as well, so.. here’s hoping! ^^v


        • omo!omo!omo!…i’m not on this site yesterday….hello kfangirl!…and the rest of GY’s ahgassis….LOL!…i’t’s me again…signing in!…hahahaha!..i need to be off yesterday ‘coz RL situations called it for…no wifi on the area…it’s Nov. 01 yesterday and we need to pay respect to our dear departed…i don’t know how Tokyo celebrate Nov. 01 but here in the Phils. it’s a non-working day and every Fil. is busy going to cemetery to give respect and commemorate with their loved ones…

          …ok back to GY premium adventure..OMG!…i really missed a lot!…..that wonderful song that GY rendered and shared here has been echoing my mind…yesterday, while on trip to the area my headset is on my ear playing my GY’s playlist non-stop and thanks to you kfangirl for sending that song…i only wish that GY did not cut the song and finish it before giving the talks…but then it’s fine….it’s his voice anyway…

          Can you tell me how can we stalk this reclusive man and sway him to do a fan meet in Singapore?..hahahaha!..oh my!….i don’t know how far this fangirling is going to take us…as i read i think his movie “Suspect” is about to be premiered this coming December?.

          If GY happened to visit Singapore i’ll ask kfangirl to purchase a hand towel as many as she can to dab GY’s face while doing the interview it would be a lovely giveaway for us girls….LOL!…

          Kidding aside, the soon to be GY’s woman is very lucky…as i can see that woman will be the one going with him on the beach…she’ll definitely gonna be Mrs. Gong….i remember in one particular interview the host asked him if when is he going to settle down, GY replied, “now you sound like my mother” and answered that he wants to get married before reaching the age 40….that means even his own mother is anticipating and might even nag his son about it…so i think if GY met his match he’s gonna marry that woman almost immediately….ouch for us!!!…<3<3<3;(….

 for the meantime, while GY is still single let us indulge ourselves with wishful thinking of him…create your own moment with GY effects the way you want it to be for free!….hahahahahaha!….;) <3<3<3


          • Aw, of course real life priorities comes first!! It’s adorable, though, how you managed to make GY a part of your day anyway, by having GY sing into your ears all the way through! Clearly, GY’s never far from your mind, evez! ;D

            Yes, The Suspect is due out in December.. Although, some news sources quote November as the release date.. In either case, it’ll be out in a matter of weeks, which, Eeeeee!!! 😀 Badass action GY!! On my screen!!! I hardly bother to go to the movies, but if this plays in Singapore, I’m gonna go see him on the big screen and sink into the sea of glorious GY goodness!! XD

            GY plans to get married before he reaches 40?? I can deal with that.. As long as he marries me..?? LOL!! Hey. A fangirl is allowed to dream, ok? Daydreams, night dreams and all other dreams in between 😉


            • …too bad that movie is not going to be shown here in our country…i guess i’ll have to wait it through net again…:( you see how delicious our man with his new physique and tanned skin?…and those still photos look really great! … him doing stunts….with that scruffy images….GY swayed my heart again…..*deeply*…@#$%…..

              ….yes, he said that in an interview…possibly before reaching 40….and we all know that he is like a wine…..he’s getting more beautiful as he aged and it looks like you don’t want to let him go yet…..ahahahahahah!!!! same with the way i feel!……hahahaha.;) ….. stay with US forever!….<3<3<3

              …and if i were that American fan…i'm not just going to ask that one…..i would definitely run fast and ask him can i hug and kiss you….please?…ok, ok, ok….it's so much fun to be a fangirl…especially on this site….it's boundless!!!…


              • Man, aren’t we thankful for the internet?!?? Without it, we’d hardly ever get to see our favorite shows and our favorite stars, at the rate that stuff is released! XD And I’d be reaaally upset if I couldn’t get to see Suspect, after getting a peek at the GY awesome in it!! >.< Thanks to the internet, though, I know that I WILL get to see it, one way or the other. Phew. *smooches the net*

                Nope, nosirree, I'm not letting go of GY, nuh-uh. He's deeply entrenched in my fangirl consciousness, come what may!! And MAN, can you imagine the mind-bending awesome of going through immigration, on your way to see GY, and then! Seeing him IN THE FLESH while going through immigration?!????!!!! *faintz* How supremely amazing is that?! @.@


                • Gals, you’re SO FUNNY! That’s another reason I love it here.

                  Did I mention I was supposed to be in Korea the week GY was in Japan? It’s a blessing it did not push through as that would not give me any hope of running into him through immigration. hahaha. Hope to come in April 2014. Kfangirl, Balingling, should we come together and stalk him? hahaha

                  What?! Justify your feelings for Gong Yoo?! Never mind them. Just spazz and spazz away girl.


                  • Kaiaraia Kfangirl that would be really fun , let’s go together so we could hunt GY together❤️❤️❤️❤️.


                    • Wow. A fangirl holiday?? *imagines the awesome* This could be potentially cracktastic. We could visit GY & collect on those hugs, all while eating our way through all the different kinds of kimchi Korea has to offer, & all the BBQ pork that our hearts desire XD And kimchi pancake. I LOVE kimchi pancake. GY and Korean food. My holiday is complete 😉


      • @kaiaraia….so i’m not the only one feeling that speech!….GY’s speech is almost nostalgic that my heart almost waver for him..<3


        • “…he’s gonna marry that woman almost immediately…”: we’re so in sync, evez. I said exactly the same thing to kfangirl over at the Loving Gong Yoo thread.


          • Ok, I have to agree with you girls on this one.. He seems to have thought it through pretty deeply, and seems to know the kind of woman that he wants to marry. So once he finds her, I don’t think he’d drag his feet to put that ring on her finger. Although, I don’t think he’d rush it either. He strikes me as the kind of guy who’d take some time to savor the process, even as he moves towards marriage. ❤❤❤


  17. ….as i’m still soaking in with this GY adventure and listening again to the song on the part 6 portion of your post…i reread the parts of your translated words: “If you listen to the words i’m about to say’ll know there’s no one else but you…if right now I say everything that i want to say in this moment in front of you…even so, we, in this life, should meet once”…..wait, wait, wait! could it be our man is proposing to someone in Tokyo?….who could be that girl?….he must be imparting the message to someone close to his heart?……or longing to meet the girl again?……woah….i’m having a deep thought right now…uhmmmm…the way i see it he does….


    • Giggle. I think your imagination is *almost* as active as mine, evez! What with your k-dream of me interviewing GY, and now, hypothesizing that he’s speaking those words to someone in Tokyo?? While we’re at it, can it be me, pretty please?? After all, I’m STILL in Tokyo..& it feels like he came all this way to see me..!! ;D Say it to me, Gong Yoo, say it to meeee~~ ❤


      • 🙂 oh my! …what a day to start kfangirl!…you made me laugh loudly!!!…you see, i’ve been exploring your post over and over…and i guess for the 2nd time missed the translated words you made on part 6 as i’m more focus on the song…..but last night as i do the reread i suddenly stuck on this paragraph… my mind is fluctuating between the possibilities …is it prepared or just an impromptu?it can or can’t mean anything however, why must the content of his speech implied yearning?…..

        ahhh!…if it’s you that his longing for?…i’ll go for it!…in that way, we’ll be having more GY goodies here for sure!!! LOL!… 🙂

        ..this mystifying beautiful man will continue to kill us with vagueness…


        • Hee! It did appear to be prepared as part of the performance.. But yes, there IS that remote possibility that he spoke those words meaning it for someone. In which case, I’m leapin’ up and down to volunteer to be the recipient! XD


  18. Wow, it must have been a dream come true for you. I’m not even a die hard fan of Gong Yoo but I am jealous that you got to see your favourite Korean man in real life.


    • I guess it IS a dream come true.. I never did think I’d get to see him in real life.. And then this happened, out of the blue. I’m still reeling from the surreality. Although, if we’re talking dreams, I’d REALLY like to see him up close (I know, I know, I sound terrible greedy.. What can I say? Seeing him live has made me hungry for more, heh). 😉


  19. “And then [he] shouts out, ‘Saranghanda!!’ Eeeee!!!” 😀 😀

    Love the detailed account, especially all the adjectives reserved for your brother-in-law.
    The timing’s been perfect. Must be umyong.
    And it’s pretty great that you could translate all that Korean. Mansei!


    • Hee! Thanks, Maybee!!! I sent brother-in-law the link to this post, with fair warning that I wrote about him, and that besides that, there’s LOTS of fangirling.. 😛

      The timing WAS perfect.. Besides ALL the amazing factors I already described in the post, I JUST realized, while typing this, that there’s also the question of my grasp of the Korean language. If this fanmeet adventure had happened several years ago, I probably would’ve been able to translate way less. And that makes me realize that given more time, sometime in the future, I’ll probably be able to translate all the goings-on much better. And how cool is it, that I WILL get the chance to do that, since I’ve got the recordings?? Woah. Mind a little blown by this realization right now. O.O


  20. I love your little adventurous trip, thanks to your sister for having a baby at the perfect time ;). You’re so lucky and thanks for sharing your experience with all of us. Pretty surreal to know someone who get to go to a real fan meetings. I hope one day I could do the same too…


    • Right?? If she’d had the baby at any other time, I would’ve never had this great big Gong Yoo adventure! And yes, I believe you’ll get to go to a fanmeet sometime.. Maybe YSH’s first post-MS fanmeet?? I bet you might be able to tweak your travel schedule around that 😉


  21. Hi Kfangirl going through your blog so far has been such a pleasure and also reading the comments. Now I’d like to get down to business :)! Thank you so much for your account of the fan meet. I’ve never really understood the appeal of going to an event like this but y


    • Hi Kfangirl going through your blog so far has been such a pleasure and also reading the comments made has been really enlightening.

      Now I’d like to get down to business :)! Thank you so much for your account of the fan meet. I’ve never really understood the appeal of going to an event like this but your account has kinda changed my opinion.

      I first took notice of GY when I watched Big. I was pretty smitten because I really appreciated the effort and detail that he put into KKJ and Dr. SYJ. I was really absorbed by how he’d fluidly changed from a lively teenage boy to a rigid 30 year-old man in a scene.
      Then I watched Coffee Prince a year later. I was luke warm to GY and HG in the beginning but they both slowly creeped into my heart around ep. 6 and 7 when HG was starting to realise he had feelings for EC and now was dealing with this inner conflict. I think though he really stole my heart at the end of ep.8. One of my favourite scenes in Coffee Prince is probably the beach scene. GY, in my opinion, showed the perfect balance between wanting to be lost in the moment and losing his inhabitation while with EC but then there is the frustation and the reality of him not being able to surrender to his feelings. He was just awesome. I was so impressed now I’ve seen almost seen everything he has been in (haha even One Fine Day).

      Anyway before I spill out my every single thought about the man I just want to conclude that like yourself and other GY fans here on the blog, soompi and etc I have so much respect for him and how he treats his craft.
      🙂 I am so glad that you had a great time hanging out with Gong Yoo. Congratulations on the success of your blog and may it be even more fruitful and congrats to the additional member to your family. (Sorry I tend to have too many thoughts in my mind and not enough people to share them with).


      • Hello there, ChubbyDimpled Muffin!! (Your screen name is adorable!) I’m super happy that you’re enjoying the blog and this post!

        Y’know, I never understood the appeal of a fanmeet myself.. I found the concept cheesy, and imagined that the goings-on would feel manufactured and scripted. I can’t speak for any other fanmeet, since this is my first one ever, but I can say that at this fanmeet, while the concept remained cheesy, Gong Yoo’s candid, natural, spontaneous charm overrode that, and by a lot. Sure, certain bits were clearly a result of prior thought and preparation, but the way he just rode the waves during the entire event, spontaneously responding with off-the-cuff remarks, thoughts and quips, turned the entire experience into a completely different beast. During the chat/interview session, he even gave a whole answer to a question, then changed his mind about his answer, while it was being translated. He then gave a new answer that he felt happier with, and those are the kinds of moments that show us how genuinely present he is, and I love that.

        Yes, GY is amazing in Big!! He played both characters with such thoughtful sensitivity, despite the campy comedy in the beginning. Even when both characters looked at each other face to face and said nothing, you could TELL who was who, just by the demeanor and looks in their eyes, even though they were both GY. Respect. And!! Beach scene in Coffee Prince!!!! OMG, that scene is just so, SO well-played. You can SEE Han Gyul’s epic struggle between his brain and his heart, and he doesn’t even have to SAY anything, for us to see it as clear as day. So, so good. ❤ And giggle, at One Fine Day. I even RE-watched that terrible, awful show for the sake of more GY on my screen 😛

        Thanks for all the congratulations – it’s been a mind-boggling couple of milestones. I’m still wrapping my head around it all, as I type this. And! Don’t apologize, coz epic-length comments are my favoritest kind. If you poke around the blog a little more, you’ll see what I mean 😉 Meaning, YES, go ahead and spill all your thoughts about GY. We LOVE hearing each other’s stories, and we LOVE hearing more about Gong Yoo ^.~


        • Hehe the screen name thanks. Ya GY comes across as a pretty genuine guy so a fan meet doesn’t sound as awkward as it use to be to me especially if there’s a thousandth of a chance to hug him…I had the biggest humanly possible grin while reading that part of the post. I am super jelly of that lady! Hopefully by some miracle I’ll be able to go to a fan meet someday but through your experience that you’ve shared it has definitely excited me.

          Aww in terms of the blog you write so descriptively well and you are really warm and nice so it is in my opinion not surprising how you’ve reach this milestone under a year. I will then gladly bring on the lengthy comments with pleasure and joyfully indulge in the posts of past and future and…the equally indulge in the lengthy comments of commentators:D.


          • YES he comes across as so genuine!!! I LOVE that about him, seriously. He never looks like he’s being on his best behavior for the camera or anything like that. He’s always just so casual and candid, and witty and charming.. Gah. You can’t help but swoon, seriously. And, THAT HUG. OMG, to be hugged and then twirled around by GY?? It’s no wonder that lady had wobbly knees after. I think I wouldn’t be able to walk right away either!! XD

            Actually, now that I’ve attended one fanmeet, I think I would definitely go again, if the opportunity presented itself. It’s just so lovely, to experience his personality live. I still get a goofy grin on my face thinking about it. The next time, though, I’ll be sure to get a better seat!! I’m kinda bummed my photos turned out so terrible, but I’m glad to be able to offer the experience through descriptions and audio instead. ^^

            Aw. Thanks for your kind comments ChubbyDimpled Muffin!! *bashful* That is so sweet of you to say!! And YAY that you’ll be sticking around to chat! 😀 That’s one of my favorite things about hosting this site.. Chatting with and getting to know everyone! So many fellow bloggers and fans now feel like friends, and that’s one of the best feelings ❤


            • Woobly knees?.. If it were me, I would faint! He might even carry me then… HAHAHA!

              @chubbydimpledmuffin…”Sorry I tend to have too many thoughts in my mind and not enough people to share them with”. You come to the right place! Kfangirl’s prompt and warm response and everybody else’s here is what kept me coming back. I come here almost everyday now. I’ll be more than glad to listen and discuss your thoughts. Welcome! 🙂


              • Eeee!! Omomo! The thought of wobbling to the floor in an almost dead faint (no point being completely unconscious, right? Coz you need to be awake to savor the moment!), and then to be swooped up into GY’s arms and carried offstage to a sofa to rest??!? Ack! My imagination, it’s running wild XD

                And aw! What a sweet welcome, kaiaraia!!! 😀 Thanks for the sweet words.. My heart’s gone all warm & fuzzy, and it’s not just coz of GY. I love that you enjoy hanging out here, and I LOVE that you’re helping to make others feel welcome here too. C’mere, Imma giving you a big hug. UUUNGH!! ❤


              • Thanks for the warm welcome kaiarraia!!! 😀 It’s really awesome to find such a warm environment here.


  22. Hello I write from Peru, I am president of the fan club Gong Yoo, thank you for uploading these photos to your page and share with us how you felt him so close, it’s a dream come true that one day we can make. I hope we can be friends, and in the future to know.
    Thank you very much for everything


    • Hey there, Giannina!!! Welcome to the blog!!! And wow. President of the Gong Yoo fan club in Peru??? How super cool that you found the blog!! 😀 I’m SO happy that you enjoyed the post, and that it could add a little something to your experience of Gong Yoo so far 🙂 That’s my hope, that this post can help the many, many GY fans everywhere, who couldn’t attend the fanmeet, to get a taste of being there too.

      And of COURSE let’s be friends – everyone here is a friend to me ^^ Let’s continue to hang out and chat and spazz and squee and admire GY together.. Coz one of my firm beliefs is that shared squee is the best kind. ❤


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  24. reading your story about the fanmeeting of gong yoo from securing the ticket to the fanmeeting itself it was very exciting and adventurous. thank you so much for sharing all the details about gong yoo’s premium night. although i don’t really know you personally but you made me happy the way you posted the event. i thought i was also there. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! i do appreciate!


    • Aw! Thanks Mariza!! Welcome to the blog! I’m so glad that I could share the excitement of the entire day with you! It makes me happy every time someone on this thread has said that reading this post was almost like being there. That’s exactly what I hoped I could achieve, that sharing this precious experience might offer other fans the chance to imagine being there too. GY’s got soooo many fans everywhere, and I know that so, so many of our fellow fans just didn’t have the opportunity to attend, even though I’m sure many deeply desired to. I’m so glad that I could give everyone who couldn’t be there, a chance to “experience” it too 🙂


  25. …kfangirl thank you is not enough to express our gratitude.!…i’ll be savoring every written shared experience you had with our beloved MAN..i cant type much coz i am using my mobile…im going to e xpress more once i ‘m done exploring your po


    • Aw evez. You are so cute, leaving messages from your phone, and getting cut-off each time! I am super tickled and touched, that you’re so eager to tell me how much you’re enjoying the post, that you’re commenting from your mobile, even with difficulty. Aw. You sweet thang, you ❤

      Take your time savoring the various tidbits, and gathering yourself together (I know *I* felt a little undone myself, from being there!), and we can chat and squee and swoon together later! ❤



        There are lots of reasons to be thank for and i believe that knowing a fellow fangirl who loves GONG YOO is just one of the best!… see?…for just a one-day off from not opening your page i already missed a lot!….it's only now i realized that the previous comment i sent through my mobile was cut-off…LOL!…thank you for understanding…

        What more can i say?…all wonderful thoughts and lovely comments toward our BEAUTIFUL MAN are already shared here….the power of fangirling explodes!….and i'm so happy reading your lovely posts and scrutinizing the awesome photos of GY..i'm enjoying every bits of your shared adventures as well as the comments from fellow Gong Yoo lover…

        Congratulations!…for having a delightful post and for crossing a 100,000 views!…something to be proud of eh!… 😉 thumbs up kfangirl!….high-five too!..<3

        I guess everyone who reads this post wishes to be part of that GY adventure and thanks to you kfangirl for making an effort to be in that Premium Night with Gong Yoo…..premium indeed!…it's so dear of you to share that lovely calendar of GY as giveaway…..and congrats in advance whoever gets it…..but wouldn't it be great if it's me?……hahahahaha…..:) just kidding!…

        GY said 'saranghanda" …..i feel like screaming the word "saranghaeyo" Gong Ji-Cheol as i listened to the last part…but having my office mates near me halt me from doing so …they might think i'm crazy…i did manage to scream it through my mind though…LOL!….<3<3<3 and it was GREAT… 😉


        • Yay! Welcome back, evez!! 😀 Yes, I could totally tell that you were getting cut off on your mobile.. Yay that you’re now back on your computer and can say what you want to say more easily, without dealing with typing on your mobile! I MUCH prefer to comment from my laptop, though I sometimes do reply from my phone as well. Much as I love my phone for allowing me to do that, laptop > phone for sure!! Especially with the kind of length I get to sometimes! XD

          So glad that you managed to catch up with all the comments too.. The post did sort of explode with comments, didn’t it? And it’s just so heartwarming to me, that so many fans find this sharing such a precious thing, that it helps people “experience” it, in a way. I mean, that’s what I set out to do, yes, but it never hit me until the comments started coming in, that this would mean so much to so many people. It blows my mind, and warms my heart, all at the same time ❤

          Thanks for congrats.. It’s a pretty significant milestone in my mind, coz I remember when I first started blogging, even 25,000 sounded like a lot. For a blog that started its first day with just 11 views, it’s amazing and wonderful and humbling to consider how far the blog has come in just 10.5 months. Woah. I’m still processing it all, even now ^^

          You SHOULD enter the giveaway, evez!! Why not, right?? All you have to do is share how you fell for GY, and THAT’S not hard for a fangirl with an overflowing heart for GY! ;D

          And yes, isn’t the GY effect quite amazing? It can turn normally dignified girls into screaming fans.. The Japanese fans are a disciplined, composed lot compared to the fans in many other countries, and you heard for yourself how even the Japanese fans ended up squealing and screaming for lovely, lovely GY.. I am not surprised at all, that you had the urge to squee right back him, listening to his (lovely, lovely) voice! ^.~


          • 🙂 YEESSS!.our GY is so astonishing!..i couldn’t get over this lovely adventure of yours, as i reread some parts especially the participation of some lucky girls from the audience and receive some engaging gestures from our BEAUTIFUL MAN….a kiss, a hug and a picture taking… wow!…..those things that we fangirls wish to experience with our gorgeous monster!…<3 that leg manner of GY is always a winner!…among my favorite Korean hunks he's the only one who does that…and it earned him a BIG PLUS POINT…<3

            While rereading i enjoyed all the songs plus the interview…i just wish i understand Korean and Japanese language…. if i do, i'll be willing to do a translation!…hahahaha!…oh man!..i really, really love GY's voice…it's bass range, deep and so dreamy and sexay!…..those songs he rendered "Because It's You(BIG OST) and "Second First Love"(Finding Mr. Destiny OST) are already in my playlist…there's one particular song he did which is new to my ear (part 6) of your post: would you happen to know the title of that song?….i really love that one and would like to add in my GY's playlist…it's acoustically done with a bit of rock rendition…it suits GY's voice!….he's voice is deep but he managed to hit a higher note! great!…it wowed me!…oh, you know me?…i'm too shallow when it comes to GY…i need to have that song…<3<3<3…i keep on hitting the play button…i heard my office mate saying, is it a long playing?..and they keep on nagging it's not even English…i just gave them a smirk!….i guess i need to use a headphone to enjoy without the nagging part… 😉

            Again thank you!..and would like to extend that to your sister and to your supportive brother-in-law…don't you think it's fate?hahaha!…without them this awesome post would not be able to witness and share here…<3 🙂


            • Aw! I’m so glad you’re soaking in the post, evez! I’ve kinda been doing that too.. I can’t stop reliving the day myself, even though I was, y’know, THERE XD It’s just.. it’s all so surreal, and GY is so dreamy, I just wanna soak it all up, and then rinse and repeat! Swoon~~ ❤

              Yes, aren’t his manner legs sweet?? It does look odd at first, but then when you realize that he’s being considerate of who he’s talking to / posing with, you can’t help but melt at him some more, for being so thoughtful. And that it seems to come so naturally to him, just makes you love him that much more! And those surprise prizes were so awesome.. the kiss, the photo, and THAT HUG. Mmph. I’d love to have a GY hug.

              Y’know, I realized only this morning, when replying to Maybee’s comment below, that if this fanmeet had happened earlier in my fangirling life, I would have been totally lost in terms of translations. It’s only now that I understand much more, and am able to provide some useful translations.. Doesn’t that make the timing of this event even MORE perfect???? It boggles my mind. Also, I’m pretty sure that some time in the future, when my Korean’s improved some more, I’d be able to translate this fanmeet more.. I wonder what new nuggets I will discover in the future?? How cool is that, it’d be like attending it afresh, discovering new things!! 😀

              Tee hee at you subjecting your colleagues to GY’s singing against their will! XD I think headphones are the way to go.. Not only will your colleagues be thankful, I personally think it sounds way better over headphones. Trust me, I’ve been plugged in on a loop & I know 😉 And! I LOVE the song that you’re talking about, evez!! It’s just so HIM. It’s so in line with his taste in music, and it’s sexy and has got a cool, laid-back sort of groove. I can’t stop listening to it! Sadly, I don’t know the title of the song, and if I’m not mistaken, he hasn’t actually recorded this since it’s not from any of his dramas or movies. What I CAN do for you, though.. um, go check your email ^.~


              • 🙂 see?…a fangirl from a different hemisphere is determine to learn to be able to explore and share!..yeah! fist pump kfangirl!…the spirit of fangirling shines!…and for sure you’re going to learn more….always keep the faith!..hahaha! now i have to borrow that line coined from cassies(TVXQ followers)…

                …thank you for sending me through email that song of it’s in my GY’s playlist…exclusively playing for my ears only!…again and again….hahaha!…. 🙂 ❤


                • I am actually pretty chuffed that I’ve learned this much Korean just watching kdrama (Eep. When I actually type it out, it sounds like I watch a frightening amount of kdrama!).. And yes, I do believe it’ll just get easier as I accumulate more knowledge and grasp of the language.. Maybe by GY’s next fanmeet, I’ll be a better translator? ;D

                  You’re very welcome! I’m glad you’re enjoying it, evez! ❤



            GY effect, noun, a state of being where normally dignified girls turn into screaming fans.

            Love, love, love you girl.

            @evez… this post really exploded with comments. The first time I commented there were on 32 comments, now there’s 105!


            • LOL! I am super tickled – and honored! ❤ – that you’ve started a dictionary for me!! XD Yes, the GY effect isn’t to be trifled with.. He barely appears in the k-ent industry, but when he does.. look out. Coz all the otherwise dignified girls turn into screaming, adoring, melting, practically incoherent fans!! We know, coz we speak from experience! *ahem*


              • What is that saying? Distance makes the heart grow fonder. He distances himself from the world and when he comes back, he pulls us in with so much power. Hay, Gong Ji-Cheol! You rock!


                • It’s everything to do with his substance, really. If he didn’t have all that substance, then being away from the limelight would just make him fade away. Most celebs fight to STAY in the limelight, so that they don’t get forgotten. Yet, when GY stays out of the limelight, it works differently. We’re hungry for more of him, and that’s just because of who he is. And when he steps back into the limelight, the fan adoration just explodes from being pent up for so long. *explodes*


            • …@ kaiaraia…i just had a good laugh on that one.. 😉 if i may add Gongyie syndrome – a malady wherein it affects the brain of a healthy individual found in women to act inappropriately due to extreme fangirling….hey!…are we suddenly inventing words?….hahahaha!…

              and you’re right about how fast the comments accumulate…and definitely it will have more!…promise!…

              oh!…nice profile pix…it reminds me of Kris Aquino….is that you?…just kidding… 🙂


  26. Hi kfangurl, I came across your post on the group that I followed on FaceBook . When I read this post I felt that I was there too, thanks so much for sharing your wonderful moments with Monster , i went through all the comments here and i kinda don’t know what to write anymore since all of commenters here already expressed what i felt…i’m looking forward to read many more posts from you especially about our beloved Monster, thank you once again ^^


    • Welcome to the blog, luvyoo!! 😀 YAY that you enjoyed the post, and that it helped you feel like you were there too!! It’s such a rare privilege, to be able to attend one of these elusive GY fanmeets and I’m so glad to be able to share the experience with other fans who would’ve loved to be there but just couldn’t. I’m really touched, actually, by how precious this sharing has been, for other fans. It makes me happy that this has made you guys happy ❤


  27. I am totally jealous ! You get to see GY in person……I first feel in love with him in Coffee Prince, and since then I have been a fangirl. Not only does he look good but he is also a great actor, as seen in The Silenced. He is the only reason why i diligently watched BIG….. I can’t wait for his next movie! Gong Yoo is love !


    • I KNOW. I can hardly believe I saw him in person myself!! And he IS lovely. A fantastic, awesome actor, like you said. I watched Big just for him, and even though the script had lots of problems, he was just flat-out amazing, bringing such nuance and emotional resonance to his characters. I would re-watch Big, just to see him being awesome. I’m sure he’s going to be fabulous in Suspect. They showed us sneak peeks of some of the movie footage at the fanmeet, and it looks awesome. Action sequences and emotional depth – can hardly wait.


  28. I love the dramas he starred in.


  29. …thank you is not enough to express our gratitude towards a devoted fangirl like you…it is so dear of you to share that wonderdful and magical experience you have with our beloved Gong Yoo… ❤ <3<3…i'm going to savor every words you have written and have a feel of every


  30. Awesome post 🙂 glad that you had such a great time!!


  31. I am so, so, so thrilled for you!! I remember you mentioning that you were going to miss Gong Yoo’s fan meet by that much and you were very chill and relaxed about it and… you ended up getting rewarded for being patient!! 😀

    It sounds like it was a lovely evening. You did a great job giving us a blow-by-blow. I could actually feel the building excitement… and the face palm of finding out there actually was a huge line. (At least you got a bathroom break? Those things are important. ;)) And it was fascinating to me because while I’ve heard about fan meets, I was never quite clear on what actually went on. What a fun way for fans to get to interact with their favorite stars!

    Little ironic aside: Your blog’s random header choice when I clicked in was of Kim Woo-bin… Or maybe that’s not irony… Maybe it’s a sign!?!? 😀

    Also — congratulations on passing the 100,000 viewers mark! That’s incredibly awesome and you totally deserve it! 😀

    And! And! Congratulations on being an auntie! And having such super-cool brother-in-law! And surviving the typhoon! (You’ve had a very good week, having you? ;))


    • AW! Thanks Betsy!! 😀 Yes, I WAS kinda chill about missing the fanmeet when I thought I was going home on the 24th, and that tix were “sold out”. And then everything – EVERYTHING!!! – changed, and it no longer was an impossibility but something actually FEASIBLE. And that’s where my coherence started to ebb away, bit by bit XD Maybe that’s why I didn’t find the monster queue earlier? Coz I wasn’t quite thinking straight??? (But yes, bathroom breaks are essential. Especially for the kind of water guzzler that I am).. It all worked out really well.. And despite my facepalm moment, it was still a super special experience.

      I’d read fan accounts of other fanmeets before, for other celebs, so I knew the kind of activities to expect, sort of. Truth be told, I’d always found the idea quite cheesy. But experiencing it, when it’s centered around the object of your k-passion, is quite a different story. It was still cheesy, but GY’s personality overshadowed that in spades. It’s like, yeah, it’s cheesy, but I’ll buy it. And eat it with a spoon. ;D

      Funny thing about the headers, now that you mention it Betsy.. GY and Woobie seem to be competing with each other for my attention.. When I was writing a lot about Woobie, the GY headers kept on popping up. And with this post, as I was working on it, and each time I load the page, it’s often the Woobie headers that pop up. It’s fascinating, really. It’s like they each KNOW the competition! XD

      Thankies for congrats on the blog – it’s a milestone that I never imagined would arrive this quickly, tbh. I thought it’d be after the one-year mark for sure. But now, it’s here (!!!!!) and the blog’s just 10.5 months old. It’s wild. And amazing. And humbling. And thrilling. Thanks, Betsy, for being part of this incredible journey!! ❤❤❤

      And YES, my brother-in-law has been super cool about the whole thing, even though he didn’t even get what a fanmeet was about and who GY is. I would’ve never been able to get my ticket or get to the venue without his patience and generosity! So thankful.

      Yes indeed, it’s been a very, VERY good week. ^^


  32. I love the way you wrote this! I could feel your excitement and it made me excited for you just reading it! My heart was actually pounding hearing him talk and sing! Thanks for sharing this and all the great merchandise you scored! Love, love, love the “bonus” pics at the end!


    • Aw, thanks shelly!!! 😀 I’m happily surprised that I managed to be coherent enough to sorta (hopefully) do the adventure itself AND GY himself justice.. I feel like I have more thoughts lurking beneath the surface, and it’s just that I’m still in a bit of a dazed cloud from the unbelievable surreality of actually seeing him and experiencing his personality live, and can’t quite piece those thoughts together right now. SUCH a precious and lovely experience, truly.

      I was surprised by how my heart pounded too, especially in the minutes leading up to the start of the fanmeet. And then again, when his silhouette appeared. Ahhhhh!!!! Unreal. And yes, isn’t he delish in the bonus pix?? I so wish he’d do more magazine spreads, coz mostly we only get to see him wearing outdoorsy clothes for his endorsements, and those aren’t the most fun. That Monster magazine, though, is like a druggie’s crack. Such lovely spreads! And I’m so glad you guys enjoy the pix too!


  33. Waaah you’re so lucky ! Gong Yoo is seriously the most adorable actor ever ! XD
    The first drama I’ve seen him in was Coffee Prince and I liked him from the moment he entered on screen. and that drama by far is one of my favorites 😀 I’m not a hardcore fan but get so giddy when I see him in other dramas or pictures haha. I want to watch him in a movie, which Gong Yoo movie would you recommend? 🙂


    • Isn’t he? He IS adorable. And he is adorable while still being very manly and cool, and that’s a killer combination, really! Coffee Prince is one of my favorites too!! Like, among my favorites of all time. SO much cute, and yet SO much emotional heft, with no small credit going to GY for his sensitive, nuanced and completely adorable turn as Choi Han Gyul. ❤❤❤

      My favorite early-ish movie with GY in it, is S Diary.. He doesn’t play the lead per se, but one of lead Kim Sun Ah’s ex-boyfriends. He’s absolutely swoony and sexay in it. You can watch a GY-cut MV of it in my post:

      Both Spy Girl and She’s On Duty are cute, but I didn’t find either movie all that satisfying, Finding Mr. Destiny is pretty cute too – GY plays a derp, and it’s a little hilarious to see such a cool dude being derpy. He’s reputedly amazing in The Crucible, but the content of that movie is also reputedly disturbing. Well worth the watch, if you can deal with the content. I’m gonna watch that sometime – when I’ve steeled myself enough. 😛


      • AHh yeah I heard Silenced had pretty disturbing stuff. I read alot of reviews on that. I’ll eventually watch it, but I’ll def keep his other movies in mind 😀
        I can’t wait to see him in another drama x)


        • Yes, Silenced has disturbing content alright, and I usually always shy away from disturbing content. But when I heard how awesome GY is in it, AND, the key role that he played in getting the movie made and screened, which then played a key role in getting actual legislation changed.. Wow. I just hafta see the movie now. But I’m a bit of a wuss with disturbing content, coz I do think that once you see something, it’s pretty much impossible to UN-see it, and that makes me a little cautious about stuff I may regret seeing.. Which basically means, I’m still gearing up for the movie at the moment. But I WILL see it, for GY!! He’s worth it ^^

          Another drama for GY – YES PLEASE THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I love my dramas more than movies, and 16 or more hours of GY is always, ALWAYS a good thing! ;D


  34. What did I tell you girl? It’s FATE!

    Thank you very much for this blow by blow by blow account. I truly felt I was there squealing with you. Wonderful! ….
    I’m out of words….*stares blankly on the screen with my mind floating and my heart fluttering*

    Okay now, back to reality.

    It must really be fate that you were at the right place. See how time was made right? And the right person, as you can share the experience with all of us through this blog. What, if it were me, then I’ll drown of the unshared goodness. I know not any GY fan in RL nor do I blog. hahaha! Now, I think its fate too that my supposed trip to Seoul this week did not materialize. That would make my chances of seeing GY nil… hahaha!

    On a note, I feel he chose Japan because of the discipline. I so adore Japanese for that. As he isn’t comfortable with too much attention, imagine how much more uncomfortable would it be when fans come “crashing at his door”. That would never happen in Japan, right?

    Should I join the contest? Some other time… I can’t think straight… no… I can’t think at all! *back to ogling him in that crisp white polo and black pants*


    • I’m SO glad you could “come with me” to the fanmeet, kaiaraia!!! I truly wished you and the other ladies on our GY thread could’ve been there with me. And I TOTALLY know what you mean about “mind floating and heart fluttering” – that’s EXACTLY the state I was in, post-fanmeet too!!! As I was making my way home, and even afterwards, after I got back, my mind was in a suspended state of float. All kinds of thoughts were drifting in and out of my head, and I wasn’t coherent enough to actually capture them all. I feel like there were more thoughts in my head about GY and the fanmeet that I somehow didn’t manage to capture in this post.. I’m sure as we continue to chat and share, though, that those thoughts will be triggered and will come back to me.. That’s what you gals do for me 😉

      Y’know, I do believe I was uniquely positioned to attend the fanmeet and be able to share it.. I may not be very fluent in Korean, and I’m rather terrible at Japanese, but it was still enough to capture the essence of the fanmeet. If I didn’t know any Japanese at all, or any Korean at all, I wouldn’t have been able to capture certain nuances. Everything was translated into Japanese only, so there was no Korean translation. Meaning, knowing some of each language was the perfect combination to enable me to appreciate the goings-on enough to share them with some accuracy. And I’m so, SO glad that everyone feels like they were kinda there too, through the post. It moves me, that I was able to offer so many other fans such a rare and real pleasure. Wow.

      You do have a point about the discipline in Japan probably being a factor in GY choosing to hold the fanmeet here. Everyone was so very orderly and well-behaved. The chances of sasaeng fans stalking him are practically zero, I imagine. And that’s what he’d want, being as reclusive as he is.

      Totally, you should join the giveaway, kaiaraia!! There’s still lots of time for you to gather your thoughts. And that’s the fun part, right? Us sharing our stories? 😀


  35. Awww! I’m so happy for you! Drom a fangirl to another, it’s like I’m happy too by projection haha! You’ve reached a new level of fangirlism, unni. I shall listen to your teachings *bows*


    • Tee hee. I never saw this promotion coming, but indeed, this was a completely new experience, and along with it, a new level of fangirlism. I have new wisdom now that you do not know of yet, maknae.. Heed my words closely, and I will teach you well ^.~


  36. Thank you for sharing!! I was able to live my GY dreams through you 🙂 Crazy how everything coincided so that you were able to see GY in the flesh, huh? It was meant to be!

    I’ve had to fill my time with young idol flower boys since GY is so reclusive but this post has ignited my passion and he will always be my #1 oppa!


    • Hey there, MelloYello!!! Indeed, it was meant to beeee~~~ I mean, it was mind-blowing enough that he’d come to Tokyo when I’m here in Tokyo, but for the venue to be THIS close?!??? In SUCH a big city?!??? Meant. To. Be. ❤

      I know what you mean!! GY is so reclusive that after he’s been out of sight for some time, it’s easy to forget a little, how awesome he is and how melty. Going to this fanmeet reminded me all over again why I was completely smitten to begin with!! The hearts in my eyes have been re-ignited ^.~


  37. Well, sometimes universe alignes things ‘just so’ and stuff happens. 🙂 You had a blast by all accounts. \o/ Thanks for sharing, reading the piece was almost like being there with you.


    • Everything shifted into place so PERFECTLY, Timescout!! THAT’S something that still blows my mind, and will probably continue to blow my mind for a long, LONG time!! 😀 And yes, I had a blast.. an adventure that ranks way up there, among my life’s adventures! Thanks for joining me on my adventure, even though it’s not about your ILU – that’s fangirl support alright!! ❤


  38. *gasp*
    *keels over*

    *finally comes to*
    i just… i don’t even know where to start.

    i don’t think i can talk to you anymore, chingu.
    this green-eyed monster demands that i sever all ties with you.



    • and a very belated CONGRATULATIONSSSSSS to all of your family and WEEEELCOME to your nephew!!!! <33333


      • Tee hee!! I know you’re not REALLY severing ties with me, pinkblossom.. right? ;D I share your GAAAAAHHH!!! Coz that’s how I’ve been feeling, ever since this adventure presented itself to me. I’m still kinda stunned by it, and rather impressed with myself for managing to gather enough coherent brain cells to create this post! XD It was wonderful to experience him in the flesh, pinkblossom. He’s as natural and charming as I imagined, and then some. Ahhhh!! *flails*

        Thankies, for congrats – we all got a big promotion with the arrival of my nephew!! And thanks to his timely arrival, I GOT TO SEE GONG YOO!!! *schemes to convince sis to have a second child to coincide with GY’s next fanmeet* XD


  39. Hello, I click the subscribe to your site through email, does that qualify? =) hehehe!!!

    The very first kdrama I saw him in is Coffee Prince, I was a bit disappointed to see the leading man not that handsome at first, but as the continue to watch the drama, I was totally win over by his acting skill. And by the middle 5th episode I was totally win over by his acting skills and charm. =)

    Thanks for sharing your GY experience, I could honestly feel your excitement and felt like I was there as it happened. Thank you for the very nice narration of the event. =)


    • Hey there, doris!! Welcome to the blog!! And yes, email subscribers totally qualify! ^^

      Hee, your response to GY in Coffee Prince is a lot like my own.. I wasn’t too impressed with how our leading man looked at first, but I was sucked in to his Choi Han Gyul by degrees, and by the time he unleashed his smitten faces on us, I was melting. How adorable is he?? And what an awesome actor.

      YAY that you enjoyed the post, and that it helped you feel like you were there too! I SO wish that more of us could’ve been there.. It would’ve been great to squee in person, over our shared k-passion! Maybe at his next fanmeet, more of us will be able to go! 😀


  40. Why am I not surprised that Jules is the first commenter. 😉
    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. 🙂 Loved reading and listening to everything! You are awesome! 😉


    • Hee. Because it’s only right that mad-about-GY Jules gets to squee all over this post first? ;D Heck, she even licked the picture of the Hall A sign that I tweeted at the venue. And the pic didn’t even have an image of GY on it! XD

      Yay that you enjoyed the read, Grace! Even though I know your heart only beats for SJS 😉 That’s fangirl support indeed!! ❤❤❤


  41. Oooooh, I could hear the squee all the way to my shores!! If he only knew how much this meant to you surely he would invited you up for your very own special sweaty hug!!! Love this account and all of the extra tidbits of golden GY! I am beside myself with fangirl joy you were able to see him!!!!!❤️❤️❤️ And dear me… handsome!!!


    • Squeeeee!!!! YES PLEASE MY OWN SPECIAL SWEATY GY HUG ❤❤❤ I think I’d walk around with hearts in my eyes for days afterwards.. If my knees were up to walking, that is!! XD

      Thanks Michele.. I am beside myself with fangirl wonder.. I never thought I’d have a fangirl adventure of my own.. Y’know, that being YOUR specialty and all..! ;D And here he came to ME. HOW ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!

      I only wish I could’ve seen him up close, that would’ve been even MORE perfect. But yes, even from a distance away, so SO handsome!! ❤ Swooonn~~


  42. Eeeeeeee!!!!!!!


    Really!!!!! Wow….just wow 🙂 🙂

    Lovely description and that calendar is super awesome..


  43. Oh my God you’re so lucky!! I live so far away from anything Korean! Seriously, I don’t know ANYONE besides me who likes K-dramas or K-music. 😦
    I would like to enter the giveaway… Here’s my story of how I fell in love with Gong Yoo:
    I first saw him in Coffee Prince but didn’t think of him much in it. Then an online friend told me to watch BIG. The drama wasn’t that good but OHMYGOD Gong Yoo looked so amazing in it! Then I found out that it was because of him The Crucible (movie) was made and that increased my respect for him and that’s how I came to love him and his adorable smile! 😀
    Thank you for this post! It’s as close as I can get to going to a fan-meet so thank you! ❤


    • Welcome to the blog, Hira!! 😀 And I feel ya – it’s hard finding people in Real Life who appreciate our k-passion with true understanding. I feel like my RL friends are just indulging me when I talk about kdrama. But ONLINE friends, on the other hand, they truly get my k-passion. So what I’m saying is.. It’s ok.. You have us!! Come squee and spazz and talk k-stuff with us anytime.. We probably love it about as much as you do! ;D

      Oh yes. Big. My word. It’s got so many flaws as a drama, but GY is AH-MAZING in it. Seriously. I would re-watch Big just to see GY be awesome all over again. And yes, I was blown away too, when I found out what a key role he played in getting The Crucible made and screened. The man deserves the respect he gets, he’s just so full of substance!!

      YAY that you could almost feel like you were there at the fanmeet! That’s what I was hoping for, coz I know how precious this opportunity was, and how many other GY fans would’ve LOVED to be there, but couldn’t. ❤


      • That would be so awesome! To fangirl with you guys! 😀 Except I rarely have time to go online, because of college 😦

        Yes he is! I watched BIG solely because of GY! Or else I would’ve abandoned the drama only after a couple of episodes.

        I hope I get to go to an actual fanmeet or concert or anything! It would be so awesome!

        I have a blog too where I review books & dramas & sometimes movies. Here’s the link if you want to visit:

        BTW, I don’t think I ever said this but I love your blog ❤


        • Aw. Thanks!!! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog!! I particularly love it when people come here just to hang out and chat.. so even if you’re not often able to, you’re always welcome to come squee with us! ^^

          I hope you get to go to a fanmeet or concert sometime too!! One thing this whole adventure has shown me, is you never know when your k-adventure could come knocking on your door.. So never say never! ;D

          Thanks for the link to your blog – I’m hoppin’ on over to take a peek right now!


  44. Thanks for the giveaway! And thanks for sharing this amazing experience with us! I so wish he’ll come to Singapore!

    I found out about him through Coffee Prince but really fell in love with him after watching Biscuit Teacher Candy Star. He was so so adorable and cheeky in the drama! Totally like how you describe him in this fan account! *loves*


    • Welcome to the blog, scentfragrance!! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post – he was TOTALLY adorable and cheeky and funny and swoony in person.. He did not disappoint, not at all!! I love how consistent he is, that way.

      I really enjoyed GY in Biscuit Teacher too! So cute, playing a cheeky high-schooler. And such great chemistry with Gong Hyo Jin too!! I must give that show a re-watch sometime too! Ahhh.. All this GY talk is making me want to rewatch ALL of his stuff.. Well. Except for One Fine Day, which is truly quite awful 😛 Even though his arms and abs look wonderful in there, I just.. can’t. And anyway, I have Big for that. Heh. ;D


      • Thanks so much for your warm reply! *hugs*

        I’ve never met him and he doesn’t appear often on variety show 😦 But I’m so glad to know that he’s such a cute and genuine person!

        After reading your post, I got to rewatching Biscuit Teacher Star Candy! So so cute and adorable! Really a must re-watch! Hehehe.

        I haven’t watched Big but I heard it’s pretty good. But I heard that the ending was awful 😦 How did you find it?


        • He DOES come across as very genuine! But yes, we don’t usually get to see much of him in variety.. GY’s pretty reclusive that way, he doesn’t do the circuit much at all, unless he’s on promotion rounds for an upcoming project. On the upside, with The Suspect due out in December, we are likely to get a little more GY than usual.. Magazine spreads, the fanmeet of course, and more interviews. Variety is a possibility too, so.. maybe?? 😉

          Funny that you went and started rewatching Biscuit Teacher after the post!! After going to the fanmeet, I’ve been bitten by the burning desire to rewatch Coffee Prince. I’m dipping my toes into E1 tonight, just for a taste, and OMG I am loving it even more than the first 4 times I watched it in 2007!!! I appreciate the nuances in the writing and the acting so much more now, with a more discerning eye and a better understanding of the language. And of course, I, er, appreciate *cough* Gong Yoo so much more too, hee. I must get around to Biscuit Teacher too! I bet it’ll be a similar case of seeing it all over again, with new eyes! I’m still undecided about whether to do a full rewatch now, but when I do – and I will! At some point! – I plan a full-on review, to delve through all the awesome ^^

          Big.. GY is wonderful and amazing in it, there’s no question about it. He is so nuanced and impressive playing both characters, swinging from campy comic to poignant pathos. The story itself is serviceable, and there are some swoony moments too. Fair warning, though.. it goes terribly downhill story-wise from E13 onwards. But it’s worth watching, for the GY awesome. And oh! The GY shirtless in this show.. is DAEBAK. The man is chiseled from head to toe, and absolutely drool-worthy 😛


          • For BTSC, I am not rewatching the whole thing, just select scenes 🙂 Reading your comment, I’ll have to rewatch coffee prince and watch big! Thanks for the recommendation 🙂


            • Ah. A selective re-watch can be heaps of fun too! Might be a good strategy too, for people with a long list of dramas they want to re-watch (I’m one of them!!).. Yes, do give Coffee Prince another watch. With an appreciate eye for GY, the show takes on even more shades of awesome, which I realized last night!! And Big.. I was completely blown away by GY.. And, there’s a very swoony kiss in there, that’s replay worthy. Just so you know 😉


  45. As an oversea living fan even thought I will never experience sort of event while i am reading I felt happy for you. And I really like your post. It must be great memory for you. How lucky you are. And thank you very much for sharing your feelings and memories with us.


    • Aw, I’m glad you enjoyed re-living the adventure with me La Fea!! And, welcome to the blog!!

      It IS the memory of a lifetime.. It’s been so very special, from the very way everything came together, to the warming experience of experiencing GY’s personality live. I never thought I’d ever get to attend something like this, so I guess.. never say never, La Fea! Maybe one day sometime soon, your big k-adventure will come looking for you too ^^


  46. Thank you so much for sharing a detailed account of the fanmeet! You are so lucky, but i am also so happy to feel like i was there too ^^

    I’ve been a big GY fan since I saw Coffee Prince, and you’re right, he’s almost as reclusive as a unicorn! So thanks so much for this post!


    • HAHA. Almost as reclusive as a unicorn?!?? You are SO RIGHT!! XD It’s hard on his fans, but again, it’s GY playing by his own rules, and man, you can’t help but admire him and love him all the more for having the guts to do that. Also, YAY that you kinda felt like you were there at the fanmeet too!! It’s the best I can do for the hoards of GY fans who didn’t have the opportunity to go to this rare, rare event ^^

      Aw, GY is ADORBS in Coffee Prince!!!! I LOVE his smitten faces in there. So, SO good!! Every time he looked smitten from just thinking about Eun Chan, I melted into a big gooey puddle on the floor. He’s just SO expressive, and imbues his characters with this sense of genuinity. Woo, now I need to move my re-watch of Coffee Prince to higher up the priority list!



    That’s all I can say for now, I have to read it again and again and again… And listen to his singing again. Agggghhhh

    BIG THANK YOU for sharing this.


    • Aw, shucks. Your excitement makes me smile, ling. SO MUCH. ❤ I’m SO glad you’re enjoying the post. Makes me feel like recreating the experience really was the right decision. Go ahead and soak it all up – we can squee together later! ;D


  48. HEEEEEEEEEE!!! HOW EXCITING!!! I’m just about fainting with pleasure!! I felt like I was right there with you!! Such a wonderful job describing this journey of incredible awesome kismet-y universe-loves-you adventure of yours. I totally understand you wanting to make a friend coz hey, what a great opportunity to squee together in the flesh, instead of online, right?! Haha. And how awesome are YOU for recording the whole thing so we sad puppets who couldn’t go can tune in?!! Sorry, I can’t help with translations, but still…awesome! I can hear his voice!

    First, I LOVE that his hair is his Big hair! It’s one of my fave looks and boy, GY in a suit will do me in. Every. Single. Time. Second, I totally get what you describe as his demeanour of being slightly abashed at all the attention, but still being fully present, and appreciative and being his lovely, charming self. HEEE! It’s that kind of easy-going, ‘aw shucks’ but still very cool kinda vibe that kills me about him. He’s so naturally expressive too! I knew he wouldn’t disappoint! Yeah, so true that it’s probably not his fave thing to do since he’s so low-key, but it makes it so much better that he genuinely seemed to enjoy himself despite that.

    I always regarded fanmeets as kind of a curiosity really. I thought it odd that k-stars do this kind of song-and-dance routine for their fans and I never thought I’d ever go to one even if it was to see my ultimate k-loves simply coz, I just found it so strange that stars would do this. But now, that I understand abit more about the k-ent culture and the nature of the fandom, I find it kinda sweet! And it is a way to get up-close in a way you would never get a chance to in RL.

    And whoa holy moly merchandise! You MUST scan and update your GY page with all those lovely swoony pics! Can I request pg 87 of the mag PLEASEEE! In hi-res?!!


    • DDee!!!! I wish you could’ve been there with me!!! We would’ve made great use of that waiting time, probably spazzing and squeeing and giggling up a storm. And maybe you would’ve found the monster queue before I found it 😛 But YAY for the next best thing, that I get to share the experience, and you feel like you were right there next to me!! ❤

      Yes yes yes!! You nailed it, DDee!! The “aw shucks” but still totally cool sort of vibe.. It’s an art that I don’t even think he’s doing purposefully. It’s just part of who he is, that he’s a little sheepish about the levels of adoration, but his ability to deal with it is still head and shoulders above it. Which is why it all comes out so effortlessly and easily. The only reason he squirms is coz it’s hot and he’s sweaty, ha.

      I never really understood the appeal of a fanmeet myself, and didn’t quite know what to expect in terms of how I’d feel. I mean, I’d read fan accounts of fanmeets for other celebs, so I roughly knew the format and such. I found the concept rather cheesy, though. But I just couldn’t say no to this adventure which presented itself to me, practically on a silver platter. And surprise, surprise.. I was charmed thoroughly, and had a goofy grin on my face way more than I expected. The charm of GY. Heh.

      I’ll see what I can do about the scanning, DDee! I don’t want to spoil the magazine by squashing it under a scanner, so I’ll do my best without killing it! 😉


      • Mmmm… hawt and sweaty Gong Yoo… there goes my mind…*slaps self*. Oooh and your post brought me bck to my experience in Tokyo of loving their convenience stores and the awesome food, especially Lawson’s fried chicken, and the best convenience store spaghetti carbonara ever!


        • Tee hee!! But he IS hawt. Especially when he’s sweaty!! ;D How can one’s mind NOT go there, right??

          And yes, the convenience stores here are awesome.. SO MUCH FOOD. Onigiri, bentos, sandwiches, bread, pasta, steamed buns.. Rows and rows of FOOD. After the fanmeet it was too late to buy a proper dinner so I stopped at the same 7-Eleven on my way home and bought 2 onigiri. YUM. ^^


  49. The first Gong Yoo drama that I watched was Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy and bammm I was later swept into the Gong Yoo abyss soon after. 😀 I’m not a hardcore fan till the extent where I’ve watched all of his works but there’s no doubt that the materials that I chose to check were because he was in it! HEH. I thought that he was the most adorable thing on earth (and he still is!) and so having heard of your awesome fingerling experience I’m glad to hear that he’s just as down-to-earth and amazing as imagined (and perhaps way more better!). I’M HAPPY FOR YOU! 😀


    • Aww.. THANKS!!! ❤ It was a surreal, amazing experience. And YES. He is so spontaneously charming it’s off-the-charts squee-worthy. There are no textbook, politically-correct, pre-prepared answers with him.. In fact, after he answered one of the interview questions, he changed his mind WHILE his first answer was being translated, and stopped the translator so that he could give a new answer. I LOVE the spontaneity!!

      He’s adorbs in Biscuit Teacher Star Candy! I loved his easy chemistry with Gong Hyo Jin.. I’d love to see them collaborate again and play opposite each other. Although, one can’t be too picky where GY is concerned.. I just want him to find projects that he likes enough to take on, so that we get more GY on our screens!! ^^


    • HAHAH I meant fangirling oops my bad was too excited to comment so I didn’t really check through my typos >.<


  50. *faints*

    Wait… you mean someone actually got a sweaty Gong Yoo hug? Why was I not there? Whyyyyy? D:

    Okay, okay, I’m breathing again. Thanks for the very in-depth account of the fanmeet, kfan! I’m totally jealous, but happy you got to go and happy you found it such an enjoyable experience. (though I have to point out that, had you taken me along, you’d have had a friend there to chat to. ;))



    • Gah I SO wish you could’ve been there with me, Jules!!! We would’ve had SUCH a great time squeeing together! And pinching each other, just to make sure it was all real 😉

      YES SOMEONE GOT A STINKY SWEATY HUG!!! And now that I think about it, he was VERY sweaty.. He kept dabbing and dabbing at his face with that towel, and even went off-stage completely to dry down before the photo. Can you just imagine the whiff of eau de GY in that hug?!???? It’s no wonder that lady’s legs went soft and she could hardly walk off the stage after. Plus he even threw in a twirl. I think that was a prize even better than the kiss, for serious!! Ahhhh!!!!

      We must go together, Jules. Next GY fanmeet. And we need to score ourselves some of that sweaty goodness! *smooches right back*


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