Pure Pretty: Ji Soo

Like everyone else before me, I first set eyes on Ji Soo when watching Angry Mom. And, like everyone else too, as I observed him on my screen, I soon sat up, opened my eyes wide, and started paying serious attention.

Many times, high school dramas trot out rookies and other relative unknowns to fill their young ensemble casts, and more often than not, the acting talent falls somewhere in the realm of raw, stiff and earnest.

Sure, the rookies tend to be fresh-faced and cute, but they mostly need a lot more experience and practice in the acting department before they’d actually be able to bring a character to life.

Not so Ji Soo. So far from it. Coz not only can Ji Soo act, he’s already shaping up to be the full-package Real Deal.

That. Adorable. Face <3


It’s kinda hard to pin down Ji Soo’s appeal, but I’m gonna try.

The Look

On a shallow note, Ji Soo definitely looks the part of the cool hottie.

He’s a good-looking guy, and combined with his height (1.86m or 6’1), he cuts a fine figure indeed.

The Vibe

Ji Soo is a boy-man who is adept at dialing the boy or man component in him up or down as the need arises.

When he’s dialed up to man, he comes across as masculine, strong, maybe a little fierce, and pretty darn sexy, even while there’s still that underlying boy about him. Like the screenshot above, and these ones too:

Ooh. HeLLO there.. 😉

On the other hand, when he’s dialed up to boy, he’s so little-boy cute and adorable that you just wanna squish him and put him in your pocket. Behold the little-boy adorable:

Adorbs. <3

I really like the fact that he wears both vibes so well, and I find that a big part of his appeal.

The Immersion

The other big piece of Ji Soo’s appeal, I believe, is his immersion in the role. As Bok Dong in Angry Mom, he is completely absorbed into the person of Bok Dong, that he seems to genuinely feel every emotion of Bok Dong’s.

Whether he’s lost in noona’s charm, or deep in troubling thought, or struggling to hold back the tears, Ji Soo is Bok Dong, and is so committed to the moment that it just radiates off my screen. I can’t help but believe him, and that’s just the best kind of acting there is.

When you combine the handsome looks, the flexi-vibe and the complete role immersion, you get a potent package of one up-and-coming young actor who looks poised to carve a sizable niche for himself in dramaland and beyond.

It’s no wonder we’re all sitting up and paying attention in a big way, eh? 😉


Because Ji Soo is still quite the rookie, there are fewer magazine spreads to choose from for this post, compared to some of the more established actors. Nonetheless, I’m pleased to report that there is still a fairly substantial amount of photographic pretty to be had.

Just know that there isn’t a shirtless section. Although, I’m sure dramaland will fix that in time 😉


This section is all about him dialing up the boy. When he’s in boy-mode like this, he often gives off a slightly dopey sort of vibe, which I find exceedingly adorable.

I really like the pic of him laughing and holding a skateboard. He looks like he’s having so much fun.

Of course, I also really dig the second to last pic. That wink is so cute, plus, he looks kinda sexy in that open-collared white shirt with the sleeves rolled up and his hands casually stuffed in his pockets. Yum.


This section is a lot like the Cute, just with that little touch of extra softness to make it more sweet than cute.

I love this first pic coz of the softness in his gaze, and the slight smile. Together with the soft sweatshirt and the casually cocked head, he looks so approachable and huggable.


Ah, dreamy Ji Soo is just dreamy, y’know?

I love all 3 pix here, but the last one definitely tops ’em all. It’s so dreamy and sweet, and yet so sensuous at the same time. So melty <3


I like thoughtful contemplative Ji Soo.. I feel like it gives me hints of the substance that must be lurking beneath the surface, in order for him to act so well.

This first pic is one of my favorites, coz it shows his jawline really nicely, and his gaze has a slightly pensive flavor to it, which makes the entire photo take on a slightly wistful vibe. Very nice.

I also really like the one 2 photos down, the close-up of him wearing a suit and tie. That same pensive wistful gaze is there, but this time, he feels distinctly grown-up and manly, and that’s definitely a lovely plus. 😉

The second to last photo is pretty too. The light and shadows fall on his face so beautifully. <3


I really like the strong gaze on Ji Soo; he wears it very well.

My favorite photo in this set is the fourth one. The strong contrast of the black and white works so well with the strength of his gaze. It’s quite mesmerizing.


This section is basically intent, but with a simmering fire mixed into his gaze and his entire body language. It’s sexy and alluring and quite arresting.

It’s hard to pick a favorite in this section, but I do like this second picture a little more than the others. He doesn’t even need to look at the camera to communicate the inner smolder. And that loosening of the tie.. it just says sexy rebel to me. Likey muchey.


I just love smirky Ji Soo, coz he wears the ‘tude well; swag becomes him.

I really love this second pic coz of the incongruity of the gentle gaze coupled with the knowing smirk. It sounds like an odd match, but it works so well on him. Really, he looks so cozy and sexy. <3


Happily for us, Ji Soo is not averse to posting personal candids of himself, and it’s quite a treat to see glimpses to the other facets of him that we haven’t yet come to know.

I love the fact that he seems to be quite the regular kinda guy, who enjoys hanging out with friends, who likes dogs (Eee!), and who plays the guitar (Eeeee!!).

Special mention to the beach shot, for giving us a glimpse at his (very strong-looking) bare legs.

My favorite shot of this entire set, is the third photo. Coz, uh, sexy. Swoon.


I hafta say, even though I feel like I barely know anything much about Ji Soo right now, given that he’s just arriving in dramaland, I’m really liking what I see.

And I’m really looking forward to seeing more of him on my screen. Preferably in meaty roles in cracky dramas, pretty please.

May your future be so bright that you just gotta wear shades, Ji Soo. 😉 Fighting~!

Yep, I just had to squeeze in a shirtless pic somehow. You’re welcome 😉
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8 years ago

Why do I feel like this boy-man is a predecessor to becoming like GY… there’s just a touch of LJS and KWB… those two are in the man-boy-becoming-man stage… so Ji Soo has many years to get to the man-boy stage they were all in before now, and then the man-boy-becoming-man stage… before getting to the manly-man-with-a-hint-of-boy stage that GY is. 😉 let’s see in 10 years 😉

8 years ago
Reply to  lyricalpeach

Oh, that’s a great observation, lyricalpeach! Ji Soo’s got a very natural sort of screen presence which is not unlike GY. And, given his very robust acting chops, I don’t see why he wouldn’t be the GY kind of leading man in the future, which is a very good thing for us viewers 😉

8 years ago

Amagahdddd i totally needed this! Am a huge fan of Ji Soo after watching him on Angry Mom. How did you find so many pictures of him? I haven’t seen a lot of them even though I tried googling for pics of him.

Thanks loadssssssss *fangirling like crazy.* 😀 😀

8 years ago
Reply to  Mizzfancypants

Ahh! I’m so pleased that you enjoyed this post, Mizz! 😀 I found all the picture via my friend Google – Google tends to treat me nice. 😉 I’m sure that as Ji Soo continues to make waves in dramaland, that there’ll be more pictures of him in the interwebs. In the meantime, I’m waiting in anticipation to see what he does next ^^

8 years ago

*saves everything*

Thank you so much, kfangurl! I don’t think a more swoon-worthy post like this exists elsewhere. Ugh he’s so adorable!!!!

8 years ago
Reply to  Janey

You’re super welcome, Janey! I’m so pleased that you enjoyed this post – and that this added to your Ji Soo collection of awesome 😉 He IS adorable and well-deserving of all the love he’s getting ^^

Lady G.
8 years ago

After reading and enjoying your “Angry Mom” review – I just felt this was coming. lol. It was a great review, btw, I haven’t seen it yet, but the premise intrigued me. However, I still can’t wrap my head around why anyone would want to bully the adorable Kim You Jung. Pure jealousy is my guess if it’s the girls. And boys…well…she’s very pretty and they can be really nasty.

Yes, this young man is definitely your type! At least in the looks department. And from what I gathered by the way you described his performance in the drama, he sounds a bit like Woobie was when he started out. Really nice pictures! I also love that serious candid selfie you picked as the best of that lot. And I adore the open collared shirt look. He wears it well.

8 years ago
Reply to  Lady G.

HAHA. You do know my fangirling patterns well, my dear! XD You were spot on, in sniffing out this post! I didn’t actually stop to think about whether he’s my type, but now that you mention it, I guess he really IS kinda my type 😛 Tall, sweet, and able to be all fierce, and in possession of nice brows, LOL!

Angry Mom is a good solid watch, and I highly recommend it! It goes darker than what you might expect with the bullying angle, which is why I think you might like it. There’s a whole dark corruption angle in there as well, to tickle your fancy 😉

8 years ago
Reply to  kfangurl

Agree, I was impressed – originally I thought it would be more comedic and had felt a bit more hesitant, but given your thumbs up, jumped in willingly, and it just came off so well as a balanced drama instead of what I originally had pegged it as by the title and poster alone. I deliberately avoided any synopsis other than your short review blurb, thankfully 😉 Second the positive recommendation, you should see it, Lady G 🙂

8 years ago
Reply to  lyricalpeach

Aw, I feel honored that you’d make your drama viewing decision purely on my short verdict, lyricalpeach!! Thank you for trusting me! 😀

This one definitely had more meat on its bones than I originally expected. Can I third my own positive recommendation, Lady G? XD

8 years ago

He certainly would be flattered by your posting. I thought he did an excellent job in “Angry Mom” and can emote quite well.

On a different subject, my daughter follows you on FB since I told her about your Miku picture. She cos-plays Miku from Synchronicity…dragon and all!

8 years ago
Reply to  dracomama

Tee hee. It never occurred to me whether he’d be flattered by this post.. I just wanted to show him some love for being such a promising young actor on our k-scene! 🙂

Also, how cool, that your daughter cos-plays Miku! Tell her I said hello, and thanks for following! ^^

Nancy Chua
Nancy Chua
8 years ago

Well , I definitely got to love him in Angry Mom , will continue to watch out for this young man , i would love to be his mother hahaha

8 years ago
Reply to  Nancy Chua

Lol. I think many of us melted over his Bok Dong in Angry Mom.. I’m not surprised at all that you developed a soft spot for him too, Nancy! 🙂