#FindMyTribe: ANOTHER Flash Sale on T-shirts and other merch!

Hey everyone,

Just a quick announcement to let you guys know that my merch stores are, once again, offering discounts for a very limited time, so if you’ve been wondering whether to get yourself a t-shirt, hoodie, mug or tote bag (among other options), this is a pretty good time to do it!

Details below!


Just to clear up any confusion, I offer my merch on 2 different platforms, because they each offer certain advantages. That’s why everything’s split up instead of in one location.

The sales are offered by the platforms, so I’m just passing on the word. I do receive a small profit from each item sold, so if these items appeal to you and you choose to purchase something, it does help me out! But if you’d rather support the blog in other ways, you can take a look at this post, which will show you other ways in which you can support me!


This sale is running out fast, so do grab your goodies quickly, if you want them! Besides T-shirts, if you scroll down each product page, you’ll see that there are also other options available, like mugs, notebooks, pillows and tote bags (among other things) to choose from!

My Teepublic storefront is here!

My personal favorite from this store, is my Healer Forget the Cape shirt. 😊


The items on Spring are more expensive, because the items here are printed on both sides, rather than on just one side (like on Teepublic).

This sale will take place on Thursday, 16 December from 1:00am PT to 11:59pm PT. This is 5:00pm SGT (16 Dec) to 3:59pm SGT (17 Dec).

Enter the code SUPER10 at checkout to get 10% off everything in my store.

My Spring storefront is here.

I don’t have a lot on this store, because I only brought back 2 designs on this store. But my favorite is the Lady Hacker shirt. 🥰

And that’s it!

Again, no pressure to buy anything unless you actually like it! Happy shopping, everyone! ❤️

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