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Pure Pretty: So Ji Sub


Wow, time flies, doesn’t it? I can hardly believe it’s already been a whole month since my last Pure Pretty post!

Not that this Pure Pretty poster boy was hard to research – not at all. Thanks to quick and eager suggesters, seconders and voters over on the blog’s Facebook page after Daniel Henney made his Pure Pretty appearance, So Ji Sub was very quickly assured of his spot in the Pure Pretty line-up.

And when I dipped my toes into Google for some So Ji Sub research, I was extremely pleased with my findings too. So the reason that this Pure Pretty post has been cookin’ for a whole month now, is only because I sternly told myself that I had to post something other than Pure Pretty on the blog.

Now, 3 reviews later, I figure it’s safe to fangirl for a little bit. And so, folks, I bring you So Ji Sub, by popular demand. 🙂

정인 (Jung In) – ㅂㅅ

Those of you who’ve read my review of That Far Gone would know that I have an affection for So Ji Sub that’s a little.. different from most. It wasn’t his angsty bad-boy turn in I’m Sorry, I Love You that got to me, though that role pretty much cemented his broody image. Neither was it his rom-com turn in Master’s Sun that got to me either, though he was admittedly pretty great in the role.

In a nutshell, it’s his good nature and earnestness that endears him to me.

So Ji Sub’s forays into rapping and his more-often-than-not undeniably odd fashion choices have made him the butt of many a joke. And I love that he continues to smile for the cameras, and pursue what he enjoys anyway.

And so, despite the multitude of strange styling choices in many (too, too many!) of his photoshoots, today, I’d like to make the case that, for the record, So Ji Sub can and does clean up real nice.

Gaze with me 😉

Where possible, I’ve included wallpaper sizes. For your.. continued gazing pleasure. Heh.

Broody Man in a Suit:

Since a man in a suit is one of my favorite things to feast my eyes on, and since that’s what many of us think of anyway, when we talk about someone cleaning up nicely, I thought we’d start here.

Yes, So Ji Sub cleans up real nice in a suit. Sure, he doesn’t always wear it the way most men do – a number of these pix show him wearing a suit but no shirt, heh – but he looks good anyway.

Laid Back Casual:

So Ji Sub cleans up real nice when he’s not in a suit too, as he proves in these shots. He capably looks the part of the clean-cut boy next door that you’d want to date, and yes, bring home to Mom too.

I especially dig the last shot of him in jeans and a casually undone crisp white shirt. Yum. So casually, offhandedly sexy.

Laid Back Snuggly:

There’s a fine line between the laid back casual shots and these ones. In these ones, So Ji Sub’s all laid back too, and still in casual togs. In these shots, though, there’s a distinct soft, cozy vibe that’s very inviting. Kinda makes you want to get in there and curl up close, right?


Close-up Sculpted:

When you do get in there and cuddle up close, I’m sure you’ll discover So Ji Sub’s amazing bone structure. Those cheekbones. That jawline. And not forgetting those intense, broody eyes.

Slight Scruff:

Much as So Ji Sub himself seems to favor the scruffy look, I personally think he looks best with just a touch of scruff. Not too much. Just enough to give us a sense of real, y’know what I mean?

Rugged Casual:

The rugged casual look becomes So Ji Sub really well, coz he’s got such a manly energy about him. These shots bring out that strong quality in him very nicely.

Rugged Tats:

Yes, those tattoos are real.

I’m not personally for or against tattoos myself, but I do think that the right tattoos on the right person can look very aesthetically pleasing. I like that the tattoos So Ji Sub’s chosen for himself are bold and strong. They do add to the swag, don’t they?

Sexy Undone:

I particularly enjoy So Ji Sub when he’s a little undone. Whether he’s lounging in bed looking at you with sexy bedroomy eyes, or brooding with wet hair and glistening skin, he’s equally alluring. Cough.

Sporty, Sweaty, Sexy:

Heh. I think those 3 words speak for themselves, don’t they? And here’re another 2 words: Glistening. Muscle.


There’s just something exceedingly sexy about a manly man sweating it out.

Gloriously Shirtless:

So Ji Sub has quite the glorious hot bod, and really, this section needs no introduction.

There are only one thing you need to know: we’re talkin’ ’bout gorgeous, sculpted muscle. You might need a drool bucket. Or at least a napkin. Heh.

Ummmph Sexy:

I didn’t put these 2 pix in the shirtless section coz I found these so sexy that I thought they deserved a whole section – and headline – all their own.

Isn’t this just – urrmmph – sexy??


Man With Passion:

I’m not a fan of So Ji Sub’s music, but I do love that he loves it. And it makes me smile to see him working at it, coz he clearly enjoys it so much.

I just like seeing pix of him working at something, come to think of it. Like, in these pix, I don’t know if he actually enjoys cooking or photography, but he sure does look like he’s intent while doing these things, and I dig that.


With years of being known for his broodiness, it’s refreshing to see So Ji Sub’s cute side.

Whether it’s posed, like this first shot, or candid like the others, he looks all kinds of adorable. And yet, he still manages to look manly while he’s at it. Likey.


I do love these candid shots of So Ji Sub. It feels like a closer peek at the real person behind the styled shoots, and he doesn’t disappoint. He comes across as alternately cute, cool, good-natured and sweet.


So Ji Sub just seems like a really sweet kinda guy. A sweet guy who happens to clean up real nice in a suit and who looks gloriously luscious without his shirt, but a sweet guy all the same.

Now, if only he’d come to us for style tips instead of trusting those stylists with weird avant garde sensibilities, maybe we’d always have nice pix of him, like this one.


Author: kfangurl

Proud to be a k-fangirl since 2007. Main diet of kdramas with movies and kpop on the side.

79 thoughts on “Pure Pretty: So Ji Sub

  1. Girl, girl, girl……you’ve capture Mr. Perfect every which way and all his glory, I do have some of the snapshots you put out, but I’m glad I came across your pictures. He’s a magnificent type of person. Very unique, a little like an ELVIS Presley look. I love him, please continue to put more of him in your sight!


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  4. Thank you !!! I am a new fan of SJS (just discovered kdrama). Your blog filled in all that I missed over the years !
    I hear that a new drama is coming out Terius behind me. Looking forward to reading your comments about it.
    Keep up the good work!!


    • Hi there Tuttai! Welcome, and thanks for enjoying the blog! 😀

      So Ji Sub is lovely indeed, and I’m curious to see how he does in Terius as well. Here’s hoping that it’ll be good! 🙂


  5. Nice that SJS,


  6. Reblogged this on KDrama Feels.


  7. You just make So Ji Sub becomes more perfect than I know… He’s too good to be owned by women…
    Well said…
    A loyal fan from Malaysia


  8. This!! this! this! most awesome blog for SJS I’ve ever read, yay!!! I’m a fan since Memories of Bali, RYAN KANG!!!!! LOL… SJS and Jin Goo were my fave, Jin Goo PURE PRETTY Blog please. 🙂


    • Aw, glad you enjoyed this post, Rizz! I do find SJS quite lovely, even though I don’t consider myself a hardcore fan. 🙂 As for your request for the Pure Pretty spotlight on Jin Goo, I don’t have the time to do the research right now, coz I’m swimming in reviews and trying to reduce my backlog on that. But I will keep your request for a shot of Jin Goo Pure Pretty in mind.. I did enjoy him immensely in DotS. ❤


  9. i love him so much that it hurts! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I like him in a much more moderate fashion than you do, but I do think he’s a cool guy. Who’s very sexy too. 😉

      PS: Nice to meet you, btw! Welcome to the blog, Cloud! 🙂


  10. Hi!!! I just become a big fan of So Ji Sub, when I watched him on Oh My Venus with Shin Min Ah. He’s just…. ugh, no words could describe his sexiness and overall manly appeal. I do not really have a thing for “bad boys”. Besides, he does not strike me with someone with a “bad boy look”. Instead, he just exudes sex appeal that most women would be attracted to.


    • Hi there Cheng! Yes, I absolutely agree that So Ji Sub is one sexy man. He was one of THE big reasons I finished Oh My Venus, since that show was disappointing for me on many levels. If you enjoyed OMV, you might actually like Master’s Sun. So Ji Sub was quite lovely in that too. 🙂


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  12. Hi, thanks for replying my message^^. Yes, I think he is someone that people can look up to in terms of his character and never giving up spirit. I think it’s cause of SJB that I decided to pursue my dream and never give up even if there are quite a number of my friends who are so sacarstic and criticize me in any other way. Anyways I recently read up a post that SJB is doing another drama called Oh My God with Shin Min-A. OMG can’t wait for it, both are my fav K-actors. Hopefully, you will be able to do a post or updates on it^^


    • Aw, that’s great Amanda, that So Ji Sub has inspired you to pursue your dream! Yay SJS and yay you! 😀 Yes, I saw the news about SJS’s upcoming drama with Shin Min Ah. I love Shin Min Ah, and her chemistry with SJS in their Giordano campaign is fantastic. I can’t wait to see them together in a drama – which means that a review post on the site is very likely 🙂


  13. Hey, I just came upon your website when I was so into searching more about SJS from his articles, interviews and even his songs after watching Master Sun’s again. There is a whole lot nice and gorgeous pics of him over here. SJS seems like a down-to-earth kind of guy and a versatile actor as well. Hope that I can see him acting in a historical drama one day^^. I feel like that there is nothing SJS can’t do from being a great actor, to being an amazing model, his rapping skills etc etc. Hope that you will post more things about SJS in the future^^


    • Hi Amanda, welcome to the blog! I’m glad you enjoyed this post about SJS, and the pictures too! I do like him as an actor, but more than that, I admire his confidence and tenacity in pursuing his passion, even when so many people sort of laugh at him for it. That takes strength of character, and he clearly has lots of it! 🙂


  14. Thanks for all ur SJS photos! I think he’s an amazing actor and model. Now i can actually see the real person.


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  16. Sorry, but… can anybody explain me about these different tattoos? i really don’t know much abou Ji Sub yet, but a get confused about these different pics with different tattoo in his army. You got it? Explain me, please :/


  17. Henney has a long way to go before he comes up to Mr So’s LEVEL. That is a term the Korean’s understand, i found out. Tell Henney to stop shinning his fingernails. An old USA expression. To stop patting himself on the back, and complementing himself. As Americans go, he is not all that wonderful.


    • Hi there, Joyce. I think there’s been a misunderstanding of some sort. I have never compared Daniel Henney and So Ji Sub in any way, and have not commented on my perception of either of their “levels” so I’m not sure where your comment is coming from.

      In fact, your earlier comment from yesterday also puzzled me. I have never intended to compare So Ji Sub and Daniel Henney, and the only reason that both of their names appear in this post is because Daniel Henney happened to be the subject of the Pure Pretty post before this one. I’m also puzzled by your reference to a “crazy contest” as I have no knowledge of such an event.

      Perhaps there is a misunderstanding around the concept of the Pure Pretty posts on this blog. If you visit the Pure Pretty page (here), you’ll get a better idea of what this category on the blog is about.

      Just because an actor or other celebrity is featured does not mean they are “only” pretty faces or have no acting talent. Neither am I saying that everyone featured in Pure Pretty is similar in terms of acting prowess or celebrity status. The concept of Pure Pretty is simple. It means I am focusing on the beautiful photos that the individual has taken, and the post is to celebrate that person’s appeal and charm.

      I try not to comment too much about each person’s acting prowess or career, as that’s not the point of the Pure Pretty post. In my K-love posts (here), though, I do say more about each actor, as these are actors that I am more familiar with, and have deep love for. As for who makes it to the Pure Pretty posts, it really depends. A lot of readers requested for Daniel Henney to be featured, and that’s how I ended up doing a post for him. After that post was published, a lot of readers then requested for So Ji Sub to be featured, and that’s how I ended up doing a post for So Ji Sub. Does that mean that we put the 2 men in a contest against each other? No, that didn’t happen at all. In fact, everything was very spontaneous and casual, and the order of appearance is certainly not an indication of preference. I hope that helps to clarify things, Joyce! 🙂


  18. Henney has a long way to go before he comes up to Mr So’s LEVEL. That is a term the Korean’s understand, i found out. Tell Henney to stop shinning his fingernails. An old USA expression. To stop patting himself on the back, and complementing himself. As Americans go, he is not all that cute.


  19. Please do not insult Mr So by putting him at the same level, as Daniel Henney. 1st of all, I have to adm that I do not know that much about Mr So but unless I am mistaken Mr So does not have one once of Irish blood trickling through his veins. Mr Henney is from the US. It is bad enough that Henney and Neeley aka Mr Kim took a spot that was not rightfully theirs. Together they make one full Korean male. I could not get over the fact that they were even included in that crazy contest. I have only known Mr. So’s name a couple of months after seeing him on youtube. I am not making this statement out of a blind hero relationship with Mr So. What is right is tight and these 2 things are not. I am an extremely principled person and that was wrong for so many reasons. Now, he is being insulted once again by saying we did Henney’s story and now we will do yours. It is just plain baloney. Mr So deserves an apology! Thanks


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  21. it’s okay Kfangirl , one tthing i love about you is your are being honest with what you feel and yet you are always accommodating in all of this fangirling stuffs….it’s just me…y’know i can’t help being shallow on this fangirling side of me…i just love my k-loves exert an effort and do something extra ordinary out of their comfort zone…..i can somehow understand what you feel…when i learned that So Ji Sub can rap i almost can’t believe it myself but somehow i learned to embrace the rapping skill he has and i love him more for that….;)… ❤


    • Aw ❤ And one of the things I love about you, evez, is your enthusiasm and your very big, roomy fangirl heart. It’s always a pleasure when you’re able to drop by. Hugs! 😀

      I know how that fangirl love works.. when fangirl love is big enough, it can cause us to like certain things that we didn’t like before. And embrace certain music that we didn’t before. And I must concede that SJS’s genuine passion for music is very appealing indeed. 🙂


  22. …still i haven’t finish MS…but just last Sunday i was able to watch his movie “Company Man”… i should say this man is one of my favorite k-actors since Whatever Happened in Bali……and i am so overwhelmed when i learned that he is a bestie of Song Seung Heon,,,so two of your pretty post are besties….and aren’t this man so yummy?…not only the looks and the honey colored skin…there is something special about this man…he’s one of the few k-actors that can render something extraordinaire…..this man can rap!…if you adore TOP coz of his low-baritone voice in rapping skills well, So Ji Sub can blow your mind when you hear him raps with those lovable droopy eyes…. allow me to share some of my favorite songs of his with Youhna and Huh Gak…y’know me, i am so in love with k-celebs who can sing…please do enjoy So Ji Sub with these vids…


    • Thanks for these, evez. 🙂 Not gonna lie, I find it really weird listening to him rap. 😛 I don’t know if it’s just me – after all, I don’t really know anything much about rapping, tbh! – I just can’t get used to the sound of him rapping. I do like the last vid of him singing though. I think he sounds better singing than rapping. He’s got quite a nice singing voice!

      And, as I always say, I just love that he is pursuing what he loves, even when not everyone can appreciate his efforts. That’s a man who won’t be easily swayed by others’ opinions, and I dig that. ^^


  23. Aaahhhhh I call him Mr. Cheekbones. He is one of those guys who just get better looking at he gets older.


  24. Thank you!!
    Those eyes, those eyes…


  25. Oh my god, yesssss. I do love me some So Ji-sub. And all these pictures are absolutely perfect. I have to admit, I have a soft spot for grungy, scruffy SJS. That unkempt hair, unshaven face, broody eyes… And just on the right side of dirty. I love it. I find it hella sexy. So it’s really no surprise that the film that cemented my love for him was Always (sometimes known as Only You). Gawd, boxer SJS in nothing but training pants doing core exercises. Humona humona.


    • Oh my, you totally hit the nail on the head! Just on the right side of dirty indeed. That’s exactly it! I don’t care for overly scruffy SJS.. I think it makes him look too much like a homeless man. 😛 Or like he hasn’t showered in days. Which isn’t that sexy, in my book! But when he’s just a touch scruffy, like he just rolled out of bed, very sexy indeed.

      And now I just have to watch that Always movie. You sell it extremely well, I must say! Boxer SJS in nothing but training pants doing core exercises. *Imagination already in overdrive* *cough*


      • Haha. You already used a gif from the movie in your post – the one with all that glistening abs. 😀 But I’m not sure if bloody, beaten up SJS would be up your alley if you don’t like him looking like a homeless man. However, I was also pleasantly surprised by how well he acted the role. I absolutely fell in love with his character, and there was one special scene towards the end that made me bawl into my fists. It also helps that I’m a Han Hyo-joo fan. 🙂


        • Heh. I kinda figured the gif had to be from the movie.. He looks so intense and so impressive, just in that gif! I don’t dig the homeless man look, but great acting & glistening muscle do make up for a lot..! 😉 Plus, I do like Han Hyo Joo, so that does help too ^^

          The reason I don’t watch that many k-movies is coz I’ve been burned more times than I care to remember, by bad endings. The breeziest show can end in heavy melodramatic tragedy, and it’s a rare thing indeed, for me to enjoy a k-movie all the way through. I check the movies out selectively.. usually with.. specific reasons in mind 😉


  26. This man is quite the sexxy one – even when he’s all cute and cuddly. I have humongous crush on him – hah hah! Thank you for this pure pretty post – and for making my day!


    • Aw! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, Byeol! 😀 I remember your deep love for Master’s Sun and So Ji Sub! I’m glad this dose of broody, sexy, sweet SJS brightened up your day! 😀


      • You have one heck of a good memory – I can barely remember what happened yesterday, let alone what I wrote about Master’s Sun and SJS 😀

        My love for Master’s Sun WAS a tad over-the-top, though! hah hah!


        • Tee hee. I think perhaps it was the OTT-ness of your Master’s Sun and SJS love that made your remark stand out in my mind, Byeol! XD I recall you said you rewatched the show multiple times! That’s some serious fangirl love right there! 😉


          • I would have never, in a million years, thought of myself as a fangirl. But actions speak louder than words and watching Master’s Sun three times in a row speaks volumes!

            Interestingly enough, Master’s Sun is the only thing I’ve watched So Ji Sub in (!!) and it ignited some serious fire for him – SJS has dethroned Hyun Bin from the top spot in my bias chart!

            By the way, SJS’s love for photography is real. I believe he even has a photo essay book published.


            • Tee hee. Fangirl love has a way of sneaking up on you and surprising you. Ask me how I know 😉 Lol! I really do love when it sneaks up on me, coz I never see it coming, and the surprise is part of the fun ^^ Like my Woobie love. ❤

              Ah, I know all about k-love dethronement! You’re not alone there either! I used to be a big Park Shi Hoo fan, but now I’m allll about Woobie. And yes, there were other transitions in-between as well. And now that you’re big on SJS, you should totally check out his other work! I’m told Ghost is good. And that he’s very sexy in the movie Only You. 😉

              Oh! Good to know his love for photography is real! I love a man with a passion. And I love that he’s into music AND photography. Naise.


              • Yah… fangirl love is like a two-by-four to the noggin, wot? 😀

                Also, I was in the process of acquiring more So Ji Sub watchables and was actually planning to watch ‘Only You’ when I was robbed – I mean, those damn thieves took ALL my gadgets! :-{{ So, I have to start the whole process again *sigh*

                At least one of my gadgets is back and I can once again *cough*stalk*cough* drool over the current love of my life! :DD


                • Oh dear. You were robbed?!???? That’s terrible!! I’m so sorry to hear that, Byeol! 😦

                  I’m glad you got one of your gadgets back, and that your inner fangirl is staying strong despite the circumstances! See, that’s major fangirl love right there – you’re most concerned about your SJS stuff and your loss of fangirl time when it comes to the loss of your gadgetry. You’re a bigger fangirl than you ever expected to be, seems like! But really, that’s how it is for most of us. I never expected to be a fangirl either, but there you have it, Woobie’s got pride of place, even on my phone lockscreen. 😛


                  • Yep – robbed. Life happens sometimes, wot?

                    I didn’t expect the SJS fangirling to last this long – but the fangirl love is strong in this one 😀

                    And I TOTALLY get your love for Woobie – I only ever saw him in ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ but he caught my eye despite his very small role – he has some fantastic charisma. I kept on thinking, “who is this guy?” – I’m sure you can tell I’m new to this whole drama thing :). I think if I saw him in a series where he played the lead, my Ji Sub-sshi could be dethroned from his top spot – and Woobie is so young too!! 😀


                    • I love how matter-of-fact you are, Byeol, about being robbed. Most people wouldn’t take it in their stride so well, but you’re totally rocking it, by dealing with it and moving on to stuff that you care more about. Salute! 😀

                      Tee hee. Woobie snuck up on me in School 2013, so you might enjoy checking him out there. (Yes, he’s so young, but man, he’s SOOO charismatic and so hawt, seriously!) He’s not quite the main character, but he is amazing in it, and I’ve watched it twice, loving him – and the show – both times. I don’t recommend Heirs as a drama, but if you’re curious, Woobie’s extremely charismatic in it as the resident bad boy. He hasn’t had a proper lead role yet, but I believe it’s only a matter of time before that happens. He’s making big strides with every role and people are loving him, viewers and sunbaes alike. I’d love to see him be a romantic lead soon! *daydreams & drools* 😉


  27. I know you like Shin Min Ah. Check out this CF with So Ji Sub and her. Gorgeous. Both of them. This needs to be added this pure pretty post for sure! lol.

    If this doesn’t scream CHEMISTRY or send any signals to any studio producers that they should be in a drama together, I’ll want to eat my hat!!

    Love the background song. It’s a cool instrumental called Intro by The XX.


    • Omomo!! The chemistry in this CF is through the roof!! Sizzle. When I first saw this CF, I’d noted the very natural chemistry between them, but now that I’ve upgraded my SJS-appreciating eyes, this CF sends me into a tizzy! You could power a small city with that electricity! XD

      And yes, I do love Shin Min Ah! It’d be great to see these two in a drama together! 😀


      • He has great chemistry with every woman he works with. He takes direction well and he does great work. I never had a thought that this couple is not right for each other. He strives hard to work well, with everyone. He is a good actor.


        • Yes, he’s a good actor and his hard work definitely shows. I don’t know that much about him, but from I’ve seen of his shows and his interviews, he strikes me as a very genuine, hardworking sort of guy. 🙂


  28. Wow these are hot. Awesome photos. I really like So Ji Sub. Even when he doesn’t say a word, like in Sorry, I love you. After watching that I was compelled to hunt down dramas where he actually spoke. My favorite with him is ‘Ghost’ or Phantom. The techie drama. I’m not for tattoos, but I’m always curious about the psychology behind a person’s choice in them. Now I want to know what his means. Looks like Atlas holding a diamond over Seoul? And then a movie clapboard? Curiouser and Curiouser.

    In his early dramas, before he sealed the deal as a brooding, rebel, type, he played the boy next door.

    First in 2001, So Ji Sub and Chae Rim won for best onscreen couple in ‘Cheers for the women’ now i MUST see that one. And I don’t believe it’s online. Boohoo. I will search.

    They reunited them the next year in We are dating now. It doesn’t get more boy next door than this! He literally plays the boy next door. lol They look so cute together.


    • Aw, SJS as the boy next door! That’s so cute! And so very different from the broody angst that’s been a mark of his image all these years ever since I’m Sorry, I Love You. These older dramas are such nostalgic fun to check out.. but they can be really hard to find. And often, tracking them down only gets you the unsubbed episodes. I hope you do manage to find it though! I’ve got Ghost lined up for sometime soon(ish), and it’s good to know that you liked it! 🙂

      As for the meaning behind his tattoos, you can read more about it in this interesting interview here. 🙂


  29. What a lovely Monday morning surprise! Merci!


    • Aw, YAY that this brightened up your Monday morning, Grace!! 😀 Also, relieved that SJS still floats your boat, since you’ve recently had a lot love for Lee Sang Woo 😉


  30. Ohhhhhh i hope you get to feature Kim Soo Hyun for Pure Pretty in the future ☺


    • Hee. I’ve got bad news and good news.. The bad news is, I don’t intend to feature Kim Soo Hyun for Pure Pretty. The good news is, it’s because I’ve already featured him in a k-love post. And those are more robust than the Pure Pretty posts 🙂 You can find the Kim Soo Hyun post here. Hope you likey! 😀


  31. He was in this movie about a gangsta who played as an actor


    • Oh, which movie is that? Would that be A Company Man? 🙂


      • It’s called Rough Cut, and his costar is Kang Ji Hwan.


        • Ooh, thanks Cherry! 😀 I just looked it up, and it sounds like an interesting premise! It’s listed as action-crime though. When I read the premise I thought it had great comedic potential! XD But maybe that’s just in my head. ^^


          • It does have some comedy, but it’s definitely more on the action-crime side of the spectrum. And I completely get the comedic potential, as that’s what I was thinking before I watched it. Just be aware that there is a good bit of graphic violence in the movie.


            • Sigh. Graphic violence is one of the things I don’t enjoy so much in k-movies. I watched Ahjusshi just to see what everyone was raving about, and the violence was really hard to watch. I kinda wish they’d gone with the comedic potential with Rough Cut. Kang Ji Hwan can be a total hoot, and now we know, so can So Ji Sub. I would love to see the comedy version of this! XD


  32. I love this post! SJS Is my fave … Thank you 😊


  33. Thanks for this post! I’m definitely drooling here 😉
    The pic above the gif is not SJS though, it has been photoshopped. Compare it to your 2nd pic in Gloriously shirtless category, look closely at his navel, they’re not the same 🙂


    • Gasp! You avid SJS fan, you! You do know his navel well! XD

      Thanks for the heads-up! The purist streak in me demands that I now remove the image from the post. If it’s not SJS, it doesn’t belong here, no matter how convincingly photoshopped! XD


  34. Lovely post as usual! Thank goodness So JiSub won in your poll. Haha. I love him so much. I swear I melt because of his stare. Also, thank you for the gloriously shirtless category. Totally made my day! 🙂


    • Aw, glad to have made your day, Janey!! 😀 Yay that you enjoyed this post!

      SJS does have a wonderfully broody, intense gaze.. It’s no wonder that you’re all melty! Also, the funny thing is, I didn’t even actually hold a poll. The ladies on FB just started it all by themselves. Someone suggested – or rather, requested – SJS, and before I knew it, I had a whole bunch of people seconding the request. He was a shoo-in ^^


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