Flash Review: Where The Lost Ones Go [China]

I don’t know, you guys. I think I might be the single, lone person in the entire dramaverse, who has watched this show and not loved it. Literally, everywhere I’ve looked, the people who’ve watched / checked out this drama consistently gush over this show with hearts in their eyes. They literally can’t get enough of this one.

..And here I am in my little corner, wondering what the fuss is about. Hrm.


This show wasn’t on my radar at all, but after I posted my review of A Love So Beautiful, a show which I loved, blog reader orioness suggested I check out this one, saying that it was even better than A Love So Beautiful. That got my attention real good, since A Love So Beautiful basically stole my heart and wouldn’t let go.

Checking out this show on YouTube, I noticed that the comments section was full of comments praising this show, and many commenters had also made the same remark, that this show was even better than A Love So Beautiful.

The problem was, I just couldn’t see it. *sadface*


1. It’s a pretty quick watch

Since I’m currently juggling an extra hectic Real Life schedule, Show’s short episodes definitely counted as a plus.

Each episode hovers at around a 30-minute running time. Sometimes the episodes do run longer, but usually not by a lot. Additionally, at 24 episodes, this one is shorter than the average Chinese drama, since the full-length Chinese dramas tend to average about 40 episodes. Altogether, this felt like something that my packed schedule and limited mental bandwidth could handle.

2. Show is prettily shot and is quite atmospheric

Generally speaking, this show has more visual polish than the average youth trendy. The cinematography feels crisp and clean, the music lends a dreamy, ethereal touch, and the editing – while a little rough around the edges at times – does sometimes successfully experiment with its use of angles and perspective, to create an interesting effect. All in all, Show does possess a distinct moody, atmospheric vibe that sets it apart from its peers.

3. Secondary characters take turns being appealing

I mostly couldn’t get into the main loveline in this show (more on that later); it was the secondary characters that endeared themselves to me more. The secondary couples weren’t uniformly engaging, but it definitely helped that there was, more often than not, at least one secondary loveline that captured my fancy at any given point in the show.

[SPOILER ALERT] The first moment I actually felt truly taken by anything in this show, is when Zhu Xuan (Yu Hao Yang) makes her nervous love confession to Yuan Lang (Wen Yi Fan) in episode 7.

Yuan Lang’s shy joy at her confession is absolutely delightful. We already know that he’s liked her from the start, so to have her confess to him like this, and ask if he likes her too, must be the best gift he could ask for. His bashful peck on her cheek as a response is super cute, and I squee. <3 [END SPOILER]

4. Fan Shi Qi /Kris Fan is quite attractive

Our male lead Kris Fan didn’t endear himself to me right away, but over the course of the show, he actually grew on me quite well. Not only did my eyes find him more attractive over time, I also found myself feeling quite impressed with him in several of the more difficult scenes. In particular, I found his delivery of restrained angst very good – that is, when he was allowed to be restrained.


Even though show’s visuals are more polished than the average youth trendy, Show generally lacked soul, for me. Mostly, I found the characterization and dialogue rather stilted, and it didn’t help that the acting tended to lean on the greener side. Together, this created a situation where characters didn’t feel like real people to me; for the most part, they merely felt like actors going through the motions and reciting their lines.

Just for the record, I also found that I often didn’t jive with Show’s idea of funny – but that’s generally the case with me and most dramas’ idea of funny, so I don’t hold that against Show too much.

Here’s a quickish spotlight on the major things that didn’t work for me, in this show.

1. Song Yan Fei / Cecilia Boey as Ye Zi

It took me several episodes to realize that Ye Zi’s resting face is a sullen expression. When she wasn’t actively smiling or laughing, her sullen resting face gave her a surly vibe that I did not enjoy at all. In fact, in the still that fills the screen each episode just after the intro song (second pic in this review), she looks so angsty crouching over Ze Yi’s shoulder, that to my eyes, she legit looks like she belongs in an angsty teen vampire show. That Twilight-esque sort of angst on our female lead mostly kinda rubbed me the wrong way. Also, I often found that I didn’t like Ye Zi’s behavior very much.

[SPOILER] Generally speaking, I observed that Ye Zi has a tendency for non-communication, and then getting all up in a twist in her own head, and then acting out.

In episode 10, in the past timeline, she thinks she might be pregnant, and sets about being all angry at Ze Yi and treating him like he’s guilty of a wrongdoing. Worse, she expects him to grovel and be apologetic, without even hinting at why she’s upset. Plus, the thing that upset her isn’t even something that he’d actually said or done that he could search his memory about. How was he supposed to know that she was afraid that she was pregnant? Not appealing at all, I thought. [END SPOILER]

2. I couldn’t get into the OTP loveline

I think I generally don’t buy into Show’s idea of romance.

[VAGUE SPOILERS] In the earlier timeline where our OTP first builds their relationship, I consistently struggled with Ze Yi’s advances with Ye Zi, because he regularly invaded her personal space. On top of that, their relationship starts in a rather sudden manner, from where I’m standing. From basically running away from Ze Yi every time she was near him, Ye Zi is suddenly all smiles and sunshine around him, and I found this jarring and quite strange. Because this early timeline basically forms the foundation of their relationship, my inability to get on board with their initial romance, meant that I inevitably also had trouble with the later timeline where Ye Zi seeks to find Ze Yi again.

I mean, since I didn’t find their initial romance that meaningful to begin with, I couldn’t really get behind the idea of them needing to find each other again. This was a problem, since I think Show’s intention was to build their connection into something pretty epic and profound, so that the angst of them fighting their way back to each other would feel worthwhile and important. I think all of that intent just flew over my head, unfortunately. [END VAGUE SPOILERS]

[SPECIFIC SPOILERS] Right away in episode 1, I already didn’t like the way Ze Yi was approaching Ye Zi. There’s a scene in the library where he takes a book away from her, then later returns it, and then takes the heart sticker off her sweater and puts it on her cheek. I literally felt violated in her stead. I didn’t perceive it as romantic; in fact, I felt it was kinda sleazy, to be honest.

At the same time, I felt frustrated with the way Ye Zi consistently freezes up in Ze Yi’s presence. The whole arc of him trying to get her to sing a duet with him was mostly a rinse-and-repeat cycle of him arranging to meet her, him trying to talk to her (and maybe pull one of his close-proximity ploys), and then her literally running away from him. It got to a point where I wanted to reach into my screen, pick her up by the scruff of the neck like she’s a cat, and just make her sing that stupid song.

On top of everything else, Show presents forced skinship as romantic, and that was also a problem for me.  [END SPOILERS]

3. Sometimes the characters don’t behave like real people

There were more than several occasions where I couldn’t make sense of why the characters behaved the way they did. Specifically, this happened a lot with the OTP, and that added to my challenges in trying to get on board with this show.


For example, in episode 16, the interactions between Ye Zi and Ze Yi, particularly in the scenes leading up to what appears to be a reconciliation, feel unnatural to me. In particular, the water fight feels shoehorned in for The Cute, without a plausible thread of emotional development to support it. One moment, they’re all awkward and angsty around each other, and the next thing I know, they’re giggling and laughing through a water fight. The whole thing just didn’t feel organic to me.

To continue the strange bent of their interactions, we see in episode 17 that Ye Zi is triggered by the sight of the drawings that Ze Yi had made for her back when they were dating in college, and that causes her to confront him about why he left in the first place. This confused me greatly. Why hadn’t she asked those questions in the last couple of episodes? I mean, it’s not like she forgot?

I found it hard to make sense of Ye Zi’s behavior. I mean, I try to rationalize that she was all caught up in the moment, of being around him again, that she didn’t think to ask him these questions. But, it doesn’t work for me, because not so long ago, when he’d first re-appeared in her life as a murky shadow, she’d chased him down, and screamed out at him, with those questions burning in her mind. So to then have her seem to forget these questions existed, doesn’t ring true to me. Which brings me back to my issue with this show; the characters sometimes – or more like oftentimes – don’t quite seem to behave like real people.


4. Bemusingly high levels of angst

Aside from the cheerful (and, in my opinion, rather awkward) early romance, this show is full of angst, particularly when it comes to the OTP. The contrast between the past timeline happiness and the present day angst is supposed to amplify the angst, I think. But the problem for me was, the angst between Ze Yi and Ye Zi felt rather pointless to me, like Show was just making them angst for the sake of it.


For one thing, Show stays mysterious for far too long, with regard to the reason why Ze Yi disappeared on Ye Zi all those years ago, and why he continues to stay away from her in the present timeline. I get that Show probably wants the audience to treat this as some sort of puzzle, but Show isn’t forthcoming at all with clues as to what actually went wrong, and every episode, all we get is a lot of angst in the present day timeline, with him avoiding her, and her unable to forget him.

In the first half of the show, Ze Yi makes it clear that he doesn’t wish to be found, but Ye Zi continues to allow his absence to cast a deep pall over her personality and her life. In episode 8, when she is convinced that he’s near her house, she chases down his shadow and screams into the darkness that she will make him keep his promise. I couldn’t understand this, because you can’t make someone keep their promise, if they don’t want to – especially if that promise is to be with you.

By episode 20, they seem to have reconciled, sort of, but oddly, he still avoids her, out of guilt, and then they are extremely awkward around each other when they do see each other again. I found the whole thing very weird. The two of them just angst a lot individually, and are anything but upfront when in contact with each other. It feels like these two have been playing cloaks and daggers with each other for a really long time, and it doesn’t feel like a healthy relationship at all, to me. And all of that angsting takes up most of the episode, before he ends up crying in her arms.

By the later stretch of the show, we finally find out the truth, that Ze Yi had landed in prison because a jealous Gu Yi Shan (Yu Tian Yi) had plagiarized his work, and in the fight that had ensued, Yi Shan had been knocked into a coma. Cue a lot more angst.

Finally, in episode 22, after All Of The Angst, everything comes to a head, but What. An. Anticlimax. that turned out to be. After allll the angst and high drama, the resolution is a quick gathering of a bunch of people around a table, a direct question asking Gu Yi Shan to explain what’s special about the work that he claims he didn’t copy, and without Gu Yi Shan having to say much at all, everyone believes Ze Yi and everything is cleared up and everyone is happy. The resolution feels really convenient, especially after so many episodes of build-up and angst, and I personally found it to be quite the deflating letdown.


Overall, I just always felt like our characters were immersed in a disproportionately large amount of angst, and I.. just couldn’t get into it.

5. Show’s unhelpful quirks

Our story regularly toggles between two timelines, and Show mostly doesn’t do much to indicate the switch. It doesn’t help that Ye Zi looks pretty much exactly the same in both timelines; she doesn’t even have a different hairstyle or anything. This meant that I regularly got confused when Show switched timelines, and had to depend on the styling of other characters in order to get my footing. My main clues were the hairstyles of the three main male characters, because most of the other characters also looked pretty much the same in both timelines.

Additionally, Show does this thing, where characters sometimes break the fourth wall and address the audience – occasionally while they’re in the midst of a scene. I generally found that kind of odd, and quite distracting.


Yuan Lang, Yuan Lang, Yuan Lang

During my watch, I regularly asked myself why I was still watching this show, when I clearly didn’t quite enjoy it. A small part of it was because the secondary characters would often be just interesting enough for me to want to stay with them a little longer. Another part of it was a stubborn, morbid curiosity about what the deal was, with Ze Yi and his Big Disappearing Act.

In Show’s last stretch, when Ze Yi’s backstory had been revealed, and when Show was in Full-On Angst Mode, I really almost did drop this show, even though I was only 4 episodes away from the end. I was so over all of it.

But then, Show shifted the spotlight to Yuan Lang, who by this time had become my favorite character in this entire drama world, and for him, I had to stay.


In episode 20, Show starts to hint at Yuan Lang being quite sick, possibly with some kind of late-stage brain tumor, and I was really bummed about that.

As a character, Yuan Lang doesn’t enjoy a lot of screen time in the grand scheme of things, but he’s got a really sweet dorky quality about him which I found very appealing. He’s also a super sweet boyfriend and husband (depending on which timeline we’re in), and more than a few times during my watch, I found myself thinking that Zhu Xuan has the best taste in men, among all the girls in this show.

And so, when Show started toying with Yuan Lang’s life (argh), I decided that I just HAD to stay, to make sure that sweet Yuan Lang got out of this alive.



Ohthankgoodness. Yuan Lang is perfectly fine; it was all a hospital mix-up. Which, pretty much, is all I care about in this finale.

But alright. Other stuff happens too. Ye Zi’s parents renew their marriage vows, and that is sweet. Ze Yi is moved by the ceremony, and tells Ye Zi that he’d like to grow old with her, and officially proposes. Ye Zi answers in a vague manner, musing about how she used to envy Xin Ran (Xu Ran) and Zhu Xuan that they could be with their beloveds, but how she’s now realized that love isn’t about being together all the time, but about helping each other become better people. Ze Yi concludes that it’s his turn to wait for Ye Zi, and that when they’ve both become people who are worthy to be trusted and depended on, that he will put the ring on her finger. They part ways.

..I don’t understand that. So they aren’t currently trustworthy and dependable? And so, they have to prove themselves some more, before they can be together? That’s really strange, but whatever. It seems that Show just wants to even out the score a little bit, and let Ze Yi be on the waiting end, at least for a while.

Fast forward to some unknown point in the future, and we see Ze Yi and Ye Zi, finally getting married, surrounded by their friends – and importantly, that includes a happy and healthy Yuan Lang.

I personally still don’t understand why Ze Yi and Ye Zi had to angst as much as they did, nor why they had to take the longest-way-around possible to reach each other in the end, but Show did give me the only thing I really cared about. Sweet Yuan Lang is alive and healthy, and I’ll take it.


Disproportionately dramatic and angsty a lot of the time, but it’s prettily shot, and quite atmospheric. Possibly suitable for when you’re in the mood to wallow in melancholy for a bit.





The whole series is available on YouTube, in HD with subs. Here’s episode 1, in case you’d like to dip your toes in right away. I mean, I clearly didn’t love this one, but lots and lots of other folks did, so you might, too?

45 thoughts on “Flash Review: Where The Lost Ones Go [China]

  1. Cat

    Oh Myyyy God! If the word “angst”, or any variation of it, is used one more time, I WILL DIE! 🤯

    This read has made me feel like I swam an ocean, climbed a mountain, and now I need a brain surgery.

    I am extremely appreciative of your detailed review, however, advances are needed to be made on your use of language so the reader does not feel like they have been buried underneath an avalanche.

    1. Mywebfoot

      Have to disagree. The repetition of “angst” seemed to neatly serve the purpose of bringing out the redundant and shallow nature of those moments in the show. Sort of how people use multiple letterssss and CAPITALS to emphasize their … angst!

      1. phl1rxd

        Hi Mywebfoot – well said! Bravo! One of my favorite things about Fangurl is her comprehensive, concise and well written reviews. I usually take my time reading them as they are that enjoyable. She is gifted in her attention to detail and her use of prose. She is also an extremely lovely human being who appreciates and respects everyone’s point of view. Love her, love this site and I love her fantastic writing.

    2. beez

      @Cat – While it’s fine to express your difference of opinion from kfangurl’s regarding any show, it is SO NOT COOL to criticize her writing. We are all guests of her site and it’s as if you came into someone’s home and criticized their cooking. Not cool at all! 😠

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  3. unknow speaker

    Kind of sums up everything. Though i thought it will be a nice drama but it ended up disappointing me. I felt is was a very unrealistic and unnecessarily melodramatic.

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  5. Ana Rodriguez

    Thanks for the review, it was so true! There were many things off in this drama. Still, I liked it. They beautifully portrayed what truly love means and what getting old together is. There’s just one thing that still makes me confused… It was a happy or a sad ending? Like it was kind of confusing to see how they imagine their future without being influenced by that accident. At first, I thought it was a happy ending and that they just took some time to get married but I compared the wedding that took place in the first episode and the characters are wearing the same clothes as in the last episode. It looks like YZ and ZY would have been the first ones to get married but it never happens. What do you think? :”(

  6. Kdramadiet

    Honey. Let me tell you something. Its past midnight here but i am still bemused and laughed a lot on “sometimes the characters don’t behave like real people”!!! Will never touch this drama! Thanks for the caution!

    1. kfangurl

      If your drama taste is like mine, then I do suggest staying far away from this one! But, I will say that lots of people love this one with a passion, and I’m in the minority, in not liking this one. 😉

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  8. AblsRara

    I am currently half way through this drama. I love how this drama portrayed the feeling of longing through its pictures. Those times they spent in their dark rooms alone or when they pause and reminisce when everyone around them is busy, are so relatable. It makes me miss the people I have gotten over with, heck, even the things that aren’t even existing. lol

    Kris Fan’s acting is damn good here though. He can deliver the entirety of emotion using his eyes only. No need for exagerated gestures. One look in his eyes reveals everything.

    The delivery of youthful love is superb too. The scenes of the 2 main characters are so “goals” Ugh. Lovey dovey scenes are too cute. 😍

    And oh, the friendship. The things I’d give just to have that kind of friendship.

    I agree that Yuan Luang is adorable. He’s the breath of fresh air everytime this drama gets stuffy.

    Overall (although Im just half way through this drama. lol), this drama is great if you want to experience again the longing you’ve felt before, feel youthful again and if you enjoy watching scenes shot in fresh looking locations.

    I’ll try to update if I will still feel the same after watching it. 😍

    1. kfangurl

      Glad you’re enjoying your watch, AblsRara 🙂 I personally couldn’t get into this one the way almost everyone else did, but hey, I know I’m in the minority here. 😉 Happy watching!

  9. Kiki

    Totally agree that WTLOG is not better than ALSB, in that at the very least, ALSB didn’t have disproportionate angst and the storyline was very thought out and the side characters were not wasted.

    1. kfangurl

      Hi5 Kiki! Yay that we feel similarly about WTLOG and ALSB! I was legit confused when I saw so many comments by viewers stating that they felt WTLOG was a much better show than ALSB. I just didn’t feel the same way. 🤓

  10. seankfletcher

    To watch, or not to watch? That is the question! Based on the above, it will be a no from me.

    I have finished watching Radio Romance and found myself thinking this Show chickened out (the last few episodes were pointless). As for Misty, the final episodes will generate some interesting comments. Grand Prince is perhaps redeeming itself and as for My Mister (thought provoking, brave and not what people were expecting). I hope the writers keep things grounded. From what I could tell, Korean audiences were expecting a romantic story and have ended up with something that is very in your face.

    I’m also currently enjoying Secret of the Nile, an Egyptian drama set in the Grand Hotel during 1950 on the Nile. It is so well made and has everything: love stories on all different levels, intrigue, deception, murder, lost inheritance, a touch of revenge, domineering parents, class distinction, wonderful scenery, great costuming and some fine acting. The lead pair are very engaging and show true love for what it is. Anyway, it’s my find of the week. If you take off the start and end credits, it runs in at just over 30mins. I think it’s great, but that’s just me.

    1. kfangurl

      Heh. I personally don’t think you’d be missing much, if you skip this one. But that’s just me, as well! 😆 I tried 2 eps of Radio Romance, but I’m not feeling it, and am not sure if it’s worth sticking with it. I had high hopes for Misty, but I read a spoiler for the ending, and have to agree with the conclusion given by the very upset blogger, that the ending undermined a lot of what went on in the earlier episodes. I might still dip my toes in, because the rest of the show sounds compelling. Good to hear that Grand Prince is looking up, and that My Mister is interesting. I haven’t officially decided to check out My Mister, but will keep tabs on audience reactions to see if I feel like joining in.

      I haven’t ever watched an Egyptian drama, but you do manage to make it all sound quite intriguing, Sean! I will add it to my “Other dramas” list, for just in case! 🙂

      1. seankfletcher

        I think you can walk away from Radio Romance. What is a shame though with this drama, is that, at the end of episode nine (I think), there is one of the best scenes you will ever see in any show.

        As for Misty, if you watch it all the way up until the final two minutes of episode 15 and leave it at that point, you will be satisfied. I’m not sure what the writers were trying to prove after that. It was if they changed their minds and were trying to be too clever. There is going to be a lot of ranting…

        With the Egyptian drama, it was so well made. However, this show went on a revenge kick in the final episodes, but it had a happy ending.

        Anyway, My Husband Oh Jak-doo is knocking it out of the park for me. It has a traditional story arc, with what feels like a genuine love story. It is also addressing social disparity at the same time, and I think the acting all round is up a notch or two. I’m also a fan of Jung Soo-Young, who has played so many secondary roles. She is getting a lot more airtime in this one and showing how versatile she is as a character actor.

        1. kfangurl

          As you know, I took your advice and walked away early, from Radio Romance – thanks for that, Sean! 😀 I definitely felt a sense of relief after I decided that I didn’t need to watch more episodes of it, ha.

          I’m 7 eps into Misty, and even though I’m trying to block the ending spoiler from my mind, I can’t help but see things differently, knowing what I know. I wonder if the writers always knew that was the ending they were going for, because it doesn’t always add up. And, to my eyes, it seems that the actor didn’t know either, or he might have played it differently in terms of some of his reactions and expressions. I’m not thinking of dropping it (yet?), but I am grappling with what to do with my spoilered brain. 😛

          My Husband Oh Jak Doo sounds like just my kind of show – and I’m so glad to hear that you’re enjoying it so well! 😀 I plan to check that one out soonish. 🙂

          1. seankfletcher

            With Misty hang in there, because it is a wonderful drama. Ji Jin-hee is such a good actor and he really shines in this (Personally I think his best role was in Second to Last Love opposite Kim Hee-ae, even though he is well noted for other roles). Kim Nam-jo, well what a performance. Just amazing. It’s hard to imagine anyone else playing Go Hye-ran. As much as there are some fine younger actors coming through, it’s very hard to beat the performances on offer by the very experienced actors in Misty.

            1. kfangurl

              Thanks Sean 🙂 I do think I will hang in there with Misty.. Ji Jin Hee and Kim Nam Joo are excellent, and you are so right to say that the performances by mature, seasoned actors is in a different league compared to the younger set – even when the younger set is a talented one. PS: I did enjoy Second To Last Love too, I just didn’t write it a review (yet?). 🙂

  11. Alena

    Quick question! At around the 14 minute mark in episode one, when we are first introduced to Yuan Lang, a song plays with the lyrics ‘what about the children’. As soon as I heard it I felt like I knew it, but I can’t find it anywhere. Do you have any ideas on the artist or song title? Or know where I might find out more?

    1. kfangurl

      Hm, I tried Shazaming it, but Shazam isn’t able to come up with a result either. :/ Hopefully someone else will see your comment and be able to help you out!

  12. dramajunkie

    I also got this as suggestions after watching Love so beautiful and I didn’t like too. I fast forwarded most of it and second half was totally unbearable for me still I checked out the ending and whatever you wrote is on point. I had similar thoughts about this drama.

    1. kfangurl

      Well, you were smarter than I was – you fast-forwarded a lot and skipped a whole bunch. And from where I’m standing, I really don’t think you missed much. It’s so funny though, that you also got this recommended to you after A Love So Beautiful! I feel like this show is very different from ALSB, now that I’ve seen them both. 🤔

  13. Owl Star

    I literally laughed when I saw your review, because like you, I attempted to watch this after A Love So Beautiful, probably after seeing the same comments/recommendations. And I just didn’t get it either and it was promptly dropped after a few episodes. Not sure if I got distracted by something else and had planned to go back, but I basically just forgot about it. Seems like I made the right decision! Their initial interactions, usually my favorite part of the love story, were… weird for lack of a better word. And you’re right, she does have a resting B face lol, maybe why I just didn’t really find her or her character likable. Hours of watching nonsensical angst due to lack of communication is my worst nightmare. Will be staying away!

    1. kfangurl

      Oh my gosh, haha! That’s hilarious, that we had such a similar introduction – and such a similar reaction! – to this show! Hi5, Owl Star! 😀 You were wiser than I was, though. You got out quick, and I.. stayed on, inexplicably, to the bitter end. 😝 Most people love this OTP’s initial interactions, but I was, like you, rather weirded out. Something just felt off, to me. So thank you, because at least now I know I’m not alone in finding the OTP interactions odd! 😛😁

  14. Timescout

    LOL! You sounds like me with most of those overly popular dramas that people loved to bits but where I just couldn’t see the draw, no matter how hard I tried. 😀 I’m pretty sure I gave most of them Das Boot at some point.

    1. kfangurl

      Haha! Yep, that about sums it up, I think! 😂 I just couldn’t see the appeal, even though I was genuinely trying to like this one. The thing is, I surprised myself by not dropping this. I mean, I thought I’d sharpened my Dropping reflex, but this time, I just found myself sticking with this one, even when I was not feeling it, at all. Sigh. I guess I still have a long way to go, with the Dropping reflex! 😝

        1. kfangurl

          I bow to your possibly unsurpassed Booting skills, Timescout! 😂 I thought I was much better at it, but this show proves that I still have a long way to go! 😝

  15. My2Girls

    Thank you for saving me those hours. I can tell I would hate it just from your review. You are wonderful!

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, thank you, you are so sweet, Amy! <3 Also, given how our drama tastes tend to align so closely, I'm also pretty sure you wouldn't like this one, heh. 😛

  16. Carol Shibuya

    Having recently finished watching “Secret Love Affair” I’m now rewatching this beautiful love story because after reading your fine review brings everything into perspective about the characters. With each kdrama I watch makes me want to find another good drama. Also I love classical music played on the piano and the actors were so believable when they were playing their parts on the piano. Especially loved the Rachmaninov concertos, I cried…….just listening to the music. Hopefully your summation of the lovers future is what I want to believe.
    Warm regards, Carol from CA, USA

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, I’m glad you enjoyed Secret Love Affair, Carol! It really is a very special drama, very different from most dramas. I’m also so happy to know that the review has inspired you to do a re-watch – and SLA is absolutely worth those drama hours, in my opinion 🙂

      Given that you enjoy classical music, I’d like to suggest Page Turner, which is a short little mini series that also centers around classical music. It’s very well done, and very engaging, despite its short length. You can check out my review here. 🙂

      1. Carol Shibuya

        As I continue to rewatch SLA I’m so in love with the soundtrack, especially the music played for the lovers, where can I either download or purchase this soundtrack?
        Many thanks, Carol

        1. kfangurl

          I completely agree; the soundtrack is absolutely wonderful. <3 To answer your question, I purchased my copy directly from Korea, but – you don't have to! I just discovered that the soundtrack is available on Spotify now. You can check it out here. Happy listening! 😀

          1. Carol Shibuya

            Thank you for the suggestion to listen to the SLA original soundtrack on Spotify but for some reason not available, possibly because of copyright issues in USA. However I found the soundtrack on You Tube which I can now listen to as frequently as I please.

                1. kfangurl

                  I do try to keep up with replying to comments, coz I love chatting dramas with you guys. But as you can see, sometimes I fall behind because of Real Life hectic schedules. Rest assured that I read every comment, even though I am sometimes slow to reply! 🙂


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