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Stories from the community: JJ’s story!

If you didn’t already know, we’ve got a special series to kick off the new year! Guests posts, by patrons on Patreon, sharing their personal drama stories, mostly around the topic of “How did you get into dramas?” and “What does your first drama mean to you?” – with flexibility to go off on personal tangents, of course. 😁 Feel free to share your stories too, in the comments!

This guest series is MC‘s brainchild (thanks MC! 😘), and you can read more details, and check out her inaugural post here, Sean‘s post here, and Shahz‘s post here. After today’s post, there will be five more guest posts by mystery guest writers, whose identities will be revealed when their various posts go live. Woot! 🥳

Today’s post is brought to you by JJ, whom, as you might remember, is Shahz’s bestie around these parts. 😉 Perhaps it’s got something to do with that bestie connection, that JJ also prepared this post, while feeling somewhat under the weather. As (I think it was) j3ffc – whoops, turns out it was Merij! – who put it, are these two even two separate people? 😁😂

Thank you for digging deep for this, for us, JJ. LOVE YA. ❤️

I hope you guys enjoy!

~ KFG ❤️

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