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Sisterhood Blogging Award!

Thanks to NeeNee, who hosts Asian Addicts Anonymous, for nominating me for this blogging award – which I hadn’t ever heard of, in fact, until she nominated me!

To be honest, the moment I set eyes on the name of this award, I thought of the movie “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.” Have you seen it? It’s a cute 2005 movie that revolves around four friends, and explores friendships, growing up, and the magical pair of jeans that fits all four friends, despite their very different builds and physiques.

I enjoyed the movie quite a lot, and I think the movie poster is cute – which is why I couldn’t resist doing a cheeky take on the movie poster concept, to be my sisterhood blogging award badge.

Whaddya think? Does it work? ;)

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#FindMyTribe: Kill Me Heal Me Shirts!

I am super excited, you guys!

Most of you would remember that a little while ago, I’d unveiled a Kill Me, Heal Me shirt, christened Girlie Rebel.

While I was personally very pleased with the design, I also couldn’t help but feel like Girlie Rebel was a little lonely all by herself.

Well, today, I’m unveiling another Kill Me, Heal Me shirt, to make it an actual collection!

And, to welcome the new shirt into the #FindMyTribe family, I’m having a sale on both shirts!

Can I get a big woot! :D

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Flash Review: My Brilliant Life [Movie]

Let the record show that:

1. I generally don’t stumble on many k-movies that truly resonate with me, thanks to their shorter running times, and also quite possibly, thanks to my drama-attuned sensibilities. What can I say? I don’t like to feel rushed when connecting with characters on my screen. ;)

2. This particularly holds true for movies that run like highlight reels, because I find it particularly hard to connect with a highlight reel.

3. I don’t seek out tearjerkers and if I know in advance a movie is going to make me cry, I approach with deep caution, if I approach at all.

Despite all of this, though, I love – like, really, unreservedly love – My Brilliant Life.

Highlight reel, tears and all, this movie moved me deeply, and I would watch this again in a heartbeat.

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Flash Review: She is WOW

To be perfectly honest, She is WOW is pretty different from your typical kdrama. Irreverent and saucy much of the time, and dark, bittersweet and even a little bit mysterious the rest of the time, this show is not for everyone.

I picked up this drama coz of the modest measure of positive buzz that followed it while it aired, and the bottom line, for me, is that while I don’t think this drama is quite my cup of tea, in its own irreverent way, it manages to still be a thought-provoking show that asks some hard questions.

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Review: King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang


Despite being dressed in regular sageuk robes, and possessing a political context that is key to its narrative, King’s Daughter manages to remain engaging and accessible to the average viewer.

On the downside, production values are on the lower side, the writing is slow at times, and the acting prowess across the ensemble cast is patchy in spots. Look past those flaws, however, and there are some pretty wonderful characters and relationships, delivered with so much heart and finesse, that it really does make it all worthwhile.

An engaging and pretty easy watch, despite its length.

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#FindMyTribe: New shirt design for Kill Me Heal Me!

Lately, I had a couple of requests for a Kill Me, Heal Me shirt, and my various lashings of inspiration suddenly came together today, to make what I think is a pretty awesome shirt, even if I do say so myself! ;)

Celebrating two crowd favorites among Ji Sung’s seven personalities on Kill Me Heal Me, this shirt is a tribute to the lip-gloss loving, unabashedly girlie Yo Na, and the badass rebel with the piercing gaze, Se Gi.

Although in the show, Do Hyun is battling his other personalities to achieve dominance and survival, this shirt is about not just embracing both your inner girlie & your inner rebel; it’s about proudly owning ‘em both. Coz why can’t you be both, right?

Despite its show-specific references, as with many of the other #FindMyTribe shirts, this design is able to stand alone even without its drama context.

Use this promo link to check out this shirt in closer detail, and get 20% off, till 28 February 2015!

Promo Link:

For other shirt designs and their promo links, go here!

Please keep on helping to spread the word, you guys. Grateful much! :)


Dropped: High School Love On

I’m not even exactly sure why, but I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for high school shows done right. That even extends to tweeny high school shows – again, when they’re done right.

When I started this show, I was in the mood for something light and fun, and a reaper angel coming to earth and learning to navigate high school, humanhood and teenhood, sounded like just the ticket.

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#FindMyTribe: Men’s Fit & Hoodies Now On Sale!

You asked for it, and here it is! :D

Thanks to dear Foamyrokks, who asked if the #FindMyTribe shirt designs would be made available in men’s fit as well.

Y’know, I don’t know why it never occurred to me before, that not everyone prefers the ladies’ fitted tee. Some of us prefer more room in our shirt fits, and some of us might even want to get a men’s tee for the significant other, for some couple-T action, right?

I’m super pleased to unveil men’s fit shirts on almost all of the current #FindMyTribe designs!

Not only that, I’ve got selected hoodie versions to introduce to you guys too. Plus! Sale is now extended, to welcome the men’s fit shirts into the family! Woot!

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#FindMyTribe: New Designs + Opening Sale!

So people have been asking, what next, after the Healer shirts?

In the end, I decided to work on some shirts for other shows. I wanted to give some love to a couple of classic shows, and a couple of more recent shows.

I also made an effort to make the shirts extra subtle, so that they can be appreciated even without their drama context.

Today, I have 4 more designs to unveil to you guys – I hope you like ‘em!! AND, I’ve got a promo code for you guys, that’ll give you a 20% discount on all shirts, for a limited period.

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Now Open: The #FindMyTribe Store!

I am so excited, you guys.

Since my launch post (I posted it in Hong Kong, right before running to board my flight home, seriously. If I’d typed any slower, I might’ve missed the flight completely, it was that close! But now I can say #FindMyTribe was launched in Hong Kong? Heh), I’ve come home and have been busy working on getting everything even more set up.

I am running on so little sleep that my continued alertness without caffeinated aid is starting to bemuse me, but right now, I am so eager to tell y’all what’s been cooking!

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