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These are the dramas I’m watching right now:

  • Marriage Not Dating
  • It’s Okay It’s Love
  • Dating Agency Cyrano
  • The Final Match [Last Match]
  • Feelings
  • Heartless City
  • Vampire Idol
  • I Live in Cheongdamdong

So many dramas, so little time..!

171 thoughts on “WATCHING

  1. That’s really true…..there are so many dramas…..:)

    • I know! I feel like I’m falling behind! And I’m greedy.. I want to watch all the good stuff, even the not-so-current dramas..! We need more drama watching hours in a day!! ;)

      • :D
        Actually currently i’m watching all on going shows, as it’s fun to read the recaps plus reviews….also i can share my anticipation for next episode with others :)

        • That’s true! Watching with others can be so much fun! I find it hard to watch shows live though.. the anticipation after a great cliff-hanger can be torture!! >.<

          How's the live watching going so far?? Anything that you really love?? :)

          • Live watching has one more advantage…..if we are busy in our own works, and cannot find time to marathon a drama, we can watch an episode a day as it leaves us with no other option than to wait for a week :D
            In my initial days of drama watching, I used to complete a show within 3 to 4 days…but now i’m a bit busy in other things so I’m doing this….
            I’m loving King of dramas and School 2013…they are simply awesome :)

            • Haha! That’s an interesting way of looking at it! Using live watching as a means of self-control! :) I may try that sometime, if a show is tantalizing enough, or if I’m really desperate for some self-control..! ;)

              Oh, I’m definitely planning to check out King of Dramas and School 2013! They do look very good! :) I’m also hearing some good things about Alice in Cheongdamdong! Since PSH was my very first major k-crush, I’m definitely checking that out too! :)

          • heirs is finished. currently watching empress ki. nice good reviews, i want to watch arang and the magistrate but never finished watching first episode so I came here to see your review if its really good

            • Oh, I really liked Arang! :D Shin Min Ah and Lee Jun Ki are lovely together, and I really enjoyed the construct of the world and the story that it told. Definitely recommend!! :D

  2. You should definitely check out School 2013 >.< it's sooooo good and the pretty male leads don't hurt ;)

    • Thanks for the heads-up!! This is definitely on my to-watch list! I love high school dramas done well, and I’m looking forward to checking School 2013 out, once I finish something else on my current list! I’m maxed out at 6 dramas at once, I don’t know how some people watch like 10 at a time! :P

  3. some of the coolest dramas are also really hard to find. Like Life is Beautiful, TV Novel Love, my Love and Cheer up Mr. Kim….i am now in the process of learning Korean.. those subbers have me over a barrel !!

    • Yes, it is true that some of the good dramas are hard to find! Do you download? If you do, you could possibly download from or, they’ve got lots of good stuff. I found Life Is Beautiful on mediumquality, if you’re interested to check it out ^^

  4. kdramas saved my sanity. a job less dry spell that felt less depressing and frustrating as i started watching dramas. American tv has lost its appeal right now. If i did not get pox last yr i may still be depriving myself of the endless hunky korean men and busy bodies i’ve grown to love. Some dramas are hard to find yes but i think has a really good selection. nice website by the way. searching endlessly on info about gong yoo brought me here.

    • Oh, I feel ya, Binkbaf! It was during a tough time of my life too, that I was introduced to kdrama, & watching it was such a welcome escape & outlet. And once I’d discovered the wonderful world of kdrama, there was just no going back – all kinds of western TV that I used to enjoy have completely lost their draw.

      Yay for a fellow Gong Yoo lover! Isn’t he awesome? <3 I LOVE Gong Yoo – if you haven't figured it out already, heh! – and I take every opportunity to squee about him. And swoon over him. ^^

      • Of course! It took me a while though. I first saw him in Finding Mr. Destiny and was like ohh he’s really cute. that was christmas gone then i saw Mr. Big :D. I loved his acting in it, not so much how the drama came together though. My friend teases me saying i’ve gone down a really dark road with no escape. I responded that i was quite happy on my dark road. Coffee Prince really clinched it for me though and spawned my insatiable curiosity about him.
        I take every moment to squee and swoon. i about died with those fake tattoo pictures.
        Sadly i have to force myself away from dramas until end of may when my exams are over. That has been real difficult. i’m going through withdrawals.

        • Lol! A really dark road with no escape? But, why would anyone even want to escape the wonderful, happy world that our kdramas give us? ;) It’s only a dark road for those on the outside looking in, that’s my take ^^ Once you’re in, you totally get why kdramas are addictive and enjoyable!

          Coffee Prince is a fabulous showcase of GY’s acting chops, I feel. He’s SO natural in it, and so believable. And his lovey-dovey looks at YEH were so swoon-worthy! I have to agree with Michele’s comment below, that it’s no wonder you fell for GY after watching Coffee Prince! :D

          Aw, it’s tough that your exams are going to take you away from dramas for so long! Maybe you could squeeze in some k-movies here and there to ease the pain.. I’d recommend S Diary, since GY appears in it and is so adorable & sexy & hot in it. He’s so hot that it totally makes up for the fact that he’s not actually the main lead!

          Hwaiting, Binkbaf!! Rawk your exams! The kdrama-verse will be waiting for ya! ^^

          • On dear god the bathtub scene in S Diary…….

          • I didn’t miss a step. i had a GY filled weekend last. A happy send off before i hit my books. I devoured spy girl, hello my teacher, started one fine day but realized i’d have to watch that after may. Seemed like one of those dramas that make you shout at the screen. I replayed GY’s scenes in S diary because my eyes couldn’t believe it. I was floored and kept saying in a Korean movie…no way! His acting is really natural, best way you described it. I’m so glad he’s not a fan of what i call the Velcro kiss that so many k-drama actors and actresses seem fond of.

            It’s really a relief to write here. My friends think i’m off my rocker. My best friend asked me what i did to him. He’s hooked on dramas now. We both have exams and are both trying really hard not to give in. As i’m writing this i think i will watch a k-movie. study break and all. :D

            • I don’t think anyone would EVER accuse Gong Yoo of delivering a velcro kiss!! :-) The man is a natural. As for One Fine Day….not a great drama by any stretch but a perfectly wonderful way to get your daily dose of GY because he is smoking hot in that drama. I am just not a fan of Sung Yu-Ri…at all! She completely ruined Snow Queen for me and I adore Hyun Bin!!!

              • I saw her in feast of the gods. That drama had me cussing blue. it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t all that good for me either. I must watch snow queen. Hyun Bin, saw him in kim sam soon and secret garden and i would recommend them to anyone.

            • Lol! Korean movies tend to push the envelope a lot more than dramas on network. Dramas on cable are also more daring coz they aren’t subject to the exact same guidelines as the dramas that air on the few big network stations.. So you’ll notice that a cable drama may have more daring kiss scenes than the much more common velcro kiss ;)

              Yay that your bestie is sharing iyour love for drama, but boo that you guys are struggling to tamp it down for the exams.. Hwaiting for your exams!!

    • ….if kdrama save your sanity..i think kdrama made me insane…hahaha! ;) …you see since kpop thing introduce to me in the year 2005 with some great series and movies i had watched i can’t help but search for a good selection there is to offer…with good looking actors and actresses you can go no wrong by surfing through the net…

  5. Yeah for Gong Yoo!! I think it is probably well-established that although not a great drama, Big really saw GY up his acting ante. That was precisely my thought when I watched it. Meh…on the overall drama, BOOM to GY’s exquisite performance…his best in a drama, in my opinion, to date. And he is so dang easy on the eyes! :-)

  6. Sorry, didn’t finish my thought up there!! Coffee Prince was my intro to the wonderful GY!! Mega swoon-worthy in that drama! Binkbaf, I completely understand why you were duly clinched! :-)

    • Thank you. It’s good to know there are others in the same boat. That bathtub scene had me cussing my shower lol. I saw that Kfangurl has some other actors she likes and I will google them. For a bit i was batty about Lee Min ho after seeing that kiss in Personal taste and i still am actually. Enjoyed BOF and Faith. What do you think about him?

      • Actually, I do have lots of actors that I like – I haven’t listed them all in my K-Love Confession page.. I do love Hyun Bin, he was fantastic in SG! And I love Lee Jun Ki, Jung Il Woo, Kim Soo Hyun, Jung Woo Sung (SO. GOOD. And hot too!), Joo Won, Lee Byung Hun (so hot in Beautiful Days).. I think it’s gonna be a pretty long list ;)

        Discover them slowly.. That’s the best way to savor them I think ^^

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE Lee Min Ho! I just finished up Faith and liked the back end of it more than the front, specifically from Ep 17 on. I went right on to City Hunter, which I am currently watching and LOVE IT. He is so totally awesome (so far) in it and I am about half way in. He delivers a scrumptious kiss in City Hunter that had me re-watching a number of times! ;-) I think Kfangurl will concur that Min Ho rocks it in City Hunter. I also adore his incredibly lovely smile. Lee Min Ho…<3! If you are in for more Min Ho, definitely put City Hunter on your list! :-)

    • I watched City hunter of course. I had a Lee min Ho marathon and hunted down everything he was in so far. Went so far as to watch the Toyota Camry adds. His smile is gorgeous. It won me over in BOF an Jun Pyo. So much so that my mother finds him so handsome lol. I enjoyed Faith a lot, i know he mentioned wanting to do a more serious role and i think he did a great job in it.

      • Y’know, ladies, I giggled out loud when I read Binkbaf’s question to Michele, What do you think about LMH? Coz I KNOW how much Michele loves LMH, and I thought, man, these 2 ladies are gonna have so very much to talk (& squee) about! I think that’s just SO. COOL. :D I LOVE that you guys found a common love right away! :D :D :D

        Yes, I agree wholeheartedly that LMH rocked in City Hunter. I haven’t seen Faith yet, but among the LMH dramas that I’ve seen, City Hunter is my favorite so far. So cool, so badass, so matter-of-fact about it. Fabulous!

  8. Agreed. I loved him in Faith. I have yet to see all of his work but am going to get to them all. I really like him!

  9. Yeah, Bin is wonderful. He is good in Snow Queen, just needed a better costar! Loved him in SG.

  10. Ha!! I do tend to reveal myself boldly, yes?! Inasmuch as I am wildly crushing on LMH, there will no usurping the true king of my heart!! ;)

  11. Indeed. Very, VERY secure. :-) But, in LMH’s defense, I am liking him more and more as I progress through City Hunter. Also, this drama is giving me a female lead that I really like. So in the LMH drama that I have digested and the one I am currently watching, I have liked both of his leading ladies. I have to say I rather enjoyed when Park Min Young flew into the room like gangbusters to save her man and took a bullet. Respect! :-) I was actually cheering her on…Yes!! Girl Power! And could not help but laugh at Min Ho’s line to her….what do eat that makes you so brave?! Love.It. :-) And…Binkbaf, LMH is gearing up for a new drama that is being written by the same writer who wrote Secret Garden. In addition to that, LMH is releasing an album in early May. He continues to bring the love to his fans!! Squeeeeeee!

    • Lol! When I read about LMH’s plans for a new drama, you were the first person I thought of! I wondered if you’d heard it already – but you’re clearly ahead of your game ;)

      I did enjoy Park Min Young in City Hunter as well.. Did you know that she & LMH dated briefly for real after they made this show?

      • I have my eye on him to be sure!! LOL! No I did not know they dated, however, I think they are nicely matched. I re-watched that Ep 9 kiss and it occurred to me that either 1) something more is going on here; or 2) he is an actor who can simply deliver a believable kiss. I think it is a little bit of both – at least for City Hunter. However, I recently read that Kim Hee Sun’s husband was a little jelly over the kiss LMH delivered to her in Faith. You will recall my squee over that one when I finally witnessed it. Although not as long and emotion-filled as the one in CH, it was nevertheless filled with tenderness and delivered precisely within the context of the given situation at the time. I loved the chem those two had in Faith and I love the chem he and PMY have in CH. Can LMH take that chemmy king crown from your GY???!!! LOL!! I will have to see ALL of Min’s work to truly decide! And GY already has a default for One Fine Day…but I cannot blame that really on him because, well…we both know it wasn’t HIS fault! :-)

        • I guess the surprise isn’t quite that they dated, since their chemistry is so good. I think it was more the fact that they announced that they were dating. Considering how hush-hush most celebrity dating is in Korea, this was different and quite ballsy ^^

          I think you’ll be quite pleased with the kiss that LMH delivered in Personal Taste, when you finally get around to it. I can’t say I was convinced of the OTP chemistry in that show, but he kissed mighty well, I’d say! ;)

          • I think i’m the only person who couldn’t stand kim nana in CH. I repeatedly called the character kim fana the big head. I’ll have to watch that again sometime. I liked the ending because she wasn’t really there. I was saddened to know he dated her but elated when i found out they went their separate ways. I really liked her in SKKS with yoo chun though. The kiss in personal taste was what made me watch everything LMH did. I said YES! finally not another Velcro. Goo Jun Pyo and the grassy field JanDi didn’t have enough chemistry for me at least on Jandi’s side. Her character was like a fish.

            Everything I’ve seen GY in looks real and he has more credits so for me he’ll have the title a while longer.Those bedroom eyes are a killer too.

            • Hm.. I actually don’t remember how I felt about Kim Nana in CH.. I couldn’t have hated her though, coz I’d have remembered that! I have an inexplicable affection for Park Min Young despite her sometimes limited acting and haven’t seen her yet in a role that I hated. I did especially enjoy her in SKKS, I thought she had a very likable quality in it, so I’m glad you felt the same!

              No arguments on the GY front.. He’s always so natural onscreen! Swoon.. <3

    • Michele bless you heart for telling me that. You made my night i had a nice little scream. I had a long day of studiying and heat. Thank you.I loved loved secret garden. I’ve been dogging websites for information but i think my location (geographically) limits my search results.

      • Yeah!!! I am confident that LMH will deliver in whatever he does after watching him in City Hunter (and Faith, for that matter)…..GAWD! He is fantastic in both. I have one more episode of CH to go. I am drawing this one out for as long as I possibly can because it has been such a delightful ride and LMH is so handsome in it; and, as Kfangurl has reiterated..simply badass! I adored him in Faith….I absolutely love him in City Hunter. Hey…I also watched the Toyota mini-commercial, drama-esque thingies too….and LOVED him in that as well. The breaks in action to plug the Camry were pretty funny, but overall I loved the concept and give props to Toyota on their innovative way to market a vehicle! :-) Plus…he played twins!! HELLO…bonus!! :-)

  12. Mmmmmm……LMH. That’s all I got for ya right now……………sigh, swoon, thunk! LOL!

  13. Kfan girl, GY is so close but yet so far.i was reading an article that said he was in Puerto Rico for filming. I think he should just tour the Caribbean one time.maybe then i can see him in person then lol (dreams). I really wonder if the south Korean actors and actresses realize just how wide spread their dramas are watched and the sheer number of fans they have outside of asia and by extension the US?

    • You know what, I hadn’t come across any news on his Puerto Rico filming, so your comment was my heads-up! THANK YOU! <3 I just went and ogled some photos and vids of him in Puerto Rico.. swooonn~~

      I think the k-stars should have some clue about their popularity.. the make-up of their respective fan clubs should give some indication, I think. Plus when they travel, the reception they get should be a clue. It's amazing that GY had a crowd of fans waiting for him to walk through a courtyard in Puerto Rico, all poised with cameras and yelling, "Oppa, saranghae!!" Wild. ^^

      • true, with access to content and information the way it is they would be aware of their popularity. They were ever to eager to yell Oppa!!! The fan pictures were nice. I saw some on facebook.

        • Yes, he looked so fine.. Seeing him in the vids was the best though. Whenever I see him in motion I swoon and remember all over again why he’s my big k-love <3

  14. So many dramas , so little time:) I’m currently watching ” I hear your voice”. while waiting for E3 going to start on ” Gu family Book” Can you tell I’m addicted.. :)

    • Oh I’ve heard some good things about I Hear Your Voice.. Sounds like you’re liking it? I’ve also heard mixed responses to Gu Family Book, but it’s still on my “to check out” list.. And yes, the right drama can get you so addicted, I completely agree! ;D

  15. Arang managed to stay awesome for me start to finish even if I would have wanted to see Arang and her lovely Satoo have more romance time on the back end after all was resolved – I still was happy!! Thank you LJK and SMA!♥ And, then there is Dae Gil and his boys, yep..that one is holding firm through 15 thus far! :))

    • Oh yes, Arang is pretty awesome all the way through! I wished there was more at the end too, but definitely, it’s one of those that stayed strong through the end. I’ll have to wait until you finish Chuno to see if you give it a similar pronouncement! ;D

  16. Highly recommend “Gu family book” really love this show, but had I known that this is still an ongoing drama series, I would have waited until the last episode to start watching it. Now I have to wait for new episodes to post. Hate waiting! :)

    • Aw.. I feel your pain, surusa! I’ve done the live watch before, just for a couple of shows, if memory serves, and definitely, waiting for new episodes is tough, ESPECIALLY if the writers are serving up some good cliffhangers!

      I’ve since stopped live watching, and I currently only watch shows after they’ve completed their run. It’s less to do with waiting for new episodes now, since I don’t seem to have the time to marathon like I used to. But it does give me an idea of which shows are worth my time, and I’m always happy to avoid shows that turn out to be turkeys, LOL! XD

      • Next time I will make sure if all the episodes are posted before I start watching a series.. LOL or follow from the beginnng, like I have done with ” when a man loves ” and currently ” I hear your voice” . Have a great Sunday!

        • Oh, I get what you mean! It’s like, once you get into a marathon sort of rhythm, it’s extra hard to go back to the live watch pace of 2 eps a week. But if you started on that live watch pace, you manage your own expectations better ^^

          I’ve heard good things about I Hear Your Voice, btw! I will have to add that to my long list of shows to check out! Plus, I loved Lee Jung Suk in School 2013, so I’m already rather inclined to see him again <3

  17. I’m happy that your currently watching Nine Times Time Travel. For me, it’s the best drama this 2013. It’s different and its a smart kdrama. Hopefully, you can make a finale review after watching it. Thanks

  18. After watching episode 4 your journey with Nine will be an amazing experience. Each episode is unpredictable and will keep you on the edge of your seat until episode 20. Hope you will like it. Thanks

    • Ah, thanks for the heads-up, Jamok99! This will help me manage my expectations as well. Episode 4 will be my mental milestone, if I don’t feel overly excited about eps 1-3!

  19. Hope all is well with you kfangurl!

    Please, watch “Gu Family book” soon!! excellent series. I hope it wins all kind of awards:). Started on “Air City” this one started ok, but it’s getting boring and only on E3. and “Baker King Kim Tak Goo” I’m on E5 and so far I really like it. A bit sad though.

    • Gu Family Book is definitely on my radar.. There are just so many shows that I’m curious to check out that I wonder when I will get to them all! XD I haven’t seen it myself, but I’ve heard that Kim Tak Goo can be quite addictive in the makjang sort of way, even though it’s a flawed show. With my recent discoveries of both Yoon Si Yoon and Joo Won though, I have to admit my curiosity about this show has increased.. Will I ever catch up? Lol..

      • Is Yoon Si Yoon the same guy from “Barefoot friends” ??? if so, this will be the first drama with him in it. I thought he was in a boy band. btw Barefoot friends episode 9 was funny but not as the previous ones.

        • Meant to say, first drama with Yoon Si Yoon in it that I will watch.

          • Yes, Yoon Si Yoon is our Barefoot Friend, and Kim Tak Goo is his most well-known role to date.. Remember how Eunhyuk’s mother was so pleased to meet him in E8? She said, “I can’t believe I met Kim Tak Goo here” – it was super cute! XD

            And yes, E9 was a solid episode, but it was definitely quieter than E8 ^^

            • Ah yes, I was wondering who Eunhyuk’s mother was talking about when she said that:) In E9 of barefoot friends, Si Yoon had said that most people only remember him as Kim Tak Goo when they were playing that game. When he mentioned that name, I was just starting to watch “BAker king kim tak goo” I’m now into the eposide where Si Yoon plays the grown up boy. I find him cuter now that I know he played in Baker King.. :)

              • For me, seeing Yoon Si Yoon in Barefoot Friends actually helped me appreciate him in FBND more, which is the first role that I’ve seen him in.

                Although Kim Tak Goo is his most well-known role, I thought it wise to give you a fair word of warning: I’ve heard that Baker King can get ridiculously makjang (ie, overly melodramatic), so don’t expect everything to make sense! XD If you’re there more for Yoon Si Yoon, though, then that’d be a different story ;D

                • Not since “Stairway to heaven” and “Autumn in my heart” have I cried so much to the point of not being able to breath while watching “Baker King Kim tak Goo” Yoon Si Yoon did a great job. He is on my list of favorite actors now :)

                  • Aw. It’s great to hear that you’re enjoying Kim Tak Goo, tears & all! Although I haven’t seen it myself, I do think Yoon Si Yoon’s a good actor, and very likable. I can understand why he’s now on your list of favorites! <3

                    • I have seen Kim Tak Goo in “Baker King” he did well his character…though i’m more on a rom-com genre…i did watch it ‘coz it was aired here in our local channel being dubbed in Filipino language..and my mother liked it…last week I bought myself a dvd copy of “Flower Boy Next Door” a tVN series…though i have not started watching it yet, i did buy it ‘coz i had watched “Flower Boy Ramen Shop” which starred Jung IL-Woo..

                    • Oh, I just finished FBND not too long ago myself! I liked it overall, though I felt the show could’ve been better.. I think out of all the Flower Boy shows so far, my favorite is still Shut Up. Have you seen that one yet?? If you haven’t, I highly recommend it! ^^

  20. Finished “Gu Family Book” the other day when the last episode was on DF. Awesome, Awesome Series. I enjoyed it for everyting it had in it. The actors did all a great job. Oh and that Choi Jin Hyuk, what a dreamy voice that man has. He couldn sing the phone book to me and it would still sound sexy. The icing on the cake is the OST . Every song was perfect for each story line. I downloaded all the songs from this series and Chuno even if I don’t understand the words, the songs are just so beautiful.
    Currently watching “The wind that winter blows” I like it, only the sister Young is so depressing, but given her situation is understandable.hope to finish it this weekend. Have a great weekend!!

    • Wow, look at you go! You’re watching drama at (in my world) supersonic speed! Great that you’re enjoying yourself :) I haven’t checked out either of those shows, but I have to agree that the Chuno soundtrack is gorgeous. I’m in the midst of a (slow) re-watch of Chuno (recently derailed once again, this time by Nine), and I’m reminded all over again how magnificent the OST is ^^

      • Hi Kfangurl, hope you are having a wonderful summer so farI might be sleep deprived, but I’m enjoying these Kdramas:) Finished “the wind that winter blows” very good. Then went on a Bae young Joon marathon. Watched “hotelier” and ” The legend” enjoyed both very much. He is my number 1 Oppaaa… LOL
        and finally a movie called “untold Scandal ” very different roll he played. weird seeing him play a womanizer:),

        • Oh! You’ve found your #1 oppa and it’s BYJ?? :D My mother & I used to love BYJ! Well, my mum was probably more into him than I was, but I did go through a smitten period after seeing him be all charismatic & charming in Hotelier <3 I thought he was more charming in Hotelier than even his most famous role in Winter Sonata.

          • Hi kfangurl, hope all is well. I’m finding out that I really enjoy watching Historical dramas. I just finished ” The kingdom winds” and discovered a great actor Song ll Kook . Watching The kingdom was like watching the real king instead of the actor playing the part. So I’m putting him up there with one of your favorites Jang Hyuk:) I enjoyed Song’s performance so much, I’m adding Jumong to my list and some of his other dramas. It doesn’t hurt that he is good looking too. :)

            • Oh, I haven’t seen Kingdom of the Winds myself, I’ve only seen Song Il Gook in Fermentation Family, where I thought he did nicely. He does have a solid fanbase, and I’ve heard quite a bit of praise for him.

              Funny that you’re going to watch Jumong next, coz from what I understand, SIG plays Jumong’s grandson in Kingdom of the Winds, and he plays Jumong in Jumong ^^ I guess one can just imagine that Jumong’s grandson looks just like his grandfather, Lol! ;)

              • Happy Monday! finished Fermentation Family yesterday. Great drama. great casting. all the characters were engaging. Cried and laughed with them. the dishes they prepared looked so beautiful and delious. did not know you can make different kind of kimchi. Beautiful ending.

                • Aw, yay that you enjoyed the show! And yes, doesn’t the food look simply amazing?? I’ve tasted different types of kimchi, but NOTHING like what they feature on the show! Makes me want to visit this restaurant – if only it existed! XD

            • Song Il Gook, my very first klove! Fall for him in Jumong, he was just awesome in it. He was my number 1, well, at least until GY took the spot! You might want to check out Crime Squad and A Man Called God. Those abs! and at 40?! how can he be so hot!

  21. Hi Kfangurl,
    Hope all is well with you! Between work, and short vacations to keep my little guy happy during his summer vacation, I’m still able to get my daily fix on Kdrama:) currently watching new dramas and mixing it with an old one. ” The good doctor” love it already and its only up to epi 4. ” Her legend” also into its 4th epi. cried so much through the first 2 episodes. oh I almost forgot, “Barefoot Friends” still loving it. last episode was so funny. And while waiting for newer episode I’m catching up on “Jumong” btw ,Did I tell you I love Kdrama? …. lol.

    Have you seen “Tazazz” i think that is the name of it with our man Jang Hyuk? :)

    • Hey there, Surusa! Sounds like you’re having a really fun summer! Short vacays, peppered with lots of kdrama! I don’t watch shows as they air but I’m keeping an eye on Good Doctor coz I have a soft spot for Joo Won. He was amazing in Gaksital, and so swoony and endearing in Ojakgyo Brothers. I’m curious to see how he does in Good Doctor.

      I’m still watching Barefoot Friends too. LOVED Ho Dong’s song at the end. I am so impressed at the music talent of the stars acting as judges. I mean, taking any random idea the team member comes up with, and giving it a groove and putting it to music AND making it sound good? Wow.

      I tried out a few eps of Tazza, for JH’s sake, but didn’t make it very far. I think I gave up before I finished E4. It’s just not my thing. Plus, I read a review of it and it sounded like it never picked up the pace, ever.

  22. Hi Kfangurl, how is everyithing?

    Just finished the last episode of Jumong, and OMG, so many emotions going on inside of me right now. Excellent story. great acting by everyone. Loving SIG more and more:) loved by 2 women and both deserved him. Just so sad to see the 2nd wife leave after she had done so much to help Jumong. Now “kingdom of the winds” makes more sense and I’m so glad that SIG played in both, just made the drama better. The costumes were just amazing, all the little details, the colors, just amazing. This one will stick with me for a while:)

    • Hey surusa! I’ve been good! Congrats on finishing Jumong – sounds like you thoroughly enjoyed it! ^^ I truly love it when a show keeps resonating with me even after I’ve finished the watch – those are the really special ones ;)

      • Hi kfangurl, I really , really did:) I know this is going to sound crazy, but after watching some of these shows I feel lost.Do you find your self feeling like that sometimes? Is that a sign of a Kdrama addict?? :)

        • Lol! I think it has a lot to do with how deeply immersed you were with the characters and their world, surusa! Yes I’ve felt that way before, especially if it was an intensive marathon of just one single show that I happened to really enjoy. Once it’s over, you get ejected out of that world and you need a little time to readjust ^^ So don’t worry you’re not alone.. Lots of drama fans have felt this way before, with shows that they really love!

          Guess this means you’re normal.. Or at least, as normal as the next drama addict? ;D I kid, I kid ^^

  23. it’s been a while since i’ve last said hello. still love ur website and i saw u have extended ur list of loves. Kfangurl i know the hong sisters drama Big was a gigantic load but The Master’s Sun with So ji Sub, Gong Hyo-Jin and Seo In Guk is worth the watch. it’s the rom-com that i needed and i believe you and everyone else will enjoy it. I fell down that rabbit hole like alice with dramas. i am the Cheshire cat welcoming people.

    • Heyya, Binkbaf!! Great to see you around here! How were exams??

      Yes, my k-love list (harem?) has extended fairly recently, with Kim Woo Bin sneaking up on me and sweeping me off my feet. ❤ Have you seen School 2013, Binkbaf?? He’s just awesome in it!

      I usually have an aversion to scary shows with scary ghosts, but all that talk about the sparkling chemistry between So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin definitely has me curious.. Plus, I do like me some Seo In Guk! Right now I’m leaning towards a marathon after it’s over. Sounds like you’re enjoying the show, which is always a good thing, I say! ^^

  24. Exams were great. Distinctions all the way. No but I saw him in A Gentleman’s dignity which was good btw. I have School 2013 in my queue. I think really they are both really talented. The chemistry is believable as a result. Seo in Guk , i really really liked him in Answer me 1997 and he has a good singing voice. He has some nice songs.
    I’m enjoying the show too much. I can’t wait for thursday’s and friday’s. ( i know it wed and thursday but i have a 24hr delay). I recruited my mother who says ohhh what a good looking man. Maybe you can get a husband like that. I watch her and laugh.
    I must say though when u progress into the show you realize that it’s not scary at all. I think that has to do with the comical side of it. Plus you are so busy with the word play, innuendoes and overall vibe of the drama the incorporeal don’t make much of a dent unless you scare really really easily.

    • Woot! Distinctions all the way?!? Look at you go!! :D Congrats, binkbaf!!

      Yay that School 2013 is in your queue!! It’s the show that introduced me properly to the awesomeness of Kim Woo Bin AND Lee Jong Suk, so it’s very special to me *hugs Show*

      I loved Seo In Guk in AM1997 too! He was such a revelation to me in that.. Before that, I’d found him random and quite annoying in (the also quite annoying) Love Rain. But in AM1997, SIG just blew me away. So. Good. I love that even though singing is his primary thing, that he holds his own so solidly in the midst of actor-actors. A very talented guy indeed!

      Lol at your mom looking for son-in-law material in your kdramas!! XD It’s great to have someone to watch and squee with; sounds like you ladies are having a lot of fun! Thanks, too, for the assurance of the (not-so-) scary levels of Master’s Sun.. That does help. I’m feelin’ braver already ;D

  25. Do you watch GOOD DOCTOR ??

    • Hey there! No, I haven’t checked out Good Doctor yet.. Medical shows aren’t quite my thing, but I’m mildly interested to check this out for Joo Won. It’s somewhere on my list ^^

  26. I see your watching Master’s Sun. How do you find it so far? I had some good laugh.

    Is that Choi Minho in one of the headers? I see him in Medical Top Team. He’s so refreshingly cute as a resident. I always find them haggard, well at least in real life. :-)

    • I’m only 6 eps into Master’s Sun, and then I got sidetracked with all the GY goodness of late, hee ;) I find it an easy, amusing watch, but I’m not yet sold on the OTP. I’ve heard that it’s a slow burn with this show, so I’m just biding my time and waiting for the show to suck me in good and proper.

      I don’t have a header with Minho.. I’m guessing it could be one of the Yoo Seung Ho headers? He’s the only one I can think of who could pass for Minho.. :P I’m not watching Medical Top Team, and it’s not quite on the list coz medical dramas aren’t quite my thing.. But I saw Minho in To The Beautiful You, and he’s ADORBS in it. He’s a big part of why the show worked for me, despite its plethora of flaws ^^

      • Yep, it was an easy watch. Let’s talk when you’re done viewing it. True, the Gong Yoo craze you made possible kept me up late into the night just reading, giggling and laughing. I did manage to start watching a new show, Basketball. Have you heard of that? The lead, Do Ji-Han seems like he can do some serious acting. Have you seen him? And I’ve even noticed the color palette. It was drab characterizing probably those ominous times. Strong contrast was used though like red against dull background to emphasize a beautiful moment. It also has some great cinematography and those were used to highlight some important scenes… I think your critical eye is rubbing off on me… hahaha

        • Oh, I’m definitely still floaty from the whole GY experience.. After the fanmeet, I had the urge to watch some Coffee Prince, so I dipped my toes into E1, and got all smitten and spazzy all over again. The GY effect is not to be trifled with, truly ;)

          Basketball is high on my list!! I definitely plan on watching that one, it looks so promising! Once I have some space on my drama plate, I plan on checking it out. The trailers are so stylish, & certainly not a disappointment coming from PD Kwak, who directed gorgeous, glorious Chuno. And wow, look at you, analyzing the cinematography & color palette!! :D It’s my honor if it’s indeed my critical eye rubbing off on you! It sounds gritty yet stylish – perfect for the kind of tone that I’m expecting from this show.

          • Yes, the GY Effect. Probably, I did not have the desire to rewatch CP because I am watching his debut into television during the fanmeet explosion. I finally found episodes of School 4 with him. I can attest its GY effect coz I’m viewing it even if it ain’t subbed. Whoah! He’s sooooooooooooo refreshingly adorable! I’ll share it in the Gong Yoo thread sometime later when the dust have settled down. hehehe

            Just seen two more episodes of Basketball. This show just catapulted into the top spot of my viewing list. I’m loving it! I think the recent discussion we had about FBND had me all critical about this show. Or maybe, I’ve been critical before but it’s only now that I’ve concretized them while watching and its making my watch all the more enjoyable. Thank you. Speaking of that, I’ve noted two fresh things about the OTP–one with regards to their status and the other about the pace of their relationship. Uh-oh, I should stop here…*zipping my thoughts*

            • Omo!! You found actual episodes of GY in School 4?!??? I bow to your investigative skills, kaiaraia!! YES PLEASE POST IT IN THE GY THREAD – when you’re ready! :D

              Hee. Yay that you’re enjoying Basketball – your positive reactions so far have me happily curious about it. And yes, no spoilers please.. Or I’ll have to send you to the corner ^.~

  27. Well, Crunchyroll is all manga and anime now. Back in 2006, its very much like Gooddrama. If I remember it right, GY only had one line in Mr. Gam but I did not mind. He looked so so good in a baseball uniform and he pitched like a pro. Wish he was a real baseball player, it would be easier to see him in person… hahaha!

    Learn Hangul, I sure would like to do that when time allows. I should have accepted that offer to teach English to Koreans online. If I did, I bet I would have learned more Korean and Hangul…hahaha… I don’t know, but I find it difficult. In spite of the amount of dramas I’ve seen, I know very little *sigh*. I find the Japanese language easier to learn, probably because the pronunciation is very much like our own. If only Korean is offered as a doctoral requisite I could easily make time, but alas only French, German, Spanish, and Nihonggo are. Bummer!

    • Hee, spoken like a true GY fangirl.. Never mind if it’s a show where he barely says anything.. as long as he’s IN it, you’re in too! XD And yes, I can so believe that he looks suitably dashing and sporty as a baseball player *pictures the awesome* *swoon*

      Definitely, similarities to your own language would make another language that much more accessible.. Actually, because of my specific cultural & geographical background, I find Korean quite accessible. I’m nowhere near fluent, but I’ve learned more than I expected to, without lessons. If you’d like to check out the post that I wrote about that, you can take a lookie here:

      Also! I do believe that as you get better at Japanese, that some of that will spill over to Korean. Well, based on my limited experience with Japanese & Korean anyway :P kaiaraia, fighting!!! (Coz we need you to expand those investigative skills to track GY’s movements, heh)

      • This chat had me visit the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines online. They offer Korean language classes and authentic Korean cooking classes. To be able to make my own kimchi, how cool is that! If only they are located closer to home… or work… haayyy…

        • Oh wow, looks like the k-bug’s bitten you good lately, kaiaraia!! :D In terms of exploring Korean lessons, have you tried TTMIK?? My friend Michele did Skype lessons with them for a while, and liked them. It’s just that she then found a k-tutor located nearer to her and switched up.

          And, kimchi!! YUM. I’ve seen various kimchi-making vids on youtube.. Maybe that’s a good place to start poking around? My sis tried making raw vegan kimchi once and liked it ^^

  28. I find Rachel very beautiful, crown-worthy beauty.

    I have started watching yet another live show, Bel Ami, originally titled Pretty Man. The first two episodes were really funny, the lead girl is a pervert, well… almost. Hahaha! What a wonderful change! Yet the show was able to deliver an ample amount of heart and lotsa lotsa depth. Looks very promising. But then again many a show started out great and is not able to sustain it like Basketball for one. So I’m hoping this proceeds well. *crosses fingers*

    • I do find Rachel very pretty too! I love the styling they’ve done on Kim Ji Won. I much prefer it to the Candy girl styling she wore in What’s Up. That, combined with her haughty snarky gazes, make her so interesting onscreen in Heirs. I THINK I’m supposed to find her a distasteful character, but I rather like her :P

      I’ve heard generally positive reactions about Pretty Man – yay that you’re enjoying it! And yes, fingers crossed it stays good. So many shows start promising and then derail that it’s just criminal.

  29. I’m also currently watching Master’s Sun. I actually convinced my husband to watch it with me, he was interested because of the ghost aspect. I’ve been gushing to him about my dramas since I started to be obsessed with them. Usually he just rolls his eyes at me, but somehow I managed to convince him to give it a try. I’m still not certain how, but I’m not arguing! The best part so far is that he is as hooked to the show as I am. We are both loving it so much right now, we’re on episode 9. How are you liking it so far?

    • YOU GOT YOUR MAN TO WATCH KDRAMA WITH YOU???? AND HE’S LIKING IT??? :D That is just awesomesauce, Jaime!! Congratulations, well done indeed!! *throws confetti*

      I’m 13 eps in, and it’s been a fun, unchallenging watch so far :) It’s not one of my top dramas, but it’s been a nice spot of fun. Plus, Gong Hyo Jin is one of my favorite actresses, so I have a big soft spot for her. I’ve had to put Master’s Sun aside for a while now, though, coz my schedule’s been pretty hectic, and all I could manage was to keep up with the 2 new Heirs episodes each week. I need to get back to Master’s Sun soonish. I’m traveling for work again next week, so it might take me a while to get back to this show and finish it.. Which is why I suspect you and your hubs might reach the finish line before I do! XD

      I’m lookin’ forward to comparing notes with ya, when we both finish it!

      • *bows* I did! I am just as surprised by it as everyone of my netizen friends that I’ve told! I just kept gushing to him about all the dramas I was watching, fangirling about everything that I loved and grumbling about all my frustrations for my babies! I was always telling him about the show I was going to watch next. So when I was telling him about Master’s Sun he was interested in the story. Then one day out of the blue when I was about to start Good Doctor he asked me if I was going to watch “that ghost story Korean thing.” And before I knew it we were watching it together! And he kept bugging me about when we could watch the next episode. Our schedules don’t mesh as well as we’d like and with a five year old we don’t get to watch as many in a row as we’d like, but we’re making steady progress.

        I agree it is a fun and easy watch so far, no horrible roller coasters of emotions and pain as I’ve experienced in other dramas. This is the first thing I’ve seen Gong Huo Jun in, but I am probably going to watch Pasta very soon! I watched Heirs up to episode 14 but got so frustrated I stopped watching. I think I’m going to wait for the show to be done and then go back and marathon through the last episodes. I would absolutely love to compare notes once we both finish with The Master’s Sun! That is very exciting!

        • Aw ❤ Your hubs sounds like a cool guy. I LOVE that he’s the one bugging YOU to go on to the next episode!! How awesome is that?!?? :D I hope you guys have many more hours of kdrama fun together!! Do you think he’d be up for another kdrama after Master’s Sun??

          Ah, Heirs. I am watching it mostly for Woobie, at this point. I can totally understand why you stopped watching! It’s nowhere near as cracky as it promised to be. Although, I do concede that it’s practically impossible for ANY drama to live up to that kind of hype!

          Gong Hyo Jin has such a natural, earthy, warm charm about her that she makes all her characters likable. I think you’ll enjoy her in Pasta. And there’s enough warmth and fuzz in there to satisfy you, I’m quite sure! :D

          • Heh yeah he’s pretty awesome I think I’ll keep him around for awhile. We now have 4 episodes left of Master’s Sun and the hubby is so adorable he’s all complaining that Kang Woo shouldn’t be going after President Joo’s girl. It is so fantastic. Oh yes, he’s already got his next drama picked out. From helpful suggestions from my netizen friends I compiled a list of dramas that I haven’t seen but I think he’d like. He’s picked Vampire Prosecutor so that’s what we’ll be watching once we finish Master’s Sun.

            I will be going back and finishing Heirs pretty much only for Woobie, though I do want to see how it ends eventually. I just got so disappointed with the story, there was so much potential and it seemed as if they wasted so many story lines. True the hype surrounding Heirs was so insanely huge that it really couldn’t meet them.

            I just looked into Pasta, and watched a trailer. Omo it is so adorable looking. So yeah I’ll be watching it very soon I’m sure.

            • OMG your hubs sounds like he’s really into Master’s Sun, which is just all kinds of awesome!! :D And if he can get huffy about something loveline related, I’m guessing that he’ll be open to other romance-y shows too!! The potential awesome!!! :D

              And! Vampire Prosecutor!! I LOVE Vampire Prosecutor!! It took a few eps to get into its groove, but it was excellent once it did. The case-of-the-day sometimes was a little too obvious for my liking, but the show overall was handled excellently. And I do think it’s a show a boy could enjoy ^^

              Pasta is just the most adorable lovely little rom-com. Besides the lovely Gong Hyo Jin, Lee Sun Gyun kills it as the grumpy chef with the velvet voice. His voice is like butter, seriously. And his delivery is outstandingly nuanced, while managing to retain his very natural, understated sort of style. These 2 together = GOLD. ❤

              • The hubby is pretty darn adorable. We just finished Master’s Sun and he is totally grumpy today. He has his first K-Drama hangover! When the show was done he looked at me and was like, “Now what am I supposed to do? How do you just start watching something else? I want more President Joo and Gong Sil.” It was so cute. I think I might just make a drama addict out of him yet!

                I’m pretty excited to watch Vampire Prosecutor, it looks pretty good. Both the hubby and I are huge fans of crime dramas and because it’s a K-drama and a vampire to boot it just makes it that much more awesome. I tried to compile a list of boy shows lol and it seemed one of the more boy-ish. Though he’s a romantic at heart so I’m crossing my fingers I can get him to watch a rom-com at some point once he’s good and addicted hehehe.

                I’ve committed to finishing My Princess and then the last 5 episodes of Shut up and then School 2013 :P and then I’m definitely watching Pasta. I’m super excited to have my next few shows lined up. And even more so since I’ve gotten some pretty solid reviews from folks that I adore. Thanks!

                • Aw! Your hubs IS adorable!!! :D I LOVE how he’s having trouble moving on from Master’s Sun!! We all have that super soft spot for our very first kdrama, and I suspect your hubs is going to need at least a selective rewatch of Master’s Sun in order to fill the gap he’s feeling! My first drama was Goong and I rewatched that a good 4-5 times before I was able to move on to a new kdrama XD Of course, I was probably an extreme case because of the personal significance that Goong held for me.

                  I seriously loved the elegance of the first season of Vampire Prosecutor.. You’ll notice that everything is quite elegant, from the cinematography to even our resident vampire’s vamping ways. Even the blood is elegant, seriously. Season 2 was less elegant and way more gory, which I didn’t appreciate. The good news is, you don’t HAVE to go on to S2 unless you want to. S1 can stand alone, and I like that. S2 does flesh out some character relationships, and for me, that was the saving grace of S2 that made it worth checking out. I’m curious to know how you enjoy VP1, so do keep me posted! :D

                  Yay that you’ve got such solid shows lined up!! See, that’s one of the perks of being newish to kdrama.. SO MANY goodies to pick from!! I can’t wait to hear all about your reactions to each show, coz I love each of them heartily ^^

                  • So we watched the first two episodes of Vampire Prosecutor and he likes it so far, but his first words were, “He’s no President Joo, but he’s good.” I giggled so badly! So far I am really loving the show. It’s just like you’ve said, elegant and sophisticated. The filming and the script is so good. I can’t wait to see how the story progresses. I may not opt to watch season 2, but I’ll bet that my hubby will probably want to watch it if he ends up really enjoying season 1. I also really love the effects so far, they have truly done a great job. The effects are subtle enough that it isn’t overwhelming, but they are just right to make it obvious that he’s supernatural. I’m loving the show so far.

                    • Aw! Your hubs is so funny!! XD SJS has definitely left a lasting impression on your hubs!!

                      Your resident vampire prosecutor is going to grow on you, I guarantee it. By the time I was done with S1, I felt like no one else could have played that character. He’d BECOME the character, for me ^^ YAY that you’re both enjoying the show!! :D

  30. Vampire Idol!!! omg seriously, I think this is the role most similar to KWB’s real life personality- a bit goofy, super sweet, and very sensitive! Are you watching this in Eng Subs?

    • Omo. You are so right, Isharaine!! That role IS most similar to Woobie’s actual dorky, sweet, adorable RL personality! Sweet, adorable boy. ❤

      I’m watching VI with Chinese subs since I couldn’t find English subs. I’ve heard it’s available subbed up to somewhere in the teen episodes, but I haven’t come across complete English subs, sadly. If you know where it’s available subbed, do share – there’re lotsa folks hoping for subs! ^^

  31. There’s a girl who has been subbing them slowly, and her Facebook page is Vampire Idol Fan-Sub. She has links and info on Eng subs, and she is up to EP 48. Another girl has subbed i believe EP 60-68 on youtube, I had to dig a little to find them. Unfortunately that leaves the last 7 episodes unsubbed :(

    Seriously, I love the acting in Vampire Idol. Everyone is in character, but sometimes you can see them struggling to keep a straight face. It is such a sweet, hilarious show. I heard somewhere (unverified though) that the reason Woobie is wearing turtlenecks in this show was because he was laughing too much so they covered his mouth up. :) Awwww.

    The other two model guys were so mean to him in the reality show they did :( I’m sure you know which one I’m referring to.

    • Owh! That’s fantastic news, Isharaine!! Thanks! :D I’ve just shared the good news over on Facebook, for those who’ve been wanting to watch Vampire Idol but have been holding back for lack of subs. I’m sure you’ve just made at least a couple of folks’ days! And don’t worry, I’m sure that subber will eventually get to the last 7 eps! ^^

      HAHA. Really? If that’s the reason they put Woobie in turtlenecks Imma having a fit of giggles. Too funny!! XD Oh yes, I saw the reality show. I saw it after seeing them together in White Christmas, and given the dark nature of White Christmas, it was just so much fun seeing them goof around. Even if they did give Woobie a bit of a hard time. I just really liked that these guys were hanging out together, having goofy guy time together, outside of dramaland ^^

  32. Excited for your review of you from another star! :)

  33. Have you tried God’s Gift? It stars Lee Bo Young and Jo Seung Woo and I’m absolutely loving it so far! <3

    • I haven’t tried God’s Gift yet – I’m hearing pretty good things though! Yay that you’re liking it, coz that means it’s holding up well :) I’m definitely keeping an eye on it, for a possible marathon later ^^

  34. Hey! I was wondering how you were watching I Live in Cheongdamdong! I love that show, but it is impossible to find!

    • Hey there, Chandler! I’m watching ILICDD with Chinese subs, which are the only subs I can find, unfortunately. If you’re able to read Chinese too, you can find it on PPS, an app that streams dramas. :)

  35. Do you watch Emergency Couple? It’s real good. & I’ve done a small review in my blog. Hope that you do watch it & review it too!

    • Hey there phgoh! Thanks for the suggestion. I don’t generally enjoy shows with the divorced-then-reunited theme, mostly because the writers tend to spend too much time on playing up the antagonistic nature of their relationship. With your positive comments – and also the positive comments of the bloggers whose reviews you linked to – I’m going to pop this one back on the list for a casual watch and see how it goes. :)

  36. Loved “lets Eat.” I thought it was cute, though the murder mystery wrap-up didnt really do it for me. And nice guy was like amnesia drama on steroids! Song Joong Ki was great in it, though. Definitely a tear jerker.

    • I haven’t gotten to the wrap-up of Let’s Eat yet.. just one more episode to go! And I wish this show didn’t have to end, I enjoy these characters so! And Song Joong Ki really is awesome in Nice Guy. I’m still a couple of episodes from the end, and I still can’t see how this is going to play out. It’s well-paced and well-done melo so far. I’m curious to see how it ends and whether it’ll manage to end as well as it started. Stay tuned for reviews for both shows – hopefully soonish! ^^

  37. Hiya Kfangurl!? I was just wondering if your watching Dr. Stranger or plans to watch it. I know you’re not into medical dramas but Jong Suk is just so good in it, right from the get-go. And beyond episode 2, he’s quite a comic. I’m reminded of unicorns and rainbows. :-)

    • And I just have to add, Hae Jin’s quite hot in it too. :-) His character’s so much better than in YFAS.

      • I’m currently on the fence about Doctor Stranger.. I’ve heard good things about Jong Suk, and not so great things about the writing and the plot. How’s it shaping up for you so far, kaiaraia?? I do like the sound of unicorns and rainbows, I hafta admit. That smile of Jong Suk’s really get me. ^^ Is Park Hae Jin better in Doctor Stranger? That’s good news. I have this huge soft spot for him from Famous Princesses, where he was this adorable army boy totally in love with his noona. And it was sad to see him not be so great in YFAS.

        • Good decision, kfangurl. The first few eps were great but that’s about it. Jong Suk’s good as he was in IHYV, but even that and the great chemistry with Sora is not enough to cover up the messy writing and plot. In my humble opinion, yes, Park Hae Jin did better here than in YFAS. And his way hotter too. :-)

          • Ah.. Thanks for that, kaiaraia! Now I know not to attempt Doctor Stranger. I’ve noticed that most folks have come away from that show extremely frustrated. That’s too bad, coz Lee Jong Suk is a pleasure to have onscreen. But well, puppy’s still young and has lots more opportunities ahead of him. Hopefully his next project will bring the awesome! :)

  38. How are you watching I live in cheongdamdong? I really want to watch it but can’t find any place with English subtitles. Curse my language learning skills!

    • Sadly, I don’t have access to some secret stash of English subs for ILICDD :P I’m watching it with Chinese subs off an app called PPS TV. It’s the only source I could find. When my ability to read Chinese fails me, I try to make up for it with my Korean vocabulary. It’s not completely fail-safe, since my Korean isn’t fantastic, so sometimes I just guess at what’s being said. As a daily, though, it doesn’t get overly complicated, so it’s still rather manageable. If I hear of English subs, I will definitely let you know!

  39. Have you watched Painter of the wind? It is different and a total underrated drama.
    Regardless of my background, that drama made it to my ultimate favorite kdrama list. Please check it out! ^^

    • Oh, I haven’t seen Painter of the Wind, actually. It was on my list in a vague sort of way for a long time, but I never managed to get around to it. Much as I like Moon Geun Young, Park Shin Yang isn’t my favorite actor, so that show has languished on my long list of dramas that I’m interested to check out.. someday :P I’ll keep your recommendation in mind, though! Thanks! :)

  40. wow, that’s impressive. I can barely watch 2 kdramas at the same time because I get confused and/or burnt out =p

    • Hey there! Welcome to the blog, Korean Daydreamer! :) I used to be a one-drama-at-a-time kinda gal, but that’s definitely changed over time. I might actively watch just a few shows, while putting others on temporary hold for a while before I come back to them. I let my mood guide me more than anything else – if the show fits my mood, I keep going ;)

  41. Oh.. am watching Fated to Love You and High School King too. How do you find Joseon so far?

    • I finished High School King recently, and am now in the middle sections of both FTLY and JG. I’m liking Joseon Gunman quite well, in that it’s been a solid watch so far, despite some flaws. I would’ve liked it to be a little more awesome, but I’m grateful at the same time, that it’s as solid as it is, and hasn’t gone down some slippery bad slope like some dramas do!

      • Just finished FTLY. It got me emotionally hooked. Btw, was Joseon Gunman a low-budget drama? I was thinking that’s the reason the production was not as great as it could have been. But I’m happy with the writing.

        • I don’t think it’s a low-budget drama. If anything, it’s possible that the slightly muted color palette might have given that impression, but my take is that they chose that color palette to retain some grit in the tone of the show. The writing’s actually the thing that I’m wishing could be more awesome. The pacing is a touch slow sometimes coz there are times that the writing drags out certain things and it takes longer to get to certain points of the story than I’d like. It’s not a huge deal though, coz it’s still solid overall. Just not as awesome as I’d have liked. :)

          • Really? I thought the pacing was good. Often, the things I anticipated to happen were ahead of me. I’m fine with the color palette. It was the set that I found lacking. Like the king’s hall was too small. Or the there were too few soldiers, much much fewer than what they mentioned. That’s what gave me such thought.

            • Oh, interesting! Well, I’m still in the early teen episodes of the show, so my feel for the pacing is probably premature. In the episodes that I’ve seen so far, certain plot rhythms had felt a little slow to me. But that could change as I get into the later episodes. We’ll see. :)

              I haven’t noticed the lack of soldiers so far, but again, that could be because of where I am in the story. I’ll have to let you know after I get to the end! :)

  42. Are you done with King of Highschool or did you drop it? It was a little too cheesy for me but was still able to finish it. Thanks to Pyung and his mysterious aura. He has become a man since Tree and White Christmas, hasn’t he?

    • You’re so observant, kaiaraia! Yes, I finished High School King, but I didn’t love it. It was just ok for me. I think there are quite a lot of people who loved it, though. I just found everything a little too OTT, especially when they were trying to emphasize Min Suk’s youth. Seo In Guk was a little too exaggerated for my taste. And I had trouble with the romance too, it was played too cutesy and that came off awkward for me. I’m putting off writing the review, but I might get around to it soon-ish. And yes, Lee Soo Hyuk really has manned up for the camera lately, I must agree with you! I was definitely quite impressed with his shower scene – he’s bulked up quite a lot since his skinny days!

      • OTT? Me too. I cringe at quite a number of scenes

        • Hee. Glad to know I’m not alone! I saw so much love for the drama over at DB, that I really wondered why I wasn’t feeling the love like everyone else! XD Guess this is another one of those times when my taste bucks the trend. ;)

          • I’ve stopped following up recaps in DB. It gets in the way of my own judgment and enjoyment. Hahaha!

            • I don’t read the recaps in much detail anymore either. But I do check in here and there, to get a pulse for whether people generally like a show or not. I’m always behind since I don’t watch live, and if lots of people don’t like a show, I take that into consideration when planning my own watch list. Helps save time – like, I dodged terrible shows like L7, for instance! ^^

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