#FindMyTribe Refreshed! Plus, Healer Shirt!

Thanks to everyone who supported #FindMyTribe in its first incarnation, you guys are the best! Thanks for your encouragement and enthusiasm, it’s what keeps me going with this little project. Well, it’s little now, but hopefully it’ll grow into something a little bigger & more robust with time.

Since all the tee cycles last closed, it’s been so quiet in the #FindMyTribe corner of this site that you could practically hear (virtual) crickets. But, I haven’t forgotten about #FindMyTribe, nor the reason that I think it’s a cool idea. [If you’re new to this site, essentially, it’s to give us drama fans a subtler way to wear our drama love, as well as a way to find one another as we wear our shirts proudly into the world! You can check out my original post here.]

While #FindMyTribe was in hibernation, I thought over the entire process and I’m happy to say that I’ve found a more permanent platform on which to offer #FindMyTribe tees. Woot! 😀

Healer Forget The Cape tee in Ladies cut


Ta da~! This is the first of the new #FindMyTribe tees – a tribute to Healer, a drama that I love a whole lot (& promise to review!). As you can probably tell, this design was inspired by the drama poster – doesn’t Healer look cool? 😀

You can check out the shirt page here!

It’s available in a pretty wide array of cuts and colors, which you can explore by clicking on the various options on the page itself. Here’s a peek at the various cuts available, on the default black tee.


1. No more t-shirt cycles!

Previously, as some of you would know, all the shirt designs were offered on a limited-time basis, since the platform I was using only allowed for 21-day cycles. A shirt would need to garner at least 3 orders in that 21 days in order to get printed.

Now, there’s no more waiting around for a cycle to end! If you order a single shirt, it gets printed up for you right away and shipped to you right away as well.

Even better, the shirt is available indefinitely! No more rushing to place an order before a 21-day cycle ends!

2. Better prices!

The prices on different t-shirt cuts vary, but with lower base costs, all of the shirts are now more affordable for everyone! Best of all, for the first 72 hours of a design going live, it’s on sale for as low as US$14! So if you like this design, do grab one while it’s on sale!

Also pretty great, is that even after the sale period is over, the regular prices are more affordable than before. 🙂

3. Combined shipping is available!

Ok, so this is not yet a perk since there’s only one design available at the moment, but as more designs become available, you’ll be able to buy several different designs in a single cart and have them shipped to you in a single package.

The fact that it wasn’t doable on the previous platform was a downer, especially for fans of the shirts. Going forward, as more designs become available, it won’t be a problem anymore!


Coz I feel so comfortable with you guys, and coz I figure at least some of you will be curious, I figured I’d answer a couple of imaginary questions 😉

1. Did I personally design this shirt?

This time around, it’s different in the sense that I’ve engaged the help of a professional artist to make #FindMyTribe designs, going forward. I describe what I’d like the design to be, and she creates it. And my dear friend Jo helps me with her awesome feedback too.

Which means, yes, plainly speaking, it does cost me money to get the shirts out, in this new incarnation of #FindMyTribe. It’s coz I want the shirts to look as fab as possible, for you guys. I also wanted to try a more graphic approach to the designs, without sacrificing the fact that they’re still “secret shirts.”

This also means that it’ll probably take quite a while, before a shirt breaks even. But I’m hoping that in time it will happen. And then any extra money will go towards the cost of running the site. And towards making more designs for more shirts! 🙂

2. Will I still be able to offer discount codes?

Unfortunately, no. This platform has a streamlined approach where every design goes on sale for the first 72 hours, and then after that, it goes to a standard price. I don’t actually have control over this aspect, at all. But I consider it a worthwhile sacrifice, in order to have the shirts available indefinitely.

3. Will there be more shirts coming out, and when?

Yes, the plan is to have more designs come out. I’ve had to pause t-shirt design stuff for the time being coz of my sudden medical issues. But I plan to get back on track with it in another month or so, when I expect all the medical stuff to have settled down.

If you’ve got an idea for a t-shirt, or have a request, let me know! If there’re enough people who express interest in it, I’ll see what I can do to make it happen!

Last but not least, please remember to check out the shirt page here! And, please spread the word! Sharing is caring 😉

Thanks, everyone. Smooches. <3

15 thoughts on “#FindMyTribe Refreshed! Plus, Healer Shirt!

  1. Ann Crowell

    THANK YOU for making tees available this new way. I learned about Healer shirts too late to order and was so disappointed in summer after I fell in love with Healer, Empress Ki and JCW. I keep watching them over and over!

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, I’m so glad that you like the new shirt, Ann! 😀 I understand your drama and Ji Chang Wook love.. I rewatched Healer not too long ago, and loved it as much as I did the first time, and I melted at Ji Chang Wook all over again. <3 <3 THIS is why I'm happy that the tees are now available long-term. Coz our drama love is long-term too, and we should have access to expressing that love, anytime. ^^

    1. kfangurl

      Hey there Andy! 🙂 Yes, this is the t-shirt project I was talking about. Rather than take donations (I’m still not sure about that), I thought it’d be a nice idea to offer something that people can purchase (if they like it). Then they get something tangible for their money, and a small percentage of that goes to help cover the cost of making the shirts. Eventually, I hope the shirts can break even, and then any extra money can go towards running the site, & making more shirts 🙂

      PS: When I say “cover the cost of making the shirts” I mean the aspect of hiring a professional artist to make the designs. The t-shirt printing cost etc is covered. If that makes sense? 🙂

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, YAY that you like the new direction of the #FindMyTribe designs, DF!! And, I’m SO HAPPY that you like the tagline for the Chuno shirt – as a huge Daegil fan, I want to believe that he lives forever. Y’know, kind of like how there’re all those rumors about “Elvis is alive”? Yeah. Daegil is alive, and out there, somewhere. Prowling. With his languid panther gaze firmly in place. <3 <3

      I'll make it a priority shirt for when stuff settles down a bit & I can focus better on the designs! 🙂

    1. kfangurl

      Thank you!!! YAY that you like it!!! It’s still going at sale prices for another 2 days, so if you’d like to get your Christmas prezzie early, it’s a thought ^^ Otherwise, it’ll still be around at Christmas (the beauty of no t-shirt cycles makes me SO HAPPY)! 😀

  2. j.d.e.

    It’s live! yay! After all the busy schedules and timezone differences. It looks amazing! Kudos!!! I agree with Lady G about Chuno. I would love to see a Goong one (biased, much?), or even a She Was Pretty one! So many dramas! So many ideas. Love this. ~ Jo

    1. kfangurl

      THANK YOU, for brainstorming with me, and giving your amazing insights!! This shirt wouldn’t be as awesome without your input, you amazing woman, you! <3 <3 Chuno shirt is definitely a GO, just need to fine-tune the idea (when RL allows me some breathing room), and then it can go into the actual artwork phase. And YES, let's brainstorm on other shirt ideas, I'm getting more excited now that the first shirt's gone live!

      PS: Lucas seems to be a little man with very good taste! I think he gets it from his mom 😉

  3. Lady G.

    WOW!!!!!! I remember you told me you got a professional to help with designs. That shirt looks amazing! Your concept and their art are fantastic.

    I think Healer fans will eat it up! I can just imagine a Chuno one, even in the same pose, except you have Daegil with his back turned holding arrows. It’s great that you want to keep the project up. I look forward to more shirts! And I’ll help spread the word.

    1. kfangurl

      WOOT! YAY that you like it! And, thanks for helping to spread the word! 😀 Yes, isn’t the artwork good?? I’m still getting used to communicating what I want in a way that will GET me the result I want, but she’s pretty great to work with, and has been super patient with me!

      YES, I’ve got plans for a Chuno shirt, because DAE GIL IS AWESOME <3 <3 I'll make that a priority when I can get back into the shirts!


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