Review: The Glory Part 2


Overall, I’d say that Show is a solid continuation of Part 1 (review here!), so fans of Part 1 should be pretty happy with Part 2, at a minimum.

Show ramps up the drama in Part 2, in service of the revenge at the center of our story, so it feels more fast-paced, intense and, well, dramatic, compared to Part 1. I personally still found it all very absorbing and engaging, despite Show’s slight shift in tone.

Your mileage with the ending is likely to vary depending on what you look for in your dramas – specifically in a good revenge tale – but overall, I’d still say that Show does a pretty solid job.

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This Month On Patreon: April 2023

We are in full swing into 2023, for reals – It’s now April!! (And to think that I’ve only just recently posted my 2022 Year-in-Review! 😅 It’s here, though, if you missed it.)

Because it’s the 1st of April, it’s time for another This Month on Patreon post!

But this time, I also have a quick announcement, which you’ll see just above the section where I talk about which reviews will post this month.

So this month, the overview of this post is a little more like:

1. Why I’m on Patreon, and why I hope you’ll consider supporting me on Patreon;

2. My April-specific personal update;

3. Which Patreon-related reviews are due this month;

4. What shows I’m considering for coverage on Patreon, to replace shows that have completed their cycles, and

5. What you can expect, as a patron.

I hope you guys find this helpful &/or informative, and I hope you’ll consider supporting me on Patreon! ❤️

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