Newly Charmed By: Hong Jong Hyun


You know how sometimes the most unexpected things happen? Like how you think, Y’know what, I just don’t get the appeal of this actor, and I probably am unlikely to ever get it? And then, one day, something happens when you least expect it, and then you go, “OHHH.”

Heh. The last time something like that happened to me, I found myself falling – so, so hard – for Woob (full story here).

Ok, before you get too excited, let me just say that Woob is still very much holding court in my fangirl heart, so no takeovers or upsets of any kind there.

But I hafta confess that I am so, SO blown away by just how much I’m suddenly charmed by Hong Jong Hyun. Seriously. He’s been giving me a serious case of the goofy grins over the last two days, and I just have to tell y’all all about it.

Urban Zapaka – 내게 다시


I honestly haven’t seen that many of Hong Jong Hyun’s works.

Wait. Let me rephrase that. I think it’s more accurate to say I haven’t noticed Hong Jong Hyun in many of his works.

I’d seen Oh! My Lady (2010) and Wild Romance (2012), but because he played minor-ish supporting characters in those shows, I only really noticed Hong Jong Hyun when I watched White Christmas. And those of you who’ve read my Woobie love confession will know that Woob is pretty much the main reason behind my decision to check out White Christmas.

With Woob’s shock of red hair and his arresting role as Mad Maru, it was kinda hard for a smitten fangirl to pay a whole lot of attention to everything and everyone else onscreen. And there was so much Priority Pretty on the screen too. I mean, when I wasn’t mesmerized by Woob, I was busy appreciating Sung Joon, for whom I have a pretty big soft spot.

I registered that Hong Jong Hyun looked.. interesting, with his angular features, strong brows, and piercing gaze, but he just wasn’t rocking my Woob-centered, Sung-Joon-on-the-side boat.

Other than White Christmas, I’d also noticed him in Vampire Idol. Again, a show that I was watching mainly for a fresh dose of Woob.

I did think that Hong Jong Hyun and Lee Soo Hyuk were amusing as Woob’s fellow vampires, and I was also tickled by the campy, nonsensical tone of the show.

But again, Hong Jong Hyun managed to slip under my fangirl radar quite easily. With my eyes trained on Woob most of the time, he was just another mildly cute vampire to me.

More recently, I didn’t get around to checking out Cyrano Dating Agency (Edit: I watched it! You can check out my review here), nor Jeon Woo Chi, so Hong Jong Hyun got quietly filed away in my mind as just another one of the White Christmas boys.

Now that I’ve poked around and seen a couple of stills, though, I’m sorta-maybe a little bit tempted to at least check out Jeon Woo Chi. Coz Hong Jong Hyun gets to look kinda fierce in it, like this:

We’ll see. Maybe I’ll check out just Hong Jong Hyun’s scenes.


But for now, back to my story.

If you’ve known me for a while, you’d probably know that I don’t watch much variety. I prefer to spend my drama hours on, well, dramas, and even then, I have trouble keeping up with all the shows that I’m curious to check out. I only ever watch an episode or two of variety if someone that I like or find interesting guests on a show. Like when Woob appeared on Running Man, for example. Man, I couldn’t get my hands on those episodes fast enough, heh.

I’d never really checked out We Got Married, even when I’d heard of some cuteness from various virtual couples. I’d watched a few snippets here and there, but never actually followed any of the couples’ journeys. I’d bookmarked those as Stuff To Check Out, Someday, and then never got around to them.

Three (or was it four?) days ago, though, when the news that Surplus Princess had gotten its episode count cut from 14 to 10 episodes was still relatively fresh, I saw the hilarious response video that Mary made, where she sort of mentioned that she’d be checking out Song Jae Rim in We Got Married.

I was so tickled by Mary’s video response, that I decided on a whim to check out Song Jae Rim’s WGM appearance too, just for fun.

After watching the Song Jae Rim-Kim So Eun segment, I was highly amused. (They are very cute, and Song Jae Rim looks like he could be quite the player, trying to woo his new wife with cheesy-smooth lines and fast-tracked skinship. Omo!)

I was amused enough to be curious about the other couples being featured, and decided to check out the rest of the episode, y’know, just to see.

And that’s when I caught sight of Hong Jong Hyun looking like this:

He looked so clean-cut and handsome, and appeared relaxed and chatty enough that I had to pause the video and go, “Wait. Who did they say this guy was again???” *checks cast list* *blinks* “Hong Jong Hyun?? But.. Isn’t Hong Jong Hyun the guy from White Christmas???” *googles*


Mind. Blown.

I watched the rest of the Hong Jong Hyun-Kim Yura segment in wonder, marveling at how different he looks, sounds and just comes across in general. Where had this clean-cut, handsome, relaxed, smiley and somewhat chatty person come from? What had happened to the quiet, reserved, stiff version of him that I had in my head?

I was curious enough to backtrack to this couple’s first episode on the show, and was rather astonished (yet not completely surprised) that in his first episode on WGM, Hong Jong Hyun really was quiet, reserved and stiff. Ha! So my instinct hadn’t been too far off, after all!

Hong Jong Hyun’s first meeting with Yura is so awkward that it got a little hard to watch, from the second-hand embarrassment of long fidgety silences.

But I’d also seen how much more comfortable they are with each other in more recent episodes, and decided to follow their story, just to see how they got here. And what a rewarding decision that proved to be!


As I watched, I grew to enjoy them so much that I marathoned – or rather, inhaled – all of the couple’s (dubbed the JjongAh Couple) segments in just two days, a big goofy grin plastered permanently to my face. The moment I finished one episode, I just had to get my next fix; they were – are! – just too cute to stop at one episode!

Best of all, I’m loving Yura and Jong Hyun individually, and I’m also loving them together as a couple.

Kim Yura

You guys probably know that I’m pretty much a kpop noob, so it should come as no surprise that aside from having seen group member Minah who’d appeared in Vampire Idol with Hong Jong Hyun, I knew nothing about Girl’s Day nor about Yura.

I hafta say though, just from the WGM segments alone, I’m finding Yura extremely likable.

She’s cheerful and bubbly, and despite having quite the klutzy streak, she is so very earnest that it’s hard not to like her.

I love how she doesn’t ever seem deterred by Jong Hyun’s quiet reticence, and proceeds to doggedly infect him with her enthusiasm instead. She’s easily amused, readily appreciative, and has an infectious, easy laugh to boot.

To top it all off, she seems extremely sincere. I loved the beat in one of the early-ish episodes where she made a casual-sounding promise to draw Jong Hyun  sometime, then proceeded to stay up several nights to actually do it as a surprise gift (and a pretty darn impressive one) to him. I loved too, how eagerly she hid the gift, and how she was practically jumping out of her skin while waiting for him to find it.

She appears to genuinely like him, which is all kinds of sweet.

And I have to give her a lot of the credit for drawing Jong Hyun out of his quiet shell. If not for her persistent enthusiasm, easygoing nature and tacit understanding of Jong Hyun’s often muted responses, I’m pretty sure the JjongAh Couple wouldn’t be as adorable as they are today.

Hong Jong Hyun

I know I’ve said this already, but I’m gonna say it again. Hong Jong Hyun is SO HANDSOME in WGM.

To the stylist who decided that his hair would look good like this, THANK YOU. I love how his hair is styled away from his face, yet retains some length on top, and has enough volume to look breezy and quite natural. He looks so wholesome, with a touch of sporty, which I really dig.

More than the hair and his very pleasing appearance overall, I’m more blown away by the insights that we get into his personality as he responds to Yura and to the challenges thrown at him by the WGM team.

He’s so smart and resourceful

Jong Hyun’s really shown himself to be an excellent problem-solver. I love how smart and resourceful he is, in the big and little things.

In a recent episode, when he needed to prepare a housewarming party to welcome the Girl’s Day members to his and Yura’s new digs on super short notice, he raided the supply room at MBC for games, milked some food from MBC’s kitchen, ordered in an impressive BBQ, and even prepared a hand-crafted “Welcome” sign.

Thanks to his quick thinking and thoughtful preparation, the housewarming is a huge hit, and the girls slyly tell Yura that she married well. Cute!

I also love the little beats where Jong Hyun demonstrates his resourcefulness. Coz they’re little moments, they almost seem throwaway; it’s so offhanded and casual. Like the moment when he needs to get ice out of a bucket to make iced coffee for Yura, and the ice is all stuck to the sides of the bucket. Without missing a beat, he leans over to where he’d left a hammer from working on something else, and knocks the sides of the bucket with the hammer, effortlessly dislodging all the ice cubes.

The fact that he does this sharp-witted problem-solving thing consistently, and in such an effortless manner, really drives up my respect for him. I find his brand of smart very swoony indeed.

He’s so patient, and he takes care of her

I mentioned earlier that Yura has a klutzy streak, and I’m so not exaggerating. The girl has had multiple mishaps and missteps, from driving Jong Hyun’s beloved remote control car into the water, to losing her wedding ring during a bubble bath photoshoot.

I love that Jong Hyun is exceedingly patient with her.

Even when his remote control car dove into the water on their honeymoon, he didn’t betray any signs of agitation, even though I’m sure he must’ve felt some degree of dismay. Instead, he switches into problem-solving mode (smart Jong Hyun is so swoony!) and borrows a fishing net to fish it out of the water. Then as Yura earnestly tries to dry the car with her hairdryer, Jong Hyun watches her with a quiet smile. His eyes are on her and not the car, and I love that little moment.

When Yura loses her wedding ring into the sea of bubbles during their bubble bath photoshoot, Jong Hyun simply thinks of where it might’ve landed, and gets to looking for it, managing to find it in the midst of the foam in a remarkably short time. How does he do that?

Through it all, Jong Hyun takes care of Yura, and I find that really, really sweet. Like in the shot above, where he gently wipes foam off her face after they’ve had a playful foam battle.

Or the time during their honeymoon, where they decide to do a couple bungee jump and Yura is so scared despite wanting to try it out. They have to jump with him holding her princess-style, and while they’re still dangling in the air post-jump, he pats her back to comfort and reassure her in the midst of her tears.

Sweet, patient, caring Jong Hyun is amazingly melty, and I just cannot get enough of him. ❤

He’s so thoughtful

One of the things I find most impressive about Jong Hyun is that he really listens, and he’s extremely thoughtful.

He consistently remembers tiny details from casual remarks made by various people, and then acts on them.

Like the jokey remarks from the Girl’s Day members requesting certain types of food the next time he visits them. I love that Jong Hyun takes it all in, and then before visiting them again in a later episode, goes to the exact stall specified by them, to buy them bags and bags of food.

Or in a more recent episode, when Jong Hyun and Yura are served a table full of food, and he notices that almost all the items match the list of foods that she doesn’t eat, that Yura had rattled off in an earlier episode.

Without a word, Jong Hyun tentatively leans in to look at Yura’s expression, to see how she’s reacting to this table laden with all the foods she doesn’t eat.

I love how he pays attention to her reaction, and I love even more, that he remembers the whole list of stuff that she’d mentioned so casually.

I love too, how he quietly encourages her to try the food, by doing a taste test first, to ensure that the raw fish isn’t too fishy for her taste.

One of the recent highlights which blew me away, is the surprise gift that Jong Hyun prepares for Yura to mark their 100th day as a couple: a HAND-MADE EASEL, crafted between drama takes.

Oh. My. Word. How sweet is he?!?

I love that he put thought into a gift that would be useful to her, that would speak to one of her passions. And I love that he deliberately looks for a gift that he can personally make for her himself.

That he would make it a priority despite not getting a lot of sleep on the drama set, is just doubly swoony.


Perhaps one of the instances where I found his thoughtfulness most touching, is in the most recent episode (episode 239), when he surprises Yura with candlelight and wine, only to have her hide in embarrassment over her bare face.

I love the look of concern on his face as he leans in to try to get a read of her expression:

I love, too, that when Yura adamantly refuses to show her bare face, he simply gets up and washes off whatever makeup’s on his face too.

And even though he can’t actually see that much of a difference between bare-faced Yura and made-up Yura, I love that he doesn’t press her to accept his opinion, but instead sincerely asks her to describe how bare she feels without her makeup, in an effort to understand her:

His quiet understanding and acceptance eventually turns the situation around, and he and Yura end up having a lovely little 100th day celebration.

Guh. How much do I love that Jong Hyun made such clear efforts to empathize with Yura, from being bare-faced with her, to asking for and listening to her explanation of how she really felt.

He is sweetness, personified. Swoon~

He’s so bashful

Hong Jung Hyun is a bashful shy boy, and I find this thing about him exceedingly endearing.

From the very beginning of their couple-ship, Jong Hyun’s been very shy. It’s a lot less pronounced now than it was in the beginning, but he’s definitely on the reserved end of the scale, and is clearly rather out of his depth with all the dating and skinship that he and Yura go through on the show.

Whenever he’s embarrassed, or having a I-can’t-believe-I’m-actually-doing-this sort of moment, he has a habit of covering his eyes, which I’ve come to find completely adorable. It’s such a clear visual cue that he’s feeling rather mortified, and it’s so, so cute!

Like how he gets uncomfortable and sheepish holding hands with Yura during a recent photoshoot, because she showed up in something that he found too revealing:

Tee hee. I just love that her outfit gets him so flustered, when it really isn’t all that revealing.

I’ve also come to love how he tends to cover his mouth when he’s trying to laugh off embarrassment, like so:

Bashful Jong Hyun is all kinds of sweet and adorable, and I love seeing this shy streak show up again and again, even as he gets more comfortable with Yura.

He’s got a prankster streak

As Jong Hyun gets more comfortable with Yura, his playful prankster streak shows more and more.

I love this because firstly, this is a side of him that he only shows to people that he feels close to. The fact that he’s showing this side of himself to Yura therefore means that he’s feeling close to her. Eeeeee!

Secondly, him showing his prankster side also means that we get to see more of his personality as well, which I love that we get to do. I like knowing that behind the bashful shy exterior, there is a playful boy in there who likes to have fun.

We see it more and more as the episodes progress, and here’s just one example, from the couple’s recent photoshoot.

They’re working out romantic looking couple poses among the white sheets and red petals, and they’re both feeling pretty awkward about it. And then there’s this moment, when Jong Hyun get this Look on his face as he eyes Yura:

Remembering her remark that she’s super ticklish, he asks for her hand, and when she innocently gives it to him, he goes in for the attack, tickling her under the arms.

That, of course, leads to adorable giggly romps which make for great photos – and screenshots. Just take a look at them:

Ahhh! They are so, SO CUTE, these two!

He’s so genuine

Probably due to his reserved nature, Jong Hyun really doesn’t seem to be able to fake it or make stuff up even if his life depended on it. Just his initial meeting with Yura, filled with long awkward silences, is evidence enough for me.

Because of this, the care and affection that he now shows for Yura seems sincere.

It’s in the way he looks at her when she’s not looking; it’s in his thoughtful responses during his solo interview segments; it’s in how he opens up to her and chats and laughs with her when they’re alone.

One of the moments that I found really quite touching, is in episode 231, where Jong Hyun and Yura have a double date sort of episode with Nam Goong Min and Hong Jin Young, the third and most senior couple currently on the air.

It’s time for after-dinner table games, and Nam Goong Min suggests that they each describe their spouse in a sentence. Yura describes Jong Hyun as being like a dad to her coz of how he takes care of her.

Jong Hyun, unable to sum up his answer in just one word, says quite seriously, “Firstly, I like her bright attitude the most. She is kind of careless… Well, a lot. Because of that, I start to take care of her naturally. But I don’t dislike that.”

I just love how seriously and sincerely he answers the question.

When the other couple expresses surprise that he would actually tell them about his personal feelings like that, Jong Hyun responds earnestly, “That’s because I wanted to tell the truth.”

Augh. I luff this boy. I really, really do!

Just, how sweet and sincere and genuine is he??? ❤

The Couple

As a couple, I think that Jong Hyun and Yura complement each other really well.

He’s the problem-solver and protector, and she’s the cheery bright sunshine that draws him out of his shell.

They’ve both got playful prankster streaks, so when they play together, it’s super cute and lots of fun. They’ve got good chemistry going, and as they get more comfortable with each other, the chemistry is getting sparkier and more pronounced, which I dig.

More than that, they seem to genuinely like and care for each other, and that is just pure delight to watch. During the challenges, they’re both competitive, but for both, the competition clearly takes a backseat to ensuring the well-being of the other person.

Having watched their growth as a couple over the last 17 episodes, I feel like their different strengths make up for the other’s shortcomings, and their commonalities draw them together.

That, plus the fact that they are just simply adorable to watch. I can totally see these two potentially dating in real life, and being very happy together.

D’aw. Just thinking about that makes me smile. 🙂


Which is why I just have to take this chance to showcase their cuteness factor with a screenshot spasm.

These are from episodes 238 and 239. Aren’t they ADORABLE??



You can watch the full episodes on KShowOnline. HD options are available too, so KShowOnline is a great source if you don’t mind watching full episodes.

The episode where Hong Jong Hyun and Yura first meet is Episode 223, which you can watch here. Their screen time begins at 45:35.

The episode I first watched, which also features Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun, is Episode 238, which you can watch here. Theirs is the first segment in the episode.

The latest episode, Episode 239, is here. They’re also the first couple featured in the episode.

Girls Day Fan Subs

If you prefer to watch it in HD, only want to watch the JjongAh Couple segments, and don’t mind having your video split into multiple parts, you can check out Girls Day Fan Subs.

If you’re the impatient sort, this might be a great go-to source for you, as they are reputedly the first ones out with subs each week.

Here are the links for Episode 16 and Episode 17.


Since this is a post celebrating Hong Jong Hyun after all, it just would not be complete with at least a mini gallery.

Jong Hyun’s image is definitely evolving, from his previous cooler, more avant garde sort of image to something much warmer and more wholesome and approachable. While I don’t dislike his previous cooler image, I have to confess that it’s his newer, warmer boy-next-door vibe that I’m digging much more.

In line with that, I’m showcasing fewer of his older photos, and more of his recent ones.


With his sharp features, strong brows and piercing gaze (I do like my men with strong brows, don’t I?), Hong Jong Hyun does broody very well. Plus he has different shades of broody too. Sometimes, he exudes an edgy sort of badass vibe, and at other times, he’s a little more pensive. And then sometimes, like in the 3rd pic, he’s both. Which is why I like the 3rd pic best of this lot.


I actually do like the cool vibe on Hong Jong Hyun, and I particularly like the cool vibe when it’s combined with his clean-cut new style.

I especially like the sepia-toned shot of him adjusting his parka collar. The entire vibe of the photo screams effortless cool, like he’s not even trying to look cool, but does anyway.

And of course, I also rather dig the two pix of him with the motorbike. It’s rugged cool with a touch of badass, and it doesn’t look at all bad on him.


Whether it’s a crisp white shirt, a structured blazer or neatly coiffed hair, these pix give off a sharp sort of vibe that I like very much. Jong Hyun looks smart, sophisticated, and rather dashing in these.

My two favorites in this set are the 5th and 6th pix; he’s dressed in chic, effortlessly casual clothes, and his hair is sharply styled. The hair’s a touch on the tall side, but I’m gonna just put that down to the camera angle.


We don’t see cheeky or bright from Jong Hyun very much, especially outside the context of WGM, which makes these pix extra special.

My favorite of this set is this first one, coz it’s the same naughty glint in his eyes that we sometimes see in WGM, and that slight, lopsided smile screams cheeky to me.


This section appears a touch hodge-podge, but it’s my favorite section in the gallery coz this is where I’ve put all the photos that have a softer, warmer vibe together.

Whether it’s a softer gaze on him, a warm smile or a cuddly vibe, or best of all, all 3, these photos showcase a little more of Jong Hyun’s warmth.

There are 3 photos of Jong Hyun with pups (eeee!! Puppies!!), and I do love the fact that he seems very at ease with pups in general. My favorite of the lot, though, is the one where he’s sitting on the couch with his legs stretched out, pup cradled with one arm and mobile phone in his other hand. Love the clean-cut, neat hair and the casual, laid-back togs. He just looks so wholesome, approachable and cuddly. Yum. 🙂


To the person who thought of having Hong Jong Hyun on WGM, you are a genius. Thank you for thinking of a way of showing us the awesome person hiding behind that shy exterior in such a fun context.

To the person who thought of pairing Jong Hyun with Yura on WGM, you, too, are genius. You sure have an eye for complementing personalities. If you’re not already pairing people up on a full-time basis, you should totally consider it as a career option.

To Jong Hyun, thank you for accepting what must have felt like a very uncomfortable casting assignment.

For hanging in there and pushing through all the embarrassment and discomfort, for being vulnerable in front of the cameras and showing us more of the real you, and for being such a dorky, smart, swoony sweet guy, we love you. I love you.

I can only say, moar please!

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  3. Zane

    i enjoyed the chemistry of the couple. shy type guy and supper bubbly girly. even though there are so many rumors to the guy. I really appreciate him so much. I really like jong ang yura. cant wait to see you again. Stay strong both of you. job well done

  4. An Ge Lie

    my gosh.. i wish i could see more to jjongah couple.. hope to see them in one drama.. (i just watch the WGM so late) better late than never.. It is so hard to get over my romantic excitement about them.. otoki

    1. kfangurl

      Better late than never, I always say! 😀 And yes, they were really cute in WGM. Lots of folks are shipping HJH with Yoona now, after watching them in A King Loves. They shared very good chemistry in that. It’s quite a nice watch, if you’re in the mood for more HJH! 🙂

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  6. 仁 ジエ🌟⚽ 💫 (@akame2304)

    OMG~! i swear you wrote everything i wanted to say how i fell for his charm so darn hard! i’ve cut down my k-world addiction the past years to dramas of (now) senior actors. i saw HJH first in Scarlet Heart Ryeo & i watched it because of Junki but later on became a Kang Haneul fan. his latest kdrama The King Loves/The King In Love did it for me. he’s portrayal of Wang Rin is love! from that, i went crazy and looked for his past projects. WGM made me fall for him even harder. everything you said, i couldn’t say it any better. it’s exactly what i felt when i watched him in it. ^^

    1. kfangurl

      Hi5! HJH really is so endearing and charming in WGM, isn’t he? 😍😍 I’ve been enjoying him in The King Loves too.. I was late to the party, and so haven’t quite finished my watch yet. But I can totally see why you would go crazy for him from watching it! 😉 Rin is very lovely indeed!

  7. Bogummzz

    I have such profound appreciation and love for your entire blog!! And recently – the K-loves sections — gahhhh!!! Hong Jong Hyun really intrigued me in Moon Lovers, but then I saw his running man episode with LJK and Haneul – gosh that was just too much pretty in one episode. HOOKED! I am so keen to watch his WGM episodes now, after reading your post. OMG he’s just sah prettttyyyyyyyyy <3 <3 Thankyou for this lovely post – your fangirling is such a gift to all of us 😉

    1. kfangurl

      Hey there Bogummzz! I’m so sorry this reply is coming to you so late – I’ve been behind on pretty much everything and am only just getting caught up now! Your comment truly made me giggle – I’ve never been told that my fangirling is a gift to others before! Pshaw, you are so schweet, making me feel all special & stuff! 😘😘

      I hope you did get around to checking out HJH’s WGM episodes.. I found him to be such a sweetheart in them, all shy and awkward, but so endearingly earnest through it all. ❤❤

  8. Guzal

    Not joking, this is EXACTLY how I noticed Jonghyun. I watched Oh My Lady before and I swear I was concentrating on Siwon so bad, plus Jonghyun had that weird pothead hairstyle. I hated it, so he went unnoticed. But this new crisp haircut. I’m loving this! Not to mention we are both Capricorns with Social Anxiety, so from the resourcefulness to the reserved nature, I felt like I was watching a reflection of myself. This is the first time I’ve been able to connect to a celebrity on this level. So much so, that during some scenes and based on some of his responses, I could actually tell what was going on through his mind lol. Jonghyun fighting 🙂

    1. kfangurl

      Ah! I’m glad you enjoyed Hong Jong Hyun too!! He was the highlight of my WGM watch while his stint lasted; he’s just so endearing in his efforts to do the right or husbandly thing, in spite of his obvious awkward feelings. His earnestness melted my heart. ❤

      And, he did so well recently in Moon Lovers, playing evil and everything. Knowing just how much it’s out of his comfort zone made me feel proud of him, heh. 😍

  9. neve

    I watched all the JjongAh episodes based on your recommendation, and woah he really is gorgeous… And so outside his comfort zone in WGM. Yet he gracefully challenged himself and put up with Yura’s gregariousness. To be honest, in the beginning Yura’s laugh was so grating to my ears, and I wondered how he endured that for so many episodes. But I end up feeling sorry for her because she clearly liked him so much more than he liked her. He did everything right and was so sweet and thoughtful, yet I felt he was not as emotionally invested as Yura. He treated her more like an adorable, klutzy little sister than a wife. But perhaps that’s just him IRL… Maybe he treats his real girlfriend like that too. Idk, he’s just so emotionally guarded.

    Once the JjongAh couple exited the show, I continued with the other Jong Hyun (Lee Jong Hyun from CNBLUE) who was paired with Gong Seung Yeon. The difference between the two couples’ chemistry was like night and day. Lee Jong Hyun is usually quiet and reserved too (at least compared to the bouncy, chatty leader of CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa) but once he saw Gong Seung Yeon I swear I saw the heart-eyes emoji personified. He was so smitten that GSY was taken aback and couldn’t help but fall for his charms. I’d really recommend it… Their exit was a bit abrupt but they were so cute together while it lasted.

    1. kfangurl

      Ah! I’m glad you did check out Hong Jong Hyun in WGM! He really is so endearing in that, isn’t he? Like you, I could totally see that he was outside his comfort zone. But the earnest way he still did his best was just super endearing to me. ❤ I grew a huge soft spot for him, watching this! I personally felt like his feelings for Yura were growing at a much slower rate, probably due to his reserved nature. That’s probably why he didn’t seem to like her as much as she liked him.

      I did watch Lee Jong Hyun and Gong Seung Yeon too. I totally got the hearts-in-eyes feeling from him too! I found it all a little secondhand embarrassing when he was being extra cheesy with his screen wife, heh. I’ve since lost interest in WGM, since the last I checked, I wasn’t interested in any of the pairings. I did love Oh Min Suk’s pairing with Kang Ye Won. They really seemed to take reel to real, at times! If you haven’t seen their episodes and are in the mood for some WGM, I do recommend them! 🙂

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  11. duriantarts

    also, i love that in the last episode, yura told him that the one thing she was sorry for was that, she understood his personality, but still she made him do stuff. i think i fell in love with yura even more after she said that. and i’m sure jonghyun did too hehe. i like that she was very much aware of things. adds a bit more insight into her character. ahhh these two :’)

    1. kfangurl

      Oh yes, I agree that Yura was very understanding towards Jong Hyun.. And I really appreciated her bubbly nature, coz it helped to draw him out of his shell very nicely. I wish their WGM stint could’ve lasted a little longer, but I guess I should just be grateful that they were cast together, and had a pretty good run.

  12. mesh

    thank you so much for sharing. i appreciate your heartfelt and detailed post about jonghyun’s qualities, to which i agree wholeheartedly. he is a true gem, and i find him extremely endearing. he doesn’t try to sugarcoat things for the audience, which is something i adore so much. i can think of only a few people who come across as similar in this aspect, like jung joon young. so yes, jonghyun just doesn’t say anything if he doesn’t mean to, which is a really difficult thing to do. especially when there are a couple or dozen of cameras in front of you and expectations of thousands of people watching the show, which jonghyun noted himself, saying that he initially didn’t want to join wgm for this reason. filming must have been so hard for him; still he tried to stick to who he is despite knowing that people might take it the wrong way. that’s what i love about him the most, together with many other aspects of his personality. 🙂 thank god the staff convinced him to join, and reassured him that not all couples need to be bright on wgm. in fact, jonghyun shone so much in his own way, through his quiet strengths, so much so that it moved me, and yourself, and so many other viewers… and i haven’t even watched all the WGM episodes of him and yura. i’ve only seen a few episodes here and there, but he captured my heart right away. i didn’t expect him to be like this. i thought, well.. maybe he’d be someone like jaerim, outgoing, confident and playful from the outset. to my pleasant surprise, jonghyun is incredibly charming in his own right. the people he eventually warms up to must be so lucky, they get to see his outgoing and playful side too. hehe. and yura, yura. this girl. i love her so much, she makes my heart flutter too :3 thank you yura for your energy and positivity. she brought so much joy and laughter, and made jonghyun smile and loosen up bit by bit along the way. they match so well. i can’t imagine anyone else with each of them in WGM really.. so yes. i love this couple so much!! <3 thank you once again kfangurl. i really can't thank you enough because i enjoy reading about what others think, and your words are on point. i was nodding throughout the whole post, and thinking to myself, yes yes yes!! thanks girl 🙂

    1. kfangurl

      Wow, I’m really impressed that you’re such a big fan, considering that you haven’t seen all of his WGM episodes! Why haven’t you gotten caught up yet? Are you saving up for a rainy day? 😉 He’s VERY endearing in WGM, and I enjoyed watching him on it, very much. That bashful, awkward yet sincere way he went about everything just tugged at my heartstrings. 🙂

      I completely agree that it’s a little surprising that he agreed to do WGM, given his reserved, shy personality. But I’m so glad he did, because I feel like I’ve got a better idea now, of who he is and what he’s about, and I like what I see. 🙂

  13. pacman

    dearest kfangurl,
    thank you for writing such a beautiful fangirl confession and analysis on jonghyun.
    ive read this perhaps 3 times, and it never gets boring. i feel ur excitement jumping out of the screen lol!

    i initially began to notice jonghyun through fashion programs that i had randomly found (stylelog2013) and thought, dang there’s one handsome fellow. only till i watched ep3 of jjongah on wgm did i fall in love with both hong jong hyun and yura. im still so obsessed with them. and it is very regrettable they had to end so soon and in such a way. nevertheless im grateful they met and both of their careers are booming w success now, yura in everyone’s beloved girl’s day idol group, and jong as a budding new star (esp w his Family Police 2 movie). after watching all 40 episodes ive grown such a bond w this couple, feeling like a mother bird watching her kids grow up. the reason why i love jjongah so much is b/c of their genuine actions and feelings and the amazing chemistry they displayed. when jonghyun looks at yura with his beautifully expressive eyes. oomph those feels. and when yura caresses jonghyun with her adorable laughter and out of this world aegyo, i melt away.

    even though they’ve ended wgm, wasn’t it so sweet when jong thanked yura on screen and off screen through his company articles? the public is still very much obsessed w jjongah. asking jonghyun multiple questions about wgm & yura when he consistently tells the same responses. his thankfulness, he’s charmed by her, they still keep in contact, he’s asked her to attend her premier, on the day of it they talked and she said she would definitely watch it on another day b/c of her busy schedule. i love how he’s so straight forward and honest, yet protective over his privacy. unfortunately the had to end in such an abrupt absurd way. i mean even till the last episode the 1st half was showing jjongah playing in the jacuzzi having a romantic night together, and then BAM it’s over. (something im still quite bitter w mbc’s decision). but perhaps everything was fated, and in a way i ought to thank them for not giving them a proper situation for a final closure. the story isn’t over yet (maybe im being quite delusional haha).

    though i have come to understand how much of an amazing character he has, still many ppl sadly continue to hate him for the straightforward answers and honesty he gives. sometimes i dont quite understand why. i mean aren’t k-netz always demanding for honesty and justice? why hate when a man consistently gives the same consistent and honest answer?
    nevertheless, im really happy jonghyun is starting to be recognized. likewise w yura (who was a hidden gem in girl’s day, it was all about minah & hyeri before)

    i really want to thank you for supporting jonghyun through your awesome website. thanks gurl! <3

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, thanks for your lovely comment, pacman!! It’s so nice to know that a serious fan of HJH enjoyed this post so much! 😀

      Yes, I totally agree that JjongAh ended their WGM stint too abruptly.. Their progress was slow and sweet, and they were just getting more comfortable with each other. I was looking forward to more closeness between them, when they were suddenly given their departure notice. What a pity. :/

      Looking on the bright side, I’m pleased that HJH got such a positive reaction from his WGM stint.. I think it allowed us to see a little more of his personality, which, because of his reserved nature, we don’t see so much of, in interviews and such. I definitely have a big ol’ soft spot for him, and look forward to seeing his new projects! 🙂

  14. naeomi

    I’m actually grinning from ear to ear while reading this article and thanks in posting it….
    feels like I’m reading what’s in my mind and in my heart. ..coz what you right is actually what I feel inside. ..
    like I’m actually a kdrama lover but not a variety lover I’ve watched WGM out of boredom and lucky and thankful I saw HJH and Yura….
    while following their series and saw how they grow found in each other makes me smile the whole day even now their episodes is over still can’t help but watch it over and over again. ..
    I’m also asking myself why just now I saw this HJH side? ?? Even though I’ve watched almost of his drama…and just be shocked that his casted with it while browsing in Internet out of curiosity. …
    and thanks to WGM family I’m a long time lover of kpop I don’t know Yura? ?? Or girls day or just because I’m always looking at the boys group kkkkkk. …
    Now I become a fan of HJH and girls day specially YURA/ahyoung ♥♥♥♥

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there naeomi!! So glad you enjoyed this post!! 🙂 It’s so nice to meet fellow fans who’ve had similar experiences while watching JjongAh!

      And like you, I do like that thanks to all the crossovers, we get to know more artists as we watch our dramas and variety shows. I didn’t know Yura either, before WGM. But then again, I’m almost a complete kpop noob, so that explains a lot! XD

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  16. rock bottom

    Writer – nim, we have so many things in common. I used to like Woobin before ( still like until now actually hahahaha). But after i knew the existence of Hong Jonghyun, there’s something that caught my eyes on him. I cant describe it by words hahahaha. I’m strongly recommending you to watch him in ‘Drama Special: The reason why i get married’. You will mesmerize by his charm in that drama. Awww~♡

    1. kfangurl

      Ooh! Sounds like we have similar taste in men, rock! 😀 Thanks for the heads-up on HJH’s drama special! I will check it out! I need some soothing, after watching his goodbye ep on WGM *tear*

  17. jang_g

    hi kfangurl, I found your website by accident and love reading your post about hong jong hyun. I love him since watching him in a drama special in KBS. He definitely not the best out there but I found that there is something appealing about him that you cannot just look over.
    I love his stints with yura in we got married and pretty much nodding on most of the things you have stated on this article. His personality is one of a kind and for me it got me falling in love even more with him. Yura has definitely brought the best from him to come out of his cell.
    Now that their stints in we ot married is over, I am kind of in a withdrawal effect. I am not ready to let them go just yet. I wish they have more times to explore themselves more. This boy has just started to warming up to her and their scenes just started to get more and more exciting TT” crying a bucket here TT”
    I hope you wont stop writing about him in the near future. I will wait for it 🙂

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there, jang_g!! So glad you found me, even by accident!! I’d like to think of that as a happy accident! ^^

      Yes, HJH isn’t the best, but he definitely has his appeal.. And I find him just So. Darn. Handsome! XD I really enjoyed watching him and Yura in WGM.. I loved seeing more of his personality, and I totally agree that Yura did a great job bringing him out of his shy shell. I’m sad that they’re leaving the show – where will I get my weekly fix of fresh HJH, and in his more natural, unscripted state, no less? Sad puppy. Like you, I’m not ready to let them go either. They really are getting cuter these days, it’s such a pity that WGM is switching up the couples!

      I’m likely to keep checking out HJH’s works, so that’s probably when you’ll see me talking about him. I enjoyed watching him in Mama – have you checked that out? He’s bright and energetic in it, and more natural than I expected. I fast-forwarded through the bits that I didn’t find interesting, and ended up enjoying the show a lot. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a nice way to get more HJH on your screen now that he’s wrapping up WGM? 🙂

      1. jjang_g

        wow, thank you for your reply. I have a secret, I’ve stalked your blog just to get to have more update of this guy (and waiting for your answer!><"). Sorry if I sound really scary. I didn't mean it but I cannot help myself. There seems to be not enough update about this guy out there 😀

        Thank you for the recommendation. I have heard about MAMA before and read some good reviews about it but I have not got times to check it out. I'll put it on my list by now and see if I am brave enough to watch it soon. The problem is that I read that it was mostly mellow and I dont think I could handle mellow that's why I skipped watching it. But since his character seems to be bright like what you've said, I'll keep on my radar 🙂 Bright Hong Jong Hyung will always be on my radar. I really love his smile so it's a bit wasted that he tends to play a mellow, quite guy in his dramas (That KBS special and Cyrano Agency). And improved acting skill's Hong Jong Hyun is something that should not be missed. Thank you fangirlverdict 🙂

        1. kfangurl

          Aw, I’m sorry I made you wait for my reply – again! Life’s been really hectic these last couple of weeks, and when that happens, I tend to fall behind on comments. But I do really enjoy chatting with everyone here, so unless I get confused and make a mistake over which comments I’ve replied, you can usually count on me to come back with a reply at some point! XD

          Ah, if you’re planning to check out Mama, I do recommend using the fast forward button! As in, there are stretches that are really quite melo and therefore hard to sit through. What I did was, I just fast forwarded through any scenes that looked too heavy, and focused more on HJH’s scenes. Eventually, I also started watching more of the scenes between mother and son, and I ended up finishing the show quite fast, AND enjoying it quite a lot. It really does tug at the heartstrings, and it does make you appreciate your mom too. And HJH gets to be energetic and rather sweet and supportive too. Definitely worth a look, in my opinion! 🙂

  18. shadowsnowy

    Hi kfangurl, finally I decided to write at your blog after your last comment… I love reading your review about HJH. I am not fan of him or Yura before, but when they are in WGM I am just love both of them but still they are not my biases (maybe little I feel sad reading your last comment about how HJH feeling to Yura. I have a fan’s pic who came to Bali airport to meet JJongah couple and she gave a pic when Jjongah couple off cam.. When you saw this pic you will know about this couple feeling more. Yura accompany him to smoking at a smoke area at Ngurah Rai airport after they run away from so many fans came to meet them. The situation there really crowded and make people feel uncomfortable for everything especially HJH who never have so many fans welcome him. So when came that video like HJH didn’t care Yura, it’s not true, it’s because situation that time, many fans want to touch Yura or HJH, even they chase after them until they have difficult time to went out from the airport..

    I feel the same way with you before when I saw that video, but later I saw that pic when Yura and HJH off cam that I knew they care each other maybe as a friend but still I feel more than a friend in the beginning feeling.. I like you to saw that pic and maybe will ease your feeling about this couple. I never into wgm couple before like I do with Jjongah couple, for me, their feeling more honest and vulnerable each other…:) I love them because of it… whatever happen in the future I still believe in this wgm their true feeling each other show indicated that they were like each other more than friend.. maybe situation make them must have a different result…

    Look at their pic when off cam in Ngurah Rai Bali after they were arrived, my friend took it while she hiding behind stairs. the pic cr to @raipurnamantari (you can saw it in her instagram). Sorry if I look like rambling too much… just your fan…:)

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there shadowsnowy! Thanks for deciding to comment! And thanks, too, for sharing your thoughts as well as the photo. It does help, somewhat. I’m giving HJH the benefit of the doubt, and will still tune in to see them on WGM. 🙂

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  20. miyoungwon

    Warning: Super long post (was not intended) and mindless rambling. I hope you’ll bare with me.

    I’m so happy I stumbled upon this post! I’m a huge fan of this couple and I’m not exactly what you call an avid WGM viewer but I have watched a few couples and enjoyed them. The last couple I watched was probably Khuntoria, but they didn’t appeal me as much because I kind of knew that they weren’t into each other. So when I found that Yura and Jonghyun were appearing as a new couple I didn’t particular have interest in it even though I did like them individually. But after a while, there were a few people who told me to check out this couple and when I finally did I felt so happy! Even though their first meeting was rather awkward, a part of me wanted to continue watching it, to see what happens and I’m glad that I did! Whatever you have listed in this post was spot on!

    I’ve always liked Jonghyun as an actor, I saw him in Cyrano Dating Agency and loved him a lot there but I didn’t expect to love him more. And I’ve always loved Yura but I finally get to see more of her here and how her personality is and she’s just so adorable. I could feel the sincerity coming from the both of them. I might sound delusional, but I do think they’re very genuine towards each other. I guess you could see their sincerity from their individual interviews! They’re both so caring, thoughtful and just very considerate. I guess they’re just people who are very real? At least that’s what it looks like to me. I adore them both! Especially when they don’t have excessive skinship right off the bat. There were people complaining that their skinship is taking a long time and because they don’t do it (holding hands, etc etc) frequently, means that they don’t have an interest in each other/Jonghyun’s just too cold of a person.

    He even said that skinship doesn’t equal to a man’s affection/love and that there’s more to that, which I admire. I love how they are right now and how their relationship is progressing. They look the most natural to me right now, more than any couple I’ve ever watched. I like how they don’t over-exaggerate as well like other couples, like you could sense that it’s for show but with these two, I don’t know! They’re just so natural it makes me do things.

    Ah, they’re just so completely adorable it hurts me. I especially like it when they whisper to each other things and it doesn’t get revealed. A part of me wants to know what they said but the other part of me doesn’t want to know because it’s really just for them to know and feel and it’s private and romantic and STUFF UGH. I agree that they compliment each other, SO WELL!

    We have Jonghyun who’s all quiet and reserved and then we have Yura who’s all happy and bubbly. They seem to be resembling each other these days, even Jonghyun says so and I find it adorable that they’ve rubbed a little bit of each other on each other. Gah, adorable. I also love it how they’re not very over the top with events and celebrating their anniversaries and all? I’ve watched so many cute but really over events it was starting to appear less sincere. I like how when it comes to events and gifts they try to keep it simple and I love it when they choose gifts that are practical and come from the heart with lots of thought and effort put into it! Like as you said, the easel and then Yura’s drawing of Jonghyun.

    Tbh, if I were a celebrity as a cast on WGM and I have no interest in my partner what so ever I wouldn’t do all the complicated things to make the viewers happy. I wouldn’t put in much effort I suppose like I wouldn’t even want to do things out of the WGM zone and area for the show or my partner at all. I would probably buy for gifts and never make something complicated on my own. (Or maybe I’m just a bit too mean lmao). But here we have Jonghyun BUILDING and easel for Yura because he knows how much Yura loves art and Yura drawing Jonghyun for him that took a whole lot of effort and sleepless nights and both of them did these amazing gifts despite having busy schedules. Moments like those seriously shows me their sincerity and interest towards one another.

    Also, gonna put here randomly, one of the things that had made me /feel/ and root for this couple to be real is that time where they’re in the car and Jonghyun addresses that people around him have been saying that he’s too cold around Yura or if he actually enjoys being on the show because of how he looks (which is is sort of unresponsive most of the time). Then Yura says that it’s just him, it’s just how he is, his personality and that you can’t really change it right. And Jonghyun goes you understand me and Yura’s like of course. And there we having Jonghyun smiling widely and saying Thank You for understanding. I believe in that moment, Jonghyun was super grateful that Yura understands him and his personality. I know he gets misunderstood a lot and it does get tiring to clarify every single thing and it’s very easy for you to get hurt. Rarely people ever understood the misunderstood and Jonghyun just glows with appreciation;; He’s just so happy that someone /understands/ him and [sighs]. They’re so cute together UGH.

    Gonna end my rambling here! Oh goodness, I was just planning to post a simple comment saying that I highly appreciate this but welp, it turned out longer and more detailed than I expected. I just love to spot their little moments and talk about them more deeply but a lot of my friends aren’t actually down to discuss that LMAO so it’d be great if we spoke to each other about this more often so I can find a great Jjongah buddy. Anyway, thanks so much for your review and have a nice day! ;u;

    1. kfangurl

      Hey there, miyoungwon! Wow, talk about ardent JjongAh love! 😀 I can totally feel your affection and passion for this couple through your comment. And I do agree with your examples.

      I remember that incident in the car, where HJH talked about his reserved personality and Yura said she understood. I really liked that moment too. As for their skinship progress, I also feel it’s more believable than the other couples. I haven’t watched WGM until now, so I can’t compare them with past couples. But compared with the other currently airing couples, their dynamic is definitely different. They are taking it the slowest, among the 3 couples, and as a viewer, I actually like that. I find the other couples entertaining in different ways, but I think this particular dynamic really fits JjongAh.

      Lately, though, there’ve been reports circulating that I’m still undecided about. First there was the HJH dating rumor, that he’s dating Nana, who appeared in JjongAh’s first episode. Which I don’t take too seriously, coz it’s just a rumor at this point. The second thing was the fanvid of JjongAh arriving in Bali, where HJH walked ahead of Yura for the duration of the short clip, and didn’t even seem to notice her. This vid has given me pause, a little. I kind of think maybe it’s part of his reserved personality. And then again, a part of me can’t help questioning how much of his real feelings we are really seeing on our screens. I’m still watching WGM and enjoying their segments, but I can’t deny that these recent WGM articles (including the brouhaha over Kim So Eun’s statement about a real romance with SJR not being possible at all) has put a bit of a damper on my enjoyment of the show. :/ I’ll still keep watching for now, though, and hopefully things will turn around 🙂

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  22. Joan


    Finally had the courage to post a comment here, and have been stalking your blog every now and then, when I have spare time, LOL! And, just like you, I found them also through Surplus Princess – Song Jae Rim connection, and never looked back, because I am soooo in love with this couple. Have you watched the recent Bali episode of the JjongAh? I have already watched it like, more than 20x already, all the versions of the English subs available, wahaha!! Did you happen to notice that moment during the part where Yura asked him to shout that infamous line, and he looked straight into her eyes, their eyes did the talking. I don’t know if its just me, but I think there’s really something more than the show that’s happening between them, maybe connected to whatever he whispered to her in the proposal tower?

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there Joan!! Welcome to the blog! 😀 I’m so pleased that you’re delurking today, coz that means that we can squee about JjongAh together! 😉

      YES, I’ve seen the Bali episode, though not as many times as you have! I was super tickled that he really did shout out “I love you” as he went down the zip line, and I loved how Yura responded with a “me too!” when she went down the zip line! Eee!! So cute! I feel like she really does like him, and that he’s being cautious and holding back. I haven’t been so sure about how he feels, since he’s been holding back more lately (probably due to feeling self-conscious?), but now I must go take another look at that moment that you mentioned, about him looking right into her eyes!

      1. Joan

        He is the cautious one, even So Hyuk acknowledge that during their dinner scene. But, to me, even though he tries to be cautious, him liking her (at least) still seeps through, whether he planned to, or not, hehe! Have you read his recent interviews? He’s been dropping snippets of hints that makes me want to ship them beyond WGM, hehe!

        These are the translated article:

        And, a more recent one,
        but I can’t find a fully translated one, so I’ll just post here snippets of translations from Soompi Forum..
        “this is the translation from the interview (i’ll translate about wgm,his personality and his ideal type) :

        1. He said about his character at drama ‘MAMA’ and he said it’s similar with what he will do at real life to his beloved one, he will protected her and make her sure that he can be someone for her to rely on.

        2. About wgm, he said that what we saw on wgm is the way that he usually do to his gf, he will do everything for her and will try hard to do the best for her. Even he doesn’t know if his gf will comfortable with what he does, but he’ll try hard to do his best for his gf. At first of course he feels really awkward to meet someone for the first time the suddenly get married with her. But now they’re really close, they even can make joke with each other and this is also because the support from the viewers they can be more close to each other right now.

        3. He described his ideal type ‘someone who like to smile, someone who is pretty when she’s smiling. Someone whom i can feel her charm. I like extrovert person, and i like someone who can be have fun and feel like a friend with me. I like someone whom i can do many things with her together. It will be great if we don’t have same hobby because i’ll like all of it (his beloved one hobby) for the sake of her.’

        4. He always smile when he talked about MAMA and WGM and he relay his thankfullness to both of production crew (MAMA and WGM) and also to everyone whose close with him from this two production (MAMA and WGM)

        5. He also said his plan in the next 7 years. He said he will prepare for his marriage, he also want to take care of his family especially his parents, one of his dream is to buy a house for his parents. At that age he also want to have a cool and great role for his drama and movie which approriate with his age in the next 7 year.”

        Sorry for the long post/reply!! I’ll go back to the bat cave! 🙂

        1. kfangurl

          OMGGG, what an awesome interview, THANK YOU Joan! 😀 I’ve just read it, and am now wearing a big goofy grin, coz he is SO sweet and SO melty!!! I just love that last bit about him being happy to help his parents, and how he’s grown to appreciate them. I LUFF his earnest sincerity. ❤

          I really like reading his interview answers, coz they sound just like I’d imagine him – earnest, sincere, serious. It’s how he tends to sound in the WGM backstage interviews too. 🙂

          No apologies for long comments on this blog, Joan! After you’ve poked around for a bit, you’ll probably realize that long comments are a fairly common thing here – so please feel free to leave a long comment whenever you feel like it! 😀

            1. kfangurl

              Thanks for this, Joan!! HJH does look great – I LOVE that pic of him in the sunnies. So full of attitude, with a touch of avant-garde. Likey. 😀 Plus, he sounds sweet and earnest and endearing, as always. D’awww~ ❤

  23. emma

    i started watching WGM again because i got curious with Jaerim-So Eun couple. But then I got side tracked when I saw Hong Jong Hyun. Now Im a follower of this couple and same with you I did a marathon of their episode in one weekend =)

    1. kfangurl

      Ahhh! So your experience is actually really similar to mine, emma!! 😀 Isn’t it funny how we both started out being curious about the SeoRim couple, and ended up being besotted with JjongAh instead? XD I love that you marathoned all their episodes in one weekend – it’s addictively good when watched that way, isn’t it?? I know a lot of people feel that JjongAh is slow and not much happens from week to week. But when you watch everything in one heady swoop, you really do see the developments over time, and it feels so natural and so squee-worthy! ^^

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  25. Isharaine

    Lol, Yura’s mom was so into JH I was expecting her to do something crazy like kiss him or something. And how funny was Lee Soo Hyuk when they were having dinner? He totally stole the scene. He always looks so stiff and serious, just like HJH but he was bouncing around in his chair, asking questions. ( Side note: I would like to buy a gps with Soo Hyuk’s deep deep voice. Can you imagine: “Turn Left at the next corner” Shivers. )

    When I ran out of Jjongah EPs I started watching SeoRim. What do you think of Him? He is such a cheesy dork, I almost feel like it’s all an act. He gets pretty intense with the skinship right away. Good for Seo Eun for standing her ground, I can see how overwhelming it can get. Imagine if that was Woob though, being all touchy feely… whoa okay. *fans face.

    I agree with HJH retreating into himself though. :(He is definitely more cautious and guarded. Yura is a lot more awkward with him (she keeps hitting him in the arm) and at times I felt like he was being a good oppa but more in a patient older brotherly way than a husbandly way, does that make sense? Lol thanks for this post though. It must take a while to reply to each comment. Appreciate it!

    1. kfangurl

      HAHA! YES, Yura’s mom really seems completely mesmerized by JH, doesn’t she?? XD Can you blame her, though? JH is supposedly even more handsome in person! And he was trying so hard to keep up a good conversation. Aw. I loved him being so earnest! And yes, Lee Soo Hyuk was a pretty great addition to that episode. He helped to keep the awkward silences to a minimum, and his deep languid voice certainly didn’t hurt!

      I’ve been watching SeoRim as well, and I think I like them more now than at first. At first, I found SJR’s aggressive approach a little too much, but both he and So Eun have been growing on me. I like that she doesn’t let him have his way easily at all, and is strong yet soft with him. I’m liking her a lot! And with time, SJR is starting to come across as more dorky-cheesy than truly aggressive, which I think is a good thing. I’ll definitely keep watching! And yes, I did wonder how Woob would be in WGM – I think I would combust! XD

      ALSO!!!! I LUFFED the recent episode of JjongAh!! THE CUTE IS BACK! XD I had a big goofy grin plastered on my face the whole time I was watching them. And I LOVE amiable sleepy Jong Hyun!! He is so adorable when he’s sleepy, seriously! And I think he’s more relaxed when there are fewer camera people around. Like, when they are “alone” and the cameras aren’t manned by people present, but are pre-installed in the room like at their house or in the car. That’s when he’s more relaxed and much more adorable. I remember how I totally wanted to SQUISH him when he woke up all sleepy during their honeymoon, and I can’t wait to see how this Bali trip goes. I see Cute in our future, Eeeee!!! 😀

  26. Isharaine

    so I ended up watching this because of your review, and did the same two day inhaling of all 26 episodes. Jong Hyun is seriously,devastatingly hot in this show, andin the first few episodes I was a bit sad because my OTP in Vampire Idol was HJH and Bang Minah, so it felt odd. But this guy has a smolder that is absolutely astonishing, and you can tell in the first half of the season that Yura is way more into HJH than he is into he. I love how his feelings GROW for her and viewers can tell it isn’t just an act.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for reviewing this!

    1. kfangurl

      Did you really do the same 2-day inhaling thing?? OMG it’s amazingly addictive, isn’t it!! 😀 Ahhhh! So glad that you’re enjoying JjongAh as much as I have, Isharaine!! And yes, Jong Hyun IS wonderful and hot and SO HANDSOME in WGM, seriously! When Yura’s mother commented that he’s even better looking in person than onscreen, I literally had to pause the video to imagine it for myself! XD I still feel like Yura feels more for him at the moment, but he’s definitely come out of his shell more than when they first met. I’d like him to be more forthcoming than he currently is, though. I feel like he’s more self-conscious now compared to when they went on their honeymoon, and I’d like him to allow himself to be more relaxed and free with Yura. Coz they were most squee-worthy when they forgot that anyone else was looking! 😉

  27. yoooooong

    hey kfangurl i just absolutely love this post! it describes my exact feelings about the jjongah couple waaaa. if you ever have time, i HIGHLY you watch the yongseo couple. they are hands down one of the most genuine couple and i still ship to this day! jjongah couple reminds me of them very much and i promise you will fall in love! <3

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, I’m glad you enjoyed this post! 🙂 I have a total soft spot for JjongAh, and they are the first couple I’ve ever followed on WGM. Now I’m watching the SeoRim couple too, since they’re currently on the air as well. On your recommendation, I checked out the first ep of the YongSeo couple, but didn’t yet get hooked. It might be a mood thing (with me, it’s often a mood thing!), so I’m going to save your recommendation for another time. If they’re similar to JjongAh like you said, I’m sure I’ll enjoy watching them too! ^^

      1. yoooooong

        their progression is a little on the slow slide like jjongah couple, but they are absolutely genuine and you will get hooked! if you ever have any extra time then definitely check them out 🙂

        1. kfangurl

          Ok, thanks for the heads-up! I will definitely put them on my radar for later. Right now my plate is really full and I feel like I’m happy with following just JjongAh and SeoRim right now. I’ve even stopped watching MinYoung lately, which means I’ve stopped watching full episodes. I definitely like the sound of the YongSeo couple, though! Thanks for pointing me in their direction! 🙂

  28. mellayella

    kfangurl, do you watch the Solim couple too? What do you think of Song Jae Rim? He took me by surprise, but in a good way!!! I love Solim couple. They’re quite refreshing.

    1. kfangurl

      Heyya mellayella! 🙂 Yes, I watch the SoRim couple too, and I find them very entertaining 🙂 They are definitely very different from JjongAh! XD I’m enjoying them very nicely, but I have to confess that now when I see Song Jae Rim in character in a drama, I find my mind wandering to his more Real Life personality in WGM, and it’s quite distracting! XD

  29. Shountz

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I have found it my JJongah couple mecca. Everybody is so busy shipping the Kim- Rim LTE couple I feel like these two cuties get overlooked. I dont remember which episode i saw first but needless to say since i saw that one I’ve been hooked ever since. I wait with bated breath each Sunday morning for the subs. Sometimes i watch it raw just cos :). I have noticed in the past two episodes though he seems to have gone back into his shell a bit when compared to the honeymoon episodes. Yura seems to be trying so hard sometimes but lately He seems to be very aware that this ai reality show that can affect their careers positively or negatively ( You know how scandals can appear out of nowhere in the K-Entertainment industry). Maybe its just the nature of the beast but he seems a bit different since they returned to Soeul. I love that everyone keeps saying that he seems so boring on the show and that he should treat he more lovingly which just makes him more embarrassed. I definitely think Yura has crush but he seems like the type to take everything seriously so he doesn’t want to get into something that wont be serious.

    1. kfangurl

      You know what, Shountz, I think you’re right! I’ve been feeling that Jong Hyun seems to be holding back these few weeks, compared to back when they went for their honeymoon. I keep hoping that he’ll be more forthcoming, but he’s being more cautious than before. At the same time, Yura seems to be getting more self-conscious, even as she tries harder. I feel like a lot of the time now, her laughter is a little forced, compared to before, when it sounded more natural. I think she’s uncertain of his reactions and doesn’t know how to respond, and just laughs to be safe. I’m hoping these 2 manage to move past this stage soon, coz I feel like they’re not exactly comfortable at the moment, and they were the cutest and most adorable when they weren’t as self-conscious. I’m still looking forward to my weekly dose of JjongAh, and I hope things will evolve nicely soon 🙂

  30. ohhho

    WOW! Been how long since I have been on wordpress? Haha. Your article made me!

    ARE YOU ME? WHATEVER THAT YOUVE BEEN WRITING ABOUT THE JJONGAH COUPLE ARE MTE! I finished watching it in two days too and the episode that caught my eye was the EXACT same episode as you too! I was intrigued when Jonghyun asked Yura “I changed alot from the first episode right?” while he was driving and then they go on showing how awkward he was during the first meeting. From there i decided that I have to watch their previous episodes. AND FROM THERE, I WAS HOOKED. I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing the whole time!

    One thing I really love about the jjongah couple is that, they seem really sincere and genuine. Like what you said, they don’t rush things and jjong seem to not say anything that doesn’t reflect his true thoughts (Or at least 90% of the time). And Yura is simply so adorable!! These two are like drugs, and I am really happily addicted. HAHAHA.

    Glad to have met another jjongah fan here! 😀

    1. kfangurl

      Lol, how cool is that, that we had such similar journeys in falling for JjongAh! XD I do think inhaling all the available episodes in 2 days flat added to the awesome – coz we didn’t have to wait for weeks to see them grow more comfortable with each other. We got the intensive, sped-up version, and that was such an addictive, giddy experience ^^ I’m still happily hooked, and wait for new episodes every weekend, for my JjongAh fix! ^^v

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  33. Ben lio

    kfangirl..i really love tis post,i was goin thru jjongah couple fanfics n found ua blog,i m like da biggest fan of hong jong hyun, cn’t get enough of him,i watchd evry show n drama tat he starred in,my desktop,wallpaper n ol my pro pic is of hong jong hyun. I m atticted to wgm now n kip on watchn ol da episodes evryday,cn’t get enugh of him n yura,tey r like match made in heavn n i pray evryday tat tey end up togthr in real life, i m tat much really love how u wrote ua blog centrd around their interactions in wgm,i was thinkn exactly da same while watchn those scenes..i m really happy to have read ua blog n find a fellow fan of hong jong hyun..hope u continue to cover da remaining episodes..fighting!!

    1. kfangurl

      Hi there, Ben lio! It’s great to meet another JjongAh fan! 😀 I’m just so pleased that Hong Jong Hyun agreed to do on WGM, despite how uncomfortable it must’ve been for him, being as shy as he is. He’s ADORABLE, and I look forward to the new episodes every week too! 🙂 I can’t promise that I will cover the remaining episodes.. It’s never been my thing, to write about variety. I made an exception for Hong Jong Hyun coz of how he completely swept me off my feet. But I won’t say never either. If I’m inspired, I will! 🙂

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  35. seedlessbanana

    Yes! The latest episode solidified my love for this couple. Everything just screamed real!!! I specially love the childish Jonghyun who just woke up. It’s so out of character yet still seemed right that he’ll show that side of him to his wife. I must say that Jonghyun really opened up compared to before. The way he looks at Yura makes me melt. And I like that he’s being more forward now, ie. the straddling in the pool! You go Jjong! Now, I want to see Yura less shy. In the first few episodes, it was so obvious that Yura likes him, but now that Jjong is being more open, I feel like Yura is still shy. When she’s with Girl’s Day, she’s really bubbly and funny but i think when she’s alone she’s a lot more reserved so I’m waiting for the couple to be on the same level. Jjong stepped up so it’s all up to Yura now. And I must say, every week, Jjong gets hotter. Not just in looks but his personality too. The way he took care of Yura while doing the wedding photo shoot was sooo sweet. And this couple is so beautiful, the photos look gorgeous!

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  37. seedlessbanana

    Hi there! Stumbled upon your post and it seriously made my day! I’m a Jongah shipper but unlike you I started watching the couple because of Yura (k-pop/girl’s day fan here). I also found their first meeting cringe-worthy because of the extreme awkwardness but there was still a genuine and likeable overall vibe with this couple, not to mention they look so good together, that you can’t help but be pulled in. And slowly but surely, the awkwardness started to fade and the ship started to sail. I agree with all your insights that it’s making me sooo happy that someone feels the exact same way as I feel with this couple! And yeah, because of WGM, I discovered the charmer that is Hong Jonghyun.

    1. kfangurl

      Hey there seedlessbanana! 😀 Pleased to meet another JjongAh fan! Hee, yes, their first meeting was super cringe-worthy, wasn’t it?? XD I did love the funny bits, where Jong Hyun got so overwhelmed by the crowd of ladies that he ran away! Poor baby. I just love how he’s coming out of his shell more and more as he gets more comfortable with Yura. I practically fell over from giddiness from watching the latest episode where he’s so adorably sleepy while eating the pancakes she cooked. And omigosh, how about the way he got her to straddle him in the pool??? Contrasted to their first meeting, it’s like night and day! XD I haven’t seen Yura at all before WGM coz I’m not much into kpop, but I must say that a lot of the credit goes to her, for drawing Jong Hyun out of his shell! She’s so understanding of his reserved personality, and she encourages him in such indirect, subtle ways, like how she laughs at his jokes, and is so enthusiastic when he shows her something. If she were a different sort of girl, I’m quite sure we wouldn’t be seeing Jong Hyun in such a relaxed, adorable mode now. 🙂 Love, love, love! ❤

      1. seedlessbanana

        Yes! The latest episode solidified my love for this couple. Everything just screamed real!!! I specially love the childish Jonghyun who just woke up. It’s so out of character yet still seemed right that he’ll show that side of him to his wife. I must say that Jonghyun really opened up compared to before. The way he looks at Yura makes me melt. And I like that he’s being more forward now, ie. the straddling in the pool! You go Jjong! Now, I want to see Yura less shy. In the first few episodes, it was so obvious that Yura likes him, but now that Jjong is being more open, I feel like Yura is still shy. When she’s with Girl’s Day, she’s really bubbly and funny but i think when she’s alone she’s a lot more reserved so I’m waiting for the couple to be on the same level. Jjong stepped up so it’s all up to Yura now. And I must say, every week, Jjong gets hotter. Not just in looks but his personality too. The way he took care of Yura while doing the wedding photo shoot was sooo sweet. And this couple is so beautiful, the photos look gorgeous!

        1. kfangurl

          Eeee!!! I watched this week’s JjongAh segment 3 times, I tell ya, I was that taken with Jong Hyun. I am so smitten with his sleepy just-woke-up groggy self. He looks adorable, and his morning voice is dead sexy. That moment when he asks her, “When did you make this?” Ahhhh!! Sexy voice! ❤❤❤ And omigosh that straddling in the pool – I still can’t quite believe he’s that comfortable (& so forward) now! Yet he balances it all by being so sweetly concerned for her during the photoshoot. Swoooon~

          Yes, it does feel like Yura’s rather self-conscious and shy.. But that’s probably coz she likes him, right? I’ve believed from the start that she likes him, and I think this is really the stage where her being self-conscious is very natural. They’re still getting to know each other, and the line between reel and real is probably as hazy to her as it is to us. As in, she’s also probably wondering how much of it is real, and how much of it isn’t, and how much she can believe he likes her. That uncertainty would definitely contribute to her self-consciousness, I think.

          And YES. Every week, Jong Hyun is getting hotter. I am so, so pleased about that! XD Moar please, is what I say! Moar~!

  38. evez

    oh! wow! you’ve got a handsome!handsome boy here Kfangirl!..what did i tell you?…am i right ?he does look like Woobie’s bro!…i don’t watch WGM episodes ever since, i am into RM more but because of the teasers and still photos of this handsome dude you have here i might stream his episodes with Yura… i already streamed about 4 episodes of “Her Lovely Heels”… the still photos of him wearing sageuk costumes are so gorgeous!…oh my he is so delish with those pix…imagining the palyboyz doing a romcom drama and include Woobie’s bestie Lee Jong Suk!…wow!…i think fangirls are going to combust! <3 ')

    1. kfangurl

      YES, isn’t he handsome?? 😀 I still get blown away when I see him being this handsome on WGM. He looks handsome in his dramas, but somehow, the handsome is just dialed up to magnificent proportions when he’s on WGM. I cannot get enough of him on WGM, seriously. ❤❤❤

      Have you checked out his episodes on WGM yet? He’s ADORABLE in there, and I just get more and more taken with him, with each episode! The latest episode shows him all sleepy and just woken up, and I nearly combusted from delight, he’s SO CUTE! And his just-woken-up voice is so sexy, uungh! I’ve already watched the new episode twice, and I think I’m gonna watch it at least a couple more times before the next episode rolls around! XD Yes, I got it bad. I admit it.

      And oh my, I’d love to see the playboyz in a rom-com together! That would be awesome and adorable and extremely distracting! I wouldn’t know where to focus my attention on the screen, I think! XD

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  40. Melloyello

    Hi kfangurl! Thanks for the post. I think we may have the same taste in men haha. I am a regular fan of WGM, and I felt exactly the same when Hong Jong Hyun first appeared on WGM…like “woah WHO is this handsome man??” I am loving how his personality is coming out more and how the chemistry/skinship with Yura is evolving too! The part when he was so shy because yura was wearing that black net top was so funny. They are too cute. I agree, he seems very genuine.

    P.s. I am shipping for nam goong min and hong jin young to get together in real life! I love those two together.

    1. kfangurl

      Tee hee. Looks like we DO have the same taste in men, Melloyello! Even our initial reaction to Hong Jong Hyun on our screens is so similar! You have excellent taste, girl! XD YES, I am so loving the way we’re seeing more and more of Jong Hyun’s personality as the episodes progress! I just freaking love that the shy boy is revealing so much substance on the inside; he’s like some kind of hidden diamond (cheesy but true!). And I feel like the emotional payoff each episode is just increasing, coz we’re seeing more and more of his personality come through as we go. I am so, SO pleased that I stumbled on his awesomeness. LUFF HIM. ❤❤❤

      Nam Goong Min and Hong Jin Young really do seem to like each other. I haven’t watched many of their eps coz I was concentrating on JjongAh, but from the segments that I did watch, I feel like they are quite genuine. I just watched their camping ep with the INR3 cast, and the way NGM kept bragging about his wife was really cute. He was beaming from ear to ear while bragging about her, awww~

  41. Janey

    Aaaaaaah! Noooooo! Why did I click this article?! Now I’m tempted to cancel everything and just go home and marathon all their episodes! They look so cute, just by judging on your narration and screencaps. Heehee.

    I also didn’t notice his charm at all. When I watched White Christmas, he didn’t stand out in the sea of other young actors. Woo Bin and Sung Joon grabbed my attention in that drama, even though Hong Jong-Hyun has much more screentime. So I was also surprised to see photos of him from We Got Married. He looks like a young good-looking CEO. Haha. But seriously, so polished and clean-cut, I love it.

    Lovely post as usual, kfangurl! 🙂

    1. kfangurl

      Tee hee. I wouldn’t blame you if you DID cancel everything to inhale the awesome, Janey! They really ARE that cute! 😀 I marathoned their segments for hours on end, I just couldn’t get enough. And the more of Jong Hyun that I saw, the more I wanted to see just a little more, and then a bit more. And coz he shows more and more of his personality as the episodes progress, I felt like the payoff was just getting better and better! I LUFF THIS BOY! ❤

      And you’re absolutely right – he DOES look like a handsome young CEO! I love the polished, clean-cut look on him a LOT, and I hope he keeps it! I dig it a whole lot more than the long hair he sported for a time. I feel like his image is slowly but surely evolving towards leading man territory, and that means that we’re also more than likely to see him bulk up for the camera sometime. Kinda like how Lee Soo Hyuk bulked up and then blew us away with his brooding shower scene. Egad. I can only imagine how adorably mortified Jong Hyun would be at having to do shirtless shower scenes, and also, how hot he’d look nonetheless! BRING ON THE AWESOME, JONG HYUN! I’m ready! XD

    1. kfangurl

      Omo! I’m so pleased that you’re on board the Hong Jong Hyun train just from reading this post! 😀 I feel like I’ve helped to spread the awesome 😉 And he IS awesome. I’m so, SO blown away by his thoughtful substance and shy sweetness. And his clean-cut handsomeness is certainly not hurting either 😉 If you’re not watching WGM, I do recommend checking him out in that even before you go looking for his dramas. There’s too much adorable in there to miss! ❤

  42. Amy

    He does seem completely adorable and I’ve enjoyed his dramas. I have so much to watch right now. My list just keeps getting bigger…

    1. kfangurl

      I know that ever-growing list! Mine doesn’t ever get smaller either 😉 But Jong Hyun is SO ADORABLE that I’m perfectly happy to add to my list in his honor 😉 If you’re not already watching him in WGM, I do highly recommend his segments with Yura. Even as a non-variety sort of fan, I’m loving them in WGM!

  43. Lady G.

    What an adorable post! This man has intrigued me since I saw him in Cyrano Dating agency, he won me over without a word. Literally. His character says nothing. But that sharp browed, brooding intensity just gets under your skin in a good way. 😀 I haven’t seen much of anything else though.

    Beautiful pictures. I don’t watch variety shows, I can’t handle them with everything else. But his segments seem adorable. I would like to think that it’s all ‘real’ and not necessarily scripted, but I don’t know how Korea does their reality shows.

    Want to see gorgeous, clean cut, Hong Jong Hyun? Check out “Her lovely Heels.” I started watching, but somehow got distracted after the 2nd or 3rd episode and I really need to go back to it. Pure lovey-dovey stuff if you’re in the mood. And a short 10 eps.

    Thanks for brightening the day. He and Woobie should play brothers. Another guy to add to his “Family.” The eyebrow brothers. LOL. Woobie, Top, Lee Min Ki, and now Hong Jong Hyun!!

    1. kfangurl

      D’aw, I’m glad this post brightened up your day, Lady G! 😀 I know Jong Hyun sure brightened up my week, sweet, sweet boy that he is. ❤

      I don’t know a whole lot about how scripted Korean variety is either. My gut tells me that it’s part scripted, and part real. As in, there are probably certain things that are pre-determined, and yet played to look like they are spur-of-the-moment. Like there’s this part before Jong Hyun and Yura head off to their new house, where Jong Hyun suggests that they drop by on the WGM hosts before heading off. It sounds like a spur-of-the-moment thing, but when we get to the part where they actually meet the hosts, Jin Young is ready with a gift for the couple: a strap that they are to use to walk together in 3-legged fashion. That totally made the whole thing look staged rather than an off-the-cuff visit.

      At the same time, I do think that regardless of how much structure and pre-planning is put into the mix, that the couple’s real personalities definitely come into play, especially when they are faced with a surprising situation or challenge. In the first episode, when Jong Hyun locates his new wife in the waiting room with her group-mates, and the girls start teasing him relentlessly, you can totally see him squirm. And just before that, in his quest to search for his wife, Jong Hyun has to endure a crowd of comediennes clamoring all around him, and he literally runs away while they chase him down, he’s that overwhelmed. Those are moments that just jump out at me as being very genuine and organic, and this couple’s interactions have so many moments that I find believably real that they’ve got me hooked. Extremely, hearts-in-my-eyes hooked! ^^

      Funny thing that you mention Her Lovely Heels! After getting bowled over by Jong Hyun’s charm, I looked up his filmography, and decided to download Her Lovely Heels coz it looked like I’d be able to get a nice dose of clean-cut handsome Jong Hyun! YOU KNOW HOW I THINK! XD And your comment has also nudged Cyrano up my list, I wouldn’t mind some broody intense Jong Hyun either 😉

      And YES, the Brow Brothers definitely has a new addition! I swear, there are times when I see Jong Hyun on my screen, and at certain moments, I feel like he’s a dead ringer for Woob. The other day, while researching for this post, I came across this gif where Jong Hyun’s wearing the exact same mop of curls that Woob wore in AGD. TWINS, almost! XD

      1. Lady G.

        True about the reactions. I believe you can’t fake that. Even on the American reality shows. Because many of the people are not actors, so they can’t hide their real emotions when something might go wrong. I had a friend whose office was used for a filming once, and that’s when she realized it was scripted. They told a lot of the office workers to leave and kept ones that would film the best. Then told them to come in and out and say this line and that. LOL

        Now I want to finish “Her lovely heels.” lol. He does look like Woobie in that gif!!

        I’m laughing at him running away from the comedians! I at first read that as ‘clowns.’ lol

        1. kfangurl

          LOL at how controlled the US reality shows are behind the scenes. I wouldn’t be surprised if Korean variety is sort of controlled that way. At the same time, I’m fairly convinced that they allow for some measure of spontaneity too. That, or they’re so good at staging stuff that they’ve got me fooled! XD

          Jong Hyun was totally overwhelmed by the crowd of loud ladies! He had received a clue directing him to that floor, and the ladies had staged a loud bickering sort of scene where one lady was insisting loudly that she did wear panties (omg!). Shy boy Jong Hyun hovered at a distance, thinking they were in the middle of filming a drama or something, and then they turned around and saw him, and starting running towards him, all arms flailing, shouting, “Oppaaa~!!!” and that’s when Jong Hyun panicked, turned around, and ran for his life. Bwahahaha! In the end, they caught him, and were literally all over him. He said in a later interview that he hates being touched by people like that, and that he felt like he was on the verge of a mental breakdown. Poor baby! XD

          I started on Her Lovely Heels last night! I didn’t realize when I was downloading it, but the episodes are only 15 minutes long! It’s truly a mini drama! XD Jong Hyun is quite handsome in it, but I much prefer seeing him in WGM, I realize. The adventures of Shy Boy, Lol!

      2. Cantiara

        Dear kfangurl, I’m also a Jjongah shipper, and stumbled upon this lovely post of yours. Thank you so much for writing a whole article on this couple. They’re both so adorable and match each other really well.

        About how scripted the show is, let me share with you, the current PD’s clarification on the matter:

        – In addition, another big controversy that has followed the show was whether a script exists, which would convey that the show doesn’t provide any more real of a scene than does a drama or a movie. Sun PD clarified, “People don’t seem to understand a show’s production system. To say it correctly, we do not have a script like a drama where we write lines that the couples will say. Such script does not exist. All reality programs have some form of script. ‘Infinity Challenge’ and ‘Sunday Night’ all have scripts that direct the flow of the show. Such script is simply a guideline that is just has an outline in order to help with filming, but the scripts do not say what actions or behaviors the couples will show. Also, we don’t give out the guidelines to the stars. Rather, we tell the managers and the stars the time, date, and place that they must meet, and right before they enter filming we give the stars a general explanation of what they will do that day. Hence, the things the stars do and say are natural and not directed by the staff.” –


        1. kfangurl

          Hi there, Cantiara! 😀 I’m so glad that you enjoyed the post! It’s also great to connect with another JjonAh fan; I’m completely new to the JjongAh ship, and I just find them too cute for words! XD

          And, thanks SO MUCH for sharing that PD’s clarification on how scripted the show is! That’s so great, to have the assurance that it’s really not very scripted at all, that what we’re seeing is pretty much as natural as it can get, under the circumstances. Compared to the other couples I’ve caught glimpses of on WGM (I say glimpses coz I’m not really following any other couple closely), I feel like JjongAh comes across as extremely natural and genuine. They don’t rush anything, and their interactions feel very real. I could watch them for hours on end, and I kinda wish we could have an extended version of WGM where we get full hour episodes of them every week! XD

  44. ErlNotEarl

    I know you got it bad because it seems you checked most of the previous ep. 😀 Btw, he’s friends with Woob, there was a vid of him congratulating Jong-hyun on his marriage.

    1. kfangurl

      YES. I watched ALL the previous eps, in 2 days flat! XD And yes, the boys are friends, from their White Christmas days I believe. Not sure if they were friends while modeling.

      Jong Hyun is ADORBS in WGM, and I am HOOKED! Happily, willingly hooked! 😀

      1. ErlNotEarl

        I used to watch WGM but my fave couple just left so I haven’t been watching. Jong Hyun is really adorable though, love how he’s slowly coming out of his shell. 😀

        1. kfangurl

          Gah. He is SO FREAKING ADORABLE! If you’d like to try out a new couple on WGM, I do highly recommend him and Yura! 😀 I can’t compare to any other couple coz this is my first time actually intrigued enough to actually follow a couple on WGM, but that in itself says something? 😀

          1. ErlNotEarl

            I used to watch, I stopped at ep 237, I adore the couple Song Jae Rim replaced so at the moment am giving it a rest. hehehehe. But Jong Hyun is really adorable. Love that ep when they had their photo taken for their house pass, really cute.

            1. kfangurl

              Ah~ Giving it a rest makes sense then. It’s like you need to give it some time to settle, before you’re ready to give your heart away again. I get it!! 🙂 And yes, the house pass ep was very cute! I love how baffled they were by the whole housing arrangement! XD

              1. ErlNotEarl

                Exactly, until I’m ready to give my heart away again. I’m writing a Fan Fiction about them, that’s how bad I got it. LOL.
                They were really baffled but in the end, Jong Hyun got used to the whole house arrangement even if he’s so against it and in fact, I think it was advantageous. Perfect example is the house warming party.

                1. kfangurl

                  Woah. You have reached a whole new level of fangirling, Erl! *bows* I wonder if I will find myself in similar territory when JjongAh eventually make their exit (Eek! Terrible thought! Will not think about that now!)

                  And YES, it was VERY advantageous for the housewarming! Altho, the housewarming probably wouldn’t have been so sudden if it hadn’t been on the MBC rooftop! XD

                  1. ErlNotEarl

                    I think Nelly is probably thinking the same thing. But at one point she called me crazy. Still love her though especially because she edits it for me. 😀 And no, don’t think about it, don’t go there. It’s painful, I actually cried watching the last ep.

                    Let’s just say it has its advantages and disadvantages. Honestly though, I love their house. It’s cute, as in really cute, like a playhouse.

                    1. kfangurl

                      D’aw, that’s sweet of Nelly, to help with your editing! That maybe allows her to affectionately call you crazy once 😉

                      Gah, the thought of JjongAh eventually making their exit is sorta horrifying – thankfully it’s still early days yet for them. And who knows, they just might take the relationship from reel to real? 😉

                      Hee. Yes, it really is like a playhouse – especially since they have zero plumbing! XD

                    2. ErlNotEarl

                      Well she’s allowed that, she can call me anything and I’m okay with it. It was something to do with the story because my plots are laid and I have selected the songs to incorporate with it and even a movie like I’m really writing a novel or something, madness, I tell you! Oh and she had to endure all the cheesiness I spilled on the pages especially on Chapter 8. LOL

                      Nam Gong Min will exit first, they joined before JjongAh so it’s still long. I’m hoping for the reel to real for them too, they have sparks. Lovely.

                      And we love playhouses, I mean who doesn’t?

                    3. kfangurl

                      Wow! You’re even doing chapters! I bow to your dedication, Erl! You are definitely making me curious about the couple in question. I’m mildly tempted to check them out, but probably not now. Right now, I’m just all about JjongAh, lol. 😉

                      Yes, NGM & HJY do seem to have an easy chemistry that seems both fun and quite organic. As in, I feel like NGM is pretty much being himself with HJY, and I can see them continuing to enjoy each others’ company off-camera. Maybe it will go from reel to real? Only time will tell. In the meantime, I’m waiting with bated breath for more JjongAh on my screen. The cuteness! The Jong Hyun dreamy sweetness! Bliss. ❤

                    4. ErlNotEarl

                      Am currently working on chapter 9. If you have time, it’s posted on my blog but be warned, it’s filled with cheesiness. So happy Eid is around the corner, more time to write for me, yay!

                      NGM & HJY I feel they are really considering real, they are of age.

                      Oh and I miss that excitement of waiting for the next ep, I watch the raw first then wait for the subtitles. *sigh* I might revisit JjongAh soon, for the cuteness.

                    5. kfangurl

                      I popped on over for a peek, and you’re right, it’s cheese-tastic! XD But I can totally see how this would soothe shippers everywhere, now that the couple is off the air. (Ooh, that rhymes! XD )

                      JjongAh’s got me good – they have me rewatching segments now, while I wait for the next episode! I can totally see myself doing what you did: watch the raw first, and then watch it again with subs. XD

                    6. ErlNotEarl

                      I know right? While reading it I can’t help but shake my head, I’m like “did you really write this thing? What’s with all the Gouda?” And yes that rhymed! You just spoke to my frustrated poet self! <3

                      It's helps to watch the raw, it helps me learn the language fast enough. I rewatch some eps now, for reference, trying to keep the Fan Fic as realistic as possible.

                    7. kfangurl

                      Heh! You ARE keeping it realistic! I watched a segment with Wooyoung and Se Young today, just to get a feel for them so that I could read your Chapter 8, and it was the backhug episode where he whispered, “uri gongju-nim” and I totally got the reference when I saw the same phrase in your fanfic! XD

                    8. ErlNotEarl

                      😀 Thank you, I try my best. And another thank you for watching an ep, I’m touched. <3 That's one of my favorite ep actually, going towards the camping trip. That ep was fun, they caught octopus and they're like all muddy but they didn't care.

                    9. kfangurl

                      I just watched the octopus episode this morning while rewatching early JjongAh 🙂 They are cute. A totally different dynamic compared to JjongAh, which is interesting. Se Young is such a strong girl, she’s totally the noona taking charge of her cheeky younger husband! XD That part where she punished him for buying all the junk was so funny! My heart’s with JjongAh already though, so my appreciation for YY is on a much milder scale. Now I really know why you need to let your heart settle before following another couple!

                    10. ErlNotEarl

                      Awwww, let me hug you! *hugs tightly* I’m really touched that you looked into it. 🙂 Yeah, that’s the charm of the couple is to me, plus I really adore Jang Wooyoung. He completely used the sneak attack on me, to this Noona who was initially partial to KPOP. And I love Seyoung since Love Rain and Faith, I just felt something for her in those dramas.

                      JjongAh’s a lovely couple too, like I said I used to watch their segment too but like you, my heart’s with YY so my love for them is not that strong. So until my heart settles, I’ll be staying away from WGM but if they bring in Junho I might start to watch again. LOL

                    11. kfangurl

                      D’aw~ Hugs back, Erl! ❤ They are cute, so it’s no hardship to check out a couple of episodes. And I was also really curious to see this couple that had captured your heart so! 🙂 Oh, I know the sneak attack – those sneaky boys just have this way of stealing your heart when you least expect it, eh?

                      With your deep deep love for YY, I completely believe that you need a bit of a breather before jumping on any other couple bandwagon on WGM!

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