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How To Embed Photos in the Comments & Other Mysteries


Have you ever felt bemused / puzzled / left out / like you weren’t one of the cool kids / all of the above when you see other people blithely embed videos and photos in the comments sections of various posts on the blog?

Do you also get the same expression on your face that Gong Yoo’s wearing in the pic above, furrowing your brow & squinting your eyes, when you try your darndest to embed stuff in the comments, but somehow, it just doesn’t work?

Worry no longer, my friends! Help is at hand.

The doctor, as they say, is in.

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to hurt one bit ^.~

So this is definitely a post that’s off the beaten track for me. You’ll probably have noticed by now, that my posts are usually either reviews-driven, fangirling-driven, or musings-driven. And that’s pretty much it, really.

Today’s post, though, is comments-driven. Yay for braving new boundaries? ๐Ÿ˜‰

A Bit of Background

Some (most?) of you would’ve noticed that over time, the comments sections on various posts on this blog have evolved to become more like threads &/or forums where fangirls with a common passion share goodies & tidbits with one another. (Gosh, I so love that evolution, seriously!)

In particular, this happens a lot on the k-love related posts, although the reviews and musings do get some love as well.

Recently, we saw a distinct surge in goodies shared in the k-love related posts, partly coz the number of active commenters has increased, and also partly coz the number of available goodies out there has also increased, thanks to promotion rounds for premiering movies & such. (Yay for promotion rounds!)

Along with the surge in sharing also came a bit of a surge in frustration, as various commenters tried to embed stuff in the comments but weren’t successful.

Today, in particular, I was inspired to write this post, triggered by a comment left by regular commenter & resident unnie of the blog, kaiaraia:

So I looked online, and I’m fairly certain that the particular plugin mentioned by kaiaraia is only applicable to sites, and I’m still on

At the same time, there is a way to embed images on, and rather than let the explanation be brief and then buried among a whole thread of comments in my Gong Yoo post, I thought I’d make this more detailed post instead, which would then be easily accessible to everyone.

In fact, as I got to thinking about constructing this post, I figured it’d be a good place to also unveil the mysteries around embedding YouTube videos and even using a bit of HTML, specifically, the <a> href attribute, or what I like to think of in my head as titled URLs. (It’ll make sense later, I promise)

A Quick Caveat

First of all, I apologize. My blog theme just doesn’t accept the usual HTML codes for stuff like italicizingย orย bolding textย in comments, as some of you have probably already realized.

You can type in the code, sure, but nothing will happen. Your text will appear in the comments as if you’d never included any of the code to begin with.

So if you tried it, and it didn’t work, it’s not you. It’s the blog. Really. Blame it on the blog ๐Ÿ˜‰

But! We can still have fun embedding stuff in the comments, which we’re gonna (finally) dive into now.

Are you ready?

1. Embedding YouTube Videos

So I figured starting with the easiest one would be best. And embedding YouTube videos really is the easiest-peasiest thing.

First of all, let me show you an example of a non-embedded YouTube link, shared by my friend DDee:

As you can see, the link simply appears as a url, which you can then open in a new tab or new window, to watch it directly on YouTube.ย And that works great too, I might add.

For those who wish to embed their YouTube videos in the comments, though, all you need to do is to hit enter, such that your YouTube url stands on a fresh new line all by its lonesome self.

Here’s a real-life example where I used that neat little trick in a reply to blog reader Asotss today. When constructing the comment, it looked like this:

And once I clicked on Post Comment, it looked like this:

Whee!! Easy-peasy, right?? ๐Ÿ˜€

Edit: Important Note!

When embedding more than one YouTube video, do hit Enter twice after each url, so that there’s an empty line between your links, which will then enable your multiple vids to embed properly.

Here’s an example, which was a comment left by blog regular evez today ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Embedding Photos


Boo. Terrible news, everyone. It turns out that the instructions I’d painstakingly put out here for the embedding of photos only works for your own blog.

Upside: If you’re a blogger, you can now use these instructions for the comments sections of your own blog.

Downside: These instructions won’t work on someone else’s blog, even if you’re currently logged in to WP. The reasons for that are what I found below:

In the meantime, I haven’t found an alternative solution, and as I understand it, plugins don’t apply to blogs.

My sincere apologies, especially to sweet kaiaraia, who determinedly tried and failed multiple times on the comments section of this post. T.T

I’m really sorry.

Going forward, my dear readers, you can just paste the url of the photo that you want to share, & I will embed them as we go, since I have editing rights to your comments. Is that ok?

Now, for those of you reading who have your own blogs, here are the instructions for how to embed photos in the comments section of your blog.


Before we begin, here’s an example of sharing a photo without embedding:

Again, that works great on its own as well, so no judgment, ya’ll, if you prefer not to embed the pix going forward.

If you do prefer to embed a photo though, here’s what you do.

First of all, ensure that the photo that you want to embed is hosted somewhere on the internet, and has its own url.

I’ve had success embedding photos hosted by wordpress, photobucket and even Facebook. No go with flickr though, I’m afraid.

Basically, you want the url that links directly to the photo and not the site on which it sits, so if you were to click the url, you’d see something like this:

See that blue arrow? That’s the url you want.

When viewing the photo in Photobucket, you want to use the Direct Link over the other options, like so:

Once you’ve got the url, this is the code that you want to use, on a brand new line in your comment:

<img src=”insert photo url here” title=”text” width=380 />

So before I show you how that works, let’s break it down a little.

We already know the bit about the photo url, so next up is the title. If you give your photo a title, it won’t show up immediately when you post your comment, but when you or others mouse over the embedded photo, the title that you’ve given the photo will show up, like so:

So of course, you don’t have to include a title, in which case, you would type the code as:

<img src=”insert photo url here” title=”” width=380 />

Now, what’s this about the width? It’s an optional component of your code, which is mainly used to limit the width of your photo, in case you’re using a really big photo. You can adjust the number according to the number of pixels that you desire, and it should work, barring the limits of the width of your comment.

If you don’t think you need that bit, then omit the width part of the code completely, like what I did here:

See what I did? I included the photo’s url, decided not to add in a title, and decided I didn’t need to do anything about the width of the photo.

And this is what showed, once I clicked on Post Comment:

There. That wasn’t so hard now, was it? ๐Ÿ˜€

Important Note!

One thing I’ve found in experimenting with embedding photos, is that it’s best to just type the code directly into your comments box, instead of copying and pasting the code off the post. The reason for this is, the inverted commas / quotation marks go wonky when being copied and pasted. I’ve tried copying and pasting off this post, as well as off posts by other people, and it always seems to happen.

Bottom line? Typing it in means your inverted commas / quotation marks don’t get messed up and prevent your code from working.

Weird, but true *shrugs*

3. Using the <a> href attribute to make “Titled URLs”

So you must be wondering by now, what on earth I mean by a titled url?

I mean something like this, posted by my dear friend and fellow Gong Yoo lover, Jules:

See how she’s given a “title” to the url that she posted?

Basically, the code to do this is:

<a href=”insert url here”>text</a>

Using this code, you should be able to create customized links to any page with its own url: a photo, another website etc.

In this case, Jules was linking back to a photo that I’d posted in my Photobucket.

I recreated what her comment might’ve looked like while she was constructing it, and it looks like this:

It is a little advanced, but it’s pretty neat, isn’t it?

Now I’m no expert, so I couldn’t teach you the nuances of this href thing if I wanted to. If you know more about it and want to share, feel free to have at it in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚

See, that didn’t hurt at all now, did it? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Time to Practice, Practice, Practice!

Since the best way to learn anything is to try it out for yourself, let’s celebrate our successful lesson by practicing in the comments section, shall we? ๐Ÿ˜€

Ground Rule #1

To keep things somewhat organized around here, I’d like to request that all shares to do with Gong Yoo, Kim Woo Bin or Jang Hyuk be done on the respective threads, which you can find here:

Loving: Gong Yoo

I Was There: Gong Yoo Premium Night 2013

Giveaway Winner! + Gong Yoo Goodies for Everyone!

Head Over Heels for: Kim Woo Bin

Admiring (& Ogling): Jang Hyuk

Ground Rule #2

Please share goodies that are at least somewhat related to kdrama, since that’s what this blog is all about, ok? ๐Ÿ™‚

Like, got a lovely photo to share, of Yoo Seung Ho / Lee Min Ho / [insert any other actor or actress]? Embed it! *

Got a fun interview of a k-celeb to share? Or a kdrama parody that’ll make us giggle? Embed it!

Ahhhh!! This is gonna be so much fun!!

Are you ready??

Let the party begin!! ๐Ÿ˜€

* Bummer that we can’t embed photos here now, but we can still share cool vids for giggles, if you’re up for it?

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92 thoughts on “How To Embed Photos in the Comments & Other Mysteries

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  2. Ohh thanks so much for this post.. I especially appreciate the part where you talked about “Titled URLs”. I’m not the biggest fan of seeing big links, so that is so helful.. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Aw! Yay that you found the post helpful!! I was really kinda bummed that the photo embedding wasn’t useful to non-bloggers after all, so the fact that you found something useful in the post makes me happy!! ๐Ÿ˜€

      I hope you have fun with it!! ^^


  3. yeah,,,,it’s like a blink of an eye that’s how fast it is now…. ๐Ÿ˜‰ the shared links and current comments from your fellow blogger and from your regular visitors are really that overpowering!..hahaha!


    • Lol. But seeing the blog being a hive of activity, with lots of shared tidbits and shared squeeing really makes me happy, so I honestly don’t mind having to play catch-up! ^^


  4. hahaha!..and with that i can honestly say that i have to do a lot of catching up…oh my!…i haven’t read a lot from the add-on of the two current pages plus i need to visit of course GY’s and Woobie’s page…LOL!…i don’t have the 24-hour hands on from this computer so, i am beginning to lose some of the threads…..anyway. i am just here…all i need to do is do the readings and scrutinize all the comments and shared links once i’m not busy….this .. ๐Ÿ˜‰ โค


    • Aw. Take your time, evez!! I know sometimes the threads grow really fast – even I have trouble keeping up sometimes, if lots happens while I’m asleep, for example! The GY Dream Drama is worth a second look though – it’s been given what we think is the final update! Although, you never know when someone might come up with a brilliant idea that just HAS to be added on..!! ;D


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  6. ..oh you’re such a sweet one kfangirl!..helping us to do this sharing thins is very helpful…i need to catch up the reading on tutorials though…my know-how is limited only in copying and posting…hahaha!…..i guess i need to know how to share pix that doesn’t have links/URL…..i’ll be reading more of the shared comments…thanks!..<3 ๐Ÿ˜‰


    • Aw. Thanks evez, but it didn’t quite work out the way I’d hoped. After the post went live, kaiaraia actually tried following the instructions, but it didn’t work no matter what she did. So I did more research and found out only bloggers can embed photos in the comments. I felt so bad for giving everyone wrong information, and poor kaiaraia spent a long time trying to make it work too. T.T

      I’m leaving the tutorial up for bloggers so that they know how to do it on their own blogs. Going forward, if you’d like to share a photo, just paste the url in the comment, and I will go in with my editing rights to embed it for you. ๐Ÿ™‚


      • oh, it’s okay kfangirl…anyway you try your best…and let me see i will find a good photo material first as mostly have been shared it here already…..your fangirls are just that fast in sharing..hahaha!!..and aren’t you so sweet to do the editing?…you’ll be very busy once every one of us did that… โค ๐Ÿ˜‰


        • Aw – thanks for being so sweet and understanding, evez!! โค Actually I’m already out of breath trying to keep up with the Dream Drama post, coz the ladies’ ideas just multiply so well! I’ve done yet another major update today, with quite a few add-ons.. I hope I managed to keep all the details straight! XD

          Still, I think embedding photos for you guys won’t be a problem – it’s not hard to do, and it does make it easier for everyone to enjoy the lovely photos that get shared! ^^


      • Bummer. Thanks for trying though. You’re super sweet, Jules. HUGS. โค


        • Shall we try italics?

          Hit me, baby, one more time. (But srsly, don’t hit me – I’m fragile. >.<)


          • See, isn’t that weird??? It shows up in my Notifications, though. Like this:


            • Hm. Will investigate more when I’m home but right now I’d say it’s probably blocked, to avoid someone accidentally leaving off the closing / and forcing every comment thereafter into italics.


              • Aw, thanks for all your investigative efforts, Jules! It means a lot. Really :’)

                Also, isn’t it weird that it’s blocked on this theme but allowed on other themes? I’ve seen the italics and bold HTML used successfully on other blogs’ comments sections, and those are on too.


                • Mmkay, Youtube… I’m guessing this won’t work, but it’s worth a try.


                  • Or? Um, I guess it does work… [i]Italics?[/i]


                  • As for the images, it looks like you need to install a plugin, as by default WP doesn’t allow images embedded in comments.


                    • Which you can’t do as a user, argh.

                      I changed my own theme to Yoko and yup, you can’t post italics in the comments section – sorry to say. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


                  • For the italics, it’s definitely a problem with the CSS — but don’t allow customisation of CSS (unless you pay for an upgrade). Long story short… you might have to change your theme. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


                    • Wow. You’ve really gone above and beyond in your investigative efforts to help me. Thank you so much Jules. โค I’m having serious hearts in my eyes. If I could send you a whole case of eau de GY, I would. My silver lining in this whole rueful embed photo experiment, is YOU. Seriously. You offered not only comfort but also time and expertise and it means a lot, really really with unabashed mush on top. Saranghae โคโคโค

                      Changing my theme sounds like a large and intimidating undertaking.. I’ll poke around and experiment though, to see if I can find an alternative theme I like enough. Not being able to have those italics and bold HTML capabilities is annoying, but not something that I absolutely can’t live with.. Having to tweak all my rotating headers to fit new theme header dimensions – now THAT’S a scary thought! ๐Ÿ˜›


    • It didn’t work! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


      • So sorry, Maybee!! I JUST found out that these instructions only work for bloggers on their own blogs.. You can use them in your comments sections over on your blog & they’ll work fine, I believe. The other 2 instructions for the YouTube embedding & the href attribute should work as originally advertised, though ๐Ÿ˜›


        • So I guess you need to have that plugin to enable readers to embed the pics/video? Hm.
          For a moment there I was so excited that we could directly embed pics. Oh, the possibilities. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          Anyway, this is the pic wanted to embed:



          • We can’t use plugins on the sites, can we?? Or can we? *intrigued*

            I’ve since updated the post to inform readers that the instructions will only work on their own blogs..

            And here’s the pic, for everyone’s easy enjoyment:


    • Ok, this is really strange!! Could you try typing exactly as what I did in the screenshot above, see if that works? ๐Ÿ˜›


      • kaiaraia, I don’t know what it is, but it looks like WP is not playing nice or something. I logged out of WP and tried using the embed code for photos, AND IT DIDN’T WORK!!! ARGH!!! D: D: D: I am so sorry! TT.TT I think I need to do more research on this.

        I found the instructions posted by another WordPress blogger and followed them and they worked for me. It’s only now that I realize there’s a problem.

        I’ll be back – I’m gonna go see what I can find out, k???


      • I tried doing the same thing on my site and it worked just fine. I even used a photo hosted in Flickr. Isn’t there some settings wherein embedding pictures from readers be allowed?


        • Sadface. Major sadface. I’m so sorry, kaiaraia. I’ve checked the settings on my dashboard and there’s no option to allow readers to embed photos. In fact, I did more research and found out that these instructions only work for bloggers on their own blogs TT.TT I feel terrible that you were trying so hard to use the instructions I gave and failing repeatedly. Really sorry!!!

          I’ve since updated the post to explain that to everyone. In the meantime, I’m happy to do the embedding for pix that you guys share via pasting of the urls. Is that ok?

          Gah. Major facepalm moment, seriously. Please accept my apologies ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  7. Aaahhh! I wonder what I’m not doing right…


    • Ok, just to experiment, I’m going to try embedding your pic, to see if it can be done.


      • Well. That worked! Here’s how I did it:

        PS: I’m not sure what the problem is, it could have something to do with spacing or quotation marks & such. Would you like to try again with another photo? Or the same photo? I wrote this post with you in mind (well, you & other ladies too), so I’d really like to see you succeed! ^^


  8. When I click that link it goes directly to the photo. Here goes the typewritten one…


  9. I copy pasted ” and then inserted this url which I got by copying direct link


    • Ah, ok. Can you try to do this.

      1, copy the “Direct” link from the Photobucket page in the top right hand corner (when I click the link it goes to the photobucket page, not the photo directly. If you select the url from the “Direct” link, this will fix it)
      2, type in the code as I’ve included it in the post (avoid copying and pasting, coz that seems to mess up the inverted commas/quotation marks)

      That should solve it! Try it again? ๐Ÿ˜€


    • I mean I copied and pasted the command img src=โ€insert photo url hereโ€ title=โ€” width=380 /


  10. I’m trying trying to embed a picture here…


  11. Great tutorial Kfangirl! Let me try…


  12. So typically sweet and helpful you are Kfangurl! Will be most useful for hapless folk like me who are regularly foiled by html etc


    • Aw, shucks โค I hope it does come in useful!! Go ahead & practice, it does get clearer and easier as you go. Trust me, I’m pretty much a noob at the HTML myself, and even I could make it work! ^^v

      PS: I thot of you while posting that kdrama parody vid above, coz it’s made by YouTubers based in Msia – have you seen it?


      • Hekekeke no I hadn’t seen it until now! I laffed when they introduced the heroine as someone “always seems to be happy doing what she’s doing”. There are quite a number of well-known youtubers frm here that do stuff like this, but alas, I’m not fully in the know.


        • Hahaha!!! Isn’t it awesome??? I thought the multiple-take approach of the backhug was so hysterically tropey, as was the 2nd female lead’s ultimate sacrifice!! I still giggle when I watch it.

          And yes, there’re lotsa talented YouTubers doing amazing work out there! And Msia’s a big place, you can’t possibly be fully in the know. I only came across this coz someone on my FB posted it and I HAD to see what it was about!

          PS: Didja notice that the background music was from GY’s drama One Fine Day??? Extra brownie points if you noticed that! ;D


      • Oh and where is that pic of GY with the fork and spoon from?? It looks like it’s from the Coffee Prince era.


        • I actually have no recollection of where I found that photo.. It does look like a Coffee Prince-ish sort of vintage. I noticed that after Coffee Prince, GY had a ton of coffee and food-related CFs and magazine spreads!


          • That’s exactly what I did in that comment at 10:09 pm, type everything… I’ll do that again. Here it goes…


          • He’s so cute there, I had to ask. I love his Coffee Prince era look. He looked young but super masculine. Now, he’s slowly growing into a sexy ahjusshi maturity, which is awesome, but there will always be that lil somethin’ bout him from his CP days. *sigh*

            Yeah, you’re right about the CFs. He did alot of beer & soju ones too. And he’s still doing coffee! But lately, I love his Domino’s ones with Suzy though! And please stop me now or this comment section will become yet ANOTHER GY fangirl thread!! And everyone else will roll their eyes!!


            • He IS really cute in that pic! And yes, I do notice the maturity creeping in now – both hawt looks, imo! And he IS adorable in those Domino’s CFs. And yes, we shall stop here and move the squee over to a GY thread ^^

              Btw. Major sadface. I just realized – after torturing kaiaraia with repeated experiments – that the embedding photos instructions only work for bloggers on their own blogs. So you won’t be able to embed pix successfully on my blog even if you’re logged in to WP. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But you CAN now embed photos in the comments section of your own blog.

              Also, the other instructions for YouTube and the href attribute should still work fine..


              • Oooh I salute you for figuring this out so quickly. I would’ve taken years! I did realise that some themes are more amenable than others to these types of things. I’m still trying to figure out where mine fits


                • All themes don’t support embedding photos in comments by anyone but the blogger himself or herself, unfortunately. users can get a plugin, but doesn’t support plugins. :/

                  The YouTube embedding and the href attribute instructions should work in general on all themes in wordpress. My theme is buggy in the sense that it doesn’t seem to support the simpler HTML stuff like italics and bold in comments, even though the href attribute works on my blog. Weird. But oh well. Learned something from this whole failed experiment! >.<


  13. To start the party, I thought y’all might like this kdrama parody, made by YouTubers based in Malaysia. I’ve shared it on Twitter before, but if you’re not on Twitter, or are on Twitter but missed it anyway, here it is! ๐Ÿ˜€


    • This video was a riot! I subscribed to their channel. Thanks for posting all the help for wordpress too. It’s too bad pictures won’t come up, but I completely understand why they can’t handle the load. Especially when users want to post huge scans and stuff.


      • Aw. I’m so glad the vid gave you a bit of a laugh, Lady G! That’s MY silver lining to this whole rueful experiment on embedding photos :/

        To keep the party – & smiles! – going, here’re a couple of vids that I thought you’d get a kick out of ๐Ÿ™‚

        Classiquai Project’s Cat Bossa – technically they’re singing in English, but they’re a Korean group, so it works?

        And this adorable couple teaching us the basics of speaking Korean. SO. CUTE.


        • omg, they are totally adorable, as cute and handsome as a ‘drama’ couple. LOL And I love their Aussie accents. And the music is just lovely. So sweet. Awesome Bossa Nova. Will have to add that to my collection of music. (Sounds like a great background song for my Bistro/baby drama!)


          • Ahahaha!! Yes, we need to give GY a cat in that scenario, since he seems to love animals. Then we can have this song play in the background especially when the cat feels neglected coz everyone is fussing over the baby! ;D


            • Perfect! I just skimmed through episode 12 of Mi Rae’s choice, and Han Chae Ah owned it. I don’t care much for the drama at all, after a while I just want to see what happens with her. She was great in this episode. I’m very happy to have her as my leading lady in my drama! LOLOL. Of course we can have a Bistro cat! Tee Hee. He lounges near the stage all the time. And I can imagine her fussing about not keeping the cat near the baby for a number of reasons. LOL- 1. it will drink her milk, 2. It will claw her, 3. She might be allergic (I am soo allergic to cats!) 4. It might scare her in the middle of the night and jump in her crib. (I remember being 3 or 4 years old and we took in an alley cat (there were many around that time in the neighborhood) I woke up screaming because I felt it on my legs. Poor cat, I probably scared it more than it scared me. But what did I know? So we put it back out.
              It can be his precious cat, so it would be so funny if when he makes a certain face she says he looks just like it. haha. I’ll make my leading lady allergic too. That can initiate a funny scene somehow.


            • I really wish I had photoshop again because I would so make a fake ‘drama’ poster for them! I’ve done on my website for an actor. It’s so fun.


              • About 10 of them are not my designs. But you get the idea. I would jump and make this drama poster in a minute! I most proud of my Indiana Jones, Batmans, Planet of the Apes, The Island, and Shrinking man (every object was photoshopped in that one.)



                • Ahahaha!!! Shrinking Man is awesome! XD Fake drama poster would be super fun! I imagine it takes a lot of skill and ready photos though. Just the thought of making the poster for this drama stumps me – I have no clue where to begin! You DO need to get PS back in your life, Lady G! I can only imagine the awesome stuff you’d churn out for our imagined scenarios! XD

                  Also. Our bistro cat totally needs to be a grumpy cat. Not a sweet kitten, but a grumpy boy cat who gives our heroine the evil eye. But to GY he’s sweet and amenable as can be. LOL!


                  • Even if I have to buy an older version on ebay, I will somehow get PS again. I really went all out with my shrinking man poster, it was fun to make. Taking all the elements from the original movie and throwing it in there. A really classic sci fi film.

                    I will make the drama poster(s)? ๐Ÿ˜‰ exclusively for this blog, because this, and stuckonhyuk are the only two places I squee and write drama ideas. ๐Ÿ˜€

                    Grumpy cat is best. Evil eye! LOL. I can totally picture that. Because our leading man may start off as grumpy too. Thinking of ‘Early Edition’ and grumpy Gary and the Newspaper cat. (Though he couldn’t stand that cat. lol) I remember one of my earliest comments on this blog was to have Gong Yoo play the Korean version of Gary. He’s absolutely perfect. Even in a way resembling actor Kyle Chandler. (Had a crush on him way back when!) And GY is the right age range now for the part.

                    Okay sorry, going off on major tangents! That’s for my Time Travel drama with GY. LOL By the way, when you google “Gong Yoo 2013”, a lot of the pictures from the first page are coming from this blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

                    So at first the only thing that melts our Baby-Bistro drama guy is his cat, he gets all lovey dovey and pampers him. While she’s practically kicking him aside. But then of course he starts showing that same lovey doveyness to the baby and our leading lady as they warm his heart. A funny scene, and this happened to me, she can be relaxing on the couch with her arms spread out and she’s just mindlessly strumming her fingers, suddenly the cat springs out of nowhere and jumps on her head, thinking she wants to play! I’ll never forget that!


                    • D’aw!! You are the sweetest, Lady G!! I feel so special, that you’re reserving your poster-making skills for just this blog, and for Drama Fan’s and Gumi’s blog. How exclusive! ๐Ÿ˜€ Don’t get PS on our account – tho I do get the impression that you’re happiest working off PS! ^^

                      And I did google Gong Yoo 2013 just to see, and yes, a lot of the photos from the blog show up!! Cool! And also, funny thing – even my non-GY headers are showing up; there’s one of Woobie and one of Park Shin Hye. I guess it’s coz this blog revolves around GY that much? XD LOL!


                    • I noticed he’s all over the place as I was looking at older posts! haha! Cute. Maybe come tax time I can purchase a ‘used’ PS. It’s time. LOL


                    • LOL. The very first header I had on the blog was a static photo of GY staring smitten-faced at the camera. And every non-review post had GY pix as illustrations.. a tradition that I’ve been keeping up of late too, hee. I guess it’s not a stretch to say he’s a big part of this blog! XD


                    • LOL. He takes so many for all different moods it’s probably fun to use his pics. Oh I love all these new headers, it’s too bad they can’t dissolve into each other or make like a slideshow as we’re browsing the blog. Or can they? I love the Gong Yoo in the black undershirt header too. ๐Ÿ˜€


                    • Aw no.. there’s no option for the headers to rotate as a slideshow, unfortunately.. There are actually very few options on this theme, but I like it coz it has my 3 top essentials: a customizable header, a side-bar across posts, and a clean font. I live with the rest of the limitations ๐Ÿ™‚

                      Yay that you like the black undershirt one! I had some fun playing around with the pix for that one! ^^


      • Also! Best covers of Gangnam Style I’ve heard to date:

        Awesomest acapella rendition of Gangnam Style. They make the song sound good. Seriously.

        Awesomest acoustic rendition of Gangnam Style. THEY make the song sound sweet. Amazeballs.

        And one of the twins is the girl in the learning Korean vid! Didja spot her? ๐Ÿ˜€


    • Oh!..thanks for sharing this here kfangirl…i’ve seen this from your twitter but didn’t have chance to watch it…thus parody made me laugh to the fullest!…i have to chuckle loudly…!…from the beginning to the end!…k-drama romance really have those ingredients…it’s just that one scene is missing…after that soju drinking next should be the piggyback ride,,,hahahaha!…wish we can have more of that parody here…:) it’s so much fun!….Big Bang made a series of hilarious parody of famous k-dramas …i have some hope you enjoy these vids:


      • OMGGGG. HAHAHAHA!!! These are hysterical, evez!! XD

        Although there’s a vague disturbing niggling in the back of my head that these are just fanservice for all the fans who ship them in various permutations, I still find these awesomely funny. Also, I find it hilarious that in each parody, even though the female lead is rotated among the Big Bang members, the male lead role always goes to TOP. HAHA! Although, I do have to agree that TOP is oozing manly charisma! I thought he was particularly funny in the SeGa parody, and he wore the sparkly tracksuits well too!

        Thanks for sharing the giggles! โค


        • YEP it’s so hilarious seeing this group doing drama parody and i just shared this four vids….and to see the parody of those classic drama gives a lighter side,…as we can see TOP represents the visual of the group and he has the height…he’s the only one fitted to be HB and GY … surprisingly, i was awed by their acting skills especially G-Dragon and Daesung..i laugh horribly when they portray female characters…a great way to relive stress!…hahaha..


          • Yes, they are sooo funny acting the ladies’ parts! I couldn’t help giggling out loud, seriously!! Daesung is especially funny – like when he acted as TOP’s mother in the SeGa parody.. OMGGG he’s hilarious! XD

            And definitely, I can totally see that TOP’s the group’s visual. He’s hawt. Even before I knew anything about kpop, I already thought TOP was hot. He’s got a very male sort of charisma, which I love.


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