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Hey there, welcome to the Flash Reviews section of the blog. 🙂

1. What’s a Flash Review and how is it different from a regular Review?

The regular reviews that I write tend to be longer and more detailed, generally speaking.

Flash Reviews are much shorter (as quick as a flash, so to speak), and will give you a flavor for how I feel about a show, without having me dive into a whole lot of detail. It also means Flash Reviews will contain fewer spoilers, if at all. If there are spoilers, they’ll be marked [BIG RED LETTERS!] and you’ll be able to avoid them if you want.

2. If there’s a Flash Review, will you still write a regular Review, or vice versa?

I don’t plan to, as that feels like twice the work, to be honest. So if a show is listed here, you won’t find it in the regular reviews section, and vice versa.

3. Why are there so few Flash Reviews listed?

Flash Reviews are a relatively new addition to the blog, so the list will grow as I write ’em. If there’s a Flash Review that you’d like to see on the blog, leave me a comment. If I’ve seen the show, I’ll try to accommodate. 🙂

4. The Rating System

Understand more about my rating system here!


Hope that all helps!

~ kfangurl


20th Century Boy And Girl B

71: Into the Fire [Movie] A


A Love So Beautiful [China] A-

A Werewolf Boy [Movie] A-

Age Of Youth B++


Beauty Inside [Movie] B

Because It’s The First Time B+

Because This Is My First Life A-

Bring It On, Ghost [Let’s Fight, Ghost] B

Bromance [TW Drama] B


Cantabile Tomorrow B-

Cheese In The Trap B-


Doctors C+


EXO Next Door B-


Fall In Love With Me [TW Drama] C+

Father Is Strange A

Five Children [Five Enough] B+


Go Back Spouses B++

Go Ho’s Starry Night B+

Goong S [Prince Hours] C+


Heartless City [Cruel City] B+

High Society C


I’m Not A Robot B+

Imaginary Cat B


Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love B++

Joseon Gunman B

Just You [TW Drama] B



Liar Game C+

Lingerie Girls’ Generation [Girls’ Generation 1979] A-

Love Cells B-

Love O2O [China] B+

Love For A Thousand More B

Lucky Romance C+


Mask C++

Mirror Of The Witch B-

Miss Granny [Movie] A+

My Beautiful Bride B

My Brilliant Life [Movie] A+

My Daughter Seo Young B+

My Friend Is Still Alive [Drama Special] B+

My Little Lover [Japan] B

My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday [Japanese Movie] A


Nice Guy [The Innocent Man] B

Nirvana In Fire [Chinese Drama] A++

Noble, My Love B


Oh My Ghostess B+

One More Happy Ending B-

Orange Marmalade B-

Our Times [TW Movie] A-


Page Turner A

Plus Nine Boys B+

Producer B+


Queen Of The Ring [Three Colors Of Fantasies: Gold] B


Rich Man, Poor Woman [Japan] C+


Scholar Who Walks The Night C+

Secret Love – Have You Ever Had Coffee With An Angel? B

Sensory Couple [The Girl Who Sees Smells] C+

Seven First Kisses B

Shan Shan Comes To Eat [Boss & Me] [China] B

She is WOW C+

Something About 1% [1% of Anything] B+

Splash Splash Love A

Suddenly Seventeen [Chinese Movie] B+

Surplus Princess C++


Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms [China] A-

The Best Hit B-

The Eternal Love [China] C

The Final Match [Last Match] B-

The First Half Of My Life [China] A

The Magician [Movie] B-

The Reason I’m Getting Married [Drama Special] B+

The Taste of Curry [Drama Special] B+

The Throne [Sado] [Movie] A-

Twenty Years Old [20’s] B+


Under The Hawthorn Tree [Chinese Movie] A



W-Two Worlds B

We Married As A Job [Japan] A-

Wonderful Days C++

Wonderful Nightmare [Movie] B



Yong Pal C

Your Name [Japanese Movie] A+



I’ve included links to my various Year In Review posts, coz those are essentially collections of flash reviews.

kfangurl’s 2012 Drama Awards

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8 thoughts on “FLASH REVIEWS

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  3. Hello, I really like your flash reviews as well as has your full reviews. I would recommend you to watch KBS’s drama ‘What Happens To My Family’. Although it is quite a long drama with 53 episodes. I would also like it if your would review KBS’s ‘Producer’ when it comes out and KBS’s ‘Who Are You: School 2015’ when it comes out as well. Thank you and please reply if possible.


    • Hi there Amy, welcome to the blog! 🙂 It’s great to know that you’re enjoying the reviews, and yes, I do plan to watch and review both Producer and Who Are You: School 2015. It might take me a while, but I’ll get there!

      Thanks for the recommendation on What Happens To My Family.. I’ll keep it in mind, but am unlikely to be able to check it out anytime soon, to be honest. I’ve got way too many dramas on my plate and on my watch list, so it’s already challenging to make time for those, while making time for Real Life too. If I do check it out, I’ll let you know!


  4. Hi! Can I ask that you make a flash review for Uncontrollably Fond?


  5. Hi. I just found your blog and I’m thoroughly reading your reviews. I love them. I’ll probably check out a few of the movies and dramas that landed on your list of faves.

    You should definitely check out Love In the Moonlight or Moonlight Drawn By Clouds if you haven’t already done so. I enjoyed it and it was the last Korean drama I’ve been able to fully watch because everything has been a pass for me in 2017.


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