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Dropped: Temperature Of Love


I am calling it quits on this one, you guys.

26.5 episodes into this show’s 40, I have hit a Serious Brick Wall. I just can’t with this show, anymore. Now I kinda wish I had been less patient with this show. Like, if I’d been quicker to judge this one as boring and underwhelming as so many other viewers did before me, maybe I wouldn’t have ended up wasting so much time on this one, y’know?

Oh well. I suppose this is one of those times when you guys can maybe learn from my mistakes.. because then it wouldn’t have all been for nothing?

What a great pic, though, eh? Too bad Show isn’t.


The thing that annoys me about this whole situation, is that I didn’t actually like this one right away. In fact, I had to work to like it. I’d found the first 2 episodes kind of boring, and I’d found it odd, that Jung Sun (Yang Se Jong) would abruptly ask out Hyun Soo (Seo Hyun Jin), out of the blue.

But, because I didn’t want to be too quick to condemn a show, I pressed on, and for a moderately good stretch, I found things to enjoy in this one.

1. Jung Sun and Hyun Soo together.

After the initial set-up, which I found a bit unwieldy, I was happy to realize that Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong have very good chemistry together. When they’re bantering, it feels so organic, fun and good-natured. When they’re studiously avoiding each other, the air between them always feels charged with unspoken meaning. And when they’re kissing, it feels so raw and real. I can believe that these two are real people with real feelings for each other.

[SPOILER] For the record, the train kiss in episode 4 which seemed to bother a lot of other viewers, didn’t bother me. In fact, I actually found the train kiss reasonably organic to the story. The two of them had been drawn to each other for a while, and had just spent the day together, with thrills and spills and heartfelt conversations. In the moment, I could believe that he would tell her he wanted to kiss her, and actually act on it. [END SPOILER]

On top of the OTP chemistry, I liked that the OTP conversations tended to be more honest than coy, which felt refreshing to see, in a drama.

2. The promise of bromance.

I thought the budding bromance between Jung Sun and Jung Woo (Kim Jae Wook) was cute. I liked the way they joked with each other in the earlier episodes, and wanted to see how their friendship would grow, especially since Jung Woo seemed to admire Jung Sun’s culinary skills so much.

As a bonus, Kim Jae Wook looks very dapper and handsome in this show. I was not opposed to the bonus eye candy at all, heh.

3. Hyun Soo’s parents

Hyun Soo’s parents don’t get a whole lot of screen time, but I liked them whenever they showed up on my screen. I love this screenshot of them, from E9-10, when they go over to spend the night with their daughter coz they know she’s going through a tough time, and greet her with a three-way bear hug. Just, so heartwarming. ❤


The thing is, there were a lot of things that I didn’t enjoy in this drama.

Basically, so many of the secondary characters in this drama world behaved badly, that I started to feel like this was a highly dysfunctional drama world.

The two most unlikable characters in this drama world

The two biggest offenders in this category, are Hong Ah (Jo Bo Ah) and Jung Sun’s mom (Lee Mi Sook), who were pretty much mirror images of each other. They were both extremely vain, whiny, entitled, self-indulgent, self-centered, petulant, prone to tantrums & pity parties, and they both seemed incapable of consideration for others. Worse, they both seemed to feel like they were not responsible for their own behavior; other people had forced their hands, and therefore, they often talked to the people around them in distinctly accusing tones.

Just one such character would’ve been bad enough; I can’t understand why writer-nim decided that we needed two such divas on our screens. I went through a brief phase where I wondered whether Hong Ah was driven more by insecurity than actually being that full of herself, but I changed my mind soon enough, when Hong Ah demonstrated that she was very much self-aware, yet continued to be more and more calculative and spiteful as we got deeper into our story.

I found Hong Ah’s self-awareness both fascinating and repulsive, at the same time. The fact that she could explain in such  a detailed and articulate fashion, why she behaved so terribly towards Hyun Soo, is fascinating. The fact that she could understand the mechanics of it, and keep on doing it, without any sense of regret, is repulsive. She seemed to literally think that no one’s feelings mattered, except her own, and I disliked that, a lot.

The real road to Dropsville

Still, as bad as Mom and Hong Ah were, they weren’t quite the thing that put me on the road to dropping this show.

That dubious honor goes to Jung Woo.

[SPOILER] At around the episode 18 mark, Jung Woo decides to actively pursue Hyun Soo, even though he knows that Hyun Soo is happily dating Jung Sun. He then proceeds to do everything in his power to make each of them as helplessly dependent on him as he can, in order to gain the upper hand.

I just couldn’t understand this. Not only has Hyun Soo made her feelings clear, that she does not feel anything romantic for him, Jung Woo’s own feelings aren’t clear either. Throughout the show, he never seemed to be crazy about Hyun Soo in any capacity. He only seemed to want her affection for himself, because that affection and loyalty appeared desirable to him. Plus, he looked utterly miserable, even as he consciously put things into motion that would make Jung Sun and Hyun Soo miserable too.

Basically, the more Jung Woo drove Jung Sun and Hyun Soo into their corners, the less fun this show was to watch. This was The Thing that made me start to actively think about dropping this show. [END SPOILER]


Earlier in the show, I’d felt conflicted about Won Joon (Shim Hee Sup) continuing to carry a torch for Hong Ah even though she behaved so terribly towards him. Did I want to admire him for his unconditional love for her, or shake him out of his blindness, I wondered.

By mid-series, I decided that I wanted to shake him out of it. Not because his love for her was stupid; there is something very special about a guy who continues to love you despite your terrible failings. The problem here was that he let her walk all over him and didn’t try to correct her beyond the occasional nagging remark.

That’s why I loved the scene in episodes 21 & 22, when Soo Jung (Chae So Young) made her confession to Won Joon in front of Hong Ah. I loved, too, that later, when he thanked her for lying, that she told him honestly – and with a twinkle in her eye – that she wasn’t lying. I really wanted for these two to start dating, and for Won Joon to finally be treated nicely by the girl he liked. I wanted Hong Ah out of his life, for good.

By the time I started on episode 27, though, I’d come across the spoiler that Won Joon ends up with Hong Ah in the end, and I was Not Pleased, to say the least.

Around 15 minutes into episode 27, Hong Ah appeared on my screen, and behaved as snappishly at Won Joon as ever, and that was THE moment I realized I was done with this show. I just couldn’t tolerate the thought that Show was actually rewarding such a truly awful character, by giving her a happy-ever-after with a sweet, patient guy who deserved so much better.

Just, how could you, Show? *cries* Know that I will forever hold it against you.

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57 thoughts on “Dropped: Temperature Of Love

  1. Finally finished this one … nearly dropped it towards the end tho…
    I have never seen a female lead sooo unworthy of the nice male lead….Jeezz the poor guy.
    Hong-A and Won Joon getting together is just a big facepalm….
    Hong-A’s character was very annoying… had to skip through her parts just so I don’t lose my temper alone at home 😀
    Jung Woo is way too petty for grown man…
    I agree with you to 50% on Hyun-Soos’ parents.. love the dad … really disliked the mom…
    But my favorite part about the show were Kyeong and Joon-Ha they were great together… Also loved Kyeongs’ deagu dialect 😀


    • Well it looks like you definitely had more patience with this one than I did, Larius! 😀 I’m glad this worked better for you than it did for me.. I like Seo Hyun Jin a lot, but I could not jive with her character, unfortunately. And OMG yes, Hong Ah was just annoying to no end! 😝


  2. This review was rather difficult to read, but I understand where you’re coming from with all the frustrations. Two easily unlikable characters and a true definition of “blinded by love” man.

    Yes, Hong Ah has insecurities of herself and is fully aware of it which comes off as quite interesting. In our typical lives, we sometimes make the wrong decisions even with the right one in mind. Many of these decisions are reflected off of what we feel in the moment. As everyone is at different stages of their lives, we all learn, understand and adapt at different paces. Many things we won’t fully understand it until the result is actually happening EVEN though we know the result. It’s bridging the emotions, reality, and the objective truth altogether. So in my opinion, Hong Ah gives that kind of reflection upon ourselves. She portrays a rather immature person throughout the show but comes to understand the meaning of love vs lust with Jung Sun and Won Joon.

    Jung Sun’s mother is a character of deep traumas and has the deepest scar of any of the characters here. Her dreadful past with her abusive ex-husband led her to fall out of understanding the meaning of love and living her typical life. As shown in her past, she never used to be like that and was ultimately led to have her perspectives of everything change and live the way she does presently, except for her feelings towards her own son. For her, it almost led her to take a “detour” with all the young men she dated with her carefree lifestyle. But as the show goes on, you would see how she does her best to change with the situation she had put her son through (the one person who she cares about the most).

    Last person in your review is Jung Woo. A man driven with ambition and success and has walked most of his single life as so. When Hyun Soo came along, he slowly realized that she had that love effect on him because of her character. However, he projects everything in such a business manner that in Hyun Soo’s definition of love, it wasn’t him. But each individual views things differently. Although she was very clear about not having interest in him, he didn’t seem to understand the failure he was going through. Ultimately, it was the biggest failure he had faced and he faced it by giving it his all. What we see in the show from him is a development of understanding himself personally and what is love and why does it lead him to go to such extents fully aware knowing everything is wrong. He’s almost like Hong Ah but a different version. If you watched it to the end, you’ll see why and how he come to terms with himself.

    All in all, just responding to your negatives about the show. There are many more reasons why this drama was very successful. Unfortunately, most of the people on here judged rather quickly and didn’t give it a chance to give themselves time to think about it on their own, especially those who didn’t even watch it and made their conclusion that it’s bad based on of negative reviews on here.

    I full on respect your opinion kfangurl. Just giving my two cents on it from a positive perspective.


    • Hi there DYC, thanks for sharing your perspective on the show. It’s been quite a while since I attempted to watch this one, so I must confess that the details are too hazy in my head for me to fully appreciate your sharing. However, I do hope that it’ll help other readers who visit this page in the future! ❤


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  4. What can you say about this drama?
    Witch love and knowing wife
    Is it worth to try? Thanks


    • Hi there, Angielamagat, sorry this reply comes so late. I personally really like Knowing Wife and feel it’s worth a try. I tried Witch’s Love but didn’t like it as much as other folks seem to, unfortunately. But you might still like it, since many people seem to enjoy it? 🙂


  5. I was more fascinated by the secondary characters. I thought the main chararacters love story didnt developed quite well. And I was also rooting for soo jung and won joon! ☹
    I guess then heart wants what it wants


  6. I started watching this drama after catching up to Still 17, it still ongoing. I watched “Duel” with Yang Se Jong in it, and finished it before trying out TOL. However, no matter how much i like Yang Se Jong and his acting, I just couldnt seem to like it, and found his character a bit cringey, the fact he asked her out after barely knowing her, without any romantic scenes to back up his reason, just felt off. But the central reason was the vibe of this drama gave just wasnt my type. I’m so glad i came across this review, because EVERYWHERE people are saying that this drama was good, whereas i was experiencing symptoms of rejection. I thought maybe i dont have the eye and midset for kdramas, but i’m glad i saw this because considering picking it up again. PS: From the looks of it it seems there is way too much of kissing in this drama for my liking, another reason for my hesitation.


    • Well, hi5 that we both didn’t feel this drama very much at all, zedmk! 👊🏻 I guess you never can tell, with dramas. Sometimes everyone else loves it, but it just doesn’t work for you, and sometimes everyone else doesn’t like it, but it just floats your boat. I say, go with your gut. If you’re not feeling it even after giving it a fair chance, I guess it’s fair to move on. 🙂


    • My feeling towards this show is very much the same. Yang Se Yong was amazing in Still 17. His acting was raw and just wonderful. I really wanted to like this show, but on Netflix ep 10 I think I’m calling quits. His character is a bit bland and to be honest, I’m bored. Shame.


  7. Thanks for the tip. I had “Temperature of Love” on my watchlist but I’ve now removed it. I trust the opinion of you and the other commenters.


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  9. The exact moment that you decided to drop was the moment I realized the whole shebang was going to go sideways. I was ever hopeful about the main relationship so I stuck with it a bit longer with some judicious skipping. Eventually, I got behind gave into temptation, checked out some episode comments and realized it was really not going to improve. I occasionally suffer from insomnia so I might watch the last episode someday.

    I do want to say that I did like the low key romance. This writer did the same thing in Doctors, but I don’t think she knows how to write good conflicts. At the end of it all, it was mean 2nd female lead, jealous 2nd male lead and disapproving parents. That just seems so tired to me.

    So again I liked the initial romance, the fact that timing does play a role in the success of relationships and that both leads are trying to make their way through life so they seem relateable. However, the writer has them and other characters do things that seem so out of nowhere without giving the audience any clear understanding of why that character would do such a thing. I think I’m frustrated because the writer just couldn’t bring it together so there were sparks that really worked for me that kept me going a while longer. After you dropped, there is a raw scene between mom and son when he realizes how her greed and thoughtlessness have put him in a humiliating place. Both actors were so good and it felt so real. I know people with problematic parents and this is exactly what it is like for them rather than the normal thing we see between parent/adult kids in k-dramas. But a scene here and there does not a drama make.

    Maybe she needs a co-writer but I think I’m done with her dramas.


    • I am so with you on this one, Kat!! I did enjoy the low-key romance, and that’s why I stayed with this one as long as I did. But the character interactions began to feel quite nonsensical, after a while. I still don’t get why Jung Woo felt it was necessary to basically destroy all and any goodwill between him and the two leads, by insisting on pursuing Hyun Soo when she was already happily in love with Jung Sun.

      I think I might’ve seen the raw scene you’re talking about, between Jung Sun and his mom. Unless there’s another one after the one I saw. The one I saw, was when Jung Sun confronted his mom about her taking money from Jung Woo, and he breaks down. I thought it was wonderfully executed and delivered. But as you said, a great scene here and there does not a drama make. It wasn’t enough to make me stay, that’s for sure!


  10. Hi Fangirl, dropped this drama after 8th or 9th episode. I wanted to like it so badly, because of the two leads from Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim, but this was just not my cup of tea. Thankfully I found because this life is my first, :-). Exactly what authors of ToL drama trying to pull wasn’t clear. Good review by you anyway. Lots of love :-*


    • Aw, glad you managed to leave this one early, Bharati! I stayed till E27, and lived to regret it. 😝 I agree, it’s just not clear what the writers were trying to achieve. Where I left off, it just seemed that the goal was to make everyone in this drama world utterly miserable. Not fun at all. Glad you ended up enjoying Because This Life is My First! 🙂


  11. I liked the first episodes and for me the first kiss was very organic to the story. Pity it went downhill afterwards…
    Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong had indeed a great chemistry… and that’s probably why I stayed longer than I would have normally had… but finally dropped it anyway… don’t even remember when :–)
    (Though maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised, I didn’t like High Society either… only Park Hyung-Shik ;–) )


    • I absolutely agree – those two had excellent chemistry. There’s an extended kiss scene in the late teen episodes (around E17-18 I think) that is quite something. Long, unhurried, sexy, and yet with spots of fun. I suppose that’s one distinct silver lining in sticking this one out as long as I did; I got to see their excellent chemistry in extended action 😉 I hear there are more kiss scenes in the later episodes, but I just cannot bring myself to hang around long enough to see those! 😝

      I didn’t like High Society either – but I did like Park Hyung Sik in it too 😉


  12. About your”Kiss” spoiler: I don’t know about anyone else, but if I had a fantastic date like that, I know by the time the night wore down I’d want to cap it off with a kiss too. And I’d hope my date would. I know what the Kdrama fans were upset about, they knew it was only ep. 4, and the romance took steam to fast. That means another 30+ episodes of forced drama, push and pull, mixed feelings, noble idiocy, and lousy interfering characters as you’d described.

    Well the show is called “Temperature of Love” and temperatures tend to go up and down. Hehehe. I think I noticed this one and passing and it not being my usual go-to “genre” I “noped” away from it.


    • Great point about the kiss.. that’s quite possible, that fans were upset partly because they felt that it was too soon in the episode count. I think in addition to that, there wasn’t the same emotional build-up as the average kdrama, where the kiss is sometimes a culmination of years of pent-up emotion. In this case, the leads were fairly new to each other, so maybe in the context of the average kdrama, this felt too soon, and therefore unacceptable.. I think. To my eyes, though, it was fine. This never set out to be like the typical kdrama anyway. The problem is, Show got too caught up in its own world and navel-gazing, and just let the characters behave in inexplicable ways. You were right to nope away from it 😉

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  13. Like Dewi I dropped at 16. I was only with it that long for my love of Kim Jae Wook and in the beginning I kind of liked his daddy long legs role and his bromance with the lead but I could see they were going to take his character in a direction that I would not like and I was not up for that. That man has been criminally under used in dramas for years and it breaks my heart. As always you are spot on for the reasons that this show failed and I feel bad for all the actors in it – they are all so much better than the material they are being given. It has been a rough year for me and Kdramas and this does not help the cause.


    • I am so with you, Amy!! Kim Jae Wook is definitely criminally underused – I’d love to see him headline his own drama! Again, hi5 that we agree so deeply on this show – we truly do seem to have very similar drama tastes! ❤

      On a related note, have you checked out Because This Life Is Our First? It's been a gem, 14 eps in out of 16, and is head and shoulders above many other kdramas, particularly the meh ones this year. I do think you'd enjoy it. Give it a go if you haven't already – it might just restore some of your faith in kdramas 😉


  14. I never wanted to watch this one anyway, but a lot of people pestered me to give it a try saying that it’s one of the best ongoing dramas, and sure, I gave it a shot because of them. But 5 episodes in and I knew that I couldn’t continue watching it even for Seo Hyun Jin, and I ended up getting hooked to Go Back Couple, Witch’s Court and Because It’s My First Life instead. I honestly thought I was the only one who would drop “Temperature of Love” because everyone else seemed to be so interested, but I’m glad you have the same feelings about this drama.
    I can never go back to watching this one. It seriously was a wreck of a drama. I feel the same way about Revolutionary Love too even though I absolutely love the leads. It just doesn’t seem too natural.


    • Aw, I’m sorry you got arm-twisted into watching this one, Jinships! On the upside, you were smart to drop this one early. I got so frustrated by the time I hit the second half of the show. :/ I haven’t tried Witch’s Court, but am enjoying Go Back Couple, and am loving Because It’s My First Life ❤ ❤

      I tried 2 eps of Revolutionary Love and didn't like it. It just felt like Show – and everyone in it – was trying too hard. I love Siwon and Kang So Ra as well, but.. I think I'd be putting that love in danger if I kept watching that show. Bad shows have managed to erode my fangirl love before, so I'm more cautious now! 😅


  15. I dropped it at episode 20. I shouldn’t have started this drama ever.

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  16. I gave this the cold shoulder right away and never even started it. 😃 IDK but just had the gut feeling it wouldn’t be worth me time. The more comments I read the more I was glad I’d skipped it.


    • Heh. You were so right in skipping this one, Timescout!! I wish I’d had the foresight to do the same! I guess I was curious about the way this show divided people in its initial episodes. Some people were super underwhelmed, while others loved it. I just wondered where I would fall.. and look where that got me! 😂


  17. Hello. Honestly, even before I start it, I dropped it already. How’s that even possible? haha. Actually, I was so set into watching this show from the time I read about the casting news and the script reading. I loved the actors in it esp Seo Hyun Jin. But when it premiered, I don’t know what happened. I just can’t clicked play. Like some kind of dramaforce is telling me not to watch it. Then I’m seeing all those reviews about it. And I thought to myself, wew, I saved myself from the misery. Though this won’t lessen my love for SHJ. Hihi.


    • Haha! Well, looks like the dramaverse has got your back, Zelle! 😂 Good for you, that you didn’t end up starting this one. I didn’t feel like this show did Seo Hyun Jin any favors as well.


  18. I dropped it at eps. 16… I don’t know.. it feel empty watching the stories, the character.. even I questioning my self, where is my kdrama’s passion.. thanks a lot I’m not alone..


  19. I was lucky enough to drop this at episode 14 LOL!! Lately i have been disappointed with ongoing kdrama series!! Is “while you were sleeping” good enough to put my faith back to kdrama world? What about revolutionary love? Have you checked kbs drama series?


    • You were smart to drop out early!! I haven’t checked out While You Were Sleeping, but I did watch a few eps of Revolutionary Love. I didn’t like it much, and I don’t think that would be the show to put your faith back in kdramas. I am loving Because This Is My First Life – I think that might be the one to put your faith back in kdramas. If you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend it! Plus, this is finale week for the show, so it’s safe to marathon, if you feel like a marathon 😉


      • Agree! BITML is killing it. Absolutely killing it.
        I dropped Revolutionary Love after I felt Siwon just TRYING TOO HARD. I love both leads, but the chemistry was like a lead block in acid, i.e. no fizz.
        I wanted to check out Temp of Love, thanks to the lovely eye candy that is a matured Kim Jae Wook, but now… nope. I trust you! Thanks for the review!


        • YAY that you’re enjoying First Life too, Webby!! It really is SO GOOD. ❤ ❤ I am so sorry to see it end this week! 😭

          HAHA at your description of the lack of chemistry between Siwon and Kang So Ra in Revolutionary Love! 😂 SO TRUE though, about the show feeling try-hard. I tried to like it, but 2 eps in, I just couldn't see it going anywhere better, and so I dropped out early. I WISH I'd known to drop this one as early too, but whatcha gonna do, I guess sometimes you can't win 'em all? 😝 A matured Kim Jae Wook is very dapper and handsome, I will say.. but the hang-dog miserable expression he's been wearing in the later episodes kind of negates the dapper, if you know what I mean. I say you aren't missing much at all! 😉


          • I want to start Revolutionary love, then I’m reminded how I dropped Shopping King Louie. RL feels like a very similar show. At least the same trope of ultra spoiled, pampered guy meets the street smart “poor” girl. Even from the trailers it feels like Siwon is trying too hard. It’s still on my backburners.

            That description of chemistry has me very afraid! LOL


            • Ah! I hadn’t seen that similarity between Revolutionary Love and Shopping King Louie! I didn’t do well with Shopping King and dropped it pretty quick. I dropped Revolutionary Love even quicker. It’s true that everything feels try-hard in Revolutionary Love, and the second ep seemed worse than the first. I think you can safely kick it off your backburner, ha! 😆

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              • And I wanted to see it because i like Siwon, give it a chance. Maybe he’s best at Secondary characters – like in King of Dramas, which I adored 200%. He wasn’t 2nd lead, thank goodness, he was just another character with his own stuff to deal with and had to work with the leads. I loved it.


                • OMG Siwon was so great in King of Dramas! Loved him in that. Did you watch She Was Pretty? Siwon was second lead in that, and stole my heart so good.. I still miss him in that show, to this day. 😍

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                  • I haven’t seen She was Pretty, i wasn’t feeling like it at the time it came out. But it’s still on my list, and I heard he was very good in it.


                    • She Was Pretty is a good watch 🙂 A little cliched in spots, but the theme of self-love is well-handled and uplifting, and it’s all-around a feel-good kinda show. Siwon is funny AND swoony in that. I think you’d like him in it 😉


              • My sister and I enjoyed the first bunch of episodes of Shopping King. But she started to dislike it when the female lead suddenly went from a cute, tanned country bumpkin to a pale?? girl in heels and became like every other female lead. We just weren’t feeling it. And I’m going to say it, I might be one of the only Kdrama fans not charmed by and head-over-heels, in love with Seo In Guk.



                • GUESS WHAT – YOU’RE NOT ALONE!!! 😂😂😂 I also have trouble appreciating Seo In Guk, specifically when he’s playing a manchild. I did not take to him in Shopping King AT ALL, and I gave up after trying for about 4 eps. Manchild male leads just don’t work for me, I’ve found. And unfortunately, Seo In Guk gets picked to play the manchild quite often. I rather enjoyed him in AM1997 though.

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                  • I’m not big H.S. Dramas but I did catch him in AM1997, he was good there. This is also a crime, but I’m not particularly attracted to him either, I think all that combined just makes me go, ehhh…. Yet I know he’s very talented. He wasn’t a man-child in “I remember You.” That was a super cracky cop drama. A lot of it didn’t sit well with me, but I couldn’t stop watching anyway. Just like with “Secret.” lol


                    • Ah, I’ve been recommended I Remember You quite a few times! Both for Seo In Guk AND for Park Bo Gum. I haven’t watched more than 1 ep though, and haven’t gone back to try again yet. But it’s on my list!

                      As for attractiveness.. I think that’s always subjective. I mean, so many people think Lee Min Ho is amazing, but I’m pretty neutral towards him. I don’t hate him, but I don’t think he’s all that either. 😛

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                    • Yeah, attractiveness is definitely subjective. I know I’ve been in love with some actors that other people thought are dogs. LOL. There’s a ton more than looks that makes a person attractive. It’s a little hard to gauge in celebs because they’re acting, but I think most actors, whether they realize it or not, follow the onion principle – they start with their true selves then add the character’s layers to form a believable person.


                    • Yes, you’re so right. There’s a lot more than looks that makes a person attractive. Personal charisma counts for a lot. I never thought about that onion principle, but it makes sense to me.. Coz actors have to start somewhere, to build a character. And where else to start, but the person that you already are? 🙂

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  20. I’m still watching this but with frustration. Not expecting too much, just watching it to see the banter return. The honesty is nice, but as a whole the show is quite dragging out. It’s frustrating to hear Won Joon will go back to Hong Ah but in Kdramas, loyalty and old spark usually seem to get higher priority overall than what’s right.

    I’ve thought about dropping, but instead am just taking the pace even more slowly. I finished While You Were Sleeping and am rewatching W.


    • I’m impressed that you’re still keeping at it with this one, lyricalpeach!! It becomes SUCH a drag, especially where I dropped it. All the characters do is talk a lot, and look mopey a lot. And then Hong Ah comes around and pouts and makes everything worse. I don’t know. Maybe it’s time for you to drop it too? I can’t in good conscience recommend this one to anyone. 😛

      How did you like While You Were Sleeping? I didn’t check that one out. But I also wish I had dropped W. 😛


      • I don’t know, I guess I have good tolerance LOL! WYWS was okay, story was connected okay but depth was lacking. W was better. Even though the plots are not always cohesive, I’m a sucker for LJS so I manage okay.

        I’m also watching RL. Cringey mixed with serious Siwon is kind of a weird contrast, but eventually there is a leeeetle bit of character growth. Whatever, it is very light, so it’s okay. No expectations except for a break from work and life for a bit.

        I’ve heard great things about because it’s my first life. Will probably marathon that one sometime soon. No time these days, only weekend mornings are left and 15 mins at lunch at desk.

        I think I’m getting behind fast. Any other recent recommendations for Kdrama? I didn’t try Hospital Ship and I know you will skip it. I’m okay with medical but I don’t feel excited about the premise.


        • Haha! I guess the key then, is whether I’m a sucker for LJS then! 😆 I like him, but not to the extent that I would watch him in anything, so I’ll probably give WYWS a pass.

          Heh. You know me well – I gave Hospital Ship a wide berth indeed. I’ve been enjoying Because This Is My First Life, and liking it very well. I’m also enjoying 20th Century Boy and Girl, for how mild and sweet it is. Go Back Spouses is pretty entertaining, but don’t expect any finesse. It feels a bit childish at times, too – at least to me. I’m 4 eps into Live Up To Your Name, and can’t decide whether I like it. I’ll continue for now, but might end up dropping it later.


  21. I’m afraid I baled out much earlier. I wanted this show to be so much more, because the initial episodes promised so much. However, once I started watching Witch’s Court, Because This is My First Life (which is such a beautiful story) and now Money Flower (Just awesome), I went that’s it for me. By the way Judge vs Judge is stacking up quite well (I love the leads in this).


    • In this case, I think you were smart to bail early, Sean! I feel like I should’ve bailed early too – and given those drama hours to a more deserving show.

      I’m also watching Because This Is My First Life, and enjoying it a lot! I haven’t checked out the other ones you listed, but it’s good to know you’re enjoying them. Might have to put some of those on my list after all 😉

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