As a true-blue k-fangirl, I have several big k-loves, and I thought it’d be fun to share my love affair with each one with y’all.. Like, how I came upon them, what made me fall for them, why they’re so awesome.. You get the idea 😉

These posts are where I do my extended fangirling and spazzing. And share photos (lots of ’em), videos, and various other tidbits about my k-loves.

I have 3 major k-loves, who will each get the spotlight in this on-going series, and then I will move on to more medium-sized k-loves.

Here we go ^^

My Big k-loves:

My biggest k-love of them all: Gong Yoo ❤


Bonus 1: You can join me on my adventure at Gong Yoo’s 2013 fanmeet in Tokyo, Gong Yoo Premium Night, here!

Bonus 2: You can find more Gong Yoo goodies here!

And then there’s wonderful, delicious Jang Hyuk:

There’s also beautiful, beautiful Kim Woo Bin

And there’s the super talented, spazz-worthy Park Bo Gum 

Medium-Sized k-loves:

In no particular order, my medium-sized k-loves include (but aren’t limited to):

The very talented Kim Soo Hyun:

The chameleon-like and very endearing Lee Jong Suk:

The lovely, melty Park Seo Joon:

The talented, beguiling Lee Jun Ki:

The delightfully sweet and charming Hong Jong Hyun:

The very talented, very awesome Hyun Bin:

The fantastically cheeky & talented Lee Seo Jin:

The very talented, very melty Joo Won:

Other K-love Confessions coming up:

Jung Woo Sung

Kim Bum

Yoo Seung Ho

159 thoughts on “K-LOVES

  1. carulhein

    Dear Fangirl, I love visiting your site. It’s clear that you put a lot of effort and thought into every post and review and I thoroughly enjoy your writing.

    I’ve never seen myself as a fangirl, but I think I’ve been starting to dangerously veer into fangirl territory ever since I’ve started watching K dramas .😬 It’s strange how I’ve never felt the same affection for English actors. I’ll have to go and think about that one😄. I do differ a bit from you when it comes to my favourite actors. I find that I love those actors who can do a perfect blend of sexy and funny the most. My favourites are Lee Joon, Kim Ji Suk and Lee Seung Gee. I’ve not fully recovered from Lee Joon after Father is strange 😁. I recently watched Heard it through the grapevine as well and he just put such a huge smile on my face everytime he appeared on screen. Especially in the beginning of the show when he was at the start of his character arc, his naive hopelessness was just so funny and adorable. Those over the top, bursting-with-love hugs and kisses were so cute. Anyway, I just love him. And he’s basically played every type of character there is to play and done it awesomely. Hoping for a new drama from him soon.

    Of those on your list I do love Kim Soo Hyun. He’d probably be able to play any character thrown at him as well, although I must say that I didn’t find him sexy at all in Dream High or the producers. The way he plays those dorky characters are just too awkward. I did love him in My love from a star and now in It’s ok. Very melty. Although his hair in MLFAS was something I had make a lense adjustment for 😄. I do not get the Korean*s love for this forward fringe thing. I don’t know what to call it but I think you know what I mean.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents. Keep up the good work.

  2. Parikrama Sachan

    Oh I just read your review on W: two worlds and I am your instant fan.
    I think your writing skills is really good and the review was perfectly balanced.
    I will keep coming back. Keep up the good work.

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there Parikrama, welcome to the blog! 😀 I’m glad you enjoyed the W review, and I’m even more pleased to know that you plan to keep coming back! 😀 Woot!

  3. larius247

    You have a tendency to the “bad boy” edgy type of guy. There are only a few flower boys on this list ^^
    I need a female version of this list. A womans perspective about other women is always interesting 😀

  4. lonaabey

    Greetings dear Fangirl!!!!
    Thank you so much for the wonderful reviews that help me in filtering the dramas I want to watch. I’ve become a kdrama fan in my middle age!!!!! 🤣🤦‍♀️
    We share similar tastes on Kdramas and Kloves!!!!
    But where is Ji Chang Wook? He is way on the top of my list with Gong yoo and Park bo gum! JCW has that charm that charisma!!!!

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there lona, pleased to meet you! 😀 And in my opinion, there’s no age limit to being a drama fan! 😀 Glad you’ve been finding the reviews useful! As for Ji Chang Wook, I did a Pure Pretty post for him, which you can check out here. Enjoy! 😀

  5. Joan Paula

    Mine > Top 5 > in order:
    1. Gong Yoo – started in Coffee Prince
    2. Hyun Bin – MNIKSS > Secret