Food in Kdrama: An Obsession?

Hi everyone!

Today’s post is a throwback sort of deal – surprise? 😁

Basically, not too long ago, JJ emailed me and suggested that I do throwback posts sometimes, to point you guys to older content that exists on the blog, but which you might not have discovered, because there’s just so much of it, now that the blog’s been around for a while.

AND THEN.. while I was auditing the site, checking for various things (like broken links, for one), I came across this post.

Not to toot my own horn, but I read this post, and thought, HEY, this is a pretty great topic, and a pretty good post – which many newer readers might not have come across.

And so, today, I bring you back to 2014 (gosh, has it been 8 years?!?), when I first published this post, where I talk about food as part of Korean culture.

I hope you guys enjoy.

KFG ❤️

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Dear kfangurl: What is up with all the 2nd & 3rd rounds in Korean gatherings?

Bonding over drinks. 🍻

In my recent final Open Thread for Secret Love Affair, I’d mentioned in a comment, the Korean penchant for second and even third rounds, when doing gatherings.

In response, Beez said:

“That’s a good question for Dear kfangurl. Why? I understand when they want to go to a karaoke bar but other than that – why leave one bar just to go for rounds at another? Do they have different types of drinks at one establishment from another? (I’ve never been much of a drinker but in my limited experience, I’ve never had a bartender tell me they don’t have whatever I ordered.)”

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