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Flash Reviews & Dropped Section: YAY or NAY?


I’d like your opinion, you guys!

I’m toying with the idea of introducing 2 new sections to the blog, but I’m not sure if it’s something you guys would actually like. One is a section for mini quick-as-a-flash reviews, and the other is a dropped section, for shows that I’ve (you guessed it!) dropped.

Since this is a space that you guys have helped to build with your suggestions and opinions, I thought the natural thing to do would be to ask you guys what you think. 🙂

Flash Reviews

Those of you who follow the blog’s Facebook page would probably know that I’ve been doing a little bit of micro-blogging via Facebook.

Besides various news bits, trailers & photos that I share on Facebook, I’ve also been giving quick-as-a-flash, mini-reviews on movies that I’ve seen, like Friend 2, Elegant Lies and The Commitment.

I’ve also recently discovered the joys of the Fast-Forward function on my media player, and have been using it to check out dramas that I probably wouldn’t choose to watch otherwise.

Mama is one of the first dramas I’ve purposefully fast-forwarded through, choosing to watch only scenes and characters that I found interesting, and I ended up really liking the show! So I posted a flash review on it on Facebook as well.

I like the convenience of posting a quick reaction on Facebook, but I also realize that those mini-reviews are hard to find in retrospect. One would have to dig through the photos section of the Facebook page in order to find these mini reviews, which is why I’m wondering if you guys would like to see a section for these types of mini reviews on the blog. I’d still continue with regular reviews; this will just be an additional outlet for my quick thoughts on a movie or drama.

To give you an idea of what you’re saying Yay or Nay to, here’s what I posted for Mama on Facebook yesterday:

“Just finished FF-ing my way through Mama, and I hafta say, it’s surprisingly good! I mean, later in the show there’s eventually more histrionics than I personally would care to wade through, but my FF button came in super handy at those times. And despite my FF approach to the show, it really captured my heart pretty well, and I felt genuinely engaged by the characters that I chose to follow.

Song Yoon Ah digs deep to turn in a heartfelt performance, and Hong Jong Hyun is better (a lot less wooden!) than I expected. I really liked the show’s thought-provoking themes of love and life, and what’s truly important as you’re living it. An excellent cameo by Park Seo Joon in the final ep is a lovely bonus.”

So, whaddya think?

Dropped Section

Another thing that I’ve done on Facebook, is give a quick overview of why I chose to drop a particular show. I did quick posts when I decided to drop Emergency Couple and Bel Ami (Pretty Man). I’m wondering whether to make that A Thing here on the blog as well.

To give you an idea of what you’re saying Yay or Nay to, here’s what I posted about dropping Bel Ami:

“So out of curiosity, I thought I’d check out Bel Ami (aka Pretty Man), and after just 1.5 episodes, I’m thinking of throwing in the towel. IU is super cute & I’m really enjoying her, but so far that’s about it. Jang Geun Suk as a man so gorgeous that he has women fawning all over him is not landing on the right side of believable (or tasteful) for me.

I reminded myself frequently that this was based on a manhwa and therefore needs to be viewed through a manhwa, nonsensical sort of lens. But the tropes & birth secrets got harder and harder to wade through, and I found myself lasting only about 10 minutes per watch. If you do the math, it’s taken me multiple watches to get to the middle of episode 2! XD On a much more shallow note, I really am not liking Jang Geun Suk’s hair in this. I think it’s time to drop this experiment 😛 “

Again, whaddya think?

I’m leaving the polls open for a week till 10 December, so please let me know your opinion by voting, and of course, you can also tell me what you think in the comments!

Thanks for loving and supporting this space like you do, you guys.

Love ya~

Author: kfangurl

Proud to be a k-fangirl since 2007. Main diet of kdramas with movies and kpop on the side.

26 thoughts on “Flash Reviews & Dropped Section: YAY or NAY?

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  2. Double yes for me too. Did you expect otherwise, Kfangurl ? Chincha ? 😉


    • Hee. Thanks dear asotss. And to be honest, I really wasn’t sure if short blurbs would be welcome by readers, since I’m more known for (sometimes very, very) wordy posts. This has been a welcome surprise to me, that so many have voted yes. It does look like we’ll be seeing both new sections on the blog in the days to come! ^^


  3. Yup, I’m in favour of both but only if it doesn’t make your life harder. 🙂

    Sometimes a short post about something is quite sufficient. I used to do these quick reaction posts on dramas I was watching but didn’t feel like writing a full post on. That took care of my ‘need’ to vent or squee about something specific. These days I’m so busy I barely have time to watch anything let alone write about it. Sigh. The joys of being fully employed again.


    • Aw, thanks for the support, Timescout! 😀 I did wonder if short blurbs would interest readers, considering how everyone’s so used to wordy posts from me! This will be an interesting exercise for both the readers and me, as I pop out shorter posts under these 2 sections – and both sections look to be happening, since the majority of votes have been for Yes instead of No. 🙂

      Sorry to hear you’ve been so busy, though. Not having time to watch drama OR write about it is a bummer. :/ I hope your new routine settles soon, so that you’ll still be able to find time for dramas and writing! Fighting~! ❤




  5. yes for both … it’s ok to express yourself likes and dislikes in a short form too and as a bonus we’ll be able to compare thoughts written “under the influence” 😛 (of a recent show you liked) with the full review (if you later on decide to write one for that show). as for the shows you disliked/dropped … imo a short comment is sufficient (life’s short, why force yourself to write a full review if you don’t feel like it?).


    • Thanks for your input, INTJ! Glad you like the idea for both the Flash Reviews and the Dropped Section. I guess I’ve been so wordy on this blog that I wondered if readers would actually want to have these (much) shorter posts. I’m so happy that so many are so supportive! 🙂


      • as you can see, i’m not the only one who likes to read what the wordy kfangurl wants to share. 😀

        hm … i should share something too. ok, a nice song for fangirls all around the world:

        I switch on the TV because you’re on my mind now
        and when I can’t sleep this is the best medicine.
        What you did to me didn’t make any sense.
        (It’s) Like in an old movie in which she continually complains
        and he doesn’t understand what he did wrong.
        Does this story sound familiar to you?
        Come on, say it, does it sound familiar to you?

        When I wake up you’re right here
        and I go crazy when you’re touching me!

        On the wings of the wind I throw myself.
        But you catch me and kiss me hungrily.
        Such stories exist only in movies.
        With you on my mind, I fall asleep and I wake up! (x2)

        What a sad setting it would be without you telling me, “Hey, it will be fine, I promise”
        without knowing that the dream was not shattered.
        I was lost, but you’ve found me.
        These are cold days, you do not call, (you) don’t write me, I know nothing of your life.
        I even wonder if I’m still in it (your life).
        But (then) I stop and ask my heart.

        When I wake up you’re right here
        and I go crazy when you’re touching me!

        On the wings of the wind I throw myself.
        But you catch me and kiss me hungrily.
        Such stories exist only in movies.
        With you on my mind, I fall asleep and I wake up! (x2)

        We were wrong (thinking) that broken glass brings luck
        and pretending that the vessel is new again after we’ve glued it in place.
        We throw ourselves into the fire, I want to leave, you tell me “Please”.
        I always come back to you, I don’t know how you do it, you’re addictive like a drug.
        I tell you everything I feel and I want you to keep in mind
        that during some entire days, I see nothing on the horizon.
        And, sometimes, I just can’t anymore …

        On the wings of the wind I throw myself.
        But you catch me and kiss me hungrily.
        Such stories exist only in movies.
        With you on my mind, I fall asleep and I wake up! (x2)


  6. for both i voted YAY!…y’know i love this new post…very exciting and fun…. 😉


  7. I know you have the vote but it really comes down to what is the easiest thing for you to do. I know you have a full slate of things to do so do what is yhe best for you. I voted to do the flash thingy it sounds easier to do for you. Hugs and God Bless it has been a while my friend.


    • Thanks Russ, you are so sweet. The votes are leaning much more towards yes, and I do think these will be easy for me to add to the blog without heaping on stress. They’ll be little bite-size things, which ought to be easy enough to write 🙂


  8. I voted a resounding YES for both! 🙂 Thanks! – crazyunnijo


    • Thanks Jo! Glad you like both ideas! Looks like both will happen too, coz with just one more day to go on the polls, the opinion seems to be leaning overwhelmingly yes than no ^^


  9. Of course!! But don’t stress about them 😉


    • Thanks lyricalpeach! I promise not to stress over them. In fact, I think they will help to ease any stress I might potentially feel about wanting to put up more content. These will be short and sweet, and therefore will be easy to add to the blogging plate 🙂


  10. I voted ‘YES!’ for both, because that means I can read more of your thoughts!
    Flash reviews are convenient, especially when you have little time to spare for both watching and writing about dramas. I’m really eager to see your Dropped Section because we need to educate the new fans that it is okay to drop dramas 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw, thanks mimi!! 😀 Your sunbae opinion carries extra weight, and I’m so glad you like both of these ideas! Your point about showing others that it’s ok to drop shows is an interesting one – I honestly never thought of it that way. But you’re right, it could totally be helpful for some people. ^^

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Double yay! It’s a cool idea for the new blogging year.


    • Glad you like it! I genuinely wasn’t sure how many people would actually be interested in these ideas, but the votes have been leaning overwhelmingly yes. Looks like these WILL become Things on the blog after all!


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