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Dear kfangurl: Can you talk about how you manage everything that you do for the blog?

Welcome to my work space..?

Beez writes:

Dear Kfangurl – After your in depth, thorough, review of Move to Heaven (you’ve always done thorough reviews, but I’m amazed that you still manage to squeeze in watching dramas, much less having the time to deep dive in your writing to break down every character and every characters’ interactions with other characters the way you still do) – so after reading that recent review, I became even more curious of how you manage your time? I’d bet others here would also like to see a timeline post of “a week in Kfangurl’s life”. I imagine you writing, watching, and scribbling 24/7 (almost chained to the television and computer): “Sunday, interacting with patreon members. ‘Oh, it’s Monday, time to finish my notes on NIF’ to post on Tuesday. Wednesday, watch episodes of the latest dramas while taking notes. Post new review on drama recently completed. Thursday, Watch a couple of 1-hour drama specials, prepare and post reviews. Friday, watch episodes for KMHM and prepare recap to post on Saturday. Sunday, hair pull out day.”

But seriously, I’d be so interested in seeing how you manage it all. I guess you don’t have to tell us when you have time to brush you’re teeth, unless you want to… 😊

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