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Flash Review: My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday [Japanese Movie]


It looks like my in-flight entertainment adventures are becoming a bit of a series. (Does 2 posts in a row – written on 2 flights in a row – count as a series?)

Today, once again, I picked a movie on a whim (the food was a teensy bit better this flight than the last – emphasis on teensy), and liked it enough to write it a review right away while still in the air.

Ok, maybe that’s a bit of an understatement.

It’s more like I innocently signed up for what I thought would be a sweet, slice-of-life romance with a possible time-traveling twist, and ended up feeling like I was sucker-punched into serving up my heart to these characters on a plate. In a good way.


Here’s what I knew about the movie before I clicked on “Play Movie.”

“Takatoshi (Sota) falls in love with Emi (Komatsu), a girl with an extraordinary ability.”

That’s.. not a lot to go on, for sure. The trailer was unsubbed and therefore I didn’t have a clue what was going on in it, but I decided to watch it because the characters looked likable, and the breezy music suggested that this movie would be light and cute.

Which it was. I mean, until it wasn’t.


Essentially, Emi doesn’t have an extraordinary ability. It’s more like she appears to have the extraordinary ability to know about things before they happen, but that’s only because she comes from a parallel universe where time flows in the opposite direction of this universe.

On top of that, the lovers are only able to meet for 30 days every 5 years, because that’s where the loophole in their time cycles is (I’m paraphrasing, but essentially that’s what we need to know).

After this is revealed to us, the enormity of the implications on our lovers unfolded itself upon my mind in waves, and as I progressed with my watch, I found my heart pinching more and more, with each ripple of realization.

Here are the realizations that hit me the most, along with my general heart reactions:

1. Takatoshi and Emi have no shared context, except for what they purposefully create for themselves. The Emi that Takatoshi meets each day, has no memory of the days prior that they have spent together in his timeline, because she hasn’t experienced them yet. And vice versa, for the Takatoshi that Emi meets each day. This means that literally, the only true shared experiences that they have, are the ones that they are creating together, on that very day. The next day for him – and the next day for her – is shared with a different version of the other person because there are no actual shared memories. And yet, they continue to love each other and make it work.

My heart: Wow. That’s pretty deep, intentional, hardworking love, it feels like.

2. Based on the timelines, Takatoshi and Emi are the same age only once in the entire cycle, when they are twenty. When Takatoshi is 25, Emi is 15. When Takatoshi is 35, Emi is 5. And vice versa. Which means that the only window of time in which they can actually be together as a couple, is right now, when they are twenty. This means their romance can only last for 30 days. No more, and no less.

My heart: Ow. Ow ow ow.

3. Taking that further, this also means that once Takatoshi progresses past age 40, there aren’t even any more opportunities for him to see Emi, because in her timeline, she wouldn’t have been born yet. And vice versa for Emi. Our lovers wouldn’t even be able to visit each other anymore, because the other person wouldn’t exist yet.

My heart: Guh. *blubbers*


I’m pretty sure that if you took the time to dig a little deeper, that there would be other themes and ideas you’d be able to find in this movie; it just feels so thoughtfully conceived and written.

Personally, the ideas and themes that reverberated the strongest with me, were the ones that had to do with this show’s take on love. Specifically, I loved the way this movie made me think about empathy, selflessness, and quality time.


1. Empathy

The idea of empathy is a very strong one, as Takatoshi learns to look beyond his own feelings and consider Emi’s feelings and her point of view. In this movie, each of our lovers has to reach deep into themselves and consider the context and feelings of the other person. Before, Takatoshi can only feel overwhelmed at how Emi is just following a play-book on their dates. But later, he realizes how painful it must be for her, when each of his firsts with her, are literally her lasts with him.

2. Selflessness

Closely linked to the idea of empathy is the idea of selflessness. We see Takatoshi and Emi consistently put the other person’s happiness above their own.

She holds back tears as she chooses to focus on creating happy memories for him, rather than her own sadness as she considers how his first everything with her, is her last everything with him. We then see Takatoshi learn to do the same, as the 30 days draw to a close. He, too, holds back his own sadness at the impending goodbye, for the sake of Emi, who is just starting her 30 days with him.

You can literally see how much it kills each of them, but they forge on and do it anyway, out of love and consideration for the other person.

3. Quality Time

The set-up in this movie literally redefines the meaning of quality time, because our lovers only ever have these 30 days together. I feel like this movie takes the idea that shared time is precious – which reasonably applies to all couples everywhere – and amplifies it to an almost painful degree, simply because our lovers’ time together has a predetermined limit.

It makes all the time they share extra precious, and I feel like I can literally see them cherish each second to its very last drop.

When Show takes these 3 things and magnifies them to such a startling degree, I feel that it makes it easier for us as an audience to more fully appreciate how to love others, and to be more thankful and more giving, in the way that we love.


As the final credits rolled, I found myself staring at my screen in a daze, while my brain struggled to reconcile the fate of these lovers, and my heart tried to decide whether it was full, or broken, or both.

It’s a fantastical setup to be sure, but the heart of both Takatoshi and Emi, as they struggled through their personal pain to give as much happiness to the other person as they could in the moment, moved me deeply.

I dearly wish they could have had a more explicitly happy ending, but perhaps it is more touching to know that from start to finish, they each loved the other to the fullest of their abilities, and dedicated themselves to making the other person happy, while savoring every moment, because oftentimes, it was literally their last.

There is a line of dialogue that Takatoshi and Emi share a couple of times in the movie; essentially, that their lives are linked by the edges, and as they progress through the cycles of time, they are one, living one life.

Right after we see Takatoshi walk away from 5-year-old Emi after saving her, which basically is the last time he will see her, the scene cuts to 20-year-old Emi, approaching Takatoshi for the first time, to experience those 30 days all over again.

It breaks my heart to think that this pair of lovers share such a deep bond, and yet have such a limited amount of time to be together, in each of their lifetimes. But it also fills my heart to witness their love. The length of time they have together doesn’t determine how deeply nor how enduringly they love each other. They would rather face the odds and grasp tightly onto every opportunity they have to love each other, than not love each other at all.

And that in itself is a lesson in love indeed. ❤


Poignant, thought-provoking and bittersweet.



This wasn’t the trailer I watched on the plane. The in-flight trailer was much breezier, whereas this one runs much closer to the actual tone of the movie.

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38 thoughts on “Flash Review: My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday [Japanese Movie]

  1. Thank you! It sounds amazing! …though if your review chokes me up, what’s the actual movie going to do? (quietly blubbers)


    • I really think you’d appreciate this one, Mary! I didn’t shed actual tears on the plane,but my heart was blubbering on the inside, and this movie is still lingering with me now, hours later. ❤


  2. I’ve watched it twice and I cried twice.
    Reading this review reminds me back to the feelings I had when I cried for the ending…
    You wrote the points really well. I still find it cruel that they made this as their last meeting sobs TT.TT but it is indeed one beautiful story.


    • You’re so right.. this is a beautiful story, and it definitely brings the feels! ❤ Super glad you enjoyed this review, swevenode! 🙂 And you’re right.. it does feel cruel.. and yet, somehow, it’s still beautiful. That’s quite an accomplishment, in my books.


  3. As usual you are on point. While reading your review, I felt everything again as if I was watching the movie.


    • Aw, thank you boink! I can’t stop thinking about this one.. it really is quite special, in all of its heartrending, poignant, bittersweet glory. ❤ No regrets serving up my heart on a plate.


  4. I am not reading your article yet … but let me ask you a question: where did you see this movie (if it is already stated in your text … Sorry!!! I do not want to read any spoilers 😉 )? I am desperately trying to find and view it ! Thx for the feedback … you will make my day!


  5. Ok I’m excited now. I love both actors and can’t wait to catch it on… guess what? On my flight lol – as usual 😏


  6. I literally just finished watching it on the plane and had to buy wifi to look up reviews for this.
    Thanks for this, I have some form of way to share my feelings haha. Shame there are not that many reviews out there


  7. Hi. Your thoughts about the movie is really great! This is the first time i am reacting to a kind of review on the movie. It really is bittersweet ending. I was not able to move on in a movie Goblin but now this one? Ugh give me a break -Takoshi said. LOL Anyways love how you were so on point. Thank you for these details. I have learned something!!


  8. I just watched this and stumbled upon your review. I whole-heartedly agree. The movie tricks you and begins with run of the mill romantic plot. It lost me at some points, but I was in tears by the time I realized what was really happening. It made me want to hug my hubby tight just in case!


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  10. Any idea where the movie can be purchased online? I also watched most of the movie during a flight but the flight was not long enough so I did not see the ending😟


  11. I love your review on this movie! Watched it because because of this post, thanks!
    This movie actually reminds me of a Japanese movie that came out last year, The 100th Love with You. I wonder if you’ve watched it? I would like to link the trailer here, but it’s a bit too spoilery.
    Anyways, if you haven’t, you’ll probably enjoy it, as you like this one, since the two movies kinda have the same vibes. If you did find time to watch 100th Love with You, you might be put off at first by the main female’s acting (I know I was), that’s because she’s a singer-song writer and she was probably chosen for the role because of that. I sticked out till the end for the main actor, and I’m glad I did. The movie isn’t perfect, but it’s a smooth watch for me.
    Whenever you get a chance to watch it, do tell me if you liked it or not! 🙂


    • That’s so cool, awwsome, that this review persuaded you to check out the movie! 😀 I feel like my work here is done *takes bow* 😉 Thanks for the recommendation on The 100th Love With You, I hadn’t come across it until you mentioned it! I’ve just managed to track it down, and will add it to my list, for the next time a movie mood strikes 🙂


    • Oh Gawwwwwd YES!
      Thats the thought that went in my mind too. Thats one lovely movie…
      The 100th love with you has a similar emotions, only I completely fell hook-line-sinker for Kentaro Sakaguchi.
      What a treat for heart & soul, and wait, eyes too…;)


  12. I discovered this film through its main soundtrack (on youtube of course!). I fell in love with it. I have it even on my mobile phone! I saw the film just after coming back from my trip to Japan. This movie was food to my Japanese blues … I fell in love a second time. The keyword here is indeed “poignant”. Thank you for the article which is spot on!


  13. My lovely Gurrrlllll, So glad you enjoyed this movie!
    You know it’s my mission to pull you into my J-world….:)
    wicked-wicked me!

    Great review, as usual.
    A GOOD, wholesome love stories such as these are a reason why I want to keep watching romantic movies over and over again.
    This one is a GEM among a sea of cruelly bad love flicks that one gets to see more often than not.
    Always a sucker for a good love story, this one stole my heart for:
    1) Two souls who share their love to one another in a pristine & pure fashion…
    2) a fate that denies them to be together.

    Done well, with a decent amount of explanation of the fantasy genre, it was such a wonderfully innovative movie for me, and though it delivered a generous amount of heartache, it left me uplifted (?!?) in a strange happy way.

    May I suggest:
    1) Orange
    2) My 100th love for you

    Both lovely J-movies…



    • Hi Nups!! 😀 Yes, I do know your love for J-shows! And I really did love this one, it grabbed my heart so. ❤ As you said, truly a gem of a movie.

      Thanks for the other recommendations – I've added them to my list! 😘


  14. woaah.. thx for the recommend it’s kinda hard tho to search about sota’s best movie.. i’m glad to watch this ! ~


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  16. This was a really good review thank you! As I read your review I realized more and more things in the movie! For e.g. when Takatoshi shares that when he was 5 years old he almost drowned and he remembered a woman who saved him hugged him tightly. Now I’ve realized that it was the last time Emi was meeting Takatoshi..! **sob sob** Also the time when Emi is introduced to Ueyama for the first time (in Takatoshi’s timeline) she tells him to continue to be a great friend to Takatoshi. I found that odd, like she just met him and either she’s pretending like she knows Takatoshi better than Ueyama (which seems like a bitch move) OR she’s parting ways with him (which is again very odd). But the fact that she had a good goodbye with important character like Ueyama too was heartwarming (not just with Takatoshi)..
    I absolutely loved the direction of the movie. A concept like this, that too so beautifully portrayed..! Great work by the Director! The actors did a great job too! It was a bit difficult to understand, just like Takatoshi who was confused, but the movie did a great job to show the perspective of both the leads!

    P.S. my name is Emi too. Long story short it’s rare for me to hear my name being pronounced correctly so it was so good hearing my name being said again and again so lovingly by such a good actor >.< **blush blush**


    • Aw, thanks for enjoying the review, Emi! ❤ I'm so glad that this review helped you develop more thoughts about the movie too, that's great to hear! 😀 Indeed, this was such a special movie.. it lingered with me long after the credits ended, like my heart had just been suckerpunched – but in a good way. Also, how nice, to hear your name said correctly in the movie! 😀


  17. I too watched this on a plane to Hong Kong. It’s crazy that you had almost the exact experience as I did lol. I seriously ugly cried on a plane. It was super embarrassing! Your review was great and it made me go through all the emotions again. I don’t think I’ve ever cried that much in my entire life before.


    • Hi there Jonathan! Welcome to the blog! 😀 Also, crazy fact? I watched this movie on a plane to Hong Kong as well. 🤯 That’s even crazier! Are you in a parallel universe to me..? 😆 Jokes aside, I’m so glad you loved this movie, it really is so special. I didn’t even care that I ugly-cried on a plane in full view of everyone else. This one was absolutely worth it. ❤


      • Woah, that’s crazy! Small world lol! My flight was kind of recent so it’s kind of amazing it was still in the in-flight movie library. I’m glad it was! I loved this movie so much I literally choke up talking about it to my friends. It hurt me deeply 😛


        • Small world indeed! But I’m glad that this movie is staying in inflight libraries – I think I wouldn’t have discovered it otherwise, and it’s such a poignant and beautiful movie that I’d be sorry to have missed it! ❤


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