Hello, kdrama-verse!


It’s been such a back-and-forth thing, getting this blog up.

Firstly, I never actually thought I’d blog. I used to just journal all my thoughts after watching a kdrama. But then, recently I decided to poke around to just, y’know, give it a try. See what it feels like to come out of the fangirling closet.

After trying out 2 different templates in blogger, I decided to try out wordpress. And wordpress lets me put Gong Yoo’s gorgeous face as my banner. SOLD.

True, I had a more polished look on the blogger template I left behind. But seriously, how does a blogger template compete with the gorgeousness of Gong Yoo’s face, smiling back at me every time I come to my blog?

A fangirl knows what’s important. Who needs a more polished template when you can have Gong Yoo?

So. Today I brought all my blogger posts over, and that explains why all my reviews were posted on the same day.

Don’t think I’m weird. I’m just a fangirl doing what she needs to do 😉

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10 years ago

Was it difficult for you to switch to WordPress? I want to do it but don’t want to loose everything I put into Blogger.

10 years ago
Reply to  Sara

I didn’t have all that much to bring over, so I did it manually, actually! So low-tech, I know!

I know there is a function on the WP dashboard to import from Blogger, so that should be helpful. I’ve also seen tutorials on the net on how to migrate from Blogger to WP, so I think it is possible. I’m afraid I don’t have any direct links to share coz I deleted them after I didn’t use them.

Perhaps it’s worth getting a WP account to tinker around with, then only go live if you’re satisfied with it? I’m sorry I’m not much help! 😛