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Guest post: kfangirl’s 2012 Drama Awards

Year In Review: 2013

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  1. You should watch Coffee Prince and Bad Guy!!!

    • Hi Ariel, welcome to the blog! :) I have watched Coffee Prince & Bad Guy, actually.. I guess I’ve watched way more drama than I’ve actually reviewed on this site! And I realize I don’t have a full list of dramas that I’ve watched posted either.. I do plan to post a Coffee Prince review at some point, because it’s truly one of my all-time favorites, it’s SO. GOOD. <3 <3 <3

  2. ..hello kfangurl…can you give me some views about ..”Innocent Man”…it is scheduled to be aired here soon…i’m done watching Arang and it was really a great show…i haven’t started “Padam, Padam” yet, though it’s being telecast here at the present…currently, i’m hook to “Shark”…i’m tempted to watch it through net coz of Kim Nam Gil….i’ve seen him in “Queen Seong Dok” before and he was good in it….so far i find the story interesting and intriguing…so i guess i’ll have to continue the whole series..hope you can also share your thoughts on this one…many thanks…;)

    • I haven’t seen Innocent Man (aka Nice Guy) yet, but I have heard good things about it and plan to watch it soon-ish. It’s a revenge melodrama, so if you’re watching Shark at the same time, it might be too much revenge melo all around.. It’s definitely worth checking out though. Not all revenge melos are well done, and apparently Innocent Man is pretty cracktastic ^^

  3. …oh..i’m looking forward to might want to include this in your drama list for review and possibly share your opinions …i’ve read the synopsis of “innocent Man” and it is quite beguiling for me to watch since i’ve seen Song Joong Ki from “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”…as for “shark” i hope this drama is not as weighty as “Queen of Ambition”..many thanks and be well always..;)

    • I plan to get around to watching it and reviewing it at some point. It’s got too much positive buzz to ignore. I don’t know when I’ll get to it though.. I’ve got so many shows I want to watch! XD

  4. ..seriously.. hoping you’ll have the chance to watch and review “Nice Guy”..i think i’ll be adding Song Joong Ki on my lists as one of my korean hotties…;)..there is something about this guy that i could not ignore of…

    • Nice Guy is on the list, and I hope to get to it sometime in the not too distant future! I’ve heard good things about it, particularly Song Joong Ki’s performance in it. I must say that I’m impressed with him, even without seeing Nice Guy. He was delightfully flirtatious in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and wonderfully intense in Tree with Deep Roots!

  5. ….you’re definitely right…;) Song Joong Ki is really charming in Sungkyunkwan Scandal..he did lure me to watch it…though he’s not the lead actor…i’m swooning over SJK…i’ve seen some episodes from Nice Guy and so far i should say he’s good at it. I’ll await for your review of this since you are more keen in scrutinizing the story…;)

    • Aw, it’s always nice to know that people are looking forward to the reviews! ^^ It’s going to take a while though.. I’ve got so many shows that I really, really want to watch, and I can’t seem to get to them all as quickly as I’d like. But Nice Guy is definitely fairly high on the list!

  6. ..good day kfangirl…if not too much to ask can you add KNG’s “Shark “ for review?..i understand that it will take some time for you however, I hope to see this on your review list;)..i just wrapped episode 16 and still awaits for episode 17 to 20 to be uploaded @good drama net..i did love the this drama though it’s not my usual genre of liking…I find every episode so intense especially on the halfway of the story….i want to uncover things whether my understanding on this drama is as the same from the blogger like you….p.s. I’m delighted to know that LJK is in number 1 position in voting @soompi as best actor…and SJK is picking up and currently on no.4 though the percentage is not that high, it’s a good thing that he is recognized…would you know if Soompi is the only media that provides for the polls of Seoul International Drama Awards?…

    • Hey evez, good to know you’re enjoying Shark :) I don’t know if I will get around to checking out Shark, at this moment.. I watched KNG in Bad Guy, and I feel like Shark is – on the surface, anyway – quite similar. They’re both revenge melos, and KNG is even styled similarly, from what I can tell. If I hear solid rumblings of praise for Shark around the dramaverse after it finishes its run, I might decide to put it on my watch list. Otherwise, I’ve got way, wayyy too many dramas that I genuinely want to check out that I’m probably going to give Shark a miss unless it comes out with a solid reputation for being a good watch.

      And to answer your question, yes, Soompi is the only one hosting the polls for the Seoul International Drama Awards. Yay that LJK’s gettin’ some love, and SJK too! Both very talented actors, imo ^^

  7. thanks for the info kfangirl….i wish i would be able to watch KNG’s “Bad Guy” to see the disparity of these two melodramas…I’ve only seen KNG in “Queen Seongdok”’s a period drama and very much diverse from Shark..i should say KNG’s performance from Seongdok is reasonably good…so when i saw the teaser of him from Shark it caught my attention and made my way to watch it and see how KNG’s performance from a different genre…

    • Well if you’re in the mood for KNG, you could consider watching Bad Guy.. I first noticed him as a strong, silent, loyal gangster right-hand man in Lovers. He wasn’t lead (Lee Seo Jin was, and he was quite hot too) but I couldn’t help noticing him. If you want to get a peek at early KNG, you could check out Lovers. For a retro romance, it was a rather enjoyable watch. Or, I’m a sucker for when a hot gangster falls for an ordinary woman? Heh.

  8. Good day kfangirl..;) …I’m not familiar with Lee Soe Jin, though I might check on “lovers”, probably when I’m done watching a couple of Korean DVDs I just bought and I still I have to finish the ones that I previously acquire, plus my time to time streaming on Korean drama through net…;)…I’m glad that your lapping up on SHK’s “That Winter The Wind Blows”..currently, it is being shown here with the same timeslot of “Innocent Man” in another network.. it’s a good thing I have a dvd copy those two..;), it’s just that the ones I bought has a bad, I cut short my watching for awhile..Probably, I might find another copy with accurate subs…

    • Sounds like you’ve got lots of drama on your plate, evez! We all know that feeling: so many dramas, so little time! XD I was rather taken with Lee Seo Jin in Lovers.. He was a cool hot gangster, and he had a nice amount of swag. And Kim Nam Gil as his right-hand man was quite smoldery too. The details of the show have faded in my memory a little, but the onscreen hotness of these 2 is still deeply imprinted, Lol!

      Bad subs suck.. Sorry to hear that you got some on your DVDs. I think that good subs are really important, otherwise so much meaning gets lost in translation. It’s why so many drama fans want to learn Korean, so that we’re not dependent on subs. That Winter has been quite an absorbing watch so far. I’m in 9 eps in out of 16 at the moment. I’ve heard that the ending is rather lame, but so far, I hafta admit that it’s well-done melodrama.

  9. …absolutely correct…BAD SUBS REALLY SUCKS!! ;(..i’m learning a few Korean words but not enough to comprehend the entire story..LOL!..most korean words i’ve learned are basics, i guess it will take a LOT of time for me to know Korean vocabularies. Since i’m addicted to Korean thing, what i did is downloaded all useful phrases through net and watch those uploaded teachings on the correct pronunciation, so far it helps a bit…

    • Aw, I feel ya. It does take a lot of drama miles to pick up enough Korean to understand the nuances that don’t show up in the subs. I’ve been watching dramas for 6 years, and I’m picking up on a lot more nuances now. For a long time, though, I was completely dependent on subs, and if the subs didn’t explain something, I wouldn’t be the wiser. Now, re-watching some older dramas, I realize that I missed out on quite a lot the first time, coz the subs didn’t reflect the full meaning of what was spoken.

      If you’re interested, you can read more about my experience picking up Korean from dramas here: :)

  10. Good day kfangirl!…last night, i just wrapped up the last episode of Shark, I don’t understand why I got teary eyed on the last part of episode 20…and again this is the 2nd time to see KNG died in a keeps me thinking why must he die in every drama he starred in?..out of curiosity, I kinda surf KNG’s list of dramas and movies only to find out that most of his drama series and movies has the same thing; his character is being killed in the end. I wonder if KNG is being typecast on that kind of role which for me is quite annoying. In my views, though I find Shark as a good drama, there are some spoilers to keep you wonder.

    I’ll be waiting for your reviews on “That Winter the Wind Blows” once you’re done watching it. Since I had a copy of it with bad subtitles I’m catching it up on our local channel dubbed in our language. What irked me is that the 30 minutes airing of it does not enjoy me watching it ‘cause half of the airing time is consumed with advertisements. So, I resolve to go back to my dvd copy instead… and I think I just need to regulate my understanding ability on the subs used…LOL! Good thing this drama has a nice OSTs rendered by fine singers..and that saved from me from being annoyed of reading bad subs..;)….i love The One’s rendition of ”Winter Love” /Gummy’s “Snowflake”/Yesung’s “Gray Paper”/BoA’s “Tears Fallin” and Taeyon’s “And One”…happy watching..;)

    • Lol! That’s true, that KNG tends to die in his dramas! XD But seriously, with a drama like Shark, I could’ve told you that he’d die, even though I haven’t watched it! Revenge melos never end well. No prizes for guessing how Bad Guy ended for his character! Y’know, I can’t remember whether his character survived in Lovers. Despite that, I would recommend checking out Lovers, coz KNG was very swoony as a strong, silent, loyal gangster. :)

      Oh, I hate having to deal with bad subs &/or ads! I feel your pain, evez! >.< But yes, the OST on That Winter is very nice indeed. My watch of That Winter has slowed down due to the interruption of Real Life, but yes, I do plan to review it when I'm done!

  11. I find KNG’s character in a drama swoony indeed…there seem to be calmness within him in a role he’s portraying..nonetheless, i find it upsetting to see him always dead in the finale of a drama. I admired KNG’s performance in “QSD” as Bidam, it’s a worth watching for me given that he will be dead in the end its but ok..although, succession of it is too much..i should say it would be unwise for him to do another one of that kind..It’s a wasteful thing to see him portraying that role once more since he’s a very talented actor. Actually, i begin to watch some episodes of “Bad Guy”…unfortunately, as much i evade viewer’s comment through net a friend told me that it has a sad ending.

    In your opinion, why Korean revenge-melo dramas ended agonizingly?Do Korean writers do it purposely? When i watched “Shark’..i really do longing for the progression of the series, though it has an unresolved story-line issues i find every episode mind-boggling and that made me complete the series.

    That’s why a rom-com genre is much better, it will not make my heart dishearten…LOL!..i find the piggyback ride and back hugging soooo endearing…<3<3<3 and now the cotton candy kiss from "TWTWB"…;)

    • That’s an interesting question you ask, evez. Hm.. I think the genre itself has almost no other ending but the bad kind.. Revenge-melos, by definition, have a protagonist going all out for revenge, and it is typically extreme and goes into amoral territory, eg, taking justice into your own hands because you don’t trust the law etc. With the majority of the drama typically showing the protagonist going down this slippery slope of darkness, it’s a rare show that can turn it around by the end. I haven’t seen that many revenge melos myself, since it’s not my preferred genre. I can say, though, that while not ALL revenge melos end badly, most of them do.

      And uh, I should warn you, TWTWB is definitely not a rom-com :P It’s firmly in melo territory, so.. prepare for some tears..

  12. Good day kfangirl… it’s ok if twtwb is a melo…shedding tears a bit is fine with me as long as I don’t see the lead cast dies…LOL!..i preferred this kind of stuff rather than revenge-melos with sad ending…your respond to my query is quite true…as I have watched some k-dramas with the same genre and it never ends the way you want it…and sometimes after watching it you would come out with some thoughts and wish that it could have been better if the story goes to the manner the way you want it to be…;) I guess some writers of Korean revenge-melodramas patterned their writing materials almost the same only with different approach…same with the writers of rom-com genre…you would seen scenes repeatedly in every drama…it’s like a cliché only the latter one is more adorable to watch that makes you yearn for more..;)

    • True, there’re quite a few cliches that keep coming up in each genre.. It’s always a matter of whether the writer can make it believable, engaging and fresh, despite it having been done in many other dramas.. The dramas that do manage to give an old trope a fresh new twist are the ones that are truly precious ^^

      Also, I can’t guarantee that your lead won’t die in a melo.. In a revenge melo, it’s almost a guarantee that SOMEBODY has to die. In non-revenge melos, death is not as much of a guarantee, but there’s still a possibility that someone will die. I’m not saying that necessarily happens in TWTWB… Just, be aware that when you start a melo, it may not end happily :P

  13. ..i’ll keep that in mind kfangirl…i’m just having thoughts for how long the cliches will linger on every k-dramas we watched or should the current trending in every drama will somehow make some transformations in the future…’

    • It’s an interesting question.. I guess there’s a fine line between being a trademark of kdrama and being a tired old trope. We’ll just have to hope that our kdrama writers get fresh inspiration that injects new life into our dramas without changing them into unrecognizable beasts.. Coz, there’s a reason that we love our kdramas, and I’d hate for those reasons to be taken away in the name of switching up the game ^^

  14. What you said is fascinatingly eventful…and I’ll go with you on that…let’s just say that they will make an experimental thing for a change…however, I don’t want them to do it in a dilly dally manner either..

    • Well with the cable channels also making dramas, there’s definitely more choice for us viewers now than before. I do love some of the cable offerings. tvN’s brought us some lovely ones, and I do love Vampire Prosecutor, which was nicely different from the usual kdrama format. If you haven’t checked it out, I do recommend it! ^^

  15. oh, i guess i’ll have to find that one..i have also seen three dramas from tvN as well, “Queen Inhyun’s Man”,”Flower Boy Ramyun Shop” and “Flower Boy Next Door” and yes it is somewhat diverse from the usual kdrama we watched… currently streaming from tvN is “Crazy Love” this is a passion-melo type…i just watched few episodes of it ’cause it’s going to have a100 episodes i think?…quite long..though i have read some good reviews about it i’m having a hesitation to focus and have it continued since the story-line will fall under the category of “makjang”…thanks to your list of glossaries..

    • Oh, you MUST check out Shut Up Flower Boy Band, evez!!! It’s my favorite among the flower boy dramas by tvN! And yes, I’ve heard that Crazy Love is makjang city, so you’d need to be in the right kind of mood for that!

      Vampire Prosecutor is by OCN, and has 2 seasons so far. The good news is that Season 1 can stand alone, so it doesn’t mean you have to commit to 2 seasons. Also, the season is short. If memory serves, it’s about 11 eps or thereabouts, so it’s not a huge commitment. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did, so I hope you enjoy it too! ^^

  16. ..i’ve seen the synopsis of VP at wikipedia..and like what you said season 1 has 12 episodes only..i’ll have to check the castings also ’cause i’m not familiar with them…i might stream it through net as i don’t see a dvd copy of it…the story is quite exciting and totally different from the usual kdrama we watched..i guess it will be unthinkable if i watch season 1 what you does not required an enormous commitment..

    • I thought Yun Jung Hoon was fantastic as our vampire prosecutor.. I honestly can’t imagine anyone else playing the role, that’s how good he was! Season 1 has a quieter, more elegant feel to it, while Season 2 is more gory. I’d say take it one season at a time.. If you really love Season 1, I’m sure you’ll find Season 2 worth the watch. But if you don’t love Season 1, at least you know that it can stand alone (vs ending on a cliffhanger)

  17. …hope i can watch VP soon…currently, i have to finish some k-dramas that i just started watching..funny of me i overlooked it form your review list…LOL!…..oh..i notice that you have some new headers…and what caught me is Kim Woo Bin…if i’m not mistaken he’s the one i’ve seen from “GD”?……i think you should check out 2ne1’s new video “fallin in love”…he’s in that MV along with Lee Soo Yuk…oh boy..they are pretty awesome in that video…

    • Yes, do make some time to check out VP – a very worthy watch, imo! ^^ And, YAY that you’ve noticed the new headers! Yes, several feature the lovely Kim Woo Bin <3 And yes, he was in Gentleman's Dignity. If you'd like to see him at his most awesome, though, I HIGHLY recommend School 2013. He completely blew me away in that. I never saw it coming, but he was flat-out BRILLIANT & now I'm in love <3

  18. uh oOhH!!…looks like you are!..^-^…i see testimonial cuteness here…the way i see your avatar pic…oh boy!..that cute girl with long bluish hair with rounded eyes and curly eyelashes is blushing !!!..that’s why i love your blog site…you always reply with passion…that always make you bright and standout from others..;)

    • D’awww <3 Thank you for the sweet words, evez!! You made my day! ^^ And yes, I am SO in love with Woobie.. Do you have School 2013 on your list? Coz I really want you to see him being awesome! <3

  19. …you know i’ve been looking for the dvd copy of all your recommended dramas and it’s on my list…I’ll have to get to it for SURE one at a time…the thing is.. there’s not much enough time for viewing…and i have to to regulate my watching habit..gosh!!!..sometimes i have to stay awake up to 4am to just to finish the episodes..and now i can’t wait to see School 2013…what could have Kim Woo Bin made in that drama to make you fall in a deep frenzy…LOL!..;)..surely a MUST see..

    • AWW.. I’m honored, that you’re looking for all the shows that I’ve recommended!! THANK YOU, for giving me that much trust!! <3 And look at you, staying up till 4am to finish your dramas! That's dedication alright! I remember staying up wayyy past my bedtime too, all because I was too mesmerized by a drama to stop! I manage better now.. One pretty effective way, if the drama keeps throwing heart-in-your-throat cliffhangers at you, is to go on to the next episode to see what happens, but then stop, once it has resolved. You can then pick up again the next day from where you left off – hopefully after getting more sleep! ^^

      YES DO WATCH SCHOOL 2013!!! :D I loved it. And Kim Woo Bin in it.. Just *flails about* BRILLIANT. ~THUNK~

  20. ;)…if it comes from you then for sure it’s a good one…i should say it is truly a dedication..;) way back then when my viewing preference belonged mostly to American movies/teleseries..and then Latin & Taiwanese dramas introduced to our country but nothing compares the madness i am feeling right now towards Kdramas as well as k-pop musics…y’know for me kdramas and k-musics are like having friends with benefits..

    • That’s true, that kdramas hooked me much more than any other American, Taiwanese or HK shows that I’ve watched in the past. I guess it’s a matter of personal preference, though.. There are people who are really hooked on American / Taiwanese / HK dramas too, & I wouldn’t be surprised if they stayed up way past their bedtime to get their drama fix too ;D For me, though, kdrama is still my fave <3

  21. ..;) count me in…kdrama for me is incomparable…sometimes i questioned myself what does this Korean thing have that made me fall in love with?…LOL!.

    • I think a big draw for me, is how kdramas manage to engage our emotions.. Whether it’s a melo or a rom-com or a makjang, each drama is able to engage our emotions, and we just want to find out what happens to our characters. Of course, the hot men and the great music don’t hurt either. The romance is also a big draw, since we can all experience an epic romance vicariously. And the feel-good factor of a general emphasis on family values, hope and love is another thing too. Although, I do think that more recently, some of the dramas are dipping into dark and edgy. I’m not sure exactly how I feel about that yet. After I’ve watched more of the darker dramas, I’ll probably have a more informed opinion ^^

  22. ..your statement is absolutely true…each time i watch kdrama regardless what genre it is i somewhat feel each character and absorbed everything in it.. and like what you said the best way to engage is by ogling the hunky lead actor together those romantic moments with the lead actress while playing the enjoyable music in the background…i really , really love it…..with regards to edgy thing in a drama i would always remember what you mentioned in your previous comment that you should be in good temperament in watching makjang type of drama..perhaps, i can stand watching it as long the characters are known to me and a good synopsis or reviews will surface..I’m delighted to know that you started viewing”I Hear Your Voice”..i just acquired a dvd of it…LOL!…drama fever and han cinema keep on updating in my inbox, i couldn’t help but keep on reading updates..though of course there are spoilers..but then positive reviews outshine it…will you include this in your review list?

    • Oh! You just bought IHYV??! LOL! What great timing!! :D I just started on it, and I am so smitten by Lee Jong Suk’s character already. I’d heard all the spazztastic raves about it, and I’m STILL surprised by how cracky I find it, after just one ep! I’m really looking forward to more eps of this one! And yes, it is definitely on the review list! ^^

  23. YAY!…me too…;) i’ve seen him from “Secret Garden” as the young musician Han Tae-Sun from then you could tell that this boy’s career will progress and i think he’s one of the castings of School 2013..BTW, he was here along with Seo In Guk they filmed “No Breathing” in Davao City. They came here last August 6 and left last August 13..i think the film is about swimming competition..he said that he enjoyed his stays here while filming..;)

    • Yes, Lee Jong Suk is a HUGE part of the appeal of School 2013. Him and Kim Woo Bin together.. Oh my, it’s enough to make me want to combust! <3 Now you have one more reason to check out School 2013! ;D

      I heard about that movie – how cool, that they went on location in your country!! I love Seo In Guk too, I bet they would be pretty awesome onscreen together! ^^

  24. …and i already have “School 2013″ :)…it’s just that i’m not started it yet…i have to finish TTBY first and yes that Kim Woo Bin is awesome here…he has a cool character here….a facilitator between the lead characters…oh!…Seo In Guk is also awesome isn’t he?…i have to admit that the list of my Korean cuties are keep on accumulating…LOL!..though i’m missing the very first batch of my Korean hunks from tv series again… wish to see Gongyie/Binnie and Wookie in another rom-com show…

    • I hafta tell ya, evez.. If you think Kim Woo Bin is awesome in TTBY, just wait till he shows up on your screen in School 2013!! I literally gasped out loud when he appeared on my screen. And I wasn’t even head over heels for him yet, at the time! ;D

      Lol, look at you, collecting k-cuties!! I know what you mean, my list of k-loves & k-crushes is an ever-expanding list. But it takes someone really special to actually break into the ranks of Serious K-love. Like Woobie did <3 Squee!

  25. hahahahaha!!!definitely true…well…i haven’t start School 2013 yet but definitely i will soon…if only i can do the viewing in one day marathon..;)

    • Lol! Technically, you can, if you don’t stop to sleep or eat! XD I don’t recommend it though. You end up finishing a drama way too fast, and you get so tired that you probably aren’t absorbing all that well by the second half. I’ve learned to go slower now, so that I can savor my dramas – especially since I don’t know when I’ll get around to a re-watch. And School 2013 is worth savoring, imo. And not just for Woobie either ;)

  26. LOL!….i don’t think i can handle that….as much as i love watching Kdramas i wouldn’t to starve myself and ended up looking like a Panda Bear..;) ..

  27. .ooopps!….wouldn’t want to starve…sorry i missed out a word…

  28. …hahaha..definitely true :)…happy watching on IHYV and wish you more squeezzzz!..:)

    • Yes, I am squeeing very much, on IHYV! ;D So much adorable, I feel ready to burst every time! I bet you’d squee too, when you get around to checking it out, evez! ^^

  29. …and now my mind is puzzled!…to which kdrama will be on my screen…and the problem is?..i have a tendency to overlap my watching habit…so many little time..;(

    • I used to be a one-drama-at-a-time kinda gal, but now I juggle several at any one time. I have 7 dramas going on at the same time right now, as I type this! XD Granted, I’m only being regular at watching about 4 of them, and I go back to the other 3 as my mood feels like it. Maybe it’s time you embrace the overlap instead of fighting it? ;D As for which drama to pick.. I say go with your mood. Mood plays a huge part in how we enjoy a drama. If you’re not in the mood for dark & edgy, for example, then even an excellently made dark & edgy drama won’t hit your sweet spot, y’know?

  30. …thank you for the suggestion…i keep on thinking whether overlapping my watching habit will somehow ruin the momentum of every kdramas i watched…until i’ve read your advise…and its’ so great..i thought i’ve gone mad over managing my habitual viewing….for the last two days i halt the usual 16 episodes of kdrama…instead, i substituted some old Korean film…i watched 4 Korean movies..and they were so good..i came across a dvd that has 4 movies in it(Daisy/Classic/My Tutor Friend/Innocent Steps)..among the four movies i like “Daisy”…a film which starred Jung Woo Sung and Jun Ji Hyun…and Classic..Son Ye-Jin and Jo In Sung as the lead characters.

    • Aw, sometimes a little break does hit the spot.. I sometimes take short movie breaks too. I’ve seen My Tutor Friend, and I remember thinking it was pretty cute. It’s always novel to see some of these older movies, coz you see today’s big stars back when they were younger, greener and just starting out. Fun!

      When I’m choosing shows to watch at the same time, I usually pick a varied mix, ie, I won’t have more than one melodrama or more than one rom-com. I like to have a mix. So my 4 main dramas right now consist of 1 rom-com, 1 melodrama, 1 satire and 1 family drama. The other 3 on my plate are super long dailies with varying content, but I only revisit these as my mood strikes. I find that mixing it up helps me to keep them separate in my head, even though I’m watching them concurrently. Also, I usually try to avoid having leads overlap in my mix of shows, ie, if Lee Min Ho is already in one of the shows that I’m currently watching, I won’t choose to put another Lee Min Ho show in the mix. This helps me to keep the shows distinct in my head, as well as add more believability to the character. If that makes sense ^^

  31. oh yes..”My Tutor Friend” is quite nice…i have fun watching it…GY is still fresh…and so cute… his mocha colored body is not yet fully chiseled…LOL..i find mixing drama genres fun also…i thought what i’m doing is kinda weird?…sometimes friends would asked me for opinions on a certain drama and i couldn’t give any since i overlap my viewing preference..they said that they find it unusual, they are the types of viewer who will concentrate on 1 drama and would only acquire a dvd copy of drama they my friends called me “cracky”…’coz she said i have gone crazy acquiring a lot of Korean dramas..;)…i would always answered them with a big smile…” these Korean dramas and musics gave me a colorful life”…..and since you mentioned Lee Min Ho…i happened to re-watched “PF” with Son Ye Jin as his partner…it’s one of the rom-com drama i love..and i do really admired LMH’s character here… Do you think Park Shin Ye will blended well with LMH on their upcoming drama “Heirs”?…i just read updates from drama fever and some of the filming will be in California and i’ve seen a photo of LMH shirtless..and oh my!…his physique has improved a bit..

    • Well, if it makes you feel any better, none of my friends in Real Life quite understand my relationship with dramas either.. Even those who do watch dramas don’t analyze them the way I like to analyze them. Which is why it’s so great, to find like-minded drama lovers to talk to, in this dramaverse of ours ;D

      I thought Lee Min Ho did very nicely in Personal Taste, although I have to confess, I didn’t love the drama itself. With both Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye becoming more seasoned actors, I’m hoping they will bring some awesome to our screens. I have to confess, though, that I do think they’re a little too mature to be acting as high-schoolers. I mean, from City Hunter to high-schooler sounds a little backwards, doesn’t it? :P

  32. oh..that’s why it’s a good thing we have individuality we can interact and suggest. Nonetheless, we can not please and ask them to agree with you all the times..though through that process we can always pick up some good ones and be able to apply it and be useful in your everyday tasks:)…I don’t know…the fact that the two lead casts are in season… Park Shin Hye is good enough but the way i look at it Lee Min Ho should be paired in a much mellow looking actress…and i guess it’s a must see from SBS since you said it’s a bit backwards..what can this drama offer aside from having adorable castings and nice list of OSTs…Kim Woo Bin is part of this also so i’m sure you’ll include this in your TBW list…;)..<3

    • Heh. You know my fangirl heart well, evez. Based on the single fact that Woobie’s in Heirs, I am most definitely going to watch it. Y’know, even if it stinks – which I hope it won’t! XD I imagine it would feel kinda weird, though, seeing these obviously quite mature young adults acting as high-schoolers.

  33. ….and hoping that this drama is not just a brouhaha thing…I’ll be expecting that SBS will give us something that is worth waiting for since it will be premiered by October this year. Promotions for this drama is quite promising. I’m eager to find out whether this drama will have a substance of significance…I don’t know how the people behind this project will conceptualize this piece the fact that the lead casts are no longer teenagers…..and of course like what you said..even if’s definitely a must see for me also…LOL!…have to admit that the moment you see your cutie on screen the squeeing will surpass everything….;)

    • I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, to find out whether Heirs is terrible or terrific.. It could really go either way, so.. steel yourself, just in case! ;)

  34. ..i guess so..hope our anticipations will be rewarded with good merits…;)

  35. …of COURSE!!! i do agree with you on that kfangirl!…..along with other cuties..;) and Kim Woo Bin will be played second lead and that is really a must see… have mentioned that you did not finish watching Missing You…there’s Yoo Seung Ho in it…so far i’ve seen only episode 7..a friend of mind borrowed it and i let her since i have more interesting drama to watch…i don’t know but i find Yoon Eun Hye character in here so dull…and i don’t see a chemistry between her and Micky Yoochun..i guess i just have to wait for Yoon Eun Hye’s upcoming drama along with Lee Dong Gun….i haven’t seen this actor after “When Its at i guess, this will be interesting after being in hiatus for quite sometime.

    • Yeah, no, I Miss You turned out to be even more terrible than I’d imagined.. Even the Yoo Seung Ho smolder couldn’t tide me through. It was just too hard >.< The writing was just crazy terrible.. Things made less and less sense, and I have it on good authority that once you hit E14, NOTHING makes sense anymore! IMY was a big disappointment through and through. With the silver lining of Yoo Seung Ho's smolder.

      I have no clue how good or bad Heirs is going to be, but I know my Woobie takes all his roles very seriously, and he will BRING it. And I'm excited to see him on my screen ❤

  36. …uh..ohh!..i guess i wouldn’t mind if my friend would not return “IMY” immediately…’coz as of now i’m really enjoying watching “K2H”…thank you for suggesting this drama i do honestly love this one…a different role for LSG …. i remembered you shared a link about Jo i’m admiring this guy…last night i just wrapped up e7 and couldn’t wait to watch for the succeeding episodes..;)

    • Oh, yay that you’re loving K2H!! I loved Lee Seung Gi in that, very much, but it was Jo Jung Suk that was the revelation for me. This was the show where he really blew me away as an actor. He’s amazingly nuanced and he’s so full into his character that I don’t even see JJS the actor anymore. I only see his character come completely alive. It’s almost an understatement to call it acting.. It’s like magic, almost ;) Respect, truly.

  37. …I second the motion with regards to Jo Jung Suk he’s role in K2H has overwhelmed me and i do find he’s acting skill is better than LSG. He is an actor who can sing and a singer who can act..He came from theater that’s why he’s so good and for sure he’s career will come a long way..I have read good reviews about his just concluded drama “You’re The Best Lee Shoon Shin” has 50 episodes though..and it will be telecast here sometimes next year..i just don’t know the exact date…hope i can find a copy of it..

    • Yes Jo Jung Suk is truly fantastic, isn’t he?? Have you watched What’s Up, evez? He gets to show off his singing prowess in that one, and it’s a pretty solid watch overall.. If you’re hungry for more Jo Jung Suk, that’s one that’s worth considering ^^

  38. ..thanks i’ll do check that out..<3…and yes that JJS is fantastic indeed.<3

    • JJS plays a pretty different sort of character in What’s Up than he does in K2H, so you’ll get to see a different side of him ^^ What’s Up has its flaws, but it’s a pretty worthy watch overall, & I hope you enjoy it!! :)

  39. Hi kfangurl! Have you seen Playful Kiss? I was wondering what’s you’re take on that drama. I just finished watching it. While in the first few episodes I was in only for KHJ, I ended up getting hooked not for him but for the drama itself. The plot’s so simple and matter-of-factly, but I guess that’s what I loved about it. It’s honest and sincere and brought me back to my highschool and college life… reminiscing… thinking… hahaha. And Jung So Min is really pretty plus she pulls off a highschooler quite well. More importantly, I had a really good laugh. At some points, I was literally rolling on the floor laughing…when was the last time I did that… ah… oh.. Bambino, but that’s a jdrama. As GY’s reclusion is making me nuts, this drama did me a lot of good. Hahaha

    • Oooh, Playful Kiss! I had an interesting experience with that show! On my first watch, I didn’t like it much, and finished it while riding the live-watch buzz. I was so frustrated with Seung Jo’s seeming cold indifference and Ha Ni’s continual doormat ways. And then! Several years later, an inexplicable desire to rewatch it surfaced, and I was super surprised that I really enjoyed it the 2nd time around! This time, I was much more aware of the hints of Seung Jo’s growing affection, and that helped a lot. I was also happily immersed in PK’s colorful, cheery, simple world. Definitely a comfort-food kind of drama now, in my mind! ^^ You can read more about my thoughts on that odd experience with PK, along with other drama-related thoughts here:

      What are you watching next, kaiaraia?? :D

      • Yeah, Seung Jo was so cold and KHJ did pretty good expressing that coldness… hahaha… I was even bothered by his rudeness towards his mother. But then I saw that there was such a thing as Baek Seung Jo’s diary which somehow justified his actions. Have you seen those diary entries? I can’t help but think its part of the original script, otherwise KHJ would have not known acting each scene so well and with great consistency at that,or, perhaps he’s really that good an actor… hahaha

        I still don’t know what to watch next, I want to laugh some more, any suggestions?

        • I was thinking of Padam Padam but having read what you’ve written on that link, I’ll watch Goong instead. I’ve seen it partly before, but never got to finish it. Also, I’ve been wanting to watch YEH again. Her portrayal of Go Eun Chan was really impressive.

          • You made me giggle with your comment about KHJ perhaps being that good of an actor, kaiaraia! Becoz, well.. he’s actually known for being pretty wooden as an actor. He’s also known for being way better at variety. I’ve seen quite a bit of him in Barefoot Friends, and he’s much more interesting there than anything else that I’ve seen him in, so I’ve learned that yes, KHJ IS awesome at variety! I suppose Seung Jo’s stiffness as a character just worked with KHJ’s acting style ^^ And yes, I have seen those diary clips.. Very cute!

            If you’re looking for something light, then Padam Padam is certainly not the right drama (though I do love that show for the warm melo with a fantasy bent that it is).. YEH is such a completely different type of character in Goong, that it’s hard to believe it’s Eun Chan in there.. I loved Goong, but I will say that it does drag in some stretches, no thanks to the palace politics. But, the fantasy world, the cuteness and some lovely OTP moments make it worth the watch, imo :)

            • Thinking about it and considering BOF, I guess you’re right that BSJ’s stiffness fits KHJ’s acting style which made him one with the character. Those are the only dramas I’ve seen him in. Yeah, I’ve seen a few episodes of Barefoot Friends where I find KHJ’s ditziness cute and funny.

              • I know, right?!? I was suitably blown away when I first discovered how much personality he shows in variety. I think he should do way more variety. Although, I can understand him wanting to act more, in order to improve himself. Let’s hope Age of Feeling shows us some KHJ awesome ^^

                • Plus he looks manly now, right? In BOF, I always thought he was too much of a pretty boy. I actually wanted to dress and doll her up as a woman and I bet he’ll be prettier than a lot of korean actresses… silly me, lol.

                  • Ooh, that’s a great point! He does have a manly look and feel about him now compared to before.. Now I’m imagining how he’ll look in those nifty dapper suits that he’s sure to wear in Age of Feeling! Definitely a plus point, coz no matter his acting prowess (or lack of!), there’s no denying that he’s a good-looking man ;D

  40. …”King Of Drama” is that the one as Choi Si-won doing the lead?…btw, i notice some delectable headers again…VERY NICE especially the one with Woobie….<3

    • Yes, Choi Si Won is in King of Drama! But he’s not quite lead.. He’s more like second lead, but he’s fantastic in it, and I really enjoyed him in the role :)

      And YES, there ARE some newer Woobie headers in rotation.. I love gazing at him in those myself (hee), so I’m super happy that you like ‘em too! ^^

  41. ..and i have read some bits of your reviews about this drama along with comments from your fellow bloggers and that made me acquire a copy..I like Choi Si-Won ‘coz he’s a SUJU and i’m an elf…i’ve seen his two dramas; “OML” and “Athena”…he’s quite adorable in OML and did some action in Athena…so i want to know how is he in “KOD”…

    • Oh Si Won is absolutely hilarious in KoD!! Definitely worth checking out the show if you’re a Si Won fan.. And even if you’re not, there’s a lot to like in it ^^

  42. :) ….happy to know that and good luck on your “IHVY” review…still i’m not yet done watching it…i have a re-watch mood these days…i suddenly miss LDW in “SoaW”…one of my k-hunks..LOL!…and my sister is very persistent to watch it so, i’m giving her the honor to use the electrical equipment..hahaha! and it’s fun seeing Wookie and Kim SUn Ah once more..take it easy on your hectic week and have a safe trip.:)

    • Aw, what a sweet sister you are! It’s such a lot of fun to watch with someone though, that I can understand why you’d rather re-watch something with her ^^

      Thanks – I am giving myself permission to not work on the IHYV review today, coz I need to pack for my trip. I’m learning how to relax a bit even mid-review. I hope to make up for lost time on the plane, and perhaps be able to post the review not TOO long after I get to Tokyo! Fighting, me!! ^^v

  43. ..i guess by now your done packing your things.?. :)..just keep the balance…kfangirl fighting!…we’re just right here behind you… :)<3

    • Aw.. Thanks evez ❤ I’m now safely in Tokyo and getting settled :) It’s gonna be a cool, interesting and all-around awesome experience, I’m sure. It might be challenging trying to finish my IHYV review, but I’m still gonna try. Fighting, me! ^^v

      • :) hello kfangirl!..finally you’re there!…you’ll be turning Jap for awhile and it’s too bad you’ll have to redo that IHVY review….i couldn’t imagine how mind numbing that must be?…’s your work and pretty sure you know it by heart…it’s just that i feel that you need some rest after that trip…you’re attention now will be alienated between your review and your family…now that’s what you really called FIGHTING!…it’s either get over that review or push back the posting…whichever, choose the one that will give you comfort…have a happy time with your sister..:)

        • Aw, thanks evez. That is really, really sweet of you to say ❤❤❤ Especially when I’m tired physically, have a bit of a headache, and am still reeling from the shock of losing all my work. SO comforting to read your comment and know that you guys aren’t in any way rushing me, and instead want me to do what feels best for ME. Awww. :’) That put a smile on my face, it really did ❤

          Thank you, dear evez ❤ I’m hoping to finish the review so that I can release it into the world and not have a half-written review hanging over my head. Those tend to niggle at me, and I think I’d feel much better knowing that it was all done. So I’m gonna try to do that while STILL being kind to myself. :)

          • …aww! too! ;) you’re so sweet and receptive as ALWAYS!…and you need to be kind to yourself…it’s a must!…excellent condition stimulates your brain to write more have that rest while looking at the pictures of your current eye candy….*woooobie*….<3<3<3

            • Y’know, I’m usually quite kind to myself.. until it comes to review-writing, I realize. :P When review-writing is on, I push myself to not only finish it as fast as I can, but to do as good a job of it as I can, and I end up sleeping significantly less, just coz my brain is so wired that I wake up before the alarm goes, and am ready to just pop out of bed to keep writing. Sounds kinda crazy, right? XD This experience with IHYV and traveling in the middle of the review-writing, though, is forcing me to take a slower pace on the review-writing, and it’s uncomfortable for me, in a sense. But I’m learning ^^

              In the meantime, Heirs has premiered!! Eeee!! :D I’m planning to make some time to watch E1 EVEN while I write the review, so that’s BIG steps for me! The draw, of course, is a very magnetic, badass Woobie~~ Squeeee!! ❤❤

              • …oh it’s a good thing that you balance everything right now…with your commitment to finish IHVY review plus mingling with your sister with the Heir’s premiere?…. good luck with Heirs’’ll going to have that squee for thousand times for sure!..’coz your red gem Woobie really ROCKS!… ;) he’s damn so good!…Heirs opening salvo from SBS will surely put all fangirls die in excitement…and i did…LOL!

                • I have a bit of time today, and was still a little headachey so didn’t quite have the mood to write my review. So I watched Heirs E1 instead. ^^v See? Learning to be kind to myself. Headache? There, there.. have some Woobie. Lol. Can’t wait to see more of Woobie tomorrow, in E2!! :D

                  • I thought you don’t do live shows, but look at you now…the power of Woobie love! Tee hee! It can’t be helped, he’s just so cool! I’m reminded of his character in White Christmas. Enjoy!

                    • You got me there, kaiaraia!! This IS the power of Woobie love ❤❤❤ One of the reasons I don’t prefer to do live shows, is coz so many shows start out well and falter halfway. I figure that by waiting till the shows are done, I’ll have a better idea of whether a show is worth the watch. In the case of Heirs, though, it’s got Woobie in it, and we all KNOW how that works.. I would watch ANYTHING with Woobie in it! ^.~

                      And he IS burning up my screen with badass swag – in the few scenes that he had in E1, I was completely glued to my screen. He just does that to me, somehow. Swoon~ ❤

  44. Hi! Have you just seen The Heirs episode 5? I’m a little disappointed because it looks like BOF… you know… poor girl in an elite school thing. However, your Woobie rocks in it. And I find the chemistry between him and PSH a lot better than with LMH. I finished watching School 2013 a week ago and I now totally understand your obsession with Woobie. Not much words for Heung So, but you can truly feel him though he just literally stands there. There’s something in his presence that draws the audience to him and its a strong one. Should I say, oozing with charisma?

    • Ooops, sorry. I think that was a spoiler. :-(

      • Aw, no worries, kaiaraia!! I don’t consider that a spoiler.. I already knew this would be a little BOF-esque in the set-up, and I already knew from the stills that Woobie’s chemistry with PSH was pretty smokin’ ^^ I’ll be watching the ep sometime today, so I’ll be all caught up soon!

        And YAY that you finished School 2013!!! Isn’t Woobie just BRILLIANT in it?!??? I am still amazed at how much he put himself into the role of Heung Soo. He was so in character that he sometimes cried even when the script didn’t call for it. Amazing eh?? I LUFF WOOBIE!!! And I’m SO GLAD that you enjoyed him in School 2013!! His presence IS magnetic, and very, very strong. It’s like he just commands your full attention, simply being on your screen. So, so good. LOVE.

        • “His presence IS magnetic, and very, very strong. It’s like he just commands your full attention, simply being on your screen.” SO RIGHT YOU ARE! So much X-factor!

          I enjoyed the drama pretty well. I just hoped they had at least one student love line or even hints of it. What’s high school without first love? Or even crushes? :-)

          • YES!! There’s something so powerful about the aura that surrounds Woobie when he’s onscreen. You KNOW, just from looking at him, that he’s alpha male among alpha males. So hawt. Seriously.

            Student love lines, as in School 2013? There were hints of it, with the girls crushing on our boys. But honestly, with so much fantastic Nam Soon-Heung Soo bromantic goodness, I didn’t even care about the lack of romantic love lines in our story. ^^

            • Perhaps they’re saving it for a new season. The bromance itself is enough. :-)

              • More seasons of School?? Can we have it with Nam Soon and Heung Soo in college then? Coz then we’d have more of that awesome, awesome bromance!! ^.~

                Sadly, the more likely thing would be a new season with new faces and new stories. That’s how they’ve treated the School franchise over the years, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they stuck to that. Oh well. Maybe the new seasons will be awesome too? I’ll just have to imagine the Heung Soo-Nam Soon bromantic awesome in my head ;)

                • Angsty bromance? Are The Heirs’ Tan and Young Do serving one? Since I can’t help but compare it to BOF, I think Woobin would have made a more interesting Gu Jun Pyo. At least at par with Jerry Yan’s Dao Ming Xi of Taiwan’s version of the drama, it not better. Just imagining…

                  • Aw, so far, the bromance in School 2013 is top of my list, with a huge lead on all runners-up too! We’ll have to see how things unfold in Heirs, but my suspicions tell me that it’ll be hard to top the real-life bromantic chemistry between Woobie & Jong Suk ;)

  45. I haven’t seen that much bromance, kdrama or otherwise. But I concur with you that that of Nam Soon and Heung Soo is way way up the charts and will be difficult to topple. It’s just so intense. I wonder how it’ll be with Lee Jong Suk and Seo In Guk in No Breathing… but that is just a movie… sigh…

    • Oh yes! Both halves of our lovely Nam Soon-Heung Soo bromance are branching into different bromantic roles pretty much at the same time! KWB with LMH in Heirs (that’s where they’re probably going with the relationship between Tan and Young Do, right?), and then LJS and SIG in No Breathing. Y’know, I fully believe in the awesome acting chops of both KWB and LJS, so I believe they’ll both give it their all in the their new roles. At the same time, there’s no beating real-life chemistry, is there? And KWB & LJS have that in spades. Ahhh.. SUCH a treat, to have had them together in School 2013. I’m SO looking forward to my re-watch now ❤

  46. Yeah, right. Enjoy your rewatch!

  47. Uh-oh! How come I can not access your review of Flower Boy Next Door through the link here? It says page not found.

  48. I hope you don’t mind if i post some reviews here.
    The queen of the classroom (korean)
    A decent remake of the japanese original. Although it’s a while since I’ve seen the latter, i think this one is more sentimental. The cast are fine.,and it’s nice to see a korean actress in a leading role with a bit of weight on her. The performance that impressed me the most though was the actor who played Madam Oh. Was there an equivilant of the principal in the japanese version, and did we have a character displaying the reasoning behind the title character’s teaching methods. I think the japanese version was tougher. This one seemed to pander more to the audience. In the original, i believe the audience are allowed to make up their own minds about the teacher. Here, we are told that she is a good teacher. She is a more sympathetic character. The teacher doesn’t look as forbidding. She has a nicer haircut, and her features are softer. Although perhaps I shouldn’t deduct points because of that. It’s a slightly different approach to the same character. But for me the japanese actress was more convincing. Would I have given this drama a higher rating if I hadn’t seen the original. Was part of the the reason I gave the original an 8 because of the life lessons the teacher imparted. Now when i hear them again, they don’t leave the same impression on me. If I watched the japanese version again, would I still give it the same rating.

    I decided to watch the japanese version again, at one episode a week.
    here are the comments i made after seeing episode 1
    The teacher. In the korean version, it seems like a mask she is putting on. In the J version it seems to be her natural look. The japanese actress inhabits the role. The korean looks like she’s playing a part. The character in the J version is more interesting.
    The young girl. In the J version, she seems like a normal kid. In the K version, the cute angle is played up. But we;ll see how that develops in the original. I can;t say if either actress is better than the other though.
    The direction seems better in the J version. For instance in terms of atmosphere and mood.
    The J version is actually funnier than I remembered.
    The J version doesn’t (so far) have the silly thing about the wind blowing through the pupils hair.
    The only place I would give points for the korean version is (as stated elsewhere) the actress playing the title role has some weight on her. She looks about the same as kim sam soon. But no mention is ever made of it.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Queen’s Classroom, Martin! :) It’s always interesting to compare versions when different countries present their own takes on various shows. I will have to reserve comment till after I’ve watched Queen’s Classroom myself, which I do plan to do. I’ve heard lots of good things about it ^^

  49. you really should watch the japanese one first :)

    • Thanks for the tip, Martin! Although, I generally watch only a small handful of Japanese dramas, since my primary love is Kdrama and I’m having enough trouble getting more kdrama on my screen..! XD I suspect I’m only going to manage the Korean version of this. If I come away from the K-version loving it to bits, though, I just might dive in to see how the J-version compares ^^

  50. secret
    This drama looks absolutely stunning.
    Hwang Jung-Eum is wonderful in the lead role. For the rest of the cast, I was

    impressed by Jung Soo-Young. I’m not sure why I didn’t rate this even higher, because it was a good story. It is a serious drama for the most part, but doesn’t skimp on humour entirely. Perhaps necause it had a lack of really good characters.

    • I haven’t checked out Secret myself, but I’ve heard that it’s pretty cracky stuff, provided one doesn’t think too hard about it. Does that sound about right?

      I rather like Hwang Jung Eum, though I haven’t seen much of her. I’m watching High Kick 2 and she’s pretty likable in it. I also happen to have a bit of a soft spot for Ji Sung that goes back a long way, so I might check out this show sometime ^^

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