Blogoversary Giveaway Winner! + Happy New Year!

Annyeong! Happy New Year everyone!! ❤

I hope 2014’s been treatin’ you nice so far!

I know, I’ve been a little bit MIA in the last couple of weeks, only surfacing periodically to answer comments. I’m sorry, you guys. I plead crazy-hectic-holiday-schedule. Both my Christmas and New Year weeks were packed to the gills with gatherings, lunches, dinners (or insert alternative meal) and other get-togethers.

On the upside, it made me feel really popular (ha). On the downside, I got a lot less drama on my screen, and a lot less time to chat with you (boo).

I didn’t forget the giveaway, though! And yes, it’s time to find out the winner of one gorgeous DVD box set of Queen In-hyun’s Man!

Queen In-hyun’s Man OST – 지금 만나러 갑니다

Thanks to everyone who entered the blogoversary giveaway – it was such a treat reading all your stories and getting to know how each of you fell in love with kdrama.

Many of your stories made me smile, giggle and laugh out loud, and also made me think back fondly to way back when Goong sucked an unsuspecting me into dramaland, on what appears to be a one-way ticket, no less!

I loved, too, how everyone jumped in on various conversations on the post, coz you found someone else on the thread with a similar kdrama love story. Like how DDee and Lady G discovered that they shared a gateway drama in Nice Guy! And I discovered that several of you have Boys Over Flowers to thank for your current residency in dramaland. All in all, just lots of super cool stuff! 😀

As promised, I have picked a winner, and the new owner of the QIHM DVD box set is…

[drum roll please…]


*wild applause* *showers confetti* *blows noisemaker*

Congratulations, mawiie (otherwise affectionately known as maknae.. or lil ninja. It’s a long story). Please send me an email with your preferred mailing address and I will send Kim Boong Do right on over to ya!

Also. Just in case there’s any suspicious eye-balling in our midst, kinda like so:

Let me assure everyone that no nepotism was practiced whatsoever in the selection of our winner 😉

All eligible entries were assigned a number, with subscribers to the blog receiving an additional chance to win as promised. The 34 entries were then run through an online random number generator to pick our winner.

Just so you know. And also, I just wanted a chance to put that picture up there, heh.

Some Thoughts Going Into 2014

I don’t exactly have any formal k-resolutions for the New Year, but looking back on 2013, I realize that I watched a lot less drama compared to before I started blogging.

Much as I enjoy writing reviews, chatting with you guys and making headers for the blog (not necessarily in that order; it really depends on my mood on any given day), I foresee a problem – well, several problems, really – if I keep watching as few dramas this year as I did last year.

Problem #1

I might eventually run out of things to write about. Simply because I’m not watching much drama. That’s probably not such an ideal situation for a blogger to be in. Right?

Problem #2

I would be a sad puppy. I’m a big kdrama lover at heart, so to keep sticking dramas on my want-to-watch list and just watch that list grow and grow while I fall epically behind the actual watching is a sad, sad thing. *sadface*

My Sort-Of Resolution

This year, I’ve decided to make drama-watching more of a priority.

I’m not sure how that’s going to work, exactly. Coz I still want to keep writing for the blog, and also chat regularly with you guys. Those are 2 of the funnest things about hosting the blog. And also 2 of the most time-consuming.

I’ll be experimenting to find a balance that works for me – and you! And the blog! – and at this point, I’m not quite sure what that’s going to look like.

I expect that some reviews will be shorter than others, although I fully expect to write a couple of epic reviews when a show excites and inspires me enough.

I also plan to keep on experimenting not only in terms of how I consume my drama, but also in how I tackle posts for the blog. For one thing, have you noticed that there are no Gong Yoo or Woobie pictures in this post?? That’s right, folks. Milestone. Hee.

I also expect that there will be times when I’ll post &/or answer comments in spurts, rather than in a regular fashion. It’s partly to make time for drama-watching, but also partly coz 2014 is looking to be rather busy on the Real Life front too.

I won’t forget about the blog or about you guys, though. Hold my hand:

We’ll make it work.

The meant-to-be loves always make it work ❤

And before I sign off, here’s my New Year wish for you.

May 2014 bring you lots of happiness, joy, love, health, peace and laughter. And when you find something (or someone! Eeeee!!!) to love and feel passionate about this year, may you have the courage to grab on tight and not let go:


And may you enjoy lots of cracktastic goodness in dramaland, dreamland (I know you k-dreamers are out there!) and Real Life Land.

Smooches, y’all.

Love ya. ❤

63 thoughts on “Blogoversary Giveaway Winner! + Happy New Year!

  1. Jaime the Drama Noona

    First off, a belated Super-Duper congratulations to mawiie!!!!!!!!!!! *throws confetti* That is awesome!

    Participating in the giveaway was a blast! I loved reading how everyone got into dramas and their journey through dramaland and the blogverse! What an excellent idea for a contest. It made me love the dramaland community even more. So a huge thumbs up to you Kfangurl! Yet another step in bringing us all closer together!

    I absolutely and wholeheartedly support your need to change your blogging in order to better fit your life! I really do hope that you’re able to find the right balance between moderating this giant community, posting blog entries, watching dramas, and life in general. If there’s anything I can do to help, just give me a shout!

    1. kfangurl

      Aw, YAY that you enjoyed the giveaway question, Jaime! 😀 That was THE big thing I wanted us to get out of it, besides finding an owner for the QIHM DVD box set. I wanted us to enjoy sharing our stories and hearing other people’s stories, and it was so much fun reading about everyone’s love affairs with kdrama! 😀

      Yes, I need to find a better balance, and I’m experimenting with some new ideas as I go 🙂 Thanks for the offer – I will keep that in mind! And, you’re already being a huge support, by being so understanding when I’m behind on comments! That’s very reassuring, and a big help in and of itself, so thank you! ❤

      1. Jaime the Drama Noona

        I really did enjoy it, very much. Getting the community involved and sharing stories like that makes the community even stronger. It was nice to see the journey other drama lovers have had and see that I wasn’t the only one who took the plunge with BOF.

        This month has really made me have to take a new look at my blog commitments, I have nothing like what you’re dealing with here, but I still had to make a few decisions and balance out my work commitments to my blogging commitments. I’m glad that I can help, even in a small way! Fighting!

        1. kfangurl

          Heh. You are absolutely not alone in drama-gateway-via-BOF! And it’s so cool, that as we learn more about one another’s drama stories, we realize that 1, we are not alone, and 2, we aren’t that weird after all, LOL! XD So many of us get weird looks from our friends and family when we talk kdrama that it’s just so NICE, to be assured that there are others like ourselves, out here in the blogosphere! ^^ Of course, you might not feel it as much as the rest of us, coz of the recent happy solidification of your hubs’ residency in dramaland! Seriously. A hubs who will watch drama and talk drama with you?? Where can I find one of those for myself? 😀

          January has been super busy for me too, and the blog’s been suffering from a bit of neglect because of it, I have to admit. I am super behind on posts, and am thankful for Lady G’s guest post, which is helping to bring goodies to the masses while I find my feet..! You seem to be managing nicely, though! You’re posting very frequently for a busy lady – I can hardly keep up just reading your new posts! XD

          1. Jaime the Drama Noona

            You are so right! Having the blogsphere to squee with makes me feel a whole lot less weird about my addiction. There are so many of us out there that it totally helps. LOL well yes I’ve got it easier than most I admit. The hubs is pretty much as addicted as I am! Not that he’ll openly admit it, but we have loads of conversations about the dramas we’re watching and what to watch next. It is so nice! If I find another one like him I’ll be sure to ship him off to you! hehe 😉

            I loved Lady G’s guest spot post! What a wonderful review and how lucky that she was able to see it in the theater! Totally jealous of that experience. I wasn’t expecting to be able to keep up with posting like I have. I must admit that it is an addiction and sometimes I’ll stay up way super late to write a post instead of sleep. So far I haven’t regretted that choice in the morning when I’m exhausted lol. But some of my posts are super easy like the Noona Killer and Omo Oppa. They are just pictures of lovelies to look at. Plus those are the most popular posts I have and since they’re easy to manage I have just kept going. Awww I’m honored that you’re squeezing in time to read my stuff at all, thanks Sunbae-nim!!

            1. kfangurl

              Right?!?? I genuinely feel like only my blogosphere friends actually understand my relationship with kdrama. No one else in my Real Life thinks it’s normal to want to talk in-depth about drama. Just the fact that I can rattle off actor’s names and drama titles etc makes my drama-watching friends look at me funny. Here, though, EVERYONE rattles off those things like it’s the most natural thing in the world! In fact, many of us even go with initials and abbreviations, which is a level up! Here, we are all normal. Which is one the reasons the blogosphere is such a great place to hang out ^^

              Ahh.. so you’ve been skimping on sleep in order to bring us k-lovelies! Such dedication! I hope your busy period eases off soon, so that you can get some sleep! Sleep IS important, otherwise soon you’ll be exhausted, and may even stop making sense in your posts! *GASP* THE HORROR! ^.~

              1. Jaime the Drama Noona

                I really-really appreciate the blogsphere because I can openly squee here. The hubby will only put up with so much gushing about actors in one sitting lol. So I still very much need and appreciate the blogsphere for that purpose!

                I know, I know! Things are easing up for me at work, in fact this week should be the last terribly busy week for me. Then I’ll be back to normal. I promise that I will start getting the proper amount of sleep very soon. I can’t let the blogsphere be without my posts! LOL kidding of course.

                1. kfangurl

                  This is true. The only people who can put up with the amount of k-squee that we have to offer are other drama fans in the dramaverse. You came to the right place, Jaime 😉 We drama fans have the inexplicable stamina to spazz and dissect and gush about dramas for extended periods of time. You will never run dry here, I can promise you that! ;D

                  Yay that things are going to ease up for you soon-ish. Although you’ve managed to pop in fairly regularly, I have still felt your absence somewhat – it’ll be great to have you back properly! ❤

                  1. Jaime the Drama Noona

                    I am uber thankful to you guys here in the dramaverse for allowing me to squee to my heart’s content! It makes a difference, having people to discuss in detail all those things you love about the dramas we’re watching.

                    I am definitely looking forward to my slower schedule I want to get back to commenting regularly! Its about all I can manage to keep up with the posts for my blog and comments there! And even then I’m slow heh. Aww thanks! I’ve missed chatting with you regularly! Hopefully I’ll be back very soon!

                    1. kfangurl

                      Oh yes, it does make a difference – a HUGE difference! – to be able to talk freely among fellow drama fans who GET your drama love. I know that’s definitely true for me and for lots of other folks in the blogosphere too. How many blogs are started purely because the blogger just didn’t have any other outlet for their drama thoughts? Coz all their Real Life family & friends didn’t understand? I actually think this is one of the big reasons we drama fans stick together so well. 🙂

                      Yeah, I’m definitely behind on comments myself.. These couple of weeks have been super hectic. It’s a busy work period, AND Chinese New Year is coming, AND my sister and bro-in-law are here with my new nephew. So I’m definitely playing catch-up as well. But similar to you, I hope to be more on top of things for the blog soon-ish. Fighting, us! ^^

                    2. Jaime the Drama Noona

                      That’s so true. I started my blog because at the time I hadn’t convinced the hubby to join me in my addiction of dramas. I needed a place to gush about all these shows that I was falling in love with and my k-crushes too! It has been a truly amazing journey. Even though I can talk actors/actresses and discuss shows with the hubby I still need all you brilliant blogverse peoples for my squees! And the dramaland blogverse has become a part of my drama experience. I loved watching dramas before blogging, but it is even better now. There are loads of reasons for it, but a huge one is that I have so many friends all over the world who are just as excited about all things drama as I am!

                      Happy Chinese New Year!! And that’s so exciting to have your family and new nephew in town! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the both of us that we will find our footing in February and get caught up again!

                    3. kfangurl

                      You’re so right. My drama experience has taken on much more depth, breadth and excitement ever since I started getting active in the blogosphere. I’m watching fewer dramas, yes (I’m still workin’ on fixing that!), but the depth of the discussion, and the breadth of opinions and even drama recommendations definitely makes up for it. And the shared excitement and combined squee is definitely not to be sniffed at either! It’s just way better being part of the blogosphere than not ^^

                      Thanks! It’s been an extra hectic Chinese New Year – I should say Lunar New Year, to be more exact – coz we’ve got more people around, and a 3.5 month old baby definitely makes up a big part of that equation. It’s been good times, though. The nephew has been a hit, charming everyone with lots of smiles. He’s gonna be a noona slayer, I guarantee it! 😉

                    4. Jaime the Drama Noona

                      The blogsphere really does add a whole new level to watching dramas. I feel like I enjoy the shows more and am learning more about the culture, actors, and writers through discussion with my fellow bloggers. It is really beyond what I had expected when I created the blog in the first place.

                      My drama watching has changed too and I’m still new lol, I’m not sure that is a good or bad thing. I took the plunge and started to live watch not one but two shows. Then I’m watching a show with my hubby too. Outside of that I haven’t watched anything else. I used to marathon the older shows in my free time. Now I manage my blog, work on my fan story, and read other people’s blogs a lot more than I actually watch. But, you know what I’m pretty happy with how it is working at the moment. I’m sure it will continue to change and evolve.

                      Oh yeah a baby can totally change the dynamic of a gathering! I’m sure he captured everyone’s hearts about a thousand times over, that is the superpower of babies! Cheers to the future Noona Killer!!!

                    5. kfangurl

                      Oh yes, blogging changes everything too. Having a space to take care of does definitely eat into drama time as well, but it’s such a gratifying experience creating and nurturing that space that it really does make up for the fewer drama hours. But therein lies a paradox that I never knew until I started blogging. The more I blog, the less time I have for drama. But, I write about dramas. So less drama time is actually a big blogging challenge! If I’m not careful, I could literally run out of things to write about! XD

                      And just coz I can, here’s a peek at the 3.5 month old noona slayer.

                      He’s a real charmer too. He had all the ladies wrapped around his little finger with his slightly lopsided smile.

                    6. Jaime the Drama Noona

                      I’m only a few months into this experience, but already I feel a sense of responsibility for the blog that I totally wasn’t expecting! My feelings and ideas on blogging were similar to yours in the respect that I thought I could just quit at the drop of a hat. It was a whim, just a little place for me to gush about the stuff I was obsessing over. However, even now with the blog being so young I don’t feel I can drop it anymore. And truthfully, I don’t want to. I’m enjoying this adventure a whole lot.

                      That is a terribly conundrum! I haven’t yet come to that dilemma, however, my blog is a tiny place comparatively. Though as a visitor to your space I can almost imagine the amount of work that it takes to keep this community alive!

                      Omo! Look at him! Those eyes, he could totally melt an entire room with one little smile I’m sure of it! I can see why he had all the ladies wrapped around his finger!

                      This is my little monster, he’s 5.

                      I’ll have to upload a picture without the hat on at some point, he wants to have long hair like Thor so we haven’t cut it all year. His luscious golden locks are the downfall of many a lady that he meets.

                    7. kfangurl

                      Well the time that goes into the blog isn’t only coz of the community and the comments.. I spend way more time writing reviews than I first imagined I would. I tend to go longer than I intend. Almost always. I’m trying to learn to be more concise. At least by a little bit 😉

                      Omo. Such rosy cheeks and such huge eyes! And those lashes! Plus he looks like such a cheerful little man too. It’s no wonder your son is such a little charmer! ;D

                    8. Jaime the Drama Noona

                      Your reviews are amazing too! I don’t have the staying power to get that in depth with a show. I sort of just go off the cuff and talk about my feels and call it good haha. We should help one another out. I’m trying to be a bit more in depth! Lol we could trade off our skills a little and meet right in the middle.

                      He is a good looking little man isn’t he? Yeah he could charm the pants off pretty much anyone. The bad thing is that he knows it and uses that knowledge to his advantage!

                    9. kfangurl

                      Lol. How does this skill trade thing work again? I’m trying to learn brevity. I think I’ve made progress, but my short(er) is still other people’s wow-that’s-long! XD I’m churning out reviews that are half the length of my epic monster reviews, and that’s.. still about 7,000 words. XD I should be thankful that people actually still want to read my stuff, considering the age of fleeting internet attention spans that we live in! *counts blessings*

                      Ooh. Your son the knowing noona slayer! 😉 Like any good kdrama, I suppose he just needs to meet his match in a bossy, charming little girl who won’t have any of his lady-killer nonsense! XD

                    10. Jaime the Drama Noona

                      Once I figure it out I’ll be sure to tell you all the secrets 😉 Wow, chingu that is one heck of a review! My chapters for my k-drama novel are only about 5,000 words and I thought they were long! hehehe But if you’ve already cut down your reviews by half that’s a good step in the right direction for being more concise! So congrats there! Of course people want to read your stuff, you’re a Sunbae in the blogging world who’s opinion we respect and skills at discussing shows we admire!

                      LOL yup he knows just what to do to make all the ladies swoon. Indeed, he just needs a gal who has spirit and can keep him in his place! hahaha love it

                    11. kfangurl

                      Hee. There’s a reason they’re called epic, monster reviews, lol XD I think the longest one is 15,000 words, and a couple are around 13,000. Since I determined to aim for brevity, the average has hovered around 6-7,000 words. I don’t discount the possibility of more epic reviews, when the right drama comes along and inspires the writer in me. But having that as a norm, I’ve realized, is just way too crazy. I’d be spending all my time writing, not watching dramas. And we know how that vicious cycle goes. I’d end up with no more dramas to talk about! XD

                      Lol, your son needs a mini Shin Min Ah, that’s what!! Someone who’d glare at him and put up a strong girly fist to back the glare, all while charming his socks off with her cuteness. That would be SOOO adorable!! 😀

                    12. Jaime the Drama Noona

                      Seriously, those are some epic reviews! If that continues to be the norm I can’t imagine you being able to do much else other than write! I can absolutely understand the need to find some balance with that. It would be a total shame to run out of dramas that you’ve watched because you’ve been writing monster reviews! Are you happy with the 6-7,000 word reviews? Or are you looking to make them even shorter?
                      Omo! Yes! A hundred times yes! A teeny-tiny Shin Min Ah is exactly what my little man needs to keep him in line. So freaking cute!

                    13. kfangurl

                      I’m still searching for balance, but I am finding that those 6-7,000 word reviews and doing quite nicely. They’re short enough to make me feel like I’m being more efficient, yet long enough for me to feel like I gave the show due consideration, and build in some squee too 😉 I also find that when I’m low on inspiration to write, nomming on drama in a stretch tends to make me feel better and more inspired in one. A good discovery, though I haven’t quite gotten the hang of harnessing it properly. Sometimes I think it runs away with me. I’ve ended up watching more drama and writing less, HA.

                      And, now that I’ve met your little man, I totally stand by my words: a mini Shin Min Ah is EXACTLY what he needs, LOL! XD

                    14. Jaime the Drama Noona

                      My balance is shifting towards writing lots of posts. And each episode review for Emergency Couple is getting longer and longer and longer… The review for episode 12 was 1,845 words. Considering that previously each episode review was around 500 words… that is pretty huge for me! That combined with squee reviewing both INR 3 and Emergency Couple I feel like I have been posting so much!

                      I think you’re on the right track for balance. Perhaps someday I’ll be able to produce such in depth and insightful reviews! I know that I love reading your review posts! I’m glad that you’ve found a better balance, even though you’re still figuring it out. I’m just glad you’ve found a way to continue even though they are smaller. Hey watching more dramas isn’t a bad thing at all! Because last time it was going in the other direction, too much writing and not enough watching!

                      You are so-so write! My little guy needs a mini Shin Min Ah of his own. She’s saucy enough to keep him in line and yet sweet enough to be best buddies with him! Now I must find this magical little girl! hehe

                    15. kfangurl

                      It’s not just a feeling, Jaime, you HAVE been posting a whole lot! Good on you, for pushing out so many posts! I feel tired just thinking about posting so frequently! XD I guess I just don’t have it in me to be the frequent-poster kinda blogger? 😛

                      And talking about balance, my Master’s Sun review, which I just finished, is just under 5,000 words! That’s more progress! 😀 Actually, it’s a show that I’d been dragging my feet about reviewing, since I didn’t love it as much as everyone else, so it took me that long to muster up the inspiration to finish the review, ha. XD And in the meantime, I HAVE been getting drama on my screen, so YAY ME, LOL! 😀

                      As for little ladies that might just knock over your little man with cuteness, how about this little contender? ;D

                    16. Jaime the Drama Noona

                      Lol yeah I looked back at the last few weeks and I have been doing 4 posts a week of recaps for Emergency Couple and I Need Romance 3. And Monday for me when Secret Love Affair starts I’ll be adding that into the mix. At least I Need Romance 3 is done and I don’t have to look at it again. And… to top it off hehe I’ve started to watch Kimi wa Petto, a Japanese Noona Romance… and will probably go back and recap it too lol. I think I might have a mental disorder. I’m obsessed and addicted and I can’t stop!

                      You’re the epic post and deep insight kind of blogger that we blogsphere newbies look up to! If my 1,700 word posts could be even a fourth as insightful as your posts I’d feel utterly blessed! As it is I’m learning to be happy just putting out my squee filled recaps and leaving the in depth dissecting of shows to my Sunbaes.

                      I just read your review!!! I haven’t had a chance to comment yet, I figured I should respond to the comments in my notifications that have been growing bigger and bigger lol. I’m glad you’re getting more drama on your screen, that is a very good thing!

                      I saw that clip and died from the utter adorableness of that little girl!!! She’s just what my son needs hehehe!!

                    17. kfangurl

                      Omo. That is a pretty crazy posting schedule you’ve got going there, Jaime! That’s.. SIX WHOLE recaps a week! 0.o I don’t think I could ever do that. I salute you, chingu. You’ve got more stamina than I do! 😛 I put out maybe 2 posts a month, and even then, it’s not a sure thing! XD

                      Aw, take your time to comment on the TMS review – it’ll still be there when you’re good and ready ^^ I know about notifications stacking up – I’ve become a stacker too! 😛 In the spirit of compartmentalizing and making time for drama, I’ve started stacking up notifications. And while it works, it also means that the stack gets more and more intimidating with each passing day, Lol! On the upside, I’m getting drama on my screen!! 😀 I got up to the last leg of YFAS, and then realized I was more in the mood for AM1994, which I’ve been marathoning for the last 2 days. 10 eps in, I really am enjoying it so far, flaws and all. I hope it holds up! ^^

                      Yes, isn’t she completely SCRUNCHABLE??? I freaking nearly imploded when she wiggled her shoulders while impishly grinning, “choaa~~” Eeeee!! HOW CAN ANYONE BE THIS CUTE?!??? You should totally show the clip to your son. Though I bet after he sees her, he won’t be so quick to pronounce all your friends “pretty” – HAHA. XD

                    18. kfangurl

                      Isn’t he??? 😀 I’d love to say that he takes after his aunt (ahem), but those ridiculously long eyelashes come from his dad. As do his dashing good looks ^.~

                    19. kfangurl

                      Hee. If you’d come visit, we’d be happy to give you lots of cuddle time. He’s a pretty easy-going baby. Most of the time. 😉

                    20. kfangurl

                      Deal. Don’t take too long, or you might be hugging an 18-year-old instead ;D LOL! But hey. That may not be a bad deal either? ^.~

                    21. dewaanifordrama

                      hahaha I think that within the next few years I should make it to Singapore! It will be one of my goals actually, sort of like a bucket-list item: visit kfangurl!

                    22. kfangurl

                      D’AW!!! 😀 You are UBER SWEET, chingu ❤❤❤ I look forward to your visit! Just so you know, the nephew doesn’t live here, so we’d need to coordinate your visit to coincide with his! ^^

  2. Asotss

    A fantastic, healthy and surprising year to you all, filled with lots of k-drama delights of course 😉 And on this particular department, it seems to start pretty well for our winner mawiie, congrats !

    I wish you to find out the balance you are looking for, kfangirl, but honestly as soon as you don’t give up the blog we’ll be happy. I was about to say that I owe you my Jang Hyuk epiphany and that I seriously planned to be in debt again. Especially since I fall on a Jung Woo-Sung banner today (Is it safe to say you’re a fan ?) But actually, I am just looking forward to reading whatever you ‘ll have in stock for us this year.

    1. kfangurl

      Aw! Happy New Year, Asotss!! 😀 Yes, 2014 seems to be starting off quite nicely, drama-wise.. Not only for mawiie too, coz I’m feeling such a sense of YES-that-hits-the-sweet-spot-THIS-is-why-I-love-kdrama with You From Another Star, and that makes me very happy indeed! 😀

      Hee. YAY that I got you on the Jang Hyuk train coz he honestly is one hawt man. Especially when he’s swaggering around shirtless wearing a goatee and a mane of glory. THUNK. And yes, I do enjoy Jung Woo Sung very much! He’s another talented manly man that’s worth keeping on your radar! I hope to bring y’all at least several k-love posts on my more medium-sized k-loves this year.. The posts will definitely be shorter and less epic than my posts for GY, Jang Hyuk and Woobie, but I hope you enjoy them when I do eventually post them! ^^

  3. ChubbyDimpled Muffin

    Happy New Year!!! I trust that everybody entered the new year well. Congrats Mawiie ^^.

    I hope that your k-resolutions are accomplished seamlessly well and I look forward to the changes in the blog. Though I might miss the bucket loads of GY pix teehee 😛 .

    1. kfangurl

      Happy New Year to you too, muffin!!! 😀

      Aw, don’t worry, we will definitely still see more GY pix on the blog – how could I completely stop, right?? XD Plus, you ladies are free to keep sharing GY goodies on the GY thread as you’ve always done – that will help to keep the GY pix flowing around here! I decided to do something different for this post, just to see how it feels. Plus, all those QIHM pix were just too cute, I couldn’t pass them up ^^

      Lookin’ forward to much more chatting and spazzing with you and the other ladies this year, muffin! 😀

  4. Joey

    Congratulations mawiie! I should really watch this drama as well. OTL

    I agree 100% with your New Year “Resolutions”! What’s the fun of blogging about dramas if you never get to watch them? I also support your possible future changes to the blog and how you run it (I.E. Review length, updating about scenes and characters and stuff – which sounds like a great idea, mawiie! – including more pictures of other actors than just Gong Yoo and Woo Bin… Well, maybe not that last one xD Etc.) You should do what makes you happy – but a good compromise to giving a little of what your readers want is good as well.

    Happy New Year EVERYBODY! *blows noise-maker* *startles cat* Woops. <>


    1. kfangurl

      Hee. Your noisemaker startling the cat made me giggle, Joey! XD Happy New Year to you too!!

      And yes, you should totally watch QIHM, coz it’s awesome ^^ It’s well-written and well-executed, and the OTP is super adorable together. Reactions were mixed towards the ending that the show served up, but it was an ending that I essentially liked and could makes sense of. If that makes sense.

      Thanks for the support on the k-resolutions! I’ll be figuring things out as I go, but yes, I do expect things to evolve as we go. There will likely still be pix of GY and Woobie (coz I can be a pretty one-track-mind fangirl, heh), but yes, I hope to bring you guys more variety too. A bit of spotlight on some of my medium-sized k-loves sounds like a good thing to explore this year, looks like 😉

  5. evez

    P.S. And whatever experimental things or adjustments in store to your blog for the year 2014 I am with you always coz you know me… I am a certified 100% kfangirl verdict follower…let’s hope for the best for this year and for the coming year!!!.. <3 love and kisses..

    1. kfangurl

      Ahhh!!! “a certified 100% kfangirl verdict follower” – you certainly made my day, evez!! 😀 😀 😀 That is probably the sweetest thing anyone has said on the blog! ❤

      I’m hoping that the adjustments will translate into more posts for the blog, and that this year, we’ll have as much fun – if not more! – chatting and sharing and spazzing as we’ve been doing. ^^

  6. evez

    Aww!..congrats to mawiie!.c”,) ..and happy 2014 everyone!..I am sure everyone had a great time with your family..<3..when I first read about this lovely giveaway kfangirl I really felt delighted!…and I do really want to join in however not because of the giveaway but I want to share and express my thoughts on why I fell in love with Korean dramas…I wanted to give my thoughts before the given cut off time but holiday festivities had shortened my time to do extra things such as opening this site, mostly I am into mobile and only able to update through FB account…

    …Enjoy the QIM mawiie it's a good one!..and congrats again!.. 😉

    1. kfangurl

      Aw! As always, you are a super sweetheart, evez ❤ Indeed, the main fun of the giveaway was more to hear everyone’s kdrama love stories, on top of actually picking an owner for the QIHM DVD box set. If you still want to, and if you have the time, we’d still love to hear your story, evez! ^^

    1. kfangurl

      Yeppers. Watch more write less should be my motto and mantra for 2014. Hopefully that will ironically bring about more frequent and more varied posts, lol.

      Have a great 2014, chingu. May every new day be better and more joyful and healthful than the one that went before. That’s my wish for you. Smooches ❤

  7. mawiie

    Whuuu?? I was half asleep when I checked this post (my unhealthy habit of checking emails as soon as I open my eyes). So it was not a dream?? What a great way to start the new year unnie, thank you!!!!

    See? Watching drama led me to new-found friendship and even more dramas hehe ^^

    I understand your woes of a blogger, especially since you must probably pour hours into those awesome epic reviews! I hope you’ll find a way to balance everything, since we definitely want to keep having you in the blogosphere 😛 Maybe some highlights of scene from what you’re currently watching? That way, you can spazz about your current love, and if you end up reviewing the whole series at least you already have some key moments covered 😛

    Happy new year everyone! I’ll try to stop by more often. As the newbie, I should pay respect to all my unnies ^^

    1. kfangurl

      Lol. You’re not alone, maknae. I check my messages too, the moment I open my eyes. It’s understandable that you had to double-check that it wasn’t all a dream! XD

      Thanks for the suggestions, lil ninja.. I will definitely keep them in mind as the blog continues to grow and evolve this year. I don’t want to stop writing epic reviews entirely, but I’ve decided that really, not all shows are worthy. In fact, with the patchy quality of dramas these days, more often than not, they’re not worth the hours and effort, so I plan to be a lot more selective in where I spend my time this year. I’ll probably still write about most of the shows I watch. Enforcing selective brevity is going to be one of my first challenges 😉

      And yes, do stop by more often – a lil ninja maknae is always good to have around. Y’know. To order aro-.. I mean, to love. Hee.

      1. mawiie

        YAAA-… I meant Uniiiiiiiie~~~ ! *whines*

        Seriously though, I went back and read back some old reviews of yours the other day, and omg you just went from shorter length to so-epic-it’s-literally-crashing-my-browser LOL

        1. kfangurl

          I know, right?!?? XD The reviews used to be so manageable, and then one day, Gaksital happened and epic reviews became A Thing. I still want them to be A Thing on the blog, but I’ve realized that they can be A Thing, without being The Thing. (Gosh, now I feel like I’m talking about a monster. Y’know. The Thing. HAHA.) Middle Ground. Imma finding it this year. For sure. I hope. Ha.

          Also. *ruffles* lil maknae is oh-sho-cute even when whining to her unnie ^.~

    1. kfangurl

      Aw. Thanks, dear kaiaraia.. You are always so supportive and encouraging. It means a lot ❤ I hope to keep bringing interesting posts to you guys this year!

  8. Shi Yun

    awww congratulations mawiie!! happy new year! ^^
    wow how this works? I’m so new to this blog that i am so surprised there’s a giveaway hahah (PS: i thought this blog was all about updates on kpop idols haha)

    1. kfangurl

      Hee. Your comment made me giggle, Shi Yun!! Coz of all the blogs out there, mine is probably the one that talks about kpop the least! XD I am a big drama girl, but not much of a kpop girl, with few exceptions. The one post I have about kpop is here, and it’s not even recommendations from me. LOL.

      The giveaway is something I held for the blog’s anniversary. If you’re curious about the details of how that worked, you can check out the original post here. ^^

  9. Lady G.

    Aww, so sweet. I hope for good things this new year too. Taking it one day at a time. 🙂 I know your blog is going to be great this year. Stick to those resolutions, they are good. Go back to watching and wait for inspiration, don’t let it become a chore. And hey, if you write shorter posts that’s fine, because that could mean MORE posts! 🙂 Maybe dedicate one just to the soundtrack of the drama, then another to a particular character, etc. It’s still fun that way and opens up for more discussions.

    Congratulations on your fabulous win, mawiie!!

    1. kfangurl

      Aw! Thanks, Lady G!! ❤ I’m looking forward to another year of chatting and sharing and spazzing with ya! 😀 It’s always such a pleasure hearing your thoughts!

      Thanks for the vote of confidence and the support! I hope to bring more reviews and other posts to everyone this year. Selective brevity is one of my goals, heh.

  10. NeeNee

    Happy New Year! May you have a great new year and find that drama-watching and drama-writing balance that you are looking for. I know it’s a hard thing to do. I realized this past year that I started many dramas (an insane amount) only to never finish them. My goal is to actually try to finish the dramas I start (providing they aren’t so bad that its torture to watch, lol).

    Looking forward to 2014! May it bring better dramas, more discussions, and more friends.

    1. kfangurl

      Happy New Year, NeeNee!! 😀 I am always in awe of the number of dramas you manage to check out AND write about! Salute, seriously. I don’t know how you manage to bend time and space to do what you do, but you certainly seem to be a master at it! 😉

      Indeed, may 2014 bring us more and better dramas, and here’s to more chats, squees and spazzes with all our friends in the dramaverse! *clinks virtual champagne glass*

      1. NeeNee

        *clinks virtual champagne glass back*

        Thanks for everything! I blush at your compliments. It boils down to be not really having a life 😛 I live with my grandparents as I’m taking care of them, so I don’t get out much. It’s home, work, home, work. Thus…I watch a lot of dramas and blog about them.

        I am anxiously awaiting the start of the new drama year. I really do hope we get some good ones that make up for the somewhat lackluster and underwhelming last year.

        1. kfangurl

          Aw. I think it’s super sweet that you live with and take care of your grandparents, NeeNee!! 😀 That is something not everyone can do.. You’ve got a good heart, is what it is! ❤

          Also. I work from home, so I am often home too. Yet, even with my flexi schedule, I don’t get around to checking out or writing about even half of the number of dramas you do. So I still think you’ve got some mad skills, bending time and space! 😉 And I’m so glad I’m not the only one who felt 2013 was underwhelming drama-wise. 2014 looks to be off to a promising start, though. I’m loving You From Another Star 3 eps in, and I’m seeing a lot of love for it in general. So.. fingers crossed for a much better 2014 for us in dramaland! And in Real Life too of course! ^.~


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