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Hi there!

Welcome to the blog!

So. What’s this place about?

Originally, this was started as a mainly reviews-driven blog, with fangirling on the side, and just a sprinkling of musings type posts.

Over time, this has evolved, and this has become a more multi-faceted space, with more stuff to offer everyone. We think that’s pretty cool. 🙂

Right now, the posts fall into several main categories:

  • Reviews [Mainly kdrama reviews, with a couple of movie exceptions. Full range of reviews here.]
  • K-love Confessions [k-love confessions complete with personal love journeys & photo galleries, full list here.]
  • Pure Pretty [Photo-heavy posts celebrating the gorgeous men on our k-screens, full list here.]
  • Dream Dramas [The fruit of our active imaginations. We happen to think that our dream dramas are sometimes more amazing than the real dramas on our screens. Yes, we’re biased, heh. The dream dramas are a fairly new addition to the blog. Check ’em out here.]
  • Dear kfangurl [An agony unni type of thing, specifically skewed towards dramas & fangirling. Posts here.]
  • Musings [Thinking-out-loud types of posts, whenever and however inspiration strikes. Posts here.]
  • #FindMyTribe [Subtle ways to wear our drama love on our shirts, and, at the same time, recognize & find fellow drama fans in our local area. Understand more about the heart behind #FindMyTribe here.]

You might also find the Glossary interesting.

Plus! If you’re curious about the origin story of the blog, you can check that out here.

Who runs this place?

The blog was started by kfangurl (full About page here),

And she’s now joined by her partner-in-awesome, Lady G (full About page here).

Please feel free to comment and poke around!

Oh, and just so you know, comments don’t close around here, coz we like to believe that our posts are pretty timeless, heh. So if you leave a comment, we will see it!

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  1. Hi kfangurl! I know my question is not really appropriate to post here.
    I hope you don’t mind. May I ask how do you monetize your blog?
    Do you have WordAds?


  2. Just stumbled upon this and absolutely love it! Fantastic writing and we have very similar views / taste, which is nice! Have you tried The Rise of Phoenixes? If not, suggest you give it a go and I would be keen to hear your thoughts!


    • Hi there, Jing! Welcome to the blog! 😀 Glad you found me! I did consider Rise of the Phoenixes, but heard that the ending was very disappointing, and so I didn’t start on the show, to save myself the disappointment – and the drama hours! 😉


  3. Hey there!!! Glad you’re back!


    • I’m glad I’m back too! 😉 Work is getting busy, so I don’t know how consistent I’m going to be, but I hope to be around at least relatively consistently! 🙂


  4. Ladies, I have nominated you two for Liebster Award! Congratulations!


  5. Hey you fabulous people you! I’ve nominated the both of you for a Sunshine Award! You never said no tag-backs 😉


  6. Hi kfangurl and LadyG! I’m writing from Soompi and wanted to chat with you! If you have some time, please shoot me an email at I look forward to hearing from you!


  7. Hey, I know you’ve already been nominated a bunch of times, but I nominated you for the sunshine award 😀


  8. Hi kfangurl and LadyG!

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    Believed you love k-drama (same here!) and its our mission to provide best drama watching experience anytime anywhere to all users. We will soon launch a totally revamped version of our current app DRAMOT+ (not sure if you’ve heard about our product before) and would like to enquire if it is possible to get your kind help to try it out and give us a review (if you’re interested, of course :D).

    We look forward to your kind response.


  9. Excellent site, I just got hooked by “Love from the star” especially Kim Soo Hyun, your blog and review is amazing, I enjoy it very much, where are you located?? Do you know by any chance Kim Soo Hyun has any official fan club in the U.S.? What about Twitter??


    • Hi there Janet! Thanks, I’m so glad you enjoyed the review! 🙂 And, to answer your questions:

      1. I’m located in Singapore.
      2. Kim Soo Hyun doesn’t seem to have an official fan club in the US at the moment
      3. He doesn’t have a Twitter or Facebook account. The KSH accounts that exist on Twitter and Facebook are run by fans. Or by impersonators. He does have an official Weibo account though:

      Hope that helps!


      • Thanks, I love the site very much especially the screen shots you got for the movie/tv, how can I get updates on Kim Soo Hyun news such as when he will be visiting the States?


        • Hi Janet, I don’t know that there’s a single source for Kim Soo Hyun news, but I’m guessing that keeping an eye on the Kim Soo Hyun thread on the Soompi forum would be a good place to start. You can find that here. Hope that helps! 🙂


  10. I love your blog. It’s amazing.


  11. Hey!!! I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award!!!!! So just click the link below to find out more!


  12. Greetings!!!

    I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award! *cheers and throws confetti* Congratulations!

    Follow the link to see your questions!


  13. Greetings!!

    I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award! *throws confetti*
    Please see the link for details!


  14. If your blog is a baby then mine is still in utero :P. How dare real life take us away from drama-thons and blogging. But in all seriousness I absolutely understand that.

    I had no idea how large and well loved the drama blogging world was! I’m only a few posts and a few weeks in and I know what you mean, I’ve used google loads of times to try and figure some of the technical things out. I try not to let myself get overwhelmed by the way others post, which is harder said than done for sure. I think I’ve still got some time to go before I figure out exactly what my rhythm is, but I am totally enjoying the ride!


    • Aw. I guess I see my blog as a baby in the context of the big drama blogs out there.. That, and the fact that the blog is still under a year old. When I consider that some bloggers have been at it for years, my blog feels like a total baby! As time goes by and as newer blogs join the blogosphere though, I am starting to get a bit of a sunbae feel.. And then I think, Ah, my baby’s growin’ up :’)

      Oh, I know what you mean about feeling overwhelmed by how others post. That’s kind of why I tried to post more frequently in the beginning. At my most “productive” I posted 4 short-ish reviews in a week. And that not only gave me a distinct ache in my shoulders, it felt stressful too. Which is when I decided that I shouldn’t have to suffer in order to have a blog, ha. My take is, we all have our unique contributions to the blogosphere, and we needn’t be in competition just coz we’re existing in the same space. Some of us post frequently, others not so much. Some of us write monster posts, others write quick & easy, bite-sized posts. And I like to read ’em all, so I figure it’s all good. So take your time finding your rhythm and a way of posting that works for you.. You’ll be a happier blogger that way.. And in my opinion, happy bloggers are the funnest to read ^.~


      • Whew that is a truly amazing thought, that there are blogs out there that are years old! I just warms the heart, so to speak. And its exciting to join the ranks of drama lovers all over the world. Indeed you’re a Sunbae, at least you’re my Sunbae! I’ve learned so much already just reading your blog and the two others I frequent regularly.

        I’ve already slowed down my posting, because I had wanted to do a review a week and get caught up on all the shows I’ve watched to date… and yeah that was way to high a goal and it was stressing me out. Now I’ve decided just to post when I can and not get all worked up if it is a few days or a week between posting.


        • Aw! I’m so glad that you find the blog informative!! 😀 Oh.. One of the pages that you might find useful, is the Glossary that I’ve got up there among the page tabs on the top. That was also a result of a comment, come to think of it. One of the blog’s readers asked a question, which got me thinking about terms that get thrown around the blogosphere that newbies would find confusing. So I made a glossary.

          And then the fantastic thing was, lots of people in the blogosphere started adding suggestions, and the glossary grew and grew, and then grew some more. It basically became something of a community project, with other bloggers contributing regularly. I cannot even compute the awesome of that, coz we’re talking not just about the community on this blog, but the community of the k-blogosphere at large. From a random seedling to a glossary that the community at large considers a pet project, is just amazing, overwhelming, heartwarming stuff. I’ve grown very fond of the glossary, less because of its contents, but more because of the unity of the community that it symbolizes, for me. ❤

          I’m glad you’ve decided not to stress yourself out over posting.. Whenever you’re tempted to stress out over it, just remember – I generally post once in 2 weeks, and that’s in a good month. And that infrequency hasn’t actually hurt the blog. Which means to say that even though common wisdom dictates that frequent posting drives readership and blog stats and all that, that it doesn’t always have to be the case. And who says that blogging has to be about blog stats anyway? It’s better to find a way to enjoy it, I say ^^


          • I’ve already checked out the glossary. I actually used it to figure out a word I read in another blog story. I’ve bookmarked it just by itself to use. And now to know that it came about through a community effort. That is so very cool. It is such a wonderfully useful page. A huge thank you to everyone who helped you with it.

            With so much going on in my life and my overwhelming desire to watch more dramas I can’t let myself get stressed by the blog. Though it is easier said than done that’s for sure. I mean I made it to gush over the dramas that I love so much and yet I also want it to be a really good read for those who happen to check it out. Then I see stuff on other blogs that spurs ideas for new posts and yeah… it’s definitely a balancing act.


            • Oh! How cool, that you managed to find the answer that you were looking for in the glossary!! 😀 That is awesome! And it’s great that you’ve bookmarked it, coz it does get updated from time to time, as questions and suggestions come in every now and then. It’s much more robust now than when I first posted it, that’s for sure!

              Yes, it’s definitely a balancing act with the blogging.. I find one key indicator, is whether you still feel like you’re having fun. Once it stops feeling like fun, that’s a sure sign that something’s not balancing quite right and it’s time to readjust. We’re ALL still learning, really. Proof: Some time ago I asked the amazing Javabeans how she manages to run Dramabeans and post so frequently and still manage her Real Life priorities, and even she said that it’s still a work in progress. 🙂


              • I’ve actually used it again today! It is a really fantastic resource. I can see that I’ll be using it a lot, especially with my Drama idea as I want to pepper it with words/titles and what not that would be heard in the dramaverse.

                I’m glad that I’m not the only one trying to find the right balance of posts, life, drama watching, and other stuff. I adore Dramabeans and knowing that Javabeans says its an ongoing process makes me feel better.


                • Aw, I’m so happy that the glossary is becoming a useful resource for you!! It’s grown into more than what I originally imagined it to be, and it’s just awesome that the pet project that everyone so generously flocked to beef up is now helping a new generation of bloggers! 😀 Mind-blowing in the best way possible!

                  I know, when Javabeans said it was a work in progress, it made me feel better too! Coz she does such an amazing job of running DB that I’d always wondered how on earth she managed to have a life outside of DB! To hear that she’s winging it too just puts a whole new spin on things, really. Coz, if even she’s winging it, it’s definitely ok for the rest of us to wing it too! ^^v


                  • If it would be alright I was thinking of linking to the glossary from my own blog because I love it so much 🙂 I use it regularly!

                    Hearing that Javabeans wings it really does make the concept of blogging regularly a lot less daunting. Dramabeans is such an amazing and comprehensive site, so the fact that she still is trying to figure out the balance makes me feel better too!


                    • Aw! Sure you can! 😀 There are several blogs that already link to the glossary, and it’s my honor to host the glossary for the rest of the community that enjoys using it!! If you’ve got suggestions for additions to the glossary, or if there’s something you’d like to find on the glossary that isn’t already there, feel free to let me know; I’m always happy to expand the glossary for its users! ^^

                      Javabeans is amazing, no question. And definitely, just knowing that she doesn’t quite have it all figured out yet is so liberating for the rest of us. It just makes it feel ok to be in that state of figuring out a balance for ourselves. 🙂


                    • Yay thank you! I love that the community project that you innocently started is being shared across the blogverse! I doubt that in my newbie-status I’ll have anything to offer, but if I do I’ll be sure to send you a note on the glossary!


                    • Hee. I didn’t even realize I was starting a community project, honestly! I just thought I was making something for my readers, in response to a reader’s question. And then it just exploded and took on a life of its own, which blows my mind, really. It’s overwhelming and humbling, how much love the glossary’s received from everyone ❤

                      As a newbie, your contribution could be in the form of questions. If you come across something in the dramaverse that puzzles you and you don’t find the answer in the glossary, that’s something you could suggest. I’ve had readers suggest additions without providing the answers, and that works. Well. As long as I know the answer, it works, LOL! ^^


                    • The fact that it became a community project organically just makes it even cooler!! Once I get my new blog fixed up and settled I’ll be adding some links that I love and your glossary will be a part of it!
                      I hadn’t thought about that before, there is a great deal that I don’t know. When I come across terms and such that I can’t find I’ll toss them there, but doesn’t that seem fair since I’ll be making all the Sunbaes do the work 😛


                    • Heh. It’s not a lot of work, especially if I am able to type the definitions off the top of my head. And if I don’t know it off the top of my head, finding the answer for you will help me to learn something new – which is always cool ^^

                      Plus, you’d be helping to beef up the glossary for other users, which is a very cool thing indeed.

                      Lookin’ forward to seeing your blog after you’ve finished prettying it up! 😀


  15. Hello again! I’ve been reading more and more around your blog, and the comments too. The fact that you make a sincere attempt to reply to all the comments in as timely a manner as you are able is not only fantastic but a huge commitment. So from a new fan, thanks!


    • Aw! Thanks, Jaime!! ❤ I think my decision to reply to as many comments as I can stems from my lurking days. It had felt so strange to actually step out of my lurking closet & leave a comment, so having someone take time to reply made me feel like I had been heard, & that my effort to step out of my comforting lurking closet had been somehow appreciated. So when I started blogging, I made it a point to respond to every comment that I got, even if it was a negative one. Lately, with the conversations blooming all over the blog, it’s been harder to keep up, but I am thankful for sweet, patient & encouraging friends who continue to hang out on the blog and wait for me when I’m slow to catch up. And, I’m really glad you’re here to join us too!! Feel free to join conversations as you poke around the blog, or start a new one. I think you’ll find that we are a generally chatty bunch 🙂


      • As a comment-er 😉 I do appreciate that my posts are read and responded to. I’m taking the same path with my own blog. Though in comparison to what you’ve got to read and respond to I’ve got it easy. But hopefully if I keep at it I’ll achieve the same level of greatness as yourself! Because you’ve set such a kind and honorable reputation I think we’re all willing to wait as long as you need for a response, especially since life can sweep you away at a moment’s notice. Oh don’t worry I’ll be popping my two (or more) cents into conversations all over the place before long. I’m still just getting my k drama blogging legs under me!


        • Hee! And aw! ❤ Thank you for the kind words and encouragement, Jaime!! I blush at the word “greatness” coz this blog is still a baby in many ways.. Thank you, though!! 😀 And thanks too, for your patience.. I’ve been playing catch-up on comments more often than I’d wanted to of late, and will probably have to play catch-up some more over the next 6 weeks or so. Real Life beckons! >.< Thankfully, though, everyone is really patient and sweet about it ❤

          There's quite a lot to get settled into, especially when you're at the early stages of blogging.. For one thing, I never imagined blogging could get so technical!! Google has been a lifesaver on many occasions when I just didn't understand something. What I meant to say is, take your time!! If it's one thing that I've learned, is to not get sucked into other people's timelines. I tried blogging frequently at the beginning, and it quickly really stressed me out. I'm much happier now, posting on my own terms. I hope you find your rhythm soon; something that works for you and makes you happy ^^


  16. I first discovered you on dramafever and followed you here you know.
    Just saying.


    • Hey tokki! I’m pleased to make your acquaintance, and welcome to the blog! And to the blogging world too, in general! ^^

      Thanks for the invite to the twitterfest that you’re organizing.. I’m afraid I won’t be able to commit. I am likely to be several weeks late to the Heirs party due to travel commitments, and then after that, I’ll need to catch up on episodes and get up to speed. I’m going to have to play this one by ear. I’ve just followed you on Twitter, so I’ll be in the loop ^^

      Also, it occurs to me that with enough people on your Twitter feed, that you won’t actually need to organize a twitterfest. I believe practically your entire feed will become a twitterfest once Heirs starts to air. 😉


      • Thanks for the welcome kfangurl.
        Have safe and happy travels. And I believe mystisith has decided to organize a tweetchat about heirs .So, maybe we’ll meet there after you catch up


        • The great thing about Heirs is that it’s so buzzy that everyone in the blogosphere will be talking about it, EVERYWHERE. So I’m pretty positive that we won’t have to look far every time we’re in the mood to talk with others about it! ^^


  17. Hey, I’m sorry I’m barging in like this but I’ve been reading the blog and decided to try something. Could I, maybe interest you in participating in a twitterfest of heirs live/after show. It’ll be a bunch of people if I get them. If u r interested we plan on doing a trial run for master’s sun. Plz be there nd look at the comments section of link for details. …
    Feel free to invite anyone you can think of. More the merrier right.

    Sorry I didn’t know where else to post this


  18. Oh btw, I nominated you for the liebster awards. Think you could do me a HUGE favor by squeezing in my questions into your already done Liebster award post?

    Totes fine if you can’t ^^,


    • You did?!? *flails about* That’s so sweet of you, thank you! ❤ Yes, I will update my Liebster post, soon-ish! ^^ I'm about halfway done writing a review for White Christmas. Once I'm done with that, I totally plan to go read your Liebster post, and then I'll update mine ^^ *kisses*


  19. I found your site from another site, I think it was snow_white…eekk…so many and so little time…but your avatar caught my eye since I love webtoons. I popped onto your site and I decided I am going to take my time and enjoy your reviews. You are writing the blog that I would love to write if I ever had the time, so please continue and I will support you with a much big THANK YOU! I too am a lurker for the past 5 years specifically on Dramabeans because they were pretty much all there was back then. I am not Korean, but love anything new. My mother got me hooked on KDrama. She was stuck on Everybody Cha Cha which I didn’t like very much, so I found Dramabeans and saw Coffee Prince, then Soulmate, then Que Sera Sera…and then I haven’t watched any American TV since except for Face Off. Keep going with the blog, your writing style is really nice and conversational. I am not sure if you watch any C, J, or TW Dramas? What manga or manhwa is your icon from? Again thank you!!!!


    • Aw, thanks for your kind comments phxajumma, and welcome to the blog!! 😀 It’s extra special that you left a comment, I know, coz I used to be a lurker myself! I’ve found de-lurking quite fun, so I hope you’ll de-lurk a little more too! ^^

      I loved Coffee Prince too, and I can see why you’d fall in love with kdramas after watching it! It’s an all-time classic imo! To answer your question, I do watch the occasional J-dorama, but I generally don’t check out the C or TW dramas much. I’m currently watching Proposal Daisakusen, the J-dorama which inspired Operation Proposal, and I’m finding it a light, fun watch 🙂

      About my avatar, I don’t think she’s from any particular manga or manhwa, to be honest. It all started back in the day when I was dipping my toes into leaving comments on the now-inactive myasiancinema and wanted an avatar. I searched the web and came across this anime girl with blue hair that I liked, and I decided to use her as my avatar. As I de-lurked further and finally started my own blog, it just felt organic and natural to keep using her face. I tried looking her up, but found that she’s mostly listed as “anime girl with blue hair” – not the most exciting description, I know! At least around these parts, she’s known as kfangurl, heh. 😉


      • Yes, the de-lurking is kind of strange! Thanks for answering my questions. I have been getting my masters these past two years in addition to working, being a mommy and wife. I was only able to watch dramas in snippets during that time. I used them as awards for finishing research or writing reports. Now, when I finally have graduated, the KDrama world seems to have dried up! I also don’t want to commit to watching anything old either. That is one of the reasons I like your blog. I get to “watch” the dramas through your reviews, so I am much appreciative! Still working my way through your blog! Gonna take a few days I think. I asked about other kinds of dramas because I thought maybe I need a different culture to get me out of my funk. I watched “In Time With You” which was okay, but I still think 9 Ends 2 Outs is way better. I tried a few J-doramas but had a hard time getting into them. Maybe I will try again? Maybe the universe is telling me to take a break form the dramas and read more blogs and keep going with my webtoon reading? Maybe I need to go “old school” and break out a book or two, you know, actually crack open a spine and hold paper in my hands? Keep up the good work and I hope to de-lurk from time to time!


        • Yes, de-lurking can feel strange at first, I totally feel ya! That’s how I felt at first too, even when I first started blogging, but I’ve come to enjoy the friendships with fellow drama fans that I wouldn’t have made if I hadn’t de-lurked, so there IS a reward for stepping out of the comfort zone of the lurking closet ^^

          I personally prefer the kdramas to the J-doramas myself.. Maybe you just need the right drama to get you out of your drama slump? Whenever I’m in a drama slump I wonder to myself if I’m finally over kdramas.. Inevitably, I realize it’s just that the dramas are meh, and all I need is a good kdrama to realize that nope, it’s not me, it’s the drama 😉

          Why do you not prefer to watch an old drama, if you don’t mind my asking? I like watching shows that have finished airing, coz then I can watch at my own pace, and go faster or slower as I feel like it or as time permits, and I’m not bound to a live airing schedule.

          What are some of your favorites? Maybe we could figure out something that’s worth your time? 🙂


          • Sorry it has been so long since I responded. I had really thought about your questions and I started to realize a few things about how I feel about “endings” in general. So here is a bit lengthy response, but I know you won’t mind. I don’t like endings of things, I think. When I absolutely fall in love with a book or a drama that I don’t want to end, I just don’t read the ending or watch the last episode. It is weird, but after I realized this, I am starting to accept the “ends” and “go for it”…commit to a new drama! For example, I just loved Dream High! The thing was I didn’t expect to really love it that much.

            As my name suggests, (I am 44), I am way too old for high school dramas, but that drama brought me back to my youth, and to the days of Fame: the movie as well as the show. I just loved DH and looked forward to watching and reading recaps. I realized that I didn’t want it to end. If I watched the ending, I could just keep the show “living”, if that makes sense? I did read the ending on Dramabeans and read every single response to the last show so it wasn’t like I didn’t know what happened. It just seemed more like if I saw it with my eyes, it would make the end so real.

            Then, it started to happen with other dramas as well. I just got into this commitment thing. I decided that I should just “read” dramas and the responses instead. This way I could be one step away from being involved in the drama. I started clicking on the names of the people who post on Dramabeans (I have been a follower since 2008.) I never knew that if the name was a different color, then that person was posting a connection to his/her blog. That is how I found your blog. I started reading dramas instead of watching them.

            Plus I realized that I wasn’t the only one who was finding myself in a drama slump. I felt like I would waste my time watching something, only to have the show turn out to be horrible half-way through. So between being afraid of endings, and afraid of finding a drama to commit to, I just meandered my way through the world of K-Drama blogging. Good for you bloggers though!!!

            My friend/coworker passed away a couple of weeks ago, and I had an overwhelming desire to do a memorial for him. (His memorial was going to be personal, just with family but I wanted to do something for him at work.) This desire was a response to the idea of endings and how I run away from them. If I did the memorial, it would be an end and I would have to deal with the reality of his death. I did it anyway, despite my fears and it was a beautiful time spent with people who loved him and were impacted by his life. I realized the beauty of the ending as important as the beginning, as important as the process. I am always pleasantly surprised when my relationship with Korean Dramas impact my life in unsuspecting moments.

            I haven’t watched the ending of Dream High yet. I plan on doing it this week. I did however watch a drama from beginning to end, Harvest Villa. Loved the drama, but didn’t really like the ending—-yet I did watch it! I started thinking how could the writer ever have ended that thing anyway and make it perfect? I guess endings are probably the most difficult thing for drama writers to face? Think of the blogs created around Queen In-hyun’s Man’s last episode. I am in the process of going back to my abandoned dramas and have been catching up on the endings. It has been difficult, but it has been a healing process for me to get me back into being an active watcher again.

            I just started a new drama I just love to bits called Dating Agency: Cyrano. I am going to make sure I watch it to the end, ha ha!

            ALSO a big congratulations **throws confetti** on your Liebster Awards!!!! They are most certainly deserved! Keep writing, we will keep reading!


            • Aw it’s great to hear back from ya, phxajumma! And I’m honored by your thoughtful sharing! ❤

              I completely agree that kdrama can have a much more profound effect on us than we might expect. I was introduced to kdrama myself while going through a huge personal crisis, and my first drama was Goong. A light, fluffy drama for the most part, but there were parts where I really cried. I rewatched that drama several times in those first few months, crying each time. And while I can't credit it for the entirety of my healing, I will say that it was an unexpectedly profound experience and that it did impact me on a much deeper level than I expected.

              While my experience with kdrama differs from yours, I can definitely appreciate the unexpected healing that you're experiencing through your drama experience. I love that your relationship with dramas is affecting you in a much deeper way and on such a personal level, and that it's bringing resolution to a part of you that you didn't expect to resolve. And I am so glad to hear that you went ahead with the memorial for your friend. That's powerful stuff indeed. *hugs* Now who says that watching kdrama is a waste of time? 😉

              I am also completely with you in your love for Dream High. I am definitely way past my school going years, and I didn't expect to love Dream High the way I did. It completely sucked me in, and after watching it twice, it's still on my all-time favorites list.

              Also, speaking of life-affirming, have you watched Life Is Beautiful? It's one of my all-time favorites, and is completely comforting and lovely. I've got a review posted, if you're interested to check it out 🙂

              And thanks so much for the confetti! *twirls around in confetti rain* I'm so happy to know that you weren't deterred by the multiple updates on the Liebster post! *whispers: there's going to be one more update when I have some time! #8! Wow.*


  20. I have enjoyed your reviews. I am also not Korean but obsessed with Korean dramas. I have watched so many that I have given up any other kind of tv watching for fear I get permanently stuck to my couch.


    • Aw, thanks Yvette!! Welcome to the blog!! It’s great to know that you’re enjoying the reviews! ^^

      Come to think of it, I don’t watch any other kind of TV as well! I only ever watch kdramas now, with the exception of a very occasional Hollywood or other western movie when I’m on a flight. And even so, I’ve got a really long list of dramas that I plan to watch but haven’t gotten around to yet!

      What are you watching right now?


  21. hiiii….I have something for you in my latest post….I’m sure you’ll like it 😉


  22. So I just noticed you’re following my blog (thank you, btw though mine’s 50/50 personal and drama-outtakes) – I’m in the midst of midterms madness week (sometimes I really hate Real Life, ha) but I did quickly check out your blog and OMG why do I sense this strange deja vu of sorts in likeness/reviews? Really cool. I’ve to come back to properly read your reviews and such, but on a first impression basis I love what I’m seeing/reading/glimpsing. I’ll be back!


    • Aw thanks! 😀 I found your blog coz someone posted a link to your review of School 2013 on Twitter & after poking around for a bit, I really liked what I saw too! ^^ Yay that we seem to have similar tastes & opinions! I’m planning to explore your blog bit by bit as well & I’m looking forward to trading opinions with you!

      All the best for midterms!! I know it can be really stressful, but hang in there, it’ll be over soon!! Hwaiting! ^^


  23. I just wanted to say that it’s really sweet of you to reply to every comment 😀 I didn’t know where to put that so … haha anyway, I wanted to show my appreciation since I just recently started to actually “comment” on blogs after being silent for so long !


    • Oh I TOTALLY know what it feels like to start commenting after being silent for a long time! High five, Evelili!! 😀

      Maybe it’s partly because I used to be such a lurker, & it took so long for me to finally start unlurking, that I really want to appreciate comments, & I feel like replying to each one is the best way to show my appreciation back! Also, I feel like this way, everyone starts to become a friend, when we start “talking” to each other! 😀 Sooo much more fun all around! 😀


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