Flash Review: Go Ahead [China]

I finally understand why so many of you recommended Go Ahead to me, you guys.

It’s taken me a while to get around to checking it out (I was intimidated by the 40-episode length, and I was also always distracted by newer, shinier dramas coming out all the time), but I’ve finally watched it, and I finally geddit. 😍

Thanks to my recent semi-hiatus, when I was recovering from surgery (AND covid too, at one point 😭), I found myself well-positioned to marathon a drama, in that stretch of time when I was well enough to watch stuff, but not quite well enough to write about it.

I picked Go Ahead for my marathon, because of how highly recommended it’s been, from so many people, and, you guys, I love it. So, SO much. ❤️

If you like slice-of-life / family dramas / found family stories, this one is right up there, along with the best ones I’ve seen.

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Review: Nothing But You [China]


A very feel-good, uplifting sort of story, once you are able to tune into Show’s vibe.

Our story world is on the simple, almost sanitary side of things, and our emotional arcs lean simple as well, which, together, makes it feel a little Hallmark-Disney, in terms of tone.

If you’re able to roll with that, the underdog story that Show serves up is accessible and engaging, and quite slurpable too.

Also, if you’re able to appreciate the idea of “romance in the small things,” instead of the more common big, sweeping romantic declarations that Dramaland tends to serve up, you’d have a good chance of loving the central romance in this too.

On balance, I found this one to be very enjoyable, and well worth the drama hours.

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Review: Meet Yourself [China]


A gentle slice-of-life story, with an earthy-yet-squeeworthy OTP at the center, and beautiful yet rustic views of gorgeous Yunnan? So much Yes, for me, personally. 🥰

Watching this show is like going on a long vacation with these characters, where we get to be a silent member of the community, sitting in on their conversations, while lounging on their couches, like we’re part of this found family.

Sure, there are bound to be arcs that you like less (I personally wasn’t that interested in Mr. Ma’s arc), but there’s almost definitely something for everyone, among Show’s various arcs.

Plus, Show’s overall vibe is so warm and cozy, that it feels relatively easy to roll over any bumps in the watch experience.

As a bonus, Show shines a pretty educational spotlight on the topic of rural displacement, while putting faces to the phenomenon, and telling that story with heart. I liked that.

You do need to be in the right mood for this, so yes, you may not want to watch this right now. But when you do find yourself in that right mood, this is quite blissful indeed. 🥰
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