Review: NordVPN for my drama needs

Hi everyone!

This is a different sort of post that I have for you guys today, because instead of talking about a drama or a movie, I’ll be talking about a VPN service – that helps me get my drama game on, heh.

Today, I’ll be talking about NordVPN, the service that I personally use to get my grabby hands on as many of the drama offerings out there, as possible.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I paid for my NordVPN subscription with my own money.

HOWEVER! If you use my affiliate link to purchase your own subscription, you’ll get to enjoy up to 60% off * your subscription, AND, this will also give me a modest commission, at no extra cost to you, which helps to allow me to keep on doing what I love, here on the blog. Win-win! 😃

* This used to say 73%, but because NordVPN’s changed the way it calculates the discount, it now says 60%. BUT, it’s the same great price, starting from US$3.29 a month!

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