Flash Review: Hi Venus [China]

Remember when I said that I binge-watched (and loved!) Go Ahead (review here!) when I was sick recently?

Well, what I didn’t mention, is that because I was sick for a good while, I actually binge-watched a number of shows.

It turns out that when you’re not actually writing episode notes or reviews, you can watch a lot more drama; I mean, who knew? 👀

After I finished Go Ahead, I picked this show to watch, because not only did it come quite enthusiastically recommended by some of you, it’s also by the same writer who wrote Go Ahead (who also wrote Meet Yourself and Find Yourself, both of which I also enjoyed very well).

So of course that just bumped it right to the top of my binge queue, right?

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Flash Review: The Eternal Love [China]

I really wasn’t planning to write a review for this show, you guys.

I’d randomly picked this one up in the thick of my drama rut, and really got into it for a while.

But then, this show stopped working for me in a whole lotta ways, and I then suffered quite a bit of viewer’s regret for dragging myself to the finish line, in (futile, futile) hopes that this one would pick back up.

Remorseful, I was going to file this one away in a corner of my brain, in the “bad decisions I’d rather not think about” pile, but then today, I realized that I really ought to at least warn you guys about this one, since we’re friends and all. Right?

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