Patreon Year End Awards: David’s Year In Dramas!

Hey everyone!

We’re having guest posts from the lovely folks on Patreon, to help us take stock of our drama years, kinda-sorta like what we had last year, woot! 🥳

We’ll be seeing about 2 guest posts per week, and this will unfold into January 2023, and that’s perfectly ok. AND, my annual year-in-review, which usually comes out in December, will also come out in January (or thereabouts 😅), after all the guest posts have been published.

If you missed our earlier posts, you can check them out as follows: phl1rxd, j3ffc, Uyen, Sean, Martina.

Today, I’m pleased to announce that David is sharing his drama year!

David’s been more of a silent supporter over on Patreon, so I’m super pleased that he offered to write this year-end post, because what better way to get to know him better, yes? 😁

I hope you guys enjoy!

KFG ❤️

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