Patreon Year End Awards: Sean’s Year In Dramas!

In case you missed it, we’re doing something special and different to end off the drama year this year! Guests posts, by patrons on Patreon!

You can read more details, and check out Shahz’s inaugural post, here. You can also find JJ‘s post here, and Trent’s post here!

After today’s post, there will be three more guest posts by mystery guest writers, whose identities will be revealed when their various posts go live. And then we’ll cap everything off with a poll, where you’ll be able to pick YOUR favorites for the year, from among the gems identified in these posts. How exciting! 🤩

..But, wait! Didn’t I already say, the last two times, that there would be three more..? 😂 You are very right. What’s happened is, one more mystery guest writer has volunteered to share their picks for 2021! Huzzah! 🥳

Today’s post is brought to you by Sean, who seems to have the much-coveted, uncanny ability to watch just about everything that Dramaland puts out. It always, ALWAYS blows my mind, whenever he talks about the number of dramas he’s watched! I’ve always strongly suspected that he secretly knows how to bend time and space. That, or his drama-watching set-up looks something like this picture below..! 😁

You might also like to check out Sean’s blog, where he writes about management and leadership!

I hope you guys enjoy!

~ KFG ❤️

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