Pure Pretty: Choi Si Won

If you read my recent review of She Was Pretty, and particularly if you’ve known me for a while, you’d probably have guessed that this Pure Pretty spotlight on Si Won was soon in the coming.

I mean, not only did he deliver the role with an impressive amount of nuance that felt raw and heartfelt, he made it all look so effortless. From the hammy & funny, to the glimpses of sorrow & poignance, he made it all feel natural, like it was a genuine extension of himself. He was the character, all the way through. And I was, quite literally, blown away.

On top of all of that acting awesome, he looked fantastic. Just, how could I not give him a piece of my heart? <3

She Was Pretty OST – 너뿐이야 [Choi Si Won]

See that screenshot up there? That’s the moment that Si Won basically stole my heart. Such a quiet, tender moment, with barely a spoken word, yet delivered with so much feeling. Augh. It totally made me see Si Won in a whole new light.

I mean, yes, I’d enjoyed Si Won on my screen before. I’d found him extremely ab-tastic in Oh! My Lady (2010), and then, hilariously hammy in King of Dramas (2012). Both times, I’d been impressed on some level, but this time, he completely blew the lid off what I’d previously thought him capable of, as an actor.

After amazing me with his acting ability (and, not forgetting, stealing my swooning fangirl heart in the process), he showed up on my screen looking like this:

Far. Out.

Doesn’t he look completely unreal here? Such chiseled Hollywood handsome, with that gentle sunshine dappling off his features. Then there’s that gentle curl of the lip. And then there’s That Gaze. Such a subtly complex mix of intensity, gentleness and quiet strength, that I can only flail helplessly as I melt into an appreciative puddle. Swoon.

This was the definitive moment, when I decided that I needed more Si Won on my screen. I was like, Where have you been all this time, Si Won? Where have you been hiding all this acting awesome?? Dramaland needs you!!

…And then it hit me. Si Won is enlisting in MS something like, now, and She Was Pretty is his last acting project for at least the next 2 years.

Sadness. How bittersweet is this, that he unveils the impressive scope of his acting prowess, and steals our hearts, just as he ups and leaves for MS?

This is why we need a spot of Si Won Pure Pretty. Methinks we need at least a little something to console ourselves in his absence from k-ent, right?

Yes. Yes, you do.


For the record, I never did have any Si Won pix in my possession, until I decided to do this post. Man, can I just say, there is So Much – seriously, SO MUCH – Si Won Pretty on the interwebs. Everywhere I looked, with every virtual corner I turned, there were so many Si Won photos to be found that I felt like I was drowning (Yes, I know this is a happy problem).

This means that this gallery is far from comprehensive. I basically picked the photos that I liked best, from the vast number of photos that are available. What can I say? I guess this is one of those times when it comes in handy that the object of our attention and affection is part of one of the most popular kpop groups out there.

Also, I realize that in general, I prefer Si Won’s more recent pictures compared to his earlier ones. He just looks more manly in the recent pix, which, rawr. I did include a number of his earlier pix too, though, just for good measure.

As always, I’ve included large, HD sizes where possible. So you just might find your new Si Won wallpaper in this gallery. 😉 Enjoy.

Boy Next Door

I decided that Boy Next Door would be a great place to start, simply because in many of his personal photos, he looks so approachable and normal. Just like he could be the regular dude who lives next door, and who just happens to be, well, unreasonably good-looking.

That picture of him with the ice-cream is extra delicious, coz I mean, Si Won + ice-cream + the open-collared shirt = melty delectable goodness.

My favorite pic, though, is the one further down, where he’s standing on the outdoor stairs, looking right into the camera. So normal and approachable, and so bright and cheery, yet so ruggedly handsome, all at the same time. Mmm.

Clean-cut Handsome

My favorite thing about clean-cut Si Won, is that there’s something so wholesome about him. It makes me think of healthy, wholesome clean-living. And milk and cookies.

I love the happy, breezy vibe of this first pic. And yes, I know that he’s technically not clean-shaven in the picture on the boat, lower down in the set. But, he looks so crisp, sharp and warm in it, that I just couldn’t leave it out.

Pensive Thoughtful

Although I feel like I don’t know a whole lot about Si Won, he strikes me as a guy with many thoughts; a man with substance. So when I look at these photos with the pensive thoughtful vibe, I feel like I’m getting to see Si Won contemplating the important things in life.

My favorite photo in this set is the 5th one, the close-up of Si Won from a side angle. The whole feel is thoughtful, with a lovely touch of dreamy. I can’t stop staring at his lashes and his brows.

Also, I really dig that last photo. That wonderful mix of facial fuzz, with the open-collared white shirt, and that tan, and that thoughtful, contemplative intensity. It all just comes together to make me swoon.


A set that goes hand-in-hand with the pensive-thoughtful ones, these photos showcase Si Won’s more serious side. When contrasted with the playful hammy side of him that we’ve seen in his last 2 roles in k-dramaland, I find the serious vibe a little startling, and quite refreshing indeed.

I really like the 3rd pic, coz it’s with his She Was Pretty co-star Park Seo Joon, and many of you know that I also have a lot of love for Park Seo Joon. Two lovelies in the same frame – how could I not include it, right? 😉

Another pic that I really like, is the black-and-white one further down, where he’s wearing a big puffer jacket and adjusting his gloves. It gives me Healer vibes, and I can’t help picturing him being partners with Healer, all ready to parkour off a building for the greater good. <3


Smoldery Si Won is just plain sexy. Also, when that gaze, simmering with heat, is turned directly at the camera, it’s nothing short of arresting. My heart skipped several beats while gazing at these pics, seriously.

I freaking love this first pic; he exudes so much manly, confident smolder that I can hardly tear my eyes away.

The last pic also has me flailing. That mesmerizing, penetrating gaze, and that facial scruff, paired with that open-collared white shirt. Swoon.

Smirky Cheeky

This section’s more about Si Won’s playful side, sometimes delivered with a touch of ‘tude. It’s cheeky without being try-hard, and it’s plenty sexy.

I love the laughter in his eyes in the second pic. You can tell he’s genuinely amused, and y’know, there’s just something very sexy about a guy with a sense of humor. <3

Sharp Suit

As many of you know, I love a man in a sharp suit, and as expected, Si Won does not disappoint. He looks fabulous, whether he’s wearing the crisp sharp lines of a good suit or a luxe tux.

Extra brownie points to the pic of him doing up his tie in front of the mirror. Coz, there’s just something so sexy and intimate about that, like we’re watching him get ready to leave the house.


Of course, it’s not only when he’s in a suit that he looks sharp. You guys know I love the look of a crisp white shirt on a man. Even better when that crisp white shirt is paired with a vest. I didn’t watch Athena (2010), but I certainly dig the sharp look on Si Won.

Rugged Handsome

Much as I think Si Won looks great in the clean lines of a sharp suit, I think he’s even sexier when he’s channeling a more rugged vibe. There’s just something so strong and manly about it that I really dig.

I really like the facial scruff on him in this second pic, quite possibly coz it reminds me of his character Shin Hyuk in She Was Pretty. Plus, that lovely gentleness in his eyes, which provides such a lovely contrast to the craggy beard.

Also, check out those lovely veiny arms in that last pic. I don’t know why, I just find that really sexy.


Uungh. Just, how strong and healthy and sexy does he look in these pix, where he’s showing off his sporty side?


The upside of Si Won having the habit of performing without his shirt, is that there is lots – seriously, lots – of shirtless awesome to choose from. This is a moderate sampling of the shirtless pix that I liked best, among all the ones I saw in the course of my research. (Such hard work, no? XD )

Si Won’s got a smoking hot bod, there’s no doubt about it. I think he looks fab in all of these pix, but, special shout-out to the one where he’s performing with the red beanie, coz it (again) reminds me of his character Shin Hyuk in She Was Pretty.

My favorite of the set is the last pic, coz it’s so, so beautiful. That artful lighting, so lovingly highlighting the sculpted beauty of his shirtless profile. Faint.

Sexy Undone

Also very sexy, are these pix, where Si Won looks a little undone. Whether he’s loosening his tie, or looks like he’s just gotten out of bed, there’s a very sensual vibe to these pix, which I find very sexy indeed.

Surreal Dreamy

I love this section. It reminds me of that screenshot at the beginning of the post, the one where I find him so beautiful that it feels unreal. Same thing here. In all of these pix, I find Si Won’s got a dreamy, beautiful sort of quality that I find quite captivating.

I love both shots of him in front of the stone wall, he’s so gorgeously lit. My favorite shot, though, is the 3rd pic, in all of his facial-scruffy glory. His eyes are so bright and intense; it’s nothing short of arresting. The light and shadow at play in the shot makes it all the more stunning. Love.

Geeky Adorable

On a completely different note, Si Won looks super cute with glasses on, and this is a sampling of that geeky adorable.

I love this second pic, coz how can you not love that goofy face? XD

Bugsy Love

I love that Si Won loves his pup Bugsy, and I love that he likes taking pictures with him too. As a dog lover myself, this just melts me on so many levels. <3

I seriously love every single picture in this set, but my two favorites are the final two shots. Coz, Bugsy cuddles and Bugsy kisses. D’awww. <3

Casual / Candids

One of the things that I really appreciate about Si Won’s casual / candid / personal shots, is how approachable, relatable and normal he comes across. It just makes me like him more, really.

I love the 2 pix of him onstage in the navy v-neck tee, coz he looks so wholesome and sexy at the same time. I also love the 3rd pic – he just seems like such a regular guy, taking that selfie.


Ahhh. What a lot of Si Won awesome. I must say, I’m really liking what I see, and even though it’s 2 whole years away, I’m already looking forward to Si Won’s comeback to dramaland.

In the meantime, take good care Si Won-sshi. Stay safe, we – together with Bugsy – will be waiting for you patiently. And finally, as Shin Hyuk said to his Most colleagues, God bless. 🙂

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  1. kdramaunni

    I had a question on the usage of images though, I have just started out a kdrama blog on Wix and I am always weary on using images..have you gotten a copyright infringement email for the usages of images??

    1. kfangurl Post author

      Hi there! Thanks for enjoying the blog, kdramaunni! 😃 In terms of copyright infringement, because I don’t claim the images are mine, these are within the realm of fair use. However, I do have to let you know that when the DMCA bots sweep the internet and do their thing, it’s possible for you to get pinged for copyright infringement. What you have to do then, is fill up a form to counter that, and explain why you are not infringing on copyright, and Google will get it sorted for you, so that it doesn’t end up as a mark against your site. It’s a hassle, but it’s par for the course, if you have a drama site, unfortunately. I hope this helps!

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  4. evez

    tbh, these days have been not so good, but i am able to get by with some love from family, relatives, rl friends and of course from my friends from sns especially over here. I am winding up and have my relaxation time by reading updates from here and others….and with all honesty it’s all about k-ent! 🙂 <3 i do love to read various comments and it able to make me smile and chuckke from time to time…i couldn't squee much as much as i want coz i think of my sick father, who's in the hospital for 3 weeks now, so you couldn't imagine the stress i am having over personal matters and at work. ….i need to balance everything to maintain my composure…thank you for being a regular friend to converse with anytime…< 3 😉 i'll ho visit again whenever i have time…….I COULDN'T GET ENOUGH OF SIWON'S PIX OVER HERE!!….Thanks for a really pretty post on him!…be well always and see you around again. 😉 <3

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, I’m sorry to hear that you dad’s in the hospital, Evez! 🙁 Big long hugs. That must be really stressful for you, AND I’m sure it’s exhausting physically too, for you to tend to him in the hospital while still needing to go to work. May your dad be tended by wise doctors who will be able to help him best. Stay strong and steady, my dear, ok?

      I totally understand if you don’t have the time or presence of mind for k-ent for the time being. But, anytime you need to unwind &/or take your mind off things, know that I’m here for ya. Hugsss <3 <3

  5. evez

    hello kfangurl!…hope everything is well with you!…i am thankful that i have this favorite site of yours to keep me update on the things i love. I seldom visit your site now, but i am always excited everytime i do coz it sure give me the great and light readings and the juiciest,and most vibrant collection of photos that i do love to see..<3 <3 <3 your dedication and love for your work is reflected each time you post!…lovely!… thank you for including Choi SiWon in your pretty post…;) i think this dude deserves it!…he's pretty and multi-talented. I guess you knew that i do have passion for this kpop dol as i already mentioned him to you in my comments here from your review page….i think it's from KOD's review?or it could be from other post i just don't remember the exact topic then. But i clearly remembered that you did love him in KOD, which prompted me to buy a dvd and watch the drama tho' i didn't fancy the lead 😉 gladly Siwon was part of the drama and true enough he's given that drama a sparky vibe!… i do love him as always but his concluded drama has earned him the biggest credit i guess. My love for him as an entertainer has doubled and i will surely miss him as he enlists. When i saw him in his dramas, i already thought of him as an average dol that can give more. I was completely blown away with him as Shin Hyuk a.k.a. Ten in SWP…i want to see him more and more every week. I think i just need to re-watch the episodes to see him again. Si Won made me laugh and cry from the drama…that only means he has substance!….he can be more than promising. I just do hope that when he comes back he will have the right project such as his concluded drama….How can you not love this dude!?..Aside from his comfort zone, he can now be called the idol that can be an actor at the same time, YAY! that he can do both! 😉 be it scruffy and clean look he rawks!…he can also carry casual clothings and sharp suits right?…i wish him well in MS…..once again thank for this post and i will download some photos you have here…<3 <3 <3 😉

    1. kfangurl

      Evez! 😀 Yay that you did manage to make it back here to share your thoughts on this post! Yes, I realize it’s been harder for you to drop by, but I’m always glad when you’re able!

      Yes, it’s quite possible that we first talked about Siwon on my KoD post. I found him hilariously hammy in KoD, and that definitely took me by surprise. I’d never seen his comic side before. THIS time, with SWP, he’s surprised me yet again; his delivery of Shin Hyuk’s character was just fantastic in so many ways. Love! <3 Indeed, I really hope that he'll be keen to return to dramaland after MS. He's proven to be such a versatile actor, AND he does look wonderful too, of course. 😉 I couldn't help but swoon while I put this post together – I'm so glad that you like the pictures!

  6. missienelly

    I broke the news to my son. He used to refer Siwon as papa. My son said “it’s ok mommy, he will be back” and just like that, I immediately felt content and assured that he will be back. I love Siwon and his ability to carry out variety of characters. And these pictures, oy…. I need to meditate. Or take calm medicine. Just because… *fans self*

    1. kfangurl

      Wait, what? Your son used to refer to Siwon as papa??? :O However did your hubs respond to that?! I can’t imagine that he would’ve been ok with that? 😛

      And yes, as sad as it is that Siwon’s gone for 2 years, he will be back, and we will survive. And in the meantime, you can always distract yourself by meditating… on these pictures! XD

      1. missienelly

        Ohm! *meditation in progress*

        Nah, hub was fine. We were baffled that A mistook Siwon as my hub. But he is fine now. Phew, I thought something was wrong with his eyes XD

        1. kfangurl

          Hahaha! That, or your hubs actually has some similarities to Siwon that only A picked up on! 😉 Orrr, maybe A feels that he and Siwon look alike. Which might not be such a stretch, considering what a good-looking little man he is!

  7. Lady G.

    Well that was a beautiful ‘scroll’ I took. hehe. Now I’m really going to miss him. I guess it’s a good thing that i’m waiting to watch She Was Pretty, I also want to see Athena some time. And I may just watch Oh My lady again. That will fill the time. There’s also a Chinese drama he starred in, but I heard it had a lousy unfinished ending so i’m wary. Plus, I don’t like voice dubbing. :p

    I’ve always found him to be so boyishly handsome. In many ways he reminds me of my nephew with his expressions, particularly his eyes when he’s in deep thought, (loved those pics you chose!!!) or those cutesy dimpled smiles. My little guy even does a cheeky laugh like Si Won’s. You heard Si Won’s a lot in King of Dramas. It’s the kind that’s sneaky, but too adorable to take seriously.

    I guess this kind of tempers my attraction!! LOL. But I couldn’t help make the comparisons. Just like I see a lot of my other nephew in Daniel Choi.

    You made amazing picture choices!! I’m sure it was so challenging! I’d love to do a pure pretty guest post one of these days. 😀 The hard part is who to choose. I think you featured a lot of the pretty ones I already like. 🙂

    1. kfangurl

      Ahh! That’s a great point! If you haven’t seen She Was Pretty, that does feel like delaying his MS departure! Now I’m a little envious of you, heh 😉 I’m planning to check out Skip Beat when withdrawal eventually hits. Jo tells me that he’s quite lovely in there, so I’m going to give it a go, despite my similar aversion to voice dubbing 😛

      Lol. I must say, your nephews reminding you of Siwon AND Daniel Choi makes me think that you have very handsome genes in your family! XD How enviable!

      And yes, Siwon is gorgeous. Boyishly handsome in some shots, but then ruggedly scruffy and sexy in others. <3 He's so versatile! And sure, we can talk about you maybe doing a Pure Pretty post, if you'd like. There's a lot less writing needed for that. You just need Google to be your friend and serve you all the nicest looking HD pix, lol! XD

      1. Lady G.

        I’m just a biased fangirl of my nephews! LOL.

        When there’s withdrawal there’s always Athena too. hehe. Or that new movie he did about the Chinese in Ancient Rome with Jackie Chan, Feng Shao Feng, John Cusack and Adrien Brody. 😀

        I love that first shot of him in the suit you picked to start the post. It’s soooo dashing! Oh wait, so is that very first black and white one with hand on cheek. wow. It’s really hard to pick. :fans self:

        1. kfangurl

          Heh, we’re all biased fangirls one way or another, so I understand! XD

          The shot of Siwon in the suit is a screenshot from She Was Pretty, so you’ll get to see that handsome in motion – squee! 😉 And yes, it was rather hard to pick, Siwon manages to look effortlessly great in just about every shot. So I just went with my gut and picked whichever pix appealed to me. ^^

  8. aigoo

    Why must you torment us before he lives. We need him asap. Can we speed up time? Hehehe. Lovely bods of….i mean lovely post of Mr. Choi. Hope his acting will get better and better post army. We need to see post-army shower drama pretty soon. But in all shallowness, a fine actor that did a marvelous job in SWP, even though, the script made him look flat. Hd had more characters than the lead. Always a special 2nd lead in my book. Now, we need him to get the girl and the lead in the next drama. Good luck Si won. Hwaiting.

    1. kfangurl

      Hehehe, I wish we COULD speed up time! I can hardly believe we’ll need to wait 2 whole years at least, before we get to see him on our screens again! It feels almost cruel, that we’d discover his acting awesome RIGHT before his enlistment, right? Sob.

      Y’know, as much as we talk about post-army shower scenes, Siwon’s chiseled hot bod is already so well-known and so sculpted, that I find it hard to imagine how much more chiseled and sculpted he could be! XD Not that I’m averse to him taking on a post-army shower scene or several, of course 😉 I’d love to see him play lead post-army. That promises to be awesome indeed <3

      1. aigoo

        Hehehehe. You are right. His acting is getting better so hopefully his potential gets recgonized. He is one of the top “natural and comfortable” idol to actor transition who I tremendously enjoy watching on screen

        1. kfangurl

          Absolutely! He’s turning out to be that rare breed of idol actor who can truly act, and I enjoyed him SO MUCH, in SWP. Crossing all available limbs, that he’ll be keen to do more acting, and that he’ll be offered good roles, once he’s out of the military! 🙂

  9. Kay

    I really liked Choi Si Won in King of Dramas, but like you, absolutely loved him in She Was Pretty. He simultaneously brought me so much joy and completely broke my heart. What a talent!

    1. kfangurl

      Isn’t he??? He seems so multi-talented, when I think about it. Not only can he sing and dance, he’s now proven that he can act really, really well! And he’s THIS hot, to boot? Just, wowww. If only we didn’t have to wait 2 whole years to see him on our screens again! Ah well, they do say patience is a virtue! 😉

  10. Shin-Ang

    Uwah! Choi Si Won-sshi is quite the hot one, wot! He has the cutest smile. The less groomed he is, the better he looks. Love his sexy undone/dishevelled looks – and of course when he’s shirtless. Those abs! Those shoulders! I guess it’s time for me to watch ‘she was pretty.’ Also, he and Takeshi Kaneshiro look a lot alike – they could be brothers.

    1. kfangurl

      Byeol!! Great to see ya! 😀 And YES, Siwon is quite the hot one, indeed! He’s so versatile, too! I mean, he looks great in just about any mood and style. Although, I do hafta agree with you that he looks particularly good when he’s scruffy. There’s something extremely sexy about that. He wears the scruff SO well. <3

      Yes, do put She Was Pretty on your list! It's funny, but underneath it all, it's sweet, heartfelt, uplifting goodness. And Siwon is SO good in it.

      Funny you see a resemblance between Siwon and Takeshi Kaneshiro – I see it too, now that you mention it! While I was doing the post, though, there were times when I felt that he sorta looked like Daniel Henney.

  11. georgianasabina

    For the first time, I’m the first comment 😀 Yeeey!

    I reaaaaaly need to stop reading your Pure Prettys at work because I start squeeing and giggling and “awww”-ing by myself and my colleagues have started to be suspicious :))))

    The only thing I can say is DELISH! I like him much more when he has a short beard and a rugged look, but as you’ve said, he does clean up quite nice in a suit <3

    You've perked my interest with She was Pretty and I will definitely give it a try 😉

    Keep up the awesome work!! (while I pant looking at them pix) :))))

    1. kfangurl

      Hee! Congrats on being the first to comment, my dear! I LOLed at the mental picture of you trying to squee undercover at work! XD Yes, it’s probably a good idea to save the squeeing for a more, er, private environment, particularly if you’re perusing the Shirtless section of the post! XD

      Yes, isn’t Siwon delish?? I agree that he’s somehow schmexier with the facial scruff. The casual rugged look makes him feel so casually approachable and near, even. And, I definitely like the idea of Siwon being near, heh. 😉

      I definitely recommend She Was Pretty! Not only is Siwon fab in it, it’s a nice watch. A little predictable at times, but put together so lovingly and delivered so solidly, that it worms its way into your heart anyway. It totally deserves a spot on your list! 🙂

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