Medical Care in Dramaland: A Community Thread

Hi everyone!

As you may know, there are monthly chat corners on my Patreon page, where folks gather to chit-chat on a daily basis.

Those corners are divided into the Deep-dive zone (where spoilers are encouraged – with spoiler warnings), Spoiler-free zone (where we chat dramas, but without spoilers) and The Water Cooler (where we chat about anything and everything else).

Well, over these last couple of days, one of the threads has turned out to be particularly entertaining and irreverently hilarious, so I just had to share.

Here is the thread (started by Merij), with contributions from everyone who took the time to participate, recreated for your entertainment. 😁 This conversation took place over 2 days.

I hope you enjoy – and if you’d like to be part of conversations like this, please consider joining us on Patreon!

Lens adjustment: this is all in tongue-in-cheek, irreverent fun; no offense intended, so may none be taken, too. ❤️

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