Review: Nothing But You [China]


A very feel-good, uplifting sort of story, once you are able to tune into Show’s vibe.

Our story world is on the simple, almost sanitary side of things, and our emotional arcs lean simple as well, which, together, makes it feel a little Hallmark-Disney, in terms of tone.

If you’re able to roll with that, the underdog story that Show serves up is accessible and engaging, and quite slurpable too.

Also, if you’re able to appreciate the idea of “romance in the small things,” instead of the more common big, sweeping romantic declarations that Dramaland tends to serve up, you’d have a good chance of loving the central romance in this too.

On balance, I found this one to be very enjoyable, and well worth the drama hours.

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Review: Love Like The Galaxy [China]


A gorgeously shot, epic love story that works out to be wonderfully addictive and immersive.

The entire cast is pretty great, but it’s really our leads Wu Lei and Zhao Lu Si who ground this one for me, with their nuanced portrayals of their characters, and their fantastic shared chemistry.

Show isn’t perfect, and there are some rough edges in the presented narrative, but it’s nothing some lens adjustments can’t fix (I talk more about that in a bit).

Importantly, Show knows how to serve up the romance, and make me swoon into a flailing puddle on a regular basis, and I consider that to be Show’s biggest strength. 😁

Absolutely recommend, especially if you enjoy a dose of swoony romance. ❤️

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Flash Review: Upcoming Summer [China] [Movie]

Shout-out to manukajoe, who was the one who put this movie on my radar.

He said that this one was breezy and enjoyable, and now that I’ve watched it for myself, I do concur that it’s a solid spend of an hour and 55 minutes of your drama hours.

Plus, Leo Wu is so very endearing in this. 🤩

Psst: Link to watch is at the end of the review.

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Flash Review: Adoring [China] [Movie]

If you’re looking for a holiday movie to watch this New Year’s weekend, Adoring might be a good contender. It came out on 31 December 2019, just in time for New Year’s – so we’re only about a year late? 😁

Show is simple, easy, and it focuses on bringing the feels. And! There’re pets!! What’s not to love, right? 🤩

Psst! Links to watch are at the end of the post!

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