Flash Review: Go Ho’s Starry Night

Sometimes, when you just need to get away from Real Life for a while but don’t have the mental bandwidth to commit to a full drama, a well-done little web series or mini drama can totally hit the spot.

I’m happy to report that Go Ho’s Starry Night is a great little bite-sized option that not only comes in short little 20-minute servings, but, given a little bit of time to settle, also possesses a pretty solid cracky flavor that had me clicking on the next episode, and the next – and then the next.

Go Ho’s Starry Night OST – 별사탕


When I break it down, there’s quite a lot to enjoy in this little web series. Given the limited screen time it has, Show does a really nice job.

For the record, SBS also screened this as a 4-episode special, but I’m told that the 4-episode version is short of several scenes found in the 20-episode web series.

1. The fantasy 

Right away, I’d say that the set-up itself is a fantasy that would appeal to a good chunk of female viewers.

I mean, you work hard and yet everything isn’t quite going your way in your life; your job leaves you no personal time, your colleagues take you for granted, and you’re patronized for being single.

But then, suddenly you find yourself with multiple suitors crushing on you, and you’re literally spoilt for choice with the attention coming from all sides.

That’s the vicarious experience we get to share via our female lead, and it’s a nice big emotional swing, almost from the lowest low to the highest high, which – I have to admit – is a really nice thrill.

To top it off, it’s all scored with groovy-breezy music that’s easy on the ears, and it comes in small bite-sized servings to boot. What’s not to love, right? 😉

2. General good handling

For a short little web drama like this, I must say that I’m pretty impressed with Show’s handling in general.

From its story, to character and relationship development, everything manages to feel reasonably robust; time even seems to pass in a realistic manner in this drama world. Which is no small deal, given the very limited screen time Show gets to play with.

How fun, that we get to experience what feels like a pretty fully developed drama world, without having to invest the time.

As a bonus, Show also manages to serve up a nice handful of cameos, with (among others) Park Shin Hye, Lee Jong Suk and Yoon Kyun Sang making appearances. Not bad at all, for such a short little show.

3. A relatable & likable protagonist

Kwon Yoo Ri does a solidly decent job of being our protagonist Go Ho. I found her likable, and she committed to the full range of delivery required of the character, from the happy moments, to the sad, and even to the comical.

I honestly didn’t realize until after finishing the show, that Yoo Ri also has a day job with Girls’ Generation (you guys know I’m a kpop noob, though, right?).

It took an episode or two, but I soon found Ho to be an endearing and relatable protagonist. I liked that we get voiceovers from Ho regularly, which means that we get to hear exactly what she’s thinking, and that helped me feel consistently connected to her thoughts and feelings.

I liked, too, that Ho’s thoughts and feelings cover a whole range of topics, and aren’t just fixated on boys and dating.


Like in episode 9, when her boss (Choi Duk Moon) takes her out to lunch as a reward for a job well done, she notices his gentlemanly ways and muses that this is the kind of thing that reminds her that she has the right to be treated like a woman.

I like her thought process about this moment; it’s not about whether her boss likes her, but about her dignity and identity as a person.


I also love that as the show progresses, Ho shows herself to be a strong woman who’s quite capable of standing up for herself.


Like in episode 5, when tipsy hoobae Jung Min (Shin Jae Ha) plants a drunken kiss on her. Her response to the unexpected, unwelcome kiss on the lips, is a swift and indignant punch to the face. Ha!


One minor detail that I love about Ho, is how she squees out loud on her own, complete with a bit of flailing arm action, after a particularly thrilling romantic moment with her leading man.

So cute! And, as a flailing sort of squee-er myself, I can totally relate. Ahem.

4. The bevy of suitors

It’s actually quite ridiculous that by the time we hit the later episodes, Ho has ignited the interest of at least five men in the office. Talk about a harem of adoring suitors! Given our context, though, this is par for the course.

It’s all meant in good fun, and it totally helps to not take the inordinate amount of attention too seriously.

Out of the bevy of suitors, there are three – well, technically more like two – who are our main story players. Male lead Kim Young Kwang is suitably grumpy but still roguishly handsome, while Lee Ji Hoon plays his most serious love rival.

Essentially, hoobae Jung Min is there to lay the attention really thick on Ho, so that our two male leads can stew with grumpy jealousy, and basically be provoked into ramping up their individual courtship strategies with Ho (cue hijinks!).

Any drama fan would be able to see that Tae Ho (Kim Young Kwang) is romantic endgame, and be able to predict a good number of the plot developments, but it’s still fun to see it play out.

The vicarious experience, as our players become hyper-aware of feelings, and start flailing over how to deal with those pesky feelings, is good, delicious, cracky stuff.

5. An emotional core

One of the things I really appreciate about this show, is that even through the fun hijinks, it takes care to flesh out and preserve an emotional core.

Our characters (particularly Ho) display depth of care and emotion as they face their specific circumstances, and that helped me feel engaged with their journeys.

The fact that they felt their emotions so strongly and sincerely made it easy for me to feel emotionally connected with them.


For such a short little series, Show manages to pack a pretty solid amount of melty into its compact little story, a fact for which I am happily grateful.

Beyond his grumpy exterior, Tae Ho starts to soften his gaze and leak secret stifled smiles around Ho, and this increases in frequency and regularity the deeper we get into the episodes.

Every time his stern expression gave way to a stifled, amused, affectionate smile, my heart squee-ed a little.

As Ho and Tae Ho become closer, I found myself really liking how he keeps taking her face in his hands. His hands look so large as he does that; somehow, it just makes me feel like he’s a good protector.

Just look at those large hands. Squee!


This might not sound like the most melty of moments, but I really do love the conversation that Ho has with Tae Ho after her spying mission under the table in episode 12.

It feels open and honest, and at the same time, cozy and intimate. The air between them isn’t awkward or fidgety in spite of the awkward topic they’re tackling, and there’s an ease about the atmosphere between them that I really like.

I love that Tae Ho’s gaze is unwavering and matter-of-fact, even as he admits to having had a one-sided crush for a long time. This grabbed my heart, and I love that it was nothing to do with skinship, and everything to do with emotional honesty. ❤️

Of course, the actual moments of skinship come into play too. Like this moment in episode 15, when Tae Ho grabs Ho by the waist during their “some” sort of date. Eee! 

And then there’s the photocopier dream that Ho had in episode 19, ahem.

I mean, I know it’s a dream and therefore technically didn’t happen between our OTP, but it’s just too hot to ignore. The way Tae Ho comes up behind Ho and presses up against her. Omona.

Dang, that’s hot. *flails for air*

And then there’s episode 19, where our OTP finally goes on a proper date and shares their first kiss.

Truth be told, the kiss itself is an average kdrama kiss, in that it feels a bit stiff and awkward, but I dig the context of it, where Tae Ho confesses all the things that he knows about her, and admits that his temper had gotten worse because he’d been jealous of her dating someone else.

My favorite thing about this scene, is the quiet, gentle look in his eyes, as he softly says to Ho, “Isn’t it time we date now?”




Of course, Show has its shortcomings, and here’s a quick little list, to help you manage your expectations.

1. There’s a fair bit of PPL

…but that’s normal for web dramas. Just roll with it. And maybe consider buying some of those products if you come across ’em, heh.

2. General treatment of Ho

Even though she is a strong woman, Ho gets bullied at times, and thanks to her workplace norms, she doesn’t fight back. That can be hard to watch for some viewers, I think.

What makes it worse, is that there’s a sleazy side character that literally harrasses and even feels up the women in the office. On the upside, he gets what he deserves, at least a little bit.

3. Some boring/lame/overly cheesy bits

There’s some stuff that didn’t work so well for me. Like the intra-office competition in episode 11, which I found pretty lame. Ho’s dad literally showing up as a ghost in some of the smaller beats was also decidedly weird. Seriously though, why??


All’s well that ends well, and we get to see Ho and Tae Ho cutely tease and bicker happily ever after, which feels fitting for this OTP.

What I really appreciate about this ending, though, is that beyond the romantic resolution, the ending also expands to include a thoughtful voiceover from Ho, which allows us to delve a little bit, into some meaningful themes.

I love the idea that the star ratings had more dimension than was being shown in Ho’s webzine articles; that every person has different sides to them; that understanding the different sides gives us a fuller picture of the person; that there are things worth appreciating in every single person.

I also like the accompanying idea, that things aren’t always what they first seem; that our initial understanding may be limited and therefore flawed; that things tend to look very different, once we get a fuller picture of any given situation.

What a thoughtful note to end on; made all the more impressive, that this lovely bit of perspective is served up by such a compact little web series.

Nicely done, Show. Nicely done.


A satisfying spot of heartfelt fluff.





It turns out Kim Young Kwang has a pretty decent singing voice! Here’s the track that he sang for the OST. Enjoy:


You can check out this show on Viki here.


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1 year ago

Hey KFG I am so very grateful for your short drama things for that’s how I stumbled upon this little gem. And what a gem it is. Despite being busy I kept clicking next coz I was so into it! It seemed like what I needed in heavy times – a fantasy premise (who doesn’t want multiple suitors right) and it being a romance fluffy show.

A few random thoughts about the show:

  • this was a lot more thoughtful than I expected. I really liked the arc of the mom and brother. Everyone can relate to feeling unloved by mum and realising she had loved you all along just in a different way. So touched by that.
  • Kim Yong Kwang is so cute and looks so young here
  • I don’t think I would want so many suitors, haha. It would be overwhelming… plus some of the suitors actions feel too much (especially the hoobae!) Like, this is an office, I wouldn’t want such over the top flirting – everyone would judge! And I do realise I’m reading too much into a fluff show but still.
  • The sexual harassment was creepy and wish they had shown more definitely that the perpetrator had been punished.

Anyhow I conclude that I enjoyed this more than I expected to and that’s a bonus. Thanks for this review!!

5 years ago

Ok so I just watched this one again and noticed something i hadn’t before…Go Ho’s and Go Kang’s dad keeps showing up even though he has obviously passed away. I couldn’t figure out who the silvery, flashing person was (who helps her avoid the car accident) in the first episode and then when she and her brother are making up after their fight on the bench, in some of the frames he’s sitting between them!! I can’t believe it didn’t catch that before but it was a sweet and emotional touch to this short web drama.

6 years ago

is this a new drama of Girls Generation member “Yuri”?

6 years ago

Yes it is, and she does a good job of the role, in my opinion. She’s currently also in Defendant, if you’re a fan looking to watch her in action. 🙂

Jaime the Drama Noona
6 years ago

I’m supper happy that you reviewed this little show and that you enjoyed it! I’ve been wanting to watch it, but wasn’t sure if it was worth spending drama hours on. And with life going crazy and all a small drama that is just a fun fluffy show is exactly what I need!

6 years ago

Oh, this one’s very worth the drama hour spendage! And it’s so short that it’s not a high commitment. I hope you do check it out, Jaime! 🙂

6 years ago

Heya my dear Kfangurl! Glad that the sore on your shoulders is okay now! I haven’t finish this drama yet, I am.currenty on e12, and still have 8 more i believe. I forgot that i already had a glimpse of Kim Young Kwang in Pinocchio! Tho i didnt finish the drama yet! The drama was 2 years old already and i still haven’t resume my watching on this. But for now, I am currently watching, The Man Who Lives In Our House, I am quite liking it tho it’s not doing good on ratings. This drama is quite a surprise to me like KYK’s current one, coz the heroine here from SNSD Yoori is doing a great job as an actress! I think i am liking her more than her fellow girl group label mate YooNa.

6 years ago
Reply to  evezissi

Evez! Thanks for stopping by, I know how hard it is for you to get online sometimes! HUGS <3 Thanks my dear.. my shoulders are doing much better; much less sore now! 🙂

Glad you're enjoying this little web series, my dear.. I must agree that Yoo Ri is likable in this; I enjoy her in this more than I enjoy Yoo Na in K2 as well. And Kim Young Kwang is proving to be surprisingly quite melty when the occasion calls for it too! I thought this role suited him perfectly. I also liked him in Plus Nine Boys, which is a cute little show, if you have time or mood for it. 🙂 I liked Pinocchio a lot actually, I hope you manage to go back to it sometime! I'm owing a review on that one, but I'll say that it's an A show for me 😉

6 years ago

Thanks for the recommendation and this site. Your recommendations have never disappoint! even started talking to a coworker recently about our common interest in kdramas and she linked me your site too, which i already have as a fav! 🙂

6 years ago
Reply to  Nunu

Omo! How fun! Makes me feel all famous & stuff, heh. 😉 I’m glad you enjoyed Go Ho’s Starry Night – it’s a great little show that brings the feels and fun without the commitment of a full-length drama. Also, it’s so great that you’ve found a kdrama friend in your colleague! Nothing like having someone to talk dramas with, after all. 😉

6 years ago

oh am I ever glad I read your review this weekend !
I had just finished watching the currently airing kdramas (1% of Anything + Man Living in Our House + Jealousy Incarnate) when it dawned on me: I have nothing left to watch !!!! Now, true, I could try WeightlLifting Chickie and Blue Sea are out there, but I just wanted an easy-breezy-fluffy-&-complete show to watch and, yes! I liked this one a lot.

The heroine was really likable, especially with all her inner monologues. I mean, she punched the main guy in the belly !! I died with laughter. As odd as it may seem, I felt that the Junior Guy had more of a chance than the Ex-Bf. I really didn’t like the Ex-Bf, no matter what his excuse was. As for Mr. Grumpy Manager: I’ll take an order of him any day, especially when he turns shyly boyish! (as the heroine said, “Am I a masochist? tee-hee!”)

So yes, the show was predictable but deeeefinitely worth binge-watching on a snowy Sunday afternoon.
Again, thanks for the review !

6 years ago
Reply to  Kethy-chan

Oh, I’m so glad you found this review when you did then! It really is the perfect little drama snack when you don’t want to start on a whole new drama. I really liked the heroine and her monologues too.

I found the hoobae cute at first, but he got increasingly less appealing as he kept talking about how she ought to just sleep with him – all this while dating other girls too. I just couldn’t get behind that idea. I didn’t care too much for the ex-boyfriend as well, he seemed like too much of an angsty wet blanket, and he doesn’t get a pass for breaking up with her without explanation, even if he thought he was doing the kinder thing. But absolutely yes, Grumpy Manager was very fun to watch, and I thought Show handled their romance quite nicely. There was just enough hot to temper the sweet, and I couldn’t help marathoning this one too! 😉

6 years ago

Of the short dramas, this is definitely one of the better ones. It’s not as superficial and tries to have a little bit of depth to the story which I appreciated. Definitely something to watch if one needs a break from a melo.

6 years ago
Reply to  Kat

Yes, this would totally hit the spot for someone hungover from too much melo! And I totally agree that this one wasn’t all fluff, but managed to have a bit of depth and heart too. That’s what made it work so well for me too. I’d love dramaland to make more like this one! 🙂

6 years ago

I think this show was such a cute show, and although it wasn’t really the best out there, it really managed to capture my because of how simple and heartfelt it was.
Ok about the costumes, can we just talk about how perfect they were? It took me a while to notice, but each persons personality seemed to bleed into the way they were dressed. Take for example, Tae Ho and his rugged leather jackets and compare that to Player Boy’s (can’t really remember the name, sorry) youthful, yet savvy outfits. I don’t know, maybe I am just looking far too deep into this, but I still loved it.
Also, the camera lens reminded me a lot of the Luck Romance one, except this had a slightly more bright-filtery feel to it, and I really think it was so apt for the general mood of the show.
I have very minor quams with this show, but one that I couldn’t look past was the drunken kiss Player Boy planted on Go Ho. The problem wasn’t really the kiss, it was the fact that she saw some sincerity in it. It left me slightly uncomfortable, couldn’t just be me, right?
Oh well, overall I quite liked it, and although it is not the most memorable out there, I will probably love it for introducing me to the swoony Kim Young Kwang (I mean… look at him! 😍)

6 years ago
Reply to  kpocketbunny

Hee, I love how closely you analyzed the wardrobe and lens filters in this show, kpocketbunny!! 😄 You’re very right, the coordi did a great job working out the wardrobes for the characters; they definitely each had their own vibe going on, and it fit each of their characters too. I think it’s little details like these – on top of the delivery and execution of a nicely-written story – that helped lift this a level above the average web series. This one definitely worked much better for me than the average web minis that I’ve checked out. I wish more web series could be like this one – easy-breezy, but still cracky-delicious. (Yes, it’s a tall order, ha 😝)

You’re right about the drunken kiss. I was glad she punched him promptly, but it was quite odd that she found his drunken kiss sincere. Maybe it’s one of those girl things, where women think they see something coz they’re looking for it? I’m not sure, but I’m glad Show didn’t linger on it too much, and that hoobae’s lack of sincerity was established relatively early.

Indeed, Kim Young Kwang is lovely in this. I also thought he was pretty good in Plus Nine Boys, and I’m currently also enjoying him in The Man Who Lives in our House. Worth checking out, if you’re keen for more Kim Young Kwang on your screen. 😍

6 years ago

Hola ^^.

Oh, oh, oh, ¡yo quiero ver este web drama! Soy fan de Kim Kwang Young asi que debo verlo casi todo de él, adoro a este niño tan adorable. Me gusta mucho su versatilidad. En D-Day le amé mucho ♡.

Todavia no habia leido ninguna reseña de este web drama asi que me ha animado mucho, creo que será mas bonito que el comun web drama.

Me alegra muchisimo que la serie te haya sorprendido tanto, que hayas conectado y te haya gustado mucho. Siempre es super especial ver el mundo bajo tus ojos *_*

Muchas gracias por el tag, lo amé♡.

Un montón de abrazos <3

6 years ago
Reply to  mayumire

Hi there Mayu! 🙂 If you’re a fan of Kim Young Kwang, you’d definitely like this one, I think. He’s roguishly appealing in this, and I found myself enjoying him very well. This is definitely better than most web dramas that I’ve seen, so I totally recommend it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Hugs back! <3

6 years ago

I finished watching this mini drama recently too, and yes I really loved the short bite-sized episodes which made it an easier watch because I could catch an episode or two over a meal or breaks through the day. It was a cute watch, and I also enjoyed watching how the OTP got together as well as the other two male leads chased after Go Ho. Using the workplace setting as a set-up was pretty typical, but I think it was used well too 🙂 Thanks for the sweet review kfangurl! <3

6 years ago

Aw, thanks for stopping by, Jas! HUGS. <3 I'm glad you enjoyed this show too – it really is a refreshing little drama snack! Perfect for when you're tired, or when RL is too hectic to allow you any serious drama time. A full dose of feels with a third of the time investment required. 😉 I thought the workplace competition thing was predictable and lame, but Show did a nice job of using it for some meaningful OTP interaction, and for that, I'm willing to overlook the lameness of the actual competition, haha! The dad ghost thing really confused me though. I'm curious to know what they were thinking when they put that in! 😂

6 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

-HUGS BACK- <3 Yes indeed! You can just enjoy it for the feels 😀 It was certainly quite predictable and lame, lol but it was sometimes just funny watching the guys fight for Ho's attention and yeah at least it still served as a premise for OTP to develop their relationship! I am not too sure myself, did they run out of ideas? 😂

6 years ago

Love your reviews! Most of the time, they echo my sentiments, but unlike you, I can’t articulate so well..
I picked this up in a recent drama funk and just like you said, I ended up clicking episode after episode and finished it in two nights. This was the perfect go-to drama when I was in between shows, didn’t know what to watch next and airing dramas just felt blah. It’s not one I’d re-watch though but I’d recommend it in a heart beat!

6 years ago
Reply to  SOSsy

Aw, I’m glad you enjoyed this review, SOSsy, AND that we feel so similarly about this show! I was feeling pretty blah too, about the currently airing shows, and this totally hit the drama spot for me. Twas a perfect way to get away from all the online noise around the US presidential election too, heh. 😉

6 years ago

OMG! hi!! i was actually wondering the other day what your verdict would be about Go Ho’s starry night and magically your review appears, maybe there is a thing as telepathy?
i loved this drama (and i’m glad you watched the webversion and not the 4-episode one), it was exactly what i needed, it was light, fluffy, i fell in love with Kim Young Kwan (i quite liked him in pinocchio) , especially the way his smiles would come out when she wasn’t looking, or my favourite scene (except the conversation after the spying scene in episode 12) when Go Ho was stranded at a rest stop and he called her to ask where she was, and she just got really angry at him, and yet he just went like: just forget about it this time and just tel me where you are, and he actually went and picked her up, my inner romantic persona just melted at that point, plus the jam scene, was so hot (and equally comical cause of the girls’ reaction) 😀 and their relation is just so “real” , i love that Go Ho gives as much as he does at one point and the bickering is really cute
this is a drama i’ll rewatch when i just need a pick me up 🙂 (or just want something cute and fluffy without annoying second female leads),

ps am actually reading your review during work , ah well, guilty pleasures

6 years ago
Reply to  sia

Haha! Wow, really? You were just wondering how I’d rate this show?? That’s so cute! 😆 I can’t promise I’ll be able to read your mind for future reviews, but this is pretty darn cool! 😁

Kim Young Kwang really was quite melty in this. I used to find him too good at playing sleazy-wimpy, but I started changing my mind about him when I saw him in Plus Nine Boys. He’s very appealing here too, and I must agree that I loved the scenes you mentioned! That beat, when he didn’t yell at her, but asked her to just tell him where she was, is very touching. The squee from that is so much from the emotional meaning behind it, that he would curb his usual temper, and respond to her emotions, knowing that she wasn’t in a good place and needed help. Aw. <3 The jam thing was gruffly hot too, heh. 😉

I'm told that he's very melty in The Man Living in our House, and that I should check it out. Which I will do, soonish! 🙂

6 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

Yes really, my thought process was like: hmmm besides Oh-Hae Young , what other romcoms did i actually like, hmmm, Love 020 for sure and this one, hmmm i wonder what Kfangurl would think about it, cause its basically fluff with some hidden morale lesson, i hope she watched the 20min version and well likes it, and literally three days later, this pops up in my inbox (i mentally squeeled), 😀 😀 honestly, i really trust your reviews, because majority of the time, we rate things very similar, and since i have limited time to watch, i really do pick and choose carefully and between you and dramabeans and mydramalist, it helps to narrow down my choices,
What i absolutely loved about this one aswell is no majorly annoying second leads, no tropes like amnesia or going abroad for a year or whatever, i just liked that it was a very to the point type of drama where as you said, the more you get to know , the more you get to understand them and that the ‘star’ system got updated and eventually sorta overthrown cause well its only a reflection of what you see and not what the person really is, i have a feeling i’ll be rewatching this soon

KYK is totally on my radar now, i’ll pick up The man living in our house when its done airing, up till now i’ve only heard pretty good things about it, and put plus nine boys on my watchlist aswell,

6 years ago
Reply to  sia

Aw! I’m so pleased that you’re finding the reviews so useful, sia! Hugs! <3 And yes, we do tend to respond similarly to shows.. which makes me think that I should give Love O2O a look sooner rather than later. But, at the same time, I'm drowning in dramas that I'd like to watch, so.. the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak? 😂

I think one of the reasons we didn't get too many of those annoying story fillers, is because the episodes are so short, and there aren't that many screen minutes to fill. I guess it sort of forces the writers to get to the point and not add stuff to bloat up the story. Kim Young Kwang is definitely up and coming these days – I've since started on The Man Living in our House, and he's pretty darn melty in that too. I'm 9 eps in so far, and even though I liked the beginning more than these current episodes, I'm still enjoying the watch, and Kim Young Kwang in it! 😉

6 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

Hugs back! <3 watch Love 020 when you are sick of misunderstandings between the OTP, watch it when you need something brainless and fluff, watch it when you don't know what to pick up next, it will always be there, (i also read the novel and it's pretty good )
and i know what you mean, i'm in between drama's at the moment and don't know what to watch next (even though i have a whole list waiting),

true, the short episodes does lend to minor story fillers but you know, it's also good writng, take moonlight drawn by the clouds for instance, it was good, hardly any story fillers and a good ride, also no annoying second leads (which is a remarkable feat), i'm waiting for The Man Living in our House to end before i binge it, i'm already counting down 🙂 i really quite like KYK uptill now, plus he's kinda melta and swoony 😀

6 years ago
Reply to  Sia

OMG Sia, I have to let you know, I dropped The Man Living in our House. I haven’t gotten around to the Dropped post yet, but, I just lost interest in the second half. It stopped being cute and there was too much noble idiocy, and I just got bored. But if your KYK love is big, maybe that will be enough? 😛

6 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

aha good to know,maybe i will just start watching and see how far i get ( i can always fast forward through the last episodes 😉 or drop it ), am looking forward to your dropped post

6 years ago

Hi kfangurl,
It’s a really lovely review for an equally lovely show. I did enjoy it very much, even if it has some flaws. The heroine is likable and Kim Young Kwang stole my heart once again. He is also doing it in “The Man Living in our House” these days.
In the end, I thought it was a fun and conforting webdrama, which is really great to level up your spirits and accept your own assets and flaws with a smile. Because nobody’s perfect.
Thank you for the review!

6 years ago
Reply to  titesilve

I’m glad you enjoyed this review, titesilve! 😀 This show really was a refreshing little drama treat – and with touches of depth too, that’s really rare for a web series! I’ve been hearing good things about Kim Young Kwang in The Man Living in our House, so much so that I think I’m gonna have to check it out after all, even though I was initially going to give it a pass. I hope I’ll enjoy it as much as everyone else seems to be! 🙂